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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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this global news about the stormy stock analysis, a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network are now to sierra. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello there, i'm, how am i here, dean? this is the news. our line from dough hump coming up in the next 60 minutes. britain's prince andrew gives up his mother, she titles and royal patronage incense. he prepares to defend himself against sexual abuse allegations. as a private citizen, a german chords convicts a former high ranking syrian security officer of crimes against humanity,
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overseeing murder and torture. on an industrial scale, a senior military official under protest her kills during demonstrations colon for civilian rule ensued on. as long as we have tens of millions of people or market vaccine, we're going to have 4 hospitals of u. s. presidents recruits the military to help deal with the record number of coup with 19 hospitalizations, use coals for people to get vaccinated, and in sport. cameroon, impressed happy africa cup of nations. bell has come from behind to thrash ethiopia and book a spot in the knockout route. one of those go today, ah, well, we begin in the u. k. were buckingham palace says confirmed that prince andrew has
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given up all military titles. and patronage is ins comes after a judge in the us ruled on wednesday. that lawsuits which accuses prince andrew sexual abuse will move forward. virginia dufrane says she was 17 years old when she was traffic's to have sex with the u. k. royal and other men. the palace says prince andrew will defend the case as a private citizen. prince angie strenuously denies all the allegations. jonah, how is our correspondence on the story? he joins his my escape from london. joe, not what words are we know at this stage? well, clearly this is a move that will come as an enormous blow to prince andrew on a very bad weak fame after that manhattan jug on wednesday. as you said, rejected his lawyer attempts to have the junior to phrase civil lawsuit thrown out . he will now go ahead, he will face a trial, a potentially very lengthy, one full of gossip and salacious details. it is concerning these extremely
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concerning a post to the monarchy because of the damage the onward damages could inflict, not just on the molecule on the queen of course herself in a very important year for platinum jubilee, celebrating 70 years on the throne. as a result of which this move has taken place, somewhat surprisingly, all the rumors of this sort of thing was at me in the works. it comes a day off to a $150.00 more than a $150.00. full seniors serving military officers, wrote a joint letter to the queen, asking her to take these moves, explaining and expressing their anger at the prince's behavior, saying it was not befitting of a military officer and urging her to take action. it isn't entirely clear whether this is a moon that was encouraged or motivated by the queen or whether prince andrew at property these titles voluntarily. what we have is a statement from buckingham palace that says simply with the queen's approval and
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agreement, the duke york's military affiliations and royal patronage have been returned to the queen of. she will redistribute them among family members. in due course, the new york will continue not to undertake any public duties. those have been in advance for about 2 years now. and he's defending this case as a private citizen. and if he's understood as well in the last half hour or so. but among the titles that he forfeits is his use of his royal highness. so an enormous blow footprints, andrew, his reputation is a st already in tatters. and this will, this will be very bad news for him. do a very bad news. i am very bad news, of course for the british monarchy itself, her jonah. this is all coming after that. a torrid time for prince andrew. he was already forced to step back from public life as a royal following her,
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an interview that he gave to the british b, b. c. which went on very badly in deeds at the fact that he is now returning these titles or what has changed here because he was coming back from are being asked to, to step back from a public life. eh, what else change is the fact that he's as he completely distance from the british armed forces. now in, in the last 24 to 48 hours or so around that judgment. in new york, there's been a lot of talk amongst royal watchers people connected to the palace here about quote, unquote de roiling prince andrew. because he's become toxic, he's become tucked into the monarchy is potentially become popular to the queen. he is her favorite son, her 2nd son. this is a year of huge importance to her. and clearly he is now deeper than ever embroiled
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in sexual assault allegations that he would have hoped until very recently, could've been potentially put to one side. there was a possibility of having those charges thrown out in terms of a settlement that was drawn up between jeffrey epstein, the millionaire and associate of prince andrew. and one of his accusers am but that failed. and so the case goes on quite simply. it, he cannot face these charges as far as bucking powers is concerned as a royal with all the trimmings intact. and therefore the tacit if not outright support of the royal family, the monarchy of ours. and therefore there is a clear effort to distance themselves. and in their view, a very necessary we're, i don't have to, we know any more about what's going to happen with this case itself. dead. is he intending to appear in paris and anna, a new york court room?
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i mean, what efforts are being made and in that regard, see to defend against these allegations. he certainly hasn't made any public statements in that regard. we know now that the case is going to go ahead. it moves immediately into what's called the discovery phase, where evidence is collected. he will be required, well, he will be called upon to produce a deposition. this is a civil case, of course, on a criminal case. that means that he isn't necessarily compelled to appear in person. he's not even compelled to produce the deposition, although of course it would look awful for him if he didn't. so almost of necessity, he's got to write down his version of the fact that the other side have already said that they want to see evidence of this condition that he claims in that extraordinary interview. you mentioned in 2009 team. this condition he claims as
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part of his defense code and hydro says it's an inability to sweat that he claims a time all those years ago he suffered problem. and he used that as a defense saying he couldn't possibly have been sweating all over on the dance floor of all of the night club, the c plane, because he simply couldn't sweat at all. they've already asked, for instance, evidence that he suffered from that condition. and other information that he produced in the interview in 2019, when this exploded into the public arena, his alibi on the night being a pizza restaurant with these children. all of these things will be home now in a very public way. witness testimony will be produced and who knows what other details may emerge. but clearly none of it is going to be the sort of thing that ro, family would ever want any member of the family to be exposed to. and indeed for the life that is caused by that to be as much as possible, deflected from the queen of the molecule. that's what all of this is about. ok,
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jonah, how their brain as are the very latest. they're from london in the u. k. jonah, thank you. now it's a verdict that's being called a landmark leap towards justice and german court since convicted former siri and official unrest, line of crimes against humanity. it's the court. a census sent to life in a prison. dominic cane has more now from berlin. 10 years ago unwashed osland was a senior officer in the syrian government forces. now the former colonel is starting a life sentence for crimes against humanity convicted by a german court of multiple counts of murder, torture, and sexual violence. all carried out during his time in charge of the al hattie prison, near damascus. dahlia collector, i untied, assist the defendant was a part of assistant. at his instigation, thousands of civilians were greatly tortured. he is also responsible for murder of at least 27,
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painful the evidence we put forward proved fat unambiguously person ruslan defected to the syrian opposition in 2012 before eventually coming to germany. 2 years later where he was granted asylum, it was only in 2018 that police began checking out his story. when they realized the extent of his crimes, they decided to prosecute. in bringing this case, the german authorities have invoked the principle of universal jurisdiction. effectively saying that some crimes are so serious that it doesn't matter where they take place, nor does it matter that the victims and perpetrators on not german. what matters is that justice be done. outside the court on thursday, relatives of victims of those killed in syria gave their reaction to the verdict. yeah. they haven't shown that ever that. yeah, we were actually expecting this verdict and were of course, hoping that this would be the vert it of course this doesn't bring back our loved ones and doesn't get our loved ones out of prison. we have to keep talking about it
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and keep reminding the world that there are still a lot of people in syrian prisons and that they didn't under human rights. campaigners welcome to the sentence. i think it's quite okay for their survivor. their syrian how are affected with these crime? so i hope that a sir the sentence and is there a little b as strong face for her future war and water? aslan was not the 1st former member of the syrian government forces to be jailed in germany. and if the government here continues its prosecuting drive against those suspects of war crimes, there, he seems. unlikely to be the last dominant came al jazeera berlin, or patrick crocker is the lawyer representing the junk plaintiffs in the unrest them case is also a senior legal advisor. with european center for constitutional and human rights sequences life now from compliance in germany. and it's it good to have you with us
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or patrick ye ye represent, since the victims of torture, what does this verdict mean for them? what have they told you? well, it's an amazing the important day for them. we have been working for this for a long time together with activists other lawyers. but of course mainly the victims of this case who have really been on the front line and are really in my eyes. the heroes of this case, and today we had the confirmation that everything that we heard as evidence them has been credible the court grounded, it's decision on this evidence, including the testimony of the victims i represent. we have a confirmation that what's happening in syria are crimes against humanity and them . yeah. so it's definitely a very important step forward to they feel that justice has been done in this case
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. i think justice for these kind of crimes can never be done. the crimes are true horrific for that. we can always only have an approximation to justice them what this represents as a staff and it's not even a huge step. but what is important is that it is a step in the right direction. and i think the direction is what matters your. we need to continue with the steps so that we get ever closer to justice. which again would probably never achieve because the crimes have been to message at the. so if this is the 1st step, what is the the next step then to to help the victim scene of undergoing these horrific crimes? what happens next, because germany has this very specific ability to prosecute crimes which occurred outside of the territories as something that you would like to see happen in other countries worldwide. absolutely, there will be other trials in germany. there's already one that will start in
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a week from now against all. i am a former doctor in a military hospital in constance, syria. but as you rightly said, we really want also other countries to step in universal jurisdiction as a principal in international law. so every country in the world's cannon, in theory, prosecute these crimes and that's what we hold for. and what we also hope for is that there are more rest lawrence, like we have already, for example, against some you have some handle the syrian efforts, intelligence, or ali, my look against people that are still in syria and that, and this is important to mention are still committing crimes to day, these are the steps that must follow and we will definitely not stop here, but we will pursue the steps to worry that this case will then this vertex rather won't be accepted globally because we have seen on the international level, any efforts to try and rain in this conflict to rain in these abuses, ongoing a t tend to get the totes, by china and russia and so on. yes,
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absolutely. that's the reason why the international criminal court couldn't get active. and i'm not expecting, you know, the syrian war iranian government, you know, to follow up on an extradition, a request, for example, for these criminals. however, what we have now is we have a verdict that is based on 2 years of extensive evidence hearing evidence that was presented to a panel of 5 judges. that was questioned by the accused and, and his defense lawyers. and we have that as the foundation. now, for a verdict that will comprise several hundreds of pages stating in detail what has happened in syria and that, i mean, politically, cannot be done away with at let me just ask one final question and the, the case in this case, it or he has been found guilty,
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did he express any remorse? and would that have made a difference to that to your clients that the people you are representing? a sorry i had a problem technically you could you briefly repeat the question? i'm sorry, i was just asking in terms of what happens in court's and the verdict was read it, was there any remorse shown? and would that have changed anything for the clients that you are representing the victims of this torture? absolutely. in what half and absolutely not, there was not a sign of remorse for this. unfortunately, we have appealed to anwar on several occasions to reveal the truth and what he knows about the syrian tortures system and what we have gotten, what the victims have gotten from him instead was a very general of finger pointing towards everyone in the hierarchy often. and everybody in the hierarchy beneath him and, but really claiming that he had hardly any responsibility at all. and this is not
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only been contradicted to an amazing degree by the evidence that we have heard. it was also an insult to our science. if we have really wrist a lot in order to file these claims, et cetera. and i think an admission of guilt. and especially also revealing the truth about what he knows about this torture system would have made a difference. but we have gotten, as i said, quite the cape or patrick at crocker or was he thank you for joining us here on the news there. and thank you very much indeed for putting forwards the case from your clients and. and hopefully this will be one step towards closure for them. thank you very much. alice bringing some breaking ye side of sudan. no, we're security forces, have shots, and killed a protest her. now this comes to stars after senior military official was killed steering a protest in the capitol cart seemed thousands had taken to the streets against the
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crew that has plunged the country air in c o. deadlock. really, there have been reports signals for injuries protests or is of course not military . it is it's and they are still calling for a return to civilian government. so mm hm. at vow is encouraged seemed for, as mom is, is developing situation at fair in see done. what more can you tell us? yes. hello. it's been a tough day actually. or we have information about a hospital in cartoon that is full of wounded for testers. and that person that for tester in body who was killed or apparently after that, the, the killing of at that the police a brigadier. earlier today, there have been no signs of fir, into an intensification of the reaction by the military and the police forces. remember,
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the streets are brimming with those forces in their vehicles marching or using tear gas and using water cannons. that's a new air to day. so i mean, they stepped up their response to the protest as or after the killing of that big a deal. the police are issued a statement, they did not accuse anyone specifically of being behind the murder, but they said they are investigating the incident. and they said he was stopped or twice or 3 times and that caused him to die. this is a new development in this situation, or we've been listening a hearing on the, the news of the killing off or testers are over 60 of them have been killed. so since october 25th. but this development today is fear of to derail the whole process of demonstrations for democracy. and saddam, the says have always professed being peaceful. they said they will remain peaceful
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whatever happens. and over the last several weeks, when some of them will be killed, they insisted that they would not to change their ways. and they would not resort to violence because they know that if they, there's a lot of violence that would be very dangerous for their cause. they will be easily demonized. and that could also even, you know, drive itself into the brink of something similar to what happened in syria. olivia, nobody here in the country one stop. so it's a, it's a dangerous situation. escalation happening today, and everyone is asking about what's next and whether the military under police should continue to react like they did today. lots and lots of people, dozens and dozens, as i told you, across the across cup 2. and these demonstrations took place also in several parts of sedan. we still don't have the details of what happened in the other cities. ok,
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mama vall that bring is up to date from cartoon mohammed. thank plasma cell has only use are including sake, he's in nigeria, some forest states for criminal gangs have been attacking villages. witnesses report seen up to 200 bodies and a sports no right joker, which is in the strain of control as a decision on whether he can stay in the country, hangs in the balance. ah, russian lead forces sent to cassock stones, help carbon rest, have begun withdrawing cassock authorities, claim security has been restored. 10000 people were rounded up during antique government protests and at least 160 people were killed in the violence of enforcer . walker has this report. oh, after just
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a week in kazakhstan and barely a short fired in anger, the russian led military force of around 2000 troops is on its way hope. its role protecting power stations and other infrastructure seemed as symbolic as the parade ceremony. mocking its departure. look, it all depended on the peacekeeping. mission of assisting the brother, people of kazakhstan, has been successfully completed up. so now 2 areas. puget, observers believe the c s t o 's mission was actually to show that president kasim jermarta talk. i have had russian backing. this deployment was very much at the request to the cause, externally government the president took care of and clearly he needed this force to stabilize his own internal situation. once that was stabilized, once they understood that his own domestic forces would remain loyal. then the c s t o deployment was no longer needed in the city of al marty,
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where the troops were earlier deployed. what the authorities describe as an official terrorist threat remains. anti government protests had led to the worst violence in casks. dan's modern history more than a 160 people died, including peaceful protesters and police officers around 12000 people have been detained. friends and relatives are anxiously waiting for news. no more do without my friend, i can even call him a brother sanderson. i keep of which was detained on january. 4th, he was firstly held at the district office of internal affairs like then they told us he was in an internal affairs department since january 6. we've been here and we don't know whether he's a life or not activist say those detained aren't being provided with their rights even though on just additional misty to ne. neither lawyers or relatives, no one's allowed inside. lawyers should be present during interrogations. the checkpoints block the access for lawyers and relatives to see what's going on in
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there. we don't even have a list of the detainees of breaking e. oh, that's not in to with the c s t o is note of bishop accomplished. foreign troops are on their way out, but much remains to be resolved. in kazakhstan, robin 1st year walker al jazeera to another potential flashpoints involving russian . poland says, talks to diffuse the crisis in his, in ukraine, if he had to reach any breakthroughs. negotiations in vienna with the organization for security and cooperation in europe. the latest round of talks this week to try and deescalate tensions between keith and the kremlin dosage of barry reports from moscow. this is what russia says is within its sovereign right to do hold military drills in the southwestern region, neighboring ukraine. yeah,
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these drills were held on wednesday as representatives of russia and nato met in brussels for talks and security. the 1st in nearly 3 years since late last year, the west has been concerned by russia building up a force of nearly 100000 soldiers near ukraine, demanding that washington pledge never to let ukraine joined a 30 member of military alliance or expanded eastwards, appoint the united states refuses to accept and at the opening session of the world's biggest security conference, the organization for security and cooperation in europe. a star warning from the incoming chairman, the risk of war in the always sea area is now greater than ever before. in the last 30 years for several weeks, we have been phase 2 of a possibility of emergent america escalation in eastern europe. while the polish foreign minister went on to warn that tensions could up end the post cold war order
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on the continent. moscow continues to maintain, it has no intention of attacking ukraine after the bar, which the lord give us put in you much. we should abandon a vicious cycle of treating russia as the enemy. we propose mechanism of agreement, consultation, et cetera. our written ideas for the american site and for the nato elias are aimed at preventing the si, dalia through diplomacy, consultations, and not through raising 2 inches and the use of military instruments diploma. you. this follows high level talks between nato and russia and brussels on wednesday, where the 2 sites clearly did not have a positive outcome. after a 4 hour meeting, president vladimir putin spokesperson has called this week talked unsuccessful. the kremlin says that if the united states were to impose sanctions on president, who would it would be comparable to severing ties with russia? it is now clear that dialogue and diplomacy have not bridge the gap between moscow
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in the west, but rather highlighted their unresolved differences nor such avari, al jazeera moscow. with you as president joe biden says, additional military medical personnel are being deployed to help staff hospitals across the country. he says the government is also acquiring more cove with 19 tests. it comes as hospitalizations, regional time, high. the health system struggles with shortages, frontline workers, thousands of federal medical personnel have already been sent to states struggling with acute staff in shortages. it's been a long road. but what's clear as we get through this when everybody does their par, no matter where you live? no matter your political party, we've got to fight this together. unfortunately, our military stepping up as they always do. they're either sitting on the side
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march and we're standing in the way we haven't gotten vaccinated. do it. teachers in france walks off the job in a nation wide strain to protest against the government handling of corona virus. they say the measures in place don't go far enough to protect and natasha butler has salacious from paris. well, thousands old, mainly primary school teachers and workers are walking across paris to protest at the education ministry. they are angry with the french government for imposing what they say it restrictions and rules that are too complicated, unmanageable, often imposed on them at the last minute. so they don't have time to prepare. and they also say those rules are, in fact, exposing them to the bar is even more than before the time when it infections also high and problems with the virus is so widespread. they sent them the government to
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simplify the rules, to make them fall clearer and easier to follow, more manageable. and they also say they want more measures that are going to protect them in the classroom. we are protesting against the lack of respect from the government. we put this thing against the sanitary protocol, which is a absurd, the most critical indeed, the rules change. often, viruses change in to so we have to adapt. we're not against the rules, not at all. it's just that we don't want to put the children and our families at risk. well, the french government admits that the rules in schools all complicated and they have changed all their often, but they say not any dyslexia evolving situation with covalent, people need to be flexible and to adapt. they say the current rules in the schools i'll put in place to try and keep schools open as much as possible. in fact, people schools open has been a priority for this government since the beginning of the pandemic. there's also
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been something very widely supported by nice people in from certain portion of the and allowed just 3 months before the presidential election. that there's a big strike like this installation period in england's for people have contracts with co, with 19 has been reduced. the british al secretary says that starting from next week, those in quarantine will be able to get out of self isolation of 5 days. if their test is negative. the policy shift comes as new corona virus case is search to record levels. india has reported its highest number of coven 19 cases since may last year. almost 250008 quarter of a 1000000 infections record in the last 24 hours. the source of global trends for cases are searching as a result of omicron, but hospital missions, debts are lower than previous waves. more than 100000000 over 19 vaccines were
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rejected by poorer nations in december, unicef says this is because the vaccines supplied civil country. think about program were caused to their expiry dates. countries also been forced to delay receiving supplies because of insufficient storage facilities. so heads on out to sarah. i'm christian salumi and mayfield kentucky where one month after a deadly tornado. there is still a lot of cleaning up to do and in sports, this custody drivers closing in on a forced to car rally title we actually late in the lisa. ah hello, great to see you. thank you for joining in your world. weather report begins in the middle east and energy has moved from the eastern med rate in said the levant. so
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we're seeing some soaking rains for our bill. it was just last month. we were dealing with deadly flash flooding. now that's also moving into western iran on friday, but here's something else i wanted to show you. a band of rain stretching from the red sea right through to the gulf are also getting a southerly push here. so when it does that, the temperature and ria, 27 degrees now by saturday, i do think some of these showers will be in doha, and that's going to cool the atmosphere. so we've got just a high of 22 on sunday, which is where he should be for this and the year of the pakistan, plenty of sunshine here, and things pretty well where they should be as wall islam bought a hive. 19 degrees. next stop turkey. we're looking at this low temperatures for is stumble, 4 degrees. there is some of that activity popping up around the levant. so ramallah some showers for you with a high 9 degrees. temperatures have lowered across heart tomb to just 34 degrees on friday and we've got our seasonal summer storms widespread falling in this area,
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so from harry right into the eastern side of south africa. durbin scott height, 27 degrees on friday, and now you're up to date soon. ah, join the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on systems across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8 now. it's not our responsibility. people lock can get this completed back. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we had the tools to do to get all the patient this stream on al jazeera, 20 years after sierra leon's brutal civil war coins, more than 50000 lives. how has the country progressed rich with natural resources, but economically poor are the deep divisions of its past still determining its
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future to sierra leone recovery, special coverage on al jazeera power defines our well, the lawns, new babies were dying. i did it, not in their bearish people and power investigates, exposes, and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe. by now to garrick, ah, ah, ah, this is al jazeera, a quick reminder, all the top stories this are a professor has been killed and see don during the day of rallies against the military or is earlier, a senior military official was killed during those protests in cartoons thousands to to the streets against the candidates from the country into political deadlock.
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yes, present. joe biden has some failed the federal stats to fight the o. mccomb variance include center more military person medical personnel to help hospitals deal with the search of coverage 19 cases. and buckingham palace says prince, and jing has given up all military titles and patronage is, is, comes after a judge in the us ruled on wednesday that lawsuits accusing prince andrew sexual peace with forward palaces. prince andrew will defend the case as a private citizen. or for more on this story, we are joined by the vol historian and author ed owens is speaking to us from paris as kids have the weather said, what do you make of this? is it unprecedented? have we seen anything like this before in royal history? it's a study remarkable, although in some ways or so inevitable and arguably overdue. a lot of pressure has been put on andrew,
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really since that news night into view. going back right to 2019 a lot of questions over whether he could remain a working member of the royal family. and those seem to be finally answered today. he has been stripped of those military titles and his patronage is and i think what we're witnessing here is an exercise in damage limitation by the monarchy. and unfortunately the andrew debacle and the fact that he's likely to to either see the civil case. maybe they'll be a settlement later this year. we don't know, but the fact that it's continuing finance means that the royal family really need to distance themselves from him. and what exactly does that mean? the fact that he's handing back paint, could you say a patronage is and saw, because after that interview, the mentions there were a claim to couldn't sweats and then a pizza restaurant. there was a nice that made that he would step back from public duties by giving up these
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titles and, and saw. and i mean, does this mean he's on a par with harry in makin or, or some way below? is he still a prince? what does it mean? well, there's a couple of things there. first of all, he did say that he was going to step back from public duties, but he has been reluctant to sort of even if you like back out of the limelight he's, he sought to maintain a public presence and i think withdraw him and taking away from him are these military titles, his patronage is essentially what they've done. they de roiled him. he will no longer be a working member. the brochure family, he will know be no longer be officially representing the family. he is essentially on a par with megan and harry, as you say, and what impacts he think this is going to have on the royal family because the royal family has been through many crises in the recent past. so thinking of course about the problems after princess diana died and so on there not,
9:38 pm
no strangers to scandal and they have tried to adapt and, and modernize with the times. but would you say this is, this is on another level, i mean, are they going to have to adapt in modern eyes even more just to deal with this or the scandal? well, when i started this interview by saying that, i think to some extent, this is ova. gee, we know that both prince charles and prince william had been keen to cut ties with prince andrew to distance the, the monarchy from him. up until this moment, the problem has really been, is that elizabeth, the 2nd herself, hasn't been willing to cut ties as directly. but here we have not finally seen the mana wanting to to sever ties, at least publicly, so that he will say score probably as a, as a private private citizen. so this is mrs. elizabeth. the 2nd thing that is,
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that is, is, is playing a key role here, and we know that the prince charles has been speaking for some years now about damn sizing the monitor. he is part of the modernization process, essentially at keeping at arm's length a potentially problematic members of the british royal family. those that, that might turn into liabilities like his younger brother. and it remains to be seen as in when he ascends the throne. whether that modernization, by dan sizing the monarchy will actually take place, came edwin's fascinating to get at your perspective in your thoughts on this sir. we will watch the story very closely and deeds and weeks and months to come back for now. thank you very much indeed. that's well has surgery and aunt owens joining us from paris. now the resurgence of the current of ours pandemic has led to renewed concerns about the global economy. and it comes as dozens of countries grapple with inflation well above their targets. inflation in the united states at
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7 percent in december says highest level or t years. as followed by the united kingdom, which is a 10 year high of 5 point one percent inflation in canada. shit 4.7 percent inflation, it's highest in 18 years. the majority of over a cd countries are showing similar patterns, low inflation before the pandemic, and then sharpie increases in 2021 as the world's struggles to get back to normal. this is all been blames and a number of faxes rising energy in food prices to supply chain bottlenecks and surging demand by the u. n. has just released say, reports of its own warning that the global economic recovery is losing steam. the world's economic situation. and prospects report says that while global light boots expanded by 5.5 percent 2021 that's projected cedar grove,
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only 4 percent this year. and even less in 2023, let's speak now. it c hammered rashid's he is the leads author of that reports and search for the global economic monitoring branch, economic analysis, and policy division at the u. n. department of economic and social affairs. he joins this note from new york. how many kids have you withers? oh, isn't this kind of thing to be expected? because until the pandemic ends, the gorb or economy will inevitably suffer, won't it? ah, yes and no. i think you're right about that. the inflation shouldn't surprise us because we have had all the tell tale signs off on the pictures marketing. in one hand, we saw that pent up demand and doing 2020 or the demand, we're releasing 2021 households. we're actually received a lot of actual support from, from their governments and, but they can spend less money. so they're spent of demand, of course was there. what didn't keep up with the supply side. and now you
9:42 pm
mentioned the supply side challenges and, and then you add to that those labor shortages and advanced economists. and most of the people, many people didn't come back to the workforce for many different reasons. or they're unable to come back. and then you have the issues off the new variant arising. so what we're seeing is that it is more than physicians, transitory inflation. inflation is here to stay for the, for the near term. but it shouldn't surprise us because many of austin lived through the inflation in the eighty's. but this is in an era where we probably have to leave with slightly harder and fisher than we had in the last 2 tickets. tell me what that means and we'll end in real times for our viewers. so watching that you're trying to go out and buy groceries or paid their utilities bills. why is this bad news for then? not it is bad news. inflation is never good news for our people. speculate people
9:43 pm
who are who you lie on fixed income, their wages on, not efficient adjusted in most cases there's a lag. so if you look at the household, a pitch x right now of inflation is rising faster than the increases in ways. so basically at, in real terms what we call them is called a drill trauma. there war soft. so you have say 10 percent increase or 5 percent because your salary, you for little bit better all because you're able to bargain with your employer for higher saturday because you are doing a favor going back to work. but then you go back and buy your supermarket at least in the process of 10 percent more. so that means your 5 percent worse off. and i think best a challenge for, for, for many of the bus economies that you mention. because in all adult wages on not picking up fast enough and we call it which christ spiral. and i think what this will happen, we need to overcome this at supply side. a supply chain bottleneck spread as
9:44 pm
quickly as possible because as inefficient can be sticky. so once it starts rising is very difficult to payment because it's sort of it in a jamie, out of the bottle and we have to be very careful about how we respond to it and bring it big. bring it back into the bottle. okay. honey grow, sheets i we're out of time. unfortunately last we have to get in a very short space of time, but we do appreciate you sharing your expertise with us. here on the usa, i made rashid then joining us e r. thank you. thank you. last year was one of the most costly in terms of whether disasters in the united states. wildfires. storms, extreme weather, events cost the country some of the region of $145.00, a $1000000000.00. now just last month for string of unseasonal tornadoes, tor, across the midwest, that in itself was particularly expense serve her. let's get more from kristen
9:45 pm
salumi. she joseph lied from mayfield in kentucky, which is one of the hardest heads are chris soon we can see from the damage behind you that many people are still paying for that or for those natural disasters? aren't they? absolutely. and it's gonna take i all to get things back to normal here and maybe i'll just take a look around me and you can understand what they're up against. i clearing this debris is being handled by the army corps of engineers. they estimate there is enough to fill $600.00 swimming pools full of debris and so far, only about 4 percent of it has been removed. they're saying it's going to take until april, just to get the streets clean. the destruction stretches for miles. house after house, business after business,
9:46 pm
even the county court house in mayfield, kentucky, is damage seemingly beyond repair. the tornadoes that rip through the state and december, killing 77 people destroyed more than a 1000 structures. now the biggest challenge for us was trying to find a new place to live, you know, finding some place to rent, not possible. now if we want to stay in mayfield and everything has gone clean up cruise however are everywhere. with so much distraction, cleanup is not going to be quicker easy. they estimate that it will take another 160000 truckloads to carry away all the debris throughout the state. local volunteers have sprung into action. helping provide everything from clothing to toiletries while fema, the federal emergency management agency. dole's out cash to those who qualify for emergency housing assistance of the $9500000.00 of removed disburse. so far to
9:47 pm
family is 6 point. 8000000 of that is for housing assistance that for that is the 1st option for families to find a place to live in the interim while they're rebuilding and fun finding that, that permanent solution, the mayfield grain company is among the many businesses that were destroyed, taking jobs with them, but duncan's pharmacy was able to reopen quickly and a new location. we're getting phone calls the day after the tornado. people calling, i apologize, not trying to be insensitive, i'm not a medicine. why do i do? the store has been part of may field for over 100 years and its current owner has no intention of leaving, or things used to be a certain way. they're not like that right now. just have patience and in love for each other in with time. i think would be able to grow back. maybe not like we were before, hopefully stronger, but what least be able to to rebuild, rebuild. they must, but it won't be easy. and the spring tornado season is just months away.
9:48 pm
what was said, chris is salumi there reporting from mayfield in kentucky. let's take you to north in nigeria and i were 60 people a confirmed dad following weighed some villages by common search teams and looking for more bodies. i'll to say resentment address traveled. see some far states where it acts happens. as dusk approaches these displaced women pound grades to prepare the meal. this families open kitchen is busy, which means its members will get treat. but 10000 of others will fled the violets of little food or shelter in nor muddle returns to our family. empty handed. how for children will go hungry to day. go when at our m as only there is nothing i can do about it. i have no options, but it breaks my heart to see them in such a situation. so members of our family are still missing more than
9:49 pm
a week after the massacres. there's been no contract, nor demand for runs. they're presumed dead. their bodies have not been recovered. muhammad is yet to overcome his grief. he lost 4 children, and 10 other relatives in the attacks. lovable bobby old to show no mercy women children. the elderly were knocked down, charter slaughtered children were yanked off their mother's backs and thrown into fire. when all homes and granaries were burnt down. some forested governor says the time for negotiations with the criminal gangs is over here. some of them are pushing, put a dialogue, but let us allow the cabinet to go on fust. it would dare well pushed. don't come up with genuine requests leashes that pu, now we are not a do for eat the conflictions. and for i began this dispute over land and water
9:50 pm
resources between farmers and herders. but successive governments ignored the danger sides. it's now spread to most part of the country with criminal gangs and even bought rob caching in thousands have been kidnapped for ransom, including school children, hundreds of whom are still being held by gunman. many villages, like these in nigeria, north are forced to make difficult choices, cooperating with criminal gangs, results in long prison terms. but helping security forces means death at the hands of the bandits for many poor vulnerable families. their reality is there isn't anywhere else to run to in december last year than our geron government declared those responsible for the deadly attacks terrorists and says, there can be 2 more troops and equipment to end the bloodshed. oh, hulu. oh, i hey,
9:51 pm
lee. this is linda lee a but that's little comfort for survivors of the massacres in the villages in nigeria, north, whose priority now was survival while trying to find closure. our losses that don't seem to stop edris al jazeera, his opera northwest nigeria still had so now to sierra host said camera not looking like it seemed to bates. the africa comes old nations. we'll get back on the rest of the day. school is coming up after the break. ah
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ah oh ah
9:53 pm
ah ah, it's time to sports is far hollow. thank you so much house, nation cameroon, and book their spot to knock out rounds of the africa cup of nations. the indomitable lions came from behind to thrash ethiopia in group 8. vincent above walker was the star of the show of the former porter striker scoring twice in the game. cameroon, going on to seal it for one, they're looking to win the tournament. a thick is the time. yeah. yeah. no about jock village has been included in the draw for the 1st round of the australian open . as early as government is still deciding whether to revoke his visa for a 2nd time and throw him out of the country. we start with our number one seed
9:54 pm
with a tournament. novak joker, which a jock of ich has been drawn against fellow serve a meal. mere cats, man of ich and round one of the year's 1st grand slam. the draw was delayed by more than an hour. a heightening speculation that a final decision on jock a vicious immediate future was about to be made. australia's immigration minister is still assessing the validity of jock of which is medical exemption from being vaccinated against cope. 19. you have to be frank, the vast majority of australians said i didn't like the idea that another individual, whether there were tears pyro live king is spying all the queen of england can come up he and have a different set of rules to what everybody else has to deal with with i agree with the rules will not they believe i should abide by the rules. a reporter sara clark has been following the storing spain is also now investigating whether jock vege entered that country illegally in the days before his arrival in australia. 3 days
9:55 pm
after a federal court reinstated the visa of the world, number one means tennis player, the federal government is yet to make a ruling of whether or not, no joke of it can stay in australia. the immigration, mr. alex hook holds a discretionary power to cancel his visa and to put him from australia job. it's continued his training in the rod laver arena ahead of next week's australian open uh traditionally delaying the drool ceremony tournament. organize is named him top seed, even though his visa status is still in question. the immigration minister is now reviewing new evidence provided by dr. which the tennis champion has acknowledged that his trouble declaration did contain false information. after a member of his team took the wrong box study he had not traveled in the last 14 days prior to his arrival in australia when he had travelling from serbia to spine . he also confirmed that he attended an event in his home country after he tested positive joke, which is now under investigation in spine. the government there is checking whether
9:56 pm
the unvaccinated play entered the country illegally in light december. since september citizens from serbia, native vaccine certificate or special exemption to enter spanish territory authority site, i didn't receive a request. prime minister scott morrison declined to comment on the visa stash. when asked at a press conference in camera, if the federal government does decide to deport novick, don't rich, no doubt, his lewis will appeal it's dry and tournament begins on monday. well, number 4 stuff, no set supposed isn't holding back with his opinion on the matter. he says, jock village has put a grand slam tournament at risk and has taken the majority of players for fools. no one would have really thought, you know, i can, i can just come to australia and vaccinated and not having to follow the protocol that they gave me, which is just it takes a lot of it takes a lot of bearing to do i thing and putting a grand slam kind of
9:57 pm
a risk seems like not everyone on is playing and by the rules, a very small majority of, of that percentage chose to follow their own way, which kind of makes the rest the story, the majority makes the majority look like i don't know like they're all fools or something. a 4th deck, a radi title is within reach for now sir alice tia the gallery driver leads by 33 minutes heading into the final stage. idea took advantage on what was a bad day for his closest rod. will sebastian lobe, a frenchman, drifted even further from the rays later by receiving a 5 minute penalty for speeding and a restricted zone friday sage is a short 164 kilometer sprint from betia to jetta. okay, and that is all you sport for now. holler back to you. thank you very much indeed.
9:58 pm
far with us. it from the team here in doha. lauren taylor will be with you after the break. keep it here and i'll to sierra ah mm hm. the latest news as it breaks a new man with this added a voice of these giant doug from having more woven power. these being able to extract more goal more quickly with detail covering everywhere you look, there is this suction, who survive your telephone flight will never be the same again from them from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the
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question the jury has to decide now he should be intelligent and playful. alters are in high demand, is pets in japan, but concerns are going over the illegal smuggling and irresponsible breeding of these wild animals. 11 east investigate on all to 0. talk to al, just a wild alarm. we listen . the zionists are making serious efforts in order to impede and to stop the trend of association. we meet with global use maintenance. i talked about the stormy, stuck on our company. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous . ambulances continue to arrive at the speed of the explosion in spite, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was life, unequal to broadcasting. something else happened on august night. he was born
10:00 pm
a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah. after landmark trial, a german court jail is a former syrian intelligence officer for life, the overseeing, state back torture and murder. ah, and taylor, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up with one person.


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