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tv   Witness Lifeboat  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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harvard university was also convicted of offences having to do with providing the chinese with information that was not intended for that. so i think this is just one more case amongst many, and i say again, this is not just a phenomenon that you find in the united states. you have had many cases in europe and australia in other countries as well. tributes of flying for claimed american rights director peter bog. down of it shows died at the age of $82.00. his credits include the last picture show which and 8 academy award nominations and 2 wins. the american film institute ranked his film. what's up, doc? among the top 100 comedies of all time, his daughter says he died of natural causes. ah, good to me with a fellow adrian sitting here in doha. the headlines allowed to sierra police and
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cassock, stones largest city, so they've killed thousands of riots as in the last 24 hours. process began over a fuel price hike, of sense escalated dramatically. more than 3 and a half 1000, mainly washing troops from a regional security alliance, a being deployed to help secure order. i think for us, the important thing is that a security forces, whether they are cosmetic or whether they are non caustic troops need to uphold the same a human rights standards, which is to show restraint and protect people's rights to demonstrate peacefully u. s. president joe biden says his predecessor, donald trump remains a threat to democracy. a year after the storming of capitol hill. violence was triggered by claims of votes of fraud and the 2020 presidential election. former president, united states of america, has created spread a web of lies by the 2020 election. he's done so because he values
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power over principle. because he sees his own interest is more important than his country's interest than america's interest. and because his bruised ego matters more to ham than our democracy or our constitution, he can accept he lost cambodia as private, a sunset. as holding talks with the animals military rulers and a bit to resolve the ongoing civil unrest triggered by lost his crew. opponents are concerned that the meeting will legitimize the military genta. the law house of frances parliament has approved tougher cove at 19 measures. the bill would make full vaccination mandatory for most public activities. at a car containing 10 bodies has been left outside the office of a mexican state governor turf wars between rival gangs, bates. i could take us state. one of the most violent in mexico. is the headlines next. it's witness. ah, a selfless act of human bravery. and 10000 precious pieces of literature rescued
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from being burnt to ashes in a besieged, sorry ah, al jazeera world meets the buzzing women and men who risked everything to see their written heritage. ah beloved, looks on out his era ah with
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another tragedy in the mediterranean about 200 migrants trying to cross the sea, fell overboard earlier this week. more than 4600 people have drowned or gone missing this year. desperate people from syria, africa, and india that the boat sank less than 10 miles off libya's coast. people are risking their lives to sail from north africa. to europe. the migrates were flaying poverty and war. in don, in somalia, as many as 900 migrants were said to be on board, only handful survive 3 ship wrecks in just 3 days, claims, 700 lives. it's just the most recent tragedy involving migraines, trying to meet your ah
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to suddenly get a mass small creation of from aliens is a big shock to any system. we've got a lot of people in trouble in lease. terrible will books since close. book salt can
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the best way to get can get to know that by the time is in april, he's sure 0. yeah. dave gusta gland heat in a more ah, what do you want
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me ah, ah. when the re, political state of the will be in car rental stay of the world. and it's still going to hell in the home. i
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use that may be the hope in the human a rational thing we've got we've got to anyway, ah, rationality is worldly, overplayed in the brain in the mind. so useful. so it's where you're real thinking, kelley blue with
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ah just a more old to get a shit for they are so i i'm going to a moment. oh, i repeat it. all shape are overcrowded with
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who knows what's going to happen to them? a case is not terribly, no lawyer, but we can do what we can to so we will, it will control upsetting things slot. slung, loosely rescue. some people thoughts will do
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me. i me further away you are from a problem with humans. please, sir, it is to rationalize fun to see the most a problem i put closer to the problem law occur crush something than it's not just a massive pre linear separating into individuals and then they've actually got different expressions on their faces.
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me ah, plenty of to start feeling with most people and then you heard. so for anything more than your head when you heard fills the truth, when we listen to it. i don't show one more unless the historical sort, cold enough countries will pay the very poor countries and we'll pay the holds of only employed people. not one said, not cared about the roof for us. we could be those people ah, in the end we have to remember. so those are our fellows
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ah ah. with with
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other male model see last year we didn't get me. we didn't use it. but i'm other with with ah
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ah ah the silence has been distinct. beneath this eden ah is one of scandinavia largest iron or deposits. and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth and those defending their way of life. gallop, a witness documentary on a j 0 january on a jessie i, we look back on you as the president joe biden,
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you in office 12 months on, from the capital building by the part of the stream and join our social media community. se owns recovery from civil war continues. we mock 2 decades since the end of one of africa's most brutal complex, the bottom line, steve clemons dives headlong into the u. s. issues that shape the rest of the world . as we enter the 3rd year, have it 19, we go back to where it all began and investigate how far we come into pan demik. january on a just a mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting it is dangerous, but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket. people empower investigates claims that industrial mines extracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, or in fact,
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poisoning the environment. with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow, the cost of cobalt people in power on a jazeera ah hello, i'm adrian finnegan, endo. how about the summary of that he is on al jazeera police and cassock stands largest city. so they've killed dozens of rioters in the last 24 hours. protests began over a fuel price hike had, have since escalated it, a widespread violence robin for su walker is monitoring events from tbilisi in georgia. cause it's don's government cools. it's an antique terror operation. military units on the streets of cassock, stones largest city al mathy, authorized to use.


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