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tv   Witness Gallok  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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to find 2021. so what's in store for 20? $22.00. we have a grand profit, johns of the hobbs, of china's economic woes. will beijing able to revive growth and going mainstream? is it another begin the crypto currency? counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, i'm daddy and abigail with a check on your world headlines. us and russian diplomats have wrapped up the 1st meetings in a week of diplomacy. aimed at d, escalating the tensions on ukraine's border. russia's deputy foreign minister call the discussions complex. moscow ones guarantees that nato will not accept any new members. rosalyn jordan has more on how american negotiators reacted to the meeting . wendy sherman's assessment was that to the meetings. on monday about 8 hours worth of talks. with the survey ruba coffin,
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his delegation were useful. they were frank heard language. they were off straightforward again, wendy sherman's language. but she said this wasn't a negotiation. this was really the attempt, she said for the u. s. and for russia to take the measure of each other's concerns since of the meeting last summer between president sliding air pollutant and joe biden. now this is a situation where sherman says, the u. s. is very steadfast, that it is opposed to an invasion of ukraine, although it was not specifically discussed at monday's meeting. she did say that the u. s. is trying to find a way to resurrect the intermediate of missile a treaty, that the u. s. and others say that the russians have broken by stationing of medium range missiles around its territory aimed at western europe. been. she also said that one thing is not going to change the idea that nato is not going to open its
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membership to countries that want to be members. she said that would be infringing on those countries right? to decide how to conduct their foreign policy. she did say there's a lot of work to do, but this is just the beginning and whether the russians are trying to basically create a situation to justify an invasion of ukraine. she said, well, we'll just have to see what they're actually doing. russian president vladimir putin has claim victory and defending neighboring kazakstan from what he called a foreign backed uprising. more than 160 people were killed during last week's anti government protests. the us and european union have imposed new sanctions on nicaraguan officials after elections that have been described as rigs. it comes on the same day as president daniel ortega swearing in for his 4th term in office. he was re elected in november and a vote. the u. s you call a sham or latin america editor alyssia newman has more on the sanctions from santiago. these are not the kind of sanctions that would paralyze any economy. they
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will, however, sting some members of the ortega, family, members of the high ranking members of the military of the communications department and of the electoral council who will no longer have reasons to go to the united states who will not be able to access bank accounts in the united states or in europe, for example, i did speak to an opposition leader who is an exile. and in the recall, she says that while it will not have a really strong political impact in terms of swain's, president ortega to change the way he is governing. they will at least send a message to the people that the world is watching and that it cares. mexico's president and resume lopez over door has tested positive for over 19. again, he says he only has light symptoms. mexico has been reporting a record number of new infections, tennis star novak joke of, it says he's not focused on playing at the australian open after winning a court battle to stay in the country. he treated a picture of himself back on
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a tennis court and said he was grateful. the judge overturned his removal, but the immigration minister could still intervene with a decision expected on tuesday. the european union is under pressure to relax the rule that forces airlines to use or lose their airport landing slots of tons of says it will have to fly 18000 unnecessary flight this winter. it's a comply opponents of the policy, say the so called ghost flights, or a major generator of carbon emissions. and then a 1st for medical science doctors in the u. s. have transplanted a pix hearts into a patient to save his life. the heart had undergone gene editing, to reduce the risk of the patient body rejecting the organ. scientists say, cracking the use of animal organs can get around the sort of human body parts donated for true transplants. those are the headlines. witness is coming up next. ah
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ah ah put them almost like we're going in order the resources perhaps the blow them to socially. nobody tells you you've been on the board. i thought i'd get a hold of some dental scholars would actually love and buddhism and throw that would open it in 10 steps. going to stop for the main the tour metal. so i'm going to follow it from the board. i guess i'm,
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i'm scared to go to us to what i get a hold up. i don't know what's going to be the this i'm thinking of or something whatever, whatever it might be getting your own to do. it's not like you've got a kid or good mom was playing and you put in a unit on the to most of my mom and me and i'm not community to go to who was from him the dog on the hand.
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so me and how to read attention to some text and took us on there about get our change logic to so ms. crawford. oscar school them back ups watch can be today. face turnover. choice at us. so bored the
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ah. you talk to you, i don't want to do anything out that sound to you in a little show me. i've done it. yeah. huh. no. go ahead. oh, oh, i had the tour dawned, but oh, how much man from it all. so it's cost
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dod booked up to say that some emerg like you maybe thought them going through with about believe about it not on the to ship it on their face and a shift and a buzz father with his cut face for him to want to belong to them for the sort of the, both of this was told us and then that when the middle about, oh the know what i would like, you know, sort of her graphic anal just said an old today oil. specify it on my soul to chance. maybe plague my files restored. i mean, this is so nice with
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the students that would throw it on them for the brief discuss, getting below get be we'll mining a 5th of it or don't put a stop. could volt nicole before the informative to come home and get through at the lady. come back my show this slide primarily to people in the u. k. and ireland, because one of the big major questions i get is, what are the local people going to go ahead and say about this project? what are the local people going to go ahead and say about this project?
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i show them this picture, i say, what will it will take me? what let me circle it on the surface, histone hurt the whole now scans for your 1st own that don't with him in a day in the whole now the him that are in to the have a discovery logan. so it's kind of also offensive. it's good. i mother earth and i slammed model the only send the rooted days if you feel that going in with the stuff
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on the be the coma defending the comment of the the lead to the well, the legal, the show them and they told me they plan on the man added most although how they do love it. all the dumb roll on that in the city. i love some legal, but i'm that i get an additional don't shot for you know, by leave less than i live and i don't know the intersection of the i get are they really loved it on the safe and my dad, his daughter got to have all the spectators
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put it all color on the shirt. get man, get up. but suddenly contests that all of them is playing must. and i'm a toys manhattan. so 2nd thought i heard, i don't think the development sprang stand so many people with madame a can say a little do. the thing is i'm told that most that of in the coming to know the me
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he's going to do the 3rd all border. i never really, i don't see a head of missouri's cannot be in good the color, the 2nd one tall that you can think of the discovery. tiffany: a come up the lot. the pluck model mean that all from mark in the ticket the out. ok. city on the look is car. so see all are going on here and see the politic photo to the order for just so true. we all puzzle when the 1st law get along with my can be a lot to start. so the reason google haven't heard it, oh me, can i get a stick? no, you'd like to go to see if they might at all it will take up to make it whenever you
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get out of the some border and shirts at today's well, they've got some data point out to them out to the show in there that it could take us to be home out the fiscal pedal mom. she may have been no. if the if her yoke look good, i remind somebody is i had added or out. you know, to get up. those on the told on the eve, buddha woke up till stick in your bed of old house and should feed montague, but don't get solve. it should be that out. so they had a, if to been not possible, said, thought man, hard, you want and where, and i'm all day with you. then when things didn't, i'll drop peck dig as dorothy now said a regarding me at me at up then calmly at on. if that tall order given the monkey sky beam, not adding to stick, and you also had,
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if we caught with ah no man. i'm old school though my aunt in a motel c a r. then in the back of it to you the whole. here's how my letter, reckless. if you call allow for the car, corbin's reinstall. closer ball do sell. things will take in the hope that the comment of time i am home. we like to do that, i can submit the means that my phone, the operation will not at all will make us little sure. what the year or 12 in a the homer will nfl. camille saying, you know,
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very close to work on. so marie, a little 2nd to staying busy and stuff a in those back and service and able to one of the things fall on coumadin. 2 henslowe says of cancer, come up and see mark. and also a lot of those early a deck a allows been central all and most the players with cancer be thought they will be yellow and true. 3rd class in my opinion, but i come to the human most this can be a joke story. yeah. mom's friend here to take this patrol shop if in the hips on
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like an extra inflatable what my job jacket is, copying it for some hell. they have a day, you know, the bench, let me get on managed the metal punishment national attention. this is play out the or middle order the all day also both order order done market them and i am. so they and then the take the leak denita. somebody call me up. com evidence misalignment and comment up being a little bit on on we have to do because i'll talk to later
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to what that mclean this manda pushed this clear. the obvious that monday that i made some, some of my best to throw them in a fun fil a loan with a phone book with him on a 7 on. so i'm going to get around to somebody, so someone will be with them again. and i am also starting it on so excited about solomon
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also for your 2nd home, i just wanted to see if the car to somebody for you to turn on the when it would show up on me more remote viewing kind of sort of advocate. so miss burnt so miss can
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we sell it on a think thought down some help on that assets, but i may so allow them on the for chance. got some blame. then i said if the number he thought of the sub milk. so for the asked them do unless they sub dinner select thing offensive school for me and a little shop . they put us 3 stairs, so i saw miss go head not to live in swimming, it constant under man the certificate a constant appeal in the afternoon to torture. the me man,
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they are in the home. are they going sale the modem with valuable to set the boat to so miss coming in from you know this next thing at the end and we stay in the horse take the kids i told the but i don't symbol don't don't get as big dogs for the shirt telephone most honda has one sca for me and they come for the coming here in the boot. it's costing us for their
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i i, i, [000:00:00;00] i
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use enough to get off of them and they're not shown on the to them but you get it. and then i lab now. well there was some stuff, a stand, a symbol for the woman. no longer went on this here on the corner, middle through know that the world committed, some sanity this little can scope this last time this to be in the city. but us putting up your said us playing day course but on
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a on makes it as baton construction woman married because i'm alone and play. i got school on the kid and so that you into so so so school that a goal ted davion stick looked up the order so. so hard. i mean up further for you to to some thoughts. so we're going to plan next board so so so how about up for improve group only have to be ordered up up. what are the hi, mary, let's get the post and on the but i didn't have a come from lawyer close. come. thank you,
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phil. phil yes sir. ah don't be cool. you don't see him down for school monday or if somebody would it would have it with julian, you don't have to approve a
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kid. yeah. good like home. ah, a talk with a
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with with this once feared warlord during lay barriers, decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with 3 children, has attracted to public sympathy as protected in effect from public prosecution despite the recommendation is made by the church and we can so the issue of permission for this former warlord liberia has become the front line of a drug war,
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it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight of responsibility and guilt for his past crimes and for his country. coveted beyond well, he taken without hesitation. fulton died for power deadlines. al wild and honestly, babies were dying. i did it not for your baby wish it's neglected babies to deck. people in power investigates, exposes, and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe. on al jazeera, my name is bonnie put marker. i've always thought of yoga is part of my indian heritage. i understand it to be about transformation. the joke itself seems to be transforming. western mentality is, is a lot about this is kim at 3 different to me through tradition and what yoga was
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originally. yoga should belong to everyone, but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized. literacy owns yoga analogies in hulu. this is al jazeera. i'm darian okay though with a check on your world headlines, u. s. and russian diplomats have wrapped up the 1st meetings in a week of diplomacy aimed at d escalating detentions on ukraine's border. russia's, deputy foreign minister called the discussions complex. moscow ones guarantees that nato will not accept any new members. rosalyn jordan has more on how american negotiators reacted to the meeting. wendy sherman's assessment was that the meetings on monday about 8 hours worth of talks with sergei river coffin,
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his delegation were useful. they were frank heard language. they were straightforward again, wendy sherman's language. but she said, this wasn't a negotiation, this was really the attempt, she said, for the us and for russia to take the measure of each other's concerns. since the meeting last summer between president white, amir potent and joe biden, nicaragua, and president daniel, or take a has been sworn in for a 4th term or take as integration. come to the u. s. on the you impose new sanctions on nicaraguan officials in response to the election in november. the you in washington described the vote as a sham. several opposition candidates were arrested during campaign a. an independent selection of servers found japan and south korea say north korea has fired a suspected ballistic missile. both countries detected the launch and say the missile landed outside of japan's waters. it's the 2nd pair and test in less than a week after a north korean leader, kim jong, called for
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a military advances. mexico's president's address, my new i lopez over door has tested positive for cove in 1900. again. he says he only has light symptoms. mexico has been reporting a record number of new infections in santa star. another joke of it says he's not focused on playing at the australian open after winning a court battle to stay in the country. he treated a picture of himself back on a tennis court and said he was grateful. the judge overturned his removal, but the immigration minister could still intervene with a decision expected on tuesday. and then a 1st and medical science doctors in the u. s. a transplanted a pigs heart into a patient to save his life. the heart had undergone gene editing to reduce the risk of the patient body rejecting the organ. those are the headlines on al jazeera. it's back to witness. next. thanks for watching. bye bye. for now.
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oh michelle, let me let me make a lot of them coming to the business again. and then i've got a question in there who are present because the crash 60 percent we talk in what
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a lot of them are in no i me. i shall start off facebook, get open your to do the by your come up and order into me in the mid year activists that somebody needs to stay. and i would love for about our food over the low cost suits on it, on the minimum activity levels or don't some don't so mad. pull that even a limb and hold me one
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moment. the main thing that i a my little horn or say i hadn't been lane so there should be there's a lack of article to hort, which was i, i gave the hobby. it ain't that it's going to be better to just give me a good or william, ma'am, they want all these and pad and i'll do head quickly, who the bad didn't quit. not always gave up a locker room 6. polacca was on y'all again. there, there are you,
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it's got depend on the root of it. as a a bessie, when you are your but the fact it may go to do that here. for the sadie or fini land all africa. they think a big yellow, mildly soil poplar guy, a man after the most them on europe going on them for a couple of fooling groups to come and say, are they nasty deal, hulu, or the nun miss lou? touch on medical the year don't stolen all day on that. i'm petty will dr. the waiting to make you monday come by your by many of them to put it on. i think there is, there is a month amendment the country from store, from up to have all their, their little ny as a store. and they also made a move to admin mandate them order, fattening animal to and then the active east. and after many more, no more here. good. a couple minutes after this go to room and the one though is going on. so this story
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promotion. when with of also minister start holton and all lead on my son carlos his own modem and instead of a new new though man fell so much that matter. hello luka a to get a good day. be my possibly be dad in to get off some legs on believe it or not. so tommy at the g. so sounds silly, kind of on its own. a shot the toilet. now if i comb percentage going up the rock, girlie, who i allen them him and muscle tips he has good instead i forgot and pasco, than oh, yeah, me of yelled at mid ale, dollar or that little girl,
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that koenig motto would add us onto a smart enough problem, miss eh? hand then on thing all day come. i bought a speculator to put us on the top of common man. so i meals like once i'm done on the silk shook so maybe he'll look so can both of us if t as to what of a and i got a a collect killer car. lemme so mom and dad, the last oem and carla said, well mom ill and if somebody, if the phone i know is going to go,
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go to the man on the man he thought fill me to think of that fact. so now ma'am, is not her son on, i'm not on home in new york on, on gus. pending of out of it. say that i don't cast that girl demand tank up in a again, but i'm paid in found that out about no dance. hello
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. this up the now go about me and let us in for the regular ah let me let me get on her so miss scott is so phone its leg can be off clothes man told us to put them on the put on for the rest of them just calling about a function. i do know that you told me the photo you can
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also be in the back of spectrum on the phone on the other go there. oh. 2 but i'll give a this is justin with a oh,
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no. i asked the cash city or so not afford tiffany. okay. did you know that under the massage matina executed it up just talking to just like the lord said, i was gonna like money on this to hold some horrible or credit done if you can call me i left a message ill city or someone can thank yes i yes, up. you know, you know, you don't, a lot of you're probably old. so it'll be difficult for some sort of combo biscuit and i will pay another ball my turn on how that all get
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a discount. i'm at the leases or without notice of so i'm a thing, a thought about it to, to just to be in this order and how to promote that for us on the spot. you need to farmers on what that means to man the long you don't know death and my yes. move ahead to do today so that they have us and saw him at a school going to london. excellent. and i thought, said to hanson, i know that i know what i'm hoping they can get it. so you some of them and this tuned you will not run nodding and then order off that. so i punch it off that that can be
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ok. great. we'll get some, some, some, some, some reading infant fail from the hit, the new stuff, then it story then everybody, it will be home out of that 1st turned in the thomas the oscar mcclendon and they got a pass bar, slander budget boxes with that event. and to hear that from the at the very make it yet the ah, the with
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not a big white guy. they get a booth with
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a movie. they don't put them in half a day again. they know, photo it on the proceeds talk to you the not for sound. good. so to how your so whole not on the computer get pulled yet i'm a cutter. go to say it on the bus home and that also taking the silk tram shirts. miss henry and the boy am at a sets and boyfriend and take care of them at the end of
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a schedule. they miguel them since that monday. some in the sense jamika. so miss monday the most on the field on the 3rd man, the media manager who then up to dance, had them . i closed the mon the new home, simpson enough to do them. all right,
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now to be great. hey, you want to see to get someone be in the border name that and out of it launch caps . so then in hauling in the that it must be, even if i remember, you know what, our base that homing and help protect the vote. they start from, i mean the demand, i guess i'm to have food because my food dust food shot your your log in. log out things up there. most defeat my dish or anything funny. you've been a 1000000 pro, just 5000000 left out a coma and i comedy adding on folk stuff. up colo on or to the in the automatic or they have to stick them. i'm a scared or disturb, you know, to tell tech come, get with updating
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a man. yeah. so just call them on that or turn it to get out of hand, although mostly got their song, some of the fans or they have to grant me if benefits leaks about calling you back on the fields, ill man do small, but mean that all you to tech gamma you for den scrolling, deb, i hit the deb if did for manisha. ah good badge chief executive officer. i failed finding. good morning. thank you for joining us today now. has changed within the company hasn't in yes. so i think the leadership, i will fundamentally changed and so about building relationships with all the stakeholders of the project. and yes,
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we have done everything work on monday. we just for viewed it right on the other leave a voice beautiful, but infant mobile a
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. busy anthem to face with you. 000000000, major low, safer farm the going to which i saw deal harder. we're 3rd going that. who told them to come up with alex? oh, they over the had to some their family up because of the f know for sure does down
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to the synopsis. ah, a for a year. but with that and you know, middle with from to the front of the year and i saw a lot of the and then the it against him. i feel that he's like dominion recently with that, i'd love to get more of a yeah. let me, let me know, do not meet, you need
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a meeting with her or not with her on the go with a deal
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with a about the time i had all the talk to the place from your mail. so if i'm looking at, you know, yeah, not
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a lot of us are good that must show your home that affects some dave or fix in the post stuff in move makes. it touched on the fact that it's done well then go to go look at them and kill them. so i thank you. don't say go dates for the another stuff that should be open as they can and, and somebody will be in, you know, amanda, stand on the so hope you had a military hospital in the home, a value that you didn't come to me in the previous. so on thursday,
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so you'll be able to figure it out over the ah ah ah ah ah ah, living in a rosen is a risk not worth taking for most but for
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a 10 year old boy, there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents, his grandmother dedicates herself to his upbringing. never knowing whether the next explosion will echo one step closer to the place they call home. the distant barking of ducks, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah . first it snowed that it was freezing rain and there's just freezing. the real cold air in north america is this bit here is just going through newington the eastern
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side of canada and your fill it in the strength to wind up the wind chill tooth. the forecast the tuesday, snow is going to be off shore because it is cold, dry air, not much in land, but look the attempt is my essay to not one minus 6 in new york last before you think of the windshield. that is the coldest place in north america, with the exception of yucatan, which is really off our chart. on the pacific coast got more and coming to seattle . it's been flooding recently in washington. this will not help because it's more rain coming in for the next 2 days and had a study south and further in that. but beyond that, the sun is dominant attempts to risen in new york a time you get to wednesday. so the caribbean, the gulf mexico, the trade winds, which dominate here, so shall we might expect them. but the mean husband sherry activity, i think in mexico, belize in honduras in south america has been a lot of rain recently in brazil, particularly on the eastern side. this is the north east, so when the tributaries to the amazon, and that's the result, there's more rain to come in, brazil, not necessarily in the same place,
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but it's there and it stretches down to what looks like a rather wet rio ah. with blue ah, some the al jazeera london pul casenita t special guests in conversation. this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we need to do away with the what? evil, because it stops conversation. where should we get a land to baton,
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meet i easy. i can be. this is the beginning of friendship is at the beginning of the law, right. like getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio. be unscrew date on al jazeera. ah, a fewer says there has been no breakthrough in high stakes talks with russia on the crisis in ukraine. ah, you're wanting l 0 life from headquarters in del himes, adding abigail also coming up sanctions on inauguration day. the u. s. acts against entities linked to the nicaraguan president as he takes office for


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