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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2022 2:00am-2:30am AST

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ah analogy 0 rate with no the alma chrome very, and spreads through europe. the w h. o warns the more than half the population will be infected within the next 2 months. and the u. s. hits a new record for coven, 19 hospitalizations. as top health officials face tough questions of the senate. ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up. the u. s. president touches the senate to pass voting rights reforms. speaking of the battle ground state of georgia and catholics
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don's president says, look, wash, and lead troops deployed to restore order will begin leaving in 2 days. ah, the world health organization is warning that half of europe is likely to be infected by the oma kron variant by march. europe is currently reporting the largest number of corona virus, deaths and cases worldwide. the w. h o, as regional director says that a new west east tidal wave is sweeping across the region. but hans clued stressed that approved vaccines continued to provide good protection in china and young has become the 3rd city to go into lockdown as part of the government 0 tolerance approach. about 20000000 people are now confined to their homes and health facilities in the u. s a feeling the strain with nearly 146000 people in hospital.
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that's the highest since the pandemic began out as the restored it came. begins our coverage from berlin with more on the situation across europe. on the face of us, a very bleak assessment. indeed, that's 50 percent of the population. depending on which numbers you go by and the you more than 400000000 people live here in the u. around 700000000 around the you, it's periphery countries. and that sort of thing. so we're talking potentially hundreds of millions of people that this individual from the world health organization is saying might well find themselves falling foul of the arm across variant of the corona virus in the course of the next couple of months. remember, it's deep winter here right now. and so all those conditions which militates in favor of further transmission are in place. it's cold outside people tend to congregate together inside if they're not wearing appropriate masks as we were hearing from the w h o. in another part of
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a statement made by the individual concerned that it's masking vaccination and that sort of thing. in the absence of those that it's very clear that the world health health organization is making pretty difficult and dangerous suggestions here. hundreds of millions of people might find themselves as a say falling fall of on the kron in this deep winter phase of 2022. that's the really fundamental question here. right now has on me crohn managed to dislodge the delta, very of the preceding, particularly dangerous variance of covert that had been running right. what like wildfire across the continent here in germany, the latest estimate suggests somewhere around 50 percent of all cases are of ami chrome. but in other parts of the continent then ami crohn has really taken hold and is starting to really push delta to one side. that's kept the latest on the situation in the u. s. l 0 is patty co. haine reports another
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new coded record in the us. more than 145000 people hospitalized with the virus. i'm still u. s. president joe biden is sounding after me on top of the over on the right side . thank you. polls show much of the country, disagree. one problem casting. this is boston and here in missouri, long lines to get a test and results are taking longer to come back. everywhere we've been, it's been a lot like this is we're testing looks like in most of the country, the other option at home tests. but they are expensive and really hard to find. same with masks, the government says i'm a crown means everyone needs better masks if you can find and afford them. so some local government, you have begun giving en route. i was just going to get the mask. i can't find anyone and was like, ok maybe by just so expensive. take 2 or 3 weeks they did on at this senate hearing
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the focus was supposed to be and how to make it all better. but it often got contentious with republicans launching personal attacks on the nation's chief cobit adviser, who says he is receiving death threats because of it. so i asked myself, why would sen want to do this? so go to ran poll website, and you see fire doc, the voucher with a little box that says contribute here. you can do 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, a $100.00. so you are making a catastrophic epidemic for your political gain. so here's the problem, case numbers are extremely high, but hospitalizations usually follow those by about 3 weeks. and hospitals are already stretched. this one, several times has had simply tell ambulance drivers don't come here. we're just quite out of beds. the bind administration says they're ramping up the production of medicines, math test, but those are weeks,
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maybe months away. and the situation is getting worse by the day. and after saying it wouldn't be needed. authorities admit they are working on a vaccine for the amazon very. and working on others that could work on the next variant that comes after that or i'm a crime is likely not to be the last curve ball. this virus throws us nearly 2 years on and once again, hospitals are stretched, lives are being lost, and every day new signs that life is far from returning to normal. petty clean al jazeera, maryland. in china 20000000 people now confined to their homes. as a 3rd city is placed on the lockdown, i'll just here is khatri to you has moved from don joe and hannah and province, the province and her none were undone, says he is located is home to about 100000000 people. they've been facing an outbreak of primarily the delta variance since the beginning of the year in the
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city of and young. they've identified since the beginning of january at least $400.00 cases. but what sparked concern is this weekend was the discovery of at least 80 cases of the very infectious omicron variance. now these cases have been linked to students who traveled from the port city a tinge in another city in china, which is under defacto lockdown. now, authorities are very concerned about the 10 gin cases because this city borders bay gene, all leaders in china are under enormous pressure to prevent any infections from reaching the capitol, beijing before the beginning of the beijing winter olympics, which opens on february the 4th. and this is a very dangerous time for the virus here in china, we're just heading into the lunar new year period or chinese new year, where typically many people travel across the country. there are hundreds of millions of trips made here in china as people travel home to see relatives for the most important public holiday here in the country. now,
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officials have discouraged trouble this chinese new year because of these outbreaks and officials are saying that they are staunchly committed to maintaining time as 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. despite the fact that already 20000000 people here in china are affected by very severe, looked down all pandemic restrictions. here as president joe biden, vice president col harris are in georgia to galvanized support for new legislation on voting rights. they attended a reef laying ceremony of the criptos, martin luther king of atlanta, the center of the civil rights movement. this ahead of a speech on votes of protection reforms. several, you are straight to pass laws, which critics say make it more difficult for blackard latino communities to vote. right of all that that will count. it is democracy's threshold liberty. without it, nothing is possible. but with it. anything is possible. while the denial of fair
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and fair elections is undemocratic, it is not unprecedented. houses, there is alan fisher is live for us in atlanta, georgia allen does this mark a significant shift in tone from joe biden. you're going to get a lot more of a him talking about voting rights in the next few days and, and the next week or so that shows just how important is because you've had a lot about bill back better and also the infrastructure bill. he promised to do something about voting rights. essentially, what has happened is that a lot of the voters have put him into the white house of said it's no time to deliver. and remember, he was supported by an overwhelming majority of black voters. he told them i've got year back, they want him to produce, know, by changing it by introducing a voting rights bill and pushing it through the senate. they say he is the leader of the democratic party. they have control of the senate and also the house. so he needs to get his trips in order. it could be difficult for him to do that because
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of some of the opposition in changing the rules in the senate to make sure that this even gets to a vote on the floor. but he, for the 1st time has said, let's change the rules. remember, he was in the senate for a very long time. he was reluctant to go down that route. but now his frustration with not being able to get voting rights dealt with across the united states has led him to say yet time to change the rules. and he thinks is important because 19 states have changed a voting rules the since the election and 2020, and many people, many experts and particularly joe biden. think that that makes it much harder for people to vote, but particularly people of color. and people in the smaller communities across the united states. if he does change the rules, what will be the blowback a thie as talk that if he's, if he does this, then when the republicans get power,
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they could use the exact same rules to push things through that he would find unpalatable that no by no means certain that joe biden will get this through both the house in the center. it's gone through the house. it's now in the senate to get to a vote on the floor. it could mean that the republicans filibuster there, so they talk and talk and talk and stop for ever getting to come to a vote. he wants to change the rules to make sure that goods passed as a simple majority, 51 votes to 50. how would they get to $51.00 votes in the tide senate, while of course, the vice president would have that casting vote, and she obviously would vote for voting rights. so he's laid down this test for every sen. where do you stand on voting rights? where do you stand on america being done? democracy? where do you stand on voter suppression? you've got to make a call. no, you can't hide behind. yes we're, we're not even putting it to a vote. he wants the people to stand up and be counted. it's quite
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a bold move as far as joe biden is concerned, but he thinks his one that has to play at this moment. the important point to remember is that a lot of the advocates for a national protection law went here. they didn't come to atlanta, they didn't come to hear joe biden speak their view as the as little leader of the democratic party. he should have been in washington getting things done, rather than being here in atlanta. talking about getting things done. alan fischer reporting live from atlanta. allen, many facts. look at our weather update next on al jazeera. then the u. k. government is accused of holding more party is during the height of a corona, virus lockdown, and humble noodle becomes the latest korean trend to spread globally joining the popular k drama k pop and k movies. ah,
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there's been a lot of lake effect snow in the northeast, the u. s. where it's particularly cold or to which shows it. obviously it might say t new york's minus 6 with wind chillies, particularly cold, but the cold is disappearing. so by wednesday it's out of the way. so the picture then is improving what i think it will feel less cold, it'll actually be less cold. the snow is going to fall in eastern canada, a far north east of the u. s. but leaving behind fairly sunny weather, toronto goes to about plus one degree on the other side of the continent. it's washington and to some degree, british columbia as he once again rain, snow on the mountains. now between these 2, it's cold in places been severely as it was when the teens stand on the gulf coast . and that's going to be slow to change. the next bit of winter's gathering, really in the middle of countered head down through, for example,
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north dakota towards the great lakes, the next couple of days. standard, well down in the caribbean with that northeast or easterly trade wind producing shares where you are expecting some enhancement in mexico because of the cold. it leaked out of the us. huge amounts of rain still falling in south america, particularly brazil from rio, inland towards the capital. it is very wet ah . with blue blue
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blue ah. all again, this is al 0. let's remind you of the made news. this how the world health organization is warning about approaching tidal wave of corona, virus infections in europe. it says that more than half of people they're likely to be infected by the, on the chrome variant. in the next 2 months, more people are in hospital with coven 19 in the u. s. than ever before. really 146000. the straight on the health care system has been compounded by staff shortages. this hospital work has become infected. at u. s. president joe biden, the vice president, cumberland harris are in georgia to drum up support for new legislation on voting
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rights. they attended a re slaying ceremony at the crypt of martin luther king at atlanta, ahead of a speech on fruita protection. while some people are still resisting vaccinations, one south american nation is leading the world citizens of chile are lining up this week for a full dose of the vaccine that president told al jazeera that a 5th dose on the way. and as our latin america editor lucio newman report style, the vaccination program is even extending to the animal world. so santa fuentes arrived early for her 1st dose or her 2nd booster shot. she's a recovering cancer patient, so like others here with underlying health conditions. she's more vulnerable to co 19. 0, to be up at a visit that i've had breast cancer 3 times. so obviously i have to be even more worried about protecting myself. although everyone in fact has to worry about it. one year after chile began
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a massive vaccination campaign against coven 19 it's begun rolling out it's fort dos, even for the age of free and older being vaccinated here in this country. unlike in most, in the region, there is no shortage of vaccines. and the secret, according to presidents of us, young fietta is at tillie began purchasing them even before they existed. we were inviting a small group of correspondents for coffee benita toll disk the he bet on 3 laboratories that seemed more likely to cross the finish line. first, including pfizer and senior back and we'll be anointed. the government began taking measures at a very early stage and with strong decisions to buy vaccines and to begin vaccinating very early, even with the 3rd dose. and so he says, arrangements have already been made to guarantee a 5th dose if necessary. and i, although in chile, they've been mil reported cases of animals being infected. the health ministry is
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taking no chances this weeks, and i became the 1st ape to be a na, collated at the breen zoom that emma has sunday when they have like, warning. sunday is a unique specimen in south america. the only pure born leon rang a tongue with such an important reproductive potential for the species, which is why we focused on emulating him 1st, and also immunizing the big caps. which amount to be naturally prone to this problem. be the 4 on 2 legged patients health authority, se hospitalizations and deaths from coven 19 had dropped significantly since the aggressive vaccination campaign began. but this also in awareness that until everyone can be equally immunized on every continent, chileans will likely have to prepare for many more jobs. the 4th is pandemic is over. you see a newman al jazeera santiago, britain was prime ministers facing renewed cause to step down after new revelations about a garden party held during lockdown. for us,
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johnson has repeatedly denied breaking the rules, but a leaked email reportedly shows his private secretary invited around 100 government staff to the gathering and 2020 of zeros that in bother report. how many garden parties is a garden party too far? this image shows boris johnson at a gathering behind 10 downing street during the 1st lock down in may. 2020. his office is always claimed. this was a work meeting. now he's under intense pressure. after press reports, he attended another gathering here 5 days later, along with dozens of colleagues, an email from one of his advisors to a 100 members of staff said hi all after what has been an incredibly busy period, we thought it would be nice to make the most of the lovely weather and have some socially distance drinks and the number 10 garden this evening. please join us from 6 p. m and bring your own booze. and i know that people are also eager for news of the same day. the culture secretary was on television, telling the public they shouldn't meet more than one person from another household
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. in parliament on tuesday, the opposition was granted an urgent question because the us, the prime minister ha ha, make a statement on the positive event held in the county street garden on the 20th of may. 2024 is johnson didn't turn up, leaving it to a cabinet colleague to fend off repeated calls for him to resign. private. i apologize again, unreservedly fully upset that these allegations have caused the problems to his asshole investigation to take place and the terms of reference, the investigations that are underway have already been published in recent months, the press has been full of reports of social gatherings in downing street where copied 19 regulations were broken, but this time it feels different. johnson has refused to deny anything saying only that they'll be an investigation by su gray, a senior civil servant with the reaction of the former head of the scottish
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conservatives, was particularly a survey on tuesday. she said, nobody needs an official to tell them whether they were utter boozy shindig in their own garden. well apart from su grey's investigation, the police here now say they're in touch with the cabinet office. those were those reports of a garden party. the government official number of people who died from covered 19 has just passed 850000. no surprise then that the air waves had been full of people who lost loved ones in 2020, and weren't allowed to attend the funerals condemning the prime minister for his johnson's popularity ratings of already slumped in recent months. whether this latest scandal translates into any real attempts by his party to replace him is less clear. nadine barbara al jazeera london senators in france have been debating whether to approve the countries curve and vaccine pass. the proposed legislation is controversial because it bars any one who doesn't have a job from public places. thousands of taken to the straits for weeks to oppose the
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measure. natasha butler reports the southern port of mac say is in a region with one of the highest unvaccinated populations in france until recently nico call was among them. when we 1st met him a year ago, he didn't want to cove it vaccine because he worried about possible side effects. but he has since changed his mind and just had his 2nd job. i would prefer, if i had many questions about the vaccines effectiveness of what's in it, it was a personal decision and i decided to say, you know, between vaccinated. but the situation has since evolved as a 5th wave. the own convent, renown, or children are a major source of transmission, and my wife is a teacher right. her environment has changed. and on balance, i decided it was better to get vaccinated. very quickly. frances registered record numbers of new cove. it infections docked to say most people in hospital with the virus are unvaccinated, so the government wants to pressure those who are not immunized to get a job. by introducing a vaccine pass for most social activities. last week,
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french impedes approved the pass. after days of face debate. people in france after have a covey tale pause. if they want to catch a train, go to the movies or even be in a restaurant like this. it is a q r code that most people have on their telephone, but effectively shows whether you've been fully vaccinated or have a recent negative test. but the government wants to change the rules of it. only people who are vaccinated will be able to access the pass, which means people are on vaccinated will no longer be able to do things like this . the measure his infuriated people who are against the coven vaccine, on saturday, thousands protested in paris against the pass. and against the french president who recently made controversial comments about on vaccinated people. fella tanker and it is an attack on our freedom. i am not vaccinate, emma prone does not respect the constitution. he has insulted me as a citizen. this opposition m. p. 's says the pastor is an erosion of it's and the
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wrong approach on the tv is on that list. you had people to get vaccinated, you have to respect them. this, we have a i of a clinician rate don't nearly 90 percent. let's between to convince people who are and vaccinated to some are not necessarily because they are against it, but because they don't have enough information. so, well, some say the vaccine pass is divisive emmanuel, macro battle. most people in france supporting it because the majority are immunized opinion polls suggest he was right, 3 months before the presidential election. likewise, hoping that his risky political calculation will pay off. natasha butler al jazeera must say kazakstan the president has announced the withdrawal within 10 days of the moscow led military block, which had intervened following the country's worst on rest in 30 years of independence. cassim jerome, up to cave, in a speech to parliament, also to a game at wealthy oligarchs linked to the former president. a long time leader. no
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sultan, as a bi of robin frosty walker reports the people who looted this al marty shopping mall knew no one was coming to stop them. not only did they steal new shoes, they had time to leave their old ones behind. what the store owner estimates damage . is it over a $100000.00? most call him a quick check it out from the guys who did the looting mostly men. right. but they still took all the launcher, right. everything's gone, so so doesn't good. let's just get on tuesday the president took, i've did not say how he would help business recover from an estimated $57000000.00 in losses. but he did promise social, economic and political reforms, and strikingly a crack down on the countries all the galks who must pay into a new national fund. what are they happy about, sir? thanks to the 1st president, passing a group of very profitable companies and
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a lay of people rich, even by international standards have appeared in the country. i believe that it's time to pay tribute to the people of catholics dawn and help them systematically and regularly relatives, the former president, northville 10. as a bias, have amassed fabulous wealth and taking it abroad. it's estimated that his daughter and son in law own properties in london alone worth over $350000000.00. slightly more than half of natural wealth is held off shore is probably a reasonable estimate. so you're talking about more than half of all the well from the country is outside the scrutiny of the government. and therefore, if the owners of that wealth decide not to participate in the new national farm than that wealth will not participate in the national front. there's nothing the government can do about that. took, i have says foreign troops will leave within 10 days. he seems confident he no longer needs the moscow packed military force to hold on to power from the prime minister down that loyal deputies of being appointed,
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dickie issued to what extent you will be able to repair the corn, them to pick it out of this corrupted her creamy, no, all you gotta keep typo full, full forwarding. and 2nd, me how he will be able to do the re distribute the wealth full mega to narrow this a social gibson socially with what it is soviet injustice if you will be able to the so this is the best way of healing. there's much healing to do wide spread damage to both the private and public sectors. more than a 160 people have died, thousands injured. this is a traumatized nation, hoping the nasa by era is drawing to a close. but wary of what comes next. from in 1st year walker al jazeera, south korean food has become the latest, the export from the country to see a rise in popularity and cinema on music industries of already swept the globe. but now the pandemic is pushing sales of korean instant noodles,
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especially in the west, laura, but manly reports in the street market. and so these spicy rum, your noodles pack, a punch, a staple, the south koreans, the now winning over pallets around the world. since the pandemic demand oodles of the spicy noodles have food leading south korean manufacturer and non shim says a pandemic helped us be a, had a k food wave in america, canada, and europe. and that expanded noodle cells by 24 percent last year over 2019. ah, the noodles has become a latest trend in a growing western appetite for all things south korean. that's including k pop k drama, and k movies. nauseum, sales went up after the oscar winning film parasite presented a made up dish could jap, a gory using its product. green brown, some young rahman,
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full sales, reached new highs. alternate with youth in the popular netflix show with game and caper band bts pushed international sales of monday or dumplings by 90 percent of the team members got into a fight. so good food, a korean wave. how you play a huge role in the popularity of korea noodles and things like b t. s. like the world light sensation, b t s. and just seeing rami in korean drama has played a huge role. people see it and they see that it's not just something that we eat out of convenience or something that broke college students. if they see that it's something that people really enjoy the humble in some new door, isn't new to american society. it's the main se in prisons as much as it is on the
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students plate. but south korean foodies claim their brands taste better and say there's only one way to eat it. that brings out that spicy flavor. i think it goes to the satisfaction of eating the noodles when you hear a good sleeper whose western is going on, korean food and culture. will they also take up this experience whitey shed on social media for about money al jazeera. ah, it is good chevy with us. hello, adrian, for going here. all the headlines about 0, the world health organization was wondering about approaching tidal wave of corona, virus infections in europe. it says that bullet hall.


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