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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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award winning documentaries and team debts. you suppose? subscribe to youtube, dot com forward slash al jazeera english. lou . this is al jazeera. ah. hello from doha. i'm. how am i here with the al jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. sounding the alarm, the w h o says half of your population could get the on the con, variance of grown of iris in the next 2 months. for countries not yet hit by the on the ground search. that is a closing window of opportunity to act though,
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and blank for contingencies under fire coals who the u. k. prime minister to sat down after a leads email reveals his office held a party during the heights of the rule of irish luck. time warning. all the living catastrophe in afghanistan, the un laura, she is the biggest appeal for aid for a single country fury half the african population is at risk of acute hunger. this is while defining moment really is gonna be just the fights for voting rights . the u. s. president rally support for legislation to counter measures. the critics say target minority voters and our heater stems with your sports defending champions algeria draw their opening match at the africa cup of nations and more questions to answer from other java jet of the strategy. an open of the country's government looks into whether he lied on his travel fall in
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well, we begin this news, our with a warning that europe full face a time awaits off corona virus cases. the world health organization says more than half full europeans are likely to be infected by the on the crone variance. in the next 2 months. it's urgent governments to prioritize vaccinations, including booster shoals. at this rate, the institute for health metrics and evaluation for posts that more than 50 percent of the population in the region will be infected with on the chrome in the next $6.00 to $8.00 weeks because of the unprecedented scale of transmission. we are now seeing, raising current 19 hospitalizations. it this changing health systems and service delivery in many countries, where on the grown has spread at speed and threatened store overwhelm in many more
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. all despite few cases in china and young has become the 3rd city to co, interlocked, earnest authorities maintain a 0 covert approach to the pandemic. and health facilities in the united states are feeling the strain of a micron with more than 140000 people. in hospital, that's the highest since the pandemic began. but we'll get more on those stories in just a moment. first, though dominic cane is in berlin with more on the situation across europe. on the face of earth, very bleak assessment. indeed, that's 50 percent of the population, depending on which numbers you go by and the you more than 400000000 people live here in the you around 700000000 around the you, it's periphery countries and that sort of thing. so we're talking potentially hundreds of millions of people that this individual from the world health organization is saying might well find themselves falling foul of the arm across
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variant of the corona virus in the course of the next couple of months. remember, it's deep winter here, right? now, and so all those conditions which militate in favor of further transmission are in place, it's cold outside people tend to congregate together inside if they're not wearing appropriate masks as we were hearing from the w h o. in another part of a statement made by the individual concerned that it's masking vaccination and that sort of thing in the absence of those. and it's very clear that the world health organization is making pretty difficult and dangerous suggestions here. hundreds of millions of people might find themselves as a se falling fall of on the kron in this deep winter phase of 2022. that's the really fundamental question here. right now, has only cron managed to dislodge. the delta vary the preceding particularly dangerous variance of covey that had been running right. what like wildfire across
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the continent, here in germany, the latest estimate suggests somewhere around 50 percent of all cases are of ami chrome, but in other parts of the continent. then on the corners really taken hold and is starting to really push delta to one side. 20000000 people in china are not confined to their homes. as a 3rd city is placed on to long term. katrina, you as more from don jo in hina province, and young's 5000000 residents have been ordered not to leave their homes until they get tested. the coven! 19 non essential. businesses have been closed and all private vehicles have been ordered off the roads. mass testing is underway in the city. now, the province of her nun where and young city is located is home to about 100000000 people. they've been facing an outbreak of primarily the delta variance since the beginning of the year in the city of and young. they've identified since the
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beginning of january at least $400.00 cases. but what sparked concern is this weekend was the discovery of at least 80 cases of the very infectious on the chron variance. now these cases have been linked to students who traveled from the port city a tinge in another city in china, which is under de facto locked down. now, authorities are very concerned about the 10 gin cases because this city borders bay, jing and officials there have promised to see loft hanjin in order to protect the capital. all leaders in china are under enormous pressure to prevent any infections from reaching the capital baiting before the beginning of the beijing winter olympics, which opens on february the 4th. and this is a very dangerous time for the virus here in china. we're just heading into the lunar new year period or chinese new year, where typically many people travel across the country. there are hundreds of millions of trips made here in china as people travel home to see relatives for the
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most important public holiday here in the country. now officials have discouraged travel this chinese new year because of these outbreaks and officials are saying that they are staunchly committed to maintaining time as 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. despite the fact that already 20000000 people here, china are affected by very severe locked downs or pandemic restrictions. even senate committee is meeting to hear the federal government take on how it's handling the pandemic. president joe biden has said he is confidence. the country is on the right track or representatives on the centers for disease control and top pos infectious disease expert anthony ferrucci. or among those speaking, u. s. is experiencing 8 massive surge in cove with 19 cases. with more than one and a half 1000000 new infections on monday. well, patty, co hain is following the story for us. she joins us live from outside a hospital in calverton, maryland,
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and patsy. let's start with what it's like. on the grounds, there are reports that hospitals are coming on to real pressure right now. there seems to be a real disconnect. you hear president joe biden coming out and saying, we believe we're on the right track. well, the american people, according to polls overwhelmingly, don't agree with him because of what they're seeing in their own lives. for example, this hospital several times in the recent weeks have had to basically put out the red line, say ambulances, you can't come here. we've got no more beds, it's happening, and i hospitals all over this country. one of the big concerns is testing, and this is the big criticism of the biden administration. they knew the holidays were coming up, they knew their own advice, was if you're going to gather with family, they don't normally see get tested before you move that. invent event indoors well in the run. after the holidays you couldn't find any tests. lines were stretching for blocks and blocked people away for hours. and even now the holidays are behind
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us. those tests, if you could find one, the labs are taking forever to get back to you maybe 56 days. and at that point doesn't really matter anymore. it's not very effective and the ad home tests which the administration really dismissed sending to people. now that they say they're going to. but right now when people are getting sick in record numbers, you cannot find at home tests anywhere. and then there's the issue of the quarantine. the cdc changed the guidelines that had been 10 days. if your test positive stay home. they moved to 5 at this hearing in capitol hill, they admitted that part of the reason was because hospital officials like the ones behind us said look, if you keep it 10 days, we're not going to have staff to actually take care of all of these sick people now they went on to say that the science also backs that move, but senators, don't seem all that impressed. you shouldn't quarantine guidance because too many people would be out of work. was that because of science or was it because you now know that locked down shut down, some school closures come with
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a significant downside impact. you. ashley american people to trust you quite frankly, you've lost their trust a surpass. what happens next? well, what happens next is the by demonstration that what this hearing is focusing on is what they're going to do. and they say, look, we're getting some of those treatments. there are, those are going to be out and they set through a number of 20000. that's not going to do anything for the number of people that are sick. 20000. they talked about testing that they're going to be able to, americans will to go online and order a test to be sent to their house through the postal service. they said they hoped to have that in place, starting at the end of this month, but the cases are soaring every single day. and so pretty much everything the administration said is a long term fix. while most of the analysis says this is going to continue to be just horrible throughout february, throughout the rest of january through february. it might level off in march just
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about the time that all of those programs that they promised are actually coming into effect. now there was one thing at this hearing that doctor anthony found the chief medical adviser to the president said they've already started spending money trying to come up with the vaccine that works with future variance because that's the big concern. the concern is that a variant is going to come out and it won't matter that you've been vaccinated. so he said they've already started spending money at different universities, different facilities, trying to come up with a vaccine that would handle any possible variant that comes our way. he didn't give any sort of timeline as to what a, when we might see some sort of research on that. but he did say that it is a high priority. so a lot of pushback from us senators from both political parties, bite administration, really disputing what the president thinks is a heading in the right direction when, when you look around, it doesn't really feel like that. okay, petticoat they're bring us up to date from outside hospital in calverton, maryland's fancy. thank you. well, dr. krishna with i am a kumar is
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a director at the global health innovations center. he says the u. s. is that a crisis moments and we're 2 years into this and demick and we're asking the same help workforce that's been struggling for 2 years to continue and not just continue, but actually to do even more with even fewer resources. we should remember that we have access to lots of axioms and other types of intervention, but we're still relatively low compared to other countries in our vaccination rates, only 63 percent of the entire population is fully vaccinated. here in the us and less than 40 percent have boosters, so we have susceptibility beyond other countries in terms of the level of infection . we've also seen now that the rates of infection are rising significantly, and we're not seeing the same level of b coupling as we saw. we have some south africa between the cases rising and the
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hospitalizations. we should keep in mind that the best estimate we have is perhaps up to 40 percent of people in the hospital with cobit or their width. cobit as opposed to being there for coed, but they're still using a lot of resources. we're still having to make sure that health workers are protected and that patients are protected as well. so we've got a long way to go here. and even though we've broken the record with 145000 people in the hospital in the us with cobra, that number could double in the next 2 to 4 weeks. britton's prime minister is facing renewed calls. the stat done. after you revelations about a garden party held during mark time, post, johnson has repeatedly denied breaking locked and rules, but a leak. t mail reportedly shows his private secretary invited around 100 government staff to the gathering in 2020. the dean baba is more how many garden parties is a garden party too far? this image shows boris johnson at
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a gathering behind 10 downing street during the 1st lock down in may. 2020. his office is always claimed. this was a work meeting. now he's under intense pressure after press reports, he attended another gathering here 5 days later, along with dozens of colleagues, an email from one of his advisors to a 100 members of staff said hi all after what has been an incredibly busy period. we thought it would be nice to make the most of the lovely weather and have some socially distance drinks and the number 10 garden this evening. please join us from 6 p. m and bring your own booze. and i know that people are also eager for news of the same day. the coach, a secretary, was on television, telling the public they shouldn't meet more than one person from another household . in parliament on tuesday, the opposition was granted an urgent question because a prime minister to make the statement on the positive event held in the county street garden on the 20th of may, 2020 boris johnson didn't turn up, leaving it to
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a cabinet colleague to fend off repeated calls for him to resign crime. i apologize again, unreservedly. fully upset that these allegations have caused the prime minister has asked for investigation to take place and the terms of reference, the investigations that are underway have already been published. in recent months, the press has been full of reports of social gatherings in downing street where copied 19 regulations were broken. but this time it feels different. johnson has refused to deny anything saying only that they'll be an investigation by su gray, a senior civil servant, or the reaction of the former head of a scottish conservatives was particularly a survey on tuesday. she said, nobody needs an official to tell them whether they were utter boozy shindig in their own garden. well apart from su grey's investigation, the police here now say they're in touch with the cabinet office is with those reports of a garden party. the government's official number of people who died from covered 19
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has just passed 850000. no surprise then, that the air waves have been full of people who lost loved ones in 2020, and weren't allowed to attend the funerals condemning the prime minister. for his johnson's popularity. ratings have already slumped in recent months. whether this latest scandal translates into any real attempts by his party to replace him is less clear. nadine barbara, al jazeera london, plenty. marcella had saw miss hughes are including switching off. so lanka, white fears are growing of ruling power cards. and the humble little becomes the latest korean trends to spread globally during the popular k drama, k pop and k movies. and the us open champion is the rush to we k in the 1st go around the season. reaction that much more in sports ah,
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cassock stones, president says appeared to criticize his predecessor, for the 1st time chasm jermarta kind of said public discontent. silver in quality was justified and that he wants the former precedence associates to share their wealth, peaceful demonstrations of restoring fuel prices, escalated into deeds of antique government protests. a russian life military force was to points into cave says it will start pulling out within 48 hours. more than 160 people were killed. and nearly 10000 to teens. what's a curve has also announced the u government line up on the current. my life has been nominated as prime minister. he served as 1st deputy prime minister in the previous cabinets which to kind of dismissed last week. robin forest walker is falling developments from tbilisi in georgia. it's created, this is mission accomplished for presidents. we're kind of the c a c o came in. it
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was clear that he had vladimir putin backing behind him. they did that job, which appears to have been largely symbolic, finding out across the country, being present at strategic locations like military bases and so forth. now they're on their way out to kind of, you clearly is in a position to do the job by himself. 10000 people detained a today, his speech was also about restructuring the security services, the police, the military and the national state. national security of putting himself very much in charge of those important instruments of power in the country. so kind of actually for the 1st time, went off in directly president the previous president. no. so that's it by didn't mentioned by name, directly, a criticism directly, but what he said was that people the leads under and as if i've had made themselves
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very rich, very wealthy, they spend that money abroad, and now it was time to bring that money home and to give it back to the people. so president polka, has established or will establish a new funds that some of that money presumably will go into and this is the deal he's cutting with his predecessors, diagnostic legacy. the people who are his family members and, and as a buyer who has taken money out of the country and now must bring it back. the u. n. is launching its largest ever humanitarian appeal for a single country. it needs more than $5000000000.00 in aid for galveston. women, half the population, and 23000000 people faces acute hunger. un humanitarian chief says he's most worried about the welfare of children. the figure of a 1000000
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a 1000000 children potentially suffering severe, acute malnutrition, a 1000000 children. it is, it figures are so hard to grasp when this kind of size, but a 1000000 children in afghanistan at risk of that kind of money. tricia. if these things don't happen is a shocking one. we also know from the food insecurity, there's up to 8000000 people in afghanistan again still in afghanistan, who are endangered in terms of food security, who are at a level of food security that will eventually lead to severe hunger will. christine jetson's, regional communications advisor at the norwegian refugee can so in kabul, he says the needs in afghanistan is immense and urgent. we have an absolute
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desperate situation here. we have a bitterly cold winter, and at the same time, we have millions of people going hungry to bed every single night. and off this, we have a high number of people up to 89000000 that are just on the brink of famine. and this is just the top of it. apart from that, we also have an economy in free fall. a lot of people who rely on small income, they make on the streets by carrying food stuff around by cleaning houses. and before they're the take over of the taliban and before the sanctions, they could usually rely on earning till $3.00 a day enough to buy some food. but now they make much, much less and sometimes absolutely nothing. manya, simply not getting in. we're trying all we can with different very creates of methods to get funding in to,
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to the country. but it's only coming in very small drips and not nearly enough to provide the assistance needed for all the millions of people in need. so we recognize, in the know, mentioned referred to canceling, that there's lots of political will to actually solve this problem. the un security council have also issued a declaration with unitarian exemptions. so in principle, does the political will to solve this problem. however, we are not seeing the funds coming, and the problem is that those funds they're needed now. farmers in northern sit on had talked to main road link with each, it's leaving hundreds of vehicles stranded. they protested, annella mo, cut out for a 3rd consecutive day against hire electricity prices. really military council has promised to review. the changes to parents house for lanka is imposing ruling power accounts because the other tricity boys can't afford to pay for fuel. the worsening
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economic crisis is led to the rationing of gas foods supplies and petrol. when al fernandez says more from colombo, some people are looking at the possibility of power cuts a one hour a day, according to what has been announced by the salon electricity board. that the said electricity provider, the headquarters, that you see are just behind me. now the government is very conscious that this is going to be inconveniencing people because the power card will be coming during peak demand and that during the evening hours, we had the minister yesterday saying that there will be no power cuts. but a few hours later, we had the former law official shadow of power caught being released by the electricity board. now, the government is conscious that this all comes at a time where people are being essentially wacked by all sides are the prices of
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angel items are skyrocketing that are shortages of milk, powder of gas. and this is all been exacerbated by a huge foreign exchange prices that the sri lankan government is facing. it does not have foreign currency for import. ah, and that to, ah, they've got to stretch and manage with what they do have. so in terms of the 2600 or 2700 megawatts of power that you're lanka, users your own jo, are they do have the electricity board has a massive debt to the state fuel provider. and the steadwood provider has said they're going to stop essentially supplying the electricity board. or we do have basically coal fired power plants, but the majority comes from fuel fired power plant as well as hydro power. so the fact that we can source a lot of fuel to drive those majority of fuel power plant is an issue. but in
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general, the electricity board engineers have said that one of the issues that we have not been adding new power plant that year on year 150 megawatts also is increasing in demand. but we just don't have the capacity. european m p 's are paying tribute to the presidents of the parliament who died on tuesday in a hospital in the 5th facility was 65 years old. a memorial boot has been opened at parliament headquarters in brussels for colleagues and friends to pay tribute. german chancellor schultz described the former italian journalist as a shrewd politician and good friends. step vesman looks back at his career in november that solely assured his colleagues in the european parliament that his doctors were helping him get back to work as soon as possible. you will pay us that, pete. i came down with a bad case of pneumonia,
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but he never fully recovered and was taken into hospital again last month. his spokesman confirmed on tuesday that his 65 year old died from immune system complications. thus holy had been president of the european parliament since 2019 it was a short stint punctuated by illness. but his rule was an important one. after 3 decades, as a journalist, the italian became a european parliament member in 2009. during his election as president, 10 years later, he called on the european union to swap nationalism for peace and equality. i for do we want to go towards the future in friendship to just a few days before he was admitted to hospital in december, he met the daughter of russian opposition leader. alexa now found me through award her father, the european parliament soccer, out of prize for freedom of thought, sending a clear message to russia, that it's a rest of the kremlin critic with what he calls an offense to the international community. he also criticized european countries for not equally sharing the task
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of hosting african refugees cleaned italy bon takeover of afghanistan last year and it was critical of europe's fall. right. politics and its impact on the mike when crisis today use a betty sap and say, hey, we added so on the state by the last i want a colleague, a friend or president to solely to or to very pro you pan. that's united to work. now what is to do soon? it's a solely digest 2 weeks away from the end of his term as president of the european parliament. a vote for his successor begins next week. still ahead on al jazeera pumping investments in the heart of tripoli. pacific pride is being stored with the price of levy is capital city and nigeria make
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a winning start at the ask a couple of nations. the 3rd will be here with all the actually ah, will things are caught and dancer raping brain shit through out iran and mr. levant in the last couple of days. but it's bad to get a bit stormy, get the remains of a few shall seem likely. in the mountains in western side, maybe down in western yemen as well. this bit of cloud hinting across the middle. there's no more than that and because the focus has got to be elsewhere, there's a low in the only and see at the moment is drifting fairly easy to be in the southern region on wednesday that big circulation means it's drawing cold into a stumble across the gym with snow on the northern hills of turkey, significant style. think for the east and rain, and yes, flooding is likely on the south coast of turkey, probably cyprus,
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and then really into the coast. there's a, syria and lebanon. this is like to be a progressive system that moves slowly eastwards. so the picture on thursday is that rain will be somewhere in northern serious snow at height, obviously, and coming into the western side of iran, east of that, it remains quiet apart from few showers may be showing the northern part of africa or north pakistan which are a rarity, it's going to be fine, which is the normal for this time, the year. but that rainy stuff is moving dancer, the mountains of iran, probably showing itself in q 8 and coffee once again central saturday. ah. join the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on services across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. 8. now this is not our responsibility. if people log concrete is completed,
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we cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do to get act. we must build all the paper. the stream on al jazeera, from the al jazeera london rural car center to special guest in conversation. this is the chance to start the revolution, unprompted, uninterrupted. we need to do away with the word evil because it stops conversation . where should we get? alan de baton meets. i aisha i can be. this is the beginning of friendship, beginning of love, right? like getting somewhere and can really break through the barriers studio. be unscripted on al jazeera lou.
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ah, this is al, to 0 quick reminder of the top stories for you. this are the world health organization says more than half of all europeans are likely to be infected by our micron. in the next 2 months, 7000000 new crone of iris cases were recorded in europe during the 1st week of january, china's government, as always of the lockdown of a 3rd city to stem the spread of court with 19, at least 80 you cases of variance were reported in onion in her non province, over the weekend. some 20000000 people are now confined to their homes. and britons prime minister is facing renewed calls to resign, a lease email reports to show good forest. johnson's private secretary invited government staff to a party during the height of the cove with 19 a locked own in 2020 and the u. s. president has taking his fight
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for voting rights on the roads. just a short while ago, joe biden, and the vice president com la harris arrived in atlanta, georgia. there'll be speaking at to predominantly black colleges to campaign against laws. they say limit people's rights to vote. little while defining moment really a little run the judge were way before it was after the vote with for quite a girl, the rivers regular. be why the fan? yes. our boy. the 3rd or president biden is hoping to jumpstart efforts to protect voting rights. after several states passed laws, which critics say will keep black voters from the polls. reynolds explains what the fight is all about. we won the election twice, inspired by former president donald trump's falsehoods about widespread fraud in
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the 2020 election, republican controlled state legislatures in 19 states have passed 34 new laws restricting access to voting. there is an assault underway on the very structure of our elections in our democracy that is carrying forward to assault that we saw on january 6th of 2021. i'm united states capital president joe biden called out trump in his january 6th speech. a former president and a supporters have decided the only way for them to win is to suppress your vote and subvert our elections. for example, in the swing state of georgia, new laws make it harder to request mail balance, bar election officials from sending applications for those ballots, restrict the number of dropboxes and polling places in heavily democratic urban areas. and make it a crime to offer food or water to people waiting in long lines for
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a chance to vote. states including georgia have gone further passing laws that would undermine non partisan election agencies and officials, and even allow partisan officials to reject election results entirely. battled senate democratic party leader charles schumer says he will introduce 2 bills this month. that would allow the justice department to undo state restrictive voting laws. republicans have blocked those efforts before using the parliamentary maneuver called the filibuster, which requires a super majority of votes in the senate, if not a boat in rockville, it's a sprawling sweeping takeover of our democracy. schumer says if the republicans block it again, he will try to eliminate the filibuster for voting rights legislation. if this continues, the only option left for democrats is to explore and propose reasonable fixes to re store the senate. so we can get these critical pieces of legislation passed into
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law. trump's big lie about the 2020 election amplified by right wing media has had an impact. in january of 2021. a poll showed that 59 percent of americans that they trusted, that elections represented the will of the american people by september of last year, the majority had slept to where now just a 2 percent shade they do not jot is a threat to the very fabric of our democracy, another recent whole shows 34 percent of americans believe acts of violence against the government are sometimes justified. 2022 will be a crucial year with congressional elections in november. trauma will hold his 1st rally of the year in arizona this week. and former 1st lady, michelle obama announced her voting rights organisation will lead a drive to register 1000000 new votes. this year, rob reynolds al jazeera will last year,
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19 states pass new laws that make it harder for people to vote since, according to report, by the brand incentive for justice, georgia and texas were among them 7 states and post tougher identification requirements to cast ballots. while others shows in the window to apply for male in votes. well, because thinking i with mark morrell, he's the ceo of the national urban league and joined us from atlanta in georgia. one of those states that is making it harder for people to vote at mr. maria, which i appreciate you taking the time to talk to us, especially since you're on the way i see that speech by the president. but just start off by explaining to our international audience. why are states making it harder for people to votes? well, thank you for having me. i think many states are, are motivated by a political and partisan outcomes. so many of the states that are doing
9:37 pm
this were states that have republican majorities in their state legislatures. this is where this is happening. it is strictly on a partisan basis that these if you will, voters suppression laws and jerry, man did redistricting clients are taking place. it's at the hands of republican state legislatures, our demand, our call, our asportation is for the congress, which they have the power to do under our constitution, to step in and create standards around elections as well as to her. and that laws that protect racially motivated, discriminatory voting laws from taking place. so we think our congress can fix this problem if they have the will to do as i think the president
9:38 pm
will call on them to do the day. and that is to pass corrective legislation in the form of to big slit for the problem with this. because if you look at it from an intellectual perspective, it's a no brainer. because if you want to protect democracy, you put these safeguards in place. and yet that seems to be an active attempt in the united states to weaken and undermine democracy. it just won't exactly as a st. here. are you worried that the u. s. a. look, regrettably, i think you are right. there is an asked in the united states to undermine democracy. it's targeted at making it more difficult for black voters. brown or latino voters, younger voters, and disabled voters from exercising their right. well, let me give you the best example. in 2020, in the united states,
9:39 pm
70 percent of the people who voted voted by mail. or they utilized early voting methods to vote these laws, these laws that are being proposed would make that illegal in many states. so they're gone right at the heart of those provisions that made it easier for people to vote and gave us the highest voter turnout in modern american history. so we've got to put the current texts around this and recognize that we will fight as hard as we can to protect american democracy. and that means protecting the right to vote for every one that you say we will fight. but there have been divisions in precedent buys and supports us if they're not with some activists, are threatened to boycott or in the car the way she what, why is there are no do. there are no divisions whatsoever in the outcome. there's
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creative discussions and creative tension around tactics and strategy and approaches. but there's not one scintilla of division in that. everyone in our coalition, in the civil rights community, in the act of this community in the racial justice community, are focused squarely and clearly on passing these 2 bills. we may have debates over strategy and tactics that happens in a democracy. but there is no doubt that we're all unified in the outcome. we washy . ok, mark mario, their ceo of the national urban league. thank you so much for talking to us here at al jazeera, we do appreciate it. thank you so much that elisa sarah strike in ethiopia as t gray region has killed at least 17 people. dozens of others were wounded in the southern town of might sabri. it follows an attack on friday which killed at least
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$56.00 people in a camp for the displaced the government as denied targeting civilians. in the 14 month one conflict senators and france, so debating whether to approve it's covered vaccine pass. the proposed legislation is controversial because it bars anyone who doesn't have a jab from public places. thousands have been taking to the streets for weeks to oppose the measure. natasha butler reports the southern port of mac say is in a region with one of the highest unvaccinated populations in france until recently nico call was among them. when we 1st met him a year ago, he didn't want to cove it vaccine because he worried about possible side effects. but he has since changed his mind and just had his 2nd job. i would get off. i had many questions about the vaccines effectiveness of what's in it. it was a personal decision and i decided to say you know, to being vaccinated, but the situation has since evolved as a 5th wave. the own convent, renown,
9:42 pm
or children are a major source of transmission and my wife as a teacher, right, her environment has changed. and on balance, i decided it was better to get vaccinated. very quickly. frances registered record numbers of new cove. it infections docked to say most people in hospital with the virus are unvaccinated, so the government wants to pressure those who are not immunized to get a job. by introducing a vaccine pass for most social activities. last week, french impedes approved the pass. after days of face debate. people in france after have a cove. it's hell pause if they want to catch a train, go to the movies or even be in a restaurant like this. it is a q r code that most people have on their telephone, but effectively shows whether you've been fully vaccinated or have a recent negative test. but the government wants to change the rules of it. only people who are vaccinated will be able to access the pass,
9:43 pm
which means people are on vaccinated will no longer be able to do things like this . the measure his infuriated people who are against the coven vaccine, on saturday, thousands protested in paris against the pass. and against the french president who recently made controversial comments about on vaccinated people fell at anchor and it is an attack on our freedom. i am not vaccinate. emma crohn does not respect the constitution. he has insulted me as a citizen. this opposition m p says the pastor is an erosion of rights and the approach let you be these. all those should be put to get vaccinated. you have to respect deafness, we have a, i have a clinician rates go nearly 90 percent like between to convince people who are unvaccinated, not necessarily because they are against it, but because they don't have enough information. so, well, some say the vaccine pulse is divisive. emanuel my crawl battle, most people in france supporting it because the majority are immunized opinion. polls suggest he was right. 3 months before the presidential election mccoy's
9:44 pm
hoping that he is risky, political calculation will pay off. natasha butler out da 0 must say. so had on alta 0 will bring you to lisa. so li, novak joke of each saga is to serve essentially to use trillion open, could still be on shaky grain. stay with us. ah ah ah
9:45 pm
ah . oh lou ah, welcome back. south korean foods has become the latest export from the country to see rise in popularity. its cinema. music industries have already swept the globe.
9:46 pm
but they, the pandemic is pushing sales of korean instant noodles, especially in the west or a burden. manley reports in the street market, and so these spicy rum, your noodles pack, a punch, a staple. the south grins, the now winning over palate for round the world. since the pandemic demand oodles of the spicy noodles have food leading south korean manufacturer, non shim says the pandemic helped us be a, had a k food wave in america, canada, and europe. and that expanded noodle cells by 24 percent last year over 2019. ah, the noodles have become a latest trend in a growing western appetite for all things south korean, that's including cape hot, k drama, and k movies. nauseum,
9:47 pm
sales went up off the oscar winning film. parasite presented a made up dish could jap, a gory using its product. green brown, some young rahman, full sales, reached new hive obdurate with youth in the popular netflix show. with game and caper band bts pushed international sales of monday or dumplings by 90 percent of the team members got into a fight with food, a korean wave. how you play a huge role in the popularity of korea noodles and things like b t. s, like the world wide sensation, b t s, and just seeing rami in, in korean drama, has played a huge role. people see it and they see that it's not just something that we eat out of convenience or something that broke college students. it, they see that it's something that people really enjoy. the humble in some new door
9:48 pm
isn't new to american society. if the main say in prisons as much as it is on the students plate. that sounds green food is claim that brands taste better and say there's only one way to eat it. that brings out that by see flavor. i think it goes to the satisfaction of eating the noodles. when you hear good solar per who's western is good on korean, food and culture was able to take up this experience. why to shed on social media, who are about manly algebra. difficult to follow that, but peter is going to try for you to see the sport. ha, ha, thank. thanks holler. not exactly a shift, but anyway, more questions. the answer is no joke of which is said and government is investigating whether relied on he's declaration for many of the country who will number one will spot it earlier on tuesday training in melbourne. talk of its claims. he had not travelled to 14 days prior to arriving in australia,
9:49 pm
social media posts of in, in serbia and spain appear to show otherwise. and there's also a video footage of the 20 grand slam champion, training at a tennis club in mar, bear on january. the 2nd, the spain foreign minister says he does not have any information on with the drug which had visited the country before. traveling to melbourne was still waiting to hear from a straight if immigration minister as to whether he'll use his personal powers to cancel jock, which is a fever, a gauge earlier we by the 70s melbourne reporter, blake johnson, who explained why jock, which is baffled to stay and play at the australian open is far from over. so when i took a derived in australia, he had to fill out a fairly standard travel by one of the questions. what have you traveled in the past for dies and in the documents relates to the court. you can clearly say that he has the no box, but we have vision of him training and spine on january 3rd, he was in savvy before that. but for mentioned the days that he spent mingling with
9:50 pm
members of the public, well, supposedly private positive, i mean, he's traveled to a strategy. and that in itself is a huge mistake bit of information and providing false or misleading information in that form that can carry a maximum gal sentence of a year, very unlikely is to talk if you would get that to that. but still, it raises questions about his truthfulness when he was coming into the country. and we can confirm that a strong and border for using the basically got to reach new angle after their interviews with him in the airport to be unreasonable. so could be type true for the voter force with mr. joke, which perhaps so really important to realize the judge is that i did not confirm chocolate, which was he simply rolled, but he didn't give you with portables to be able with unreasonable. and therefore, these a cancellation should not have happened in the 1st life. that doesn't mean that he's like how to die. another point to recognize it now that truck which still does not make the requirement for having a vac fan exemption into a strategy. so having that hanging ivory, chad, the immigration minister still has
9:51 pm
a decision to mike as to whether or not neither talk of beach can remain in australia, giving him are not covered, vaccinated does not have the correct vac same exemption requirements to stay. he does have the correct backs and exemption to play in the strategy and open public opinion in australia has been largely against chalk, a bitch, but all the plan. a curious of criticize the way he's country has dealt with the situation. golf feel quite embarrassed. another, as an australian athlete, that's same what this guy has done for us and you know, for the sport, i just don't think it's right how we're handling it. curious as isolating of the contracting corona virus and concerns had been raised the testing of competitors ahead of the australian open his fellow as he burn. atomic was playing in a qualifier in melbourne and complained to the referee that he was coming down with cove at 19, but could not get a taste. ah, well,
9:52 pm
i'll buy you didn't it? was you buy me? believe nobody's getting around. places come up with see yes, no official p c r s b m a radical news preparations for her straight in and dabby have not gone to planning her 1st competitive match since recovering from corona virus. the us open champion was thrash sidney international and managing to win one game against the wall. number 13 elena, re back in our, from kazakhstan, read economy with some work to do ahead of next week's grand slam in melbourne. algeria had started the defense of the africa cup of nations, title of the gold straw against sierra leone. in tuesday, 2nd, batch nigeria were up against the competitions, most successful side. egypt in a gorilla and the day belonged to the super eagles. this good moved down the left
9:53 pm
hand side was eventually finished by lest the city striker colette, g e n natural. sedan and guinea, the cell kick off in a few minutes time at the same venue. organize as of next month's paging winter olympics have dismissed the possibility of postponing the games because of the army kron outbreak. world wide officials admit they are leaving their options open around cove at 19 prevention and control measures during the events. china has stepped up, its strict 0 tolerance strategy in the region surrounding the host city ahead of the games, which starts on the 4th of february. a yes ormond woody earth. if a mask cluster of infections happens, it will impact the games and the schedule for shore. i think with the efforts by the athletes from overseas and add domestic personnel, it means we should avoid this situation from happening. if the worst happens, it's out of our control. so we leave our options open. but how about this for a way to serve food? journalists, who's arrived early in beijing got to test out the canteen in the press center
9:54 pm
where their meals are delivered electronically. so one of the measures in place to help curve the spread of cov, 19 at the games. the robots can apparently cook as well. in the n b a g o m b that joined an exclusive club for the philadelphia 70 sixes for the 7 consecutive game in bead scored at least 30 points. and the only other 2 players that use that for the franchise or n b, a legends. alan eaverson and wilt. chamberlain, he finished with 31 points against houston rockets, helping philadelphia when by 20 not land this brooklyn had curry irving for only the 2nd time the season, the unvaccinated stock of any play away games because of new york's vaccine mandate . having finished with 22 points against portland, didn't help both the nets, the last fall here. that's all the sport more later. paula. thank you very much indeed peter. that triple is old city is rich in history and culture. the historic area of the living capital was established with the 3000 years ago later developed
9:55 pm
by the romans. it's been neglected for decades still, but that is starting to change as smelling china reports. bob at the deed is to western entrance into the ancient city of voya. it means new door, but it dates back thousands of years. oh yeah. was established by the phoenicians, nearly 3000 years ago. it then came under roman control and flourished in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, a d. it was conquered by the russia dune caliphate, and was renamed shipley in the 7th century. it's one of 5, eunice, go world heritage sites in libya that are on its endangered las while it's been neglected in recent decades. that foreign to change local authorities with the hope of residence have begun to renovation campaign to save the old city dinner. the mallet salesman, a lot of he old city, is
9:56 pm
a symbol for all of libya. the city hasn't seen renovation since the 1940s. all the governments that libya has seen since then neglected the city. it was on the verge of collapse. but thanks to the association and the residence we're seeing new life put into the heart of tripoli. follow the bab and she did entrance has just re open to the public with a new look. and shop owners like alamo brook couldn't be happier. shahrokhi before there weren't many customers, but after the renovation the market changed. new customers are coming in then people are visiting because they want to see the non look come to rely on iraq. had yanna is on the board of directors of the old to the association and has been supervising the renovation work. she says it's been her dream to breathe new life into triple is old city, different super proud. of course. i mean, it's something, oh, it's a dream coming to and not even mainly my father used to work in this organization.
9:57 pm
my father and i want to tell him, you know, i hope his looking, you know, same casey, you, we've done what you always hoped. so personally for me, sir, yeah, it's a bigger, it's a big thing and they proud you can feel how the entire vile, the old city has changed with these new renovations. and locals now have a sense of pride in the cities rich history and a renewed sense of hope that it could return to its former glory. now, emma used to live in the old city. she found out about the renovations on social media. if i brought my grandchildren to see the history, this change is amazing. i hope they ran away the entire city. 40 years ago when i lived here, the roads and homes were falling apart. this is a great winning. libya has seen relative calm since a nation wide cease, fire was signed last october. people here hope the hard one piece won't be short lived. federal work can continue to maintain lucas historical psych,
9:58 pm
latrina al jazeera tripoli. and that set for me and the team in doha barbara sarah's where the next step with when the news break side is tornado destroyed everything. it touched in mayfield. when people need to be heard and the story, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports i get on my right the wind and just b 3. i'll j 0 has teens on the ground to win more award winning documentaries and
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lives on air and on line. some people marry for love others, it can be a commercial transaction in your ass. i mean, for the $3700.00 euro payment just for the march contract out there, a world meets men and women using marriage as an illegal passport to europe. we know history so they can be arrested for attempting to organize a sham marriage and a financial and emotional cost. but then he left me for a woman 33 years older than him. marriage for sale on al jazeera. my name is bonnie but now i have always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. i understand it to be about transformation, but yoga itself seems to be transforming. wesley mentality is, is a lot about business if you're going to be using citizen and what yoga was originally, yoga, shoot them out to everyone. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialize literacy. owns yoga on algebra.
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all be the hero, the world news washer. for . ah! a dire coven forecast for europe, the w h. o warns more than half the population will contract the omicron variant in the next 2 months. ah. hello, barbara sarah, this is al jazeera life london, also coming up with you as hospital wards, ad capacity, and not enough tests to go around. the vitamin administration is accused of failing and its corona virus response. an unprecedented.


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