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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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voices from different corners when the wells are empty, people fight foreign programs that open your eyes to an alternative. v. i them have kalashnikov, i having my voice on al jazeera ah, hong kong ban slides from 8 countries, including the u. s. the u. k. and australia as it grapples with an outbreak of the army kron corona, virus variance in france, uproar in the parliament after controversial remarks by president emmanuel macklin about the unvaccinated. ah, hello malcolm and peter w. watching al jazeera alive from dough are also coming up another round,
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a protest in kazakhstan, where the government's resignation has failed to quell anger. about fuel prices today is about acknowledgement about being seen and heard some relief. so canada's indigenous people whose children were taken away and put under state care as the government announces a 31000000000 dollar compensation plan. hong kong is banning flights from 8 countries, including australia, the u. s, and the u. k. as it battles rising cobit 19 cases, it's also imposing a raft of new restrictions as of friday, including shutting entertainment venues. jims and clubs. officials are worried the ami chrome very and could be spreading undetected through the community. hans, while you go candidate dark out, i've already given the very dar situation of the pandemic. we have to grasp very critical moment. we have to contain the pandemic to ensure that there will not be
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a major outbreak in the community again 5. now i think we are realizing omicron is a highly transmissible variant. so free when we will be able to contain the spread of all micron in society. the measures i'm going to announce or may be the most decisive, rapid targeted and comprehensive we have had for the past 2 years and the brit clinic has more for us from hong kong. this is certainly the most extensive that we've seen. and it really goes to show the extent that are the hong kong government is keen on stamping out. alma crohn, i spoke to a top epidemiologist in hong kong advisor ivan hong. earlier he said that these kind of, that of the measures were very necessary in order to keep the virus of bay. and to really by the government time, because vaccination rates aren't at where they want them to be. they hang around 70 percent. but if you look at the only population over 80, that's only around 20 percent. so this is about buying time to boost those rights.
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the hong kong government had planned a to introduce these measures next month, but they have been brought forward and it, let's not forget it's chinese new year, 3 weeks away from now. so these measures are supposed be implemented for 2 weeks. chinese new year is looking at bit touch and go for now, but the hope is is that people will still be able to meet, at least for some kind of festivities, to welcome in the new year. the french parliament was suspended over nights after the president emanuel mac. raul may controversial remarks targeting people who've not yet been vaccinated. the government is trying to push through a bill that would make vaccination compulsory to access public venues. natasha bottler is in parish friend, president emmanuel macross, the comments to the french newspaper, the paris suddenly causing quite a stir here and from the french president was being interviewed about his strategy for the co, the crisis, the french government very much targeting on vaccinated people saying vaccination is the way out of the quiet has been mark crowe in this interview called on
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vaccinated people irresponsible, effectively saying that they weren't being decent citizens. he also then went on to say that he was going to try and hassle unvaccinated people as much as possible, but the word he actually used in french was a far stronger. it has 4 to scatter logical overtones and a sargje has been described as a vulgar, unseemly by a number of opposition. m. p. 's. in fact, i think the common filter through and became public during a parliamentary debate and peace with debating the government's plans to try and push through a new vaccine pulse an m p 's during that debate. then of voice that protest over macros, comments the leader of the far right political party, marine the pen said the mike, always being on presidential other said his words showed his brutality of contempt
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for ordinary people that he was being cruel. so michael comments, sony causing a lot of control see so much. so in fact that that parliamentary debate had to be suspended. add to the 2 o'clock in the morning. you can position the, the key estimate has tested positive. it's the 2nd time he's had covered 19 he's not said yet to have any significant symptoms. this infection was picked up during regular testing. indian politicians say they're convinced the country is in the grip of another cove. it wave elizabeth around them has more on that from new delhi dallas health minister. this is the latest public health officials say that india is very much now. and the 3rd wave off the cover in virus and that who dr. cases as being driven by the on the car, buried with 75 percentage of cases, and all major cities being on the cross. the eastern city of called casa, has recorded a high number of daily cases. since the pandemic began and a positivity range of 38 percent,
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meaning that $1.00 and $3.00 people who are being tested and that may the city have the virus mon, by which has remained the worst effect to the city. throughout the pandemic scene, the 700 percent increase in cases over the past week. and on tuesday it was 7.7 percent of those who tested positive, needing hospitalization. and while a lot of government health officials are saying that while hospital like the cases are going up at the hospitalization that still low haven't point 7 percent on tuesday, that will still 834 people. and the concern and is that with cases going up as they are, that india is undefended. health care system is not going to be able to handle a huge strain on cases as we have seen in the past. we've all ready seeing health care workers around the country, contracting the virus, the latest, 15 up to day, one of delhi biggest public hospitals at the 61 justin, one hospital in by 131 in partner. so to keep the number of hospitalizations down
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or to try to state their employees in more restrictions, the southern states of canada is the lasers to join delhi and a night curfew on the weekend. a rocket has it in a rocky military base hosting us soldiers. no casualties have been reported at happened near baghdad. international airport there have been several attempted attacks on us troops in iraq in recent days. they coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the killing of the top iranian general cas m. still. the money was assassinated by the us in bagdad mackwood abdullah had has more for us from baghdad. according to iraq, sir, immediately endor security sauces that a cat. you shall rocker titter, victory, b z. that's a home, a tour iraqi, you as an international, a coalition troops in the surrounding area of a but that international law airport her this morning without any casualties is reported to, according to the sources and debt. no recent claim of responsibility. air has been
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declared as of yet. this is the 2nd attack, tara king. the base on monday at 2 or drones were shut down by their serum or air defense system are, as they were trying to target the base. now the sources said that they captured a rocket launcher in as she had district in western about a dad that's close to the airport or the vicinity of the airport. her, they say add their launch or had a rocket that was set up to be launched at of to be fired at the base south korea's military since pyongyang fired at least one ballistic missile towards the sea. on wednesday off north korea's east coast, the country lost as to one of those in october, not last week. the north korean leader kim jong own pho to continue building up his country's military capabilities. protested as a backup on the streets of kazakhstan, undeterred by a state of emergency orders,
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and the governments resignation demonstration started several days ago over an increase in the price of fuel. and they've been continuing in the nation's biggest city. i'll mattie katya lopez. what a yarn has more seems like leave her rear in context m o t s. had remoted in several cities. outrage of an increase in fuel prices have spread across the country while inclusions, her food, particularly in the largest city comedy, with reports of a fire and gunshots, heard, or the mayor's office were demonstrators trying to storm the building. earlier in the week. what began as protests against fuel prices has turned into a wider comb for government accountability. quickly take a little while or people started calling. birth free elections of local officials are started calling for the ouster about top officials and the government. i'm so,
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you know, they're, they're working to get this log, kind of under control as much as they can. it's gonna hurt gravitational because a government cost on has always been fairly stable. the cost of liquid fi, petroleum gas, or lpg, which is widely used as harmful, more than double to $0.28 a leader. when the government live the price camps. oh, but i'm it political pressure. the government of the oil, which countries are the price, would go back to $0.11 a leader in monkeys dow in the west and another provinces. faced with a minimum wage of less than a $100.00 a month, protesters day. the increase is unacceptable. as it stands, president sacked his cabinet and appointed a new acting prime minister. now he's calling for the unrest to stop and he threw up a go. i told me when he calls to attack, civilian and military offices are completely illegal and it is a crime. and that will be punished, power will not fall. what we need is not conflict,
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but mutual trust and dialog on new conflict. the government has argued lpg subsidies are unsustainable in the long term. but it's plant a phase i'll price caps over 3 years, is being fiercely resisted the central asian country, long known in the region for its political stability, now faces widespread unrest. katya lopez, or the young al jazeera. oh peters. all my f is the executive director of the eraser democracy initiative program. he says the violent protests are spreading from west kazakhstan, the city of channels in a new sort of violence because i had never known indisposed so yet independent history. exactly. 11 years ago, over 16 people died in that city in similar products. what is different this time? is that the protest that they were confined to the western oil producing part of the country they have now this time spread through the rest of the country. they
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have an gulf, the main cd of cost on almost the end, the capital cd luisel fund name after the de facto ruler on neutral under the bi who remains the de facto mean political actor, incorrect. so what you're seeing now the, the, the formal, you know, the formal excuse for the protest is the listing of the cap on liquid liquified petroleum guests in a country where salaries are pretty models by world standards. on the other hand, we are seeing increasingly political demands being added to the protesters to the point where they're main demand. but one of their main demand is for the hours of the government, which has things that happen does not satisfy that longer. so this is a very, very scary situation. it's threatening to spiral a spiral out of control. and then one that we may wonder what the government may be
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forced to do made before to call on planning reporting to help and step in that is a big question. still to come here on out to 0, the 1st criminal charges in connection with the assassination of the haitian president of an elmo east and a new year. but old challenges, we look at the issues facing diplomats at the united nations in 2022. ah hello, good to see we had had some devastating flooding across southern pakistan in the port city of ardour, record, rain, fall, flood waters, destroying hundreds of homes. and so hundreds of people displaced. and we could see another round of flood flooding rains here on thursday toward that southwest corner of pakistan. now this rain is leaking into northwestern india is well, so good rats, roger,
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stand lots of protection to the per dash. we'll see some intense rain here. thunderstorms, even some hail to be expected south of that are into the sunshine, the ne monsoon, not as active as it has been over the last few days. so what that means is some sunny spells for a time on the do tonight got a high of 29 degrees. we have seen flooding also across the northeast of sumatra and still heavy rain coming natur. also intense rain, west java, and for northern sections of borneo central china teams are looking pretty good. we do have some rein locked in between the gang, see and the pearl river valley. so or sherry day and gray lynn with the high 13 degrees and a bit of a breather from the cell for western japan, but not for too long because this batch of snow in the waters between korea and japan will make its way to western japan by the time we get toward friday, and now they are up to date, we'll see again soon. take care. ah . in
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a time when everyone wants the latest news with speed and reliability, information spreads around the globe. it's never been moved by trust technology which transport. where ever it needs to go with state of the art secure bandwidth. let people share most stories. as hale sat is helping bring the world close together. essay space to deliver your vision. lou ah, welcome back. you're watching out to 0. your top stories this half hour, the french parliament was suspended over night after president emanuel macro made
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some controversial remarks targeting people who are unvaccinated. the government is trying to push through a bill that would make vaccination compulsory to access public venues. india is bracing for another wave of corona virus says it's reported more than $58000.00 new cases in 24 hours in what is be called the 3rd wave of the pandemic there. that's twice the number seen just 4 days ago. nearly a 3rd are in new delhi and by hong kong banning flights from 8 countries, including australia, the u. s. and the u. k. as it battles rise included 19 casings. officials fear the army kron variant could be spreading undetected. and the various symptoms make it very different to what went before the south african doctor who 1st alerted the authorities to the strain has said muscle aches, fatigue, a scratchy throat and might sweat a common symptoms. and while patience infected with previous variance reported a loss of taste and smell, that seems to have disappeared with all micron has also been note major drop in
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oxygen levels being reported in the lungs of omicron positive patients. the well health organisation says army kron does appear to be affecting the upper respiratory tract. previous trains would attack the lungs, causing severe pneumonia. dr patrick tang is the division chief with microbiology at sidra medicine here in cat are. he explains now why the severity of the symptoms of all micron will be different in each country. i think the effects of the cranberries are going to be different in different countries than maybe given different within different regions of our country because of the heterogeneity of the immunity in the population. so if you're in a country with a higher vaccination rate than and maybe a recent way of, of delta infection, so that everyone has already high levels of preexisting community been effective on con, it can be different then in a region or a country that has low vaccination and, and has not had the effect of the delta v areas in the recent time. so i think
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there is going to be some different that strategies your approach for different countries depending on the situation in which they are in. but overall we have to pay that, that we are lucky with the barrier compared to the previous period. there is actually no reason why the virus would want to evolve into last year, or even a more severe version of itself. because that's not really link he, that he would have alicia. and so we are very lucky that the highly transmissible virus is also that you're going to vary your country that's already been hit by a large on conway. ready and the majority of that, the rate for transmission and rate the disease in your country are higher within the people that are coming in, then make no, no sense the restrict travel into your country when other places have lower rates,
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the transmission. and also, if you have high levels of immunity either from delta infection, from over con, infection and vaccination, then the virus on, on health will not be back to your for your, for your country. and it makes more sense to maintain the normal function by the and our economy by not restricting travel has been a furious reaction in australia after the tennis start. novak jock of ich, was gone to the vaccine travel exemption to play in a major tournament. organized as deny has been given special treatment, but critics point to double standards at a time of soaring covey. 19 infections here sarah clark, his abode number 110, and 19 as he's 20 major titles at the stallion. i've been here, he gets to defend his title after announcing on instagram. but he was exempt from the country vaccination and was granted permission to travel to melbourne.
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obviously the announcement by novak that he has been gone to the medical exemption and and that exemption the 4th and the opportunity to come in to come into victoria and competed the israel open. the decision has triggered widespread anger in a country that had to deal with some of the toughest type restrictions on travel, but in the states and overseas. and from those in a city that have endured the world's longest cumulative, locked down to contain the pandemic. it's disgusting. i don't know how you can get a medical exemption when you apply that when you're that fit and your and your number one in the world. i think to describe revolt on the right thing. we've all gone out and got l. jobs and boosters and we have someone that's come from overseas and all of a sudden he's, he's been exempt and comply and i think it's a disgrace and i'll be watching or plays in tournament stuff must be vaccinated to have an exemption to take part in the strain open, it starts on january, 17,
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last year, the world number one tennis class said he was personally opposed and wouldn't want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine in order to travel straight in open seo. and the government in the state of victoria had denied junk of it's got special treatment. say it's up to the tennis player to reveal his medical condition. it's very clear on what conditions you would receive an exemption on. and to brief, you quickly summarize those. one of them is obviously having an adverse response to any kind of scene and having something like an analytic response. another one is if you've just had major surgery and may or may not be suffering from my called iris. and another one is you were recovered case, the prime minister was quick to deflect any criticism. victoria government, um i did decision on that and so i'd have to towards young. the reasons for doing so on the call is now reached every state in australia, more than 90 percent of people aged over 16 had 2 doses of the vaccine even so the number of dal infections in most states is reaching record levels. some testing
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centers had been forced to close to deal with the backlog. the national cabinet, led by the prime minister, has now agreed to provide concessional access to rapid adage and tests in a bid to ease pressure on a health system struggling to cope. sarah clark, al jazeera queensland, australia, the main suspect in the killing of treaties president john l. my use has appeared on the u. s. federal court for the 1st time. this former officer in columbia's military was extradited from panama. he is the 1st of his criminal charges connected to the murder last july. my camera has more from washington. but he has now been formally charged in miami federal court having been brought in by f. b. i . agents from panama, which is where he was arrested while boarding a flight. it is reported to jamaica. now he is a sum of one of some 2 dozen former colombian commandoes who were employed
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by a miami security firm earlier last year. c t u security. they would then deployed to haiti initially it is said as a personal protection group, there to protect political figures within haiti. however, it does appear according to prosecutors that this then moved into basically what became an assassination squad and palacio is set to be one of the 5 members who actually entered the compound of that then haitian president, to have an invoice see, and assassinated him on july the 7th, 3 of the others were with him, were killed during that operation. there are another 18 it is believed, still in detention within a t. they have not face any form of charges. so obviously a lot of questions for money palostio in terms of exactly what happened, who was responsible for the actual killing of the haitian president. and very importantly, who was the brains behind this whole operation?
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now, many had insisted that the u. s. was in some way involved, but the fact that the u. s. is now brought its 1st prosecution in connection with the case a very important detail indeed f b i. agents have been assisting the haitian police for a large period of time. now, in the inquiry into the destination, but this particular arrest, this particular case may cost more light on all the events that happened back in july. last year. canada is working to make amends or its past involving the pool and abuse of treatment of indigenous people. the government says it will pay just over $30000000000.00 to compensate those taken his children from their families and put into state care. jody vance has that story from vancouver. this is history making in canada, a press conference to announce a milestone in addressing this treatment and discrimination against 1st nations families. i'm very pleased to announce that canada and the parties have agreed to
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significant agreements and principal one that provides fair and equitable compensation to 1st nations children and families harmed by discriminatory under funding. and the other addressing the long term term reform that's needed for the 1st nations child and family services program. it's been almost 15 years since canada's human rights tribunal ruled child and family services had discriminated against 1st nations children leaving hundreds of 1000 and suffering trauma. and spiraling into poverty. billions in compensation, in an agreement in principle, and still for those affected. it is mostly an important step forward. we have a long way to go to address the poverty in our nations. and no amount of money will ever be the right amount, nor will it bring back a childhood last but today is about acknowledgments about being seen and heard
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children taken from their families and put into a system under funded and ill equipped to deliver the basics of life led to generational trauma, harm and loss. this milestone announcement cannot turn back the clock, but if solidified by the deadline, will build the framework. the agreements in principle we assigned today will support 1st nations children so that they can have the same opportunities to grow up with their families and communities thriving through their cultures and languages. as a next step in a difficult one, canada and the parties will negotiate final salman agreement, which will map out how compensation will floor to 1st nations children and families will establish a framework for long term funding to improve services for children and families. the parties have until march 31st, to finalize the agreement, jody vance. al jazeera, vancouver. the electric car company tesla has been accused of supporting genocide for opening a showroom in china's westerns and jung region. the council on american islamic
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relations as, as the company to immediately closed a new store in a room g. as in john, has become a significant point of conflict between chinese and western governments. more than a 1000000 muslim minority wiggers the believe to been detained and labor camps. there. china denies any allegations of abuse, and the camps provide vocational training. lawyers for britain's prince. andrew have asked a court in new york to dismiss the sexual abuse case against him. virginia jeffrey says she was forced to have sex with prince andrew when she was 17 years old. after being trafficked by the late convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein. the prince's defence says she signed a deal with epstein that prevents her from suing the prince. the judge will decide soon whether the case can go ahead at the united nations in new york diplomats are facing what could be a challenging year from somalia to me and mar. 20. 22 is likely to present many challenges to peace and security out as here as diplomatic editor james base looks
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now at what lies ahead on the 1st official day of business at the united nations this year, the new members of the security council present their flags albania, brazil, gabon gonna, and the united arab emirates will be part of the 15 member body for the next 2 years. that they join us international peace and security, which the counsel is supposed to maintain is under great threat. in almost all the countries, the counsel focuses on from afghanistan to saddam from libya, to molly, from somalia to be on my things going backwards. veteran diplomat, motor jewel buster of norway is president of the security council this month. i certainly think that that it is quite bleak, but as i said, we have to be optimistic. it is possible to ford dialogue and to bring people to the table. but we know it costs
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a lot. it requires a lot of resources and it requires not lease a unity in the security council. but the problem is that the security council is increasing the divided, and those divisions center on the most powerful members those that can veto any action. the permanent 5 tension persists between the u. s. its allies in china, particularly over taiwan. and despite a recent telephone conversation between president putin and president biden mistrust is growing between the us and russia. with some in the us intelligence community predicting and invasion of ukraine could be imminent. the un secretary general antonio could terrace, is starting his 2nd 5 year term and the job this week. the world welcomes 2022 with our hopes for the future being tested. by deepening poverty and worsening inequality by an unequal distribution of coffee vaccines by climate commitments
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that fall short and by ongoing conflict division and misinformation. the secretary general has been criticized by some for being too cautious, reluctant to speak out, particularly on human rights issues. but his supporters say a secretary general kearney, achieve things if he has the full backing of the permanent members of the security council and their division right now leaves him walking a tightrope pillars. james bays al jazeera at the united nations. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. hong kong is banning flights from 8 countries, including australia, the u. s, and the u. k. as it battles rising cobit 19 cases. it's also shutting some public venues from friday. at le, include gyms and nightclubs, officials are worried, the ami crohn varian could be spreading undetected through the community.


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