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like on equal to broadcasting thumbnails have been august, i'd be happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year reward for the 5th year running. ah, russia says no progress was made on ruling out. ukrainian membership of nato talks with the us aim, that easing conscience over ukraine. ah, hello and barbara sarah, are you watching? alger 0 life from london also coming up vladimir putin. it claims victory in defending kazakstan and promises to protect the leaders of other ex soviet states from so called color revolutionists. i was before danielle ortega,
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begins his 4th term as the correct was president, the u. s. and the you hit 2 of his children with sanctions and not jock, which returns to the tennis court. upper a judge rules that he can stay in australia, but his battle is an over yet. ah, us and russian. diplomat serv. wrapped up the 1st meeting in a week of diplomacy aimed at d escalating pension over ukraine. the talks were organized after rushes and tons of thousands of troops to its border with ukraine raising fears about a potential invasion. but russia says there was no progress on it's the man that nato who lacked membership for ukraine. shawna hold reports. it is an achievement of sorts. the talks between russia and the united states in geneva didn't end in failure. they were never likely to be a major success. but while russia insisted it had no intention of invading ukraine,
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there remains little sign of an immediate end to the crisis. it's not the situation we're ah, a deal breaker one way or another. he's in the vision. unfortunately, we have a great disparity in our principal approaches to these us and russia in some ways, ah, have opposite views on what needs to be done. us negotiators trod carefully, they promised they wouldn't be talk of ukraine security without ukraine present. this instead, a chance to air respective concerns and get a measure of russia's true intent with tensions at their highest since the end of the cold war points of dispute between russia and the u. s. are plentiful, but ukraine is perhaps most urgent. russia has supported a separatist conflict there for 8 years now, and the presence of a 100000 russian troops on ukraine's border threatens
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a new war in europe. russia wants legal guarantees that ukraine will never become a member of the nato alliance. a demand flatly rejected by western allies. on monday, ukraine's deputy prime minister met the nato secretary general talks with russia will widen on wednesday to include nato members in brussels. and then the o. s. c. e. in vienna, on thursday. what russia is doing is tries to impose its agenda is stand of returning to the negotiation table. and we have that very clearly, that we will never compromise on the right for every nation in you'd have to choose his own path, including old cornel security arrangements in one. so to be a part of early russia's deputy foreign minister suggested the u. s. had not taken seriously his country's demands that ukraine never be allowed to join nato, that some formula fine by continuing to press what is
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a solid western red line. russia may be showing its hand that president clinton may not intend this week of talks to succeed at all, but rather to use them as a pretext for war. joan, a whole al 0 or russians deputy foreign minister says the country has no plans to invade ukraine, but the us, some bastard to the un, has her doubts. i wish to believe him. i wish that it is true that they have no plans, but everything we've seen so far indicate that they are making motions in that direction. and if they have decided not to move forward because of our engagement with them over the course of the past few weeks with president biden speaking to president putin twice. ah, then that's a good thing. but we will continue to prepare and to plan for responding. should they take any actions against ukraine?
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when meanwhile, rushes president has claimed victory in defending neighbor kazakstan from what he calls a foreign backed uprising. more than a 160 people were killed during last week's anti government protests, which turned into the countries worse than rest. the in recent history, vladimir putin deployed russian troops to kazakhstan and his promised leaders of other ex soviet states that moscow led military alliance would protect them to hazard leader, cussing germany pic, i f, as described the protests as an attempted coo and says the security threat has now been washed, nearly $8000.00 people have been detained over the demonstrations, which were sparked by rising fuel prices and anger of the government robin for a steer. walker reports now from tbilisi. so the moscow lead security block, the c s t o, it's 1st real military intervention has been a success president. hawkeye of kazakhstan told his counterparts on monday that the
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deployment prevented what he called terrorist groups, and taking control of his country, especially with america solely by a constitutional order in kazakhstan has been restored. dangerous threats to the country security have been prevented as part of the anti terrorist operation. work is underway to identify persons involved in crimes. nationwide, protests threatened to unseat president, archive when they turned violent. he fired political rivals, including the powerful ex president, and called in the c s t o. last wednesday. within 24 hours, troops under russian command were on the ground bolstering took, i have so authority. the solution vladimir putin has made clear. the c s t owes long term objective. when is that, when we, when you, my amsterdam we different of course we understand that the events in cassock stand
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are not the 1st and far from the last attempt at outside interference in the internal affairs of our states. and the measures taken clearly showed that we would not allow such interference. so cold color revolution scenarios to take place on the castle 30, say their so called counter terrorism operation is almost complete. around 8000 people have been detained so far. but this celebrated kia guest musician beaten into confessing he was a jobless thug for higher costs doubt. on the official narrative after republic outcry from kyrgyzstan, he's been freed. there is a consensus among observers that this crisis has little to do with international terrorism. absolute nor getting suppose agent said, i am sure that the clown which lost its powers behind this joseph. they wanted to regain the power by violence by overthrow to quiet life. inno mattie is
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returning to a semblance of normality. but the news on monday that 3 senior officers from the security services had died to from suicide raises further questions about what really is her sarcasm star robin 1st year walker, elders here. ah, the inauguration of nicaragua present the narrow figure is about to begin in the capitol managua. he's being sworn in for a forced term or take it was re elected in november in a vote that the u. s. and the you called a sham several opposition candidates were arrested before the vote and independent election observers and journalists were banned ours before the inauguration, the u. s. and the european union announced new sanctions on 7 nicaraguan officials . 2 of them or take as children will our latin america to the senior joins us live
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now from santiago. so the u. s. and e, you called the whole vote. a sham, much of the international community thinks that the election was illegitimate, but he still has some powerful friends. so who showed up for the inauguration? well funny you should ask because of about if you just a few minutes ago, we learned that as well as president nichol asthma. laura landed in managua. he's at the airport right now. presumably on his way to the ceremonial site where that inauguration is going to take place earlier, the president of cuba. these are venezuela and but our of course, or take us closest regional allies. and i would say at this point practically his only regional allies, everyone else or just about every other country in the regions snubbed the inauguration as a sign of protest. but he also has the support of russia. iran, china who has, which has sent a rather high level delegation as
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a way of saying thank you to president ortega for having broken relations with taiwan late last year in december. in fact, just ahead of this in or duration. so those are his friends, his enemies are, his foes are the european union, the united states, most of the people in the region who believe that the his 4th consecutive turn in office is illegitimate. and that he should not be there yet. and because of that, the, you and the u. s. have, of course announced these late and sanctions. how much of an impact do you think they're actually gonna have on the 3 i nobody really. that believes at least no one that i have spoken to believes that they will have much practical impact. and certainly in slaying president, danielle ortega to mend his ways. if you like to hold new elections or more transparent elections in the future, even for a regional or, or
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a legislative elections, or to release some of the 170 political prisoners that he has right now. however, they do service away as a sort of a consolation prize. that was the way that one of the main opposition did it. i spoke to a short while ago and was in exile in costa rica, put it. she told me that it at least shows the nicaraguan people that the world is watching and that it realizes that nicaraguans are suffering because of their lack of democracy. newman, with the latest on that from santiago. lucy, i think you about 10000 people have fled villages in northwest nigeria that were attacked by gunman last week. at least 200 people were killed when criminal gangs went through shooting people and burning homes. president mohammed heidi is condemned to violence, calling it an act of desperation by mass murderers. he has vowed to deploy more
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military resources to the area. the attacks followed airstrikes by the military on the gangs hideout. marley's military rulers are strongly condemned. new sanctions imposed only by the economic community of west african states labeling the measures illegal at a summer to indiana on sunday. the regional blocks that its members will close their borders with molly, recall their bachelors and cut aid over delays to return to civilian rule valleys. leader wants to hold elections at the end of 2025 instead of next month. molly reacted by announcing it will recall it. some bachelors enclosed its borders. so the come in this half hour me and mars ousted leader and some, some tea. a sentence to 4 more years in prison after her latest trial. and was really scientists, peach pecked to dr. does it sound fishing? well, we'll explain a little a
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right well kate yolk has had its 1st land falling soccer and the season it cold. 50 . that the one over here co cody will come to in a 2nd. tiffany 1st dropped a fair amount of rain, the valerie particularly inhabited area of australia. those who have who lives there are used to this cause. although a $120.00 millions of rains fallen in cone, that's a 3rd of the average. so quite typically you get one or 2 of these per season anyway . now that storm will keep moving slowly westwards. this one is moving very slowly . this is its course over the last day or so. just wandering around between fiji and valley water. no. keep doing that until it eventually had science was i think this is a big picture of a tuesday. then storms will form again in east victoria. a, c,
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t and new south wales purse remain pretty dry and quite warm at 37 degrees. obviously by this time tiffany is over the water once more, but it's heading towards darwin. one to watch i feel now was the ne monsoon still blog is optically strong, that is still rain on the coast to vietnam. and some in the philippines is a fairly dry picture just here. the wet weather being for the south and further west, particularly of isreal anchor, and rather less so of the indian mainland that far south a step beyond the comfort zone. where assumptions are challenged. travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live with probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in how
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quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also a perception witness? on al jazeera lou. ah, a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, us and russian diplomats of wrapped up the 1st meeting in a week of diplomacy in the escalating patients over ukraine. russia has sent tens of thousands of troops towards border with ukraine raising fears of a potential invasion. russia's president, meanwhile, as claimed victory and defending neighboring kazakstan from what he called a foreign backed uprising, more than 160 people were killed during last week's anti government protests. and
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the inauguration of nicaragua, president daniel ortega is about to begin in the capital man and what is being sworn in for a 4th term. us and european union have called his election a sham. earlier they announced new sanctions on 2 of his children and 7 nicaraguan officials are serving and tennis starting of a joke of age. so he still wants to compete in the australian open after being released from immigration detention. the 34 year old tweeted on monday that he was grateful and australian judge overturned his visa cancellation and said he wants to stay down under to play the australian government cancel job, which is visa and place them in detention late last wednesday, after officials decided he didn't meet coban 19 entry requirements. fans have held that rally is outside the hotel that he was being held in. the tennis champion successfully challenged the ruling in court, but it's not certain that he will actually play in melbourne. the immigration
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minister could cancel his visa a 2nd time all nova jock, which is mother a spoke of her joy at a news conference in belgrade. doctor dol. oh boy, the man you're to meet us is to greatest victory ever greater than all his grand slams. honestly agree, he's not guilty of anything. you've done nothing wrong, nothing against a loss. but he was suffering, oldest torture. we've all seen that was that clark joins us live now from bit brisbin as so, sir, obviously the question, every one is asking, will he actually play in the australian open? is there any clarity over that will there's still no guarantee that he will participate in the australian icon which starts next monday. and of course, that's because the final decision does to lie in the hands of the immigration minister. now the tournament director, they need to finalize the drawing. of course tuesday is the deadline for entries. and of course john, which is the draw caught player tennis australia,
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wants him to play that with the ones who initially approved his exemption, had to travel and cause joke of it once a shot at the 21st grand slam title and defend at these try and open title as well, dr. which had a late night session on the court. he also spoke for the 1st time by social media. and this, of course, he was thanking his supporters and said he is here to compete. and we had those extraordinary scenes outside his lawyers, offices after his release from the detention hotel, we had people surrounding a car. they believed joke which was in and of course one person jumped on top of that vehicle. police then use pepper spray to try and clear those crowds and one man was arrested and may be charged with the salting police. so we've also had the association of tennis professionals who bought released a statement in the last half an hour. and they have noted that they understand all the sacrifices that the australians have made during the covered tourist or church travel restrictions. they've also said that the continually strongly recommend
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vaccination for all players on the atp tour, but they have welcomed the court decision. so we've seen some extraordinary scenes or the last 24 hours and joked, which of course is now being released from this hotel detention. yeah, really is a story that is captured the world's attention. so what are the options now for the australian government, especially because the world is watching well, the immigration minister here ivan, art, has said that he is still considering his options. a chris trane who was in court yesterday representing at the australian government, says that the immigration minister still reserves the power to remove dr. rich from australia. and this ruling, of course, doesn't guarantee that he will compete, as i mentioned. and the government still has the right to cancel the visa again. so that could be the 2nd time the government will be fighting to uphold these very tough board restrictions that we've had in place during covered. and we expect the government to make a final statement today to see whether or not they do go back again and revoke that
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visa for a 2nd time objective. is sarah clark, joining us live from brisbin. the sarah. no, you're following old twists and turns of this story, but for the moment, thank you. now sweeping vaccine mandate for large businesses has come into effect in the us. despite the countries, the highest court still considering its legality. the mandate applies to companies with more than 100 employees, meaning that 80000000 workers are now required to be vaccinated against coven, 19 or face weekly testing. employers who don't comply could face thousands of dollars in fines. on friday, the supreme court heard 2 cases challenging the mandates, but the justices are yet to rule. about 62 percent of americans are fully vaccinated. meanwhile, italy has tightened its restrictions for those who aren't vaccinated against coven 19 significantly limiting their access to a range of everyday activities. what's known as
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a super green pass will now be required for taking public transport and entering most public places, including restaurants, hotels, gyms and museums. the past shows whether someone has been fully vaccinated or has recently recovered from coven 19, and means a negative test will now no longer be accepted. the government has also introduced mandatory vaccinations for everyone over the age of 50 or millions of children have finally returned to the classroom. in uganda, after a coven shut down, lasting nearly 2 years, they've suffered the world's longest disruption to schooling because of the pandemic president you where in the 70 credits uganda as high vaccination rate for the reopening. but there is concern, as many as a 3rd of pupils will not return because they either started working or for some of the goals became pregnant. most public schools have been offered virtual lessons since they closed in march. 2020 education sector has been he tub.
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ah, you know, it is one of the biggest sectors in the country are having our own over 15000000 students in the country now. but the ministry of education also tried to print a walk, which was a distributed countrywide for the parents to see how do i 60 ah, the children well at home been at destruction for some parents and children. the relationships are not going to be the same. other children, unfortunately have become parents or within, discovered times or look downs a 2 year period and they probably will never go back to school. they have become pregnant. ah, others, in certain cases, parents may never be able to get jobs again to be able to support their children.
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so it's been a myriad of challenges, but nevertheless we are very happy that we are seeing the light of the, again a caught in me and my, her sentence, the ousted leader. and since, and she to a further for years in jail. so she was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkies and breaking corona virus restrictions. the sentence is on top of a 2 year jail term handed down last month. 20 chang reports from neighboring thailand. so as she cast her balance in 2019 election, it looked as if me on mars democratic future was assured, 14 months later, hung sand suit. she may well spend the rest of her life in detention doorways and they do. i was at the latest round of sentencing amounts to an extra 4 years. in addition to a previous sentence, 2 years ago, 2 of the cases in which he was found guilty with the illegal possession of walkie talkies. the charge that some say is an example of how trumped up the accusations
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against her are those walkie talkies belong to the body. guards provided to her by the ministry of home affairs and guest who runs the ministry home affairs. it's a, it's a ranking military officer per the 2008 constitution. so, you know, the military should be actually charging itself with malfeasance in bringing in on license walkie talkies rather than the person who's a house. they happened to find them in on san sushi and her party, the national league for democracy, of one every election in myanmar since 2012 by a substantial margin. if, as the military government has proposed, you elections are held, she would be a very difficult opponent to beat. although her international reputation was tarnished when she appeared to defend the actions of yeah, most military fritz crack down against for a hang of muslims. she remains an i come for democracy at home, but despite her detention for the past 11 months, resistance to the military coup, remain strong. whether it be uncensored, she or the president of me, and more,
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or anyone else, with thousands and thousands who have been arrested in the chain and are facing trumped up charges. ah enough is enough. this is unacceptable. and will not be accepted by, by the international cri age 76 on sun. so she has already spent decades of her life and attention this latest sentence. and the outstanding charges she still faces could remove her from the political stage for the foreseeable future. ah, but a new generation of protest is, has taken to the street since the military coup, their persistence suggests they'll continue the fight for democracy with or without . so tony chang houser, the netherlands finally has a new government almost 10 months after parliamentary elections and following the longest coalition talks in the country's history. and after all of that, the government is made up of the same for parties that were forced to step down
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last year over a child care benefit scandal from the hague, steadfast and reports also being sworn in by king william alexander, prime minister market, to start his 4th term in office, but it is the longest serving european leader to gather wit, victor alban from hungary, and nearly the longest serving prime minister in dutch history. a have to give us the feeling that he c o one. that edition new era. every new ideas are with turn. now maybe with, with, with, to try her to be again, are connected. where to people. can he do that? i don't know. the speaker. oh, the netherlands has become increasingly polarized since the start of the pandemic with nearly weekly anti government protests, dozens of protests as held a rally during the cabinet inauguration. the 1st issue on the agenda is to regain
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trust. research shows that trust and politics, politicians, and state institutions has gone down from 70 percent to 29 percent in the past. here, the main question is now can the same prime minister and the same coalition party when this back after this government was forced to resign early last year, the new cabinet looks very much the same as the old one. but instead of putting a cap on spending, this one aims to allocate billions of dollars to climate policies and housing and aims to be more pro european. many dodge photos aren't impressed. i think it will be the same as last. so if the prime minister stays is the same. tom nick totally nothing. i don't expect anything at all if it's gone, get any worse than it is already. the main frustration is the way the government has handled the cobra plan that make compared to other european nations. the netherlands has strict locked down measures in place. the public places shops and
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restaurants close due to high infection rates and the late start of the booster campaign. what i experience in the netherlands is a political leadership that's really follows the trance in society rather than leads it. it seems that in the netherlands, looking at the polls and looking at the sentiment in the, in, in the, in the population is more important for your political decisions in the next 3 weeks than really having a vision and leading the population to destination. while many hope that this government will offer a long term vision to handle the damage the current lockdown, which is in place until the end of this week, will most likely be extended, steadfast and al jazeera. the hake, the pilot of a light aircraft has narrowly escaped best in california after a crash landing on a railway line. oh was you can see a train hit his plane which had lost power shortly after takeoff. now,
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just moments before police had pulled the pilot out of the aircraft and dragged them to safety. he was treated for injuries and hospital. no one on the train was hurt. shocking. now they might have terrible memories, but it seems a gold fish can learn how to drive. well, not really, but scientists from israel's been gurian university have developed. would they call a fish operated vehicle? it uses remote sensing technology to control the vehicle and has a mounted tank. so the driver is and left feeling like a fish out of water. 6 goldfish were given 10 driving lessons and rewarded with food. possibly proving that if you teach a fish to drive it will eat for a lifetime. surprisingly it doesn't take the fish a long time to learn how to drive the vehicle. a they're very confused at 1st. they don't know what's going on, but they're very quick to realize that there's
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a correlation between their movement and their movement of the machine that they're in. so it's something that they learn quite quickly. and you can get more on that. and the other stories that we've been covering on our website, the address al jazeera dotcom. for a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, us and russian diplomats have wrapped up the 1st meeting in a week of diplomacy and the escalating tension over ukraine. the talks organized after rushes and tens of thousands of troops to its border with ukraine raising fears about a potential invasion. russia wants legal guarantees that ukraine will never become a member of the nato alliance and demand a demand rejected by western allies. russia's deputy foreign minister says the.


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