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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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so commercialized politicize who owns yoga on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah, a warning that half of europe's population will contract all micron in the coming weeks is covert cases fail hospital beds to their highest level yet in the u. s. for countries not yet hit by the overgrown search. there is a closing window of opportunity to act. no and blank for to put the new seas. ah, for that i'm alamo. he had the this is al jazeera mind from doha. also coming up,
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british prime minister boris johnson, faces more calls for him to resign. after new revelations about a garden party, during locked dine fears of a humanitarian catastrophe, the un calls for $5000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan, for millions are going hungry. and you've heard of k drama and kate pope. now this k foods, the humble noodle, becomes the latest south korean trend to spread world wides. ah, we begin with a warning that europe will face a tidal wave of corona virus cases. the world health organization says more than half of europeans are likely to be infected by the or mccomb variance in the next 2 months. it's urgent governments to prioritize vaccinations and booster shots
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at this rate. the institute for health metrics and evaluation forecasts that more than 50 percent of the population in the region will be infected with mcclung in the next $6.00 to $8.00 weeks. because of the unprecedented scale of transmission, we are now seeing, raising covent 19 hospitalizations. it this changing health systems and service delivery in many countries where oregon has spread at speed, and threatens to overwhelm in many more. well, despite few cases in china and young has become the 3rd city to go into locked ins, authorities maintain a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. how facilities in the us are feeling the strain of on the kron with more than 130000 people in the hospital. that's the highest since the pandemic began. well,
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we'll get more on all those stories in just a moment. first though, dominic cane as more from berlin on the situation across europe. on the face of earth, very bleak assessment. indeed, that's 50 percent of the population. depending on which numbers you go by and the you more than 400000000 people live here in the you around 700000000 around the you, it's periphery countries and that sort of thing. so we're talking potentially hundreds of millions of people that this individual from the world health organization is saying might well find themselves falling fall of the army grant variant of the corona virus in the course of the next couple of months. remember, it's deep winter here, right? now and so all those conditions which millet sites in favor of fir, the transmission are in place. it's cold outside people tend to congregate together inside if they're not wearing appropriate masks as we were hearing from the w h o. in another part of a statement made by the individual concerned that it's masking vaccination and that
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sort of thing in the absence of those. and it's very clear that the world health organization is making pretty difficult and dangerous suggestions here. hundreds of millions of people might find themselves as a se falling fall of on the kron in this deep winter phase of 2022. that's the really fundamental question here, right now has only chron managed to dislodge. the delta vary the preceding particularly dangerous variance of covey that had been running right. what like wildfire across the continent, here in germany, the latest estimate suggests somewhere around 50 percent of all cases are of ami chrome. but in other parts of the continent then army corners really taken hold and is starting to really push delta to one side. chain to china and i were 20000000 people are now confined to their homes. as a 3rd city is placed under lock time christian, he has more from dan, joe,
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in hein and province, announced 5000000 residents have been ordered not to leave their homes until they get tested. the coven! 19 non essential businesses have been closed and old private vehicles have been ordered off the roads. mass testing is underway in the city. now, the province of her none where identity is located is home to about 100000000 people. they've been facing an outbreak of primarily the delta variance since the beginning of the year in the city of an young. they've identified since the beginning of january at least $400.00 cases. but what sparked concern is this week and was the discovery of at least 80 cases of the very infectious on the chron variance. now these cases have been linked to students who traveled from the port city a tinge in another city in china, which is under defacto lockdown. now, authorities are very concerned about the 10 gin cases because this city borders bay
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gene and officials there have promised to see loft hinge in order to protect the capital. all leaders in china are under enormous pressure to prevent any infections from reaching the capital baiting before the beginning of the beijing winter olympics, which opens on february the 4th. and this is a very dangerous time for the virus here in china. we're just heading into the lunar new year period or chinese new year, where typically many people travel across the country. there are hundreds of millions, true of trips made here in china as people travel home to see relatives for the most important public holiday. here in the country now officials have discouraged travel this chinese new year because of these outbreaks and officials are saying that they are staunchly committed to maintaining time as 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. despite the fact that already 20000000 people here in china are affected by very severe locked downs or pandemic restrictions was he heard earlier
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more americans than ever before or in hospital with corona virus. on point 3000000 cases were registered on monday that so world wides daily records. the volume of infections is overwhelming. hospitals administrators say many doctors and nurses are infected with the virus to doctor patrick tang is a microbiologist and division chief of pathology, et cetera medicine. here in doha, he says, there are several important factors to look at. so severe and outbreak is whether we should be concerned or not depend on each person's individual, immunity, data and bomb. our ability to, to be or to be that well at what's happening within the country. so if you're in a country that has high vaccination rate and probably would hit by a large wave of delta, an infection in the within time, then there be a high level of immunity in that population. and they are going to have less effect on population. whereas if you were in
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a country that had low base the vaccination and wasn't at all hard by the previous wave in action, then an over conway would cause a lot of problems for such a population. we're seeing similar things in many places around the world. the better on the crime is virtually unstoppable without having significant restriction by the side in economy that type of restrictions that, that are being used in places like china, from this current wave up in action, looks like it might be the last bure way of cobit 19 because one thing is that the virus is always going to develop new bearing over time. some of them might eat them or some of them might be mild. but, but at the same time, the world is also building up in unity from vaccination as well with from all of
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the different ways of infection. so i think our community that going to developed around the world will protect us from future, waive any barriers that come and unlikely that there will be another severe wave of 19 after this month. britton's prime minister is facing renewed coals for his resignation. after new revelations, a better garden party held during lockton for his johnson has repeatedly denied freaking locked and rules. that elite e mail is reported to show that his private secretary invited around $100.00 government staff to a party in opposition. labor party says johnston must go because of his repeated lies. nadine barbara is in london and says this is a bad look for it and in street. it's about trust. sit about consistency and it's about truth telling and it really is remarkable. if you see the contents of the email which has been published by british broadcasts during the last 24 hours and
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the contents of which the government have not really complained about or rejected, let me just read you a little bit of it. we thought it would be nice to make the most of the lovely weather and have some socially distant drinks in the number 10 garden this evening . bring your own booze. that was from a close sir. advisor of prime minister boris johnson on the 20th of may 2020. during the 1st lock down that same day his coach or secretary oliver dowden had gone on television and told the british public that apart from their own household, they shouldn't mix with any body except for one person in and outdoor setting. the police issued similar guidelines that day and so really the question is, what did they think they were doing? certain re verify or witnesses who've come forward to say that bars. johnston attended that gathering in the garden at 10 downing street. and
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the fact that number 10 hovel deny eat the contents of the email that it went to a 100 stars. all reports, but dozens of people actually attended along with bars johnson and his then fiance kerry really is causing a lot of her eyebrow raising at the moment. the u. n. is launching its largest ever humanitarian appeal for a single country. it needs more than $5000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan. one half the population ran 23000000 people faces acute hunger. the humans humanitarian chief says he's most worries at the welfare of children. some more to his unicef chief of communications in afghanistan, she says winter temperatures have added to the crisis. the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, the scale of suffering is quite unprecedented. and as you see,
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its children and women, those who are least responsible for the crisis who are facing the brunt of these challenges. around half the population also gonna spend 23000000 people are food insecure, which means that they cannot find or afford you tricia's food. and as you see over 1000000 of that number, our children and what use f is predicting that without urgent action, those children will suffer from severe acute malnutrition, which puts them at risk of dying in 2022. we think that without action one into children will be acutely malnourished. so the problems are huge on top of that of gun this done is facing the difficulties of climate change. we are experiencing the worst drought that the country has had for 27 years. we've got rising food prices, we've got tripling poverty. we've got rising unemployment. and all this against the
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backdrop of winter, you know, last night was minus 6 degrees centigrade. and i keep hearing from from mothers, villagers that they don't have money for rudy for coal to keep their homes warm. and it is children who are suffering the most still has on al jazeera, no reason for optimism. we have more on rushes reaction to the 1st round of high stakes talks with us on the crisis in ukraine. and a landlord moment in medical science. the man in the us becomes the 1st in the world to get a heart transplant from a pig. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored my cattle. it weighs
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about to be more flooding for sun sumatra and java, i would think because that's the focus of the heaviest shares at this. seasonally wet time, the year. but borneo journey in as well. maybe it's better news, the philippines, the coast to vietnam, or the shares they've probably fairly frequent daily basis light. well, that's the picture of seasonal rain for the north is seasonal snow. that's particularly true of honshu and how kind of the 2 largest islands call themselves japan is getting colder. but across the sky is going to love this way. finally goes away in that cold as really sit in the northeast of china. hobbins at minus 40 beijing is a plus 3. it's cool down to where it should be in will hand. most of china is fine and dry again, that is seasonally normal. this though is not quite the rain that you might. it's betsy entangle mother's light and still anchor it's heavier. but look at this up through addition. possibly towards the far north east of india and beyond. you
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don't expect rain this time to years a little bit too early. it came from the disturbance that brought all that snow to northern pakistan and india that's gone now. indeed, the weather is settled here. daily's air quality is bound to decrease once more as the temperature slowly rises, but the skies settle. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways, we're told technology can help tackle the spread of coated 19, but all tech solutions, the best solutions you're starting, something that seems like it's aimed in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring people what data is being collected. where is it being for it? poly re looks at the limits of time and the potential of other creative ways to do with the issues we face truck it when tech tools go viral. episode 3 of all hailed are locked down on al jazeera. ah
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ah, this is al jazeera, quick reminder over the top stories this arm, the world health organization says more than half of europeans are likely to be infected with corona virus and the next 2 months. recorded 7000000 new cases of omicron in europe. june. first week of january. china's government has ordered the locked stone of a 3rd sissy to send the spreads of court with 19 doctors in an young and high man province detected 80 cases of micron over the weekends. nationwide some 20000000 chinese are confined to their homes and the u. n. is launching its largest over humanitarian appeal for a single country. it needs more than $5000000000.00 in aid for afghanistan. for half the population right,
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23000000 people face acute hunger. kazakstan president has appeared to criticize his predecessor, for the 1st time costume jermarta coyote said public discontent over inequality was justified and that he wants the former precedence associates to share their wealth, peaceful demonstrations over soaring fuel prices, escalated into days of anti government protests, a russian life military force was deployed and to kind of says that they start pulling out within 48 hours. when i 160 people were killed in the unrest and nearly 10000 people have been detained. for kai of also announced the new government line up and the cons, my loan has been nominated as prime minister. he served as 1st step, she prime minister in the previous cabinet, which to kind of dismissed last week. russia says it's not optimistic after talks with the us seems at deescalate intentions between moscow and keith. it's up here
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as negotiated brief nato allies on tuesday. i had of more discussions later this week. the meetings are being held over russian troop buildup new ukraine's border, which is raising fears on invasion. john ho reports. it is an achievement of sorts. the talks between russia and the united states in geneva didn't end in failure. they were never likely to be a major success. but while russia insisted it had no intention of invading ukraine, there remains little sign of an immediate end to the crisis. it's not the situation we're ah, a deal breaker one way or another. he's in the vision. unfortunately, we have a great disparity in our principal approaches to this us and russia in some ways, ah, had or was it views on what needs to be done? us negotiators trod carefully. they promised they wouldn't be talk of ukraine
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security without ukraine present. this instead, a chance to air respective concerns and get a measure of russia's true intent with tensions at their highest since the end of the cold war points of dispute between russia and the u. s. are plentiful, but ukraine is perhaps most urgent. russia has supported a separatist conflict there for 8 years now, and the presence of a 100000 russian troops on ukraine's border threatens a new war in europe. russia wants legal guarantees that ukraine will never become a member of the nato alliance. a demand flatly rejected by western allies. on monday, ukraine's deputy prime minister met the nato secretary general talks with russia will widen on wednesday to include nato members in brussels. and then the o. s. c. e. in vienna, on thursday. what russia is doing is trying to impose its agenda instead of returning to the negotiation table. and we have that very clearly,
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that we will never compromise on the rights for every nation in europe to choose his own pulse, including all kinds of security arrangements in wants to be part of earlier russia's deputy foreign minister suggested the u. s. had not taken seriously, his countries demand that ukraine never be allowed to join nato. that's an ominous sign by continuing to press what is a solid western red line? russia may be showing its hand that president may not intend this week of talks to succeed at all, but rather to use them as a pretext for war jona, how busy are the latest air strike any fuel p as t y widget has killed at least 17 people, dozens of others were wounded in the southern turn of my february that followed 40, satanic, which killed at least 56 people in a camp. the displaced the war plain threats as halted a work in the area. the government has denied taunting civilians in the 14 month
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conflict. the correctness president daniel ortega has been sworn in for a 4th term. the you are sandy, you say his election was a sham. and on the same day as his inauguration, they unveiled new sanctions against dozens of officials and members of his family or latin america editor alysia human reports. this was daniel ortega's 4th consecutive swearing in ceremony flanked by his wife, reciting moody you his vice president. he vowed to improve conditions in nicaragua, the 2nd poor's country in the americas. after haiti rest go home resort. we are here again with a clean slate, to build peace, to assure that nicaraguans have a dignified life to eradicate property in this country with sovereignty and freedom . the president of cuba and venezuela were there and also delegations from iran,
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bolivia, russia, and china. but ortega was snubbed by almost every one else. november's presidential elections have been dismissed as illegitimate by much of the international community. the majority of ortega's competitors were imprisoned, so they could not run and thousands of others have gone into exile. and legitimacy is not an issue for ortega and he managed to essentially consummate. ah, he, so he saw his plan to establish star. i'm a fool and classic latin american dictatorship in nicaragua, ours before the ceremony, the european union and the united states, and else new sanctions against high ranking military and communications officials, as well as members of the ortega family. but exiled opponent, monica bank was ano, a former sandinista commander, who once fought alongside. ortega my questions, their effectiveness. i will not go again devon, as you know,
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if they demonstrate that the international community realizes what top in nicaragua, and thus why it imposes sanctions. they have a moral effect, a kind of consolation, but in practical terms, they'll have little impact. one or take a celebrated his latest inauguration, some 170 political prisoners languished in what human rights advocates describe as cruel and inhumane conditions around me. one of them is lawyer rocket reyes, not every lesson but we are in like a thing when communist or my husband is losing his memory and he's in a deep depression after spending more than a 100 days in a punishment. isolation cell that he can't remember the names or faces of our daughters or girlfriend ortega made no mention of his pre election promised to initiate a dialogue with his political opponents. that may explain why most nicaraguans, whom al jazeera consulted about yoga operation, preferred to say nothing at all. to see a newman al jazeera wildfires,
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tornadoes and tropical storms. the costs of natural disasters to the u. s. economy was the 3rd highest ever recorded. so last year, the national oceanic ended atmospheric administration says whether disasters in the u. s. cost around a $1000000000.00 each making last year, one of the most catastrophic, yet europe climate monitoring service. as the past 7 years, where the warmest on records around 700 americans died steering natural disasters last year. and it cost the world's biggest economy, some $145000000000.00. over half of that was caused by for tropical storms. the big fries in texas that more than $200.00 people dead, and thousands without running water or electricity repair was estimated at $24000000000.00. destructive wildfires and colorado calls at least
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$513000000.00 worth of damage. and there were a record breaking $193.00 tornadoes. the several states in december alone. when a 1st for medical science staunch is in, the us have transplanted a pix heart into a human patient. to save his life, surgeons have been trying to find a way to use animal organs because of a shortage of human, oregon donations. barbara and cooper reports. david bennett had been given 6 months to live and didn't qualify to receive a human heart. doctors told him there was no guarantee had survived receiving a heart transplanted from a pig. his patient was given an opportunity for this on this experimental transplant, was the idea mind that we didn't know what the outcome might be, but it wasn't going to be worse than traditional therapy. a gene edited pick hot
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was used to reduce the risk of the patient's body rejecting the organ. and 3 days after surgery, dr. say his doing well. bennett son says his father is glad he made the difficult decision. you realizes the magnitude of what was done and he really realised the importance of it. i've been talking with him. i've never in my life i heard or seen my dad cry, but i think he realised the seriousness of his condition in the last couple weeks. decades of research went into the medical breakthrough. it was always said, does he not grasp? foundation is the future and always will be. this was gordon multiple times. i would like to say that, you know, grasp on vision is now the present. in the united states alone, an estimated $10000.00 people die every year, waiting for a transplant. it's one of the reasons says,
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cautious excitement. it's significant because we don't have a source of human organ replace. ah, of sufficient numbers to answer demand. ah, and not only to man, but a timely manner. but for now, david bennett and his family have been thrown a lifeline. barbara and gave her al to sarah a poet in civil rights activist has become the 1st blank woman to be features on a us quarter coin. maya angelou was 86 when she died in 2014. her coin is the 1st in the american women quarters program, which will include other prominent women in u. s. history. foods has become the lisa export from south korea to see rise in popularity. it's cinema and music industries have already swept the globe. but now the pandemic is pushing sales of korean instant noodles,
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especially in the west or above, manly reports in the street market. and so all these spicy rum, your noodles pack, a punch, a stable, the south koreans, the now winning over pallet for round the world. since the pandemic demand for oodles of the spicy noodles have food leading south korean manufacturer, a non shim says a pandemic helped to spearhead a k food wave in america, canada, and europe. and that expanded noodle cells by 24 percent last year over 2019. ah, the leaders have become a latest trend in a growing western appetite for all things south korean that including cape hot k drama, and k movies. non shim sales went up after the oscar winning film parasite presented
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a made up dish could jap, a gory using its product. green brown, some young rahman, full sales, reached new highs. alternate with youth in the popular netflix show with game and caper band btn pushed international sales of monday or dumplings by 90 percent of the 2 members got into a fight. so good food, a korean wave. how you play a huge role in the popularity of korean noodles and things like b t s like the world light sensation, b t s. and just seeing rahman in korean drama has played a huge role. people see it and they see that it's not just something that we eat out of convenience or something that broke college students. it. they see that it's something that people really enjoy. the humble in the new door isn't new to american society. it's the main se in prisons as much as it is on the students
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plate. but south korean foodies claim their brands taste better and say there's only one way to eat it. that brings out that spicy flavor. i think it goes to the satisfaction of eating the noodles when you hear good slurp or who's western has gone on korean food and culture. will they also take up this experience whitey shed on social media? whereabout manly al jazeera. ah. this is al jazeera, these are the headlines, the world health organization says more than half of europeans are likely to be infected in the next 2 months. recorded 7000000 new cases of only calling europe.


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