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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will but you can use in current affairs that matter to you. the u. s. as there has been, no breakthrough at high stake talks with russia on the crisis in ukraine. ah, you're watching all 0 life from headquarters in south. i'm debbie navigator, also a heads. russian president claims victory in another theatre of tension would the west flood repentance as moscow's intervention averted a revolt in kazakhstan sanctions on inauguration day, the u. s. acts against entities linked to the nicaraguan president hours before he
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takes office for a 4th term on prominent opposition, groups and sudan. boycott the u. ends efforts to end violent protests against the military rulers. ah, hello us and russian diplomats have wrapped up the 1st meetings at a week of diplomacy aimed at d escalating detentions on ukraine's border. moscow has spent the last few months gathering its forces on ukraine's eastern flank raising fears about an invasion. but moscow ones guarantees that nato will not accept any new members, and that ukraine will not be allowed to join the military alliance, shown a whole reports. it is an achievement of sorts. the talks between russia and united states in geneva didn't end in failure. they were never likely to be a major success. but while russia insisted it had no intention of invading ukraine,
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there remains little sign of an immediate end to the crisis. it's not the situation we're ah, a deal breaker one way or another. he's in the vision. unfortunately, we have a great disparity in our principled approaches to these us and russia in some ways, ah, have or was it views on what needs to be done? us negotiators trod carefully. they promised they wouldn't be talk of ukraine security without ukraine present. this instead, a chance to air respective concerns and get them measure of russia's true intent with tensions at their highest since the end of the cold war points of dispute between russia and the u. s. are plentiful, but ukraine is perhaps most urgent. russia has supported a separatist conflict there for 8 years now, and the presence of a 100000 russian troops on ukraine's border threatens
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a new war in europe. russia wants legal guarantees that ukraine will never become a member of the nato alliance. a demand flatly rejected by western allies. on monday, ukraine's deputy prime minister met the nato secretary general talks with russia will widen on wednesday to include nato members in brussels. and then the o. s. c. e. in vienna, on thursday. what russia is doing is tries to impose its agenda instead of returning to the negotiation table. and we are state that very clearly that we will never compromise on the right for every nation in you'd have to choose his own pulse, including what kind of security arrangements in wants to be part of earlier russia's deputy foreign minister suggested the u. s. had not taken seriously, his countries demand that ukraine never be allowed to join nato. that's an ominous sign by continuing to press what is a solid western red line?
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russia may be showing its hand that president may not intend this week of talks to succeed at all, but rather to use them as a pretext for war. jonah whole algae 0 from washington. rosalind jordan has more on how american negotiators reacted to the meeting. wendy sherman's assessment was that to the meetings on monday about 8 hours worth of talks. with the survey ruba coffin, his delegation were useful. they were frank, her language. they were of straightforward again wendy sherman's language. but she said this wasn't a negotiation. this was really the attempt, she said for the u. s. and for russia to take the measure of each other's concerns . since the meeting last summer between president slide amir putin and joe biden. now this is a situation where sherman says, the us is very steadfast, that it is opposed to an invasion of ukraine, although it was not specifically discussed at monday's meeting. she did say that
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the u. s. is trying to find a way to resurrect the intermediate of missile a treaty that the u. s. and others say that the russians have broken by stationing of medium range missiles around its territory aimed at western europe been. she also said that one thing is not going to change the idea that nato is not going to open its membership to countries that want to be members. she said that would be infringing on those countries right? to decide how to conduct their foreign policy. she did say there's a lot of work to do, but this is just the beginning and whether the russians are trying to basically create a situation to justify an invasion of ukraine. she said, well, we'll just have to see what they're actually doing. let's discuss this further with kimberly martin who is joining us from new york. she's a professor political science and bernard college and a faculty member at columbia university harriman institute. welcome to al jazeera.
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so back in december, following virtual negotiations between the russian president and the u. s, president, you said that it was unclear at the time whether talks had achieved de escalation. so when you look at today's events, no breakthroughs, but would you say that things have gone well intentioned, i've been lowered i'm not sure that tensions have been lowered, but it's good that the 2 sides are still talking. and as your report mentioned earlier, it's very unclear whether these talks will actually have any impact on decision making. i think his decision about what to do in ukraine will have much more to do with a cost benefit analysis of what russia would gain or lose by militarily intervening than it is by how these talks grow. so rough, so trying to see what kind of pressure it can apply. i think that's certainly correct. i think that putin is just trying anything that he can to see what might work. but we also have to remember that the background is as a k g
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b officer. he very much enjoys using deception against his opponents. and so anything that appears to be what he's doing on the surface may not be what his actual intentions are underneath. look ahead to this, we cover the broader talks involving nato, fit into all of this, and what do we need to be looking out for, for from either side. i think it's significant that russia is meeting with nato once again, because in october of 2021, russia temporarily at least, withdrew from the nato russia council. in anger, after i think it was a russian diplomats had been expelled from benito group as being undercover spies. so it's very significant that the talks are actually happening. that in itself is a sign of progress. but i think we should keep in mind that nato has 30 members who have very different interests from each other. and so we should not look at this as being russia, nato negotiations. as much as it is just opening
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a conversation that could lead to some kind of arms control arrangement going forward and just sit back to the u. s. for, for a moment, because, you know, going into these talks that took place earlier today they were portrayed as being at a cold war level high. if you think the relationship between these 2 nations can be mended. i think there's a possibility depending on how who to decide who wants to play his card. i think there's a real possibility of coming up with some sort of european wide arms control agreement that would prevent the deployment of long range missiles on european territory. the appropriate place to negotiate that might be through the s c, where russia is holding a meeting on thursday, because it would involve more than just nato members since ukraine, which is not a native member, is also developing its own long range missile capability as we speak and look on
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the issue of the europeans, they don't have a seat at the table right now. during these talks, at least, reports do suggest divisions on this unity between washington. and it's your opinion, allies on how to approach russia and divisions in fact, between european countries themselves. so how do you think that they're looking into all this and what are they making of the talks? we are absolutely right that the european union, which has not traditionally been much of a security organization, has expressed as class or that is not meeting with russia. but we have to remember that there is a very large degree of overlap between european union membership and nato membership. and so it's not that european voices are not being included. it's just that the european union as a separate organization is not being included. but i think the major disconnect that we find in nato that has been there for a very long time and continues. are the traditional bold if you want to look at it that way. nato members, the people who are the original natal members versus the newer members. people like
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poland and hungary that have a very different vision of what they want to have their own political systems look like. both poland and hungary have been moving in a more authoritarian direction at home. and also poland is much more fearful of russian intentions than some other countries are like, may be germany and france and italy that have significant energy relationships with russia. thank you so much. kimberly martin for joining us from new york. thank you for having me. now the russian president has claim victory and defending neighboring context on from what he calls a foreign back to uprising more than $160.00 people were killed during last week's anti government protest, which turned into the country's worst unrest and recent history. robin forest walker reports from tbilisi. so the moscow lead security block, the c s t o, it's 1st real military intervention has been a success. where president hawkeye of kazakhstan told his counterparts on monday
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that the deployment prevented what he called terrorist groups from taking control of his country, especially america. so they buy a constitutional order, and kazakhstan has been restored, dangerous threats to the country security have been prevented as part of the anti terrorist operation. work is underway to identify persons involved in crimes. oh, nationwide, protests threatened to unseat president, archive when they turned violent. he fired political rivals, including the powerful ex president, and called in the c s t o. last wednesday. within 24 hours, troops on the russian command were on the ground. bolstering took ives authority. distribution of vladimir putin has made clear. the c s. t o's, long term objective, is that we, when you manage to somebody different, of course, we understand that the events in kazakhstan are not the 1st and far from the last
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attempt at outside interference in the internal affairs of our states. and the measures taken clearly showed that we would not allow such interference. so cold color revolution scenarios to take place on the castle 30, say their so called counter terrorism operation is almost complete. around 8000 people have been detained so far. but this celebrated kia guest musician beaten into confessing he was a jobless thug for higher costs, doubts on the official narrative. after a public outcry from kingston, he's been freed. there is a consensus among observers that this crisis has little to do with international terrorism. absolute no good. suppose agents the glam sure that the climb which lost its powers behind the city, they wanted to regain the power by violence by overthrown to class life massey is
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returning to assemblage of normality. but the news on monday that 3 senior officers from the security services had died to from suicide raises further questions about what really is happening inside catholic star. robin 1st year walker al jazeera us and european union have impose new sanctions on nicaraguan officials following an election that's been described as rigged. the coordinated action comes with president daniel ortega said to be sworn in for a 4th term. he was re elected in november and a vote that the u. s. and you call a sham several opposition? candidates were arrested during campaigning and independent election observers band or latin america editor of the seeing him. and he's joining us from santiago and surely. so let's see of the vast majority of regional governments, the e u and the u. s. have really all snob, daniel ortega is invitation to take part in the, in your ration, but not totally isolated. is he?
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no, he is not. in fact, interestingly enough, the and all the ration was supposed to have started about 30 minutes ago instead. but his whalers president nicole last, my voter showed up at the airport. he arrived so that ceremony has not started yet . and at the same time, president ortega at this hour, we understand his meeting with a high level chinese delegation, signing, economic, and technological accords. so he is, he does have the support of course, venezuela and cubans president who is also attending, as well as china, russia, iran, those countries. but as you will mentioned, it practically, no one else in the region. mexico has gone back and forth saying it would. and then would not send a delegation at the end. i think that the deputy ambassador will be attending the ceremony. very, very low key. indeed, ortega is fairly isolated, but those who do support him still not seem to remind a lot of people,
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including myself of the old cold war days when daniel to go 1st came to power back to 1979. when the sandinista revolution triumphed. daniel ticket was elected as president and 1985, and those were the days when there were countries that were opposed to each other. and if they, if you were an enemy of the united states, you supported nicaragua, that sort of thing. we're beginning to see again, but this time in a, in a very, very different time in history. so what's the response been on the sanctions imposed by the u. s. and the e u. i mean, is there a belief that the sanctions will have an impact at all when certainly it's too soon, but these are not the kind of sanctions that would paralyze any economy. they will, however, sting some members of the ortega, family, members of the high ranking members of the military of the communications department and of the electoral council who will no longer have to go to the united
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states will not be able to access bank accounts in the united states or in europe for example, i did speak to an opposition leader who was an exile in, in re gusty says that while it will not have a really strong political impact in terms of swaying president ortega to change the way he is governing. they will at least send a message to the nicaragua, people that the world is watching and that it cares. thank you so much. lucy newman reporting from chilling still had on al jazeera, the dutch government is sworn and after almost 10 months of coalition taught me more as elsa liter uncensored, she is found guilty of illegally possessing walkie talkies and sentence to more jail time. ah
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1st it snowed that it was freezing rain and there's just freezing. the real cold air in north america is this bit here, is just going through newington the eastern side of canada and you'll feel it in the strength the window be wind, chill two's. the forecast for tuesday. snow is going to be off shore because it is cold. dry air, not much in land, but look, the attempt is my say to not to one minus 6 in new york, that before you think of the windshield, is the coldest place in north america, with the exception of yucatan, which is really off our charts. on the pacific coast got more rain coming to seattle. it's been flooding recently in washington. this will not help because it's more rain coming in for the next 2 days and had a study south and february 9th. but beyond that, the sun is dominant attempts to risen in new york a time to get to wednesday. so the carrier be in the gulf, mexico, the trade winds, which dominate here, so shows where you might expect them. but the wind halston to sherry activity, i think in mexico, belize in honduras in south america has been
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a lot of rain recently in brazil, particularly on the eastern side. this is the north east. so when the tributaries to the amazon, and that's the result, there's more rain to come in, brazil, not necessarily in the same place, but it's there and it stretches down to what looks like a rather wet rio. ah frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken. luca shenker, even though perhaps the believe in the beginning that it was informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from the young people. that is one of the most helpful things come out of this critical debate. do you think a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give tommy a child wants inside story on our jazeera. ah
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ah. hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, the sour us and russian diplomats of wrapped up the 1st meetings in a week of diplomacy in the escalating the tensions on ukraine's order for us as deputy foreign minister, called in discussions complex unrest. precedence has claim victory and defending neighbor and conflicts on from what he called the foreign back uprising. more than 160 people were killed during last week's anti government process. the us and european union have imposed new sanctions on nicaraguan officials after elections that have been described as rings. it comes on the same day. president daniel ortega said to be sworn in for a 4th term. the united nations has begun meetings at heart june
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to find a way to end violence, pro democracy protests that have paralyzed to done since and october military coup . but some protest groups like this to the needs professionals association are rejecting the you engine intervention. they're demanding the removal of the military from power as a precondition to engage in any negotiation. you and envoy 1st don volker perth, as hopes the consultations would help find a compromise and roughly, and how long the time has come to and violence. and to enter a comprehensive process to solve the crisis, that's why we initiated an international mission. and we invited the political and social play and governmental and non governmental, including the political party on groups and civil society. women's groups resisting groups participate, talk to me, and i can say that the military didn't oppose our initiatives, and that is important. i'm not talking about people in the military is present and
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they have their own opinions and interests. but they didn't object the initiative. what the conflict in northern, if you was one of the topics discussed during a phone call between the u. s. president on a few few as prime minister of the med joe biden race concerns about the air strikes and tight t gray region. in the latest incident, at least 56 people were killed in the town debit on friday, the one has called for a cease fire fighting between the government and local forces, and the t guy region has killed thousands on displaced 1000000. they had us, molly's transitional government says he is ready to talk to a west african leaders after they impose sanctions on his country. the echoes block made the move in response to the military gentle pushing back elections until 2025 . a juncture has recalled ambassadors and announced border closures amid the rising tensions. nicholas hoc reports a war torn country now isolated from its neighbors. there's
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a sense of panic and anger spreading in molly's capital, bama co. people rush to banks, petrol stations, and markets for provisions. after the west african body eco was announced a raft to sanctions, including the closing of air and land borders and the halting of financial transactions with west african countries. one with my ipad is it was, it was some and b. what molly wont be able to withstand? the latest sanctions we don't have access to the ocean and we need the ports of senegal and ivory coast to get goods into our country. for business owners, the economic sanctions are suicidal. in december, the transitional government led by the military gentle leader. i see me going to, i said it would delay presidential elections schedule in february to another 5 years following national consultations on sunday. this made west african heads a fleet gathered to impose further sanctions on molly, asking for return to civilian rule charles, donal phosphate as much as we are aware of the complex situation in the country,
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we think that all elliptical economical and social reforms looking to reshape molly can only be headed by democratically elected authority. greta orchestrated 2 successive crews in 2020, and in 2021. after detaining the president and prime minister, he named himself president of molly's transition. his transitional government was quick to denounced the west african sanctions. with this announcement made on national television, the government money called on intersect, marie condemned is sanctioned on local and illegitimate. that's curious that the sanction come at a time when the mullin army are making spectacular progress in the fight against terrorism. it's almost 10 years since french forces intervene in northern molly to repel arm groups linked to al qaeda. despite their present than 14000 un peacekeepers, the security situation has deteriorated dramatically. millions of millions are displaced, unable to return home groups linked to isis in the cader or gaining grounds. in central molly, i see me go to the government,
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hired russian fighters to help tackle the security situation. much to the ire with the former colonial power france who announced a withdrawal of troops for the countries leadership bringing lasting peace. molly mean, if you sacrifices and changing its relationship with both friends and its neighbors, no matter the cost. nicholas hawk al jazeera, the netherlands has a new governments almost 10 months after parliamentary elections. these have been the longest coalition talks in the country's history. the government is made up of the same for parties that were forced to step down last year after a child care benefits scandal. step austin, reports from the hague. also being sworn in by king william alexander, prime minister marker to start his 4th term in office. but it is the longest serving european leader to gather with victor alban from hungry and nearly the longest serving prime minister in dutch history. a have to give us the feeling that
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he c o one. but it is in new era. every new ideas are with term or maybe with, with, with, to try her to be again, are connected with people. can he do that? i don't know. the speaker. oh, the netherlands has become increasingly polarized since the start of the pandemic with nearly weekly anti government protests, dozens of protesters held a rally during the cabinet inauguration. the 1st issue on the agenda is to regain trust. research shows that trust and politics, politicians, and state institutions has gone down from 70 percent to 29 percent in the past. here the main question is now can the same prime minister and the same coalition party when this back after this government was forced to resign early last year, the new cabinet looks very much the same as the old one. but instead of putting
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a cap on spending, this one aims to allocate billions of dollars to climate policies and housing and aims to be more pro european. many dodge photos aren't impressed. i think it will be the same as last. so if the prime minister stays is the same to tom nick totally nothing. i don't expect anything at all if it's gone, get any worse than it is already. the main frustration is the way the government has handled the cove with that make compared to other european nations. the netherlands has strict lockdown measures in place. the public places shops and restaurants closed due to high infection rates and a late start of the boost. the campaign, what i experience in the netherlands is a political leadership that's really follows the trance in society rather than leads it. it seems that in the netherlands, looking at the polls and looking at the sentiment in the, in, in the, in the population is more important for your political decisions in the next 3 weeks than really having
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a vision and leading the population to destination. while many hope that this government will offer a long term vision to handle the pandemic, the current lockdown, which is in place until the end of this week, will most likely be extended, steadfast and al jazeera. the hake, a sweeping vaccine mandate for large businesses, has come into effect in the u. s. despite the countries highest court still considering its legality about 80000000 workers and i require to be vaccinated against over 90 interface weekly testing. 2 cases, challenging the mandate were heard of the supreme court on friday, but the justices are yet to rule a quarter. miramar has sentenced, ousted leader, answered she to 4 years in jail since she was on trial for illegally possessing walkie talkie radios and breaking corona virus. restrictions charges critics describe as trumped up. the sentence comes on top of a 2 year jail term handed down in december. tony chang reports so
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that she caused her balance in 2019 election. it looked as if me on mars democratic future was assured. 14 months later hung censored, she may well spend the rest of her life in detention. darwin, indeed, 2 hours at the latest round of sentencing amounts to an extra 4 years. in addition to a previous sentence, 2 years ago, 2 of the cases in which he was found guilty with the illegal possession of walkie talkies. the charge that some say is an example of how trumped up the accusations. against her, all those walkie talkies belong to the body. guards provided to her by the ministry of home affairs and guest who runs the ministry home affairs. it's a, it's a ranking military officer per the 2008 constitution. so, you know, the military should be actually charging itself with malfeasance in bringing in on license walkie talkies rather than the person who's a house. they happened to find them in hung, san sushi and her party,
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the national league, the democracy of one every election in myanmar since 2012 by a substantial margin. if, as the military government has proposed, you elections are held, she would be a very difficult opponent to beat. although her international reputation was tarnished when she appeared to defend the actions of yeah, mars military for its crack down against for a hang of muslims. she remains an icon for democracy at home, but despite her detention for the past 11 months, resistance to the military coup, remain strong. whether it be accelerated, she or the president of me, and more, or anyone else with thousands and thousands who have been arrested in the chain and are facing trumped up charges. ah, i enough is enough. this is unacceptable. and will not be accepted by, by the international cri age 76 on sun. so she is already spent decades of her life and attention this latest sentence. and the outstanding charges she still faces
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could remove her from the political stage for the foreseeable future. ah, but a new generation of protest as has taken to the street since the military coup their persistence suggest they'll continue the fight for democracy with or without her. tony chang hauser. when a 1st for a medical science doctor's in the us and transplanted a pinks hearts into a patient to save his life, the heart which had undergone gene editing was used to reduce the risk of the patient's body. rejecting the organ signed to say, cracking the use of animal organs could get round. a shortage of human body parts donated for transplants. ah, hello. the headlines on al jazeera, u. s. and russian diplomats have wrapped up the 1st meetings in a.


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