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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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risking it all on al jazeera holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera, for after landmark trial, a german court jails, a former syria intelligence officer for life, for overseeing state back torture and murder. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up one protest to his shot dead in the latest anti qu, demonstrations ensued on hours after a military official is stabbed to death. britons prince. andrew is stripped of his military titles, and patronage is as he faces
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a civil sex abuse child in the u. s. and a russian lead military block begins pulling out of kazakhstan after a week long deployment to stop protest against the government. ah, and who a former syrian colonel has been jailed for life after a german court handed down a 1st ever conviction for state back torture. committed during syria's civil war. and why ruslan was the head of a security office, and at a notorious prison where detainees were tortured and killed. he ever saw murder, rape, and crimes against humanity. dominic cane has more from button 10 years ago. unwashed osland was a senior officer and the syrian government forces. now the former colonel is starting a life sentence for crimes against humanity convicted by a german court of multiple counts of murder, torture and sexual violence. all carried out during his time in charge of the al
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hattie prison, near damascus, dang o'clock to lie in titus. as the defendant was a part of assistant. at his instigation, thousands of civilians were brutally tortured. he's also responsible for murder of at least $27.00 people. the evidence we put forward proved fat unambiguously for his own ruslan defected to the syrian opposition in 2012 before eventually coming to germany. 2 years later where he was granted asylum, it was only in 2018 that police began checking out his story. when they realized the extent of his crimes, they decided to prosecute. in bringing this case, the germinal forties have invoked the principle of universal jurisdiction. effectively saying that some crimes are so serious that it doesn't matter where they take place, nor does it matter for the victims and perpetrators on not german. what matters is that justice be done. outside the court on thursday, relatives of those killed in syria gave their reaction to the verdict. yeah,
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they haven't shown that yvonne, that's yeah, we were actually expecting this verdict and were of course, hoping that this would be the word it. of course, this doesn't bring back our loved ones and doesn't get our loved ones out of prison . we have to keep talking about it and keep reminding the world that there are still a lot of people in syrian prisons. emma didn't, under human rights campaign, has welcomed the sentence. i think it's quite a care for their survivor. their syrian how are affected with these crime? so i hope that a sir, the sentence and despair, victor will be a strong base for her future war and water. osland was not the 1st form, a member of the syrian government forces to be jailed in germany. and if the government here continues its prosecuting drive against those suspects of war crimes, there, he seems. unlikely to be the last dominant came al jazeera berlin security
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forces. since you don't have shot dead to protest her hours after a senior military official was killed during a demonstration cartoon. tig asked was fired at protested after thousands took to the streets against the crew in october, which plunged the country into political deadlock. there been reports of multiple injuries ever, morgan reports from cutting, so called resistance committees in for dance capital harpoon have led the calls for a peaceful protests to continue. and on thursday, supporters were back on the 3 b chance against the military, which took over power in october last year, bringing an end to a 2 year transitional government. the un mission and sudan launched an initiative earlier this week in an attempt to break the country's political deadlock. it was to get political parties, associations, civil society groups, and the military round table to discuss the way forward. but the response has so far not been good, none wrong with it and why that or me and we reject the un initiatives who sets the
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path for a base of compromise and negotiation with the military, which we refused to have in power because they came up through qu, they, the military should be removed from power and then we'll reach out to the various parties and come up with the way to form a complete civilian government. but for now, we can not negotiate with the military law. why the mile a deal in november between the military and prime minister, abdullah ham doke, failed to appease political parties or the protest movement. ham doke if, until he resigned earlier this month, resistance committees setup and residential neighborhoods have been organizing protests and an almost daily basis against military rule. well, i in mobile that i, i knew that, that on, if we want to complete civilian roles then thing the goal of this revolution since 2009 hang on for 30 years, people have been living under an oppressive state. and the revolution that started was for a civilian government. we want the army out, a good yarn you online with us. i know why. in this latest protest,
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tear gas and stung grenades are fired. the use of life emulation by security forces was also reported. at least 2 deaths were reported, including the death of a senior police officer medic, they, several protesters were also entered, protest organizers say they'll only sit down to discuss the dance future when the military leaves the political scene and is off the streets. they appear united in thought contrast, the political parties, which are divided on whether to accept the you and efforts and that ending. but deadlock are rejected. several parties have called it and moved to legitimize the military takeover. others say they'll need more consultations before deciding i would that ellen were a banner and all or either we're currently talking as a political coalition. we don't want to go back to square warm or to the situation before the military crude element. we had clear goals that need to be achieved, which is having a civilian government for sued armstrong's version of the return of the military and security forces to their normal positions. just like other security forces from
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the world that the additional to me are who are from the of army or in the violence seen in this latest protest and death of a senior security official could delay any further diplomatic attempts to ember crisis. he but morgan al jazeera cartoon. britons, prince, andrew can no longer call himself his royal highness, and now faces of civil sex abuse. charley new york as a private citizen, buckingham palace, as his mother, the queen has stripped him of his military titles, is accused of sexual abuse by virginia defray, who says she was traffic to have sex with him when she was 17. he denies the allegations. on wednesday, his lawyers failed to have the case thrown out. role commentator richard fitz williams says buckingham palace had no choice but to distance itself from prince andrew. all andrew's options, well are potentially damaging and dangerous. he has been an embarrassment to the royal family for
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a long time. and finally they've taken steps to remove them. 8 military links, very precious to him personally. he was a big part of the fulton's war and also all the other patrick is linked to charity . very, very significant that he can no longer use the h r h title. so i think that this is very appropriate and remember the cost. this is the year of the queen's platinum jubilee, a historic milestone. this was threatening to overshadow it. russian lead troops. if the gun withdrawing from kazakhstan after being sent there to curb unrest, a castle 30 say security has been restored following several days of violence last week. $10000.00 people were rounded up during the anti government purchase, and more than a $160.00 were killed. well, infer, she walker has this report. oh, after just
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a week in kazakhstan and barely a short fired in anger, the russian led military force of around 2000 troops is on its way home. it's role protecting power stations and other infrastructure seemed as symbolic as the parade ceremony. mocking its departure. like it all depended on the peacekeeping. mission of assisting the brother, people of kazakhstan, has been successfully completed on the airbus puget. observers believe the c s t o is mission was actually to show that president kasim jermarta archive had russian backing. this deployment was very much at the request to the cause, externally government the president took care of and clearly he needed this force to stabilize his own internal situation. once that was stabilized, once they understood that his own domestic forces would remain loyal. then the c s t o deployment was no longer needed in the city of al marty,
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where the troops were earlier deployed. what the authorities describe as an official terrorist threat remains. anti government protests had led to the worst violence in casks. don's modern history, more than a 160 people died including peaceful protesters and police officers around 12000 people have been detained. friends and relatives are anxiously waiting for news. no more do without my friend, i can even call him a brother sanderson. i keep of which was detained on january. 4th, he was firstly held at the district office of internal affairs like then they told us he was in an internal affairs department since january 6. we've been here and we don't know whether he's a life or not activist say those detained aren't being provided with their rights ill. oh, on just other snag, misty to ne. neither lawyers or relatives, no one's allowed inside. lawyers should be present during interrogations. the
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checkpoints block the access for lawyers and relatives to see what's going on in there. we don't even have a list of detainees of great e, oh, that's not in to with the c s t o is note of mission accomplished. foreign troops are on their way out, but much remains to be resolved in kazakhstan. robin 1st year walker al jazeera. when russia says talks to diffuse, the crisis in easton ukraine have hit quote, a dead end, though it is not given up on diplomacy. earlier ponens foreign minister told a meeting of the organization for security and cooperation in europe, that the risk of war is now greater than ever before. no such a bar reports from moscow. this is what russia says is within its sovereign right to do hold military drills in the southwestern region, neighboring ukraine. yeah,
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these drills were held on wednesday as representatives of russia and nato met in brussels for talks of security. the 1st in nearly 3 years since late last year, the west has been concerned by russia building up a force of nearly 100000 soldiers near ukraine, demanding that washington pledge never to let ukraine joined a 30 member of military alliance or expanded eastwards, appoint the united states refuses to accept and at the opening session of the world's biggest security conference, the organization for security and cooperation in europe. a star warning from the incoming chairman, the risk of war. and the always sea area is now greater than ever before. in the last 30 years for several weeks, would have been phase 2 of a possibility of emergent america escalation in eastern europe. while the polish foreign minister went on to warn that tensions could up end the post cold war order
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on the continent. moscow continues to maintain, it has no intention of attacking ukraine after the bar, which the little gear was put in. you much. we should abandon a vicious cycle of treating russia as the enemy. we propose mechanism of agreement, consultation, et cetera. our written ideas for the american side and for the nato alliance are aimed at preventing the scenario through diplomacy, consultations, and not through raising 2 inches and the use of military instruments diploma. you. this follows high level talks between nato and russia and brussels on wednesday, where the 2 sides clearly did not have a positive outcome. after a 4 hour meeting, president vladimir put his spokesperson has called this week's talks unsuccessful. the kremlin says that if the united states were to impose sanctions on president who it would be comparable to severing ties with russia, it is now clear that dialogue and diplomacy have not bridge the gap between moscow
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in the west, but rather highlighted their unresolved differences. dorset avari al jazeera moscow still to come this half hour. the leader of the far right is keepers and 10 others are charged with seditious conspiracy. over the january of 6, the attack on the u. s. capital and is the party over for boris johnson, his m p. 's put on the pressure to revelations. matter looked down garden gathering . ah ha, we've got lots going on with the weather across australia at the moment. we have further remnants of tropical cycling. tiffany: now running across the top head in to west most right in the far north of western australia, but just run along the coast. we seen some exceptional heat here. thursday
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afternoon, just around the uphill bro coast temperature topped at 50.7 degrees celsius matching the all time record, which was way back in the 1960. so that hates causing some problems here and place a site with the tiffany making its way inland. that should help as far as the far dangerous concern, of course, a good part of the w way the system will make its way further southwards, into centralized australia. as we go on through the next couple of days, introducing some much needed right then across a good part of the states. wanted to shower, still around east and possible strategy to to stay, which was new. southwell say, which was that southeastern corner of queensland. she be funded dry there for melbourne at united on the sunday. not so far in charge of moving to the early week though for a northern part of new zealand as the remnants of cody facing very wet and windy weather in here. so mattress embraced snowy weather, making its way towards japan over the next couple of days. and it will be disruptive. ah,
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intelligence and playful authors are in high demand, is pets in japan, but concerns growing over the illegal smuggling and irresponsible breeding of these wild animals. 11 east investigates on alta 0 ah, al jazeera, with blue ah,
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reminder the top stories here now jazeera in historic trial, a german court has sentenced a former syrian intelligence officer to life in prison. the crimes against you, vanity, and where i slung was found guilty of overseeing the murder and torture of detainees at a prison near damascus. security forces ensued on have shocked at a protest. her hours after a senior military official was killed during a demonstration in cartoon, thousands have been rallying and sir qu, which has plunged the country into political demo. and britons, prince andrew, has been stripped of his military titles and can no longer call himself his royal highness. as he prepares to face a civil sects of youth trial in new york. the leader of a far right militia group has been charged with seditious conspiracy. in connection with last year's riot at the u. s. capital prosecutor say 56 year old stuart roads led the ost keepers group to washington d. c. last year. in an attempt to stop the certification of jo biden's election
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victory, 10 other alleged members were also charged. she returns is live in washington d. c. and she had our unusual are these charges relatively unusual because prosecutors in the past have always had a great deal of difficulty in, in delineating where protected freedom of speech under the constitution ends and actual seditious conspiracy. begins are clearly the d o j. things he does have the evidence to say it's actually one of the most serious charges leveled yet. anyone connected to january the 6 out. it's quite important because there is still that discussion here as to whether what we saw in january the 6th was some pre planned conspiracy to stop the certification or just a demonstration that went awry. and in fact, in the past, we've had the new york times say that they had the f. b, i had informants in the crowd vertically with a different militia group with, with the proud boys who said there was no pre planned, pre planned coo underway or anything. well, now dear j thinks it has evidence that,
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that, that this group, at least at least one group with him. but january 6th mob was planning something far more serious. and it has various e mails that, that it's been producing, including from as early as november. 2020, quite from rhodes. we aren't, we aren't going through this without civil war. it's too late for that. prepare your mind, body and spirit that's in november. in december. there is no sounded political, a legal way out of this. and then actually on january, the 6th, and rhodes himself says he did not enter the capital nerve and was just he did under the capital. but he the charges he was directing others to put in, put in motion this, this attempted stop in the certification. this is him on johnny, the 6. all i see trump doing is complaining. i see no intent by him to do anything . so the patriots are taking it into their own hands. they've had enough action up that particular snippet. his brother good old trump, who knew many argue was somehow instigating instigating to leave the right at the time. this would suggest suggest otherwise. and the other evidence that there have
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there is the amassing of weapons of paramilitary equipment, of even there being a circled rapid reaction force that was stationed in a hotel in arlington, virginia, which had more alms. and they were prepared to move to the capital if they were requested, those talk off military tactics being used that stack formation. and actually if you look at some videos today, you can see a single line of very heavily protected men walking towards the capital in a single formation ledger that as part of a paramilitary pound that was, was being put into action them. and actually once they got into the capital, one group went towards the house of representatives in search of nancy pelosi and the other one attempted to get into into the senate. so this was the evidence that was being put forward by the j. and certainly the most serious allegations of some sort of organized plot to date she had returned to you. thank you very much. indeed . the u. s. supreme court has stopped the biden administration from enforcing a requirement that employees at large businesses be vaccinated against coded,
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but it's allowing a vaccine mandate for most health care workers. the rulings came as president by notes that military medical personnel will be deployed to provide relief to burn out hospital staff in 6 states. white house correspondent, kimberly health care report. i know we're all frustrated as we enter this new year, overwhelmed by a record number of i'm a crime infections, us president joe biden amount. he was deploying more military medical team to at least 6 states. it's a surge bite in blames on the millions in the u. s. still and vaccinated right now, both vaccinated unvaccinated people are testing positive. but what happens after that could not be more different. public health officials report the majority of us hospitalizations and death were made among the on vaccinated to help control the i'm a crohn very spread bite in has announced a new plan to distribute mass nationwide. next week will announce, well now how,
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where i'm making high quality mask available to american people, the american people for free last month, the white house also announced it was ordering 500000000 co with 900 test on thursday by didn't announce his administration was doubling that number, but as for what americans could receive those tests, his vice president commer harris, couldn't say shortly though they're going to go out really. we've been ordered, they've been ordered. we have to look at the current information, i think is going to be by next week, but soon absolutely. the lack of availability has led to widespread frustration with the biden. harris administration's response, especially when last month, the president ward, he expected a high number of cobra infections. we're looking at a wizard of severe illness and americans were asking why more wasn't done sooner.
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one analyst points out america, that unique system hampers the response. so much of the us health care system is outside of the federal government. it is privatized, it is for profit. so having the government coordinate everything is, is quite difficult. the 1st batch of ad home covered tests are expected to be distributed by the end of the month. on friday, the details of how americans can access those tests through a new government website are expected to be made public. kimberly healthcare al jazeera washington. bridget from mrs. facing growing backlash from members of his own party, a day or 2, admitting that he did attend a garden drinks party in the middle of 2020 is strict locked down. a number of conservative m. p. 's, openly calling for boris johnson's resignation. the u. k. daily telegraph newspapers now reporting that 2 more parties were held at downing street last year . the night before the queen set by herself at
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a socially distance funeral for her husband, prince philip. a spokesman of her johnson says he wasn't there at the time. he bunker reports from london, the rhythms of normal life for returning to the british capital few masks for tourists. not so in may 2020. when the country was under a strict lockdown. the city, silent. yet behind the doors of 10 downing street around 50 staff were enjoying drinks in a sunny garden. mister speaker, i want to apologize. an hour of judgment. boys thompson told parliament on wednesday. he thought the gathering was a work of aunt. he said, falling within government guidelines this after initially denying anything had taken place. complete her explanation, however, has enraged m p's and irked the british public and resign. you can't leave and not late by example. and if you do your fraud, i don't think that he as
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a com couldn't solve the bulk of the british paper animal. and therefore, which i istation um, but it probably doesn't break the rules about who has been i suppose, you know, i don't, i don't know. it's time for him to go through with you about a job who would do a better job. but it could be his own party that does johnson the most damage, several conservative m piece of broken ranks and urged him to resign with one m p, calling him a dead man walking members of his cabinet. meanwhile, have rallied around him. he had feel, i think his, his frustration and his air is a very heartfelt apologies to those in a so many, all of us you live through the very challenging locked animals that we have to bring in. the majority of conservative m. p 's though are quiet, waiting for the results of the inquiry, waiting to to hear what their constituents have to say. if public anger continues to grow, those i'm piece may have little choice but to table letters of no confidence in
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bars. johnson, $54.00 letters would trigger a leadership challenge. meanwhile, boys johnson's reportedly doing everything he can behind the scenes to convince m. p. 's. he's done nothing wrong in parliament on thursday. the focus was back on the government's achievement in handling the pandemic with an announcement that the covert isolation period can now be cut races. after reviewing all of the evidence, we've made the decision to reduce the minimum self isolation period to 5 full days in england. this country is leading the world in learning to live with coven. but with opinion polls putting the opposition labor party 10 points ahead of the conservatives. for the 1st time in a decade, there were fierce johnson smell more of a liability that a leader need, parker al, jazeera, london, india has reported its highest number of code 19 cases since may last year. almost 250000 infections have been recorded in the last 24 hours. that's 30 times higher
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than a month ago, and far as the global trend of the o micron variant. driving a sharp increase in infections. but hospital admissions and deaths are lower than in previous waves. 380 people have died in the past day. compared to a peak of moral 4000. last year. teachers in france had walked off the job and a nationwide strike, protesting against the government's handling of korean of ours. many carried signs and flags saying they feel they can't do their jobs properly. under current measures. in the past hour, the prime ministers announced 5000000 masks will be sent to schools. of to teachers said they didn't feel protected enough. france has been badly hit by the omicron variant with a number of affections. they're increasing by about 45 percent in the last week. 2021 was the 6th warmus year on record, and scientists say it fits a clear trend of climate change. us whether in space agency experts disagree
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slightly recording either not point 84 or not point 85 degrees celsius warmer than the last century baseline. 6, the warmest may not sound alarming, but the past 7 years were all warmer than any recorded before. and as this map shows, its warming up just about everywhere at the main area of cooling and the pacific was due to lanier, a rare weather pattern. scientists, monitoring these records, made direct links to last year's weather extremes from wildfires in north america. 2 more melting of ice at the polls and strong tropical trot storms in south and east asia. with that to and i. gilbert is a climate scientist at the university of reading. she says extreme weather events are now to be expected. every year we see similar sorts of reports coming out. and the, the message is consistent is that climate change is happening. it's happening right now is happening all over the world. and temperatures continue to rise everywhere
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and we saw a very active hurricane season. there were lots of storms. there were so many different types of extreme weather events that result from climate change. and all of them are exacerbated by that ongoing trend of rising temperatures and they're not restricted to just hot extremes and things like flooding it. things like an extreme storms is wildfires. all of these kinds of extreme weather events that displays people, that cost people their lives, cause people, their livelihoods, and full speed, not from their homes. kind of are locked down. so being impose without much warning in china as the country continues. it's 0 coven policy. but the swiftness of the new restrictions in the city of jo left one woman on one of the longest and most awkward, blind dates of all time. the 30 wrote identified as miss wang was at her dates house for dinner. when an immediate lockdown came into force and left her stock at his house for several days, and officials tried to trace an outbreak about the situation she described as not
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ideal. documenting her time on social media, wang said her date cooked and cleaned every day. but came across his wooden and spoke for a little one didn't catch up any time. the old news on our website, the rest of that is out. is there a dot com and you can watch us live by clicking on the black live icon. notice under there it are comp ah top stories on al jazeera. in historic trial, a german court sentenced a former syrian intelligence officer to life in prison for crimes against humanity is the 1st ever conviction for state back torture. during serious civil war. unrest, land was found guilty of overseeing and murder and torture of detainees at a prison near damascus. he was granted asylum in germany and 2014.


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