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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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for instance, some element of the truth and the whole story remains in cooking, unpacking the stories you're being told, it's not a science story at all. it's a story about politics. the listening post, your guide to the media on a jesse uta. ah, i know we're all tired and frustrated about the pandemic. these coming weeks are going to be challenging, please, where your mask can convert to protect yourself. really get through this other plea from the u. s. president for americans to get vaccinated, and when mosques to fight soaring number of corona, virus infections across the country. ah, hello, i'm adrian for again. this is al jazeera, alive from doha,
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also coming up tennis. tom novak joke of it gets a controversial cobit vaccine exemption on the eve of the australian open. the fust criminal charges for the assassination of haiti's president, a former military officer from columbia, appears in court. police f a t. a gas once again at protest is demonstrating against the military take to the streets and pseudo. ah, patients across the world continue to struggle to contain the outbreak of the oma tron variance of the corona virus. the u. s. has become the 1st country to report a 1000000 cases in a single day. those infections haven't translated though into a large number of deaths, but they are causing major disruption. thousands of schools are pushing back plan was to reopen after the holiday. u. s. president joe biden says the key to beating the outbreak is for the an accelerated to get bad jobs. it's
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a similar story in europe. the u. k. has reported a record 218000 view cases and says that more than a 1000000 people are in self isolation, france to as reported, record numbers of cases. government officials avowed to enact a law to block unvaccinated people from hospitality. venues in coming weeks out of the us, john henry begins our coverage from washington dc with the latest covariance soaring to record highs. president joe biden began with a warning and i'll give it to you straight because i promise to i always would. we're going to say as you all have been hearing continued rise in cases. then in his address to the nation, he offered reassurance. if you're vaccinated and boosted, you are highly protected. you know, be concerned about, i'm a crime, but don't be alarmed. the alma crohn variant is surging, setting
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a single day record with more than a 1000000 new infections over running test centers, leaving many more wondering if they too were contagious. the less lethal than previous variance on the crown is more infectious, threatening to overrun hospitals and threatening even children who are largely unvaccinated cove. it in a very short period of time has become one of the leading medical causes of death for children in this country. so i think it's about time that we stopped downplaying the significance of coven for children. the explosive contagion hit hardest in the u. s. his families gathered for the christmas holiday season, cancelling understaffed flights in setting off a wave of vaccine and re masking mandates across the us where positive coven tests have surge from 5 percent to 20 percent. since november, many schools returned from the winter break online only, but here in washington ending new york where positive tests have grown from 3
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percent to 33 percent. schools are open for business. new york's mayor insists that school is the safest place for children. if you look last year 2020 you witness that the transmission rate was less than one percent inside of school. ready and how so it was over 15 percent back in washington, president biden ended with a plea for the 35000000 eligible americans who remain unvaccinated. please take advantage of what's available. please. in an asian where one's view of vaccination can depend on one's political affiliation. it seems certain that that's a plea, that at least for some will fall on deaf ears. john henderson, al jazeera washington doctor david friedman, is president elect of the american society of tropical medicine and hygiene. he says that a balance needs to be struck between public health and keeping the economy going.
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cases are very hard to track now. many people are doing self tests at home. there are no good mechanisms to report them quickly to public health authorities. so the 1000000 we heard about is actually maybe more than one day's worth, because a lot of reports weren't submitted over over the weekend. so hospitalizations really speak to the impact on the health care system. and the, the, the impact on the population. people was sick in the hospital. busy is another important thing to know because the, the, the i, c use are not full, the hospitals are getting to be full again. but for example, our hospital only has about 10 people in the i see you right now on ventilators, where as it was 70 or 75 at the pico last winter,
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we have to run our economy. and most of the people that are out there, especially the ones that are vaccinated, are only mildly ill. and you know, theoretically, could work, but we're not going to break the chain of transmission. and it is a trade off between keeping the economy going and decreasing the number of infections where as for many people it's, it's just a bad cold. busy for a few days, and we do have this whole tension. a new guidelines came out. you know that how many days you need to isolate at home before you go back to work. and it's been sad at 5, and that means that a lot of people going who feel well at 5 days are going to go back to work infectious and keep up the cycle of transmission. but at the same time, keep the economy running. a 2nd chinese city has been put into total, locked out after reports of new corona virus cases. jo jo is a city of more than
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a 1000000 and central hannon province. the restrictions are similar to those imposed for the past 2 weeks in the industrial hub of she, anne, the days people there have been complaining about food shortages officials. a rushing to contain even small outbreaks, with the winter olympics and beijing, now less than a month away, shahan and cindy in their social work major haul 0 cases in communities means a future situation where all new infections are found among close contacts, who are already in quarantine to achieve 0 cases in communities as to create good conditions for an extent to gradually downgrading virus. curbs says, i feel for the 1st time in 3 months, hong kong is found a case of the corona virus, that it hasn't been able to trace, that could mean that there are more cases in the community going undetected. health officials have wanting the latest infection is likely to be the alma kron variant, hong kong leader, kerry lam recently pushed back plans for further restrictions. brit planet reports
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. now from hong kong. well, this all started when the cafe pacific crew member tested positive on day 3 of their isolation. now they're not meant to leave their homes for any reason, except for essential reasons. going to the supermarket and such, but this person left to go to a restaurant. others at the restaurant subsequently also tested positive. but the big worry with this other case, this mystery case there, calling it that arose today is that it can't be linked to that rest rather restaurant costa at moon palace in festival walks. or there are concerns that perhaps there is a silent chain of transmission in the community that can't be accounted for. there is also being a $2500.00 passenger cruise ship that had to return to port after 9 people on board were found to be positive with corona virus. now around 70 percent of the hong kong population is vaccinated, but populate a vaccination levels among the elderly population remain at quite sluggish. the
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hong kong government had planned to introduce new measures next month, but chinese, new year is just 3 weeks away and people will be gathering for festivities. now. hong kong like mainland china has been chasing cove id 0. 213 people here have tested, have died from cove. it that is relatively low compared to other major cities in the world. every person who comes in unless they have a special exemption, it needs to quarantined at a hotel for 3 weeks or a quarantine camp too, and all close contacts need to quarantine in a quarantine camp as well. no back joked edge, has received a medical exemption to compete at the a street in open the tournament house. strict cobit 19 vaccination restrictions in place. it's director says a joke which hasn't been granted any special favor. a top ranking tennis player has continually refused to reveal if he's had the job. let's go live now. sarah clark,
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who's sir? it brisbin sir, what's from the response that the joke of it? shes exemption to play. the response has been switched and people are angry. and as you can imagine that we're dealing with the whole city of the fray and i've been being milburn the city has had to enjoy one of the longest cuban of lockdown in the world. and of course, a strategy has by some of the toughest travel restrictions, not just domestically but overseas. and suddenly we've got the exemption for medical reasons, being my for the world number one and the victorian government, as well as the ceo of kenneth the strategy and the threat and tennis. i've been denied that dr. beach has received special treatments. i acknowledge that people and astride my father was very frustrating, but they said they satisfied that he met the criteria to be gradually special permission for a medical exemption to be back and i had now the process they said was rebuffed and rigorous, but the fish and i side with based on 2 independent assessments. now the criteria
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for being them. other a 3 criteria, the criteria, number one, having an adverse reaction to the back thing that would tubing a recovery types of private number 3, having undergone major surgery. now kenneth is driving the actual torment. seo said he cannot disclose what medical conditions are that to which he's not going to astride as we speak. but he didn't know the 26 people have applied to this exemption, and only hannibal had been granted permission. i have met this criterion, of course, john bitch is one of them while a national cabinet meeting on wednesday to deal with the record number of cases across the country. what's the latest in australia? what kind of cases here? certainly hit record level can be out. again, and he said well, which is the biggest stuff we've had, the highest number of data type is 35000. but more than 35000 that i did and the number of people in hospital continues to rise. victoria and claims that have both
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had high numbers in the national cabinet meeting that consists of the state premieres and the territory later as well as the prime minister. the holding is making virtually today to address what medical thought he's assigned. here is an ongoing hospital process. and the 3 key problems that struck in the fighting at the moment is a lack of access to number one, the rapid action tests they simply not viable number to the pc artists which are invaluable. the test results are taking so long to be delivered back to those people seeking an answer at around 40 to 50 them in, in victoria line had to close just simply to deal with the backlog. busy and number 3, the, the system, the health system across the street, and many of the state, the struggle to deal with. number one, the lack of staff, as well as the, the backlog of people trying to seek assistance or treatment or diagnosis. so the national cabinet is making to dr. trying to drift. as i said, a medical authorities assigned is an emerging crisis. sarah club reporting live
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from bridgeport. sarah, many thanks. south korea's military says that the north has fired an unidentified projectile launch happened of north korea's east coast last week, north korea's leader kim jong and vowed to continue building up his country's military capabilities. the main suspects in the killing of hate. he is president jovan our moisture has appeared in a u. s. federal court for the 1st time. former columbia military officer. mario palacios, was extradited from panama. he's the 1st person to face criminal charges in connection with the murder in july, which triggered a political crisis in the caribbean nation. authorities have arrested dozens of others, but no one has yet been formerly charged. al jazeera mike, hannah reports from washington, d. c. on the case against mario plus us, well, he has now been formally charged in miami federal court having been brought in by f . b. i. agents from panama, which is where he was arrested while boarding
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a flight. it is reported to jamaica. now he is a sum of one of some, 2 dozen former colombian commandoes who were employed by a miami security firm earlier last year, c t u security. they would then deployed to haiti initially it is said as a personal protection group, there to protect political figures within haiti. however, it does appear according to prosecutors that this then moved into basically what became an assassination squad and palacio is set to be one of the 5 members who actually entered the compound of that. then haitian president opened voici, and assassinated him on july, the 7th. 3 of the others were with him, were killed during that operation. there are another 18 it is believed still in detention within haiti. they have not faced any former charges. so obviously
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a lot of questions for mario palostio in terms of exactly what happened, who was responsible for the actual killing of the haitian president. and very importantly, who was the brains behind this whole operation? now, many had insisted that the u. s. was in some way involved, but the fact that the u. s. has now brought its 1st prosecution in connection with the case a very important detail indeed f b i. agents have been assisting the haitian police for a large period of time. now in the inquiry into the destination, but this particular arrest, this particular case may cost more light on all the events that happened back in july last year. the un security council is calling on sedans, generals and protests leaders. to sit down and talk a stomach situations continue against military rule under chappelle report, thousands ignore a ban on protests and choose to hit the streets anyway. it's been 2 days since the
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prime minister stepped down from the resignation of humboldt will not affect our position. what is built on falsehoods will remain wrong, and the case from the very beginning was wrong. the demands of the protest movement is still united, and we are holding the flag of the resistance committee in different locations, sects, and cultures. there's been protest like this since october's military takeover when prime minister of dela hm doc was sacked, then reinstated a few weeks later he got a long hood cinnamon, leukemia. this is one episode of many previous approaches that all condemned the military code. we're trying to continue the course of evolution and achieve complete civilian rule. those of the people's demands whenever fewer bridges were closed ahead of tuesdays, protests and protesters weren't cut off from the internet. a slight de escalation and a cycle of violence that's claimed around 60 lives in the past 3 months. the un security
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council has told al jazeera it may soon take up the issue a, we are very concerned about that, about dead, the violence used against peaceful demonstrators. we have taken out this over a $100.00 a resignation and but we still woods. i'm continued to encourage the military and the civilian and leaders oh, of saddam to, to, to get together and to find a way for what the civilian prime minister step down. because he said he was unable to bring people together to agree a path forward. and it still remains unclear who will enter chappelle al jazeera still to come on al jazeera in canada, a landmark deal between some members of the indigenous craters. he and the government will tell you more at a state of emergency protests sparked by
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a massive high can fuel prices threaten the spiral out of control in cassock storm . ah, ah look forward to burritos galleys. the with sponsored boy cutaways. hello, thank you for joining in here sir. weather report will begin in the middle east for we did see that flooding across the united arab emirates, oman, and southern you draw that thread has now moved into pakistan. we'll talk more about that in a sec. first, let's go into the gulf because now this story is really the stiff wind out of the north, dragging down those temperatures through buffer rain into cats are. so don't just the high of 18 degrees, and at its worst, i think we'll see those winds whip up to 50 kilometers per hour, but because of the rain, the sand in does should stick to the ground. ok, boxed on the southwest. we set some records for rain, i think we'll see that towards the south east on wednesday and the northeast as
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well as that rain does leak into northwestern india for turkey, we've got a southerly flow here that's popping up temperature as these mere may hit 20 degrees a few showers there. it's symbols 16 and we get a spring of some brain for antalya at 18 degrees. been cool for heart to me over the last few days. temperature is below average or 28 on wednesday, but give it a bit. we'll take a peek at the next 3 days or up to 33 degrees by saturday. we do have some rocking storms around lusaka hurry and bill a whale with the high 27 degrees. keep down at 22, but your temperature as well. shoot up in the days that come this fall. ok, i'm out of time. that's it for now, c, c o. the weather. sponsored by katara always doing the debate. 90 percent of the world refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on pursuit across the world and amplify your voice. it's mostly the trait. now,
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not our la quinta, the bluetooth cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to build the dream on al jazeera. ah, ah ah, hello again, this is al jazeera, this remind you of the main news, the south, the us to set a new global record with more than a 1000000 new cove at 19 cases registered in one day. the jump is partly due in to delays and reporting over the new year weekend of average of 480000 daily infections were recorded over the past week. eugene has become the 2nd chinese city
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to be put into lockdown after reports or you corona virus cases. the restrictions are similar to those imposed for the past 2 weeks in the industrial hub of she own, on the main suspects of the killing of haiti's president, sherwin on melissa as appeared in the u. s. federal court for the 1st time. the former columbia military officer mario palazzios, was extradited from panama, a quote in canada as ordered iran to pay $84000000.00 to the families of those killed in the dawning of a plain. in 2020 aaron's military shot down the ukrainian passenger plane. they attack ron, killing whole 176 people on board. many of those on board were canadian citizens, or residents of canada. iran said offences have been on high alert. days off to the u. s. a facility to ron's top general customs solomon. audi mach arnold is a lawyer representing 6 families whose relatives died. he says the ruling evoked
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mixed emotions. iraq is under canadian law, designated as a state sponsor of terrorism. the evidence we gathered proved that this was an intentional terrorist and we carry a superior court of justice accepted and made a ruling confirming that it was an intentional classic terrorism. yesterday's ruling provided us the families for $65.00 families asking for representing 6. this is provided them with a compensation decision and the amount of $107000000.00 canadian dollars that included a $100000000.00, punitive or punishment award, significant and unprecedented canadian jurisprudence. our reaction was miss. i was certainly quite sad. my clients were sad, nothing to bring back their families, and this is no money case, per se,
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but they were also delighted that for the 1st time in this case, justice has been done. busy in this private law claim by a judge or b on terry a superior court of justice. so mixed emotions are substantial rainy and assets in canada and worldwide. and. busy we have embark upon a process of collection. otherwise no one has execution. we're going after all radiant assets worldwide, including in canada that we can get our hands on. canada will pay just over $30000000000.00 in compensation to members of the indigenous community who were taken from the families when they were children and put into state curb. the money will go to the families affected in the last 3 decades casual. so hope to reform the child welfare system has been anger over the poor quality of care given to indigenous children, jody vance reports for vancouver. it is monumental on the pathway to reform and
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certainly the history here is epic for 1st nations people and for the federal government in canada. almost 15 years in the making is this agreement in principle . and if it does come together will be the largest of its kind in canadian history, $40000000000.00 and compensation for mist wrongdoings and discriminatory practices within a child welfare system. with 1st nations, children, children taken from their family homes, from reserves, and in spaces in places around the yukon. and now compensation will be given 20000000000 for potentially hundreds of thousands of 1st nations, families and children who are removed from their homes. who did not get access to services that delayed in receiving necessary and, and human rights services. as mentioned, that human rights tribunal was almost 15 years ago that identified the
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discriminatory practices. and that compensation was required. another 20000000000 over the next 5 years put in place to reform that very system. now you may or may not remember back in september as recently as september, the canadian federal government was fighting in court against compensation. the government saying that they were looking for the right number catholics towns president says that he's imposing price controls on gas and diesel for the next 6 months or day after tear gas and stun grenades. we used against protesters in massey, a statement from president caffeine. german to kind of said that he's accepted the government's resignation, heels declared a state of emergency and 2 regions and imposed on over night curfew demonstrations of sprint to the largest city of l. marty after beginning 2 days ago in the town of john, i was then when fuel costs 1st spike, according to local media, several protest hasn't been detained. a mobile internet has been jammed. bruce
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penny is a correspondent for radio free europe and says that the process could have wider regional implications. i think this one thought everyone was surprised that it's spread. so it did, you know, as these protest tend to do, they started over at broken our regions, as we mentioned, the dublin and the price of liquefied petroleum gas. but it quickly took a political angle where people started calling for free elections, of local officials, started calling for the altar about top officials in the government. so the, you know, they're, they're working to get this kind of under control as much as they can with going to hurt the reputation because the government, but, you know, cause expand is always been fairly stable. they've had moments in the last 10 years where there was some problems with the order was fairly quickly restored. so the fact that it is a stable country in central asia, which has had some problems, some of the countries in the past. you know, there's going to be ripple effects that are going to come from this. and i imagine
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all the governments in central asia, of course there are 607000 kilometer border with russia. so all the governments in those countries are going to be watching real closely. what happens if for no other reason than to make sure they don't make the kind of mistakes that the cause of authority to did by allowing the situation to get us out of. and as it did today, a palestinian prisoner is ending a hunger strike out more than $140.00 days after a deal to release him from his ready detention hisham of how ashes administrative detention was met with waves of protests and the occupied westbank. abraham reports for all mala, breaking his fastest at 141 day hunger strike. he sham of her, where she expects to be a free man by the end of february, after these really military agreed not to renew his detention. the deal was reached after talks between palestinian and israeli officials goes on factions with threatening an escalation if he died about this extended battle in which every
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palestinian mobilized and used all his tools was a successful, strong and influential battle through them. and through our national unity and cohesion around the prisoners and their issues, we affirm that we can achieve victory. the 40 year old father of 5 was 1st arrested, an october of 2020 and was subject to israel's policy up administrative detention, which allows palestinians to be held indefinitely without charges palestinian human rights. organizations say israel has issued 1600 administrative detention orders last year. there has been an increasing the youth of hunger strike as a way to combat his hall as the 60 palestinian prisoners have underwent hunger strike in the year 2021. the majority of them were facing administrative detention and all have been able to deal to set the deadline to their administrative
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detention palestinians, organized social media campaigns to highlight the prisoners issue. some started hunger strikes and solidarity, and others took to the streets in the occupied west bank, the gaza strip, and up and on. they want an end to these really detentions. we think that's obviously the fact is being resolved is a good thing. we have, as a matter of principle always i spoke it's been very clear in st. had people who are detained or should be tried charge and tried in accordance with due process or released. and that has been our, our position on administrative detention. the palestinian prisoners club says $500.00 prisoners, an israeli jails, including 4 miners, are held without charges. some of them have been imprisoned for 15 years ago as expected to return to his family next month. but the practice of detention without charges is far from over. there by him. eligible eda the occupied
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westbank. there's plenty more video along with the latest news analysis and sport of the website. just point your browser that's al jazeera dot com. ah. it is good to have you with us. hello adrian, sitting here in. so how the headlines and al jazeera, the u. s. a. set a new global record with more than a 1000000 new coven 19 cases registered in a day. the huge jump is to you in part to delays and reporting over the new year weekend. but the u. s. has seen an average of 480000 daily infections over the past week. so 35000000 people not vaccinated. and let me be absolutely clear we have in hand all.


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