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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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a 16 people with corruption, with compassion, al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ah, australia cancels novak joker, which is visa again, the unvaccinated tennis superstar will be detained and may face deportation. ah, you're watching on, is there a light from a headquarters in cell? hi, i'm getting obligated also, a heads intensive care units across the u. s. filled to capacity after a wave of army corn infections pushes hospitals to a breaking point on protests or is in tennessee. i defy covered 19 restrictions to voice their anger against the president,
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the british prime minister boars. johnson's office apologizes to queen elizabeth for partying the night before her husband's funeral. ah. hello novak jokers, which was 3 days away from trying to make tennis history in the australian open. but instead, the tennis rural number one will now face detention from saturday after the australian government canceled his visa again. drug coverage has refused to be vaccinated against co, with 19. the australian government says he should not be in the country on health grounds. sarah clark reports from brisbin with just days until he astride in open novak geography, which was in training to win his 21st major tournament. but hours after he was seen on court in the rod laver arena. the federal government canceled his visa for
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a 2nd time scuttling his attempt to defend his title. the immigration minister alex hawk used his discretionary powers to make the decision. in a statement he said the ruling was made in the interest of public health and good. the prime minister scott morrison stated australians had made many sacrifices during his pandemic, and they expect those sacrifices to be protected. a point he made when the federal government cancelled. brockovich is visa for the 1st time. last week. rules are rules as well. i said yesterday. that's the policy the government and has been our government strong border protection policies, and particularly in relation to the pandemic. there is unsure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from cove it anywhere in the world. on monday, a federal court overturned the government's visa cancellation only now to have it revoked once again. astrology has had some of the toughest border restrictions in place during the pandemic. with 90 percent of australians out population now
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vaccinated the a morrison government has been about border control. i'm done this, there's been this great tension around celebrities. not only in sport, no film stars and jimmy's doors. mothers. i'm coming in to australia as a time when people were forbidden from a from australian citizen, permanent residence were allowed to visit sir, like their home country jock of it's his well known for his opposition to mandatory vaccinations and his in the past refused to reveal his status this week in a stipend, he confirmed he had tested positive for cove at 19 last month and requested a medical exemption to play in the australian open. he now could face a 3 year ban. from re entering australia. this monastery, a ruling could see jock of each to puerto before the australian open begins on monday when he faces the 1st round of the torment,
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his legal team says it will appeal the decision that could take the matter back to the federal court. sarah clark, our da 0 crispin, australia. so in his native serbia found the world number one are standing by him saying australia is treating him unfairly. all of this additional and all with no work is going through the frustration of our entire nation. you know, it's not no means someone comes from here or is not desirable anywhere. even if he's on the top of the world, does not acceptable them. if they had said from the beginning that only vaccinated people can participate, it wouldn't be correct. but as it is one point, they're telling one thing another time, they tell him something else. dark arts preventive which is an associate professor at the university of belgrade. and serbia. he says the tennis star should have been vaccinated before traveling to australia. death, no doubt. the joke, which is a superstar not on the be up, he is now left for the month. super play is danny,
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played, and he's the best and he's played in europe. every nation should be proud, proud of him, but i am maybe not even competent person to come in because there is a 2 sides in the one sort of side which support entirely. and he's big and another side. i am chief time boxing a and why i duplex an issue because i take care of myself, but mostly i think people around me. so it's not the case about no joke. and it was, it was not clearly, rather he got qualities and he, he's also not clear. basically he's q r codes on he's, he's documentation. so he knows perfectly that he's coming close to the enormous district regulations. so being fine or not, of jokers being 30 to one side, but being academicians in science,
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if you could assist us and someone who is very low, be the person, it's opposite side. so i do not joke, which is great at this moment, because if you, if you can, for the know the country of commonwealth, some other countries can follow regulation. and if you understand in europe, in some european country, we just bought the sink and get your visa and it gets you the way for 2 years then other countries has to follow. he's in his entire career. it's jeopardize and as jock of which as legal troubles unfold, australia is battling a surgeon corona virus infections. its most popular state of new south wales has reported a 3rd day of record number of deaths. hospitals are struggling with staff shortages on disrupted supply chains, leading to empty supermarket shelves. in europe, germany has reported its highest number of infections since the pandemic began more
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than 1900000 new cases. the highly contagious army con, very, it now accounts for most of those infections. health officials are warning if cases continue to climb. they could then swamp the health care system. the pandemic is also pushing germany to the brink of an economic recession. europe's largest economy shrank at the end of 2021 with output falling by up to one percent in the last financial quarter. another decline like that could force the country into a recession. over in the us, it's been reporting an average of $800000.00 new cases. a day for the past week, hospitals are struggling with their highest ever number of cobra, 1900 patients. the centers for disease control says the death toll could be as high as $62000.00 in the next month. we have 2 correspondent, falling wave of the kron infection sweeping across europe on the u. s. kimberly how kit is live in washington dc. but 1st, let's talk to dominate kane, who's joining us in berlin, dominic to, to give us an update on the situation across germany.
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the situation here is in one sense, worse than it has ever been. the incidence of cove it sought me here in the german capital is higher than it has ever been. the numbers of new infections across the entire country is higher than it has ever been. that number, and that number itself more than $92000.00 announced on friday. that's itself a rec hold. but 10 percent higher than the previous day thursday which itself was also a record at $81000.00. so it's very clear for medics and ministers right now. this is the worst headache they could possibly have in a political sense that trying to keep a lid on army chrome and in some people's eyes. failing at a news conference on friday, the question was put to the new health minister called lots of our that may be because some people say ami chrome is milder for most people who are infected with
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it, that it should be allowed to to run ravage as it were through the country and thereby helped build a heard immunity. this is the reaction. the minister came up with on this lana ford in duncanville swindle. i warned against the idea that we in germany should accept a full blown epidemic. the number of victims that we then would have to mourn is uncertain, is certainly too high, and it would also not lead to protection against further variance afterwards. because we cannot deduce from the current infection and rather is unlikely. it's worth also. bearing in mind that right at this moment, around 2 thirds of all the cove, it patients in intensive care in german hospitals are on vaccinated. remember that there are many millions of people in this country who still have had not even one vaccination. and it is they who the government trying to prioritize whilst repeating their mantra of where a mosque ventilate your buildings where possible and get that booster. why?
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because they believe omicron is a particularly dangerous menace as it were for them here in germany right now. thank you so much, sandra, calling reporting from berlin. well, for a situation across the us, let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly hancock. the u. s. also reporting record numbers. kimberly. so where are the hot spots and how are the hospitals coping? well, the hospitals are still struggling, and that's why you as president joe biden, deployed another round of military doctors and nurses to 6 hot spots around the united states. 6, a states that are particularly high in terms of not only the infections, but also the hospitalizations and deaths. now in terms of how this federal response is be received by the general public, it's getting low marks because there's a lot of frustration that the president knew. this would be a difficult winter, would even it without the i'm a chron variant. and the problem is,
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is that still the public does not have widespread access to free testing masking. so what we're waiting for is further guidance from the white house on that. it's been promised for weeks. and we understand that some of that new guidance could be available later today on friday. so we're watching carefully for that. but in the midst of all of this, the overarching message from the white house has been get vaccinated. the problem is it's vaccination effort to try and at least force the federal employers as well as private employers with a 100 plus employees. is that the supreme court struck down that effort, saying that it was in violation of civil liberties. and as a result, only health care facilities that receive federal dollars can enforce this mandate. so this has been a problem for joe biden. he is getting low approval ratings. he's struggling to get ahead of the narrative that his promise to really get
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a grasp on the cove. it epidemic has not come to fruition. in addition, what we should point out given the patchwork of regulations that exist, we're seeing that further exacerbated by the fact that local jurisdictions alike. for example, washington d. c, were we are, are putting in place their own regulations starting on saturday. d. c will be requiring for you to go to a gym, a, a restaurant, to bar up theater that you'll have to show proof of vaccination. and this is something that is be pushed back on by conservatives in the united states, particularly the ones in congress, given the fact that congress is in washington dc. the riding high from that supreme court victory. and they say they won't comply with these local guidance in the end really mandates for those who have not been vaccinated to be prevented from entering these public spaces. so they're still a real tug of war going on in the united states over these vaccine mandates. and that is not expected to improve. but the good news and glimmer of hope is that the
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public health officials believe they may have turned a corner on the high number of infections from i'm a crime or i thank you very carefully. see what more the u. s president may have to say about that. okay, great. thank you so much. kimberly hallett reporting from washington dc. the office for the u. k. prime minister wars johnson has apologized to the queen officer to merge the party was held on the event on the eve. excuse me, off her husband's funeral to gatherings were reported to have taken place in downing street during a corona virus lockdown on april 16. the next day, the queen attended the socially distant funeral of prince philip, and on wednesday, for his johnson apologized for attending a separate drinks events. the barker has the latest from london. the government's bois on some already very much in crisis mode. and now this which isn't going to do the prime minister any favors. i mean, picture the scene, it's april. the 16th 2020 talk 2021. it was a warm evening. i know where i was that evening. i and inside the doors of number
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10 downing street in the basement, we believe a come to report in the telegraph newspaper around 30 people had gathered for a double good by bash, there was drinking, there was dancing. and according to that telegraph report, at least one official was sent off to local supermarket on a booth run to keep the party going on, of course, only the day after the country in national mourning flags across the land flying at half mast was the funeral of the duke of edinburgh, prince philip, and that iconic pitch of queen elizabeth, cutting a lonely figure. the fuse of saint george's chapel is, remember by everybody in this country. i remind a symbol of perhaps the sacrifice that lots of people made during the pandemic. while there has been 2 apologies, the 1st of form, one of the officials whose leaving do it was he said it was bad timing. he is now
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a deputy editor in chief of the son. news paper. james slack is his name on the 2nd coming from a number 10 spokes person. this apology aimed at the palace to say, sorry for these parties happening at a time of national morning. no apology. personally though from boyce johnson anger, from opposition, m. p. 's who say that the buck essentially stops with bars johnson, and he should be the one bearing the brunt of all of this. you has condemned a coordinated cyber attack on ukraine's government and is called an emergency meeting to respond hackers, targeted websites for the ministry of foreign affairs and other top government agencies. it's not clear yet. who's behind it? before ministry says there's been a long record of russian cyber attacks in the past. there's been recent tension after moscow's troop build up on its border with ukraine. russia, foreign minister,
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sir, good law, says his country is prepared to respond. if western nations reject moscow security proposals, he wants a detailed answer in writing to demands including limits on nato expansion in the region. several around the talks to is the crisis and eastern ukraine have been taking place this week. but the most volatile is i look at the we have talked about the fact that such an approach is acceptable and we cannot approve of such were union electoral interpretation of security guarantees. so we expect a response from our colleagues in writing, just like we did because we have submitted our proposals in writing and will continue working to be prepared for any kind of developments that convinced that if there's google and if there is will compromise. one can always find mutual acceptable solutions still ahead on just their own fear as if a super spreader event in india, as hundreds of thousands of hindu pilgrims gather for
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a religious festival in the north cross. molly's leader who took power in a qu, asked the public to protest against regional sanction. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with the sponsored by capital airways. hello, we've got some significant snow fall in the forecast for japan as we go through the next couple of day sass day. looks like a pretty decent base and make the most of it. it is going to be breezy, but there will be a lot of sunshine around. you see the tightly packed ice, abbas here, that stiff wind coming in across sea. i saved pad just bringing one or 2 showers as we go on into saturday. that winds just eating off for time. he comes on next weather system. this next terrace, no pushing out of eastern china. ne china just rolling across the korean peninsula, through the safe to pad and some very heavy snowfall,
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disruptive snow coming in across a good part of hans you into her carter by the end of the week. and the next week we could well see another meter of fresh snow coming in. it will cause widespread disruption. anyway, whether to into southern parts of china. further north, it is generally try with krist sunshine may moderate sunshine and showers the cross . se asia, as it should be heavy a shower is going to be across more than parts of borneo, southern areas of the philippines on to lie. the heat of the day shouts as usual into indonesia saying showers clearing away from the northeast of india, pushing over towards me and martha started to quiet down a few showers down pools. tom will not do and cold once again and forget to the north for the weather, sponsored by cataract ways to storms of strong willed with challenging traditional female stereotypes in a male dominated society to make a difference. if i go with
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how families look like the water is highly contaminated, will live in the class with get it all out there. ah . the me. hello again. the top story for me to renew our, australia's immigration minister has canceled tennessee. novak joke of each of these are just days ahead of the australian open truck, which has been ordered back into the tension as he fights deportation. and the u. s . intensive care units are close to capacity because of a raising number of current virus infections. and in germany,
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cases of service to another old time high in the office of the u. k. prime minister wars johnson has apologized to the queen after merged a party was held on the eve of her husband's funeral. too gatherings were reported to have taken place in downing street during a corona virus lockdown on april 16. the number if they were infections in india has risen to more than 260 thousands in the past 24 hours driven by the micro and variance. that's hundreds of thousands of hindu pilgrims gather for a religious festival. there are fears the gathering could be a so called super spreader event. having the tal reports from new delhi, the thousands of hindu devotees have drawn to the bank for the ganges for the end will dipping the river. the week long pilgrimage has continued, despite with $900.00 cases surging throughout the country for the money that the holy water was brought an athlete on the practice social distancing,
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and batches of only $50.00 people are allowed at a time. we also use drones to sanitize the police people across india celebrate and various festival mac type restrictions. the largest of these is investing goals are only vaccinated. goods are allowed. testing camps are open, even as public cases and schools have closed. despite these measures, new cove in 1900 cases in the state of breaking all your records. hospital admissions in india, however, have remained relatively low in the country's largest, who when 1900 facility in new delhi, most beds are empty and not many patients are on a ventilator. we have enough oxygen, we have enough, we have enough medicine, and we have all the infrastructure at the same time. you also trained our doctors, nurses and paramedics technician to how to deal with the increasing numbers. so this time we are better prepared than the 2nd we're. authorities expect the omicron
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fuel surge to stream resources, but are taking steps to address the impact they are now advising a symptomatic contacts, of course, 900 patients to avoid testing and quarantine at home. when the advisory signifies, it is a degree of pragmatism and they understand this is a relatively short term thing. it's not that that it's giving up on testing. it's a short term thing for the simple reason that the number of, of isn't meant to context. so enormous that it's simply, it's simply restricted to highest groups. i thought he was soon decide on extending the band on election values in the capital, new delhi. when you cases, when all time high, there will be another we can cough you public health one, but on even restrictions good back file. if case is continued to fight at the current rate, even a small percentage of new hospital admissions could overwhelm the health guest
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bathroom, isn't all just new delhi. the philippines has extended measures aimed at combating a curb in 1900 search until the end of january. countries experiencing its highest infection rates since the pandemic began restrictions now include a ban on unvaccinated people using public transport in the capital. manila schools have also been order to suspend classes for a week. new cases had a record of more than 34000 on thursday. and cambodia is now launching its 4th rounds of current of iris vaccinations often recording its 1st army cron case last month. the country has a high inoculation rates with nearly 90 percent of the population having had at least one dose. cambodia is campaign has largely been made possible by vaccine donations from china. meanwhile, china government is ramping up checks for all inbound travelers that's ahead of the beijing winter olympics in 3 weeks. time. officials are concerned and outbreak of covered 19 in the nearby port city of change and could spread to the capital.
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brooklyn, at reports from hong kong, rigorous checks underway in bay. jing officials taking no chances with just 3 weeks to go before china hosts the winter olympics. locally transmitted cases of the army, chrome very into coded 19 have been detected in several provinces. but the focus of containment is the northern port city of kent gin. just 30 minutes by train from beijing, some of homes, you know, we have to fight the district into the individual areas for management and control and set up 665 selling time for ra teeth, of data, necessities like 5 to balls and prepare food. so rather than him place order as they need this week, games organizes said there were no plans to lockdown beijing, but they've now announced more rigorous measures will be in place to contain the spread in hong kong. more mandatory testing has been introduced after nurses tested positive in the district of chin. men and new measures include a band on international transit flights and to return to home learning for primary
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and kindergarten. kids. hong kong already has a complete flight ban from 8 countries dining restrictions and limits on numbers for gatherings. on friday, chief executive, harry lamb announced a relief package for effective businesses. and that restrictions will be extended for another 2 weeks. that extension means that will be restrictions on dining and gathering during the chinese the holiday, which will put a damper on traditional celebration said to ring in the year of the tiger brick plan. it's just a phone call of thousands of anti government protesters have gathered in the tennessee and capital security forces around the central square. and to mister contained the demonstrators, they're accusing president. classify it, staging a coo. he's been under pressure since july after he stuck the prime minister suspended parliament and seized far reaching power is fired. says he did it to save his country on to fight corruption. at least see of oakland has more from the
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capital tunis today since traditional celebration is the the revolution and county side had changed the date. it's a public holiday to december 17th. so just like coming out today, it's a demonstration that people are disobeying his decrees. but over the past moment, things have been getting a lot worse into nature. we've seen increasing amount to a rest, particularly the parents of the n p and home of justice minister noted by heidi. but today what we've been seeing was a slave stop, but police were pushing back protesters and getting to the central avenue. and they became more intensive protesters pushed through and went back through. we've seen quite significant part of the political theme being arrested, such as this. all the major is the the commission power association, who is the instructor away?
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apparently young people who fail, arrested police checkpoints around the afternoon. there's been use of water canada . and basically i saw one journalist who was coughing on the ground, she's really, you know, it was really suffering with the gas. so the violence against protest is really stat plus the anger step up. the un says at least a 108 people have been killed in air strikes in ethiopia as t gray region. since the start of this month, it says the earth flags were carried out by if you can. air force, federal troops have been fighting to growing rebels for more than a year. aid workers are such civilians continue to be killed by strikes and to drive despite prime minister of mind. calling for national reconciliation to end the conflict. hundreds of people of molly have come out and protest against sanctions imposed by the west african block echo us the military, which took power and last year after public to demonstrate calling the regional
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sanctions, extreme cost took the steps in response to the military, delaying elections. nicholas hack has more from the car and neighboring synagogue. we're seeing protests not just in the capital obama co, but also in timber to in, bu grenier, where people are using the vbms to try to make as much noise as possible. and to try to get the attention of the international community. they're out in an act of defiance and show support to this government of transition led by military until you see me going faced with international sanctions increasingly isolated, just on sunday, the west african body echo was put in heavy sanctions against the country and the government of transition the borders air and land borders are closed. so is the freezing of transactions between molly and neighboring country. now this is the land lock country. so just in a matter of just a few days, the price of rice has $25.00 killers of rice has gone up by a dollar in
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a country where most people live on less than $2.00 a day. and then adds to that the question of paying people salaries, if they don't have access to the funds controlled by the central bank. so those are issues that has made a lot of people angry. and the protest started with the moment of prayer, and by my co moment of prayer for peace, this piece that is, becomes so elusive. despite the presence of $14000.00 un peacekeepers, costing a $1000000000.00 a year and $5000.00 french soldiers. well, more than a 1000000 people have been displaced, thousands of people have been killed because because of attacks launched by groups that are gaining grounds and for a see me go, it's the answer to this elusive piece, the piece or bring back the piece is to delay elections by further 5 years is to bring in russian fighters. there are about $500.00 russian fighters that are on the ground associated to the private security company. wagner's group to miss is
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protests against the referee at the africa. couple of nations has been rejected. the confederation of african football dismissed the complaint about their game with molly and doing before the 90 minutes were up half also confirmed the results of wednesday's game as a one nail. when for molly, it's being reported that the referee had been suffering from heat stroke. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, australia's immigration minister has council tennis star novak brokovich, his visa, just days ahead of the australian open joker. birch has been ordered back into detention as he fights deportation. sarah clark has war from brisbin. it's taken 4 days now. of alex hall, who holds the discretionary powers as he immigration is to revoke that visa a 2nd time. now i should say that these discretionary.


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