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tv   Al Jazeera Correspondent The Cut  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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ah, al jazeera, when ever use all ah hello, i'm adrian finnegan, endo, how about the summary of the news on europe a quarter set to decide whether the world's number one tennis player can avoid deportation from australia? novak joke of which was taken from melvin's apple to a government detention hotel in the city, pending his removal from australia because of a visa issue. his lawyers are appealing, the decision at a court hearing is taking place and the next are prime minister. scott morrison says the joke of ich failed to provide enough proof for a medical exemption from cobit 19 vaccination. as per the rules. rules
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ah, rules and there are no special cases. rules are rules. it's what i said yesterday. that's the policy, the government and has been governments strong, border protection policies, and particularly in relation to the pandemic. that is ensure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from target anywhere in the world. we one of the 1st countries to move on shutting ab was we were criticized at the time. but it was the right decision. and we have maintained those important border controls of the entire period of the pandemic. so our clock has more for us, she's on australia, sunshine coast doc, of ich, and he's lawyers a challenging this revocation of he's been on a rival. the tom are in a court in melbourne overnight. now 8th, that injunction is successful, then he will get to say, otherwise he will be deported to leave it as soon as possible. now, the prime minister was strongly fed the be the joke of its use to enter. it didn't
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allow the addiction unvaccinated applicants and we had just yesterday on wednesday we had tennis. juliana, victoria government grant him approval to travel to the valley with the medical exemption. and this was assessed by 2 independent panels and within 24 hours the federal government has come in the frame border dropped his entry into astronomy. he's now in that quarantine hotel in melbourne. the prime minister is the board of entry. and the final site is with the commonwealth. he's rejected suggestions that being the prime minister that he's single dock because of the stuff that is. and i should know that there was widespread anger when the 10th authority tenants, astronomy and victorian government did announce that he would be exempt or medically given medical exemption to travel, to compete in the stray. and which starts in january. this of course, being the whole city with it for a moment faced acumen locked downs. one of the most locked down globally,
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the people they were angry and the prime has intervene today. and as a result, dog, she's now in the hotel appointed hotel. the us president's top medical advisor is urging people to continue taking precautions against the corona virus and he found she warned against complacency. despite indications that the on the chrome variant may not be a severe. the be caveat is we should not be complacent. since the increased transmit stability of varian may be, omicron might be overridden by the sheer volume of the number of cases that may be a reduced severity, but could still stress. so hospital system in italy, any one over the age of 50 is now being told get vaccinated. employees in this age group had previously been able to enter the workplace using a negative test result, but that will no longer be the case. francis president mario mc crone is facing
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criticism after issuing a deliberately provocative warning to one vaccinated people. france reported bolden, $300000.00, do infections on wednesday, which is another national record. the government is trying to push tougher restrictions through parliament. a russian lead alliance says that it will send peacekeepers to kazakhstan after the president asked for help to quell protests. several security officers have been killed in 4 days of unrest. it was set off by a sharp rise in the price of fuel. and the use top diplomat has warned russia, but it would face massive consequences for any military escalation in ukraine. just a borrow has been visiting the front lines of ukraine's conflict with wash and back forces in the countries east. russia has denied that it has plans to invade its neighbor. others the headlines for these continues here on al jazeera, after al jazeera correspondent, coming up next. ah
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ah ah, i am fuck manet. i'm an online journalist. i am married and have a 4 year old daughter, lou, i grew up in sweden, but ameritron by origin. oh, it was while making a web to comment to fall to 0. about female genital mutilation. that i realize how deep little to the teeth in many cultures, including my own, ah,
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family and friends who have been through it. it's not something you talk about as a child. i attended the close relatives gathering after she was coming. it was then that i wanted have i been cut to my relief? my mother told me that she chose not to me. ah. when i think about the severe health risks involved in f t. m. i can't help but wonder, ah, why does this practice continue in so many countries? ah, and what would it take for it to stop within about a month up and how do some change on how to choose to was cutting. it was still preserving their own culture. mm hm. you know, and then that i'm passing questions like whether my mother has been cut schema. i've never asked how do you come on? oh,
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i'm determined to find out more about the different reasons why f t m continues and to understand better what's needed to end it. mm hm. i've come to somali lan, because together with the rest of somali, it has the highest rate of female genital mutilation in the world. f t m is bound in most countries, but here it's still legal. in somali land children are mostly caught between the ages of 6 and 8. i've come to the outskirts of agatha the capital to meet the traditional cutter pi . oh no one has been cutting girls for over 40 years. took it out on $25.00
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a day. a topeka how many girls have you coped? oh, could look about and what type of cuts have you performed on the delta care i'm calling in father will. ah, why it tie lake? yeah. little yeah. horse hill. good and all that. how can you, how can, and this cotillion good neil chorus does show dumbbell. antonia said that our cilla would live for early maria da connelly. lackey. so law why entire this week? senator was ha ha, i'm a little sub tag. i nora shows me the most common cotton, somali land, the chorus, the most severe pharaoh nick, one. what did this for? how harris my walk, i shall and will colony to put it in the glitter ah,
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castle was sore till he don't you the knife my m. okay, now i said sha title. tell me how key hold on the walk and he said, oh, what else to tell of taught i yes. okay. oh, to threads. slide counsellor and i can saw her day. can you show me how do you determine how big the hole should be that you live it? this is our big, the opening. i only this. well good luck was and you're supposed to urinate from this and when you're a teenager, mr. asian go through this whole now about over 90 percent of girls and smiley land,
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a cut by traditional cotton. unlike nora most have no medical training, most girls and women here have had the for wanted cut. and i want to know the consequences alike of alabama salaam, anna, be the senior midwife at the local hospital unless you have a very beautiful half of a law. thank you very much. that she was born in somalia with moved to sweden are the result of the civil war. number 1999. i decided to come back to move something for most people because i more needed here. how have you been involved in the fight against an air f jam? the cases which we help is those who have fibrous fire. brody said tumor, which is which for mister collecting blood, the blood cannot. if the species very small, the administration cannot go out all every month when the girl gets the
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administration, there will be something left in the youth to us. so dis who form thomas? this becomes bigger. people will assume this girl, she has in little baby and had a stomach. so the doctor takes out this and the girl will be okay. anna helps from the megan maternity hospital, hockey sharma in mental help. hi sand thunderbird on a ton. liberty was bryson garcia who said that it was over 2 days a week and of counselors carry out educational outreach, work in the community. so low level parcel. hello. hello. hey, i love your another little boy about color hatchett. hello. so law in jani or from day and had asked him, are you louis miller, mccann ha ha ha say live in is chrissy this la, delaware, a good an interval?
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am i shot la? they have a less of a lot of my mind like i had, i'd rather there how had i knew i met should have died in which i got of an rome. what time i got on is there a delay now cinnapool. so my and it was the so doing a, a chateau wants to discuss her house worries with the counselors. she's 18 and pregnant with her 1st child. she's had the ferronte cut. ali calling. no, to me today. i'm going to have to into devona, wiley college and then american grew sony palsky. i had a while, a tough time lash at them. okay. adult who came on, i saw for him also that i'll also handle that. they deeper the mac, almost hard to hire the little media malackle calling caution grabbing. this will
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be my number's humming. come on and what are you? good corkalon awhile, hammering, but they're a lot lower color canada our that done up our skinny seat. i will get that on by mitchell and kate mckayla. google. so what i had got that on barbara, cuz i didn't have lady at all have any number or had alena moved the name of the local office where they had that in. but on our multi cadillac pumped along, over have her come to the civil. how will her new to the in north america? but then they go to hello hegan go. it had been a tornado mchugh our god will molly? ah, well i am yes sir. oh, though fiano had a young boy in a one. ha, ha, ha, ha ha. in a demo kelly and anyway, why you know, why talent on medicaid grew to south on lot of to blake in some love the same kathy mccoy, her research had the word orca obtainment of all chava allow hannah to have la,
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but honestly their little group had done a day, lily kitty, well quibbling talk, collect on tarka mcguire holiday. i been an annual not lily kitty way over there and couldn't talk a little has sunk. i've seen a l ha, ha, ha, ha, dig for how curly be so long with richard and my be bye. hey, sam. charlotte, i have a hold of the other line with them. um, so bought one of our gotten a mobile so why do you think somali land have the highest percentage when it comes to f, g m globally? it takes time to lift the cost of grandmother. and mother is these still all on with the switch heading and of gym, especially the grandmother said very vertical concert. they are, there will, they will not leave it. there was a leader who had 3 girls. she came to me at the hospital. i told her,
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go back to the horn and see i did over ation. she is very clever disk it on mother who when the guest had gone to the toilet, talantino, she goes after them. she listens the most of them in your in. oh because when the girl is circumcised it no, there's no nice wood there with her urine because it is like a drug addict or she cried. she said or my daughter again saddle again you'll nathan like a voice. what you did you did nothing. do you think that eventually people will abandon the sir eventually, but didn't take time? ah, i watched its young people at a wedding reception. i wonder how many of the men would be willing to marian uncut
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woman in the future. oh, i foreseen. luke, who generally posted an antique g, a message of social media. i was curious to know why i did the facebook state of where you said some men believe f g m reduces a woman's sexual desire. they say this increases her appeal. what made you write this? i want to talk because it's problem thought of our callous and dishonesty. dow yeoman flight of the goddess or you might not on that, right? when you get my do you want to my from one with cup to runker and cut. okay. are you married? no, you want to be married. someone was cut on cup on huddle, who yearly, mca mitchell,
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with an old target. somehow did duck monkey and his brother, kennesaw, juliessa, jamaica high level lima dunn. mca maha in la david will you or later other one actually annabel, them or talk about the comic i saw that i in total over time, which i am a woman and i come from a culture that also practices if i'm not cut and i know i the woman, based on what other woman have told me, that if there is no, there is no good in it. if they tell you this is hurting us, this is literally killing us, and we need to stop with you. then listen, auto over zoom. callisom ill. her mccourt did. doesn't camilla with bermuda 0 her to this all in telo sagacity. and me or the michael hello, julia boucher, the delicate machine. i'm surprised that a young man should feel so strongly about holding on to this tradition. when so
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harmful if effigy i mister end, changing men's attitudes will be sensual. weight did, and they had not done inverted to hospital collect detailed information on trends in female cutting mckinley now since 2002 all and to needs of patients are often what kind of cuts have had. and if they intend to cut their daughters in, i did wish i had, they were kind of in a tunnel bottle listening. this is rare and to see a woman who is a i will lead due to my daughter in 2002, i think 97 percent of female patient had undergone the fair when he cut and most intended the same for their daughters. for what a part, but that has changed. there is a here in brooklyn into time,
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and the return to add, having now into one touch to which they call sooner. but if it ever is getting cut sim time one is the one that they said limit the tip, but tied to it, they can it half of cametrius. we know all cuts doesn't have any benefit from a girl with her father, mom and kevin. dr. shapiro introduces me to a friend who is at the hospital on a postnatal visit. she gave birth quarter days ago. oh, so i assume visits and soccer, and so forth. cadon is a midwife, a know the harmful effects of for only cutting from personal experience. i was several years old at home, but i say at that time if he had pain when he wanted to you relate,
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i can i'm currently you can come in. my for leticia come in, you are a coward. why your car? you talk claim the festival. the lady i feeling that when am 16 years them installation 2nd room. i feed in pay load of pain pet fee tank as a courtesy for say for 15 seconds communication. i feel if i lie feeling that tuck on vacation when i'm married. oh yeah. they lost them for katie and never forget that to me was say, create a faded p. did you feel any resentment towards your mother and her grandmother? yeah, but my mother, she hadn't location ah,
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as i am leaving somebody land, i feel privileged to have met a woman who shared the stories with me. but i'm overcome with emotion as i relies virtually every woman here have been coughing. and was, it actually means i've always known about the numbers and the facts and figures. when you come face to face to woman who has gone through it, it seems like the woman who after indoors this and the children were after indoors if you go through cycles of pain and for what for what has happened to so many women and girls like my mom i'm so happy that she i don't know why she didn't cut off, but i'm so grateful. because my life would have been so much different because it feels like oh would have gone through the pay
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to go through without. and then not to be able to do something that to think the god given thing to peak, you can't p and then you commence duration. and then when you have to have sex, you don't enjoy it and it's like painful. and then you have to give and then it just continue. i'm so grateful that i didn't go through that. and when i met this woman who have to go through it, ah ah, i've come to kenya to find out more about
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a totally different culture. or over 40 stripes here with diverse cultures and traditions. the majority don't practice or cuts at all. a to several, including the messiah cutting has been a centuries old tradition until it is empty. to day, i'm meeting 28 year old, nicely getty. nice of managed to totally eradicate f t m in her village of no my younger oh hold on. good. traditionally for them, sy cutting the right of passage, marking the transition from girlhood to womanhood. usually between the ages of mine and 14, the ritual in balsam was severe type of cutting. last
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a few guns in his release because of the competition. i used to see gas even if they're trying to be strong. but you can see that they're feeling a lot of b as i bleed dean, who saw that in this community. nice was the only gun have village who refused to be cut. all of my classmates were from this community. all of them of, and i got a conversation and they didn't, they were not able to coordinate education. they have to find a husband for you after a conversation. so right now, almost all of them have 345 children, and about i jumbo. well, what's your name? my name is sloan. oh, what a beautiful name. have they been the 2nd thought? no, they haven't been fuck. i'm faced. how do you feel about not being cut with the lender? you're not feeling well. so what would you like to do any growth agenda?
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dana? good luck. ok, thank you. lauren. as a result of nice is determination to and if she m no young girl had been katya since 2012 the messiah and a patriarchal society through cell. and i 1st had to persuade the young warriors called miranda to help and the practice recruiting douglas early the lead of them rounds. what was the beginning? the word. where did you do nice to make them change their opinion of other jam douglas? was there 1st puzzled to accept my walk? the resistance was the air from all over, but then again, i had another trick because when they go to them, i'll go with someone like that. bless oil made sure that he talks it before i talk . so what did he do to persuade them parents in the community? it was very hard for us to continue the boys because they say that they cannot
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marry jobs because even job is not to come save. she's not a woman. then if we give an example of some of the that we have seen in the community, they say it's true and i forget it. i think it took more than 5 years for them just to accept. and now we decided to come up with a candidate. we came up there and left a buffet in the 10 galsen this community and we want them to upgrade to become a woman. we bless them. then we looked at the same cows were celebrated together, but we didn't cut. so that's what we've come up with. douglas bring some of his fellow moran to let him know. yeah, we a mix of moderate moran ok and much more and do you know what actually happens when a girl is cut? you'll get along able to go, you know, you know,
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somebody and i really love it when you love it. and when i get there, i don't know. now i'm getting more and associated with your mood. welcome at. i don't know when you, when you don't want a nice intro, some around a graphic video of a 2 year old girl being cut with a knife. larry and he was what did you think that was done on the land when they're doing this? do you have a daughter, a, how would you feel if someone said she needed to be got
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a lovely, a lot going? so i think it was one of the possible tools who've been using when we addressing them on the issues of female genital mutilation. and there was another very persuasive incentive for the young lawyers that were you born when we see it as moran. as we talk when talk about sex, you see most of their morons are most of the men. they say, if they slip, we accommodate god. he is very sweet and said, no, that's what also convince most of them what i need to say. we don't need the 2nd thing. yeah, for a meeting . the messiah in pneumonia gives me hope. if one women can change attitudes in one village, perhaps it's time. it's possible to change and tire countries and
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science has been distinct. beneath this eden is one of scandinavia largest iron or deposits. and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth and those defending their way of life. gallop, a witness documentary on a j 0. 2 stores, strong willed with challenging traditional female stereotypes in a male dominated society to make a difference. you can go for it to fall into that. i mean, how families lead to water is highly contaminated. we're living in the klan, rescan it all out. is there
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the holding, the powerful to account as we examine the us, his role in the world on al jazeera. oh again, adrian again here and how the headlines on al jazeera court is sent to decide whether the world's number one tennis player can avoid deportation from australia. back chunk of which was taken from melvin's airport to a government detention hotel in the city, pending his removal from australia because of a visa issue. his lawyers are appealing, the decision a court hearing is take you to take place shortly. rules ah, rules. and there are no special cases. rules are rules, it's what i said yesterday. that's the policy of the government. and has been
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governments strong border protection policies and particularly in relation to the pain damage. that is ensure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from target anywhere in the world. we one of the 1st countries to move on shutting ab was we were criticized at the time. but it was the right decision. and we have maintained those important border controls, the entire period of the pandemic. b u. s. president's top medical advisors urging people to continue taking precautions against the corona virus. anthony found, she warned, against complacency, despite indications that the on the chrome variant may not be a severe. the big caviar is we should not be complacent. since the increased transmissible city of varian may be of alma crohn, might be overwritten by the sheer volume of the number of cases that may be reduced severity, but could still stress our hospital system. france,
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president emanuel micron is facing criticism. after issuing a deliberately provocative warning to unvaccinated people, france reported more than 300000 new infections on weapons state, which is another national record. the government is trying to push tougher restrictions through parliament. a russian lead alliance says that it will send peacekeepers to kazakhstan after the president ought to help to quell protests. social security officers have been killed in 4 days of unrest. it was sent off by a rise in the price of fuel. the ear top diplomat has warned russia would faced massive consequences for any military escalation in ukraine. joseph burrell has been visiting the frontlines of ukraine's conflict with russian backed forces in the countries east. russia is denied that it has plans to invade its neighbor, and those are the headlines won't use fear here on out to see read a little over 25 minutes. the latest news, as it breaks a new man's with his added a boy of these giant jobs ross, having more woven power,
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is being able to extract more food, more with detail, coverage everywhere you look, there is this structure before survive. goodfellas light will never be the same again for them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now. he should, she ah, the northwest of kenya is home to a tribe named a bucket of practiced f g m for centuries as an art of buffer children come here to me dumpty locked her son was devoted her life to ending if she am in her home county of west i, she's married with 2 young children. i went on till as 28. she's. she's one of the
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few women of her age and this county who hadn't been cut my notes at really narrow escape. what's up in isa? i witnessed a stage of the cut that her kids are not allowed to witness the younger with an 11 year old in this community. him dennis, but for me to stay this, this what 1st teens, which is a slate cut. yeah, that's done in public with the prisoners of men, a women and our young girls and young boys. as su, yes, we see it yet. we see it by the yesterday. like a slate cut. just immediately after the 1st day, the women are taken to and they let her take him to articulate this like a bush. so we sneaked in and what i just saw on the sickles deeds was shocking. my cousin was laying down there in a pool of blood. yes. and women were pinning her down in her genitals so i can't completely, you know, there's a one was like really butchering half like you know how you cut pieces of meat that
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was expecting. it's not to do thus just that. yeah. but she was really doing this, you know, when i yes, with a knife. yes. that until was clean me. but as claims were being covered by their women, air singing in. you know that shank tool tool to cover has claims that she was helpless. what was left there was just lake red flesh. yes, i still can't believe that this is something that we are still debating about honestly. ah, it was this traumatic experience that made dotala refused to become a motivated how to set up her own charity to help m f. g m. we're heading to the village of sandwich with $160.00 girls are preparing for an alternative rite of passage to ceremony with your son meet villas. nicholas in 2014. as in late of india, the trip to sandwich from the until of house takes 2 and
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a half hours through mountain passes and bumpy roads. let us go, and that was good. for the welcome when we get there, makes it worse if you knew. oh, in the pocket culture cutting traditionally involved the celebration in which the whole community takes part. oh, the girls that are housing their dances for the alternative ceremony. it's really nice coming in. it was beautiful. i didn't expect to see this difficult committee loved and thing and sending one to people to know that we level custom enough. let me do a little bit only, but from the cut. yes. was this with nothing put in here.
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the teacher left from the same community. the girls receive full day the lessons before their graduation day. i will call and i never happen today to lannie exactly what after i am involved and the health complications using model a dr. madonna, no, no, no, no, no, linda wood, i'm not i'm not good to let them want to book i must do. you go. i know a good number gets a nag about them in the me a new mother from one and bottom of my call when you know, but yeah, that's winning the pin. i call you almost. you got to be when you have been cut, you put into seclusion for one month, whereby your thought out to become a good wife, how to treat your husband, how to cook. so we do the opposite. we bring the gulls in here. we teach them lego, the children's rights, what we see them about
9:38 am
a health implications of india then. so it's basically sim, like same thing without the car to but a different teaching c m because the one this goes to be important people in the society. i don't pill on her colleagues have had to work hard to change the attitudes of parents in the pocket community. i caught girl come bring significant economic advantage to a poor family. a girl is married of a man brings dowdy into in term of couse and her. i'll tell you that for this community, the base price is quite high, especially the girl is young and that most people tend to marty down there with us . the older men will they bring good number of calls as much as of many authentic health because of poverty situation they're tending to cut their gulf when they're still young, then they married them when they get there is quick, quick, quick, quick, quick her. well, so much is on cut the girl worse. but i am cut girl. you can actually be given away
9:39 am
at a throwaway press. yes. for girls image even give you away for free. because they just want to get rid of you cause it by then you know i to more is where the ration the girl thing and dance to song composed by local musician la kito. you have a personal reason for wanting to and of g o, sla lincoln, the yo password you think is done, give, give maybe more data as done colombian, de leon, man and bogus, fairly familiar style or that no one helped her my meeting again that i got an umbrella illegal, but i want to know he will know. load well, i've got him the guy. kassawa johnny. he said if you could fidget for them to keep or wanting any ligonier got, but what was the name of your sister?
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clemente clement too. how old was she living with regarding a cameron and the more more local morale look in it on the picture? oh, get a credit . fcl has been illegal in kenya since 2001. but around here. well, the law have been largely and effective with this. i just $160.00 goes that goes around this village on the villages that around most of them. i still being cut. i mean, the, i've not been able to reach out to everybody is, is a big, big, big land. you know,
9:41 am
it's a big county. i find out from taylor that one of her youngest has run away to be cut with friends with i know don't let's use but i wonder if the older generation her mother and grandmother supported her sister's decision, what she takes me to meet them. colina lannie was in a low key gala dev anissa. and both the gala can is i can get on with people yell when you're on lab them with the one on the letter wanda, now, good or bad? good. bad at that. i began what we're law lucas vocal that they needed you. i'll go back when you go to daniel, vocal, mental know a lot of them. what i, what the level of them at the buy new. they're not gonna allow you to mitigate. and we'll go on and when you're moving in and we wanted at a more as a, you know, the for not live and literacy will you are looking for them?
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i will do a dilemma. i see that it will go, well i see a guy now a good. yeah. and yeah, it's good for me to look. so she was hoping in before it was really about so you are against that because of the law. but in your time, if jim was good, do you think that you live? we more data will come with one lot. he had the well as yeah. what the yeah. go ahead and i can with you again when he come, jo dot the one i want you to know the meaning of the william on level to quote law or either will dinner. and i want to do what i'm gonna do. yeah. okay. well, will you need you an hourly does a bit that's all. may that are that a good m dot ronald? i look good. i'm good to got, i got my little dog monument here meeting tom de la
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grandmother makes me appreciate why the key to ending if jamming with bucket is keeping girls in school. a sound good to go. what about that way? parents don't have to rely on a diary to help support them on their elders. educated girls can pay for their own cows. today's attend to rite of passage is being held in the market scram, sammy hundreds of people from many different villages have come to witness. so cation oh i i
9:44 am
a i . 7 find out that some of the girls made great cousin sacrifice this to be here today. of many of your frontier dot com is due today, or no money in your developer is just you here. no one else from the village. for that with me there would be cub politico begin with are you phones here today? there? nothing. and then on with them? yes. of the land. so anyway, just along with that go and joins. um. mm
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hm. that another girl who catches my eye on my medicine, and he will leave a lasting impression on me ah, the presence of dignities here is a testament to dumpty le success. it means to attend to fight of possession of the stamp of approval of important eldest in the community. if didn't you regard calling for the fact of blood said live that his gas the vast majority of pocket people are christian and the graduation ceremony and with a blessing about patents and elders stand behind the girls that belong to their villages. oh yes ma'am. yes, i'm not. yeah, i mean, why didn't obama warmer with somebody you
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ah, it was wonderful and fetching to see all the community leader and the parent, especially the father, standing behind the young girl. symbolically. it was like saying, we have your back. we have your back with support you and we support your decision not to because there was a wonderful to see you know, just wonderful. wonderful. ah. i want you to meet early as i leave early elysa girl, i noticed dancing at the ceremony. she ran away from home after her father began beating her mother, believing she was responsible for ali, the refusal to be cut as like, warning, visa. you now go get the way, i guess susan. i go jung non gallo up and then he would you glue either
9:47 am
al quickly, which kicks and giggles, mom, glow, maddening. to me, i'm to go live to win. lane all good, only liver gary actually. oh dear, i'm new to the old la garza when i get your anger, the la mila mila was a bubble motor body. good, the minute you that and when you know law bomb, you will going on an exit and i'm one of them going along with only when we like and then will complete. so your family have shunned you the fristoe way bottling only let me put that money. what do you say to young girls who are about to attend the alternative rite of passage? what do you say to them any more to have? i done eloquently one, alec. at the dominant, lemony dealer, look at bowie again,
9:48 am
i did it with daniel bung. but you know, when we did the cow was cute when he a little left cousin with the den and the elite. and yet i ran again one, limon know. plenty of all of them that will august. again, we're going to do as i did. excellent. i don't like you that want me to be like a 1000000. so after you hopes and dreams for the future, but it in own glowing and like you don't you double medina do not the 1 am and one again, i 2nd are picking him glo man as his law would. ah, here does your at the not double pruby any school of what is ality or gram? i mean cost an annual cut. i am a milan. i look why your your some of the visa, i love one a morning which is in the lonely login when your lover, fatima, non 1000000 de la yennie and a juliet, you nandini ladaja allen. i. meghan was
9:49 am
a little dog and nobody now. and anyway, i was able to drop that off. that's a tough question. and i think you're very brave because i can't imagine given up, you know, you leave your whole family behind you. siblings your father and your mother. i don't know what i would have done. dylan, you kiana done looping it and let it, does he get sick wounded that rudy was you deal palmer milligram. dear man you know what i see you and i look at you. i see some one. i can see a lot of sadness in your eye, but i can also see strength and determination. so i believe that one day you'll have your own family. one day you have your degree. i believe that you will achieve all your dreams. so spending
9:50 am
time with dante law has been an inspiration to me through head resilience and example. she's inspired so many others like ellie. i'm sure in turn, that element do the same? yes. i they leave kenya. my thoughts turned to my family in sweden. it's time to face my own troubles. ah yeah. good to to back in stockholm. i meet up with my old childhood friend and fellow and a transfer. bettina. i'm guessing child. that was failure with sexy at them again. but neither of us know enough about why the cut is performed in our own culture. i'm gonna use it to some lady. yeah. like our parents generation. you know? yeah, yeah. the reason that doesn't talk, and i think is gonna be interesting because they work with the subject. you know,
9:51 am
let's go to mac hewitt, madison iesha air trans. they support woman in the dashboard and sweden. yet for us already, you nest on our lot from intelligence about it is 3. are your mum latifah front and inc. luster tilden in free, performed on devon muncie, who, who's oss say it is so they, they in passage we fear in their bar, and that is lute or do hold up. probably, trina, they were a little prompting to all my life. a to me love for your monday, dan burnam, controlling the 100 on a control later clean. no. natasha yet must insulate it livid to handle your if yonder yen. at our horns protestant he worked a car to leak or under our aimlessly mad men. the alley hopa is dropped,
9:52 am
but over there to the hot engine team your will bought our leaks on their stick and had in hunting, may drill you and at your vig 30, say it a chance dampening face into a body off the car, let it 3 other fiends version of it. for folks that rule out, the harder to actually i'm in the daughters africans are probably m a r last me get a chance to them on the, on us to order mom for via the mirror. almira, indian pakistan, coldest on iraq, latin america. and we do not. e, i, miracle cousins could have on their guardian than he was brought up and normally taboo subject. you're seeing in the camera, the kind of t multiple gland of fur at the, on the school, not leave it there. the hadn't uplifted over to my law. the contractor or the heidi . uh huh. the had a of the month was men?
9:53 am
yes. senior guy. yeah. i, i have barrett that the did with that a good live over the head or i went on god in that dormer did. it did door, it was a name. i'm a product them that, that over the entire f historic. marvin and the brought on them and month viagra. up newton, i'm on a 2nd man, demick jemirah and sore, far download on 400000000 owner fleet caught up venus margot t and on decimal, what was one day in on them. so i thought that in order to be be, are there still thanks and i had them your men there or see it is got off he's, he's got on think month or the dead for this. come stop us. so on the hey it couldn't scorpion on day or brought on the episode viani the can just go to the other exit the so many tales got the node or brought us of the or day dog on there
9:54 am
were 40 or she'll get also many wrong go to me for the there to call didn't have what it the hard into the whatever the threat that it said, although i've always known i've not been cut. i've never asked my mother why. if she, i'm is not a subject to discuss. but today we're going to talk about it. it took a lot of convincing to persuade my mother to take part in this phone. my father and sister refused due to the tab that runs the subject. there is a personal question i need to ask my mother that makes me uncomfortable for this month. i did so i start with the easy one after the small leash mother, her daughter named michelle michelle michelle. m wishing i wish not wish there had been i would add yan in the kind of middle wishing to left and left
9:55 am
a dean when she did a lot of like a lot of thought about when muffled physiologic enough. danny bad, i would rather look into it wouldn't affect in math by a mom the 2nd. i'm ok with that, i'm ok with that with him on the danny. and i'm not much known, andy, i'm sure what it, what on that i'd have to get a 5, a middle. i thought it would that an open mind texting me because i'm hungry. look for a lot of stuff. get the lunch of that. yep, exactly. mm hm. mm hm. so i thought that the fact that i will yeah, a lot harder on and it hadn't been out or had 1st out then what the fuck it. a good
9:56 am
one. you know me. good nicky. really only. yeah. musky enough. hell. hardy a come on. has i love it? thank you. i and our friend and i had moved to live long or the new england for aga, best evicted for me, and out of the i me, i'm do apple t and on there so far and democracy over youth, i'm talking about the id. a 5th off of help, and landon mom, fish my 50 other, but come america la salita william and would it didn't matter. i la la la method that handler danny to lady will i the id. yeah, i need to george's wives id yan and to matter very much. are they gonna lead out and mom, man, mom muscle, she muffled? ah, she is such a relief after speaking with my mother. i know now that she did not endure the
9:57 am
worst form of f d m. and i feel proud of my parents decision to end the practice. which meant that i did not endurance. and in turn, neither when my daughter ah, this journey, she meant my b. f g m will end one day. change will come, but it must come from with, from zillow. so understand that the richness and uniqueness of culture does not depend on traditions harmful to women. ah, roaming is one of the most accessible sports in the world. l 0 correspondent tandy richardson takes us on his personal journey of discovery. when you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere and run his hurting. why should not just stop
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exploring the growing popularity and science? he pushes the limit from kenya to the antarctic. in search of answers to why we run al jazeera correspondence with hello there. well, i'm pleased to say the weather is quieting down at last across much of the middle east, that's very heavy rainfall. recently we've had some flooding, particularly across western areas of around this area. cloud, it's in the process of pulling away from the u. a ye eastern areas over mon, still some wet weather heading across afghanistan, heading back into pakistan again where we have seen some fighting, but for much of the arabian peninsula. as you can see, it is largely tri temperatures a couple of degrees down on where they should be at this time of year, but not too bad. a brisk shamal way. the bris north wesley wind easing off as we make our way towards the weekends or things will quiet down with some pleasant,
9:59 am
hazy sunshine, present sunshine to just around alabama. getting up into the mid to high teens. here we'll see some decent weather coming in. they said whether 2 across a good parts of egypt, little more clout, would like to see better issues. they largely dry their awesome showers a little further west though some weather weather coming into northern parson morocco, northern algeria, sliding down across such nicea, even northern parts of libya, could see some wet weather by friday, one or 2 showers just around the guinea coast. majority of showers, a course across a tropical belt of africa, whether will be heavy at times. big down pulse. therefore, madagascar had also mozambique ah, the killing the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now
10:00 am
. it's not our responsibility. people lock can get it to this completed fax, we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get act. we must be patient this to you are now to sierra, ah, tennis champion, novak joke of edge find. steve poll taishan from australia off the his visa was revoked for failing. pandemic entry requirements, rules ah, rules and there are no special cases. ah, lo, i'm sammy say that this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up a
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russia lie. the lion says it's sending peacekeepers. the catholic stan hit by protests and riots. lashawn their destruction i.


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