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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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ah, families left like this be the water is highly contaminated living in the cloud risk in it all, al jazeera. ah, i never doubted it. and i knew that to day would come just as fondly served. a 3 white men are handed down life sentences by a court for the murder of black man ahmed albury in the state of georgia. ah, i'm him wrong calling this out. is there a lie from dull violence spiraling out of control security forces in kazakhstan until they can shoot to kill? as the president tries to stamp protests,
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a mexico's grin milestone 300000 deaths from croyt, a virus with criticism of the government's pandemic strategy. they call me misstep tabs. remembering an icon, a trial blazing act, sidney potty. the 1st black academy award when it dies, the age of ah, a judge in the us state of georgia has imposed a life sentence without parole. on to white men convicted of killing a black java, ahmed aubrey in 2020. the 3rd convicted man was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole. after 30 years. a jury of 9 white and 2 african americans found the men guilty on all counts in november last year, she had returns, he reports. this was the verdict. i'm at aubrey's family,
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had hoped for that his life plus 20 travelers mcmichael and his father gregory give him a maximum sentence for murdering 25 year old aubrey of the chasing into a georgia neighborhood. in february of 2020 william roddy brown, who joined in the chase, was given a mandatory mud a sentence of life imprisonment, but with the possibility of parole. after 30 years. the judge said that he, unlike his co defendants, had displayed some remorse. all 3 can appeal their sentences, but also faced a federal hate crimes trial. next month, before the sentencing members of abra family made their case, a man who kill my eyes. salmon is called rome every single day. next to his father. and now we get there to the 6 next to my son, elbow again. and aubrey's mother addressed her son directly. i made
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a promise to you to day a lady to us. i told you i love you. and some day somehow i would get to justice. the presiding judge said he thought deeply about the case even paused in silence for a minute to suggest how long aubrey had been running in fear of his life before he was murdered. a fraction of the time that a mod armory was running in satilla shores and rendering his verdict. the judge alluded to the racial fault lines of this community in the deep south. i argue that maybe a neighbors more than the people who just own property around your house. i believe that is also believe that in assuming the worst in others we show our worst character outside the court aubrey's mother. thank lucy, supported her family and made reference to one of the most shocking moments of the trial. when one of the prosecutors alleged her son was not a victim, but
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a criminal quotes with no socks to cover his dirty toenails. the long townhouse, though, she law in a most argument, she, she failed in making that a mile was lying there in illinois with a big hole in kit. outside the quote there was celebration that accountability for the murder of a black man by white men in the south. so many of them still haven't gotten anybody arrested for killing their child. so busy about all of us saying no more, no more, no more. but it should be remembered that in the aftermath of abra killing the police and local authorities did nothing. excepting the word of those now convicted of murder. that aubrey had been up to no goods. only when video evidence was released, weeks later, did state authorities act. she ebert hansi alger 0. j windle. gordon is a tall attorney. he explains the significance of the sentence a new precedent or
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a filling an african american race. so that extent we are very pleased with the outcome. i don't know, it was really going to turn the pain on the racial injustice in our system, but it definitely set a new cross to that and, and that's what we look forward to. we should try to repeat this one best like this person. i repeat these train types of outcomes and type of bigger that he had for the arbor. there are factions in that community, even in our country, that no matter what the facts are, they are immune to hold their own accountable for injustice. this little, this early really turns the corner slight. ah, who let at least the world understand that there are some good and decent human beings facts and as in faith, and make a determination based upon those facts. and that evidence the matter on prejudices
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and passions. and to that extent, i'm very proud of the jury is very happy about the way it turned out. outcome these with the sentences from the since it's in jersey, because off times you, you will get a verdict. but you won't get a sentence that reflects the gravity of the car. in this case we got a verdict in a sentence that we looked at the gravity of the car. and that's, that's, that we don't see very often. how's it sounds president is told is false. as they can fire, without warning, as he tries to and violent protests against his government, the russian lead forces have also been deployed to assist local police and military . the largest city l massey is among the areas where there's been days of violence, dozens of processes and security force personnel have been killed and more than $3000.00 people have been detained. robin forestry walker now reports come,
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has returned to the center of al matty, though the signs of violence are everywhere on republic. square seen of the worst of the clashes security forces have re taken control of gutted government buildings . but they've been sued shortages and queues at cash machines and petrol stations with residents venturing out only for essentials. them a solution has got a girl. at night when we hear explosions, i'm scared it pains me to know the young people a dying assertion. you go cuz as you go through so we're scared, not just for ourselves, but for our children and other people's children. we never expected. such things could happen, especially in our mattie gunfire could still be heard on friday as military units raced through al matty streets. oh, in the eastern city of tell the cold gun or sat you of the 1st president, mosul 10 as a by of who's pulled down the euphoria has now evaporated. oh,
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a police loud speaker, wounds people to stay indoors while an anti terror operation gets underway. oh, are you president casem, doom out talk? i have shown little sympathy for the protesters. all calls becomes catherine for preserver to have been called abroad to pay for the part usually to move the negotiation sugar to a peaceful resolution. what nonsense, or kind of negotiations can there be with criminals, with murderous force we had to deal with armed and chained bend at both local and foreign company. the claim without evidence that protesters are foreign backed terrorists was the pretext to invite the moscow lead security block to send in its forces. 3600 c s t o soldiers. most of them russian peacekeepers are being deployed. democracy activists have expressed dismay that their colds for
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change have gone unheard. the banner reads, we are citizens, not terrorists. how peaceful demonstrations are still taking place. this is jan i was in, in the west of catholic storm, but legitimate protests. now risk being stamped out by shoot to kill policy robin 1st, the a walker. al jazeera though shanowsky is a senior fellow in the russia and eurasia program of the carnegie endowment for international peace explained who is involved in the unrest. there's a lot of concern, a lot of lack of clarity over who is in control of these violent groups and who is backing them. so what appears to be happening is there appears to be both a bottom up protest and bottom up descent. and then there are, you know, elite and there's a big, there's been a big power reshuffle in the country. mr. to chi of the current president has
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removed virtually all the people who are loyal to his predecessor from the government. so this is more than just a bottom of revolt. there's also a lot of the lead politics, you know, shifting here. and it's not quite clear, it looks like the, you know, mr. chi up is, is the one who's, who's ahead. but you know, down the road, there's going to be a lot of other decisions about how the economic resources are going to be divided. so we really don't know how this is going to and out. the us secretary of state says he has concerns about the need for russian lead strips and causes on we are encouraging everyone to find a peaceful resolution and constructive resolution to the situation. when it comes to the cfo, we have questions about the nature of the request. why it came about we're seeking to learn more about it. it would seem odd to me that are the cassock authorities and government certainly have the capacity to deal appropriately
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with her with protests sought to do so in a way that respects the rights of protesters while maintaining law in order. so it's not clear why they feel the need for any outside assistance. nato foreign ministers say they united against any possible russian military action in ukraine. they met ahead of tools between the us and russia on monday. secretary general jens sultan burg, welcome the talks were ruled out russia's demands to halt nato's expansion. the russian military buildup has not, not stopped. it continues. ah, and there are gradually building up with more forces, more capabilities. so we see armored units wincy artillery. we see a comma to the troops. of course, that sends a message that there is a real risk for a new ah, on conflict in europe. but that's exactly why it is so important to engage in
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dialogue. jonah hell has more details. 10 stolen bugs, comments throughout that press conference, very much pointed to the substance of the foreign ministers meeting a short while before which was an opportunity, of course, for them to talk about russia and ukraine, but principally to align their positions against what one of them, the british foreign secretary list trust gold rushes unacceptable aggression towards ukraine, so that the secretary general could come out afterwards of project this sense of sort of bending unity strength and determination by native in the face of what he describes as the real risk still over russian invasion he pushed back again against russians, notion this demand really by president putin, for legal guarantees to be given that data wanting to ever take ukrainian as a member that it won't expand any further east eastwards. so taking other countries like georgia and he said there was
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a pathway for dialogue and diplomacy to go along potentially a positive one. but he said it was important to, to prepare for it to fail. and for a clear message to be sent to mister putin. if it, if they failed, the consequences would follow specifically politically economic and financial sanctions. as we've heard all of this preparatory ready to senior high level meetings next week between russia and the united states in geneva, on monday, also between nature of the russia council on wednesday, they haven't met for 2 years. a potential there to move things along. if this unity can be upheld and if this message can be clearly projected to president putin, that consequences will follow otherwise. and that's, i think what mr. stoughton set out to achieve this afternoon. still ahead on our zera threats of a snap back to you and sanctions tools on reviving iran's nuclear deal reached a critical stage in vienna and in the grips of
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a mega job. but could latin america's 13 year dry spell become then you know? ah, it's the weekend, here's your weather forecast for the middle east stand africa, we'll get there in a sec. but 1st, for the middle east, some temperatures across asia is well above average. taylor on at 12 degrees, ask about it falls. so that's where you're above average as we go into the gulf that north, when not as pronounced as it has been over the last few days, a rate on average in doha, with a high of 22 degrees off the baka stand. the wet weather continues toward the north of the country, got to be on the lookout here for flooding the hor right through to long by and heavy snow through the himalayas. now for turkey, we do have some showers, working around a soggy forecast to be sure,
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and on talia with the high 15 degrees was really this western portion. we've got some showers and really not too far away from it stumble, either at pictures over the last little bit. we're below average in heart tomb, but you've bounced up to $33.00 degrees and here's what the next 3 days is. look, unlike your texture, will continue to shoot up to 37 by tuesday. that's well above average. further towards the south we go, we do have some storms rock in storms or there in botswana, pushing into zombie as in bob, wy, and central areas of mozambique and for cape town, a high of 30 degrees. but that's not going to last. are temperatures are going to fall in the dates to come? that's it. we'll see again soon. ah. the african stories from african perspectives, most of them are never bored. more than has not been a good machine because of the voice of machine and happy make. and i mean, it's a short documentary spy african filmmakers from kenya. key rates,
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homework. i didn't dial into something back and i've re coast colors. i lived here and scrap yet animal africa direct on al jazeera lou. ah, the ordering out is there a reminder of all the top stories this our white father and son convicted of killing a black joe had been sentenced to life in prison without parole. a jury found travis and gregory with michael guilty of murdering albert aubrey. that neighbour william bryan also received a life sentence, but with the possibility of parole in 30 years,
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causing stones president has told his forces they can shoot to kill without warning . as he tries to and violent protests against his government. dozens of protesters and security personnel of been killed a more than 3000 people, say russian lead forces have been deployed non essential u. s embassy, soft all to leave the country. and the u. s. national security advisor is reportedly discussed the possibility of snap back sanctions on iran with israeli authorities. jake sullivan is believed to have brought up the threat of sanctions as a means to deter iran's ability to enrich weapons, great uranium under the 2015 nuclear deal between tara in the war powers. participants can complain to the united nations security council. if another participant is in violation, the council must then pass a new resolution within 30 days. but the country lodging the complaint can veto that resolution triggering the circle step back sanctions. while her with her on
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the is advisors, her iran said delegation and negotiating in vienna. he says the threats won't attend her on from getting a good deal. this ironic that the united states which violated the deal from day one, when obama sign basically signed the deal. he told the treasury not to allow banks to cooperate with. he ronnie threatened banks not to work with iran, and that was a violation of the deal. a key violation of the deal, and of course then trump tore up the deal and by then has been continuing with trumps maximum pressure sanctions. and the europeans have been abiding by trump and biden and obama all along. so the countries that have been violating the deal are western countries. so for them to threaten the run is, is quite extraordinary. but that's how the world that we live in works regards to the snap back. the truth is that in this is what western diplomats have been telling me or former diplomat media people in the media close to western diplomat
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western countries. no, they don't have leverage. maximum pressure means maximum pressure of trump could have done, want more to hurt ordinary run into fighting, could have done more to hurt women and children in iran. they would have done that deadlines and threats of snap back have no impact on the iranian delegation. the iranians are going to make sure it's a good deal. there is progress, but it's very slow. and that's because the europeans and the americans are dragging their feet. they want to have their cake and eat it too. they want the iranians to implement the deal in full, but they want to have sanctions and they want to have extra concessions. and that simply not going to happen with the number of cov, 19 related deaths in mexico as past 300000 holiday hotspots. like can coon and buy a california reporting more infections than ever. as my mother apollo never pulls.
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it's fun in the sun in the resort city of kain could. but mexican health officials say a boom in international tourism as also lead to a significant rise in coven 19 infections. a warning that doesn't seem to be much of a bother to foreign tourists. i say fall, we haven't felt exposed their approach culls in place. and we've been wearing our mosques and everything following the rules and washing our hands. vacation hot spots are the only places where contagion is on the rise. in mexico city, a sharp increase in cases has also led to higher turn out at vaccination sites. concern is also spreading among parents as millions of children returned to school from the holiday break. this al road in which up with other one here, we have to be very careful because this is affecting the children more than before . so we need to have more safety measures. but with the support of us all,
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and the teachers, we should be. all right. well, jack, with more than 4000000 cases of coven 19 have been recorded in mexico since the start of the pandemic, according to data from johns hopkins university and debts from the virus, have surpassed 300000. with such a staggering death toll, the government has been accused of negligence in its handling of the pandemic response from pepco. and despite a steep rise in new cases, mexico's president has denied the country, has entered a 4th wave of contagion. is danella adrian thing is this new variance is very contagious, but luckily it is not requiring hospitalizations nor have we registered an increase in the number of deaths. and that is the most important thing. mexico's government has not yet released official numbers of infections linked to the amik on various policy. analysts say this isn't the only area where transparency is lacking. he
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will not close at godaddy in the name of one thing that we still don't have in mexico. and it would be very important for the hot ministry to publish as a database on the progress of the vaccination campaign. we have the reports. yes, but we don't have the database that can be analyzed. mexico's government continues to face criticisms over what many c as he relaxed attitude toward contagion, and for not requiring a negative coven 19 test for foreign visitors. this recent surgeon corona virus cases is not limited to mexico, but rather a trend being experienced by countries all across latin america. manuel rap, hello al jazeera, mexico city. germany is bringing an extra restrictions for restaurants and bars at mid acre rising only croner cases. only people who have tested negative or received a vaccine booster dose will be loud in venues, but quarantine roles of being relax, vaccinated people who come into contact with someone who's caught the virus. the
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home isolation period has been reduced from 2 weeks to 10 days. dominant came reports now from below. the new measures announced on friday really concentrates on trying to reduce contacts among people because of the on the con, variance and also then looking at the quarantine measures. people go are forced into and then the new regulations which will govern who can go to barrels. restaurants and other public places and who cannot. so we know that the, the meeting between ministers of the federal states and of the federal government have agreed that those who have a booster vaccine have had a booster vaccine mall. now, no longer have to present a negative test as well when they want to go to balance restaurants and that sort of thing. but those who have not had a vaccine, it doesn't matter whether they've had a negative test or not, they will be denied access to bars and restaurants. so a toughening of the rules there. those have been vaccinated, but who have not had
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a booster will. they will need a negative test. we know that those who test positive for corona and then week later have a negative p c r test will. the quarantine rules will change for them a tat. but the most important thing that's emerge from the missing and bill in on friday regards, the potential for a mandatory vaccine requirement. we know that the chancellor all of shots, he wants it in place. he said by some time in february, no real progress regarding that in friday's meeting. there are still many politicians who are unsure how it should be formulated. chillers governments, as a critical water shortage brought on by the longest drought in history, is much worse than thought. there's affairs, it could even be permanent. experts say the country is now facing an unprecedented climate emergency. latin american editor, lucia newman, reports are from coke in the snow that once kept the andes mountains above
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chiles. capital and central valley is conspicuously absent. for centuries, melting ice nourished rivers below 400 kilometers to the north. la paloma south, america's largest irrigation reservoir has only 20 percent left of the water that once made this valley flourish. further north, the deficit is 100 percent, 13 years of relentless drought. the longest on record is transforming chile and not for the better than him. while real italy yogi were standing on the river, which was depend on to water our crops. but look at the state. it said from east to carry loads of water, but it so dried up this year practically didn't rain at all or in simple mr. achiever, leah and his sole employee are trying to revive the vine that survived last year's dismal harvest. gay mitchell hung a bit awkward besides those years of work sacrificed investment here and it's sad
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to see our livelihood. and that had so many families last ice have 50 workers here at this time of year. and that source of employment is now gone. small farmers and multi $1000000000.00 agricultural exporters alike are suffering the consequences of the drought that the government believes is here to stay lesson yeah, yeah, the whole i say don't, i'm against the drought is no longer an emergency. it's turned into a structural change and we need to establish a different relationship with water because it's become a scarce resource. olga authorities and scientists blame global warming for the rapid depletion of chillies. patagonia glaciers, the drastic reduction of rainfall and the sustained increase in temperatures. but once mediterranean climate of central and south central chile is rapidly mimicking a desert, there's far less water and at the same time, a much greater demand for agriculture. the big dilemma, of course,
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is what to do about it. for this week, the government launched a nation wide water saving campaign that warns there are only 2 options, conservative or there will be none left with emsella. but experts in resource sustainability say the key is better water governance. and also facility will, i will get the name on the efficient use of the water. we have modernization of production processes with technology, reusing water not producing more with less water. and unless land are all crucial, i feel like not possible to run you many rural communities that have lost everything are selling their land and migrating to cities. but experts insist that if taken seriously, science, technology, and social discipline can establish a new and more realistic relationship with an element that only 20 years ago seemed infinite. to see a newman al jazeera central chile partnering out to sidney potter has died at the
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age of $94.00. he was a 1st black person to win the academy award for best actor. romano's looked back at the life of a hollywood like accepting his 2nd academy award. this one for lifetime achievement sydney quartier, paid tribute to those who had preceded him. i accept this award in memory of all the african american actors and actresses who went before me in the difficult years. but it was prettier himself who cleared the path for many black stars in hollywood. born in miami to immigrants from the bahamas watergate trained on the new york stage before breaking through on the big screen. his signature rolls founded on the themes of america's racial conflicts. in the late fifties, he played a southern prison convict chain to a whitey and made as they made a desperate escape. you married to me?
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all right, joke. and he is lorraine, but i am going south on no honeymoon now in the early sixties. another report to his characters touched on interracial marriage, which was still illegal in several american states. mom. this is gone. meanwhile, what year was helping to wage the real life fight to win 1st class citizenship for black people? i became interested in civil rights struggle out of necessity to survive in the heat of the night. what ga, played a northern detective, undaunted by southern bigotry, virgil, that's a funny name for me. i bought a car from philadelphia. what did they call you up there? a call may miss stepped abs. that film $15.00 academy awards, including for best picture. i build a camera. i my then what day i had already won his own ass girl, the 1st awarded to a male african american actor. the prize was for lilies of the field in which the
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issue of race was left largely unspoken. in that film he played a warm hearted mechanic who builds a chapel for a group of singing nuns. but in one of his late screen rolls this time portraying nelson mandela lottie a return to destructive for racial justice. every day, the sales of your jails grew more and more crowded with angry and defiant young men . what he ate, drew criticism from some black activists who called him to passive in the offscreen struggle for civil rights. but his standing has endured sidney poitier, a proud hollywood pioneer. ah bazaar zera. these are the top stories a white father and son can.


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