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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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and here to the antarctic in search of answers to why we run algae 0 correspondent. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news ally from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes . kessick stands president heaps out at his predecessor while announcing the russian lead military force called in to deal with last week's uprising is about to leave warnings of a humanitarian catastrophe. the un calls for $5000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan, where millions, the going hungry,
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a 3rd chinese city placed under locked down to curb, curb 19 infections. 20000000 people nationwide and now confined to their homes. and a landmark moment in medical science and man in the us becomes the 1st in the world to get a heart transplant from a peak. i do and guess roscoe with the sports as novick chuck, which is seen training in melbourne ahead of the australian open. the country's government is looking into whether he made false claims on his travel for ah, we begin in kazakhstan where the president says a russian lead military force will begin pulling out of the country within 48 hours . casem joe might to kaya told parliament a full withdrawal is expected to be completed in 10 days. the force largely of russian soldiers was sent to kazakhstan last week to quell violence during it
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against the government, or than 160 people were killed and nearly 10000 detained to guy. it has also announced a new government lajna. alec on its may love has been nominated as a prime minister for more on this. let's cross live to our reporter robin garcia walker. his live for as inactive lacy, georgia. hello there robin, you've been covering this. i announcement what more can you tell us festival though? of the withdrawal of russian troops. emily, emily, it's a, it's created. this is mission accomplished for president. so kind of the c, a c o came in. he was clear that he had vladimir putin backing behind him. they did their job, which appears to have been largely symbolic, finding out across the country, being present its strategic locations like military bases and so forth. now they're on their way out and talk, i have the clearly is in
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a position to do the job by himself. 10000 people detained as you mentioned there. but today his speech was also about restructuring the security services, the police, the military, and the national state national security, putting him so very much in charge of those important instruments of power in the country. and robin, as we mentioned, there's been the appointment of a new prime minister. he served in the previous cabinet. so watched what change you expecting that well it's made of the has of course is coming is a continuation of that. he'll be doing the president's bidding because of course the president has the those powers to, to, to call, to call new governments to, to dismantle old ones and bring in new cabinets. the most important thing now is
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that so kind of actually for the 1st time went off in directly president the previous president, no time as a buyer. he didn't mentioned by name directly a criticism directly. but what he said was that people at the lead on the nasa by i've had made themselves very rich, very wealthy. they spend that money abroad and now it was time to bring that money home and to give it back to the people. so president polka has established or will establish a new fund that some of that money presumably will go into and this is the deal he's cutting with his predecessors, diagnostic legacy, the people who are his family members and, and as a buyer who have taken money out of the country now must bring it back and this is the deal that i took i this is cutting with them and presenting that to the catholic people. or i will say how it plays out. thank you very much. robin forest
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here. walk a live for us in georgia. okay, so let's take a closer look now at the ration led military lines that was sent in to cause it's done. it's called the collective security treaty organization. it was formed about 6 months after the collapse of the soviet union and is often described as eurasia in response to nature. the group includes russia along with 5 ex soviet republics. they conduct training exercises and oversee sales. but this was the 1st time in the organizations history where it deployed true to a member state. it refused several requests in the past, including from kurdistan back in 2010 and a mania. last year. article 4 of its charters says it'll only do so if the country is being threatened by an external force. all right, let's it bringing i janet shot chena, who's a research fellow at the o. s. c. e academy in bish kick. she joins us now from london. thanks for being on
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the program. i john. so as we just heard for the 1st time his organization has deployed troops to a member state. so what does moscow's presence in cars extend say about russia's influence in that country? in say, a question of the implication of article for by to class has been strategic on his side. because on one hand, he sends a very awful signal to the leaves, political and meets within the country that he enjoys. the support of gutierrez and the support of this. he has your alliance. on the other hand, he is definitely undermining the countries sovereignty and independence because he has invited practically point forces to control a domestic situation. he has been sending quite conflicting messages about the nature of the protest and the nature of the danger and the reasons behind his decision to invite the cfc or forces and even into these an address to the balance
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he's address was quite conflicting to so i'm on how he's referring to foreign terrorist. on the other hand, he is talking a lot about socio political economy before us within the country in a way to address our public grievances one way or another. so i think and so on. so for the russian presence, it was an awful message to both domestic leach and domestic audience, but also to st national audience, declaring because i found the car for teams allegiance to russia. and as we heard from our correspondent robin and to chi of blind his predecessor of the issues the country has been facing, i want to break it down into 2 questions. but 1st of all, he said that it was sort of creating a cost of wealthy a late. is it fair, a fair assessment that he blamed his predecessor for these problems? based on what is the information available that has been created by a whole bunch of investigative journalists?
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i think it is true. the allegations of bias regime in the last 50 years have created a cast or a group of 3 roles here. individual is true, but it's questionable to what extent has the right to clean so because he's for those individuals and he has been directly enrolled in the individual quite fall from the country. so it was some he's, he has the right to face or to believe in bias. it's quite questionable because he's part of the group is part of the bias for as well. and he's also appointed a prime minister that was a part of that previous cabinet. so do you think these new appointments will address these economic issues in cars? it's done, and will the public be happy with these appointments? i would love to see those guys for jim with actually address the sociopolitical and comic issues in the company. because honestly, inviting c a fuel horses to construct, adapt if you need to talk to domestic audience and address of the grievances. but
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even who is in power and you know how deeply rooted the power of the golf groups. and there's advise people in the hours. i think there's going to be very much challenging for his invention is indeed changing. and will, carfax be happy with these appointments? will this be enough? or will we likely see more protests going forward to be further prone to have been going on in the voice years of the bias regime? i don't think that appointment potential key is going to lead those public frustrations much unless a family feels very decided with the economy as a 3 week improvement of the life. i don't think that's a piece, protesting people from all right, thank you very much for your analysis. i john chevy live for us in london. thank you. thank you. the kremlin says he doesn't see any reason for
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optimism after the 1st round of talks with the us. the discussions were aimed at d escalating tension on new crimes for them. russia has spent the past few months, gathering its forces on ukraine's eastern flank, rising fees of an invasion. moscow ones guarantees that nato will not accept ukraine as a member. washington says it won't accept that demand journal home reports. it is an achievement of sorts. the talks between russia and the united states in geneva didn't end in failure. they were never likely to be a major success. but while russia insisted it had no intention of invading ukraine, there remains little sign of an immediate end to the crisis. it's not the situation we're ah, a deal breaker one way or another. he's in the vision. unfortunately, we have a great disparity in our principal approaches to these us and russia, in some ways, ah, have, or was it views on what needs to be done?
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us negotiators trod carefully, they promised they wouldn't be talk of ukraine security without ukraine present. this instead, a chance to air respective concerns and get a measure of russia's true intent with tensions at their highest since the end of the cold war points of dispute between russia and the u. s. are plentiful, but ukraine is perhaps most urgent. russia has supported a separatist conflict there for 8 years now, and the presence of a 100000 russian troops on ukraine's border threatens a new war in europe. russia wants legal guarantees that ukraine will never become a member of the nato alliance. a demand flatly rejected by western allies. on monday, ukraine's deputy prime minister met the nato secretary general talks with russia will widen on wednesday to include nato members in brussels. and then the o. s. c. e. in vienna,
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on thursday. what russia is doing is trying to impose its agenda instead of returning to the negotiation table. and we are state that very clearly, that we will never compromise on the right for every nation in you'd have to choose his own path, including what kind of security arrangements in want, sir, to be a part of earlier russia's deputy foreign minister said as did the u. s. had not taken seriously. his country's demand that ukraine never be allowed to join nato. that's an ominous sign by continuing to press what is a solid western red line. russia may be showing its hand that president putin may not intend this week of talks to succeed at all, but rather to use them as a pretext for war. joan, a whole al jazeera, the u. s. is skeptical of russia's insistence. it's not planning to invade ukraine . as our diplomatic editor james base heard from the american ambassador to the un
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ambassador, the deputy foreign minister of russia says they have no plans to invade ukraine. you are the u. s. official probably has more contact with the russians than any other you deal with them almost daily basis. do you believe him? i wish to believe him. i wish that it is true that they have no plans, but everything we've seen so far indicate that they are making motions in that direction. and if they have decided not to move forward because of our engagement with them over the course of the past few weeks with president biden speaking to president putin twice. ah, then that's a good thing. but we will continue to prepare and to plan for responding. should they take any actions against ukraine? north career, his fight is suspected ballistic missile. both japan and south korea detected a launch on tuesday morning with the projectile landing outside of japan's waters.
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north korean leader kim jong own has called from military advances. young ang says, a hypersonic missile was tested in an earlier launch. the u. n is launching its largest ever humanitarian appeal for a single country. it needs more than $5000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan. more than half the population, that's about 23000000 people face acute hunger. the un humanitarian chief says he's most worried about children welfare. some more is eunice, if chief of communications in afghanistan, she joins us live now from a couple. a 1000000 children where hearing are going to be impacted by these just talk us through the scale sam of what's unfolding then. yes, thank you. it's going to then is descending into the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world. the scale of suffering is quite unprecedented. and as you say,
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it's children and women, those who are least responsible for the crisis who are facing the brunt of these challenges. around half the population also understand 23000000 people are food insecure, which means that they cannot find or afford you tricia's food. and as you see over 1000000 of that number, our children and what you said is predicting that without urgent action, those children will suffer from severe acute malnutrition, which puts them at risk of dying in 2022. we think, but without action, one into children will be acutely malnourished. so the problems are huge. on top of that, i've got this done is facing the difficulties of climate change. we are experiencing the worst drought that the country has had for 27 years. we've got rising food prices, we've got tripling poverty, we've got rising unemployment. and all this against the backdrop of winter
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last night with minus 6 degrees centigrade. and i keep hearing from, from mothers, from the villagers that they don't have money for wounded for coal to keep their homes warm. and it is children who are suffering the most. and this is also not just about providing for what afghans need right now, but also about preventing that need from increasing in the coming 12 months. isn't that right? absolutely. we need to, we need to help those in need right now. we've got but 3 more months of winter, but we need to be planning for the rest of the year right now. and that's why today is a clarion call to the international community. this is an unprecedented crisis and it requires an unprecedented response. what would you say about consensus funding
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could be used to support the taliban script on the defective government in afghanistan, which funding goes directly to the people who need it? this is what the, you know, the un unicef does best. we are well positioned in afghanistan to reach people directly. we've been working here for over 70 years and we have a strong network of people, organizations of interviews that can help us get that money into the hands of those who need it. like the health workers, for example, at the moment, that is also scaling up the huge cash assistance program, which is the fastest and most dignified way to get assistance into the hands of those who need it. and because we have more access. now, post all this than we've ever had, we are going into communities that we haven't had access to for years and years. so
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that is part of the reason that the needs are increasing exponentially. what are the regional dimensions to this crisis, sam? well, the regional dimensions are that, you know, as we'll see, you economic challenges grew and disconnect this discontent. grow was then so people become increasingly desperate. and, and of course we're seeing arise in internal migration and we're seeing, you know, people going towards the borders. a few weeks ago i was talking to a doctor and bobby, and he was telling me that he had seen a 50 percent decrease in routine immunization because people were on the move so much. and so it's all the more urgent that we get aid and support to the people down a storm so that the stay in their communities because that's where the support network is. thank you very much for sharing your insights. as sam mod from unicef
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appreciate homeowners news. alan plenty more hedge on this news ally, including the u. k. government is accused of holding more parties during the height of the corona virus lockdown. the president of the european parliament, david sicily dies age to $65.00. and in sport, the latest from the africa cup of nations where morocco scored an important victory in one of the toughest groups. 20000000 people in china and now confined to their homes. as the 3rd city is placed under lockdown to stem, the spread of the corona virus will, than 80 on micron cases were detected in unknown over the weekend. it's believe the infections are linked to 2 other cases found in the city of change in on saturday. katrina, you has more from dan joe. in hyman,
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province. on young's 5000000 residents have been ordered not to leave their homes until they get tested for coven. 19 non essential businesses have been closed, and all private vehicles have been ordered off the roads. mass testing is underway in the city. now the province of hernon were announced as he is located is home to about 100000000 people. they've been facing an outbreak of primarily the delta variance since the beginning of the year in the city of and young. they've identified since the beginning of january at least $400.00 cases. but what sparked concern is this weekend was the discovery of at least 80 cases of me, very infectious on the chron variant. now these cases have been linked to students who traveled from the port city a tinge in another city in china, which is under defacto lockdown. now, authorities are very concerned about the 10 gin cases because this city borders bay gene and officials there have promised to see loft hanjin in order to protect the
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capital. all leaders in china are under enormous to prevent any infections from reaching the capital waging before the beginning of the bating winter olympics, which opens on february the 4th. and this is a very dangerous time for the virus here in china. we're just heading into the lunar new year period or chinese new year, where typically many people travel across the country. there are hundreds of millions of trips made here in china as people travel home to see relatives for the most important public holiday here in the country. now, officials have discouraged travel this chinese need because of these outbreaks and officials are saying that they are staunchly committed to maintaining, trying to 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. despite the fact that already 20000000 people here in china are affected by very severe lockdown or pandemic restrictions. more americans are in hospital with corona virus now and any other time,
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1300000 cases were registered on monday. that's the highest data tele worldwide. the volume of infections is overwhelming. hospitals, administrative say many doctors and nurses are infected with violence. sweeping vaccine mandate for large businesses has come into effect in the us. despite the highest court hasn't ruled on its legality. about 800000000 workers are now required to be vaccinated again to provo, 19 o. thank weekly testing. 2 cases, challenging that mandate were heard in the supreme court on friday. but the justices yet to rule mexico as president, has tested positive for a 2nd time. but andre, man, while lopez bravo says he only has like symptoms. a record number of new cases are being reported in mexico. the president says hospital admissions and deaths and not increasing at the same right. but some experts are warning government statistics. a
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lagging behind the infection, right? by several weeks to the u. k. now, a new evidence has emerged that the government held a party during the height of a lockdown in 2020 british broadcast. the i tv news is published a leak to email from prime minister barak johnson's principal private secretary. it was allegedly sent to more than 100 government staff, inviting them to a drink party in johnson's god. and in may 2020. the government has declined to comment. the baba has been following developments from london. hello then a dame. tell us more about this email invitation for drinks at downing street. well, it clearly is an astounding email given the content and the context. let me just read you part of it and it's from the principal private secretary to prime minister or is johnson in may 2020. we thought it would be nice to make the most of the lovely weather and have some socially distance drinks in the number 10,
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number 10 garden this evening. bring your own booze. it's being reported in the u. k. media, the prime minister bar is johnson, and he's been field say now wife kerry did attend that gathering. now, it's not surprising that we're hearing that some downing street stuff and it's thought up to 40 did attend some stuff, did question the wisdom of it. not surprising because the same day culture secretary all of a doubt and was on television telling the british public that they should only meet with one other person from outside the household in the open air in the outdoors. and the police were tweeting the same advice. the point days later, we now know that there was another gathering in the 10 downing street garden, which the government have called a work meeting. but there are photos of the prime minister and kerry and his colleagues having cheese and wine on that occasion as well. but the crucial thing
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here is it's being reported widely. the bar is johnson did attend, that that's a party. bring your own booze occasion, which has not been the case before. and as you were saying, they haven't denied this. it's really, it's quite an extraordinary turn of events. is this yet another now, in the coffin, subarus johnson's leadership? surely the british public will not be happy. the english public will not be happy about this. absolutely no it's there is fury and there is embarrassment on the government's side. there was a junior minister today, a junior health minister edward ega august story saying that he accepted the public will be upset and angry by these reports from downing street. they're saying they're not going to comments until. busy an investigation is concluded by a senior civil servant, su gray. not surprisingly,
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the opposition labor party. so it's deputy leader angela rayna has called for boris johnson to go saying he's not fit for office. but not only that, the former leader of the scottish conservatives had said vis nobody needs an official to tell them if they were at a boozy shindig in their own garden. what t f with these people thinking about angus reflected by the cupboard, 19 bereaved families for justice group, their spokesperson, lindsey jackson, who lost her mother in 2020 and couldn't attend. so she, she couldn't hug her brother at the funeral. she had said more people died because people like boris johnson didn't take the role seriously. what this does for his leadership, it undermines it. whether it means that that will be a big push for him to go now is not clear, but he has already lost a lot of support in the opinion polls. something that is worrying many tori and
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pays date are i like make sure i keep us across the developments as they unfold throughout the day and day. bob live for us in london in a 1st for medical science and doctors in the us have transplanted a peaks us into a patient to save his life. visions have been trying to find a way to use animal organs because of a shortage of human ones. barbara and copper reports, david bennett, had been given 6 months to live and didn't qualify to receive a human heart. doctors told him there was no guarantee had survived receiving a heart transplanted from a pig. his patient was given an opportunity for this. this experimental transplant was the idea mind that we didn't know what the outcome might be, but it wasn't going to be worse than traditional therapy. a gene edited pick hot was used to reduce the risk of the patient's body rejecting the organ. and 3 days
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after surgery, dr. say his doing well, bennett son says his father is glad he made the difficult decision. you realizes on the magnitude of what was done and he really realised the importance of it. i've been talking with him. i've never in my life i heard or seen my dad cry, but i think he realised the seriousness of his condition in the last couple weeks. decades of research went into the medical break. 3. it was always said, does he not grasp? foundation is the future. and always will be, this was gordon multiple times. i would like to say that, you know, grasp on vision is now the present. in the united states salon, an estimated $10000.00 people die every year, waiting for a transplant. it's one of the reasons says, cautious excitement. it's significant because we don't have a source of human organ replace. ah ob,
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sufficient numbers to answer demette. ah, and not only to man but a timely manner. but for now, david bennett and his family have been thrown a lifeline barbara and gave her al to sarah. still, hey, john al jazeera, putting life back into the heart of tripoli. renovations to the historic part of the city of bringing a new sense of pride to those living, then restricting voting rights, all across the united states, while many democracy in harold a come up with raise their hand tennis plays being tested to provide a virus head of the 1st gram grand slam on the season, i will have those details. ha ah .
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all the violet weather in europe is centered around this low of the only in see and it is pretty vicious. i have to say the rest of the european plain quite pressure is relatively high intentions on the whole or back where you might expect to be. but if you're in italy, balkans, or greece, you have warnings out to watch, particularly around the creation coast. it's a wind warning here, not a snow warning, and he's dangerous with the seasonal weather. been particularly bad this last month or so on and off. just $250.00 could be throughout. that's pretty dangerous stuff for the south. more traditional winter weather heavy mounted snow for greece and some heavy rain warnings as well. that was the circulations, the back wars. the cold breeze that follows will bring temperatures down. you see the skies to nice and clear, the snow disappears or be areas where the rain continues. in sicily, for example, to this year, it clears away from greece and it will this time spain's enjoying very nice weather
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seems true portugal and a good part of central europe, even in the north centers about whether it should be able to re running through the british owls, a low countries snow for sweden and finland. there is still some very cold air about you may have noticed in petersburg minus 15, that calls press down to the baltic states to paris could be pushed out of the way slowly on wednesday. ah, the, from the al jazeera london rural car center to special guests in conversation. this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we need to do away with the what? evil, because it stops conversation, where should we get? i land, deborah sun, meets i, asia, i can be this is the beginning of friendship, beginning of law, right? like getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio. be unscripted on al jazeera. ah,
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inculcated culture of knowledge, openness, imperialism, world wide. i've to reward merit and excellence and encourage creativity, the shape, tomato, ward for translation and international understanding was formed to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged that road and strengthening the bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and world coaches. ah, lou ah ah, hello your child is here. i'm emily, angry norman, we're about help stories this our classics times president has announced russian
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troops will begin pulling out within 48 hours that was sent in during days of anti government protests. more than 160 people were killed and nearly 10000 detains. the kremlin says he doesn't see any reason for optimism up the 1st round of talks with the us. the discussions in geneva were aimed at d escalating tension on new kinds. odom and the un is launching its largest ever humanitarian appeal for a single country in a more than $5000000000.00. and for the son of a half the population. that's that 23000000 people face acute hunger advocate for asylum seekers in australia, demanding paid treatment for all following tennis. don novak joke of is release the was number one was stopped at melbourne airport last week and he arrived to defend his train, open title. his attention for a few days in an immigration hotel has highlighted the plot of refugees and asylum seekers who've been there for years. allison and madison is the founder and
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director principal of human rights for all. she says this drama is refusing to comply with his international obligations to permanently settle those thing to a person as soon as he to refugees and asylum said, cause in the park hotel in cotton, where no actual beach was kept. they are there because they have been medically impact, waited from australia is offshore to tent in prisons and centers on medicine and pain. jay and not the vast majority are recognized refugees and waiting for settlement in a 3rd country because a strongly refuses to comply with its international obligations to permanently settled. thanks people. what joke of found himself in a system in which the assumption is that you will be the time that the problem with the bays, or you're proving your refugee status, you must be detained. if you're
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a non smoker, non citizen, the issue for refugees and status people is that is a much more protect protracted process. but 5 days in immigration, detention, i think would be record a strange immigration detention center. they are in fact regulated prison. they run it by private companies with, with the commonwealth government oversight. but i mean, and places in particular, if you never know when you're going to lays, if you are, or if you ever will. so i have clients in the park hotel who have been detained by australia for 9 years, including people who arrived as children. all the people in park hotel are seeking medical treatment. and a lot of that is to do with mental health, which is never going to be sold or say, accepting such restrictive conditions. human rights organizations are also urging
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for the release of $600.00 refugee and migrant protest is detained in libya. while i'm a shot when security forces right at a sit in the at a u. n. community center. in tripling demonstrators have been camped there for the past 3 months to demand better protection. no doubt we have been attacked. people vulnerable women, disabled mandolin just of individuals who were seeking savage, who were thinking protection of the office have been attacked at night out of nowhere. and they had no escape route. there are no bogged invitations sent the swear in human treatments, our wisdom rip exclusions, torture is the vision. everything in human on, on the imaginable, my humble requested international community is to intervene and as strike in
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ethiopia as to gray, regina has quarterly. 17 paypal. it happened in the southern town of mate sabri and left dozens more wounded. it follows another attack on a camp to displace people in the dead a bit where at least $56.00 people were killed on friday, the violence has halted. i'd work in the area. the government has previously denied at targeting civilians in the 14 month conflict. he 9 nations has begun meetings in sudan aimed at ending the political paralysis following the military coup in october. the sydney's professional association which led the revolution to depose president l. that she is rejecting the un intervention. it's demanding the removal of the military from power as precondition for any talk. nicaraguans president daniel ortega has been sworn in for a 4th term and the u. s. and e, you say he's election was
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a sham. and on the same day as his integration there and bowed new sanctions against nicaraguan officials. a latin american editor, lucy newman, explains ah, this was daniel ortega's 4th consecutive swearing in ceremony flanked by his wife, reciting moody you his vice president. he bowed to improve conditions in nicaragua, the 2nd poor's country in the americas, after haiti, red won't resort. we are here again with a clean slate to build peace, to assure that nicaraguans have a dignified life to eradicate property in this country with sovereignty and freedom . the president of cuba and venezuela were there and also delegations from iran, bolivia, russia, and china. but ortega was snubbed by almost every one else. november's presidential elections have been dismissed as illegitimate by much of the international community. the majority of ortega's competitors were imprisoned,
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so they could not run, and thousands of others have gone into exile. and legitimacy is not an issue for 4 or bigger. and he managed to essentially consummate. ah, he, so he saw his plan to star is star. i'm a fool and, and classic latin american dictatorship in nicaragua, ours before the ceremony, the european union and the united states, and else new sanctions against high ranking, military and communications officials, as well as members of the ortega family, but exiled opponent, monica bol, polano, a former sandinista commander who once fought alongside, ortega with questions, their effectiveness. i will not go again as you know, if they demonstrate that the international community realizes what's happening in the career you are and thus why it imposes sanctions. they have a moral effect, a kind of consolation, but in practical terms, they'll have little impact. one or take a celebrated his latest inauguration,
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some 170 political prisoners languished in what human rights advocates describe as cruel and inhumane conditions are me. one of them is lawyer rocket reyes, not every lesson but we are in like a thing welcoming us or my husband is losing his memory and he's in a deep depression after spending more than a 100 days in a punishment. isolation cell that he can't remember the names or faces of our daughters. girlfriend ortega made no mention of his pre election promised to initiate a dialogue with his political opponents for her feeling. that may explain why most nicaraguans, whom al jazeera consulted about yoga operation, preferred to say nothing at all. to see newman al jazeera joe biden anew as vice and the view as vice president i do, in the state of georgia to campaign against estate laws that they say threatened to limit voting rights. rob reynolds has the background. we won the election twice,
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inspired by former president donald trump's falsehoods about widespread fraud in the 2020 election, republican controlled state legislatures in 19 states have passed 34 new laws restricting access to voting. here's an assault underway on the very structure of our elections and our democracy that is carrying forward to assault that we saw on january 6th of 2021 on united states capital president joe biden called out trump in his january 6th speech, a former president. and a supporters have decided the only way for them to win is to suppress your vote and subvert our elections. for example, in the swing state of georgia, new laws make it harder to request mail balance, bar election officials from sending applications for those ballots, restrict the number of drop boxes and polling places in heavily democratic urban
1:42 pm
areas and make it a crime to offer food or water to people waiting in long lines for a chance to vote. states including georgia, have gone further passing laws that would undermine non partisan election agencies and officials, and even allow partisan officials to reject election results entirely. battled senate democratic party leader charles schumer says he will introduce 2 bills this month. that would allow the justice department to undo state restrictive voting laws. republicans have blocked those efforts before using the parliamentary maneuver called the filibuster, which requires a super majority of votes in the senate, if not a boat in rockville, it's a sprawling sweeping takeover of our democracy. schumer says if the republicans block it again, he will try to eliminate the filibuster for voting rights legislation. if this continues, the only option left for democrats is to explore and propose reasonable fixes to
1:43 pm
restore the senate. so we can get these critical pieces of legislation passed into law. trump's big lie about the 2020 election amplified by right wing media has had an impact. in january of 2021. a poll showed that 59 percent of americans that they trusted, that elections represented the will of the american people. by september of last year, the majority had slept to where now 62 percent shade they do not jot is a threat to the very fabric of our democracy. another recent whole shows. 34 percent of americans believe acts of violence against the government are sometimes justified. 2022 will be a crucial year with congressional elections in november. trauma will hold his 1st rally of the year in arizona this week that and former 1st lady michelle obama, announced her voting rights organisation will lead a drive to register 1000000 new voters. this year, rob reynolds al jazeera,
1:44 pm
the president of the european parliament has died at the age of $65.00 german chancellor. all of sholtes paid tribute to david sicily describing him as a dedicated parliament president, shrewd, politician, and good friends. that fastened looks back at his curry barrel. i mean, thought it would appeal from start to hold beat. i came down with a bad case of pneumonia. valley journey in november taffeta. solely assured his colleagues in the european parliament that his doctors were helping him get back to work as soon as possible. but he never fully recovered and what's taken into hospital again last month. his spokesman confirmed on tuesday that a 65 year old died from immune system complications. thus holy had been president of the european parliament since 2019. it was a short stand punctuated by illness. but his rule was an important one. after 3 decades as a journalist, the italian became
1:45 pm
a european parliament member in 2009 during the election as president, 10 years later, he called on the european union to swap nationalism for peace and equality. as we want to go towards the future in friendship, just a few days before he was admitted to hospital in december, he met the daughter of russian opposition lead. alexa now found me through award her father, the european parliament soccer, out of prize for freedom of thought, sending a clear message to russia that it's a rest of the kremlin critic. it was what he called an offense to the international community. he also criticized european countries for not equally sharing the task of hosting african refugees cleaned italy bon takeover of afghanistan last year. and it was critical of europe's fall right. politics and its impact on the mike when crisis that she would have had so solely digest 2 weeks away from the end of his term as president of the european parliament. a vote for his successor begins
1:46 pm
next week, poet and civil rights activists. maya angelou has become the 1st black woman to be featured on a u. s. quarter. the coins design shows the writer with her arms uplifted with a bird and rising sun behind him. angelou died in 2014, at the age of 86. the coin is the 1st in the american women quarters program that will include other prominent women in us. history, tripoli, the old city is rich in history and culture. the historic area of the libyan capital was established more than 3000 years ago, and life developed by the romans. it's been neglected for decades, but that's starting to change is malik china reports. bab, as the deed, is to western entrance into the ancient city voyer. it means new door, but it dates back thousands of years. oh yeah. was established by the phoenicians,
1:47 pm
nearly 3000 years ago. it then came under roman control and flourished in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, a d. it was conquered by the rushing dawn caliphate and was renamed tripoli in the 7th century. it's one of 5 eunice, go world to heritage sites in libya that are on it's and dangers las. while it's been neglected in recent decades, that according to change, local authorities with the hope of residence have begun to renovation campaign to save the old city. there are the mallet salesman and he old city is a symbol for all of libya. the city hasn't seen renovation since the 1940s. all the governments that libya has seen since then neglected the city. it was on the verge of collapse. but thanks to the association and the residents were seeing new life put into the heart of tripoli. follow the bab did entrance has just reopened to the public with a new look and shop owners like i, lima, brooke,
1:48 pm
couldn't be happier. shereka before there weren't many customers now, but after the renovation, the market changed. new customers are coming in then people are visiting because they want to see the non look underlying about. had yanna is on the board of directors of the old to the association and has been supervising the renovation work. she says it's been her dream to breathe new life into triple is old city? yes. and super proud of her. i mean it's something, oh, it's a dream coming to and not even mainly my father used to work in this organization. my father died want to tell him, you know, i hope his looking, you know, same kissing you, we've done what you always hoped. so personally for me sir. yeah, it's a big, it's a big thing and they proud you can see how the entire via the old city has changed with these new renovations. and locals now have a sense of pride in the cities which history and
1:49 pm
a renewed sense of hope that it could return to its former glory. now, emma used to live in the old city. she found out about the renovation on social media is she had brought my grandchildren to see the history. this change is amazing. i hope they ran away the entire city. 40 years ago when i lived here, the roads and homes were falling apart. this is a great beginning. libya has seen relative calm since a nation wide ceasefire was signed last october. people here hope the hard one piece won't be short lived, so the work can continue to maintain ledgers. historical psych latrina al jazeera tripoli coming up after the break on this news, al a will cross live to melbourne. the latest on the novak joker ridge saga as recipient's entry fields, arden could still be on shaky ground. ah
1:50 pm
. ah ah
1:51 pm
ah ah, it's time enough his sport, he's jo emily, thank you very much. the australian government is investigating whether not ciocca, which made false claims on his declaration form when he entered the country. the wild set of some one was spotted early on tuesday training in melbourne. but there's a question over his claim that he hadn't traveled for 14 days before entering australia. social media posts appeared to show him in serbia and spain the days before his arrival was still waiting to hear from australia's immigration minister as to whether he'll use his personal powers to cancel a joke, which his visa again or concerns of also been raised over current virus testing of
1:52 pm
competitors ahead of the australian open, controversial australia player. an atomic was playing a qualify in melbourne and complained to the referee that he was coming down with coven 19, but couldn't get a test. ah, ah, although you didn't this both with see yes. no pc out there speak on credible claims there. let's go to melbourne and speak to 7 news reports of late johnson blake. let's start by talking about jock of it took us through this latest twists when it comes to those documents. so we're not, i don't have a job in australia, you had to set a fairly standard travel decoration. one of the questions was have you traveled in the past and dies and in the documents relates to the quote. you can clearly say
1:53 pm
that he can see the no box, but we have vision of him training and sign on january 3rd. he was in 7th before that. not to mention the days that he spent mingling with members of the public, well, supposedly covered positive and then the shuttle to australia. so that in itself is a, is a mistake bit of information and providing false or misleading information in that form can carry a maximum dow sentence of the very unlikely stroke of each would get that to that. but still it raises questions about his truthfulness. when he was coming into the country and we can confirm that australian voter force base to getting this new angle for their interviews with him in the world to be unreasonable. so could be tight to for the vote. a force with mr. joke image that we're also waiting to hear from the strain immigration minister off to joke, which is visa was reinstated, many people will think will hang on. he won his case in front of a judge. so why would the australian government still be looking at canceling his,
1:54 pm
these are again, i guess so really important to realize the judge did. i did not confirm his job because he simply ruled, but he didn't give you with portables to be able, was unreasonable. and therefore, his visa cancellation should not have happened in the 1st place. that doesn't mean that he's like to state another point to recognize it still does not make the requirements for having a vac fan exemption into a strategy. so having that hanging over the immigration minutes, this still has a diffusion, mike, as to where the knowledge of each to remain in australia giving a mighty covering vaccinated does not have the correct vac same exemption requirements to stay here. but does have the correct backs ending junction to play in the strategy. and so a decision now it's 10 o'clock, not on the, on the, on a choose dan, australia, country, the immigration is making too much of a format tonight. that could be something that happens tomorrow, but you know, less than a week out from you start an open. what kind of really fine. let's just talk about this extraordinary claim from bun atomic encore. what's the issue with the play is being tested there in melvin robeteck,
1:55 pm
tony to make charges really exciting time to make this point move down 16 in the 1st and last the 3rd set claiming that he had to harvard symptoms and, and couldn't get it. pci case then, as we just said about already, he has or tried to get the i'm paula the chair imply that if he didn't come down with covered in the next few days, he and if it was the voice said it wasn't so much tv from the officials on court, but atomic was in a, in a qualifying match against the what number 146 russian pilots. i look take, take it with a grain of salt. we've been atomic obviously on. well, he's on, well, that's very unfortunate him and perhaps he does right to the point. they could be more testing available to flight, especially if they are showing carpet symptoms or blank. johnson they're from 7 years melton. thank you very much. joining us, thanks at the africa nations, morocco scored a late winner over 40 champions, gonna form a premier league player. sophia befell who now plays in the french top division.
1:56 pm
crap. the only goal of the game and the 82nd minute morocco nicknamed the atlas lions, are hoping to win their 1st african title. since 1976, algeria kick off their title depends on tuesday and sierra leo leone, who are featured in the tournament for the 1st time in 25 years. i've only played in the event on 2 occasions and both times fail to progress beyond the group stage . that quote says, sarah leanne's qualification for african speaks volumes about their development. i think it's a very, very important for the people, the sheer then they'll be coming represents jojo, it's important that you know, we play against that better teams because is it helps our development as a country where we're coming in as a, as a country and be we're looking for to it. we're going to be competitive. does for sure. oh so and she's day one of the most anticipated matches of the group stage featured to african had great egypt and nigeria,
1:57 pm
egypt who led by liverpool style mohammed stella, the most successful team in the tournaments history winning on 7 occasions. while nigeria have claimed the title 3 times by over say i would love to win something in the country. i came here. i think it's a mac up their mission. the mom proud to were to share. i give my best to the team . we have a coach wherever we team have a very good and they play for 741011 years now. so i know we have very good team. so we give our players and hopefully we win. all right, that's all you spoke for now i have more for you later. and emily, quite a lot of incredible sort of stories coming out of melbourne. certainly ease bed. you know, that joker store is the one that just keeps on giving. i'm sure they'll be more updates in the hours to come. thank you very much jack. all right, that's all from me. emily angland, this news al up at nick clack. we'll be back in
1:58 pm
a minute with more of the day's news and you can keep up to date i had into our web site al jazeera dot com stay with us. ah, ah, ah. with ah
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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will, but you can use in current to pass that matter to you. ah, cousins, president head south at his predecessor while announcing the russian lead military force called in to deal with last week's uprising is about to leave. ah, 11 o'clock this is south zurich life into ha also come me up warnings of a humanitarian contest.


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