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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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understand the difference says americans have culture across the world. so no matter how you take it out, you 0, we're bringing the news and current to fast cut matter to you count his ear. oh, inflation in the us, it's a 40 year high, is the pandemic causes higher prices for households and business it ah. hello, darren jordan, this is al jazeera ally from de, also coming up talks between nato and russia. end with no breakthrough of the ukraine with both sides sang significant differences remain britain's prince. andrew failed in his attempt to stop legal action in the us of
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a sexual abuse allegations against him. and more than 20 people have been killed and indigenous communities devastated by floods in south eastern brazil. ah, inflation in the united states was hit levels not seen in 40 years, with prices rising for almost everything bought by consumers and businesses. the white house brains, global supply chain disruption due to the pandemic. my counter reports from washington dc. price is for groceries rent another needed items continue to saw the illness, the small shops are particularly hard hit as they see their customers beginning to treat what were every day purchases as luxuries. you can see how the money flows you can seeing when people are not getting the extras when they're getting coffee trip coffee instead of cafeteria, you can see it. you can see how they pay. they're paying in coins. the increase in
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prices is now being felt at every gas station and in every grocery store. i just think for a little more careful, i notice it in almost every product. fruits vegetables, which we buy a lot of jelly products. i can't really see anywhere that the prices have gone down, but they've gone up bottlenecks in the supply chains of distributors all the primary reason and these, and turn the direct result of stopping shortages as the pandemic continues to rage world wide. at the stage, though, the head of the federal reserve insists there's no need for panic. that this is a temporary situation. we will use our tools to support the economy and a strong labor market and to prevent higher inflation from becoming entrenched. it's a similar message coming from the white house, which points to
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a dropping unemployment rate as evidence that economic recovery is underway and is adamant that the supply chain issue will be resolved. we are well positioned to attack the challenges of prices and cos had on, and that's exactly what the president i and this administration are doing. but republicans continue to blame stimulus measures for overheating the economy. one thing is clear, it's impossible to predict the ongoing economic impact of the ami kron varian surge, which the nation continues to face. i don't believe we've seen that peak yet here in the united states. the rise in price increases reflect to harsh reality that in the pandemic, it's not just people who get sick, but the economy as well. my cana auto 0 washington. the world health organization says of a 15000000 people contracted coven 19 during the past week, which is higher than an any time during the entire pandemic. it's more than 50
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percent up on the previous 7 days. and the double h o says the number of deaths is also rising. let's be clear. why or me wrong cause less severe dis, is done. delta. it remains a dangerous virus, particularly for those who are unvaccinated. almost $50000.00 a week is $50000.00 does too many. when all the white house is announced, measures to expand testing the cove at 19 in schools. students, parents and teachers have struggled with blended learning, which has become the norm since the pandemic began in chicago, a standoff between teachers unions on the government. so classes suspended, oper just a week, john hand from the pulse. chicago's on again off again, schools are once again back in session. across the us. many public schools began the new year in the classroom with students and staff alike braving the omicron
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outbreak. but here schools delivered a lesson in whiplash. we just never know from day to day, week to week, how things are going to be and, and it doesn't allow our children to feel, feel secure, safe, and what's going on. chicago's public schools opened then closed for a week as union teachers battled mayor laurie lightfoot over covert safety measures voting then opened again on wednesday for dave and andrea roofing 2 years of cove. it has taken its toll, my 8 year old. ah, she's because she's missed out so much. she now she has anxieties about going to school and this past week in particular, when there is i school closure. we didn't know what was happening day to day. there was, there were a lot of emotional breakdowns here and elsewhere. a big enough outbreak will still shutter individual schools with you as hitting a new record for daily coven cases this week. the biden administration and out new measures to keep classrooms open. they include dramatically expanding testing for
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the virus in schools. the additional tests would improve access to an increasingly scarce commodity. these $10000000.00 additional test available each month will allow schools to double the volume of testing they were performing. in november, the president is clear, the nation schools can and should be open. even so keeping schools open remains a challenge. in new york city, students walked out in protest of what they called unsafe covered conditions in fort worth, texas. so many teachers are sick or quarantine that classrooms are being combined everywhere. it seems education in the covey or a remains of struggle. but in chicago, the battle between the city and union teachers has made the classroom an emotional rollercoaster. parents just being on the side line, not having a voice, just our fate in the hands of others has been incredibly frustrating. and to be honest, it's probably going to be the reason why we leave chicago. the role things might
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find a school district with a more predictable schedule. but with cove entering its 3rd year more contagious than ever. for the foreseeable future, there's no escaping the global pandemic. john henderson, l g 0, chicago. the british promised as facing growing cause for his resignation after apologizing to the nation for attending a party at his official london residence during the height of the lockdown in 2020 . at the time the government was enforcing strict measures confining millions of people to their homes. under simmons has a story. ah, horace johnson has never been under such pressure from his own party, the opposition of the people who elected him. he set out to try to defend himself. the key question, did he attend a party for around 40 guests in his back garden that appears to a breached cove at restrictions? first, he tried to address the british people. but i want to apologize. i know the rage,
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they feel with me over the government i lead when they think that in done in street itself, the rules are not being properly followed by the people who make the rules. and when i went into that garden, just after 6 on the 20th of may, 2020, to frank groups of stock before going back into my office 25 minutes later to continue working. i believed implicitly that this was a work event. with hindsight, i should have sent everyone back inside of the months of deceit and deception. so pathetic spectacle of a man who's run out of road, his defense, his defense that he didn't realize he was at a party. ha, it is so ridiculous that is actually offensive to the pretty
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ha with the whole country was locked down. he was posting boozy policies in town, express se, now going to take a decent thing and resign. johnson didn't say yes or no, i want her. i want to repeat that, i thought it was a, a work event and apologizing again and telling opposition leader kissed alma he should wait for the results of an inquiry into revelations of several porters in downing street in whitehall. i regret very much that we did not do things differently or that evening. stammer repeatedly rounded on johnson, the party's over prime minister. the only question is, will the british public kick him out, police party kick him out, or will he do the decent thing and reside in johnson's constituency in north west london, many who watched wouldn't accept his apology. i'm angry and i
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just think he's a man that doesn't take responsibility for what he's done. civic, who bore with laughing firm. it's to be expect. vega me is bound to come back with with, with something what, whether or not it's true or noise. it's probably not 3, this crisis is being called part again by the media. johnson is trying to write it out. much rest though with the outcome of the inquiry into downing street and whitehall parties and what the police do about the latest revelation. with more rest though, on whether the conservative party decides johnson is now a liability and has to go. and through simmons, al jazeera a lawsuit against britons, prince andrews moving forward in the us after judge rejected efforts to dismiss a sex abuse claim. virginia phrase says she was 17 years old when she was traffic to have sex with the u. k. royal and other men, prince andrew's lawyers tried to have the case thrown out, citing her 2009 deal she signed with convicted sex offender,
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jeffrey epstein. the prince has consistently denied the claims. gabe lozano is in new york, with a civil lawsuit is underway. what appears that this is going to a trial, and the trial will be towards the end of this year, assuming, and this is a big assumption here. the prince, andrew and his lawyers decide not to settle out of court. that could very be a very real possibility at this point, but assuming that does not happen, it's very much now going down a legal process to a trial at the end of this year here in federal court in new york. so a couple of questions you ask yourself, does prince andrew have diplomatic immunity? the answer to that by most legal analysts is no, only the queen, queen and her immediate household have diplomatic immunity. he does not fall under that category, but will he be present at the trial in new york? the answer to that is also know that highly unlikely. and that's because this is
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a civil case right now and not a criminal case. and in civil cases the, the courts can not ask for the u. k to extradite someone to the u. s. for a civil case such as this, if it was criminal, that's different, but this is civil. so it's highly unlikely, almost unfathomable, that he will actually be there at the court, assuming his trial goes forward. so then you ask yourself, what are his big risk? well, does he have to give testimony under oath for this trial? the answer to that is yes. he most likely will. oh, so let's come here and i'll just hearing tutoring, reinstate giant ever gran flights. the demolition of dozens of buildings as more property developers in china, struggle to pay off their debts. and we visit the scene of america in some far a state where nigerian government promises action the killing of more than 60 people more in those states. ah,
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ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there, here's your weather in a minute 15, nice to see you. we're going to begin in the middle east where energy from the eastern med is now coming across the van. so this is northern sections of syria into northern iraq. so impacting or beale. it was just last month we saw deadly flooding. and now we've got rounds of rain to come. i'm going to put this day forward. here we are on friday. we can trace a batch of rain from the red sea right through to the golf. and i think ria, it's going to get clip to some this, but for now a southerly flow. so your temperature at 27 degrees, but when those showers move in, they will cool the atmosphere and that wind will shift around to the northeast. so just the high of 18 degrees on sunday, that's below average, pretty average across pakistan in terms of those temperatures. it's quite both in the south and the north as long, but it's got a high of 18 degrees off to turkey right now in
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a northerly wind from the boss. first is really dragon down those temperature is a nice stand bowl to degrees. fact, we could see a light dusting of snow talking about snow, but high heat for heart soon you're closing in on 40 degrees. a job. we've got you in for a high of 41 on thursday, and really for eastern portions of southern africa. we've got those storms, especially rounds and bob way, hurry high of 24 degrees on thursday. that's it. we'll see as soon as the weather sponsored by katara ways healing the debate, 90 percent of the world refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not create a few treat. now, not our people can't believe you cannot know. so we know what to do and we have the tools to build the
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dream on algebra. ah, the ah, woke back of your mind about top stories here at this hour, inflation than the united states, as it levels not seen in 40 years, with a price surge affecting almost everything bought by consumers and businesses. the white house is blaming global supply chain disruption. due to the pandemic, the world health organization says more than 15000000 people contracted coven 19 during the past week is the highest and a figure during the part of mimic. the double h o says the number of deaths is also rising. and the high stakes meeting between russia and nato va ukraine has ended without a breakthrough. head of nato says he will not allow moscow to veto ukraine's wishes
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to join the flock. now australia's immigration minister set to decide and whether tennis world, number one, no bakovich can stay joke. a bitch admitted to breaking corona, virus isolation rules in his native serbia. last month he says an interview he did after a positive coping 19 test was an arab judgement. is australian visa was revoked after he arrived last week, but was overturned, 5, a court with sarah clark on july from brisbin. sarah. so what's the latest now on the visa saga? we are all awaiting this. saw a decision from the immigration minister. we are expecting that to come this afternoon being thursday here in australia and it was delayed from yesterday simply because the immigration mist alex hawk is considering new evidence that was presented from jock, which is at tame of lawyers. and that was bar a statement on junkie which is instagram account yesterday. he acknowledged that he wanted to clarify what he described as misinformation, but within that statement,
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he did acknowledge that the travel declaration he did sign last week. when he arrived in australia a did contain false information. he said a team member and one of his support team had to take the wrong books and said he hadn't traveled in the last 14 days when in fact he had a gun between serbia and spain. he also noted a, in that instagram statement that he had attended an event in his home country when he had tested positive. so novak is now under investigation, not just in australia, but also in spain. the spanish governors checking on whether or not he or the unvaccinated test plan whether not he entered the country illegally or in light december. since september citizens from serbia on arrival in spanish territory must present a vaccination certificate. oh, they must request a medical exemption. and this they said that to waiting for jock of it's to apply for that, he never approached them for their so the immigration mister here in australia, he holds that discretionary power where he can rule the joke of which his visa can
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be cancelled for a 2nd. time and jock of it could be deported. this law, this discretionary power, allows him to put any visa holder, and it could be for the smallest element, it could be a public health risk, or it could be the fact that he's provided false information on an immigration statement or declaration on arrival. so we're all whining that decision in australia on thursday afternoon. meanwhile, sir, in terms of the tennis though, what does all of this mean for the australian open? what caused the phase of the world? number one means test play. it hangs in the balance. and so to does the australian open, we had expected the drawer for the australian open the tournament, which starts in 4 days. we had expected that drawer to be given released this afternoon. that's now been delayed as they white this decision. so nova novak doc of it and naomi soccer, they are the defending champions. the strain open on thursday has also announced that due to a spike in the number of infections of covered 19 in victoria, they've had to reduce or certainly pause the st. capacity to 50 percent for next
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week's a tournament, so that the prime minister, we should state above all of this and. and what kind of looking like potentially an announcement from the immigration minister on thursday afternoon. we have to remember what the prime minister scott morrison said last week, and he stated that rules are rules and allowing jock of it to stay in the country. i would certainly set a dangerous precedent, or if joker, which is deported then, or we do expect a joke of which is lawyers to once again appeal that decision or to sara clark live for sand brisbin syrup. thank you. now a high stakes meeting between russia and nato, the ukraine has ended without a breakthrough. both sides said there were significant differences during what they described was frank and open discussions aren't as there was dorsal jibari reports from moscow. a meeting nearly 3 years in the making. as high ranking members of the russian foreign and defense ministry join me to officials and brussels. the meeting lasted longer than expected. that nato secretary general remain steadfast,
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that he would not accept rushes, the man that ukraine will never become a member of the alliance. this crosses is a, is, is the making of russia. and therefore, this important a day deescalate ukraine has the right to self defense ducks and shrine, and u. m. a family talker anger for so many dollars when they, than they dollars, unless it'll help them to uphold about her right to, to self defense. despite the united states assurances that it wouldn't talk about ukraine repairing their relationship, a relationship that's been going backwards since russia annex crimea in 2014 and nato's expulsion of 8 russians after accusing them of spying. nobody to quit zulu bush with the wounded. nate to opt for the policy of the term russia. we will respond with measures of counter deterrence. if it uses the policy of intimidation,
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we will respond with counter intimidation. if it looks for vulnerabilities in the russian defense system, we will look for nato's vulnerabilities. it's not our choice, but we don't have other options if we don't overturn this current very dangerous course of events. oh, see. despite the lack of an official agreement, the talks are being seen as a success, if only because they didn't ends in acrimony. despite rushes continue to insist that he has no intention of envy crane there seems little sign of an immediate end to the crisis door. so jabari al jazeera moscow. a search is underway for more bodies in northern nigeria after gunman rated villages shooting people and burning homes. 60 people are confirmed dead, but witnesses reported seeing the 200 bodies. the raids come after gunman dare strikes targeted, the high doubts of criminal gaffs aren't zeroes, acquitted to support from some former state. as dusk approaches these displeased
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women pound grades to prepare the meal. this families open kitchen is busy, which means its members will get treat. what 10000 of others were fled, the violence of little food or shelter in law muddle returns to our family. empty handed are 4. children will go hungry today. don't win at only as only there is nothing i can do about it. i have no options, but it breaks my heart to see them in such situation. some members of our family are still missing more than the week after the massacres. there's been no contact, nor demand for runs. they are presumed dead. their bodies have not been recovered. muhammad is yet to overcome his grief. he lost 4 children and 10 other relatives in the attacks level will barbie out. they showed no mercy women children. the elderly were knocked down charter slaughtered children were yanked off their mother's backs
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and thrown into fire. when all homes and granaries were burnt, dan is, i'm for a state governor says the time for negotiations with the criminal gangs is over. some of them are pushing put a dialogue. but let us allow the cabinet to go on fust. do, delaware fuji don't come up with genuine requests leashes that pu now, why not do for eat the conflictions and for i began this dispute over land and water resources between farmers and herders. but successive governments ignored the danger sides. it's now spread to most part of the country with criminal gangs and even book or caching in thousands have been kidnapped for ransom, including school children, hundreds of whom are still being held by gunman. many villages, like these in nigeria, north are forced to make difficult choices, cooperating with criminal gangs,
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results in long prison terms. but helping security forces means death at the hands of the bandits for many poor vulnerable families. their reality is there isn't anywhere else to run to in december last year than our german government declared those responsible for the deadly attacks terrorists and says they're committing more troops and equipment to end the bloodshed. oh, you do it early. this is a sunday there, but that's little comfort for survivors of the massacres in the villages in nigeria, north, whose priority now is survival, while crying to find closure. our losses that don't seem to stop. edris al jazeera
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is on foot north west nigeria, an 80 year old palestinian american man has died after being detained and beaten by israeli soldiers that according to the palestinian health ministry, it was arrested in the israeli town of jar julia. on wednesday, he was reportedly hung cofton less than a house under construction. the you, a state department is asked israel for clarification, palestinian israeli villagers in southern israel. i protested against the planting of trees on their grazing lands and in there gave region. trees are being planted by an israel nationalist group. the villagers are mostly from the veteran community and see this as a land grab the palestinian israeli rom party that relies on betterment votes. has threatened to withdraw support from these really coalition government. now property crisis and china is deepening with a growing number of developers in debt. real estate giant ever grand is struggling to pay back $300000000000.00 in loans and as katrina you report some dan show in
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a non province. the company is now fighting the demolition of dozens of apartment buildings. some colette china is hawaii. the island province in the south attracts tens of millions of visitors every year. and property developers have flocked here to accommodate them. real estate giant ever grad constructed this artificial island, complete with hotels and theme parks. but a debt crisis has caused many of its projects to come to a halt. these 39 unfinished apartment buildings were due to be completed soon. now the local government has called for them to be demolished, citing environmental concerns. the order has sparked confusion among local people. general jay holla, these buildings have already been constructed ledgers, and now they want to demolish. going to love a personally, i think is a big waste of resources getting global young's eyes in your thought isn't one. if
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you tear down these buildings, it will just create more pollution. it also calls in the owners of other apartments here to panic because they're afraid this will be next. the unfinished project was backed by a former marriage, john chee, who is now serving life in prison for bribery. there are almost $3000.00 apartments worth more than $1000000000.00 there. it's just one of hundreds of stoled ever ground projects in china. but the demolition of those $39.00 buildings would deal. another major blow to the already embattled developer. ever grant is $300000000000.00 in debt and defaulted on offshore bonds last month. regional governments have taken control of the developers projects in some areas and confiscated land and others. it's far from alone. in recent months, the chinese government has begun curbing over borrowing in the property sector. and a growing number of firms are now in distress. shamal keiser modern land and won't
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jo are enough. are among those struggling with loan re payments. analysts say beijing is sending a message, it looks like they are more concerned about that and the sustainable growth. so i guess in the long term, this is more of a change for the better on. and i guess it's safe to say on the kind of aggressive expansion period has basically ended from china. the crisis in the property sector is weighing on china's economic growth. and experts expect to slow down to continue for months, possibly years. ever grand is doing all it can to keep its business and projects here afloat. it's paid more than $30000000.00 in fines to the local government and is appealing against the demolition of these $39.00 buildings. katrina, you al jazeera dan joe china. more than 20 people in indigenous communities have
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died in floods in south eastern brazil. nonstop rain for 2 weeks in minister, a state has burst, dams, forcing dozens of people to seek shelter. john homer has more flood war through the coursing through the state of meanness, in se brazil, this is who are tuber one of the towns on the water over the last 2 months. thousands have been left homeless across brazil, victims of a relentless re me season. now minas is bearing the brunt. oh, glad i was the miracle up in the water level in my house reached my waist. we lost everything, my children and my wife left the house by boat. we are getting the things we managed to save out of there. but clothes and these things, we couldn't really save souls and temp look, died and meanness in the last 2 days. it could get worse. this is the carrier, could them threatening to go down with the dam has never been like this. may god free of some keep us safe if it breaks,
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it will hurt money. people below there are 5 cities down there that will be harmed . indigenous communities in the state are struggling with me at them with, appreciate it. it's a very sad feeling. one of heartbreak to see this community in such a state. if it were up to me, i would never return here my heart is bleeding. at the moment the using a local school as a shelter all over the state. others are suffering too, and desperately hoping that the rain stops. john holman, out zebra, ah, not a quick check of the headlines here now. does air inflation in the united states has increased a levels not seen in 40 years, with a price surge affecting almost everything purchased by consumers and businesses. white out as blaming global supply chain disruption due to the pandemic. but inflation is a growing political risk for the democrats and republicans continue to blame
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stimulus measures for overheating. the economy.


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