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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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no matter where it takes a fear and power and passion, we tell your stories. we are your voice. your news, your net al jazeera, ah, has its dance president promises to fight against what he calls terrorists as the former intelligence chief is detained, but treason. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from dough. how also coming up at least $22.00 people dead in north and pakistan after getting stranded in heavy snar, full court documents reveal tennis, don novak jock of each court cove at 19 again in december as he's always fight
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against his deportation from australia a weekend curfew imposed in new delhi as india reports, its highest number of corn virus infections. 7 mum. ah, we begin in kazakhstan where the president is bound to keep up the fight against what he describes as terrorism. after days of protests, authorities say they have arrested the former national security chief on suspicions of treason. the unrest began over sharp rising prices for liquid were totally am gas, which made many use for vehicle fuel. the demonstration spread to the biggest city, al mattie and president cassie and mcdermott to kaya of authorized his forces to fire on protesters. without warning to kai of says, the anger against his government is being orchestrated by what he calls armed. and
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it's, he's told rushes presidents let him in persian, that while the situation is stabilizing, what he describes as attacks are ongoing. more forces from a rush and lead military lines have arrived. you know, mattie about 2 and a half 1000 troops. and now there with some guiding government buildings in the capital. the sultan robin forest walker has more on his story from tbilisi and the significance of the detention of the former national security. and what appears to be emerging is that carrying the theme of the head of the security services of cause, it's dawn, he was fired from his post daddy this week. but so was all of the government under the president. but now news emerging that he's been arrested and charged with treason, indicates that there appears to be a political power struggle that has been going on in kazakhstan between president and the former president. no. so can, as by, of who,
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despite having handed over the presidency back in 2019, continues to wield significant power in the country and must seem of was one of his guys. now it seems that tough talk i have may have the upper hand having dismissed my scheme of arrested my females and dismissed other figures from their rows including the former president as a buyer who had the roll. it's head of the chairman of the security council. now it seems that the car has the upper hand and he's doing that. it appears due to his agreement, clearly thrust out with vladimir putin who had the security block that has been able so quickly to deploy to kazakhstan. so having russian backing behind him appears to be a signal to all those in the political elite and cause extent that suck. okay, if he's now the man inch really in charge in control of all the leaves of power and in the country and al jazeera is rania. grady has more from the coast on taxes done
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on border men. and so i thought, because austonia, too, although authorities in kazakhstan, have repeatedly confirmed that order has been restored. we've been receiving reports. that situation is still unstable and volatile from fred clashes to protest at various locations up to recurrent. come fire in and around l. matty, we spoke to a number of august on citizens who passed through the border crossing point behind me. they described the intensive security presence across the cities and streets of catholics done. extensive search and erased operations have not been interrupted with a total of 4 and a half 1000 people detained. so far. the quickest on these we spoke to confirm that they themselves had been searched and passports verified. otherwise they would have been detained. it should be noted that the former president nurse, a ton of the bias who has been absent from the political thing, is confirmed to be in the capital. according to his press office. he's called on the people to stand by the side of the incumbent president to kind of to brave through the current crisis and maintain the countries unity. in addition,
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it's been announced that next monday will be a national day of mourning through the o b. and now where at least 56 people have reportedly been killed in an air strike and know the t grime, the strike. he's a camp for the internally displaced in the town of d. d bits near the era train board. the attack comes, as the government announced it was releasing a high number, a number of high profile political prisoners, including members of the to bryan rebel forces. federal officials say it's time to promote national dialogue. after more than a year of war with rebels, check lie, gap or michael is a writer for t t g hat dot com, which documents war crimes into grime. he says the prison is released is nothing more than a p. r. stand by army on it. some numbers in the international community went into party mode, saying that this is typically the right direction and that the price that they have been, they have been mounting hot bull. now truth about this was positive news and signal
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and what is to come, but go to ruined the party a couple of hours later, which was that he sent his newly acquired into wisdom to gravity and rain bombs, stealing 56 people. and wondering what done, i think a few people strike. i think it's important to see that we list of the political prisoners and is profit over the past month. tens of thousands of the grounds and aroma around was have been jay in something about unknown by releasing about i think 6 people yesterday he tried. busy to create a positive environment around him to kind of raise the roof to that promotional community that he was interested in the go see ation. resolution does a complete why. in fact, he continue doing what he had been doing,
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which is bombing on trying to advance about me. totally interested, right? speak on. the troops are trying to enter into to write just that the grant of money is due to want to resist. at least 23 people have died in northern pakistan after being stranded in their cars in a snowstorm. many had ignored warnings, advising them not to go outside about a 1000 causes still stuck in the mountainous town of murray. about 30 kilometers. no vase of islam of ed, electricity supplies have also been disrupted. prime minister in mon con says he's ordered an inquiry. algeria come all, hi, there isn't as i'm a bad and says a military has been called in to help rescue people. dens of thousands of papers decided to go to the station. murray and i did also of a popular tourist destinations, especially during the winter when people come to watch that. no, but it's also a, an example of systemic failure because according to the reports about a 100000,
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in re code written to that station, i have a station that has narrowed road. they were wanting heavy, you know, that led to our daughter catastrophe because people was stuck in their way. her entire family is we're getting report care because of the reading read the record robot. i have no particular read the system had nerve damage and the daughter along the quarter, larry, i bite, particularly up in the mountains because we have reported to fall off. you know, i had been reported in certain areas of the avalon chair. the landslides have blocked the road, and god had led to the chief minister now declaring an emergency guard in the interior minister gordon. the patter, military bought it in the ministry to come and help rescued people. and of course, to top more people from going to die at his station co documents have revealed
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tennessee, and novak jock of edge tested positive the coven 19 last month. and his lawyer said, that's why he had a vaccine exemption to inter strongly am. they say he tested positive on december 16th despite that, he attended a number of events at the time without wearing a moscow social distancing footage of which was posted on social media junk of which was denied entry to astronomy. at this wake to play, the stallion opened his lawyers are trying to overturn the cancellation of his visa . he's been detained in melbourne hotel. meanwhile, his supporters have gathered outside the hotel, the stallion, serbian chamber of commerce, as his attention is due to the filings by both the victorian state government and federal government. it also says officials and trying to rid themselves of responsibility resulting in his basic cancellation. he had all the assurances that his visa paperwork was in order to confidently announced his departure for melvin.
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during his 24 flights, things took a dramatic 10, and it appears that he's the arrival became a political hot potato between the victorian state governments and the federal government to both wanted to read themselves all responsibility for his visa. and these resulted in an, i'm pretty president it cancellation off of the, the doorstep of the australian open. andrew michel mac is a 7 new sports journalist in melbourne and has more on these latest developments. about $35.00. i use the court documents were released up and timing to know that john beaches died in court, which is set the monday here at 10. i am documents, it is revealed for the 1st on the positive 2 corona bars on december. the 6th thank he thought along with god is from tennis dryly. oh, who is being revealed? i told was that one of those that went back to one of the why they could get around
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entry into australia was to target in the past 6 months. they were exempt out for getting vaccinated and could enter the country without foreign saying. now that is the case sticking points here and john says that a fall i tennis is, charlie is gone and he did everything that he was told to do. and when he taught us drawing border officials said no, just because he did test positive, probably in the past 6 months, that he's not a good enough excuse. and that he's not a valid reason for entering the country without foreign paintings. so that you're sticking points here. and it's been revealed honestly, other than that you're testing positive on the 6. thank these movements around that time and me. december. how come on the scrutiny on the graham you can say for photos we, serbian officials accepted stamp. he's on up just the guy asked that he supposedly tested the barbara patriotic in serbia grading with various officials without
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social distancing. or that any mark involved, sorry, that i tended and a vent free stand ation that a preschool as well mixing with children teachers that you dollars without sorry to distance or any math still ahead on al jazeera. i never doubted it. and i knew that today would come 3 white men sentence to life in prison for the murder of a black jogger in your state of georgia. tell us, the important thing for this is this, is that what we is? and europe's tattoo artist the for the future after an e u ban. ah
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hello one place to say we got some quiet to where the coming to japan over the next couple of days. the still a chance of one or 2 wintry flurries we got colder. still sliding across the sea of japan. as we go on through our sunday chances, some snow showers there in 2 western parts of honju into hawkeye. it had been noticed temperatures in tokyo, getting up in double figures. so generally speaking, we are looking at something of a thought. some will still be a charge of one or 2 west my face coming through here, even on monday, which should be largely dry. i'm pleased to stay lazy, try to across the korean peninsula. margaret could catch a shower to wintry and nature, some of those winfrey showers to sliding across into eastern parts of china for southern china. some lobby down polls coming through here, shows a one or 2 showers to into the philippines in sewer in their china. but for the most part, the heaviest rank per se, asia lay south of the equator. the equates as well just around singapore and catching there just north. the equating to see the heavier downpours rolling
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through here over the next day or so. so you some heavy down poles recently, spelling out of afghanistan, pakistan as well. and indeed, we have seen a $133.00 millimeters of freight in 24 hours averages around $55.00 for the entire month of january, those heavy showers. now moving from northern india, ah, during the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future rates now. this is not ours. it please could be the locked companies responsibly. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get the last bill. all just pay for the stream on al jazeera lou.
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the me. hello, are you watching out here? i'm emily anguish, reminder of actual stories. this alan was already he's in has say they've to change the former national security chief on suspicion of treason after days of violent protests. because the president has told rushes late, the situation is stabilizing, but that what he described as attacks were ongoing. at least 22 people have been killed in northern pakistan after being stranded in their cars in snowstorm. many had ignored warnings advise them not to go outside. and court documents have revealed tennis down, know that junk of h tested positive to close at 19 last month. he's lawyer said that's why he had a vaccine exemption to enter a strategy to play in the grand slam,
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like this month. governments around the world, a scrabbling to introduce new measures to control soaring corona virus infections. india has, he's a 7 month high fidelity, new cases will then 140000 were recorded on saturday in the bid to control the outbreak. international travelers will now have to quarantine at home for awake. where does health minister sachi the java? it is a warning of a concerning rise in hospital admissions in england, particularly among the elderly. he says the national health service has a rocky few weeks ahead. while in germany, infections have more than tripled in the past week. people will now need to get tested before going to bars and restaurants unless they have received a booster shot. have me, michel has the latest on the covert situation in the india from new delhi. when one of the jellies business market that you do best, a deserted look, i've done the rest of the city with the laws shop. public parks are all closed
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because starting this weekend, which is saturday and sunday in india, there is a weekend for you in the national capitalist. what use is that unless people have an absolutely important reason to step out like going to the hospital or traveling, they have to stay at home. of course, essential services like hospitals and food deliveries will continue, is now delhi already has the maximum number of restrictions in the country. a few weeks ago the government imposed in nice cuff you and also close on school cinema halls. and jim's, the city also slash restaurant capacity because of the rising rate of over $900.00 infections. other states have also set up tubs, so in sudden, in the seat of thumb allowed will have locked down on sundays. and the fate of good not to go, which is also a sudden we'll have a weekend caution lighting for the next 2 weekends. the state of marashi hasha
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highest number of over 900 cases. many of these are coming from in just financial hub, which is mon both. what's really wanting authorities is in many of these cases are coming from the cities poorest. the city is home to a, chas largest lum, which is seeing its highest single. there's 5 ship beginning off the plan damage for now, the government that has rules out a complete loss to mexico, where the number of carbon 19 related deaths has passed. 300000. there's also been a rise in infections which some health experts believe is being fueled by the contagious army con variant and largely spurred on by tourism al jazeera is manuel rappel or reports from mexico city. it's fine in the sun in the resort city of kent, coud but mexican health officials say a boom in international tourism has also led to a significant rise in coven 19 infections. a warning that doesn't seem to be much
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of a bother to foreign tourists. i say far, we haven't felt exposed their approach colds in place and we've been wearing our masks and everything following the rules and washing our hands, vacation hot spots, or the only places where contagion is on the rise. in mexico city. a sharp increase in cases has also led to higher turn out at vaccination sites. concern is also spreading among parents as millions of children return to school from the holiday break is a lot in which up with other but here we have to be very careful because this is affecting the children more than before. so we need to have more safety measures. but with the support of us all, and the teachers, we should be all right, back with more than 4000000 cases of coven 19 have been recorded in mexico since the start of the pandemic, according to data from johns hopkins university. and debts from the virus have
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surpassed 300000. with such a staggering death toll, the government has been accused of negligence in it's handling of the pandemic response from pepco. and despite a steep rise in new cases, mexico's president has denied the country, has entered a 4th wave of contagion, is danella. and there is this new variance is very contagious, but luckily it is not requiring hospitalizations, nor have we registered an increase in the number of deaths. and that is the most important thing. mexico's government has not yet released official numbers of infections linked to the amik on various policy. analysts say this isn't the only area where transparency is lacking. when that goes that get that in the name of one thing that we still don't have in mexico, and it would be very important for the health ministry to publish as a database on the progress of the vaccination campaign. we have the entity ports. yes. and what we don't have the database that can be analyzed,
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mexico's government continues to face criticisms over what many c as a relaxed attitude toward contagion, and for not requiring a negative cobit 19 test for foreign visitors. this recent surgeon corona virus cases is not limited to mexico, but rather a trend being experienced by countries all across latin america. when we ended up a low al jazeera mexico city, south african president 0 ram opposes, says he's governing african national congress potty needs to be renewed and rebuilt . he's been addressing a celebration of the agencies, 110th anniversary, several issues continue to tarnish the parties each including allegations of corruption. earlier this week in inquiry found state decisions made and a former president jacobs emma were influenced by private interests. not only was states capture a systematic attempt at siphoning off public resources
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and funds. it also destroyed the capability of the state and led to the departure of paperwork. people wrote public institutions as they resisted states pepto some were fired, some were forced to resign. my dbi, my dba is a co founder and host of the insight factor digital media platform. he says the political dynamics of south africa changing and the a and c is being held accountable. the amc has found it very difficult to disassociate insult from the corruption that happens in the country, which because that puts itself is an integral part of the question that happens together with the private sector. but most of that will be surprised to the president of africa was the deputy president of all these years to come out today and speak about the capture, a very big capture commission. so it just shows you that this is finding it very
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difficult to move away from the nurse is being a livable with regards to how to see a change. i think we've seen the ac drop below 50 percent in a lot of key municipalities in the last local government. elation. and i'll give you example the african economic freedom by the 3rd because parts of africa came out and challenged the c today because they have posted. ready their generally statement, the aides that you know, it's been in the event that the 80, in cases in which they go by percent. so a couple of years ago, no political party would change the african national congress on july, i mean on january 8th. so we've seen a brave move, but advocate with it to come out boldly and challenging the african national home. so i must it in. so i changing, i think changing for the better. i must say yes,
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because i think we've, we've seen a situation where the ac has been a dominant part. it's been a one party, one type of state for quite some time now to come up and challenge the african national congress. it's a good for democracy and black, so that's going to look up to the political dynamics in the future to the us now where 3 white men have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a black jogger in the state of georgia. the judge said 2 of them, father and son would spend the lifetime without the possibility of parole. and ivory was hunted down while he was out for a run in a mostly white neighborhood. i can 2020. she had pretended this was the verdict i met of res family had hoped for that his life plus 20, travis mac, michael and his father gregory, give him the maximum sentence for murdering 25 year old aubrey of the, chasing into a georgia neighborhood in february of 2020 william roddy brown,
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who joined in the chase, was given a mandatory mud, a sentence of life imprisonment, but with the possibility of parole. after 30 years. the judge said that he, unlike his co defendants, had displayed some remorse. all 3 can appeal their sentences, but also faced a federal hate crimes trial next month, before the sentencing members of our family made their case, a man who killed my son is called rome every single day. next to his father, i now would get the 6 next to my son, elbow again. and aubrey's mother addressed her son directly. i made a promise to you today, a lady to us. i told you i love you. and some day, somehow i would get to justice. the presiding judge said he thought deeply about
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the case even paused in silence for a minute to suggest how long aubrey had been running in fear of his life before he was murdered. a fraction of the time that a mod armory was running in satilla shores and rendering his verdict. the judge alluded to the racial fault lines of his community in the deep south. i argue that maybe a neighbors more than the people who just own property around your house. i believed that his and also believed that in assuming the worst in others. we show our worst character outside the court aubrey's mother. thank lucy, supported her family and made reference to one of the most shocking moments of the trial. when one of the prosecutors alleged her son was not a victim, but a criminal quotes with no socks to cover his dirty toenails. the lot on else though, she law in a long and then she she fell to making it a mile, was lying in illinois with a big hole in kit. outside the court,
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there was celebration and accountability for the murder of a black man by white men in the south. too. many of them still haven't gotten anybody arrested for killing their child. so busy about all of us saying no more, no more, no more. but it should be remembered that in the aftermath of abra killing the police and local authorities did nothing. excepting the word of those now convicted of murder. that aubrey had been up to no goods. only when video evidence was released, weeks later, did state authorities act. she everton see alger 0, they, you has band thousands of unregulated chemical substances in tattoo inks. scientists say many can cause cancer or other serious illnesses. around 12 percent of people in the you have at least one tattoo in germany. they have big business banners, dominic cane reports from berlin, some fear the band could hurt their livelihood. daniel calls or discusses today's
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jobs with his colleague, lena, he runs the classic tattoo cows or shop these other tools of his trade inks and chemicals which have been in use for many years, but no longer get new colors. but in the moment we have round about 10120 different colors, the new colors vendor colors coming in the middle of the year. we have just 30 cause does the thing and you lose for the quality teri, present. it's precisely these colors which daniel believes all the life blood of his craft colors are. the important thing for this is a this is that what we is bring colors in the skin under the skin to paper. com. i like to have just, i'm sort of colors are what you can do to just rock play with a needle for all of us. this is the base to work. when you take the base, you destroyed business, but to others, such inks are dangerous. the you says they poses serious health,
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has that these substances are actually also restricted in cosmetics. so you're not allowed to use them cosmetics which are just placed on the skin. and now we are extending that of course to these materials which are injected under the skins. some estimates suggest around 12 percent of people across the you have at least one tattoo here in germany. that number is believed to be even higher, perhaps around 20 percent. so what takes place in the body when these narrow band inks come into contact with us here at the german federal risk assessment interest to, to dr. michael, you again told me one concern is what happens beneath the skin barrier. we know that not all pigments remain on the place we're data to is being made or in the to pick which is injected. we know that from studies that the link notes of the, to the individuals are colored whatever the right or wrong of this particular issue
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. tattoos themselves remain very popular, especially for young people like casias back at the crowds or to shop. he's having a favorite cartoon character inked onto his arm for the moment snoopy will be there in just black and white. but casio says he's got plans for more colorful tattoos some day. soon, dawn, it came, al jazeera, berlin. ah, hello, are you watching al jazeera? these are the stories we're following. this. our authorities in kazakhstan, say they've detained the former national security chief on suspicion of treason after days of violent protests. because our president has told russia's lead generation is stabilizing, but that's what he described as attacks were ongoing. robin forest walker explains the significance of the national security chase dismissal his departure today.


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