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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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tenea to the antarctic in search of answers to why we run al jazeera. correspond with you. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news. i. we're live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes, ah, that sounds president appeals to a russia lead security alliance. that helped us well escalating and rest as prepared as a storm public buildings and season airport. countries around the world set new
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records for covey cases. here in the u. k, an estimated one and 20 people were infected. lastly, president mc chrome pulls up for in france over his choice of words as he loses patience with the m vaccinated in sports another to life. another joker, which as he lands in melbourne, feel strongly and open a mistake on his freezer application. i was led to the world number was being held up at the airport. ah, we begin the news. our in kazakhstan word, demonstrators have stormed the government buildings and sees the airport in my teach. the imperium ministry says 8 police, a national guard troops have been killed. 317 injured. in an effort to con the unrest, the president has sacked to the cabinet, declared a 2 week nationwide state of emergency and effectively shut down the internet. he's
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also removed his powerful predecessor, nor so can as or by of, from his role as head of the security council. the 81 year old lead the oil rich nation for 28 years, stepping down in 2019 to make way for his hand. picked successor. well, the unrest was sparked by a doubling in the price of liquefied petroleum gas after the government took away price caps on you, you is day. many cossacks converted their vehicles to run on lpg because of the cheap official prices. but the protests have now escalated into calls for a change in leadership. president took, i have says he has appealed to a russian lead security block to help kazakhstan, overcome what he called a terrorist threat. katia lopez or the young has more seems like leave. we're, we're in classics. them, hotels have remoted in several cities and coverage of an increase in fuel prices
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have spread across the country. while inclusions have food, particularly in the largest city, moody, with reports of a flyer in gunshots heard, or the mayor's office were demonstrators trying to storm the building earlier in the week. oh, what began as protests against fuel prices has turned into a wider comb for government accountability? yeah, i think his protests already started. and fuel fight. energy prices really are about anger of the catholic people about that government being wrapped in decades. miss rule about a government that has created a lot of wealth or a small segment of the population and serve its own interests. the vast majority of the population haven't seen the lesson malik, than the cost of liquid fi, petroleum gas, or l p g, which is widely used as car fuel, more than double to $0.28
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a leader. when the government lived the price camps. but i'm a political pressure, the government of the oil, which countries the price would go back to $0.11 a leader in monkeys. dow, in the west and another provinces faced with a minimum wage of less than a $100.00 a month, protest her say the increase is unacceptable. kazakstan is president, sacked his cabinet and appointed a new acting prime minister. now he's calling for the unrest to stop resume, but go outside, read me when he calls to attracts civilian and military offices are completely illegal and it is a crime and that will be punished. pow wow. will not full. what we need is not conflict, but mutual trust and dialogue of your conflict. the government has, are you lpg subsidies are unsustainable in the long term, but it's planted phase now price capital for 3 years is being fiercely resisted. the central asian country,
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long known in the region where the political stability now faces widespread on rest, can see a little bit of the young elders. here. i sit in the silver is a political activist in catholic stone. she says it's difficult to know exactly what's happening because of the government blocking the internet. for the past day, it's been like collecting pieces of information from various people from other activists because the internet is cut off completely. but we know that the protests are still going on, and they've started yesterday in the evening and now continue with people more and more people joining the process. the last news i've heard from france for just you see, it's hard to tell because we are all cut off from all of our information sources. so whatever room is here is what i'm going to share with you. the last news is that
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the, i can, my building which is mayor's office has been burned. i don't think it's ever been on the, about the, or the, the gas prices i think proposing some more of like a cries out about inefficient our government. william courtney is a former us ambassador to kaz expanding, joins us now by skype from washington, dc. ambassador, thank you so much for joining us here on our era. as we've been hearing, it seems that the capitalist, the spark was this rise in lpg and liquified petro petroleum gas. but that obviously there were some underlying issues, but it is almost breathtaking. how quickly things have escalated. would you have predicted that? yes, things are escalated quite quickly by comparison with a orange revolution or by don and ukraine, or the protest in belarus and 2020 loose eventually gone very quickly. but this is
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the festering for a long time, the stupendous corruption of my family. and those of i have grown as has caused a lot of concern in context on where despite tremendous oil. welf income inequality is really quite substantial. and a lot of people are living really close to the subsistence margin. i mean, you mentioned another buyer regime a, it's interesting that protests that are still, you know, calling about him being removed and saying, you know, remove the old man. i mean, the current president. so kind of has fact, the cabinet declared a 2 week state of emergency shut down the internet and also removed technically speaking. now. so turns out a nother by of, from his role is that of the security council. do you think any of that is going to make a difference? i don't think it will make much difference. russell to kyra from i don't for 30 years, is a distinguished diplomat, but he has no independent power base and conflicts on only and as
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a bath has been in power. so the moves being made now would show a sense of panic or threatening to news for us against protesters, calling for russia and ballers to intervene with air force. those are the signs of the government that's collapsing quite quickly. we're now hearing that president kaya has appealed to a russia lead security block to help cause expand, overcome what he has called a terrorist threat. would you think russia's role will be in all of this russia a decade ago in 2010, had an opportunity to help facilitate a political transition by sending troops to carry stan much smaller, more contain situation. and russia did not do that. i would be surprised if russia sent to my troops and now, because russia really couldn't guarantee their security protests or so might take matters into their own hands. so i guess, as of russia about reversal, be really careful. it should do you think that then catholic stock will be left to
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its own devices in this or yes or the purchaser? so we'll be looking for leaders or be creating leader some of the more we knew that people have not heard before. some other maybe, later, some research and opposition parties which have been repressed, took and sort of works out. now, lots of folks are now, i think this will, this is a matter that it's taking place in concerts on. it's not being extra driven by russia or china, or anyone on the outside. popular uprising on culture size will find their own way forward because it still has a tradition of moderation and tolerance. good, good relations with neighbors. i think that those traditions were continuing things to see how the situation develops in the country, william courtney, former us ambassador to cause extend. sir, thank you so much for having shared your expertise with us. welcome. coming up on this news hour from london, we speak to the wife of
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a senior to museum politician who was joining him on hunger strike after his arrest on terrorism charges. events of january 6 did expose critical departmental failures and deficiencies. the u. s. capital police chief tells the senate committee that they're working to resolve their security issues a year after the storming of congress and, and sport bangladesh pull off one of the biggest wins in their test cricket history . and the will be here with that story. and ah, argentina, australia, the netherlands and sweden are among the latest countries to report record numbers of covert cases. and the united states has registered another 869000 daily cove infections as disruptions to schools, flights, hospital care, and other services continue. the latest figure follows date on tuesday that
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revealed more than 1000000 cases in a 24 hour period occur occurred, although this was likely inflated by the new year holiday. the u. s. centers for disease control says the 7 day average of new cases is up a staggering 98 percent last week. we should not be complacent since the increased trans miss ability, ovarian may be omicron might be overridden by the sheer volume of the number of cases that may be a reduced severity, but could still stress our hospital system. alan fisher has more now from the white house. the experts told us from the new year from thanksgiving all the way up to christmas and new year, we would see a search early in 2022. and that's exactly what's happening. and of course, the big problem is that it's impacting a lot more people. so health systems that were relying on core workers to treat the
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ill no find that those core workers also have to isolate or are being affected by covert. it's happening to police is happening a transport. remember on christmas eve, we talked about how flights were being cancelled. that still happening in the same sort of numbers. simply because airlines either don't have the flight staff to do it. or we don't have the support staff on the ground to help those planes and transports impacted as well. montgomery county, which is not far away from you. it's north of washington dc. it's a school district there. the didn't have enough bus drivers to man. all the buses to the him, we're seeing problems to in school districts take chicago thought biggest school district and the whole of the united states close to day. simply because the teacher say they won't work until they get some sort of assurances and guarantees about testing about making sure that they are safe, that their pupils are safe on their pupils. families are safe as well. there's a problem too. we're testing the bite and white house didn't order enough tests and
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time the joe biden and his team say americans will be able to start going online and getting those tests in a couple of weeks for many that simply not good enough. and that's why we're seeing lines of several hours of people waiting to get a test before they go back to work or before they start spending time with others. this is not the situation that joe biden wanted, particularly as he said, just a couple of weeks ago. they have the tools to deal with all micron. lily infections in the u. k also remain high with more than 194000 detected on wednesday. it's estimated 3700000 people across the country were infected in the week ending december 31st. but the prime minister boris johnson still insists the current measures are sufficient to control the virus that the baba has more. well, there's no hiding the extent to which covey 19, and particularly the on the con variant, is continuing to spread rapidly throughout the population. last week is estimated,
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the one in 20 people in the u. k. had covet 19 and it was one in 10 here in the capital. now that setting pressure to various sectors including education, including the fire service in many cities and including the health services, of course. now that's something that boys johnson referenced in parliament on wednesday, and he said that there was a worrying rise in cases among the elderly and vulnerable population wouldn't, which would increase the pressures on the national health service. but he said that the government is sticking to what it cause plan be that's advice on face coverings and advice on working from home, not the time. he says to introduce greater measures, but he did admit that there had been pressure on the testing system. and now the government is getting rid of certain requirements,
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but thanks to the sheer size of the on the con wave, we still need to take steps to ensure artistic capacity reaches those who need it most. so we will be suspending the need to do a p c r to confirm the results of a positive lateral flow test from next tuesday in england. if you test positive on the natural flow device, you should just record that results on ga dot u. k. and begin so violating were tough questions in parliament from the labor opposition over the testing system and why it's what had become a shambles in recent weeks with so many people around britain unable to get lateral flow tests or in fact p c r test. so far is johnson said that the government was now working to ensure that key workers would get tests where and when they needed them. he also mentioned the ongoing booster campaign. 3rd dose is a vaccinations which he said was one of the best in europe. italy meanwhile, will introduce a coven 19 vaccine mandate for people aged over 50. the government approved the
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measure on wednesday as the country hit a new record and daily infections. with more than a $189000.00 cases detected. people over 50 must receive their vaccinations by june 15th other measures are also being considered including a limit on crowd numbers at public events. france has reported another record hi with around 332000 new cases in the most recent 24 hour reporting period. this after president manuel micron caused an outcry with a deliberately provocative warning to unvaccinated people surprising many with the language that he used natasha buckner reports from paris flexible. so there was an uproar in france. his parliament is emmanuel macros, comments and strong language about on fractionated people became public, some opposition, m. p. 's boot the health minister, while others described the french president's words as vulgar. before
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a debate on the government's proposed vaccine pass was abruptly suspended. the loan of his all deploy, renews. we asked the presence of the prime minister because the words of the president of the republic or a worthy, irresponsible, contemptuous on a book very premeditated for. this is the reality of the situation. one context so, so it was blue arc that group in the parisian newspaper macro said that on facts, native people were irresponsible as for the unvaccinated, i really want to piss them off. he said, we have to tell them, you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant. you will no longer be able to go for coffee. you will no longer be able to go to the theater. you will no longer be able to go to the cinema. frances recorded record numbers of new cove infections in recent days, fueled by the delta, an omicron variance, doctor say most kind of it patients, intensive care are unvaccinated. the french government says vaccination is the best
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way out of the pandemic. although 90 percent of the population are immunized, the government targeting those yet to receive a job. 3 months before the french presidential election might call risks, alienating some voters brought his support to say, he's taking a calculated risk betting on the majority of french people agreeing with them because they fed off of restrictions and want to see an end to the covey crisis. said tradition, the french voters don't like aggressiveness, intellectual campaigns, a bubble from a sitting president. so micron took a race, but it was an assumed risk because this interview was re read and approved by the leave a, it wasn't a gap or an error of communication. it was intentional that he sent a message to the campaign will happen with a certain rhythm and tone. micro has yet to declare his candidacy for the presidential race, but he is widely expected to run his victory in 2017 was partly due to the image. he projected as
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a straight talker who didn't shy away from control the sea and was afraid to break with tradition. but whether it will be a winning formula this time around is uncertain. natasha butler al jazeera paris. well, marcus gilroy, where is the senior lecturer in digital media at bristol university and also of after the fact the truth about fake news is also written about vaccine hesitancy. and he joins us now live from bristol, by skype. so thank you so much for joining us. here and i'll just 0. so we are more or less as a year into the vaccines being available. and we are seeing in countries where the vaccines are widely available. a percentage of people from 8 to some places 20, nearly 30 percent that are hesitant about taking the vaccine. do you think the approach of a manual mccrory using offensive language or even italy where they've made it mandatory for people aged over 50? is that the right way to convince people to get vaccinated?
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sadly, no, i don't think it is the right approach to convince people to get back. thanks it at all. but convincing people to get back to me by any means is usually pretty difficult if they happy time the presentation. and the reason for that is, you know, it could be many different things, but often these are the patients, one of course, a long standing distrust of power sometimes with a well founded dis of the power. but unfortunately, one which isn't being directed in the right way. public health crises like these are often times where, you know, that sort of one in 101 in the 1000 and time when even when we know our government is lying to us about lots of other things. in fact, these are moments when we, when we do need to kind of listen to what we're told and we do need to kind of take the medicine or the boxing or whatever. but you can sort of see why. if people have a sense that how it doesn't really work for them, and they haven't really been given the tools to kind of make sense of those of those situations that they would be hesitant about, you know, something even as a cause symbolically sort of intense as having a liquid injected into your body,
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i mean, it needs to be reiterated that you know, be anti back, is absolutely not defensible, but i think we can sort of still look at that kind of hesitations and say, well, historically, at least the suspicions that they have about power not being there and not being on their side aren't entirely founded. i read an article that you wrote about it not too long ago, and i found it fascinating how there's different percentage in percentages of hesitancy and different dynamics in different countries. so the u. k. around 8 percent, the us about 22 percent. france very high at 27 percent new highlight that in every country there was actually a different dynamic, maybe different groups that feel like they don't trust the 40. absolutely. so, and i think we have to be very careful about making kind of sweeping geographic statements about what vaccine hesitancy kind of is in all places. because as we say, as i said in the article, it does vary quite
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a lot. but i think in most of these places, you know, you will have to kind of completely sort of configure toil thinking that, that you would expect in any place really. but you also have kind of on the ground, you know, specific context directly, you know, high down to 5 all at story. that's the why people feel a little bit kind of uncertain about taking the vaccine. i mean, a lot of women have doubts about fertility. well, in a way that's understandable, given that women have been let down by their medical establishment repeatedly, a lot of people have color, have real hesitations about about vaccine. again, though, the communities that have been let down time and time again by and by the pharmaceutical industry, by the medical industry and so forth. and so even if this is a moment where, in fact, the cautious sensible, pragmatic thing to do is to be, to be back to nature and boost it. again, these are kind of long standing patterns and that's why just saying to people or you're wrong, you need to fax,
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you need to be punished. you need to be findings to be excluded from, you know, restaurant, whatever a comb with has been saying today. these are not strategy that are going to work because they, you know, they've been trying to kind of basically deal with a symptom in a very short time. it's way that is actually something that's taken a long time to kind of slowly develop. maybe, you know, this vaccine campaign is unprecedented when we think over many must be billions, but now of doses that have been administered around the world. do you think that time will make a lot of people that are hesitant? take the vaccine as a now, you know, so many people have had it and we know the statistics using that time actually makes people with these views even more entrenched. i think again, we have to be careful not to kind of put everyone in the same category. some of the people i have spoken to who say they're boxing hesitant on saying that the back was rushed. but they're not people who, you know, the panoramic necessarily would have been able to tell you what the standard amount of time is for vaccine to, to reach a kind of safety point. so i think, you know,
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whether that's really the real reason or whether that's the thing that they're saying because it's kind of makes them feel better about being hesitant if it wants to kind of individual case by case basis. i think in time, you know, one of the things that this the panoramic so notice that it's quite unpredictable less than the, you know, cars in the road and things that we necessarily haven't necessarily seen coming. what is that becomes next new variance? you know, the need for updated boosters or other kinds of things or whatever remains to be seen. so it's kind of hard to say, you know, whether time will make this easy or not. but i think that me, it will make it harder for us to take those arguments over some people to take us arguments that this, this vaccine has been rushed. when you know, that's really the best half truth, it really is a fascinating topic. it's been fascinating to see how different countries in different cultures are dealing with a to marcus gilroy, where senior lecturer and digital media at bristol university all for all after the
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fact the truth about fake news. so it's been a pleasure to talk to you. thank you very much for having me. now, hong kong has announced a raft. those new restrictions, including a 2 week band on incoming flights from 8 countries, including the u. s. u. k, and france. in door restaurant dining will be banned after 6 pm and sports sent to his bars, museums, and other venues will close for at least 2 weeks. if ortiz are scrambling to test that thousands of close contacts from a cruise ship after a confirmed case of the only chron variant, hong kong recorded 38th new corona virus cases on wednesday, brick clement is following developments in hong kong and as more now on the latest measures, this is certainly the most extensive that we've seen, and it really goes to show the extent that the hong kong government is keen on stamping out alma crohn. i spoke to a top epidemiologist in hong kong advisor. ivan hung earlier. he said that these
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kind of the measures were very necessary in order to keep the virus at bay. and to really by the government time, because vaccination rates aren't at where they want them to be. they hang around 70 percent. but if you look at the only population of 80, that's only around 20 percent, this is about buying time to boost those rights. the hong kong government had planned to introduce these measures next month, but they have been brought forward. and it lets not forget it's chinese new year, 3 weeks away from now. so these measures are supposed be implemented for 2 weeks. chinese year is a looking at bit touch and go for now. but the hope is is that people will still be able to meet, at least for some kind of festivities, to welcome in the new year. covered 19 cases of double the cross india and just 4 days more than 58000 new cases were reported on wednesday. health experts say infection rates are surging in several states. over all the country is detected more than $35000000.00 infections. officials say most of the new cases are mild,
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but hospitals are still under pressure. restrictions are being tightened across the country in an effort to slow transmission. and almost a 3rd of all new cases in india are being detected in new delhi. and more by both cities of re introduced curfews and other restrictions are in the correspondent elizabeth per on them has more from the capital jellies, health minister. this is the latest public health officials to say that india is very much now. and the 3rd wave off the cover, and virus, and the few dry cases as being driven by the, on the called buried, which $75.00 percentage of cases, and all major cities being on the cross the eastern, to the of called casa, has recorded highest number of davy cases since the pandemic forget and the positivity range of 38 percent, meaning that one and 3 people who are being tested and the major city have the virus mon, by which is remain the worst effected city throughout the pad. that i could see the 700 percent increase in cases over the past week. and on tuesday it was
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7.7 percent of those who tested positive meeting, hospitalization, and wall a lot of government health officials. the saying that while hospital life, the cases are going up at the hospitalization which the low 7.7 percent on tuesday, that was till 834 people. and the concern and is that with cases going up as they are, that india is underfunded. health care system, it's not going to be able to handle a huge strain on cases as we have seen in the past. we're all ready seeing health care workers around the country contract and the virus, the latest 15 app today. one of the biggest public hospitals at the 61 justin, one hospital in by 131 in pasadena. so to keep the number of hospitalizations down or to try to state their employees and more restrictions, the southern stage of canada is the lasers to join delhi and a night curfew on the weekend. let's bring you from breaking news now and the
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world's number one tennis player. novak joke of h is about to be the portion from australia hours after arriving in melbourne for the australian open joke, which has had his v visa revoked by the australian government. because he is not fully vaccinated against cobit 19, his lawyers immediately appealed decision or joker, which had been given a special exemption to defend his title in the 1st 10 his grand slam of the season . but the serb was stopped as soon as he landed in australia joker, which has never publicly revealed his vaccinations status, but they're going to bring you more on that story and the latest developments in sport. and also a head in this news our despite his refusal to have a parade at 19 vaccination, one of basketballs biggest stars is said to return to action. and even as the omicron variant of cove, it sweeps across the world why some scientists believe that there could be light at
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the end of the tunnel, wouldn't we? all of them. ah hello, normal service has now been resumed across much of europe, temperatures route where the shipping, its feeling a little more like winter for many parts and over the next couple of days, temperatures well down a cool normally wind up towards a north west coming in across so much show for the british charles and the island of ireland behind these 2 cold fronts here. that's where we got some cool, where continue to slide his way further southwards and east was little area of low pressure and northern parts of italy, bringing some significant snowfall and some cooler air in behind. then you can see single figures, temperatures around 10 degrees down of the sort of values we were looking at. at the start of the year. there will be some cloud, some rain, some sleep snow piling in on that scotlands, northern parts of england,
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northern areas of well still seeing some of that winter weather then as we go through or thursday or the way of rain there across so much of a central and southern england, in the slightest way further south was window of dry weather, making its way into central and eastern parts of europe. and we got that wet weather down towards italy pushing towards greece as we go on through friday. that same circulation will bring some rather lively showers, longest spells of freight across northern parts of algeria, northern parts of morocco. and it'll turn increasingly wet for much of tenicia. ah, to store strong willed, challenging, traditional female stereotype in a male dominated society to make a difference. you can go to fall into that of how some of these with the water is highly contaminated,
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will live in the car. within it on al jazeera, a war in afghanistan is now. will non taliban figures make up a part of with that american can or within the taliban? there will be a powerful the time about the inside story podcast. a frank assessment of the div headline subscribe. now, however, you listened to podcasts, lou ah,
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reminder now the top stories on al jazeera demonstrators in kazakhstan, for government buildings and sees government here force in an effort to calm the rest. the president has sacked, the cabinet declared a 2 week state of emergency and shut down the internet. italy, argentina, and australia are among the countries registering record numbers of new coven cases . the volume of people posting positive is causing disruption in schools and increasing pressure hospitals. but bets are not increasing significantly. and french president, the manuel micron is facing criticism for deliberately provoking unvaccinated people. he said he wanted to annoy them using words that some opposition and peace have described as vulgar and unprecedented cases arising rapidly in israel with an average of 5800 new daily infections. health officials say the on the corn wave as seen infections in the country spiked when
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you record, but the government is set on the easing measures to prevent damage to the economy. and a little bit more surely, gullow me corn we are in the midst of the only con wave cases on the volume as we predicted. and for that we prepared in advance. and we're also ready for even higher infection numbers. if it happens to the policy we late in the past 6 months proved itself and i will continue to maintain it where adapting measures to the new situation. but also now we will continue to live side by side with the corona virus, and maintain health and also a st. and normal routine as much as possible in the world. health organization has described a highly transmissible on the chrome very into as leading to a synonymy of cases. but could things actually be taking a turn for the better in the course of the pandemic? well, that's the view of some scientist to say on the crone is less severe than the previous delta variant. and the threat to life is further diminished by vaccines and
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treatments. join a whole has more. over the next 3 months, the only kron variant is expected to account for 3000000000 infections worldwide. that's as many as during the entire demik so far. and yet, there is optimism that this may be the beginning of the end. i think the vaccines and drugs and now available can reduce kind of a button by of 95 percent so that it's no longer top 10 house problem. i think it's going to be very difficult to actually get to under control in terms of controlling cases that we're talking about controlling severe disease and which are thing mortality massively. so was that still will be cases unfortunate. they, they will be much less severe. i or south africa, where on the ground was supposed to take to these now providing intriguing clues about what may happen next. infection numbers, they're dropping fast in a population. that's a cheap, high levels of natural immunity. down more than 50 percent from their peak
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restrictions are being lifted and a number of international studies support claims that alma cronies, less dangerous, confining itself more to the nasal and upper respiratory passages than the lungs. the infection numbers are enormous and yet undeniably the public health consequences are less severe. so have we genuinely reached a turning point? well, plenty of scientists seem to think so. and even the world health organization says that 2022 could bring an end to the acute phase of the pandemic. but the world health organization cautions that's possible only if the vaccines and treatments available in the rich world are made equally available to all a goal. the world is some way from achieving and even then scientific views are divided the country and actually shows that this bias is by flexibility. on the contrary,
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it is so different to the other readings that we've seen that's actually able to enter and sell in incomplete different waves from the waves. previous range used to enter and what the realize is that the base for the application of this fire is quite large. and as long as the transmission is allowed to continue, the course of the panoramic is going to be very, very unpredictable. high transmission rates, raise other concerns to the debilitating effects of long covey, the continued risk to the vulnerable and the unvaccinated. increasingly, the policy thinking seems to be shifting away from long term control measures towards the view that the vast majority of us may be able to live alongside the virus. eventually posing as much risk to public health as the flute. jona whole al jazeera lumber, poland. president. andre, do the house tested positive for cove it 19 for a 2nd time president do the top aid that says he's in isolation with no serious
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symptoms that has been triple vaccinated and previously tested positive in october 2020. poland has reported a lower number of new infections recently with an average of 11 and a half 1000 daily cases. health authorities say the only con, very enthusiast to get a foothold in poland, accounting for about 3 percent of total infections. the annual grammy awards show has been postponed indefinitely because of uncertainty surrounding virus restrictions. the event which is build the music's biggest night was to be held on january 31st in the united states. there is this appointment to in the via the shadow for a 2nd year. the city is cancels 3, parades and parties during its world famous carnival infections are rising again across brazil. the health ministry reported more than 800000 new cases on tuesday. and the 175 that now on the
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eve of the 1st anniversary of the storming of the u. s. capital, the new head of the capitol hill, police forces told congress his team is dramatically improved and ready to protect . j. thomas main girl was a retired police chief in maryland when the assault occurred and was hired to re fashioned that department so that it could withstand future attacks. john hendrick has more from washington dc. if the attack on the u. s. capital were to happen again today. thomas manga says the newly revamped force, could hold the mob at bay. we didn't have the people, we didn't act on the intelligence, and we just weren't prepared the way we should have been. and that, that's going to change that has changed and, and the next time that we're tested, we will not be making those same mistakes. the inspector general for the fortunate protects the u. s. capital complex found that during the january 6 2021 assault,
12:40 am
one year ago, officers had ignored intelligence warnings. the writers might attack the seat of government, and when they did offices were numbered out, maneuvered and looked whipped. and while i'm proud of our officers, the events of january 6th did expose critical departmental failures and deficiencies with operational planning, intelligence, staffing, training, and equipment. um anger in outsider brought in to overhaul the camp or to lease to the senate rules committee. he's addressed 90 of a $103.00 recommendations made by the inspector general, though it could take 3 years to hire the $447.00 additional officers. it needs across the u. s. federal agents in nearly every state are continuing to track down the estimated 2500 writers involved in the attacks. they're using 14000 hours of video from reporters surveillance cameras and police body cameras. so far more than $700.00 people have been charged. the justice department remains committed to
12:41 am
holding all january 6 perpetrators at any level. accountable under law retired general russell, honor a who led a house review of the failures of the police on january 6th told us the force was simply unprepared. it was a total failure government. that being said, the law officers and the d. c. police saved our democracy. but somehow, the truck defense department where he had ripped out the qualified people and put his old operators in there, found a way not to send a national guard when they could have been there early. we've got to get government straight. president biden is expected to address the attack on its anniversary. we will forcibly push back on the line spread by the former president, an attempt to mislead the american people and his own supporters, as well as distract from his role. and what happens by that turns the tables on the last president who sent the mob to capitol hill in his speech the perpetuated ally
12:42 am
that he not fight and actually won the 2020 election. john henderson al jazeera washington, some more breaking news now. and d, r. i, a news agency is quoting the are menial leader nick called pershing yen. as saying that the leaders of a russia lead security alliance have decided to send peacekeeping forces to cause extent were. unrest has been escalating for the last few days. he said, the peacekeeping force will go in for a limited period to try to stabilize the situation earlier president t. okay. you said that he had appealed to the block to help us expand, overcome what he called, a terroristic threat attorneys in politician who has been refusing food or medication since his arrest last week is fighting for his life. that's according to his family and supporters noted in the heat. he is that used of possible terrorism offences. he has refused to eat or drink since
12:43 am
friday. he was serving in the now suspended tennessee in parliament and was justice minister between 20112013, couldn't easy as the president case said has been accused of staging a coo after he sacked the government and suspended parliament last july. this is your, he's still on a hunger strike. no medicine, nothing. he refuses to take anything. despite the fact that i and his children, kate insisting the physicians are pressuring him. but he keeps refusing, and they confirmed that he's in a critical condition. we may end up taking him home in a coffin. i have. are you staying with him? i don't want to because we're in a buckle. yes, hunger strike with him. either. we leave together and he goes home or let them take us both in a coffin. yes, i am here with my children. of course i couldn't believe i finally found him here. i am not leaving nearly a 100 hostages, including women and children,
12:44 am
have been rescued in northwest nigeria more than 2 months after they were captured by bandits. among the 97 freed hostages, when 19 babies and more than a 1000 children, they had been abducted from their homes and along highways in remote communities in some fara and neighboring so called state. police say they were rescued, enjoy security operations targeting the camps of armed groups that have been terrorizing the region. indian police have arrested 3 people accused of setting up a fake auction app which featured prominent mosley women falsely advertising them for sale to men. and one woman has been detained in connection with the app in a case of a parent hatred towards the muslim minority community. the bully by app featured photos of more than 100 muslim women alongside their overtree messages. among those targeted were a number of journalists and activists,
12:45 am
known for speaking on issues affecting indian was the european union's top diplomat has warned that russia would face massive consequences for any military escalation in ukraine. joseph burrell has been visiting the front lines of the same war with russian fact forces in the countries east. it's seen as a show of solidarity with ukraine in the face of a possible confrontation. russia has denied it as plans to invade its neighbor, fight, amassing tens of thousands of troops at the board, where the u. s. is imposed sanctions on bosnian, serb leader, and below rad adobe. it. she accuses aim of corrupt activities that threaten to destabilize the region and undermine a peace accord. the treasury department also alleges that though they had use his position to accumulate wealth through graft and bribery balls near, has been facing its biggest political crisis since the war of the 1. 900 nineties is though that threatens
12:46 am
a separation of served dominated areas from both yanna seem and g a has more now from virginia, luca miller, dadi can member of bosnia herzegovina presidency, says that he doesn't know why he is being punished with these sanctions. and he also says that this will not stop him. i have to remind you that he has been already, ah, object of the sanctions from the united states of america in 2016. the reason for that back then was the fact that he didn't act in accordance with the date on peace accord. and this time, in an official public release, the united states explained that they introduced these sanctions because the mildred logic announced that he would return certain authorities from bosnia and herzegovina to republic a substance or to be more specific from the state level to the entity level he said that he would form, again the army of republic, a sort of scared that he would return the entire tax system from the bosnian,
12:47 am
her sabina, to republic, a sum scott. and that he would do the same with the tradition or his system. the united states made to some other decisions concerning banning travelling to certain citizens of bosnia herzegovina. one of them is mylanta galatea, who used to be the president of the high, traditionally a council in bosnia herzegovina. and right now he is one of the advisors to me. laura dowdy also are banned from traveling to the united states. is miss at cook each who is member of the state parliament. and the reason for these decisions was the fact that both de guiltier and cook each were involved all also in a corruption at the united nations in new york diplomats are facing or could be a challenging year from somalia to me. and march 2022 is likely to present many challenges to peace and security. secretary in general,
12:48 am
antonio terrace is starting his 2nd term in office. the security council is also welcoming 5 new countries as non permanent members, aren't as there as diplomatic editor james base. looks at what lies that on the 1st official day of business at the united nations this year, the new members of the security council present their flags, albania, brazil, gabon garner, and the united arab emirates will be part of the 50 member body for the next 2 years, but they join us international peace and security, which the counselors supposed to maintain is under great threat in almost all the countries, the counsel focuses on from afghanistan to saddam, from libya, to molly, from somalia to be on mark, things are going backwards. veteran diplomat, mona jewel, the ambassador of norway is president of the security council this month. i certainly think that that, that it is quite bleak. but as i said,
12:49 am
we have to be optimistic if it is possible to forge dialogue and to bring people to the table. but we know it costs a lot. it requires a lot of resources and it requires not lease a unity in the security council. but the problem is that the security council is increasingly divided, and those divisions center on the most powerful members those that can veto any action. the permanent 5 tension persists between the u. s. its allies and china, particularly over taiwan. and despite a recent telephone conversation between president putin and president biden mistrust is growing between the us and russia. with some in the us intelligence community predicting and invasion of ukraine could be imminent. the un secretary general antonio terrace is starting his 2nd 5 year term and the job this week. the world welcomes 2022 with our hopes for the future being tested by deepening poverty
12:50 am
and worsening inequality. by an, an equal distribution of covered vaccines by climate commitments for short and but ongoing conflict division and museum formation. the secretary general has been criticized by some for being too cautious, reluctant to speak out, particularly on human rights issues. but his supporters say a secretary general kurney achieve things. if he has the full backing of the permanent members of the security council and their division right now, leaves him walking a tightrope pillars. james space out his era at the united nations. stella hadn't dismiss our reminder of the dangers in play at the dock. har rally andy will be here with that story in school. ah
12:51 am
with with full ah
12:52 am
ah. and now here is andy with the sport. thank you so much. bravo! will control the see and confusion her followed another joke of which australia he hasn't made it through border control after learning in melbourne, australia opened a mistake on his visa application resulted in him being held up at the airport jock of which his visa has now been cancelled, and he's been told to leave the country, but australian open organizers have said joker, which will be allowed to play ivy is 1st grand slam despite not being fully vaccinated against cupboard 19. our players must either be fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption and organizes have given joke,
12:53 am
which the exemption he needs joke of which has never publicly revealed his vaccination status. let's have a listen to what stride his prime minister at the san wednesday. he has to because if he's not vaccinated, he must provide acceptable proof that he cannot be back tonight if for medical reasons and to be able to access the same travel arrangements is fully vaccinated travelers. so we are white, he is presentation, and what evidence he provides to support that if that evidence is insufficient, then he might be treated any different to anyone else and he will be on the next plane out. so there should be no special rules than either of which at all well joke of which is lawyers sets were pale against the decision to deport him. serving as president is now throwing his support behind the country's biggest store, alexander h. it is issued, the following statement. i told or no event that the whole of serbia is with him and that we are doing everything we can to say that the harrison's the world's best
12:54 am
tennis player is bullets one and immediately while the women's world number one is actually bossy, she says she understands the frustration felt by many in australia over that initial decision to give joker, which an exemption australia time grand slam champion is a wolf event right now in adelaide. and she's aiming to become the 1st australian women when her home grand slams 978. it's a tough one, i think, as we've maybe seen a little bit in the last day or so that from the starting public. i know how hot it has been for, for julian door around down nation, but in particular victorian to have had a real rough trot of the last month and 2 years. and, you know, understand why there may be frustrated with the decision. but ultimately i have no interest in speaking about novak's medical history or korea irving is set to make his return to n b a action later. this one's that is fine as refusal to get a covey 19 vaccination irving on cause to play for the broken nuts in the game at
12:55 am
the indiana paces. and that's how told having to go home in october after the player declined to be vaccinated. he's now been given a 2nd chance. the 29 year old won't be able to take part in home games because rules in new york require place to be vaccinated. or m b. a analysts. brendan robinson says irving could soon run out of places where we can play the thing that kind of sets everything ablaze if you will, is the new york city mandate, which does not allow unvaccinated players to play in either the barclay center or madison square garden high in indian bay, and i think in this situation, carrier irving because his name is attached to so much stuff. his name rings, bells like sundays at 12 o'clock in that. our folks often want to talk about him for various reasons, whether it's social justice and vaccination status at more. and i don't know that
12:56 am
even if it was carry irving that's would have been as lenient. i think that the only difference between he and some other players is the reason he's and you look at bradley bill of the washington wizards. washington's mandates are changing. and across the globe, you're just seeing that that is the mandate overall. so i think, you know, whether his name was carry irving or joe brown, you know, new york city's mandates from new york city's mandate and across the country. you're seeing the same thing. now romal in a car coming back in the chelsea team for the english lea kept semi final against tottenham chelsea's record signing had been dropped there as premier league game after saying he wanted to leave the club in an interview with chelsea. and also when the 1st like at this time, soon as i have it there opened a head, a spurs own goal, followed shortly afterwards. now the 1st like of thursdays sent me between liverpool and also has been postpone that sheets were high number of covey. 19
12:57 am
cases at liverpool, bangladesh of pulled off a shock when against worlds has champions new zealand on the final day of the contest, the home to of all that is the 169 in their 2nd innings. bangladesh than easily chased down a victory target of just 40. they won by 8 wickets. it is the 1st time they ever beats in new zealand in a test much. and it's just their 6th, when in 61 overseas test harbor. and a reminder of the dangers in play at the dak o'reilly. couple of huge crushes here on stage 4 of the insurance event that's ongoing in saudi arabia. both incidents saw the driving team's escape without serious injury. at 1000 us alex here won the stage and he still holds the overall weight. okay, that is heis for is looking for now. let's get back to barbara in london. andy, thank you very much for that. and that is it for this news. i wish they were still
12:58 am
going to be back in just a few minutes with more of today's ah . the latest news as it breaks a new band with this added a fleet of these giant gums ross having more woven power. these being able to extract more goal more quickly with detailed coverage. everywhere you look, there is destruction. before survive your tele, life will never be the same again from them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now
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he should shoot in pakistan's largest city, climate change in water shortages are driving some residence to desperate measures . one 0, one east meet the waters of corruption. on l. g 0 from lagos to jerusalem to my am on the government is trying to do my own home milestone history, my background 3 short films that show how people take a stand against evictions in their struggling communities. the 1st time they arrested me, i was 11 years old, a j select on now to 0. what happens in new york has implications all around the world to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday people, the mayor of the city,
1:00 am
and now sending doing away with the curfew that was supposed to get everybody off. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in, and then pulling back out again. ah, ah, reports that peacekeepers from a russia lead security allowance alliance will be sent that got conflicts down to help qual be escalated unrest there. ah, lo and barbara sarah, this is al jazeera life london, also coming out after hours detained that melbourne airport. the world's number one men's tennis player, nova jacob ich, as his visa cancelled.


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