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my cousin was laying down this answer was claiming she was helpless. the woman who after indoors as docile titles of paint for what fact my naive meets the women affected by f g m. and those re shaping perception. do you think people will abandon the site? eventually, both of those take al jazeera correspond the cut. oh, for god's sake, please take advantage of what's available. please. a presidential play joe biden tells us there is no excuse for being unvaccinated as cobit 19 infections. aro tennis off, no joke which has grown to the vaccine waiver to play in this trailing open, organizes denied, giving him special treat,
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ah mccloud with his obs, 0 life, and also come with anger about high fuel prices erupt into major protests. and cuz it's don forcing the government to resign plus celebrations as a palestinian activist opposing illegal israeli detention ends, his hunger strike, often in 5. so you as president joe biden has told americans, there is no excuse for not getting back sedated against coven 19. he and leaders around the world are grappling with infection numbers that are rising faster than ever. john hendrick has this report from washington, dc, with the latest coven variance, soaring to record highs. president joe biden began with a warning,
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and i'll give it to you straight as i promised you. i always would. we're going to say, as you all met, hearing continued rise in cases. then in his address to the nation, he offered reassurance. if you're vaccinated and boosted, you are highly protected. you know, be concerned about, i'm a crime, but don't be alarmed. the alma crohn variant is surging, setting a single day record with more than a 1000000 new infections over running test centers. leaving many more wondering if they too were contagious. the less lethal than previous variance, and the crown is more infectious, threatening to overrun hospitals and threatening even children who are largely unvaccinated cove. it in a very short period of time has become one of the leading medical causes of death for children in this country. so i think it's about time that we stopped
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downplaying the significance of coven for children. the explosive contagion hit hardest in the us. his families gathered for the christmas holiday season, cancelling understaffed flights in setting off a wave of vaccine and re masking mandates across the us where positive coven tests have surge from 5 percent to 20 percent. since november, many schools returned from the winter break online only, but here in washington and in new york were positive tests have grown from 3 percent to 33 percent. schools are open for business. new york's mayor insists that school is the safest place for children. if you look last year 2020, you witness that the transmission rate was less than one percent inside of school. and how so it was over 15 percent back in washington, president biden ended with a plea for the 35000000 eligible americans who remain unvaccinated. please take
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advantage of what's available, please. in a nation where one's view of vaccination can depend on one's political affiliation, it seems certain that that's a plea, that at least for some will fall on deaf ears. john henderson al jazeera washington . india is bracing for another wave, a current of ice as it reports another high, if more than 15000 new cases in one day that is twice. and i'm seeing only 4 days, maybe a 3rd of infections were in new delhi. and the moon by both cities have brought back curfews and other restrictions following the highest 1900 infection numbers in months. and let's makes right away to liz brought him, who's in italy. so let's, these numbers are rising radically. absolutely naked like we're seeing in many countries, the numbers are being driven by the on the kron variant with 75 percent of cases in major cities being on the kron now, the eastern city,
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all call kasha is recorded. it's later positivity rate was 38 percent. i mean that's more than one and people one and 3 people who are being tested guessing of positive result. mom by remains the worst affected and the cases they have gone up 700 percent over the past week. the hospitalization and moon by there, around 7.7 percent. and while that might not seem like a very large percentage of people who are catching the virus needing hospitalization, that was 834 people on tuesday and needed to be hospitalized. and the fear of course, is that would the cases, golden up as they are, that will, once again put a huge train on india's very poorly underfunded health care system. the southern states can nautica, is the major's to impose restrictions to try and keep the number of hospitalization low. it's the nation to join delhi and imposing
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a weekend curfew with all the essential activities be out on friday night 10 pm on friday night till 5 o'clock in the morning on on monday. and kanaka is seeing the same thing is delta k through doubling every 2 to 3 days. but despite all of these restrictions being imposed on people around the country, interestingly there are no restrictions. and these electron commission met on tuesday and hasn't announced any restrictions on the political valleys, or campaigns that are taking place around the country ahead of 5 major elections. states elections, including in india, as largest state water, predation. that's got many people saying that the government hasn't learned anything from last year when large political events were blamed, at least in part for the devastating 2nd waves. where hearing of sanction being given for a booster shot to be administered by nasal spray. what about that's right, for those who had told local media that the in the,
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in pharmaceutical company bought a biotech has received from india drugs regulatory body approval for phase 3 trials of its intro nasal vaccine made. and that it will be attended to through nasal drops and that they will be no needle needed. the company aims to carry out trials on 5000 people. interesting meat, half of whom have received it. jab, cold, kovak said, and the other half who received the indian made version of the astrazeneca vaccine called called the shield. now india has expanded up to vaccination program this week. in fact, that inoculating people from the age of 15. it used to be 18, but people from the age of 15 eligible from this week. and from next week it is administering booth to doses. but only to some people, those health care work is important. liberal to those over the age of 60 and with coma, better teeth, but with cases going up the way they are. there are many health experts who are saying that everyone who's eligible for eligible for a vaccine father should be eligible for a booster. now sources have told,
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have said that they expect the intra nasal booster vaccine to be available in india from mom. all right, thanks for that. let's bring them deli to china, where a 2nd city has locked down is 1000000 residents. after reports of new karone of ours cases, their country is rushing to contain even small outbreaks. 4 weeks before the paging winter olympics begin the restrictions in the u. jo in central non province will see most vehicles banned from roads and any daily necessities available and supermarket. it's similar to what's been paid for nearly 2 weeks in the industrial harbor. she. hon. john, as late as far left the center a residence there have been complaining about future you this but the government and says it is distributed enough supplies, show financing the amount. so if it's all of my whole 0 cases and communities means a future situation where all new infections are found among close contexts who are
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already in quarantine to achieve 0 cases. and communities is to create good conditions for an next step to gradually downgrading virus curves. hong kong is banning flights from 8 countries, including australia, united states, and the united kingdom. as it battles rising over $9000.00 cases is also imposing a route of new restrictions from friday, including shutting entertainment by news jims and clubs. officials for the alma kron variance could be spreading undetected through the community. also in hong kong, about 2 and a half 1000 passengers being held on a cruise ship protesting, sorry, say they identified 9 passengers who had close contact with someone who has the virus. i'll be sent to a quarantine center. all efforts made to determine if anyone else on board is infected. tennis. i'll never talk of it. she received a medical exemption to competes in the australian open the tournament as strict code 19 vaccination requirements in place. as the writer says, jug, which has not been granted any special favour. ranking class has refused to reveal
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whether he's been not related. but he had said last year he was opposed to being back today. sorry clock is in for, has been, has more on the reaction to the decision. the response being swift and people are angry. and as you can imagine that we're dealing with the whole city of the fry, an open being melbourne. this city has had to endure one of the longest commit, have locked down in the world and strongly had by some of the toughest travel restrictions, not just domestically but overseas. and suddenly we've got the exemption for medical ways and been made for the world's number one and the victorian government as well as the p. o. kennedy strategy. and the intent is open. they've denied that dr. beach has received special treatments. they've acknowledged that people in australia and my father was very frustrating, but i thought that he met the criteria to be gradually special permission for a medical exemption to be back nice enough to process i said before and rigorous,
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but those decisions based on 2 independent assessments now the criteria for being same other 3 quite part of the criteria. number one, having this reaction to the back thing. number tubing, a recovered types of private number 3. having undergone major surgery. now tennis is driving the actual tolerance. ceo said he cannot disclose what the medical conditions that up to job which he thought i'd like to struggle as we speak. but he did know the 26 people have applied to this exemption, and only hannibal had been granted permission. i had met this criterion of course, john bitch, a, one of them. south crews military says pyongyang 5 at least one ballistic missile towards the sea. on wednesday of north korea's east coast and the country last tested one in october, sweet north korean leader kim jong and bell to continue building up. his country's military capabilities. does exxon's president has accepted the government's resignation? not to protest interrupted over the high price of fuel. please,
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in the largest city of al mattie, you tear gas and stun grenade against demonstrators. overnight on tuesday, president cassim jermarta took give, as declared a state of emergency that one is already in place in other regions. and more than 200 people have been arrested across the country. while many cars have converted their cars to running liquefied petroleum gas or lpga, it's cheaper than petrol because of government price caps. but the government lifted those on sunday, a 3 year transition period was supposed to allow for the gradual end of price subsidies for domestic consumers. allowing the market to dictate prices, but when they ended on january, the 1st, the price of lpg doubled in some western regions where the government accused fuel stations of fixing price is so many cut theirs. on choose day, government officials said the price in the west would be cut would be further cut by about half an hour from bruce pioneer, who's a correspondent for free radio free europe, i should say at he says the protest could have wider regional implications. i think
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this long time everyone was surprised that it spread so bad in it. did you know this protest tend to do? they started over at broken our regions as we mentioned, the dublin and the price of liquified petroleum gas. but it quickly took a political angle where people started calling for free elections, of local officials, started calling for the altar of top officials in the government. so the, you know, they're, they're working to get this kind of under control as much as they can with going to hurt the reputation because the government, but, you know, cause expand, has always been fairly stable. they've had moments in the last 10 years where there was some problems with the order was fairly quickly restored for the fact that it is a stable country in central asia, which has had some problems. some of the countries in the past, you know, there's going to be ripple effects that are going to come from this. and i imagine all the governments in central asia, of course, there are 607000 kilometer border with russia. so all the governments in those
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countries are going to be watching real closely. what happens if for no other reason than to make sure they don't make the kind of mistakes that the cause of authority to did by allowing the situation to get us out of and as it did today. so i had here and al jazeera in a new year, but old challenges remain. we look at the relative issues facing diplomats of the us and canada, a landmark deal between some of the indigenous community and the me, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways. hello, good to see you a much fresher feel across europe for many years. why we've got this wind coming down from the north sea. so that's dragon down temperatures breezy for the low countries as well. answer dam, looking to see wind gusts of about 65 kilometers per hour. okay. there's 2 weather
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makers we got to talk about the 1st is given us a push of atlantic rain into the northwest of spain, fighting down portugal from porto to lisbon. sherry day, madrid, a top temperature of just 9 degrees and disturbances developing over northern italy . so rounds of rain through the valley. eric sardine, corsica, northern italy, stretching over the atria, see into croatia, and speaking of the adrian c. c, wind us along the eastern shores, up to about 6070 kilometers per hour. some exceptional warmth for belgrade at 18 degrees, but we know what goes up must come down. so just a high of 6 on thursday, and by the weekend that rain will likely turn to smell a southerly push of air is popping up. temperatures in turkey is mere 18 degrees is stumbles, 16 on talia 18, but likely to get some showers off the mediterranean. speaking of the mediterranean, all that what weather around italy is dropping down some showers into elders with a high of 16 degrees on point. stay and now you're up to date. we'll see you soon.
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take care. ah, the weather sponsored by katara always joined the debate. 90 percent of the world brick, eugene had come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not for you the future. 8, now not our la quinta cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to build the dream on algebra. ah, ah ah,
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and again you're watching out 0 might have our top story ceasar a u. s. president joe biden has told americans there is no excuse for not being vaccinated against over 19. he and other world leaders of grappling with spiraling infections driven by the alma india is bracing for another wave of current of ours says it's reported another way of more than $15000.00 new cases in 24 hours. that's twice a number seen only 4 days ago. nearly a 3rd of those infections were in new delhi and the moon by cuz it sounds president has accepted the governance resignation of the projects against price of fuel. while the 200 people have been arrested for attacking government buildings. now a rocket has hit an iraqi military base hosting u. s. soldiers, although no casualties have been reported. it happened near baghdad, international airports that has been that the have been several attempted attacks on us troops in iraq. in recent days. they come on the 2nd anniversary of the killing of top everybody in general, of some sort of money. it was assassinated by the not us in baghdad,
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crowds or hearing for another day of commemoration. let's go live now to my mood uh wide in that moment. what more do you know about will iraqi security sources say that a key to sure aka to head to the bees are victory bees, which is an iraqi bees. hosting g. u. s. a. troops along with the iraqi troops and coalition. a troops are no casualties. have been reported and there is no recent a claim for us, some of responsibility as of yet this is that 2nd attack this week, a targeting good beer. this is base or the day before it on monday or 2 or drones were or add shut down and before the we're trying to attack it. the beast and iraqi security sources say that today they captured our rocket launcher in algae, had
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a district in western and about a dad which is close to the airport. and they said that another ticket you shahrokhi to was set at the launcher to target at the base. this is the 3rd attack targeting at u. s. military facility, this week, sales. i was just gonna say, mahmoud. a one can speculate whether this is linked to threats made earlier by pro ron groups against you as the u. s. military present to know what those groups have been. all was threatening to target any u. s. military facilities, any u. s. personnel. and remember, this comes as, as the are, the, are at commemorating or marking the 2nd anniversary of the assassination other iranian general cuts himself manny and did a bull, madam hundreds, that of commander of the iraq's popular mobilization forces, or they were killed by a u. s. 8, a strike,
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and january 2020. and now let also this also comes as the u. s. troops are ending there. combat mission and iraq. but these groups say that at the do not accept any u. s. military prisons in iraq, no matter what that all is. right. thanks very much. i remembered otherwise live for south america. a palestinian man is indignant more than a $140.00 days on hunger strike after deal was reached to release him from illegal israeli custody. isham abu, how ashes administrative detention provoked angry protests in the occupied west bank. abraham has been following today's proceedings and remar breaking his fast after 141 day hunger strike. he sham of a hawash expects to be a free man by the end of february, after these really military agreed not to renew his detention. the dean was reached after talks between palestinian in his read your officials goes as armed fractions
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with threatening an escalation. if abolish died, is that about this extended battle in which every palestinian mobilized and used all his tolls was a successful, strong and influential battle through them. and through our national unity and cohesion around the prisoners on their issues. we affirmed the we can achieve victory. the 40 year old father of 5 was 1st arrested, an october of 2020 and was subject to israel's policy up administrative detention, which allows palestinians to be held indefinitely without charges palestinian human rights. organizations say israel has issued 1600 administrative detention orders last year. there has been an increasing the youth of hunger strike as a way to combat his hornets. the 60 palestinian prisoners have underwent hunger thrive in the year 2021. the majority of them were facing administrative detention
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and all have been able to deal to set a deadline to their administrative detention palestinians, organized social media campaigns to highlight the prisoners issue. some started hunger strikes and solidarity, and others took to the streets in the occupied west bank, the gaza strip. and anon they want an end to these really detentions. we think that's obviously the fact as we resolved as a good thing. we have, as a matter of principle, always a spoke is been very clear in st. had people who are detained or should be tried charge and tried in accordance with due process or released. and that has been our, our position on administrative detention. the palestinian prisoners club says $500.00 prisoners in israel jails, including 4 miners are held without charges. some of them have been imprisoned for 15 years ago as expected to return to his family next month.
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but the practice of detention without charges is far from over me that he elgin's eda, the occupied westbank at the united nations in new york diplomats are facing what could be a challenging year from somalia to mid march. 2022 is likely to present many obstacles to peace and security. out there as diplomatic editor james base looks at what lies ahead. on the 1st official day of business at the united nations this year, the new members of the security council present their flags, albania, brazil, gabon, ghana, and the united arab emirates will be part of the 50 member body for the next 2 years. but they join us international peace and security, which the counselors supposed to maintain is under great threat. in almost all the countries, the counsel focuses on from afghanistan to saddam, from libya, to molly, from somalia, to be unmarked. things are going backwards. veteran diplomat,
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mona jewel, the ambassador of norway is president of the security council this month. i certainly think that that, that it is quite blake, but as i said, we have to be optimistic. it is possible to forge dialogue and to bring people to the table. but we know it costs a lot, it requires a lot of resources and it requires not lease a unity in the security council. but the problem is that the security council is increasingly divided, and those divisions center on the most powerful members those that can veto any action. the permanent 5 tension persists between the u. s. its allies and china, particularly over taiwan. and despite a recent telephone conversation between president putin and president biden mistrust is growing between the us and russia. with some in the us intelligence
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community predicting and invasion of ukraine could be imminent. the un secretary general antonio could terrace, is starting his 2nd 5 year term and the job this week. the world welcomes 2022 with our hopes for the future being tested by deepening poverty and worsening inequality . by an, an equal distribution of corporate vaccines by climate commitments that fall short and but ongoing conflict division and museum formation. the secretary general has been criticized by some for being too cautious, reluctant to speak out, particularly on human rights issues. but his supporters say a secretary general kurney achieve things if he has the full backing of the permanent members of the security council and their division right now, leaves him walking a tightrope loose. james space out his era at the united nations. a court in canada has ordered iran to pay $84000000.00 to the families of those killed in the downing of a plane in 2020 rounds military shot down a ukrainian passenger plane,
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killing 176 people on board. many of those on board were canadian citizens or high residency iran, eventually apologize for the incident saying the plane was mistaken for hostile target. kind of there is working to make commencement policy involving the poor abuse of treatments of indigenous government says it will pay just over $30000000.00 to compensate those taken as children from their families and put into state care. jody runs as more now from vanka. this is history making in canada, a press conference to announce a milestone in addressing mistreatment and discrimination against 1st nations families. i'm very pleased to announce that canada and the parties have agreed to significant agreements and principal one that provides fair and equitable compensation to 1st nations children and families harmed by discriminatory under funding. and the other addressing the long term term reform that's needed for the
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1st nations child and family services program. so it's been almost 15 years since canada's human rights tribunal ruled child and family services had discriminated against 1st nations children leaving hundreds of thousands, suffering trauma and spiraling into poverty. billions in compensation, in an agreement in principle, and still for those affected. it is mostly an important step forward. we have a long way to go to address the poverty in our nations. and no amount of money will ever be the right amount, nor will it bring back a childhood last. but today is about acknowledgment about being seen and heard children taken from their families and put into a system underfunded. an ill equipped to deliver the basics of life led to generational trauma, harm and loss. this milestone announcement cannot turn back the clock. but if
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solidified by the deadline, will build the framework. the agreements in principle we have signed today will support 1st nations children so that they can have the same opportunities to grow up with their families and communities thriving through their cultures and languages. as a next step in a difficult one, canada and the parties will negotiate a final settlement agreement which will map out how compensation will flow to 1st nations, children and families will establish a framework for long term funding to improve services for children and families. the parties have until march 31st, to finalize the agreement, jody vance al jazeera, vancouver lawyers for britain's prince. andrew have asked the new york court to dismiss the sexual abuse case against him. but julia g frey says she was forced to have sex with andrew when she was 17 years old after being trafficked by the late prince's defence says she signed to deal with that scene that prevents her from suing him. because salumi has more enough neil lawyers for prince andrew attempted
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to get the lawsuit against him, thrown out based on document in a civil suit between job free and jeffrey upstate. that was come to back in 2009 in that agreement. he epstein agreed to pay to fray a half $1000000.00, and in exchange she agreed not to pursue charges against any other quote potential defendants in the case. so lawyers for the prince has argued that that means she can't sue him, but her lawyers push back against that saying that the agreement does not apply in this case because that was in a different court jurisdiction in florida in a state course. the judge, hearing the arguments, actually pushed back very strongly against the defense prince andrew's attorneys,
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and offered another argument pointing to another clause in the agreement which said that any other person was barred from using that agreement. in another court case and see this suggests that he thought prince andrew perhaps could not use this agreement to get the case thrown out. so it's all very technical legal, procedural arguments. at the end of the day, the judge said he would make his decision very soon, and this decision will determine whether or not the case proceeds to an actual trial. ah. so this is, these are the top stories and you as president, joe biden has told americans, there is no excuse not to be vaccinated against cubic 19. he and other world leaders of grappling with a steep rise and infection numbers driven by the american variance. india is
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bracing for another wave of current of ours says it's reported another high of more than $58000.00 new cases in 24 hours. that's twice than.


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