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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, which is here, which is a you oh, a german court sentence is a former syrian intelligence officer to life in prison. in the 1st have a conviction of an official for torture, a mass murder, in serious rule. ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming out of britain's prince. andrew has stripped of his royal and military titles by his mother, queen elizabeth the 2nd. as he faces as sex, abuse,
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civil trial in the us leader of a far right group and 10 others have been charged with seditious conspiracy. of a lost his attack on the u. s. capital opponents foreign minister says the risk of war in europe. he said its highest in 30 years to the crisis between russia and ukraine. ah, a former syrian colonel has been jailed for life in germany for torture, a murder during serious civil war. and what osland, as the 1st syrian state official to be convicted for such crimes, he held a top position in a prison where detainees were tortured and killed before seeking asylum in germany and 2014 hours the rest on. when it came reports from berlin, 10 years ago, unwashed osland was a senior officer in the syrian government forces. now the former colonel is
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starting a life sentence for crimes against humanity convicted by a german court of multiple counts of murder, torture and sexual violence. all carried out during his time in charge of the al hattie prison, near damascus, dahlia collector, lion tight as, as the defendant was a part of a cisco. at his instigation, thousands of civilians were greatly tortured. he is also responsible for the murder of at least $27.00 people. the evidence we put forward proved fat unambiguously pursuing ruslan defected to the syrian opposition in 2012 before eventually coming to germany. 2 years later where he was granted asylum, it was only in 2018 that police began checking out his story. when they realized the extent of his crimes, they decided to prosecute. in bringing this case, the german authorities have invoked the principle of universal jurisdiction. effectively saying that some crimes are so serious that it doesn't matter where they take place,
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nor does it matter that the victims and perpetrators on not german. what matters is that justice be done. outside the court on thursday, relatives of those killed in syria gave their reaction to the verdict, yet they haven't shunned as ever. that's yeah, we were actually expecting this verdict and were of course, hoping that this would be the word it. of course, this doesn't bring back our loved ones and doesn't get our loved ones out of prison . we have to keep talking about it and keep reminding the world that there are still a lot of people in syrian prisons and math in under human rights campaign is welcomed the sentence. i think it's quite okay for their survivors. there's syrian how are affected this crime. so i hope that he said the sentence and despair that will be as strong pays for her future war. and why ruslan was not the 1st former member of the syrian government forces to be jailed
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in germany. and if the government here continues its prosecuting drive against those suspects of war crimes, there, he seems. unlikely to be the last dominant cane al jazeera, berlin, brookings prince. andrew has been stripped of all military titles and patronage. patronage is, it comes just a day after a judge of the u. s. rule that a civil lawsuit in which he is accused of sexual abuse can continue. virginia. jeffrey, pictured here alongside the prince, said that she was forced to have sex with him and other men when she was 17 years old. the palace says the prince, andrew will defend the case as a private citizen. jenny bond is the u. k. royal commentator. she joins us now live from devon in the united kingdom. shall prince andrew has been thrown under the royal bosses. how one royal commentator put it to day, what do you make of it? well yes, that sir, how many of the papers tomorrow's papers are putting it?
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what we thing here is the institution of monarchy acting quite quickly, quite ruthlessly. one might say, certainly brutally to protect itself. ah, the queen decided that enough was enough last few weeks. 8 months been dominated by louis headlines about the duke of york, all the other work. the members of the royal family doing seems not to get her noticed and it could not go on any longer. so she moved to protect the monarchy by doing something which is a hard journey mother to do, which is permanently sac and publicly humiliate her son. a sad day for the queen then. but especially with it being the platinum jubilee year, there was a certain inevitable. it to you about it and what has to wonder why it hasn't happened before today? well, i think the queen was hoping that along with the duke that may be the case would be thrown out by the judge in new york. they are waiting for that judgement at the i must say,
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i thought they would wait until the healthy been resolved. because yesterday's decision was a technical decision. it had no bearing as to whether the virginia phrase case will actually be proven true. but i think at that point when it's clear that this is going to rumble on and on and that you may have to give quite embarrassing evidence, maybe submit himself to well, probably now submit himself to 7 hours of a detail legal cross examination. and i just think that the queen felt that and, and the duke of cambridge and the, and prince charles, all of the key members of the monarchy, felt that they had to protect the institution. and cut angeles. you say that he's been permanently sac regardless of what happens in court. is prince andrew's life was working member of the british royal family over for good now, as he brought too much disrepute to the house of windsor. oh yes,
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absolutely. that's made very clear in the statement. i mean, his patronage is and his military titles all being handed out at mediately to other members of the family. it couldn't go on because the military themselves are making very loud noises about how they didn't want this. this toxic person to be their honory colonel in chief, a 150 veterans military veterans wrote to the queen herself and said, we don't want him anymore. you must strip him. and i think that forced the queen's hand. and now there is no coming back for the duke. how does that? but the royal family then deal with the the, the court case to come given that as we said a few months ago, this is such a special year for our majesty. the quin. yeah, i mean the done, the best to distances say the, the, the man from the monarchy, but he says he's going to continue to defend himself as a private citizen. that doesn't really wash with me. i don't think it'll wash with
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the public either. he remains a member of the road and he remains the queen's son. and i think that hoping that the institution won't be tainted by his toxicity. but nevertheless, the case is going to get enormous publicity. he protests his innocent, he may well be innocent, but i'm afraid his reputation is shredded. and as i say, there's no going back now and i think in the court of public opinion, he will be judged if not it, but nothing else, but he's very unsavory proven relationships with maxwell and with the convicted p to file jeffrey epstein, which is what this case thought about it's, it's not been a good few years for the, for the institution hasn't. i'm at is the, is there a sense of crisis hanging over it? well, this is very serious indeed. so id say extremely unpleasant, very serious sexual allegations being made here. i can't remember anything quite like this. i can remember though,
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in the 30 years i've been covering royal matches crises, which i think have impacted more on the monarchy itself. i think the death of diana we were discussing after the death of diana and the public outcry. then with honestly the money he could survive. i don't think anyone's talking about that now . but it is extremely serious, extremely unsavory, and so difficult for the queen. 95 years old to try and well she must have challenged her son about these allegations. you had a 45 meeting, minute meeting with him today, summons him to the castle and and fired him. a very difficult thing for a mother to have to do were to get to talk to jenny many thanks indeed for being with us, jerry bonder and definitely you carry russian lead forces sent to cassock, started, begun to return home. they were deployed after days of violence and several cities, at least $160.00 people were killed during anti government protest,
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some $10000.00 more well rounded up and attained robin forest. walker reports oh, after just a week in kazakhstan and barely a short fired in anger, the russian led military force of around 2000 troops is on its way home. it's role protecting power stations and other infrastructure seemed as symbolic as the parade ceremony. mocking its departure look, depended on the peacekeeping. mission of assisting the brother people of kazakhstan, has been successfully completed. perhaps on out you, airbus puget, observers believe the c. s t o 's mission was actually to show that president kasim jermarta archive had russian backing. this deployment was very much at the request of because externally government, the president took, i have and clearly he needed this force to stabilize his own internal situation. once that was stabilized,
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once he understood that his own domestic forces would remain loyal. then the c s t o deployment was no longer needed in the city of al marty, where the troops were earlier deployed. what the authorities describe as an official terrorist threat remains. anti government protests had led to the worst violence in casks dance, modern history. more than a $160.00 people died including peaceful protesters and police officers. around 12000 people have been detained. friends and relatives are anxiously waiting for news of my group, but my friend, i can even call him a brother, isn't, doesn't i keep of which was detained on january? 4th, he was firstly held at the district office of internal affairs like then they told us he was in an internal affairs department since january 6. we've been here and we don't know whether he's alive or not. activists say those detained aunts being
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provided with their rights. it will oh, on just additional misty to neither lawyers or relatives no one's allowed in sight yet. lawyers should be present during interrogations. the checkpoints block the access for lawyers and relatives to see what's going on in there. we don't even have a list of the detainees of breaking it. oh, that's not in queue with the c s t o 's note of mission accomplished. foreign troops are on their way out, but much remains to be resolved in kazakhstan, robin 1st year walker al jazeera, poland says that talked to diffuse the crisis in eastern ukraine have yet to reach any breakthrough. russian troops had been gathering near the border, raising fears of an invasion. i'll try to restore such barry reports from moscow. his is what russia says is within it, sovereign right to do hold military drills in the southwestern region,
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neighboring ukraine. yeah. these drills were held on wednesday as representatives of russia and nato met in brussels for talks and security. the 1st in nearly 3 years. since late last year, the west has been concerned by russia building up a force of nearly 100000 soldiers near ukraine, demanding that washington pledge never to let you crane joined a 30 member of military alliance or expanded eastwards, appoint the united states, refuses to accept and at the opening session of the world's biggest security conference, the organization for security and cooperation in europe. a star warning from the incoming chairman, the risk of war in the always sea area is now greater than ever before. in the last 30, yes, for several weeks. we have been phase 2 of the possibility of a major military escalation in eastern europe. while the polish foreign minister
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went on to warn that tensions could up end the post cold war order on the continent . moscow continues to maintain, it has no intention of attacking ukraine after the bar, which the little gear was put in. you much. we should abandon a vicious cycle of treating russia as the enemy. we propose mechanism of agreement, consultation, et cetera. our written ideas for the american site and for the nato alliance are aimed at preventing the scenario through diplomacy, across stations, and not through raising 2 inches and the use of military instruments diploma. you. this follows high level talks between nato and russia and brussels on wednesday, where the 2 sides clearly did not have a positive outcome. after a 4 hour meeting, president vladimir pu spokesperson has called this week talked unsuccessful. the kremlin says that if the united states were to impose sanctions on president important, it will be comparable to severing ties with russia. it is now clear that dialogue
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and diplomacy have not bridge the gap between moscow in the west, but rather highlighted their unresolved differences. dorset of ari al jazeera moscow still to come here on al jazeera, the u. s. gets ready to deploy more military personnel to help hospitals overwhelmed by the surgeon cove at 19 cases. and is the party over for britain's prime minister boris johnson. m. p. 's pile on the pressure of to revelations about downing street party, which group lockdown rules. ah hello. we have salinda some quiet weather making its way across much of north america. same much, but not all. we do have a fabulous snow in the forecast to some courtesy of this area of low pressure which will sink its way across c, northern in central plains,
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over the next day or so. meanwhile was saying some quiet to wear the way which was at east side of canada, a western pass as well. should bellagio dry over the next day or 2? there's that snow runs down her cross. minnesota push down into iowa, grassy make its way into missouri. it will be widespread, and on the southern flank of that is it bumps into some milder as a warm air. it will turn to right in that rain will be a heavy at times for part, sofa, mississippi, and also alabama could cause some localized flooding muslim. further north, it's dry. it's going to be crispin cold, new york, with a top temperature by sashay minus 6 degrees celsius. a good deal cold in that of course, into canada or to were around minus 17, but some sparkling sunshine. should we say coming through here to wrap up? well, no need to wrap up warm across the car, be a lot of sunshine around here. we have got some showers in the forecast. having said that, he could see some wet weather that right, just making its way across the dominican republic. easing over towards the puerto
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rico with a few showers for these mountains. ah, with frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken luca shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning that he was informed opinions, lighting, politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most of the things that come out of this critical debate. do you think it should be facilitated? not okay. it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. wants that inside story on al jazeera lou .
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ah, hello again. this is al jazeera reminder of the may news. this are a former syrian connell has been jailed for life in germany to torture, a murder during serious civil war armoire iceland. as the 1st syrian state official to be convicted such crimes, a move to germany as an asylum seeker in 2014 britons prince. andrew has been stripped of his military titles and can no longer call himself his royal highness. as he prepares to face a civil sex abuse trial in new york on russian lead forces have started to withdraw from kazakhstan following the worst unrest barrett decades. the plaza said to be complete within 10 days. more than $160.00 people were killed during demonstrations, their security forces ensued on of shot and killed a protest up alice, after a senior military official was killed during a demonstration in khartoum. tear gas was fired at protest, as after thousands took to the streets against october's military coup. hebrew
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organ reports from consume so called resistance committees in the dance capital harpoon have led the calls for a peaceful protest to continue. and on thursday, support says we're back on the 3. the un mission in for dan launched an initiative earlier this week in an attempt to break the country's political deadlock. but the response has so far not been good. non rob with the lyn. why that o'neill and we reject the un initiatives had sets the path for a base of compromise in negotiation with the military, which we refused to have in palo because they came up through a coo, the military should be removed from palla and then will reach out to the various parties and come up with the way to form a complete civilian government. but for now we can not negotiate with the military . a deal in november between the military and prime minister, abdullah ham doke failed to appease political parties or the protest movement. ham doke eventually resigned earlier this month. well in mobile,
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that i knew without the one with the head up. we want to complete civilian role. that's been the goal of this revolution since 2019, for 30 years, people have been living under an oppressive state. and the revolution that started was for a civilian government. we want the army out. what in this latest protest, tear gas and stung grenades were fired. the use of life emulation by security forces was also reported. at least 2 deaths were reported, including the death of a senior police officer medics. the several processes were also entered, protest organizers, they, they'll only sit down to discuss the dance future when the military leaves the political scene and is off the streets. they appear united and thought contrast the political parties which are divided on whether to accept the you and efforts and that ending the deadlock are rejected. the violence seen in this latest protest and death of a senior security official could delay any further diplomatic attempts to ember crisis. he by morgan, alta 0,
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autumn the governor of california gavin newson has denied parole to the man who was convicted of the assassination of us presidential candidate, robert kennedy. sir hunter, hon. of palestinian refugee has been serving a life sentence for the 1900. 68, killing robert kennedy's mother came just 5 years after his brother, president john f kennedy was killed in texas. let's go live for los angeles where robert kennedy was killed. i'll just say this, rob reynolds is there for us, rob, tell us more about the governance decision. well, this of course was an act of $960.00 the killing of robert f kennedy. that really changed the course of american politics and us history forever. and governor gavin newsome today in denying parole. ready for. ready sir hans, here hon. the palestinian born man convicted of killing democratic senator robert kennedy said that sir hans assassination of senator kennedy is among the most
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notorious crimes in american history. though there was a pool handle hearing back in august of last year. the recommended that your hon be released, but the governor has the final say on that. and governor newsome in his statement also said that sir han who is now 77 years old, still poses a danger to the public. a kennedy was running for the democratic presidential nomination at the time that he was killed with gun down in the kitchen area of the ambassador hotel here in los angeles. after giving a speech in which he claimed or claim victory or celebrated his victory in the california primary and was prepared to go on to the democratic national convention. but that never happened. the killing,
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as you mentioned, came just 5 years. the fascination of his elder brother, john f kennedy, the president of the united states and sort of cemented the idea of a tragic or almost a pers around the kennedy family that persisted for many decades. sir han for his part was apprehended at the scene immediately, and he later told investigators a short time later that he had done what he did because he was upset with kennedy for kennedy support for israel adrian. many, thanks indeed, sir. this will brenda, supporting live from los angeles, the founder of a fall right militia group has been charged with seditious conspiracy. over the storm of the us capital by donald trump, supporters last year the prosecutors say that 56 year old student roads lead the oath keepers group to washington d. c. last year. to try to stop the certification of jo biden's election victory
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that's kept more on this from al jazeera. she had baton. see who's in washington. how significant is this shap? because i significant charges against anyone. some $700.00 people have already been charged and connection january the 6th, but mostly for trespass for trying to impede congress is activities. but this is actually, i mean, this is the real thing, this edition, i mean sort of where you have very often. and one of the reasons why not is because prosecutors in the puffs. i find it very difficult to prove that someone actually was mounting substance, seditious conspiracy. i'm not merely employing the constitutional right to freedom of speech. and in fact, there's still a very active debate here in d. c as to whether what we saw on january the 6th was part of some coordinated conspiracy to prevent certification of the election, or simply a demonstration that went awry. not least because the capital is so poorly poorly defended. in fact, i have informants in the crowd go to the new york times from a different right way militia group, the proud boy, he said something organized and this is just happening. well,
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now it seems that the d o j things have have evidence that i was something organized. and there's a suggestion that they may have the cooperation of. there's other members of yours keepers in putting forward these this case which involves a lot of emails from, from the roads, for example, as early as november 2020. we are going through this civil war to late for that. prepare your mind body and spirit that in december, there is no standard political or legal way out of this. and then interesting me on january the 6 itself and wrote isn't actually queues actually entered the capital, but of directing his followers to put in motion this time. so this is what he right, been all i see trump doing is complaining. i see no intent by him. to do anything. so the patriots are taking it into their own hands. they've had enough actually that's, that's the messages might be quite good for trump defends himself against charges that he was about coordinating, coordinating the right. there's also some other evidence to off of this man, a matching military equipment of weapons of that being such as
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a rapid reaction force based in a hotel, arlington, virginia. no, it's not for out of d. c, who prepared to come in if, if they were all to come in. there was military tactics being employed, at least by this group, that they went into a single file into the capital events, but were half to the house of representatives to find nancy pelosi. the other half attempted to gain control the senate search tactics, its massing weapons added to these emails. that's the case that the d j has and presumably, but they feel that they have people or they have the means to prove this. because actually in the past, it's not easy to prove sedition. i was just there should have tansy live in washington. she happening. thank cindy's name was the us supreme court has blocked the by the ministrations vaccine or testing mandate for large companies. the plan would have force throughout $80000000.00 americans to get the corona. virus jap will take regular tests if they work for a company with more than $100.00 employees. the court voted $3.00 to $6.00 against
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the mandate saying that it's an improper imposition of the lives and health of those affected. but they've rule that health care workers can be mandated to get the job. that makes it a legal requirement for more than 10000000 people who work in the health sector. well, the rulings came as president by announced that more military medical personnel will be deployed to staff hospitals, white house correspondent, kimberly health reports. i know we're all frustrated as we enter this new year, overwhelmed by a record number of i'm a crime infections us president joe biden announced he was deploying more military medical team to at least 6 states. it's a surge bite in blames on the millions in the u. s. still and vaccinated right now, both vaccinated unvaccinated people are testing positive. but what happens after that could not be more different. public health officials report the majority of us
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hospitalizations and death were made among the on vaccinated to help control the i'm a kron very spread bite in has announced a new plan to distribute mass nationwide. next week will announce, well as how we are making high quality mask available to american people, the american people for free last month, the white house also announced it was ordering 500000000 co with 900 test on thursday. biden announced his administration was doubling that number, but as for when americans could receive those tests, his vice president commer harris, couldn't say shortly though they're going to go out really, we've been ordered, they've been ordered. we have to look at the current information, i think is going to be by next week, but soon absolutely. the lack of availability has led to widespread frustration with the biden. harris administration's response, especially when last month, the president ward, he expected
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a high number of cobra infections. we are looking at a wizard of severe illness and americans were asking why more wasn't done sooner. one analyst points out america, that unique system hampers the response. so much of the us health care system is outside of the federal government. it is privatized, it is for profit. so having the government coordinate everything is, is quite difficult. the 1st batch of ad home covered tests are expected to be distributed by the end of the month. on friday, details of how americans can access those tests through a new government website are expected to be made public. kimberly help get al jazeera washington. britain's prime minister faces a growing backlash from members visit party a day after admitting that he did attend the garden drinks party in the middle of the 2020 lockdown. a number of conservative m. p. 's and are openly calling for boris johnston's resignation. police say that there won't be an investigation
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unless a government inquiry suggests that there was criminal behavior. india has reported its highest number of coven 19 cases since may last year. almost 250000 infections were recorded on wednesday. it follows a global trend where cases are surging as a result of on a chron at hospital admissions and deaths are lower than in previous waves. and more than 100000000 cove at 919 vaccines were rejected by poor nations. in december, unicef says it's because the vaccine supplied through the kovacs program will close to their expiry dates. countries have been forced to delay receiving supplies due to insufficient storage facilities. ah, hello, i'm adrian sort of getting to know how the headlines and al jazeera, a full assyrian colonel, has been jailed for life in germany for torture and murder during serious civil war


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