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tv   Al Jazeera Correspondent Why We Run  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am AST

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we meet with global stormy on how to aah! hello and barbara, sarah london. these are the top stories on al, jazeera, us and russian diplomats of wrapped up the 1st meetings in a week of diplomacy and the de escalation tension with ukraine. the thoughts are organized after russia and tens of thousands of troops to its florida with ukraine raising fears about a potential invasion. but russia says that was no progress. and it's the man that natal rule out membership for ukraine. john hall reports. it is an achievement of sorts. the talks between russia and the united states in geneva didn't end in failure. they were never likely to be a major success. but while russia insisted it had no intention of invading ukraine, there remains little sign of an immediate end to the crisis. it's not the situation
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we're ah, a deal breaker one way or another. he's in the vision. unfortunately, we have a great disparity in our principle, the approaches to these us and russia in some ways, ah, have opposite views on what needs to be done. us negotiators trod carefully, they promised they wouldn't be talk of ukraine security without ukraine present. this instead, a chance to air respective concerns and get a measure of russia's true intent with tensions at their highest since the end of the cold war points of dispute between russia and the u. s. are plentiful, but ukraine is perhaps most urgent. russia has supported a separatist conflict there for 8 years now, and the presence of a 100000 russian troops on ukraine's border threatens a new war in europe. russia wants legal guarantees that ukraine will never become
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a member of the nato alliance. a demand flatly rejected by western allies. on monday, ukraine's deputy prime minister met the nato secretary general talks with russia will widen on wednesday to include nato members in brussels. and then the o. s. c. e. in vienna, on thursday. what russia is doing is trying to impose its agenda instead of returning to the negotiation table. and we have that very clearly that we will never compromise on the rights for every nation in europe to choose his own pulse, including all carnal security arrangements in one. so to be a part of early russia's deputy foreign minister suggested the u. s. had not taken seriously. his country's demand that ukraine never be allowed to join nato. that's an ominous fine by continuing to press what is a solid western red line? russia may be showing its hand that president clinton may not intend this week of
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talks to succeed at all, but rather to use them as a pretext for war. during a whole, al jazeera russia's president has claimed victory in defending neighbor has expand from what he calls a foreign backed uprising. vladimir putin deployed russian troops to kazakhstan and his promised leaders of other ex soviet states that moscow led military alliance would prepare them to more than a $160.00 people were killed during last week's anti government protests, which turned into the countries at worst and rest in recent history are caught in me and mar, has sentenced the ousted leader and sons to cheat to a further for years in jail. so she was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkies and breaking corona virus restrictions. this sentence is on top of a 2 year jail term handed down last month. it's feared that ensued. she could spend the rest of her life in jail. at least 9 people were killed. most of them children
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in an accident, accidental blast in eastern afghanistan. witness to say that children in the district of love, poor and anger, her province took what they thought was scrap metal to a food cart vendor hoping to exchange it. but it appears to have been an old lot rochelle, which then exploded. and millions of children have finally returned to the classroom in uganda, after recovered, shut down, last thing, almost 2 years. they've suffered the world's longest destruction to schooling because of the pandemic. but there is concern, as many as a 3rd of pupils will not return. most public schools have been offered virtual lessons since they closed in march 2020. our jazeera correspondent is coming up next for by the. ready news. ready
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the news is one of the world's most beautiful, yet unpredictable environments. and it was where i was about to try and run my 1st american. could you just tell my wife and mother they will? absolutely right. this was a really stupid idea. the question why we run had months previously been my starting point in the weeks that followed. i called inspiration from some of the world's best distance runners. we all want to feel like we are flying the dream of it and asked whether running is something we were born to do our ancestor. all right, we're, we're not good at running. we're left,
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essentially in the abilene area and in georgia. less than convincing start to my own road. running korea is a 65 year old man, a 50 year old woman, and a told year old boy that runs by. now i was in the thick starting one of the world's most unlikely americans was easy enough trying to finish it. well, that would prove to be rather more complicated. go down the frozen because you are going goes up your i still free shot, or i ah, ah, i live in the middle east in cattle where i work as a sports journalist. i run like many people do to stay fit and stay clear of my inbox for an hour or 2 every week.
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ah, my job has taken me to sporting events all over the world, but few can match a trip i made in 2008. when i went to the north pole, film, american, the labor of love with it was an experience that inspired me to think i might one day wants to do something similar and not just stand around with a microphone. to sent me that in the noise warm coat i guess to get rid of my feelings of what i'm now getting ready to run a marathon my 1st lot in the aren't thinking in the north pole, but in the and talk to sounds hope my older brother graham is the one
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member of my family. he's actually run a marathon. his ultimately successful trip to the finish line started with a health checkup doctor said, yeah, you're okay, but your role is quite high, better what she blood pressure and we saw about losing some weight. so came out of the doctor's re reasonably depressed and thought i need to do something about it. when you having a midlife crisis, what you mean? the fact that ok have those sports car is to the vocal. have gotten to my field, say, 12 years younger than me and them top stuff by running a marathon. so yeah, that's one way of looking at space. but the thing is quite lazy journalism to be on the time then to up my journalistic and running game. i'm embarking on the biggest physical challenge of my life along the way, i'm going to ask why running in all its forms? is the sport so many of his choose to do
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for 3 can yet has produced 4 of the 5 fastest ever marathon runners. the perfect place to step up training for molly 1st in song many cities and cultures running is something that's squeezed, been around the rest of people's lives in that as an elite level really struggles for attention. well, there's no danger of that. hey, in the canyon town of ethan running here. so i can very seriously. and those that choose to run, they saw with a dedication ah, in this country of running champions,
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a 10 has become an unofficial capital. some born here, others drawn head by the promise of training with the best i once and i why when i watch a marathon on tv, more often than not, it's a kenyan out in front. i kind of mentioned a deal with that. i mean, i hear people are addicted to coffee or something, but for me, i'm addicted for any. no running that of the day. a new leaf, i train hat, i will we niecy. so that was my motivation, like train hard and, and then the competition is just having fun. but what keeps you power the cottage and feet that you can really do something in a race? he's how you actually train whenever, i mean there is no that might. it was pretty good. if i had it,
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i always keep pushing. knowing that i can read it 10 is a town where that can do to chewed has taken root at the local school. a tree is planted every time. one of their former students wins a major running title. over the years, the school grounds have been turned in for something of a forest. well the thing, well, this tree base to be to success tells you is that i'm like, what i was told of school really isn't the taking all the accounts in kenya. all about the winning. i don't think there's any canyon who runs for fun. this irishman is uniquely place to start telling an englishman, one of the sort of leisure running. i do have a little place here in kenya to join a group calling mcconnell arrived and he turned in the 1970s to work as
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a teacher and sets up the hands 1st organized training program. and he since guided a handful of athletes to the very top, including elliptic 8th and you'd meet the champion, david rhodesia, the idea of reading school, running to the market, running to town, running to a neighbor's house. you know, it's in the rural areas, it's, it's part of your lifestyle. it is something that you've internalized from the time you even walk in school. i was very active and there whenever i go for lines, which is about a kilometer i used to rank to home. when i'm coming back to school around, i didn't have an idea what i was doing, but i was training without no running for me was a way of transport. coming from one side to another one. and it makes you rich there quicker. you have to go to school every morning. sometimes you are late
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muslin because you need to catch up with your classes. an olympic legend from my own country helps put into context just what sort of a head start. this might give a kenyan runner in the west. life is, has become very much easier physically for most people. sap curve certainly doesn't take things easy. he was chairman of the london 2012 olympic organizing committee. as a runner, he want to olympic goals and set 12 weld records. 1460 my god. page. he held the 8th and read me the world record. the 80 news i came from a different center on i ran as quickly as my contemporaries from africa were running at the time in my country, u. k. young people, when they get to the age of 15, unbalanced, are about 50 percent less fit than they were or less active. and they were when they were 9 children. the one's walked to school, rode bikes to school,
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or sometimes even ran to school. like i did, don't do latin for all sorts of reasons and that's a pattern. but certainly in advanced countries is, is not unusual. being active from a young age undoubtedly contributes to kenya's running culture. others have argued canyon's might have the perfect dna to run for that. the thin air of high altitude as there is hair, any 10 helps condition the body for distance running. but simple economics rather than complex science could also explain a lot. ah, so she said when life without money is tough and that's what apple show, i like me and now i have nothing my name is i had on when i saw about
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maybe i got the money to support myself. you know, life without my me. even now maybe i'm coming from framing and i don't know about my coin to play in the house because nothing, i don't know. maybe even like i'm on the clock, isn't it? ah, i think the, the motivation for a casual runner can always be quite an interesting one when you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere. i was just a camera man and some disinterested lifestyle to keep you company on the, ronnie's hurting. why should not just stop and what you very quickly learn hair is that the local runners just don't have that luxury of choice to stop. if i stop, i can still go home, watch tv, and get on with the rest of my life. if they choose to stop running and i don't
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have a decent hind to go back to the kids around here, see the more elite athletes, you know, an earning property, building a big house, driving a big car. and it doing better for their families. and that's a fantastic motivation because they see large d as a career, you know, as a way of out of poverty. as you said, we're going to, to, to make a career a, we don't dreadful fun. when you know that i have no other option in life or i don't have any other way out in korea always than you did to get more in what you learned. most of them were to finish him, come from before i've been there before them. they had their living good lives and then they're driving good cars. now you are an $800.00 made serona. can you beat david rhodesia? that is something i can do. i'm training is also training. ah,
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my mom is also. i'm training with tom jones. that is my hash, what on that one paid? i really be. i tell her my telling, talking to edwin has really helped put my young challenge into context. i'll be running a marathon because i want to not because i have to training can be arduous, and it's certainly time consuming. but witnessing the levels of sacrifice and commitment here has convinced me that in order to be ready for the uns heartache, taking shortcuts just isn't an option. well this, this happening is it may be i have to accept that i'm not going to win any marathons or make any money from running. but i still want to run and ask the question. i still have to answer, why do i and millions of other plotters still want to get on the road and run as best we can. wow,
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wow. wow. wow. wow. now, with one place to find more than a few florida is doing the best they can is at the new york marathon. my own rice on ice is now a month away to more contrasting events, it would be hard to imagine. but in common with the vast majority of the $50000.00 runners here, i'll be running not to win. just to finish with the scale of this events. and the level of efforts on show is definitely sharpening my own focus. it looks frightening. just sort of and
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inspiring in equal measure number you will experience, i had the privilege to do boston 3 years ago, but the amount of crowds in support does the entire way with unbelievable. one year ago, even when i went through the shop, i went to my god, sit on the couch, did nothing in new york, the icon, know me, and we're gonna, we made it to her therapy. outdoors is my time. it's just wonderful. and you're with people when you do these races, just not been like it. glen gear is a psychologist and an experienced runner who might just be able to explain why so many fall from elite athletes like myself, driven to run a marathon. when you look at marathon running it's, it's kind of like it takes recreational running and then it takes it a step beyond. so i think than the psychological needs that marathon running fails
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for people in western societies now are completely beyond health. it's very much about showing someone i can do this. i can achieve them that everyone thinks is extraordinary. and once you realize that you can do that and you see that in yourself, you start to believe other things about yourself. i can definitely buy into what glenn is saying. i want to see how all responds are putting myself in harm's way. and i really won't know how i'm going to react to the distance, the race or the cold. and so i'm actually there the idea of a marathon in the south. all areas on believable, you know, i mean it's like, it's like you've got 2 major adverse things bumping right up against each other. you know, a marathon, your 1st marathon experienced is such an extreme climbing, interconnecting those together, and that kind of experience. you know, that you have few, few options. but if you run into that, i think you just going to have to muscle through it. time i think to ask a medical professional, if i can be assured my body won't crack up on the antarctic ice. while that's
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why i said, you know, i've, i've never seen anybody. i've never met anybody who's preparing for a raise like that when he's not laughing at me. thank for canada is a doctor who specializes in trying to keep runners on their feet. i guess really listening to your body from the beginning to and then and seeing if anything is out of the ordinary when it comes to your joints, your bottom of your feeds, your skin, you know, i think will be an important thing. and before anything gets says, you're running to stop and monitor and make sure everything is okay. you know, anybody who signs up for a marathon should be fully aware of the amount of training that should be involved and the kind of pain and aches and all kinds of negative things that are associated with running marathon. people do need to understand that when they're taking up
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running as a sport, there is an inherent risk of injury that comes with it. d and when they have a set target and they are so determined to get there, that they try to either ignore or mask the pain or any signal that the body is giving them that could be cause for disaster. ready ah, the running thing for it's probably won't be advisable in the antarctic, but a sizable minority of runners leave taking your shoes off is the key to staying injury free while you train. and at this point, i'm nothing if not open minded, when you're barefoot running, you take short strides. doug, you walk him is a running coach. shoot, shuns traditional train is you can stand here without looking something that you know, one leg to ready. don't look down,
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look up, they close the line and as you can see, you're all over the place here. he says, the shoes we think of protecting or jointly do could be doing quite the opposite for the foot. cushion this big on the, on your heel. you're going to hit the ground harder. and moreover, because you have a cushion you're wearing heels as a guy. i tell guys this all the time. you're wearing a one inch to 2 and shields just like high heels. so that shortens your pendant. and over time, it adapted short and it does not get longer than which causes all sorts of other issues. once you mess with your foot and your ankle, the mechanics there, it's going to mess with your knee mechanics and you're hitting the right to for that reason. and i don't come up to me all the time and say, you know, is it dangerous to run in central park or anywhere for that matter? barefoot and i to the opposite. is it safer? it allows me to feel the ground allows me to be more in touch with my surroundings
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and i'm more aware and i feel more comfortable and i'm running that way as well. now i run and pain free and i enjoy my runs a lot more than a i used to. duck himself would agree the benefit style isn't for everyone. i've stayed injury free till now and a half to say i'm not so happy to be feeling the ground beneath my feet. quite so directly. a few days later, my trainers are safely back home and i'm getting ready to spend an evening with new york's orchard street runners. it's the sort of group that can now be found in many major cities. i'm hoping they can give me a final push in my pre marathon preparation. the the group are originally started because i was trying to get a girl to run with. and 2 years later, still going on the girls no longer in the picture, but the group is really,
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the advantage is right off the bat were just social interaction like minded individuals coming together for, for a run. created the dynamic that i think was more specific than going to a bar or going to a party. most people are not working on 5 jobs, very creative fields. they're living downtown, they're young actually off and i said a different route every week to keep things interesting. and to challenge people in different ways. and that sign amec is what makes it appealed to what i think is a different type of runner than decrease shape. running by myself, i'm more likely to slow down or not really push myself like running with other people. and i think you're being competitive, but you're like, his person's not calling out 1st is not stopping to stay with them. stay with them . stay with when you're running side by side you. it's like you're running the same
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route. i think there's something more cultural about it and a lot of people recognize, even if you're not speaking, i used to be a competitive runner. now, live in new york lifestyle out most the night and want to stay fit. you wanted something that was convenient, but people that are just about run it and just it fits my lifestyle perfectly. the. the group's approach to post rice refueling is definitely appealing a, makes the legs feel better. but too much time spends in a bar in new york's lower east side probably won't help come the stall to the wills southernmost marathon. that's now just 2 weeks away. it's time to try and get race ready. oh oh. 000000000,
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i've come to florida to running my 1st ever organized hoffman with oh i, we have a brother here today, i believe from england. he is running here today. as a very short time he will be running in get this is rebecca. i know body. anyway, we also wish him all the luck in the world. i'm about to start finding out. if weeks of training have actually paid off with
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blue. hello, i'm barbara sorry, london, as these are the top stories on al jazeera, us and russian diplomats have wrapped up the 1st meetings in a week of diplomacy aimed at the escalating tension with ukraine. the talk to organize that to russia and tens of thousands of troops to its border with ukraine raising fears about a potential invasion. russia once legal guarantees that ukraine will never become a member of the nato alliance, a demand rejected by western allies. rosalind jordan reports now from washington d. c. on how the u. s. deputy secretary of state salter talks. wendy sherman's assessment was that to the meetings on monday about 8 hours worth of talks. with the survey rubric coffin, his delegation were useful. they were frank heard language,
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they were of straightforward again wendy sherman's language. but she said this wasn't a negotiation. this was really the attempt. she said for the u. s. and for russia to take the measure of each other's concerns. since of the meeting last summer, between president slide amir potent and joe biden, russia's president has claimed victory in defending neighbor kazakstan from what he calls a foreign backed uprising, letting me put in, deployed russian troops to kazakhstan and his promised leaders of other ex soviet states that a moscow led military alliance would protect them to more than $160.00 people were killed during last week's antique government protests. a quoted me and mar, has sentenced the ousted leader, uncensored she to a further for years in jail. so she was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkies and breaking corona virus restrictions. the sentence is on top of a 2 year jail term handed down. last, once at least 9 people were killed,
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most of them children in an accidental blast. then eastern afghanistan. witnesses say that children took what they thought was scrap metal to a food cart vendor hoping to exchange it. but it appears to have actually been an old of mortar shell, which then exploded. and millions of children have finally returned to the classroom in uganda after a coup. it's shut down last thing, almost 2 years. they've suffered the world's longest destruction to schooling because of the pandemic. but there is concerned that as many as a 3rd of pupils will not return al jazeera correspondent, why we run continues. now i'll have the news hour for you. just under half an hour of the in this florida run is a small scale community events where the emphasis for those running either
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a short distance or the 21 kilometer half marathon like me is fun. but i'm also building up to the rather more serious business of my 1st full marathon, which will be in the antarctic, a huge undertaking as far as i'm concerned. but some would argue it's the sort of thing humans, what to do. the distance running was key to our ancestors survival. when our feet are only means of transport. i room as a runner. humans who were not good at running were less, essentially in the evolutionary dust. hunting was a very basic aspect of what our ancestors did, and you have to run to get the game. and long distance running abilities are particularly effective that going for a long time. so the game, you can actually wear the animal down. you'll need a wide angle right here. we have the luxury of not exercising, working very little for food, of eating things that are high fat and high sugar in abundance. and i think that's
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very evolutionarily on national the, the way that i feel after an intense run is proof positive that that's something that were engineered mentally and physically to do is no other way to get that feeling that i've experienced. but something about running taps into something so deep in the 100 gathering days when you're in a pack hunting, a wild animal. i feel like this is a similar experience. more or less than a joint form does make me wonder just how useful out of been to my tribe, but i do at least make it to the finish line here. the when i was talking to father hoffman wrong seems to be pale, was actually quite enjoyable. i guess those are going to do now is twice the distance in a howling wind and in the freezing cold. so i should be the
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my parents who are on holiday nearby and do a great job boosting my confidence levels completely in your facility for you. if you go the film is only a marathon, you can stop and give up at any time killing yourself off or your life or toes and mothers, melodrama aside, my parents concerns to look to have some statistical backing. so we're supple, my age group, so i can, i'm going to be happy with that until you realize there's a 65 year old man, a 50 year old woman, and a 12 year old boy that will run faster than me. so i still a bit of work to run like this though, is really all about enjoying yourself, you know, right, but not all races,
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all as i'm a bounce of falling dale's through i. this is to lays a comment, doesn't my final stop before the topic of stuff a place to run would be hard to find it. but dr. hart does it's owner. it's also at altitude. so there's limited oxygen in the air. not one would think the obvious location for a marathon. i the guiding hand behind this expedition on the upcoming antarctic ice marathon is runa richard donovan. in 2012, he managed to get to and run a marathon on each of the world. 7 confidence in less than 5 days. now he's
11:37 pm
organizing a marathon on of l. k. no, it's kind of counter intuitive really in some ways, you know, bring people to altitude where they're going to be gas and for oxygen as you know, almost 15000 phase control in, you know, volcanoes. one of them is an active volcano and i just think that makes it attractive to people. it's such apparent lapses in human logic that make running fertile ground for philosopher and runner. mark rollins is a guy who burnt suits. canadian philosopher who ross is question, you know, if i suppose you could live in a utopia where everything that you could get to work, you can now quiet through the push of a button. what would you do? how would you spend your time in utopia? and his answer, i think is right, is that we would find ways of making things difficult for ourselves. you have this goal, and there are various ways of achieving it. and we choose a less than maximally efficient way. we choose a difficult way of achieving it,
11:38 pm
just so we can play the game. this volcano marathon is a case in point. an altitude of 4500 meters looms over the start line. that's not far off the heights of everest base camp. this event is less than a week before my antarctic rice. so i'm aiming to complete 3 quarters of the course the me to the me and hoping this rate will provide a final test and extreme conditions. rapidly apparently, the most brutal few hours of my running lights are far lawyer ahead of me. ah
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a shortage of oxygen, an oversupply of sun, sand, and up hill climbs. these are conditions that force everyone taking part to dig very deep. i'm struggling to breathe, struggling with the terrain. the urge to stop increases with every stride. you decide. you decide whether you go on whether you can do this, whether you can't do it. jonathan katz is a man who knows how i'm feeling. he's a psychologist who also enjoys running not just marathons, but 80 kilometer ultra marathons. i think challenging yourself. it has a very rewarding quality. i think there's a feeling of being alive, of pushing yourself, of, of constantly seeing what, you know, what you can do that really gets you aware of your own kind of mental and physical
11:40 pm
being when you push yourself to extreme way that i think it's very hard to get that and other parts of your life, me the internal discussion taking place in my head. he's my mind for whatever reason, ignoring the screaming appeals of my body. i carry on and do eventually hit the 30 column with a target. so i'm aiming for when you look at a marathon runners mentality, it's kind of like, why are you doing this? you know, it says painful. you know, you might even get injured, you know, running a little bit as healthy and running too much, may or may not be. so really points to the question of, you know, what, what exactly is the mechanism by which people are going to continue doing something, in spite of the pain? i think what it largely is, is that when, when you do that, when you're in pain and you're experiencing adversity and you carry on through it, it's such a great signal to yourself of success in motivation
11:41 pm
was, comes from yourself and where you find this. c other question, sometimes you don't know to you in the middle of the event, can be different from one event to another. in location such as these, you actually enjoy the room while you're suffering. and i think i must have the most envious career in the world at the moment that i watch people's offerings or in events at the end of every one that thank you for the hard smart and all that we've done through that because of that paper talk about that, that helplessly. if i ever do that, the top of the thing i've ever done, what out about this run was painful enough. i'm now about to take on a full marathon and possibly even harsher conditions. me around us on the southern tip of
11:42 pm
chilly is my jump off point for the uns, heartsick. a final briefing before we fly provides a worrying warning of the freezing temperatures that a waiter's, what really shuts down 1st is the fingers and toes. and you tend to get a bit around the growing of from spot to put his extra bit of a salt down that are as good a nice have ation as any to double check going have packed the right kids. so a lot of people ask me exactly what it is i'm going to be wearing to run this silly rice in the antarctic on your feet. spicy pretty regular pair of running shoes extra grip on the bottom. the fairly waterproof couple of lies of fixed socks. hopefully that will be enough on the body. it's just lots of thin layers. and then when freaked out to shout, pretty cool piece of kit are the here. this is obviously
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a face mask. hopefully that will protect you from the cold wind, but also allow you to breathe through these vents here. and then the most important thing, the halting bed in bro, testing some of that equipment is a practical step in my final preparations. but just as important is the need to get mentally ready and possibly the greatest appeal running has to meet its ability to relax and focus my mind. it's amazing how many times you can have, you know, 3 full things that you think the problems rolling around. the end of a run, you know, that everything actually becomes much clearer. it was a very important part of my life. while we were preparing to deliver in the limpid gauge, we call it auto pilot. when your intensity and the longevity of the run, instead a certain point is something about the active running that it's all hypnotizing. and it allows me to change my perspective on thoughts and
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ideas that i may have. and it gives me an ability to meditate on these things in a much calmer, clearer way. i've had plenty of time to meditate on what heading my weight, this upcoming run into the unknown has both concerned and captivated me. but after 6 months of training, i feel i'm as ready as i'll ever be to take, you know, it's a 4 and a half hour flight from punch arenas to the unthought to camp i and more than 50 other runners from 21 different countries are about to find out exactly what it is we've let us selves in for you wouldn't normally recommend that somebody get an environment where they haven't really trained for it properly, right? it's not a set up for failure, but it presents problematic level. you have to really be committed to
11:45 pm
not allowing yourself to go to the dark side. you have to come to peace with the fact that they're going to be so many unknowns. so you have to really open yourself up to the fact that you're going to experience many things that you can even anticipate. you don't want that piece to overwhelm you and blindside. so do you have to prepare yourself for the feeling of starting to get overwhelmed? not much can prepare you for the feeling of stepping into nature's deep freeze the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth minus 93 degrees celsius was on this continent. winds can hit 300 kilometers per hour. but for now, conditions around the tents we're staying in are relatively calm. so this is unit glacier can which will be yeah. or hung the next few days and it's around here. but i'll be running this marathon the south pole that is about 1000 kilometers in that
11:46 pm
direction. we're in a place so remote, even a penguins don't bother coming to visit, surrounding is on all sides of the ellsworth mountains that the highest mountain range in the antarctic should hopefully provide us with some protection from the high winds that can blow through here. but i have to say at the moment the weather is being really kind. so as and with all these layers on, i'm actually feeling quite warm. everyone is making the most of this weather window, knowing it's unlikely to last too long. this is going to be something strange, right? i've done lots marathons and i can already hear this going to be the hardest one of us. so i'll just be happy to finish my 1st marathon. i didn't train for so that was a whole different type of tough, but i don't think there'll be any comparison to the terrain. the cold, the wind. i think that it will be draining, but it will be also when we finish. no, we just did the next morning brings race day and some proper and thought
11:47 pm
to whether the temperature is dropping and solved to my confidence levels. last night was absolutely both sick. my tent, my, his sleeping bag not caught big enough to cover his head and his head actually froze to the camp. but it's about minus 20 now, on the cloud to coming in, you know, you're going into america and in an unusual location. and so it's not just a conventional road marathon, you're attempting, american or other factors are going to come into play, and that's the terrain and the environment you're running. and so you're actually doubling the efforts involved in many respects. i guess the advice i would gave us were approaches like an ocean, which is a distance longer than americans. and very often, the way people approach them is to go off very slow. it's not managing your resources. and if you think you're going, just go slower still the best advice i would give you is focus on the step in front
11:48 pm
of you and i can tell you you're going to have a task ahead of you in those conditions, especially ah, me months of training and imagining what this race would be like. reality is now well in truly biting. ah, with the draining effective the underfoot snow, an ice is immediate. the strength is being pulled out of my body with every pace. once that is caught firm, the next step, if i fully done a crevice quite difficult, it's kind of coming to their eyes. scogel down to frozen because you are going, go goes up your i don't the free shot. say i want to see difficulties. i'm starting
11:49 pm
to wonder whether or not a training running does it was absolutely audio preparation. in between the kilometers spent squinting through frozen goggles. i have to remember to take whatever chances i can to briefly defrost. that's really hard. we know that in a lot of winter sports, hockey and other things people sweat a lot, but because they don't feel hot or they don't feel as tired as they do and whether they might not feel the need to drink water. but i think that's when you need to be conscious about drinking water on a regular schedule. be it a lack of fluids in my system will too much ice in my eyes. it's not so long before i start to get somewhat confused warily. hopefully, we'll halfway. i kind of poked my drawing after about 8 miles, which isn't great. so that's the cause and the wave of nausea to sweep through the
11:50 pm
body, which is delightful. but it's kind of like how you expect that. but in the brief moments when my eyes on sold it together, it's so beautiful. the landscape is so stunning. it's just it's bryce and you just gotta keep going. as my physical state declines, i have to fight to stay mentally positive running. i try to remind myself, normally it makes me feel good and i have after all, chosen to be here. after 5, i was in 35 kilometer. so any sense of enjoyments as well and truly pass? ah, it's minus $25.00 degrees celsius and there's ice growing out of my chin. i'm immersed in the sort of mental and physical conflict that consumes most mouth and run as at some point. every step is hurting and giving me plenty of reasons to stop . but that same step is also taking me closer to the finish. if you push yourself
11:51 pm
in a marathon, under any conditions, are going to be points where there's nothing more that you want to do than stop. when those thoughts happen, it doesn't mean that's a problem. it just means that this is taxing and it's easier to think about ways of freeing yourself from that, which ultimately is just stopping and sitting on the ground. but if the goal is to continue, then you really need to give those very little thought and back to what's going to propel you to complete can't be a little pregnant here. it's either you finish your adult friend of mine said this to me during marathon training last year and i was going to give up at mile 17 during a training room. and the way he put it just for some reason, a logical sense and that was all i needed. he said to me, the decision to finish was made when he started running. and that's it. there's no other acceptable outcome but, and is this from me?
11:52 pm
oh it may not have been stylish in quick, but as to 6 hours and 21 minutes a forward motion. the finish line doesn't last a great to cooperate with my office. this message again at the end with bob joyce has been like a thought on the horizon for so long and so she just be in the hands how it is quite surveillance. you've actually finished the marathon. i conquered the lady. huge sensitive relief. fair amount of pain for just an overwhelming feeling of
11:53 pm
satisfaction. oh. be the right to hit the finish line in 1st. i've done, i don't know, maybe 160 marathons in my life, but nothing so beautiful. will the rice against yourself just to finish or running, has revealed itself to be that rarest of sports, where the rules are used to rights. ah me. and if you had at least what is your educational, what i mean, i think human being in general, and if it a competitive you finish these 5 k, you want to go to ban gay. even if you have more than you want to go mad at them, we own with like we a flag that he said dream of it. you can't play certain level of tennis if you
11:54 pm
don't have a certain skill set. but you can run a marathon, may be very slow, but you're willing to put a time and energy you can complete it today. thank you. this very few things in the world that you kind of own in that kind of way. it's very difficult to find the sort of time in your life, things you do for their own sake, and not for the sake of something else. i think running has become that for many people, a little colon or via lives, weeks, a life. now i'm going to do this, this just because i want to do it for no other reason. there isn't anything else you'd rather be doing, though sort of moments reveal the kind of value that it has run and gives you an opportunity to present like it's form of meditation very often because you can become so physically tired that you don't even have energy for tolts at some point and everything empties out of your head except what matters. and that's where you have your epiphany. i don't think i ever got runners high, so to speak until i, i,
11:55 pm
bro, 8 miles after that it was, it was done. i was never going to stop before that running was a task. now the task is waiting for the next run constantly searching for that high again. 2 that that feeling of euphoria is real and it has amazing effects on, on the quality of life. it's something that everybody should try. they should try to where they get to that point where they experience that because anybody that doesn't is really missing out on something that is right there for the taking ah, what i hadn't expected was this marathon becoming about so much more than getting fit that running would get on my skin so completely that training for i'm finishing it would push my body, but more importantly, take my mind to places it had never been before. now initially when i finish this
11:56 pm
run, i was happy just have come through it in one pace, but very quickly a sense of restlessness and depression. as i started to question what i just done, could i have run better? should i have trained harder? would i be faster in the future? i realized then as many others have before me finishing or races, railey the end. more often. it's just a detail on the way to the next one. i my name is melbourne. let me start of yoga. it's part of my indian heritage. understand it to be about transformation. the joke to the transforming western mentality is a lot about business and that's very different than the tradition. yoga was
11:57 pm
originally, yoga should belong to everyone. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized politicize and yoga on al jazeera. ah, ah ah, ah, right well, kate yoke had its 1st land falling soccer in the season. it called 50 that the one over hicho cody will come to an 2nd. tiffany 1st is dropped a fair amount of rain, the lottery, particularly inhabited area of australia, those who have who lives there used to this. because although
11:58 pm
a $120.00 millimeters of rain is pulling in cone, that's a 3rd of the average. so quite typically you get one or 2 of these per season anyway. now that storm will keep moving slowly westwards. this one is moving very slowly. this is its course over the last day or so. just wandering around between fiji and valley water. no. keep doing that till eventually had science was i think this is a big picture of a tuesday. then storms will form again in east victoria, a, c, t and new south wales perth remain pretty dry, quite warm at 37 degrees. obviously by this time, tiffany is over the water once more, but is heading towards darwin one to watch. and i feel now was the ne monsoon still blog is optically strong, that is still rain on the coast of vietnam. and some in the philippines is a fairly dry picture just here. the wet weather being for the south and further west, particularly of us for lanka, and rather less so of the indian mainland that process
11:59 pm
with nazareth, the home of jesus christ has long drawn pilgrims and visitors from around the world . hundreds of years. it's old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crops. people. this entry, those sounds of dwindled, a handful of businesses struggling on, but hearing that splashes of color show signs of a fight. resigns obese dani decided to renovate an old warehouse and to work and live in the old city with a mission. it me and another person opens the work that he was talking organically and will open my young palestinian is really designers and entrepreneurs have been moving in, inspired by earlier artists to let them on. once that were 450 businesses operating in the old city, now there are just 50. the old cities always be in the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again. it will come back
12:00 am
because the city still have very much for ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, and barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia says no progress was made on ruling out ukrainian membership of nato at talks with the us, the east pensions on the border with ukraine. and this is vladimir putin claims victory in defending kazakhstan and promises to protect.


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