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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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facing the politicians on that side of the river is whether the jobs alone will be enough to slow the progress of the on the chrome variance. so we have to look at what we can do to slow only phones when it comes to deciding which options to reduce the infection rate. the advice from the w h o, do it all. ah, australia is deportation of tennis champion, no bag joker, which is delayed as we find the decision to revoke his visa over pandemic rule. ah, hello, i'm sammy's a them, this is al jazeera alive from the hall. so coming up russia led a line says it's sending peacekeepers the catholics, dan hit by protest and a riot. shoulders destruction i thought. yeah, okay,
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we'll fix it. but it will take a long time to do the post traumatic stress. and the year round from the us capital attack, the house be reflects on the physical and emotional damage the expert to feel on the calm variant may be a positive turning point in the panoramic. ah, now tennis thought, joke of which is fighting against deportation from australia, he arrived to play in a grand slam tournament. but as far as he refused to accept his exemption from pandemic entry rules, his lawyers are appealing against the decision in court with the case adjourned until next week. sarah clark reports this one of the arrival the will. number one,
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men's tennis player had planned on the eve of this dry and open. we still to a government quarantine hotel with his visa revoked on touch down. immigration authorities had no back doctor, which had failed to make the requirements to enter. there are no special cases. rules are rules. that's the policy, the government and has been governments strong, border protection policies and particularly in relation to the pain damage. that is ensure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from carpet anywhere in the world. tennis astrology and the victorian government had granted him a medical exemption to travel to melbourne to defend his grand slam title for the federal government. the application insufficient with her port, the v that he used to try and enter a strayer did not allow for exemptions for unvaccinated travelers. the idea has done their job entry with a visa requires double vaccination or i medical exemption. i'm
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advised that such an exemption was not in place and as a result, he is subject to the same rule as any one else doc of it has never publicly revealed his vaccination status, but it's opposite. action to vaccinate is well known. his medical exemption to travel to australia triggered widespread anger from many who endured months of locked downs and as covered 19 infections, rich records dialing numbers. but he's supporters are furious with the serbian president labeling the incident, harassment and maltreatment declaring on social media that he's country will fight for novak truth and justice. he's got the message and we all love him and co my sense become your whole look, you know, like greg, would you like a criminal thing? i know that dr. beach had been seeking to when we're 21st grand slam singles titles over taking ref. i on the dull and roger federer at this tournament for now those
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hopes, same dashed instead. he's placing a major battle to try and stopped being st. hi. sarah class, audi 0. queensland, australia of joining us now from sidney is author and journalist brought germaine that good to have you with us. so 1st of all, how could a situation like this happened where he's given the visa, then it's currently cancelled. it seems like a major breakdown of communication between those are in boulder force, who works and the government to look after leases and control of the borders. another job is can anything look offers interest? i'm still really unclear how this issue is going to be resolved with no joke, which is lawyers launching a federal court challenge to the australian government. and just looking here and it's, it's only about a down in communication between jock of it's his camp and the authorities who gave
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him the visa or is there some kind of internal breakdown within the government, assuming they checked his documents before they gave him the visa right, why does it come to the airport and then they check his documents again and say, oh no, you don't fulfill the requirements or the suggestion job which might not have applied for the like visa. or he may of applied for a visa, which did not involve these a medical exemption. so there's no number of reasons people can apply for when they're trying to come into australia. and it may well be that me apply wrong one and that's where things fell apart. but he didn't realize that probably until she got there and was faced with the iraq, see if you like of the on screen in border for. so we're very keen to, to follow the law or is this a political set back for the government or a potential political game for the government to say, look, we play by the rules?
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yeah, certainly there's a perception here that there's been one rule for the in the famous and another for ordinary people. but there's also this just not the slightest drama is being exploited by the government to take attention away from its own felt kind of with policies. now the number of cases continued to climb in a new south wells, at least not 35000 people reported to have contracted the bug in the past 24 hours . but to what extent will this will influence no joke of issues, attempts to play in the australia, no one will that remains to be seen. and in fact, a court case is on the way in melbourne at the moment to try to get some clarity of try to influence the government's decision making and try to restore that lisa double allow, know the joint venture to play a 1000000 open. so give us an idea of how this plays out, was the processes you have to stay at the airport. kenny leave the country and go home if he wanted. and how long does it take for an appeal like this?
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well, okay, it's as long as a piece of string, we don't really know the we, we understand that joke of it is actually in a quarantine hotel than at the moment awaiting his fate. while his lawyers discussed the issue, a federal court hearing in melbourne at the same time, another hearing is going on as i speak. it may well result in an adjournment of the case allowing the load number one to stay in australia, or at least for the time being, but its prospects of playing in the australian open joe loop to hope for his lawyers have to prove that the australian border falls, who claimed he did not meet the terms of his medical exemption for visa 2 angels, failure were mistaken in their interpretation of law. under this stage, it seems they were in the right. and as we thought of the prime minister to say it was the plan's responsibility to make sure he had the correct paperwork before arriving in australia. all right, thanks so much. roger main out there and give chronic virus infections have
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climbed even higher in india. the number of new cases is up nearly a 3rd on 1st day to 90000. it follows the steve fries all week, which health official se been driven by the on the cross variance, most of the cases turned out to be mild. but india has recorded one on the cross link death. they please now requiring old people over the age of 50 to get vaccinated. so yeah, clear walk penalties. people may face if they refuse. health minister says everyone in that age group will now be checked for their vaccination status before they enter the workplace. dozens of protests as have been killed in cassock, stands, largest city during another night, a violent demonstrations. according to media reports, russia lay the lines for former soviet state says it'll send peacekeepers after the president asked for help. rosalind jordan reports what started as protests against rising fuel prices has turned into 4 days of anti government demonstrations across
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kazakstan. the attacks on government forces and property and the takeover of all monte airport have triggered a state of emergency peacekeeping troops from russia and other former soviet countries are now on their way to help president hudson jo martel, chi of defeat what he calls enemies of the state director for the routine unit when decker, those are real terrorists, we know very well, but they are covering to rampaging in al much in other cities. they are seizing buildings and infrastructure. and most importantly, the, our season premises with small arms are located. household citizens took to the street on sunday to denounce the government's decision to raise fuel prices. gas for cars went from $0.11 per liter to $0.28 per liter. in a country where the monthly minimum wage is less than a $100.00, demonstrators say they can't afford it. as the protests have grown in size,
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so to have the demonstrators demands, they now include a more general call for government accountability. at the you, when an appeal for calm, the following with concern and monitoring the situation in kazakhstan, i think it's very important for all involved in these current events, to exercise restraint, refrain from violence and promote a dialogue in addressing all the pertinent issues. while with the white house pushed back against a narrative being promoted by russia, there are some crazy russian claims about the us being behind this. so let me just use this opportunity to convey that is absolutely false. and clearly a part of the standard russian. this information playbook, we've seen a lot of in past years, a former u. s. diplomat calls the political upheaval inevitable but this has been festering for a long. busy time, the stupendous corruption of the nicer bye of family. and those of i have corona's
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has caused a lot of concern in context on where despite tremendous, well, well income inequality is really quite substantial. and a lot of people are living really close to the subsistence margin public uproar over the cost of living now challenging the powers that be in context on rosalyn jordan elders era, washington or you are so imposed sanctions on bosnian serb leader miller doric washington accuses him of corrupt activities that threaten to destabilize the region and undermine the 1995 piece. a core that ended bosnian war, bosnia is facing its biggest political crisis since the war garbage has threatened to separate bosnian serb rather dominated various from bosnia. vienna's marriage has more from danya lucre. in bosnia phenomenon, miller dot com, member of bosnia herzegovina presidency, says that he doesn't know why he is being punished with these sanctions. and he
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also says that this will not stop him. i have to remind you that he is been already object of the sanctions from the united states of america in 2016. the reason for that back then was the fact that he didn't act in accordance with the data please at court. and this time, in an official public release, the united states explained that they introduced these sanctions because the mil roddic announced that he would return certain authorities from bosnia herzegovina to the public. a substitute or to be more specific from the state level to the entity level. he said that he would form again the army of republic, a sort of scared that he would return the entire tax system from the bosnian. her school been a to republican from scott and that he would do the same with the judiciary system . the united states made some other decisions concerning banning traveling to certain citizens of bosnia herzegovina. one of them is mylanta gal tiara,
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who used to be the president of the high, traditionally a council in boston, her sabina. and right now he is one of the advisors to me. laura dominique also were banned from traveling to the united states. is miss at cook each who is member of the state parliament. and the reason for these decisions was the fact that both to guilty and cook each were involved all also in a corruption and respond stoddick is accusing the us of making up fake stories to the america. the services in news was in the united states, his acid mini lies and full 60 stations. it's beyond belief that a major world power such as the u. s, which broke the dayton peace agreement continues to view such monstrous lies implicating me and corrupt activities. but without any specifics, i am not under legal scrutiny on allegations of any professional misconduct. and in
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the past, the courts in bosnia rejected claims about my supposed misconduct. if i did something wrong, it's up to the courts in bosnia to establish that and not up to some us bureaucrat . so i had an al jazeera why this tune is ian politicians, worsening health is having ripple effects across a fractured country. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there, sitting a lot more like winter now across much of europe we got rain, sleet, and snow coming into many parts is certainly much colder than it has been. recently we got a malware, grassy trying to push its way back him from the atlantic. he said that in the form of this massive cloud, these weather systems will roll through with some slightly less cold air. the
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moment the cooler air is down across central parts. we've seen a fair bit of 1st snow pushing down across germany towards the alpine region. some wintry, whether they're over towards the baltic states and cold enough, they're in moscow while they sit. 0 celsius is around 5 or 6 degrees warmer than it should be at this time of year. so not too bad, stormy weather down around the central parts of the med. it's raining. we have got some live, a winds, and some wet weather. pushing into whitley and the balkans as at wet and windy weather across northwest. so the republic of ireland, the u. k. seeing some, a rather wet weather, some windy weather, and at times some snow, particularly over the higher ground scotland, seeing of habit of snow north. possibly england could also see some snow more of the same as we go one into friday, sinking a little further south as a noticed by that state winter weather coming to the central parts of here, we have got some live you storms there into central as of the mediterranean it will turn increasing wet and wendy for much of grease. oh,
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the weather sponsored by casara always killing the debates. 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future rates now. this is not our responsibility. please good luck, company's responsibility. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to to get back with all these papers. this dream on al jazeera lou. the me you're watching out, is there a time to recap our headline tennis champion?
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nobody joke of it. she is facing deportation from australia. border officials refused to accept his exemption from hand demick role play in tournaments. his lawyers are appealing against the decision. the case has been adjourned until next week. thousands of protesters, the report that they been killed in kansas sand, largest city during violent demonstration. a russian leather line says it will send peace cases. also the president of the help to any days of unrest. current of virus cases and india have gone off by a 3rd on thursday. the number of positive code 19 tests increased by 6 times in just a week. most cases the been the. now despite how things look, some experts feel we may now be at a turning point in the pandemic. it appears that while i'm a cron is more contagious, it causes less severe illness than the previous variance. many believe 2022 could see the end of the acute phase of iris jones holly explains vaccines will need to
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be distributed more equally around the world. to achieve that, over the next 3 months, the only kron variant is expected to account for 3000000000 infections worldwide. that's as many as during the entire demik so far. and yet, there is optimism that this may be the beginning of the end. i think the vaccines and drugs and now available can reduce kind of a button by a 95 percent so that it's no longer top 10 house problem. i think it's going to be very difficult to actually get to under control in terms of controlling cases that we're talking about controlling severe disease. and which i think mortality massively so was that still will be cases unfortunate. they, they will be much less severe. i or south africa, where on the ground were supposed detected these now providing intriguing clues about what may happen next. infection numbers, they're dropping fast in
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a population that achieved high levels of natural immunity. down more than 50 percent from their peak restrictions are being lifted. and a number of international studies support claims that alma cronies, less dangerous, confining itself more to the nasal and upper respiratory passages than the lungs. the infection numbers are enormous and yet undeniably the public health consequences are less severe. so have we genuinely reached a turning point? well, plenty of scientists seem to think so. and even the world health organization says that 2022 could bring an end to the acute phase of the pandemic. but the world health organization cautions that's possible only if the vaccines and treatments available in the rich world are made equally available to all a goal. the world is some way from achieving and even then scientific views are divided the ichenberry and actually shows us that this bias by flexibility. on the
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contrary, it is so different to the other readings that we've seen that's actually able to enter and sell in incomplete different ways from the waves previous being used to enter and what the real life is to be paid for the application of this virus is quite large and as long as the transmission is allowed to continue, the course of the pandemic is going to be very, very unpredictable. high transmission rates raise other concerns to the debilitating effects of long covey, the continued risk to the vulnerable and the unvaccinated. increasingly, the policy thinking seems to be shifting away from long term control measures towards the view that the vast majority of us may be able to live alongside the virus. eventually posing as much risk to public health as the flu. jona whole al jazeera london in
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our 1st day marks the one year anniversary of the storming of the us capital building. hundreds of donald trump. the porters ransacked the building. burdened by donald trump assertion he won the 2020 election. 5 people died including a police officer. we didn't have the people, we didn't act on the intelligence and we just weren't prepared the way we should have been. and that, that's going to change that has changed and, and the next time that we're tested, we will not be making those same mistakes. patty call have was there for us that day. she now takes a look at where things stand, one year on never before had a u. s. president refused to admit defeat. never before had a president alleged the election was stolen, contract want to join a day. but on january 6th, as congress was getting ready to officially declare joe biden,
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the winner trump called his supporters to washington were going to the capital, were going to try and give them the kind of broad and baldness that they need to take back our country. 20 minutes later, they followed his instructions and started moving and mass. just as to pipe obs were found near the capital. with each passing moment the crowd outside got closer and the police were pushed back. the scaffolding set up for the upcoming inauguration scale. windows broken officers set upon by an angry and violent mob clubbed, sprayed with chemicals, punched and kicked. the crowd overwhelmed the police. what we didn't know then was how close they came to their targets. seconds from seen, the vice president rushed into an office for safety. then senate minority leader, chuck schumer and his security detail running realize in the mob was yards away.
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senator, mitt romney told to turn and run. oh, we now know this was a pivotal moment. the crowd lured away by police officer eugene goodman. if they had turned right, instead of following him, they would have found senators in the chamber behind an unlocked door. and we now know how close they came to members of the house every been clean through the last available exit. they breached the door, though, and a single shot rang out. it was ashley babbitt killed by police as she attempted to get through the door. in all 5 people would die, including capital police officer brian sick. nick, he had a stroke after being attacked with bare spray in following days for officers would commit suicide. ah, in all 140 officers were injured. trump eventually appeared on camera and appealed to the riders to leave. so go home. we love you. ours, after it began,
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the building was cleared and the vote was certified. joseph r. biden's, junior of the state of delaware, has received 306 vote. donald j trump, with the state of florida as received 232 volt. still, the house would vote to impeach him for a 2nd time for his actions, and the senate once again fell to convict. and soon he and his supporters began to deny the reality of what this was calling it a peaceful protest. not in attempted insurrection. the courts have not agreed so far more than 700 people have been arrested. the longest sentence more than 5 years in prison. the person who planted the pipe bombs, has still not been identified. a congressional committee is investigating how this happened. was it planned? who was involved and should criminal charges be filed, but those questions will take time to answer. and if republicans, when control of the house in 2022, they have promised to shut down the investigation ah,
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a year on this day cost lives for others, their freedom. but getting to the truth will largely be determined by whether or not it cost trump his political power. petty clean al jazeera washington on wednesday house speaker, nancy pelosi took reporters on a tour of the office, which she, which was trashed. rather, she reflected on the physical and emotional damage done, i was more concerned about the trauma that they cost for the young people who work here. i mean, we can repair the mirror and do all those things. they shouldn't have done that. but because all these things are, you know, the curator put whatever this is the capital way they have it and they shouldn't desecrated, but, but what's more important is the harm they did to keep that keep the young people
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were traumatized by fear of it or to them personally, but also to an assault on our democracy. north korea has released pictures of what it says was a hypersonic missile that successfully hit its target. it was launched on wednesday . it went into the sea of north korea's eastern coast. it marks the 1st such test by the country since october. earlier this week leader kim, german said he's country will build on it's miss all a nuclear program. the european union's top diplomat is warning. russia will face massive consequences for any military escalation in ukraine. just a barrel has been visiting the front lines of ukraine's war with russian backed forces in the countries east. it's seen as a show of solidarity with ukraine. russia is denying it has plans to invade its neighbor despite the massing tens of thousands of troops of the border. the
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conflict on the bush. he's on the verge of getting deeper. and then sions has been building up with respect to the european security as a whole. russia has been massy through, you know, lady unusual manner a bunch around ukrainian border. now a leading figure in tennis is political establishment is on hunger strike, threatening to deepen a month long crisis, noted dean behavior, the previous they served as justice minister. he's also deputy chairman of one of the country's biggest political policies the unless the movement ownership, our reports an arrest that's turned into a political crisis. denise's former justice minister nadine alba haiti is in hospital after being detained last week. he's fighting for his life after refusing to eat or take his medicines for a week. now,
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his wife cita says she supports what he's doing and is joining him in a back up in was every event is up. yes, hunger strike with him. either we leave together and he goes home. oh, let them take us both in a coffin, his supporter say he's a victim of an abuse of the justice system that may have serious consequences. you know, hey, it was there, nor did the pity. the life of mister norah dean, behavior, dish lawyer, deputy foreign minister of justice and the leader of a political party. those recognized the country that is in real danger. bahati was arrested on friday on what the government calls terror offenses accused of illegally handing out official falsified documents. the interior minister says he had to act to preserve national security along with, along with her. i think because linda, this is a matter of creating and delivering nationality, certificates, and passports in an illegal way to people who i will not mention the haiti as deputy chairman of an either the largest political party in the suspended
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parliament. it was dismissed in july by president chi saeed, who has since ruled by decree, while promising political reform, a sharp critic of the president and his power grab by haiti, has accused saeed of declaring himself, king. tenisha was seen as a success story of the arab springs call for greater democracy, but human rights groups say the countries lurching back towards dictatorship and are chappelle al jazeera delay maxwell's lawyers say they'll seek a new trial. she was convicted last week on charges involving the trafficking of girls for light sex offender jeffrey epstein. maxwell was a long time friend and companion of epstein. i for the lawyer says the jury may have been biased because a member has since revealed. he was a victim of sexual abuse. the 2022 golden globe awards will be held this sunday with no audience media or red carpet organizers have put it down to the pandemic. but the group behind the golden globes is currently being boycotted by the film and
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entertainment industry. the hollywood foreign press association is accused of failing to address a lack of diversity, as well as bullying and harassment can get much more and all those stories. if you head over to our wife's side, i'll just 0. don't com ah, let's take you through some of those stories now. tennis champion of i joke, which is facing deportation from australia. prime minister scott morrison says he failed to provide enough proof for an exemption from pandemic entry rules. his lawyers are seeking an injunction to stop him being sent home. the case has been adjourned until next week. rules ah, rules. and there are no special cases. rules are rules. what i said is.


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