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tv   AJ Selects Evictions  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 9:30am-10:00am AST

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viruses on the chrome, i've defined 2021. so what's in store for 20? $22.00. they have a gram profit. john's at the heart of china's economic woes. will beijing bill to revive the growth and going mainstream? is it another began for crypto currency? counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, i remember on carlindo hall, the top stories al jazeera and australian court has ordered authorities to allow tennis, ice novak jock of inch to enter the country. he'll be released from immigration detention and will be able to play in the australian open. he was detained when he landed in melbourne last week. officials had said he can't get, he couldn't get in, rather because he's not vaccinated against co. 19, but your coverage is lawyers argued his recent recovery from the virus exempts him from getting the job a caught in me on mars, convicted, ousted lida ang,
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send the suit. she of 3 criminal charges. she's been sentenced to 4 years in jail. so she was on trial for a legally possess walkie talkies and breaking coin of ours rules. tony chang has more from by talk. we've just heard from her lawyer that she was found guilty on all 3 charges she was facing. one was for import, export for violating import export regulations. the 2nd was for violating communications laws. and the 3rd was for breaking coven regulations against mia mars natural disasters management law for the import export infringement. she's got 2 years for the communications law. she's been sentenced to one year and for the breaking cove regulations, she's got another 2 years. the 1st 2 charges will be served concurrently. so that's effectively for years in total health care workers and people aged over 60 in india can now receive a corona virus booster. shot the country reported its highest number of daily infections on monday,
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ami cross varying infections or behind the surge. experts warn upcoming religious gatherings could lead to a repeat of high infections that we saw last year. senior us and russian officials are sent to me in geneva to discuss russia's true build up on the border. the ukraine. washington has threatened to impose sanctions if moscow invades its labor and at least 19 people including children, have died after a fire swept through a high rise building and yield. dozens of people were taken to hospital after suffering, smoke, inhalation during the blaze in the bronx. a faulty electric heater is thought to have been behind the blaze. american actor comedian bob sagat has died and the orange county sheriff's office says he was found dead in a hotel room in florida. the 65 year old was best known for his role is danny turner on that tv sick home full house. those the headlines news continues here on out 0 after a j silex a
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ah, so i'm trying to sides. no, no, no, no. i can't really identify because it's really, really confusing. i identify my i'm trying to identify my house. i'm trying to identify my house, my family house with the government is trying to or is my own, my own story and history. my background haggard. they will leave no room for you. is there any of them i with government, there's a
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we all want any up as into a group of i was raising the thought. what i have in front of me is the case why of what happened with a with that was, why doesn't apartment the saudi government? what are mean if it was the case? but it was, it was totally on the law or not. and for i'm very
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concerned about bottom space and effectively in the same or in the movement to put an end to all of the things that is happening in our community. the reason why we had to do was to learn it did whereby all the people in this community would come together on we case i serve on the importance of participating in election on day the pvc is our power. the the see me, my name with us scott is what's qualify you. that's your copy will watson. so as an advice, the people will be voting for should be people that can always come and help all. maybe counties come to our rescue when we need should be people that the i live in . i think we and then the re presenting of should be people that are staying with
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those people on the, on our program and challenges where, you know, even read about electra perspective, how to agree about it is not change our mind, our mindset. i strongly believe that for me to have more than this thing, they have no way as people with power is to thing not they don't have any body back by me. i'm not saying that like, you know, not did you want to try and keep trying, looking, pushing on thing. we see those changes that happen and gradually in our community aside the vision everyone of was, was here. i my legal, i live very far from my parents. i'm for the thing. if i bid
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is escorts with my friends sometimes where i live or something we are 9 or 2 people that don't usually come back on time. so therefore people used to sleep on his bed . i think 5 days one guy was i mean, so i think it's 5 of the ghastly p. so foot caught on. yeah. and he had some and ring got out on top of our thoughts. so do you what i used to sometimes go trudy wall and the flow it gets wet. so those are no voice on the flow which so then when to call of was and this will come on bed. sometimes guys do bringing the girlfriends that you need to leave. so i do them some time before. how do you dream of working with my bill? so and there was a time and who went on my facebook status. i rode the
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that's my dream is to work with marvel and i want african countries to see part of themselves in the i stories i i i okay. i think today the 1st time i re tonya, the last time i left here, it was on the night of every 27. the i put new died on palm sunday.
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the on the west side. he was on his shots and i didn't. nick, people rush him and i was, he was his id, was he lost composure on think i was just anything from his mouth and his eyes was just blinking. i was rich and something went off in mean this used to be played. this used to be where we live and government care journals out the heart, my people dig to them to show them the came through the land and they came through the was says in our houses, they bond, i belong is our truck is every thing. my parent has labored for 2 guy and allied. the wanted to fire me
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this one of them about service stated the number of mega ah, why standing ground? water. and what of fission vision of live in the livelihood of what they can do? what a community, what is how community set ablaze? whatever objects remain were reduced to the abstract shapes, rub off color and due to reddish flames, on our community. take smokes from our homes. go with vague visions. our government, we don't feel shit. pharmacies are government. it's on answer to question. i've been the i well, our pride, your strength through . i guess it is for the people,
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i guess the people in i left as a runaway, but our rent on as a king. i left as a runaway. rick, done as a king in a labor fee in the gym, or even level of support for water use over $12.00. what a competition if you need to look in the, from the national i, you know, who, who in the lives with zone has a model in this. when will flow in, i need to speak
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with a see. and i've been on a common meal from c a f and, and i've been out on me house. oh, see the saddle and a lot of light, deliberate hold t old for ye old. what'll yield? come on a leash or by snail on another headed and offered hail to studio where the huddled me, young and hollows, law for them do said dungeon the lo, the true love to learn, contain feed lebanon. lead will em hauled a clue how to kill kill, kill my body of a tell you no, not that i should be, or call us a loony
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marianna zeron national center watchman. a lot of has a relax all sorted out of the load in a sort of assault him. small thought by the unnecessarily, i had to let them set up lady on the hacking, let them can as she's the let him lakin gamble away loss. i'd be shirley in la mush, who he could d on the muscle and and the actual fool this florida is dealerships, all of my baby and i live. so when i go with that, it was good on
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a man from hello. i had no unrolled homeless flash of sunny gloom decision handled and whether i said mm hm. i've just been absent wednesday with ross sitting in walter. massage, telephone i bug with mom and dad. what me the thought it was. oh, plumbing level there. yeah, i didn't see it, but i know
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i thought about him always enough to come to school when they come to me. she said, you know, some of us would charlotte, all the onions come valuable. my charlotte, i feel i wanted more blond than me. another hand i shall about my commercial who
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much decision. i'm sunni, who shall on the phone model. let me oh, are you on with hudson munson that's up a shorter bizarre left when a daughter there, but our moon said them she been so afraid. i ass down in that apology as they said aah! with a court order. clerk. when out along with that with the
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law that in the local i had fault than doing them stuck with the number. no one had missed the land of door. they normally have one of the unknown and that means the rest of the noah project. i'm with them center and then all it's all a back on them. let them have a new link i with
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with soon, you know, i know with me, who was our scouts had me
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not been in school in middle school and i noticed that on john him been in what a lot from me? yes. food. yeah. this last sad all not yet how can swing was one of the all meant that they got out. so nancy martin did bad on the la morty,
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the low cost to you all, yoda blue through my mind. a good thing about this thing from a ha, my name is larry. i love when young boys go for my. well, i filled out my mother, he's a him, bro, and print a him for a lot on it. i don't like
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them. i had on a with you, i mean get a one a, a year now with
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a yes, nothing a go for the museum ego. a about the limo analysis is the on facebook leased vehicle. you include up the portal. vienna is not gonna use us. you'll in figured out these if i mean to put a horem is east watts, you're not a stop, but i know horn, you know, it's been almost good, not a problem, but a salad than the yet gets it inclusive lady miss johan, when i look out of beastie got him, was he got a pull up one? i shouldn't be. you are ignorant this in for him. it will not go with
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it. or, i mean, i love music up or to la musica. you know more that i love miss you. believe the guys i'm c o more a spots you them be in that. i'm for matthew, and that'll be elise. i'd better stop on i will or him is or me. and i'm lucy. there is when complete those you see about but i can not associate musky wiley patio, my host can fe, most part of those call been asked, can i? yes. yeah. i lot demo by le let's that's the lead on. let me know my name's jack and has gotten us b. b last one. last from me. yes. boon the are this last that long? i'll not the i'm not getting in swing. you was gonna see all make that he got out. so nancy mater did bad on saturday morning. okay, so it goes through your yoda flu. oh.
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what i buddha me stuff. but i'll need that unless you know it, but i will be at a loss in that i what i, what about my know when the soon this up. yay. good ball in this arrow, your pain south is body in bow appropriate. those are the you, my going to project boonies my little for your thought the buddha. same in the, in this hello home and this saturday go glazed. everybody else has, you know, seen that is that a corner because it's us or no ha matter with
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a k. com which always regular then put out little those rooms once you anerio much easier for me. no plan and then i get buying as i get a a a look. you're going to see it own it in sue's yellow. so yeah, you make their law under make on dental go with any sort of a local moving. got it. i a yeah. to be there, so wait a get
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a piece of music will go. i lose be what is that a body is so i think in thought again, plasma, now that i'm going to see, oh yeah, yeah. our with our apollonia last year, when we're going to look at it. but i mean, what can you give me a call? it's number of points that they boss is going up with a with,
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with is they bought in, you're gonna be like, i'm still in the bottom income, but i'm working on a lot of anybody's income, but i won't get, we'll just assume that our loan is gone still won't go young. well, not good on down being a little wonder school try don't read through say, you know, y'all need not get a clear message. i'm very thought of years with a day at the meals a you have to choose between your site and feeding your family. what do you do?
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i mean, it happens because we'll keep ourselves healthy when your son could face death from a dog by what do you do a index way? can you afford them? film, inspiring solutions to go with the seasonal shamal wind that's been going down. the gulf has stopped blowing. the forecast monday is really a quiet one. tempted recovering little bit in, for example, doha. but it's changed because the sauce region of that wind is no longer driving. it is now going to likely rain in iraq, northern sadie. but as soon as possible, the higher ground thunderstorms round, other medina or mecca, and this whole system curls around its source, is in the central eastern mediterranean. the place is going to get batted by strong
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winds and heavy rain cypress sudden turkey lebanon parts. the serial b snow in land and this circulation is at its worst just west. so this behind me, if you like the onshore breezes affecting libya, bengal you'll get really nasty, wasn't a circulation, slow to move. snow will fall in sudden turkey at height. rain, of course, down on the curse coast now tends to bring it away from a levant. pretty nasty weather, all the same, big a pick jump. that's where it all is, was quite quite the shower diets, raven peninsula throughout iran and pakistan. the weather has quietened down, as you can see, whereas in southern africa, the temperatures rise. so to the clouds, there are widespread thunderstorms in southern africa. ah, informed opinions, there is a need, fabulous federal government take action to really facilitate aid to take right in
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depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera aah . ready illegal victory for tennis ta, never chalk of ich melbourne caught rules he be released from detention and his visa restored to play mister it in a ah 11 o'clock. this is out there alive from to hall also coming up a guilty verdict for me and mom's house did lita ang santucci. she now faces 4 more years in jail.


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