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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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power defines how well the launch loop babies were doin. i did it, not that your belgium. it's neglecting babies to deck. people empower, investigates, exposes, and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe on now to sierra. ah, when there isn't an actual crisis to suit their needs, they'll make one up. the pentagon says russia is creating an excuse to invade ukraine. moscow dismisses the accusation. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera ally from dough are also coming up. fears in australia that novak joker bitch is person's my boost anti vaccine sentiment of the tennis style fights deportation of the coven. 19 concert. i think he's been
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exposed as, as a fraud, as a liar. and i think the british pub med, i'm not really colds. grove, the resignation of the u. k. prime minister, after more revelations of drinks, events by his staff during the code of 9 to lockdown, they fled wars, poverty, and oppression abroad only to end up here in the power of a deadly tornado. i'm prison salumi in bowling green, kentucky where a refugee community is rebuilding after the storm. ah, the u. s. accused russia planning a so called false flag operation and eastern ukraine in an attempt to create a pretext for invasion. according to washington, as evidence russian agents might already be in the country to carry out acts of sabotage and blame ukraine for them. a crown and spokesman has dismissed the reports as unfounded my cannot repulse. after
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a week of negotiation in 3 european cities, there are no signs of any diplomatic breakthrough. and a warning from the white house that the ukraine crisis could escalate even further . with a claim that russia is planning to create a pretext for an invasion, we have information that indicates rush has already pre positioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern ukraine. the operatives are trained in urban warfare and using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against russia's own proxy forces. really delegation was echoed. ready by the u. s. defense department, we already have in addition, indications that russian influence actors are already starting to already starting to fabricate ukrainian provocations that in both state and social media to again try to justify in advance some sort of pretext for incursion. claims to that, russia was behind
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a cyber attack on ukrainian government websites that shut them down for a period of time. the words be afraid and fear the worst. we're also projected on several official sites. but any scheduled annual news conference, the russian foreign minister dismissed the allegations and maintain that it was the us and its allies that was stalling the diplomatic process by not responding to rushes demand that nato membership for ukraine be taken off the table. as you say, we are waiting for the written reaction. we have reasons to believe that our partners have understood the necessity to react quickly precisely and on paper. and they have understood that we are not going to wait forever. but of course, there are plans to drag it on and on. the us senate is continuing to debate imposing sanctions on russia. and while there's bipartisan agreement on the need for strong action, there's disagreement about the details. the bill is not passed. democrats rejected
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the proposal by republican senator ted cruz to sanction a gas pipeline from russia to germany. probably every single one of us in this chamber agrees that the united states must be strong and confronting potent and his destabilizing tactics in eastern europe and in ukraine. but my colleagues as my colleagues made clear this morning, senator cruz his bill in our opinion, is the wrong answer at this time to deter a president. putin's aggression. the white house insists that sanctions against russia should not impact on allies like germany. walking a tightrope as it attempts to define what form sanctions should take. my kind of ultra 0 washington. while a crisis ukraine was high on the agenda of a meeting of a foreign ministers in france. they warn russia of a robust response, fearing a cyber attack against kiev could prepare the ground for military action by moscow
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at the same time. so we call for this glacier new, we goal for the wishes and dialogue. we reaffirm our commitment to respond to attacks, to crane, and if further, military aggression against ukraine. we have may see of consequences and severe costs and response. and busy inclusive, restrictive measures that will be adopted in the nation with our partners. was the the next from the international republican institute. he says the recent meetings between us and russian diplomats did nothing to deescalate the crisis. the intelligence is very clear that savage tours have been sent to eastern ukraine to offer a pretext for an invasion. this is a textbook, a russian boy, it's been practice over the years. and if the assessment is true and i have no doubt to believe that it's not, then this means that russia is making concrete preparations for an invasion of
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ukraine. i think it can be resolved, but it can only be resolved if the u. s. and its european allies have unity of strategy and unity of purpose and remain steadfast in their positions. hopefully, if there is unity, a unity of strength, there's an old russian and ukranian saying, which says this, it's a state nice local my jail, which means not words but deeds. i think what the kremlin needs to hear and see now our deeds actions from the west and not just words. russia security service as it shut down the ransomware crime group known as our evil at the request of the us. it arrested several members of the group. ariba was behind the hacking of the largest oil pipeline in the u. s. last year. john hendrick has that story.
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the scene was not uncommon. russian police and intelligence agents harshly taken down more than a dozen men all played out on television. but the reason was extraordinary. the russian government tells the biden administration, the operation dismantled a group of hackers inside russia on behalf of the united states. security agents took down, alleged hackers from the ransomware group, are evil at over 2 dozen addresses, seizing millions of roubles, vehicles and technology among those arrested alleged ring leader roman muranski appearing in court in a cage and andre. but sort of both wanted by the us. the f b i in november offered a 10000000 dollar ransom for information leading to the group. the u. s. blames for the ransomware attacks. it shut down a number of us targets including the colonial pipeline in may. the colonial pipeline ransomware attack also demonstrate a growing trend of companies and even government agencies being held hostage by
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malicious cyber actors. these cases demonstrate the broadening scope scale and sophistication employed by some adversaries that caused gas shortages along the us atlantic coast. again. sorry, i've been waiting here for 45 minutes just to get the group is also accused of hacking g b. yes. the world's largest meat packing company. us authorities have long believed that there was a tacit agreement between the government of vladimir putin and hackers that they could target westerners with impunity as long as they didn't act against targets within russia. now it's clear if there ever was such an agreement, there are exceptions. whether the andy hacking operation improves us russian relations in the long term likely depends on what happens on the russian border with ukraine. john henderson, al jazeera chicago tennis, well, number one, know that jock of is fighting attempts to deport him from australia. he has
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a court hearing on sunday. he's now back in detention after australia's immigration minister council. his visa on health route is the 2nd time his visa has been revoked. joker ventures refused to say whether he's been vaccinated against over 19 . sarah clark has more from prism the visa soccer is back in court and on saturday here in australia, there was a preliminary hearing in the federal court in melbourne. this is obviously jock of his team trying to stop his deportation, a heavy astray and open on monday where jock of it is in the 1st round. and now the government cancelled his visa for a 2nd time. on friday they noted that was made on this decision was made on the grounds of public interest because they considered novak given out to be a health risk to australians. now they re issued a re argue that time again. and now the federal court in melvin. they presented a 268 page document stating that he may fan or fuel anti backs nation sentiment. here in australia. had the lawyers also not had that due to his high profile
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presently. and i also encourage people not to comply with the measures that are in place to try and deal with the pandemic and a number of daily number of cases here in australia. and he's potentially undermining the pandemic strategies have been put in place by the federal and state governments. now joint ventures, lawyers are obviously rejecting this claim. they want to stop the state for taishan, and this is their last bid or last minute bid to try and stop him being removed from australia on the eve of the australian open. and i should note, as i mentioned earlier, joker, which is still listed in the jaw to play on monday. the people of australia were very angry initially when they found out the joke of it was coming to play. and he be granted exemption to travel to australia for medical circumstances. and as a result, we had some news polls this week also ahead of the federal government's decision on friday to cancel his visa and 80 percent of australians wanted him to, to be deported. when our service president has given no junk of it, is food backing up, which if you wanted to buy a nova jack
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a veteran winning his 10th australian open trophy in melbourne, why didn't you deport him immediately? why didn't you tell him that it was impossible for him to get a visa to your country? why do you harassing and not only harass him, but his family and a whole nation, libertarian and proud? is that necessary to win an election? is that necessary to make your citizens like you, the president from a small country as a period who can say that to a great prime minister from a large country. staff of the official residence of britain's prime minister held regular friday drinks parties during current of irish luck towns. that's according to report by the daily mirror newspaper or as johnston had already apologize to the queen for one such gathering downing street on the eve of her husband, prince phillips. funeral one on wednesday johnson now. so, but it's public for forgiveness for attending another drinks event in may 2020, the opposition, and some in johnson's own party, according to the prime minister to resign. but johnson says he thought he was attending a work event. ah,
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well, a public opinion appears to be turning against johnson, but some people, at least having fun with it. flash mob of partying. johnson lookalikes turned up at the gates of downing street on friday, 100 percent here the apology was half hearted. it did even seem to intimate in his mind, he seemed to believe that the rules were not perfect and the guidance was followed . richard, inconceivable cody and demick of what this government are about, what i believe in how they treat the general public. god knows what else goes in that place. so i'm not surprised at all. what i am surprised is that these guys is still hanging on to power. despite old is not something that is been getting up. i think it's, it's absolutely disgusting that somebody here is supposed to be a liter leads by breaking their own rules. i think it has to be honest. it's
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contemptible that he would, he would tell you that the idea was if you told bryce impala which he's been found out to do, you should resign. everyone's a said, you put your mas, have a distance. and all shorthand, if he's doing all that and he's in his garden, i feel it's okay the oh make mistakes. but they have to really make sure that they say, sorry, the right way to people and i both apologize is wrong, but not a disaster. sophomore. so to come here now does air including we report from northwest nigeria were armed, gangs of kill thousands in the past decade and record high temperature set up wildfire and one of south america west ways in des moines. ah
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hello there we got a real wind tree makes in the weather across the middle east over the next couple of days. rain slaten snowfall. many of us said we got lots of cloud showing up on the satellite pitcher spilling out to turkey, rolling across the levant, and easing towards s, syria and iraq. so significant snowfall coming in here. i was a high, a ground, was that you see some heavy rain to, to western parts of iran. follow that line of right across us here at casa, we will see some rainfall as we go through saturday and on into sunday. so that's something to mark you caught that wet weather just straddling a saudi arabia, running all the way across into the red sea is still there as we go on through sunday. some heavy rain also pushing into the u. i. e could course of localized flooding course, and that system makes his way all the way up to was afghanistan, still cold enough, farther north, across iran, iraq pushing up towards turkey. the levant seems a nice there for damascus. and for jerusalem to certainly feeling
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a bit like winter cold enough to across northern parts of africa, we want a 2 showers in play, his showers to just around the gulf of guinea, southern part of the guinea coast. some that wet weather may will even affect the football. in cameroon, we'll see some heavy rain coming through here. march of south africa seeing some lively showers. i witnessed couple of days with 2 stories, strong willed with challenging traditional female stereotypes in a male dominated to make a different channel. if i go, of course, we'll pull into the ravine how families look like. the water is highly contaminated. bolivia in the class. risk in it all, al jazeera lou.
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ah, welcome back. a quick recap of our top stories here at this hour. the u. s. is accused russia planning a so called false flag operation in east m ukraine in an attempt to create a pretext for invasion, russia, those of the claims are unfounded. no bakovich is back in detention and could be deported. his appeal over his cupboard 19th vaccine status failed in court on sunday, australia cancel his visa for a 2nd time as far as growth as presents may foster anti axis symptoms. and you can media reports, a staff of the official residents of britain's prime minister, held regular friday. prince parties during locked downs bars. johnson has already apologized to the queen for a party, held it down the street on the eve of her husband,
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prince phillips funeral. and early in the week he said, sorry, in parliament for separate events and the downing street golf. now students in the us city of chicago, have walked out of classes, hoping to pressure officials to switch to remote learning. as cobit 19 cases, rise on the con infections of disrupted schools across the u. s. many students, parents and teachers have struggled with a mix of online and in class learning. the u. s. as the highest number of daily infections worldwide will most 900000. on friday, at least 90 people died after a series of tornadoes, tor through parts of the u. s. last month and many homes and businesses were destroyed. the damage stretched across 6 states and neighborhood of immigrants and former refugees. the city of bowling green, kentucky was particularly hard hit. kristen sending me has their story. a month after a tornado destroyed their home,
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the ramadan family is still sifting through the wreckage, finding scraps of their former lives, pictures, shoes, awards. as you've seen the we've received and we're, we're in elementary, has a lot of memory for us to show the achievement of jason's. we been here in the united states. my like to peer academic. i'm superior, the family came to bowling green kentucky a little more than a decade ago, after fleeing conflict in the democratic republic of congo, and spending 20 years in the hands of me and refugee camp. so we tried to run here . the doors were locked. so this isn't my room. 9 members were sleeping when the tornado ripped through their bowling green neighborhood. i had something like come to my, my, my bed. all. i wake up, my website, we had that we are dying. miraculously, they all survived. other families in the neighbourhood weren't so lucky,
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at least 12 people died here. many of them refugees to. they came to this country to build a better life, only to see it all blown away in a night. in the city of 72000 residence, one and 7 were born outside of the united states, from places like bosnia, me, and mar. and most recently africana san what's unique is that we've integrated very well. you know, we go the same schools ago, the same churches, we go, same grocery stores, many move to bowling green for the jobs and the affordable homes and the community flourished. immigrants and refugees. you have found the american dream have that found opportunity to buy or purchase or their 1st home here the ramadan is now local business owners once again find themselves in need of help come to the plaza way. i had their laura problems like my country with and found something like this. this is my dream house. and we decided we worked so hard to get the house and
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it's like everything we had. everything was destroyed in one second. the house may be gone, but the community is coming together and the rama dami say kentucky will always be home. christine salumi al jazeera, bowling green, kentucky turan now where many people are struggling to keep up with rising food prices. inflation is at its highest and more than 25 years. the new government says improving the economy is a top priority. racial soda reports, the capital chevron. this shopping bags get lighter with it with it. as you run better with inflation. it is this people that suffered the masses off and we got them up. prices have gone up so much that we're not able to buy basic things. even buying simple cloth is not affordable for me. i'm not from tehran, but even in my own city prices are an affordable prices of chicken, meas, rice,
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and so many other foods are increasing. day by day. everywhere in the country is the same. your engines have had to indoor sorting, inflation rates for decades. and while they may complain, there is very little they can't do. but the annual inflation rate and now in september was the highest since 1995 at 45.8 percent. and the figures hovered around say, mark these down with some food supply caused seeing $34.00 digit increased customers, autumn, only ones suffering from small shops ot at risk. both putting out of business. madge, anybody sells carpets into ron's ground buzzer for 5 years. he says he has witnessed a steady decline in business, and he's now struggling to survive the poor, wonderful noise or going towards compared to last year. prices have kept increasing this year. even 3 times we have had an increase in prices. it's had an impact in our business. income has decreased rent fees has gone up again. my income now is
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half of last year. many shops have been shut down. the cause of the highest inflation rate in more than 25 years could be from the mismanagement of the company's economy for the fall out from the corner widest pandemic. but many would argue it is the creepy sanctions imposed by washington over iran's nuclear program . that is the real cause of the crisis. in 2015, western powers had agreed to lift some sanctions against iran in exchange for restrictions on his nuclear activities of the way. but in 2018, do united states under president trump's administration pulled out of the deal. and washington imposed additional sections on iran is tad handle. iran's president abraham bracy has made reviving the 2015 deal a priority. but 8 rounds of negotiations in vienna have yielded nothing so far. iran once sanction lifted immediately and a guarantee that the deal will endure beyond the biden administration before its reduces its uranium enrichment program. do you asked has so far we 1st met at
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a it had that wrong re, inflation under control is the demand of the people. so we're taking measures to address that. and based on statistics, inflation rates are in a downward trend. it's a good beginning that could lead to a drop in high prices, but those measures are in having an impact in the neighborhood stores yet. and for most iranians, the struggle to put bread on the table continues. crystal said that ultra 0 to harass fossils of tennesseans, of protests against the government and the capital tunis. they're asking president chi said and station who. he's been under pressure since july afternoon suck the prime minister, suspended parliament, and seized far reaching powers protest. come on, 11th anniversary of each in his in revolution is to hold. former president z 11th donnelly, agencies are warning of a growing humanitarian crisis in north west nigeria, 10 years of fighting of resources as left hundreds of thousands without food,
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shelter, and medicines. often interest reports now from some foreign estate. ah said, yeah, luna has been in this queue for 2 hours, waiting to receive few kilograms of grains and some 2nd hand baby clothes. the mother of 3 has been displeased twice in 3 years. and during that time, this is the only 3rd occasion she has managed to get any food aid. what this runs out have family who are rely on what they usually eat. when i turned the south and now come in as little albany, if we can't find food, we will live on wild plants and corn husks. although it should be harder now because the reins had stopped. but private individuals, a local groups are trying to ease the suffering, volunteers at some for a circle work, the phones and computers sourcing full funds online. we have started this program, the, the flow of money actually reduced. in fact, it, it stopped. so this is the only money we have to make
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a difference and am going forward. the challenge is still there, the people are still there and their needs are still valid. so we feel the need for continuity. i like i only see the government can do it alone. it has been doing it's about but the void, the group wants to fil, is too big. about 700000 people have been forced from their home since the conflict between farmers and hood is escalated. now semi urban areas are bursting at the seams. attacks on gra, so i rare, but there is a steady rise in the number of people arriving in the city, looking for help, threatening to overstretched, available resources and facilities. they live in extremely high conditions and for 10 years their plight was largely overlooked. they was the victims of nigel, most forgotten, humanitarian crisis. men here feel abundant and can't understand why they've been
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neglected for so long. there are few camps for the displeased with many living on the street. the state government says the camps can only provide temporary relief anyway, and the people will be better going home. will most do every impossible to make sure that we protect most people to deploy much of qualities to go along with them . don't go on men with those communities. in case of any attack is better for us to spend. what about amount for that process? dental coma, half from id please. and dave said capital or look at them. he had a quote. but with images of the latest massacre by an armed gang, still fresh fuel choose to go back to their villages. despite bliss attempts to reassure them. the incident of booking an anchor will not happen again is equated in visible, aren't auto listed, and will continue to do our best. would massive deployment in areas where we ship.
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there are some truth with all the touch coaches. men here say they would rather live on the streets and relative safety and be killed by bandits who show no mercy . how many degrees al jazeera nigeria, parts of south america now and during one of the worst heat waves and decades in argentina, the temperature soaring above 40 degrees celsius. the extreme weather sparking fires and stretching power grid capacity. theresa by reports in the capital when his eyes 30 minutes outside the capital. when a fight is these fire men are struggling to extinguish one of many fires that have taken hold the cross argentina in recent days. the conditions are extreme. this country is going through a heat wave with high is approaching 44 degrees celsius, you mean t rear of the country. and then this will be those yanna on the home in the area.
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he says he's never seen anything like it. you know, middle thanks and if i am in thought they put out all the fire and today they have started again. we are told we have to plow the area around the house to prevent it from spreading. it is the 1st time they are so many fire fires are also burning in the far south impact are going yeah. and other provinces, the government has declared a fire emergency throughout the territory for a period of one year. lack of rain, the heat and the wind guard coughing fires like this one to spread rapidly across the country in this area, there's already several fires ongoing in the province of went site. it's a major concern because it not only has an impact on the environment but also on the economy. me x per se. the situation in june, tina is driven by the weather pattern that causes warm dry weather
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analyst estimate that the lending year could cost the country $8000000.00 thompson crop this year in the fifty's millions are struggling to cope with a heat. a rising energy consumption has generated substantial power cuts the name of a set of movies. we also, we have to be careful these days. first of all, see hydrated, drink much water. avoid heavy clothing, where light, clothing and bright colors. so we have the physical activity during the day. the go and heat wave has also raised the issue of climate change and the possibilities of more extreme weather in the country. when i was case, once the situation is over, science will have to decide whether, what is happening is related to climate change, but it is within the parameters and what we hear could happen more dr. higher temperatures, heat waves that a stronger and last for a longer period. government planning and investment are now being seen f key to adapting to the changing weather patterns and helping origin tina prepare for the
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difficulties that could lie ahead. that is how well under cedar when a site is a columbia, teenagers proving how determination can conquer disability. 13 year old one, jose escobar has become one of the leading striker's local football league despite having no legs. they were amputated when he was just a year old. he uses his arms and hands to move and control the boat. and my gun on come in me, i've never wanted to give up. i always keep on fighting because i know that when i get older, i probably won't be able to play soccer true to my capacity. but right now i need to make the best of it. and what i've been given look, i'm allowed to play torments that. so i'm taking advantage of that ah, type of quick check of the top stories here. this are the u. s. that used russia planning a so called false flag operation in the eastern ukraine. in an attempt to create a pretext for.


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