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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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ah al jazeera, as a you ah, all the. ready news inflation in the u. s. is that a 40 year high as pandemic disruptions forced households and businesses to pay more for everything? ah, hello, i'm a very infant again. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up. many villages, like these in nigeria, north are forced to make difficult choices, cooperating with criminal gangs results in long prison tubs. but helping security
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forces means death at the hands of the bandits. wherein nigeria is i'm far a state by criminal gangs, have been targeting villages. witnesses report seeing up to 200 bodies, holden, 20 people have been killed and indigenous communities devastated by floods in southeast and brazil. at australia as immigration minister, yet to make up his mind on whether no bank jock of it should stay with 2 hours left before the australian open jewel. ah, inflation in the united states is increased to levels not seen in 40 years with the price surge affecting almost everything purchased by consumers and businesses. the white house is blaming disruptions to the global supply chain, caused by the corona virus pandemic. but inflation is a growing political risk for the democrats, as republicans continue to blame stimulus measures for overheating the economy. my
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camera reports for washington. price is full groceries rent another needed items continue to saw. the own, the small shops are particularly hard hit. as they see their customers beginning to treat what were every day purchases as luxuries you can see had the money flows you can seeing when people are not getting the extras when they're getting copy trip coffee instead of capital, you can see it. you can see how they pay if they're paying in coins, be increased in prices, is now being felt at every gas station. and in every grocery store. i just think for a little more careful, i notice it in almost every product. fruits vegetables, which we buy a lot of jelly products. i can't really see anywhere that the prices have gone down. but they've gone up bottlenecks in the
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supply chains of distributors. the primary reason and these, and turn the direct result of stopping shortages as a pandemic continues to rage worldwide. at the state, though, the head of the federal reserve insists there's no need for panic. that this is a temporary situation. we will use our tools to support the economy and a strong labor market and to prevent higher inflation from becoming entrenched. it's a similar message coming from the white house, which points to a dropping unemployment rate as evidence that economic recovery is underway and is adamant that the supply chain issue will be resolved. we are well positioned to attack the challenges of prices and costs had on. and that's exactly what the president i and this administration are doing. but republicans continue to blame stimulus measures for overheating the economy. one thing is clear, it's impossible to predict the ongoing economic impact of the ami kron varian serge,
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which the nation continues to face. i don't believe we've seen that peak yet here in the united states. the rise in price increases reflect a harsh reality that in the pandemic, it's not just people who get sick, but the economy as well might hannah out his era washington. wising inflation is worry across the world, prices in the world's richest economies are at a 25 year high. that's fueling concerns about a cost of living crisis and increasing pressure on central banks to raise interest rates. the situation is exceptionally bad in turkey, inflation, their climb to a near to decor decade high in december, on the back of a weakening lira. but china is bucking the trend inflation. they're slowing. some economists to predicting an interest rate cough could come soon. lauren's contra cough is a professor of economics, a boston university. he joins us now live from providence in rhode island. good to
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have you with us professor. so our rising procedure all to do with a pandemic of supply chain issues, a mismatch between demand and supply. well, that's certainly a big part of it, but there's also fewer suppliers associated with a whole pandemic. you know, you got a big city in, in the like new york there many restaurants are close. so the, there's more monopolization, if you like, of industry at this point. if you are suppliers of a wants of commodities and services, and then you have this other aspect, which is that the entire fiscal trajectory in the u. s. and other developing countries developed countries, sorry, is really out of whack. the fiscal policies unsustainable new us. we are, we're facing, if you look at the debt that's on the books as well as the debt, that's off the books, we have really a path of, of spending on the government. they can't be sustained at all by the taxes we're
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way short. so when prices rise up, what happens is that the debt that's outstanding is watered down a real terms, and that's like a tax increase on the public. they're holding the debt, where they're holding is what are down terms of its purchase power. and the government gets implicitly, it's also hook of paying back in real terms what it borrowed. so some aspect of this is the fiscal, you know, is the adjustment of the 2 and the natural, just lam, he cut taxes to 0. i take that, take that. so i thought experiment, what would happen? would people be, go out and spend and prices will go up. and a feedback effect here would be to water down when the government has to pay. so that would be enough fiscal adjustment to be like a hidden tax increase. ok, so our interest rate rises in the near term. now inevitable won't put that made
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particularly full emerging and developing economies that have high you, i stole of debt. yeah. put them in a, in a bad position if they have to roll. busy over the dead and, you know, on the other hand, if, if, if price, you know, the prices are going up, or watering down what they owe to, till to lenders of a bar and dollars. now they have to pay back and fuel hotdogs, if you like, because prices have risen. so the inflation is kind of a of a mixed bag for them. and in terms of may be more expensive to borrow in the future depending, but they really gain does not loss on the fact that the inflation is worn down. what they really oh, is this as the white house and the, the fed a saying a temporary situation, all of the days of cheap money when a truly over now well, i think inflation can get kind of a wind of its own or mind of its own if,
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if we've got millions of businesses or setting prices independent, what jerome power the floor, joe biden says they should do. and if everybody gets it in their head crisis by being said, 10 percent increase by other people, they're going to raise their prices by 10 percent. because because companies don't like to raise prices every 2 minutes, they want to do it periodically. and they want to get a bit of a head of the game. they don't want to find out a year from now. they didn't really should raise prices more substantially. so that's part of the dynamic here, that inflation can kind of take often its own and be very hard to stop, unless you really put the economy into a severe recession. which is what happened under volker, in the early eighty's. really good still to professor money vaccinate lawrence carter. cough that in providence rhode on it,
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the world health organization says that over 15000000 people contracted coven 19 over the last week, which is higher than at any time during the entire pandemic. it's more than 50 percent higher than the previous 7 days of the world. health organization says the number of deaths is also rising. let's be clear. while ami con, caused less severe disease than delta, it remains a dangerous bite us, particularly for those who are unvaccinated, almost $50000.00 deaths. so weak is $50000.00 does, too many brooklyn's prime minister as facing growing cause for his resignation. after apologizing to the nation for attending a party at his official london residence during the height of the corona virus lockdown in 2020. at the time the government was enforcing strict measures confining millions of people to their homes. and as there was andrew simmons reports,
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horace johnson has never been under such pressure from his own party, the opposition of the people who elected him. he set out to try to defend himself. the key question, did he attend a party for around 40 guess? in his back garden that appears to have breached cove. it restrictions 1st to try to address the british people. i want to apologize. i know the rage. they feel with me over the government. i lead. when they think that in donald street itself, the rules are not being properly followed by the people who make the rules. and when i went into that garden, just after 6 on the 20th of may, 2020, to thank groups of stoffel going back into my office 25 minutes later to continue working. i believed implicitly that this was a work event. with hindsight, i should have sent everyone back inside after months of deceit and deception.
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the pathetic spectacle of a man whose run out of road his defense, his defense, that he didn't realize he was, it's a party. ha, it is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the british ha, with the whole country was locked down. he was posting boozy party in downing street . is he now going to do the decent thing and resign? johnson didn't say yes or no. i want her. i want to repeat that. i thought it was a, a work event and apologizing again and telling opposition leader care stammer. he should wait for the results of an inquiry into revelations of several parties in downing street and whitehall. i regret very much that we did not do things differently or that evening. stammer repeatedly rounded on johnson,
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the party's over prime minister. the only question is, will the purchase public kick him out with his party kick him out? or will he do the decent thing and resign in johnson's constituency in north west london, many who watched wouldn't accept his apology. i'm angry and i just think he's a man that doesn't tight responsibility for what he's done. typically both, i think it's an, it's to be expected. the army is planned to come back with, with, with something about whether or not it's true or noise. it's probably not 3. this crisis is being called part again by the media. johnson is trying to write it out much rest though with the outcome of the inquiry into downing street and white all parties, and what the police do about the latest revelation. with more rest though, on whether the conservative party decides johnson is now a liability and has to go. and through simmons al jazeera,
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a search isn't away for more bodies in northern nigeria after gunman rated villages, shooting people and burning homes. 60 people are confirmed dead, but witnesses reported seeing up to 200 bodies. the raids come up to the government air strikes at targeted, the hide outs of criminal gangs out a series of an address reports from some faro state. as dusk approaches these displeased women pound grace to prepare the meal, this families open kitchen is busy, which means its members will get to eat. but 10000 of others were fled. the violets of little food or shelter in no model returns to our family. empty handed are 4 children will go hungry to day. when at our may as emily there's nothing i can do about it. i have no options, but it breaks my heart to see them in such a situation. so members of our family are still missing more than
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a week. after the massacres. there's been no contact, nor demand for runs. they are presumed dead. their bodies have not been recovered. mohammed is yet to overcome his grief. he lost 4 children and 10 other relatives in the attacks. loveable bobby old. they showed no mercy women children. the elderly were knocked down, shouter, slaughtered, children were yanked off their mother's backs and thrown into fire. wonder all holmes and granaries were burnt. dan is, i'm for a state governor says the time for negotiations with the criminal gangs is over. some of them are pushing put a dialogue. but let us allow the cabinet to go on fust. do delaware pushed? don't come up with genuine requests leashes that pu now, why not do for eat the conflictions and for i began this dispute over land and
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water resources between farmers and herders. but successive governments ignored the danger sides. it's now spread to most part of the country with criminal gangs and even book or um, caching in thousands have been kidnapped for ransom, including school children, hundreds of whom are still being held by gunman. many villages, like these in nigeria, north are forced to make difficult choices, cooperating with criminal gangs, results in long prison terms. but helping security forces means death at the hands of the bandits for many poor vulnerable families. their reality is there isn't anywhere else to run to in december last year than our german government declared those responsible for the deadly attacks terrorists and says they're committing more troops and equipment to end the bloodshed. oh, a d o n
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a lee is a sunday and there but that's little comfort for survivors of the massacres. in the villages in nigeria, north was priority. now we survival while trying to find closure. our losses that don't seem to stop. edris al jazeera is on foot, moth was nigeria still to come on al jazeera, the world's forgotten war, was fighting continues in the m, the un rooms. most of the population urgently leaves humanitarian assistance and future food security concerns of the u. k. was the government tries to strike a balance between the environment and farming. mm. ah,
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ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle. it weighs hey there, here's your weather in a minute 15, nice to see you. we're going to begin in the indian state of west spain. gall are out of season rain here. calcutta picking up $42.00 millimeters over the past 12 hours for the entire month of january. you should see about 10 millimeters. so 4 times, your monthly average, that batch of rain now siding down the east coast into a dish or an entrepreneur dash also getting into some rounds of rain for towel now due to nice. got to have 32 degrees off to southeast asia right now and are seasonal rains were really getting hammered by them. right across java and, borneo. so the very real risk of seen some flooding here, the ne monsoon a bit subdued right now. so what that means is just some showers for coastal sections of vietnam dry day and which had been city coming in at 32 degrees. central areas of china right now more so actually toward the east. we get this wing
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come down from the north. that's put new cap on temperatures just 70 degrees in shanghai in that same wind, really dragon those temperatures down across the korean peninsula, minus foreign sol, wallet by snow for western areas of honshu toward the east as well and for hawkeye to. in fact, we have a snow storm warning in play. could see 40 centimeters of snow over 12 hours in time, sunny in tokyo with a height of 10 degrees. that's it will soon for the weather. sponsored by katara weighs ah morning, allow government al jazeera as a, you know, intelligent and playful ulcers are in high demand is packed in june, but concerns going over the illegal smuggling and irresponsible breeding of these wild 11 east investigate on 0
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i ah, hello again, this is al jazeera, let's remind you of the main news. this high inflation in the united states has increased to levels not seen in 40 years. the price surge affecting almost everything purchased by consumers and businesses. the white house is blaming disruptions to the global supply chain. the world health organization says that over 15000000 people contract to coven 19 over the last week, the highest, ever figured during the pandemic. w h o says the number of deaths is also lising. and britain's prime minister is facing growing pressures resign after admitting that he attended a garden party at downing street during blocked out in 2020. orest jauntily says he
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thought it was over related eventually that apologized to the nation with the state . australia's immigration minister has yet to decide on whether tennis world number one novak joke of it can stay with the australian open drawer to be announced in the coming hours earlier on wednesday joke, which admitted a breaking corona virus isolation rules at home. and serbia last month he says he attended an interview after a positive cove at 19 test, describing it as an error of judgement. he had his us austria visa revoke santa arriving last week of that was overturned by a court. sarah clark is following events for us in brisbin, sarah, when's the immigration minister likely to make a decision? been will the fight of another joke which still hangs in the balance? and this is doug days, 3 days after that court decision was made where the federal court decided to
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reinstate his visa. now the immigration minister alex hold. he holds the power to remove jock of each from australia to deport him and cancel that visa for a 2nd. time you would expect the minister to make that decision and announce his decision before the line up is announced by tennis australia and that's expected this afternoon in melbourne. even this evening. jock of each had his visa, reinstated the judge on monday noted that the decision to cancel it was unreasonable. he said that noted a 3 year ban from re entering the country at was a high price to pay for someone who was and unvaccinated. and the judge said that the rules of procedure in this case for novak geography on arrival in melbourne last week. they were not followed so junk of it since then has released a statement. and that's the new evidence that is being considered by the immigration minister. and he clarified what he described as misinformation. he said, acknowledged that a member of his support team had taken the wrong books on the australian travel declaration on arrival at tele, marine a port last week. and i stated he had not traveled in the last 14 days when in fact
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he had, he travelled between spain and serbia. he also clarified a timeline of his private tests and he did acknowledge he did attend. that said, children's awards event when he was positive, but he said he didn't feel a bad, he was asymptomatic and he felt good and he didn't have the test results at that stage. so the australian opened the draw a sent to be on bowed. know that jock of ich and naomi soccer by the defending champions, but he's fight still does hang in the balance and that's just for days ahead of his tournament and we're all waiting to hear what the immigration minister says. but we must remember above all of this, the prime minister, a scot morrison last week, not only in a press conference, but also on twit has stated the rules are rules. so allowing jock of it's to stay based on that statement that you'd imagine the country australia would be setting a damaging president. sarah clark reported laurie from brisbin. sarah money, thanks. 100. an 18 year old palestinian american man has died of a heart attack after being detained and beaten by israeli soldiers that according
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to the palestinian health ministry, he was arrested in the israeli town of gal julia on wednesday and was reportedly handcuffed and left in a house that was under construction. the u. s. state department has asked israel for clarification over the death palestinian israeli villages in southern israel, of protested against the planting of trees on their grazing land. at least 11 people were arrested during demonstrations in the negev region. the trees are being planted plan is really nationalist group. the villagers who are mostly from the bedouin community, see this as a land grab the palestinian israeli rom party which relies on bedouin votes. as threatened to pull out of the government with a razor thin majority of 61 seats in the 120 seat connectors. climate us them after they've been it's coalition relies on the wrong parties support the united nation that says that it needs nearly 4000000000 dollars this year to help the victims of the civil war in yemen. the un estimates that 13000000 people who are at risk of
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starvation. it's calling on the iranian backed who the rebels and the saudi backed government, to, to negotiate, to end the 7 years of conflict. the 2022, restarting on a challenging nodes. the military escalation, i described in this council last month as accelerated as the parties are dropping down on military options. 7 years down the road of war, the prevailing belief, vaughn, warring sides, seems to be that inflicting sufficient harm on the other will force them into submission. however, there is no sustainable long term solution to be found on the death and feed. therefore, i will continue to stress that warring parties can shoot, and indeed must talk, even if they are not ready to put down their arms. at least a people have been killed in a car bombing in the somali capital mogadishu, the bomb detonated on the road close to the international airport. witnesses say it
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appeared to target a convoy carrying foreign nationals. al chabad, which is affiliated to al qaeda, was claimed responsibility for the attack. more than 20 people in indigenous communities have died and floods in south eastern brazil. nonstop rain for 2 weeks and shall air state as burst dams, forcing dozens of people to seek shelter. john holeman reports the flood waters coursing through the states of minas and se, presume this is who tuba, one of the towns on the water over the last 2 months, thousands have been left homeless across presume victims of a relentless rainy season. now minas is bearing the brown, i was america, with the water level in my house, reached my raised, we lost everything, my children and my wife left the house by boat. we are getting the things we managed to save out of their clothes. and these things we couldn't really save. and
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10 people have died of meanness in the last 2 days. it could get worse. this is carrie. oh, could them threatening to go down? the dom has never been like this. may god free from keep us safe if it breaks, it will hurt money. people below there are 5 cities down there that will be harmed . indigenous communities in the state is struggling with central myth and depletion . it's a very sad feeling when a heartbreak to see this community in such a state. if it were up to me, i would never return here. my heart is bleeding. at the moment they using a local school as a shelter all over the state of is a suffering too, and desperately hoping that the rain stops john home and l g, as in the u. k. government has announced the biggest change the land practices in decades. farmers will be paid thousands of dollars for adopting an eco friendly approach, but with a population expected to exceed $70000000.00 by 2030 unions of warning, of
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a shortage of arable land, increasing dependency on food imports. they've parker reports from southeast england. this used to be arable for this would've been winter wheat 18 years ago, and they're cancelling state. they've been re wilding the land before anyone really knew what it meant. the soil to unprofitable to grow produce is ideal for handing back to mother nature. and now a welcome cash subsidy, courtesy of british taxpayers. but continuing what they're doing, this is the most important thing for 40 years. i guess. i mean, it is a combination of years and years and years of thinking and, and discussing and hopefully influencing some of the decision making. but yeah, wow, it's amazing. it's the biggest shake up of britain's landscape in a generation says the government, a $1000000000.00 funding scheme designed firstly to incentivize sustainable farming . and secondly, to reverse the decline of nature by paying landowners to re wild their properties
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all possible since the u. k. left, the e use common agricultural policy, the subsidized farmers, depending on the size of their land. the new post breaks it funds designed to reward farmers for making environmentally positive choices. we have now legally binding targets all the environment, most notably a target to reverse the decline in nature by 2030. and we have a responsibility as a governments to ensure that the payment rates we make are attractive enough to incentivize the uptake of our schemes. whether a rumblings of concern, while the plans will simply reward already wealthy farmers that have lambs to spare concerns to about the lives livelihoods, of small a tenant farmers who could be kicked off land to make way for re wilding schemes. and what about food security? say farmers, britain needs more nor less farmland, to feed a growing population or run the risk of being increasingly dependent on foreign and
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potentially low quality import. delivering food for the country is also an absolutely crucial part of what we do, sir, must be delivering food alongside environmental delivery ra van instead of it's raise questions about the future of farming, how to balance sustainability and food production. this might be the answer, not an agricultural revolution, but something that's been done for centuries. small local farms close to urban areas. agriculture is that a cross roads and the more land that's handed over to nature in return for government subsidies in the coming years, means that we may come very soon to rely upon local producers like this to feed our communities. we live in a world shape by food and the land. it's grown on nature's future is our future. ne park al jazeera, southeast england. ronnie spector,
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the lead singer of the 19th sixty's group. the romance has died. she was 78 specter who was born veronica. yvette bennett, died of cancer. she rose to fame with songs such as be my baby baby. i love you and walking in the rain spectres or girl group open from major rock brands, including the rolling stones and the alberts. ah, it's good to have you with this hello, adrian finnegan here in dough. how the headlines and al jazeera inflation in the united states has increased to levels not seen in 40 years, with the price surge affecting almost everything purchased by consumers and businesses. the biden administration is blaming disruptions. the global supply chain. the director of the white house is national economic council says the government has managed to reduce the delays seen at ports when it comes to something like the supply chain challenges on those and manifested.


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