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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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live on like you see channels plus thousands of off programs. award winning documentaries and dead news reports. subscribe to youtube dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah . australia revokes no. they doc, which is visa for a 2nd time the tennis, darnell faces deportation. ah . am timber now. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up another rise in new coven. 19 cases in india. as concerns grow about a religious gathering, involving hundreds of thousands of people. britain's prince. andrew was stripped of his royal and military title was by his mother, queen elizabeth as he faces
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a civil trial in the u. s. for sex abuse and the man who assassinated us presidential candidate, robert kennedy. 54 years ago is denied for roll. my california gov ah australia's immigration minister has canceled tennis dawn of a jock of witches these up just days ahead of the australian open championship on health grounds. chalk of which was unvaccinated 1st had his visa revoke last week after landing in australia. but a judge overturned the ruling and allowed the world number 110, aspire to state, because he had been given a vaccine exemption. australian prime minister scott morrison released the following statement, saying, i understand that following careful consideration, action has been taken by the minister to cancel mister jarvis, his visa held on health and good order grounds on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so. he added that australians have made many sacrifices
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during this pandemic, and they rightly expect the results of those sacrifices to be protected. sir clark joins us now live from brisbin. sarah, have we heard anything then from no, that jock of ritual his legal team? we haven't heard anything from novak and he is a joke of ich and his legal team as yet. but we do expect them to appeal this decision. and based on that, we do expect them to take it back, potentially to the federal circuit court in melbourne over the weekend. now the alex hope, the immigration minister, he always held these discretionary powers and to overrule that court decision. and as a result, he did, he pursued that the government is always students ground and said that rules are rules we want, we was, will uphold those restrictions. the tough border restrictions that been in place the last couple of years. and i said that job which failed to meet the criteria on entry. and now a joke which he could potentially meet to pulls it based on this decision,
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the alex hope, the minister said, the decision was made on the grounds that it was in the public interest to do so. and that's a joke of each post, a risk to the australian community. now the government, they said that last week the board of forces stopped jock of ich, i'm at tele marina airport and question him for hours. and it was, his visit was cancelled on the thursday morning. he then spent time in the detention, the immigration detention in that hotel in carlton at the court then overruled the visa cancellation and on friday, around 6 pm in melbourne. this is when the government intervened again and, and pursued what the line is always up held, that these board restrictions must remain in place and the government would, wouldn't put in place any special treatment for the likes of tennis doors. of like novak joke of ich, and as a result, 6 pm on friday, that visa has been cancelled for a 2nd time. and he does phase not just deportation, but potentially a banner re entering australia for another 3 years. so there is this about him not being vaccinated because yeah, of course he said that he had in
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a he had scolded before. um, so then i guess therefore the vax added the vase. he was exempt from the visa because he had immunity. does this mean that you can't get into estrella if you are not vaccinated even if you've had covered before or is this on some other grounds? well the background to this is that sir john rich sought a medical exemption to travel to play in the australian open. and that was approved by tennis australia and that request for exemption to travel and to be granted entry into australia was approved by 2 panels at one being the medical pedal or board of medical, a specialists of based by the estate tennis estrella. they prove that the government then simply said that the job which didn't meet the criteria to enter australia because of his unvaccinated status. i should note that this stray an open or tennis players must be vaccinated to play unless you get this medical exemption
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. now barry's evidence that jock of it's presented in the last couple of days in statements released by his instagram, noted that he had tested positive for covered 19 a background mid december. a since that's her, that's made was found to be positive. he didn't actually appear publicly in a couple of places. he also filled out. one of the members of his team took the wrong box on his australian travel declaration, on landing on entry, and his train board of forces pick that up. so he's been put a number full statements have been certainly highlighted on his entering. therefore the government says he doesn't meet the criteria. and i should also note out that these strains were polled in some polls around astray overnight. i should say more than 80 percent of people agreed that the government should to port joker, which based on the fact that we've had these very tough border restrictions in place for the last 2 years. and the prime minister, if he was to grant an exemption for the likes of novick jock of it's the wills. when men's number one tennis play it that lap for him to enter australia and be exempt from some of those tough rules. and that certainly would have set
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a very dangerous precedent for other people entering australia. i'm sure this isn't the end of it. thank you for that for now. sarah clark in brisbin. the number of new coven 19 infections in india has risen to more than 260000. in the past 24 hours, driven by the on the con variant and says, hundreds of thousands of hindu pilgrims gathered for a religious festival in the state of west bengal. their affairs that the gathering could be a so called super spreader event. happening, natal has more from new delhi that this point most of the country has been under some form of restriction for a couple of weeks. and so the fear is that these gatherings could undo all the precautionary measures. the country has been taken off for some time now. now, as we speak, uh, there are various festivals being celebrated across the country. some states have banned these large gatherings, but many just have some coven, 19 protocols like vaccines, and just, and they are continuing. for example,
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in the northern state of utter probation. now, despite all the cubs there and all these measures, cases had been rising at the side even before to day's mega event. for example, dozens of police officers who have been deployed there for sometime have tested positive. the city itself has seen cases, rice, 10 times in just one week, the largest gathering is in the state of west been gone. now that state has become a cobit hotspot of sorts. where new coven 19 cases have surge to all time high? now public health experts are reminding the government that just last year we had a situation during the delta surge when millions of people across india continue to get infected as the so called super spread of religious gatherings continue. and that is again, the fear this time china is facing
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a test of its so called 0 coven policy ahead of the aging winter olympics. in february, the nearby city of town gin is under strict long dom with 41 locally transmitted on the con cases reported on thursday. travel in and out of the area has been severely restricted their affairs they albright could disrupt the winter games and also the luna new year's celebrations next month. brit, clannish is monitoring developments from hong kong. the focus of china's covet efforts is in 10 chin. now. they're not exactly sure what the source is and change in, but they do know that the chain of transmission looks to have gone through primary school kids. now change in to give you an idea is just about a 30 minute train ride to bay ging where the wind to games will be held. so that's why this alarm around this cluster in change in they taking no chance with the olympics as a closed loop system. so that athletes and travelers will be separated from residence there. and authorities of also now announced that they will be ramping up
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more rigorous checks for inbound travelers into bay ging. there is also a suspected case of coven 19 in the southern district of phone tai that's believe to be linked to the change in cluster as well. as we know, one case in china is one to many. there are around 140 cases every day in china at the moment, and that is causing some concern in the country. now chasing cove is 0 is something that we know a lot about here. and hong kong to there are currently are under around 10 local cases every day. but there are some districts that are more alarming than others. the western district of chin moon that is under mandatory testing right now because 2 nurses have tested positive their hong kong airport is the spending trans, at flights from around $150.00 destinations for a month. it's the latest attempt to ramp up measures against corona virus. outbreak fueled by the on the chrome variant. last week, hong kong banned in coming flights from many destinations, including australia,
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canada, france, and india. north korea has testified to miss isles hours after the u. s. called the new sanctions is the 3rd launch this month. and the 6th since september, the government defended the test. there's a legitimate right to self defense, and ward of a stronger reaction if more sanctions are imposed. the e. u has condemned a cyber attack on ukraine's government and is called an emergency meeting to respond hackers, targeted websites for the ministry of foreign affairs and other agencies. it's not yet clear who is behind it. foreign ministry says has been a long record of russian cyber attacks in the past. there's been recent tensions after moscow sent troops to its border with ukraine. russia's foreign minister, so guy leverage says his country's prepared to respond. if western nations reject moscow's security proposals, he was a denial on the in rising to the mall,
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including the limits to nato expansion. several rounds of talks to diffuse. the crisis and eastern ukraine have been taking place this week. but the most volatile is i've still got to lose. we have talked about the fact that such an approach is acceptable and we cannot approve of such were union electoral interpretation of security guarantees. so we expect a response from our colleagues in writing, just like we did because we have submitted our proposals in writing and will continue working to be prepared for any kind of developments. convinced that if there's google and if there's will compromise, one can always find mutual acceptable solutions. although jabari joins us now live from moscow. daughter is anything that the. 9 the russian foreign minister said new well, he reiterated that russia's patience with the west is the actions that the west is
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running out. and that i think there is now a sense of urgency in terms of the timeline that we are seeing here. he said that they want to see concrete response guarantees from nato and the united states that they will not artificially expand nato and also not include new members and entice scandinavian countries into joining the alliance. the foreign minister reiterated this country's position that the troops they have alongside the border with ukraine is well within their rights. that this is a sovereign move. they can move their troops around their own land as they see fit . but i think there was a sense that what we've been hearing all week after meetings that have taken place in geneva, and brussels. and then in vienna on thursday that their talks really have not been successful. and the spokesperson of president vladimir putin also said on thursday that the talks with the wes have not been successful. and that if the united states
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carries out on their threats to sanction president putin, they will see this as their severing ties with russia. so there is a sense that the talks have not the escalated the situation, but rather highlighted the differences that continue to exist. and as we move forward, it's very possible that things will just escalate further until there's some kind of breakthrough. but for the time being brushed, maintaining their position that they are well within the right to demand that nature does not expand and that they're troop movements along the border with ukraine is within their right to do so. and that they are waiting for a written response from nato about their demands. and that also, they will not wait indefinitely. that was a point the say foreign minister survey lover of mate was that there is not an indefinite amount of time that russia will wait for a response. and they will take the necessary action when at the time is right, according to the foreign minister and jabari there in moscow. thank you. still come here on al jazeera, marcy's more problems with the british prime minister,
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with reports of several illegal gatherings held in his offices during logged up and running out of time. argentine it tries to strike a deal with international land is ahead of a march deadline. we speak to the economy minister. ah, ah, look forward to brighter sky's the winter sponsored my cattle airways hollow. we got some very heavy rain just around the equator. as we look into our southeast asia, particularly over towards borneo, see some big down. pause here, approaching 100 millimeters of rain in the past 24 hours more that came from us. well see that the line of heavy showers, driven through on the ne monsoon for acting northern parts of borneo, southern areas of the philippines looking very disturbed as well as we go one through the next couple of days. and if anything they shout just creep
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a little further south was northern parts of indonesia. as we go one into sunday much of indonesia, we'll see the showers, of course, particularly in the heat of the day. they joined up with a heavy rain that we have across the final australia, particularly around the kimberly where we have the remnants of tropical cyclone. tiffany: bringing some very heavy rain in across the region around a 100 millimeters of here. rain here in the past 24 hours and we could see similar values. so we go on through the next couple of days. this is kimberly sinking it's way farther south. the southeast, inside of w, a, sing some big down, pause. it pushes down into the interior as you go on into where sunday, and by monday that will be affecting northern parts of south australia. few showers, to just around that eastern side of ours. with tropical sites i am cody, we are very close to new zealand. oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always intelligent and playful. also are in high demand, is pets in japan,
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but concerns are growing over the illegal smuggling and irresponsible breeding of these wild animals. 11 east investigate on all g 0 informed opinions. there was a need for avi ahmed federal government to take action to really facilitate aid, right. in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah ah, watching out there i reminder of our top stories bessalo, australia's immigration minister has canceled tennis donna, jock of it's visa, just days ahead of the strategy and open joke of it. she was on back stated,
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1st headed to be had his visit revoked last week, after arriving in the country. india's daddy corona virus infections have risen to more than 264004 the last 24 hours. driven by the only con, buried it comes as hundreds of thousands of hindu pilgrims gather for a, a religious festival in westbank gold rushes foreign minister sir guy leverage says his country's prepared to respond of western nations reject moscow's security proposal. he wants a detailed answer in writing to demands, including limits to nato expansion. u. k prime minister boss johnson's government is accused of holding more rule breaking parties during corona virus locked on. the telegraph newspaper reported about 30 staff attended 2 separate events inside downing street. the prime minister's office and its private garden at reportedly featured alcohol and loud music until the early hours. events were held on the eve of queen elizabeth husband, queen elizabeth's rather husband,
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prince phillips funeral. while the u. k was observing a ban on indoor activities. a number of conservative m p 's are now openly calling for boris johnson's resignation. and he say there won't be investigation unless a government inquiry suggests that there was criminal behavior. the barker reports from london, the rhythms of normal life are returning to the british capital. few am asked for tourists. not so it may 2020. when the country was under a strict lock down. the city, silent. yet behind the doors of 10 downing street around 50 staff were enjoying drinks in a sunny garden. mister speaker, i want to apologize. an hour of judgment. boys thompson told parliament on wednesday. he thought the gathering was a work of ent. he said, falling within government guidelines this after initially denying anything, had taken place. complete her explanation however, has enraged and peas and irked the british public and resign. you can't
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lead and not lead by example. and if you do your fraud, i don't big very as a confidence. so the bulk of the british paper animal and therefore would say istation um, but it probably doesn't break the rules about who has and i suppose, you know, i don't, i don't know. it's time for him to go through with you about a job who would do a better job, but it could be his own party that does johnson the most damage. several conservative m piece of broken ranks and urged him to resign with one m p calling him a dead man walking members of his cabinet. meanwhile, have rallied around him as he could feel. i think his, his frustration and his air is a very heartfelt apologies to those, you know, so many, all of us who lived through the very challenging looked animals that we had to bring in. the majority of conservative m. p. 's though, are quiet, waiting for the results of the inquiry,
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waiting to to hear what their constituents have to say. if public hunger continues to grow, those m p 's may have little choice but to table letters of no confidence in bars. johnson, $54.00 letters would trigger a leadership challenge. meanwhile, boris johnson's reportedly doing everything he can behind the scenes to convince m . p. 's. he's done nothing wrong in parliament on thursday. the focus was back on the government's achievement in handling the pandemic with an announcement that the covert isolation period can now be cut races. after reviewing all of the evidence, we've made the decision to reduce the minimum self isolation period to 5 full days in england. this country is leading the world in learning to live with coach. but with opinion polls putting the opposition labor party 10 points ahead of the conservatives. for the 1st time in a decade, there were fierce johnson's now more of a liability than a leader. me park al jazeera london, queen elizabeth has tripped her son,
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prince andrew, of all military and royal titles. it comes a day off for a judge and the u. s. rule the civil law suit accusing him of sexual abuse can continue, which any asia fray hitches hair with the prince says she was forced to have sex with him and other men when she was 17 years old. buckingham palace says prince andrew will defend the case as a private citizen. which any bond is a u. k. royal commentator, she says prince andrew, his reputation will not recover whatever the outcome of the trial. what we're seeing here is the institution of monarchy acting quite quickly, quite ruthlessly. one might say, certainly, brutally to protect itself. the queen decided that enough was enough last few weeks it months of been dominated by leer. it headlines about the duke of york, all the other work. the members of the royal family doing seems not to get noticed and it could not go on any longer. so she moved to protect the monarchy by doing
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something which is a hard journey mother to do, which is permanently sac and publicly humiliate her son. this is going to rumble on and on. and the duke may have to give quite embarrassing evidence, maybe submit himself to what probably now submit himself to 7 hours of a detail legal cross examination. and i just think that the queen felt that and, and the duke of cambridge and the, and prince charles, all of the key members of the monarchy, felt that they had to protect the institution and cut andrew loose. his patronage is and his military titles all being handed out at mediately to other members of the family. it couldn't go on because the military themselves were making very loud noises about how they didn't want this, this toxic person to be there on re colonel in chief, a 150 veterans military veterans wrote to the queen herself and said,
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we don't want him any more you must strip him and i think that forced the queen's hand and now there is no coming back for the duke is going to continue to defend himself as a private citizen. that doesn't really wash with me. i don't think it'll wash with the public either. he remains a member of the earth and he remains the queen's son. and i think they're hoping that the institution won't be tainted by his toxicity. but nevertheless, the case is going to get enormous publicity. he protests his innocent, he may well be innocent, but i'm afraid his reputation is shredded at these 9 people have been killed and several others injured in easton, india. after 12 coaches of a train derailed, the train crashed and west bengal. dozens of people are being treated in hospital argentina is trying to work out a deal with the international monetary font and a bit to avoid economic collapse. the government has until march to restructure
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billions of dollars in depth loan to it's by the i m. f in 2018. theresa both spoke to its economy minutes to modern guzman, about progress made in the negotiations. the identities struggling to stabilize the economy. after years, the financial instability, poverty rates are over 40 percent and inflation close to 15. in 2018, the m f granted argentina and economic bailout to form a precedent feel motley. it was the largest known in the funds history, $57000000.00. for more than a year, the government and the m. f had been in tough talks, hoping to avoid a potential default of the loan algebra met with economy minister might of been men who explained the current situation. he's a historic negotiation and the will to, to a large extent determine the face that the m f will have in the next few years
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in a war that is full of problems in a word that is evolving and in which multilateralism needs to evolve. and they must also needs to revolve. why is the negotiation so difficult? i mean, i didn't have to pay this year. $19000000000.00. i mean, what hurt that discrepancy was versus difficult because of the size of a loan? because of what happens before, you know, in 2018, there was alone that many, many so as a political loan, as the support defense move production institution to a government so that the government could win the elections. and that created a lot of anti a t. it created many problems on the economic problem there was implemented in not work. there's big differences between members of the i m f of those will support what organ tina is proposing and, and those who don't. what is origin tina proposing. what we're proposing is, if you scope past that in our view, we'll have bargain, tina not only to give continuity to the met,
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recovering the short term. but it will also help us to have a more dynamic market economy and economy that bills comp, dynamic competitive advantage is it has more a creation of value that a has more public infrastructure and has better capacity to invest in science. in technological developments, our view is that the kind of fiscal path that the i m f is proposing will bring travels. there are differences, day m, f once a faster bus of fiscal, faster fiscal conciliation than what ours is proposing. and we think that will affect the, the recovering the short term, but also the capacity of the economy to grow in the medium, a long term. i think if you are for an investor and you are outside of argentina
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and you look at the economy here and you say, it's a country that has had over 20 programs with the many of which have had failed. a country with capital controls with inflation. what would you say to them to say that this time is going to be different? so there is only upside. the economy is growing. there are investment opportunities, investment as they said, we have grown by 35 percent this year. and actually there is foreign direct investment today in important sectors of our economy, especially in sectors associated with, with natural resources and then get industrialize our internet. now on the right path no. 6 i didn't, tina has a history of endless economic troubles that have often ended with payment crisis to the i. m f. in march. argentina will have to be around $2900000000.00. that's why an agreement is crucial to prevent that country default once again. that is, i will, i just see the site is the founder. all the u. s. foreign militia group has been
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charged with seditious conspiracy. for potomac, the capital, donald trump support is prosecuted, say 56 year old roads, lead the oath keep his group to washington. d. c, last year thoughtless edification of jo bought the election, victory and others have also been charged. california governor gavin newsome has denied parole so the man who assassinated us presidential candidate, robert kennedy. sir hon, sir hon, a palestinian refugee. as in setting a life sentence for the 1968, killing robert kennedy's medic came just 5 years after his brother, president john f. kennedy was killed in texas. rub reynolds for faults from los angeles, the man convicted of killing robert f. kennedy. more than 50 years ago will remain behind bars. california governor gavin newsome rejected parole for sir, han b. sharice your hon. a palestinian immigrant found guilty of assassinating kennedy . in 1968 kennedy was
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a democratic us senator and younger brother of the assassinated president john f. kennedy, he was running for the democratic party nomination for president and had just celebrated winning the crucial california primary at a rally at the ambassador hotel in los angeles. i, thanks to all of you and out on the chicago and let win. as kennedy and his entourage made their way back stage in the kitchen area of the hotel, sir han struck, fatally wounded kennedy with a bullet to the head. dozens of people witnessed the shooting. it was an act of violence that changed the course of american history. in august of last year, a california parole panel recommended that sir han who is now 77 years old, be released, saying he had expressed some remorse, but newsome has the final say on paroles. in a statement he called sir han's assassination of kennedy. among the most notorious crimes in american history, he said sir han still poses
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a threat to the public. sir han initially said he was motivated to kill kennedy because of the senator support for israel. he never denied the crime, but later claimed he remembered nothing from that night. although 2 of robert kennedy's children urged sir han's release, many kennedy family members said they were deeply relieved by the decision. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles ah, watching al jazeera, remind now of the top stories, australia's immigration minister has canceled tennis donna, that talk of it's visa to stays ahead of the australian open joke of ich, who is on vaccinated 1st, had his visa revoke last week, count, arriving in the country. sir clark has mo, from brisbin. it's taken 4 days now of alex hold. who holds the discretionary power
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