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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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films about inspiring solutions to global health ado select on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah $1000.00 g m t here on, on val just here on kim all santa maria. welcome to the new south tennis stop novak a joke, a bit used back in detention as he once again fights is deportation from australia . i think he's been exposed as, as a for as, as a liar and nothing. the british public to kind of had enough really also in the news coles guard for the u. k. prime minister to resign. after more revelations of
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parties at dawning street, during code, but 19 locked up. when there isn't an actual crisis to suit their needs, don't make one up. and the pentagon says russia is planning an operation to justify an invasion ukraine. alsco dismisses the accusation, and soon on the waves of hit the shores of the south pacific nation of tona offer an underwater oak panic, a rush, and in sport, moral coast, seal their place. and the last 16 i'll be africa. a couple of native, a join coast that cameron and the knockout rounds after 2 novick tweaking over coma, dean. ah, well, the story keeps on going another joke of it back in detention as an immigration hotel after his visa was revoked for a 2nd time. the tennis star is expected to appeal the decision at a hearing on sunday, which is just the day before the sorry,
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nothing begins. joke of its visit was 1st counselled after questions about his vaccine exemption. that decision was overturned, prompting an intervention by australia's immigration minister. he argued joke a vicious presence could be a health risk and could encourage anti faxing sentiments. let's start with sarah clark. she's following development from brisbin. no joke of which is legal, tame took the visa staff back to the federal court in the last minute bid to stop his deportation. on the eve of the australian open, the tennis champion has been granted a temporary reprieve. as long as this matter is being played out in court, he can stay in australia. the federal government canceled his visa for a 2nd time, arguing that jock of which poses a health risk. and his presence here in australia, fans anti vaccination sentiment and might encourage others not to comply with public health measures. talk of its lawyers, cited an online poll as evidence of widespread support for a ministry area, with 60 percent of australians wanting him to play in the australian open. the
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tennis champion is back in detention. the critics, including the former labor prime minister, kevin rud, argued that scott morrison is using the visa saga as a distraction, as a country records a record number of daily type at 19 infections. joking, which is on court rival raffle. a doll has also white in arguing that this ongoing court battle is a distraction to the main game out on open is much more important than, than any player. so why if his playing finally. okay, if he's not playing her, i'll tell then obama will be a great. that's not an open with or without him. that's. that's my point of view. this saga isn't over yet. the matter is scheduled to return to the federal court for a final hearing on sunday, on the eve of the australian open. and novak joker, which is set for the 1st round of the tournament on monday. that in joke of is home country serbia. the president has now given him his full banking because the curly of which, if you wanted to band novak jock of
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a true winning his 10th australian opened trophy in melbourne, why didn't you deport him immediately? why didn't you tell him that it was impossible for him to get a visa to your country? why do you harassing and not only harass him, but his family and a whole nation, libertarian and proud? is that necessary to win an election? is that necessary to make your citizens like you, president from a small country as a period who can say that to a great prime minister from a large country? so let's have a look at how we actually got to this point. it was only that's not a joke of it was denied entry to australia because it didn't meet the coven 19 requirements. authorities sent him to an immigration detention hotel in melbourne. joke of appeals, he argued. his coven! 19 infection in december meant he was exempt from vaccine requirements, a court overturned the immigration ministry's decision and ordered his release. and organizes of these training opened and included him in the draw for the tennis championship. and then it flipped back on friday, immigration minister alex hawk used his discretionary powers to counsel,
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joke of it to be the once again on health grounds. let's talk to an immigration lawyer about all of this came bone. joining us from melbourne. nice to see you can i feel like as a just laid all of that out there, that the straining government minister for immigration has actually started to muddy the waters further further by saying health risk anti vac sentiment. and all of that when, if it was an immigration issue and a visa issue, maybe it should have been kept that yet look as a really good point. i'm essentially at the grounds that the minister personally cancelled mr. jock, which is phase or on friday, were different to the grounds upon which his voice was cancelled when he tried to went to the country last week or the strain of the mischief. immigration is essentially conceded the health risk point, and it focused on his presence in australia potentially stoking anti vaccine sentiment. here a health with from one person, ah,
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when omicron is all throughout australia and it's difficult to buy that in something to visit it. but i mean it's been totally politicized. look perhaps and, and look, that is a very good point. i essentially the it is the for immigration has made this decision in his personal capacity on that political issue being that direct jock of beaches presence in australia could encourage anti vaccine sentiment and also actions by anti vaccine groups here in australia, in terms of his personal health risks to australia. luca, as i just said, they're essentially conceded that novak personally and does not pose a health risk as an individual, tedious drain public. given our current situation as, as we face it here in australia, hasn't got problems then in the future to the law. say that if you've been thrown out once or if you've been denied once and put into attention once,
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then you can come back for a while. yes, exactly, right. so if you'll visor is canceled here in australia, most phaser applications in the future. a day carrier, a criteria for the grant that you will be bod, from re entry to australia unless compelling raisins exist that affect the interest of australia. it looked that why eva is extremely difficult to obtain. one could argue, obviously, given is to talk a bit. his status and also his participation in the australian open, which is one of the biggest sporting events here in australia that he's present. he would obviously bring em certain economic benefits to australia that monroy's less compelling interest. but still, it's a discretionary grant, and it will be very difficult for mr. jock of each to obtain a visa if he's not successful in these, in these proceedings to thought a wide a key. and in this may be your own personal opinion as well as everyone getting a bit sick of this a bit. if it's the 1st big tennis said,
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grand slam tournament of the year, it's supposed to be an exciting time and, and it's just, you know, i feel in fact the whole tournament, whether he plays or not, the whole tournament will be able to shut it. look, i, i must this, this is my personal opinion. i am a resident of melbourne in victoria where the strain open is being held and but frankly we have had a m 9 as the sporting capitalist, riley. erin and i was the sport ernie ernie central fabric to out to our city. personally, i attended a number of sporting events, but look, i think from a legal perspective and this whole saga has definitely dominated the cycle here. and as immigration lawyer, it's extremely interesting saying at play out the way it has been played out. and the timing's in terms of the immediacy of the visa cancel. evasive and cancel at the border. and then the minister making that decision light on a friday afternoon at 6 o 3 pm, whereby, you know,
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the local legal community was all on line up 250000 people witnessing a hearing at 915 on friday. we're out here in australia and then 9 30 am to morrow morning on a sunday. look, it certainly has spain. yeah. top of the new cycle here. who knows, they might even play some tennis at some point came by and joining us from the sporting capital of the world. melbourne, thank you for your time. thank you. let's move to india new daily, observing another weekend, cursed you to curve rising number of covet infections, all non essential activities have been put on hold. talking to tom reports now from the engine capital. and once again, the streets and the national capital are empty. this is the 2nd weekend of you here in you jelly, which means that on saturday and sunday, most people have to stay at home, only essential services like hospitals and food deliveries are allowed earlier this week daily. so it's highest thing despite, since the pandemic began,
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the positivity rate here is 30 percent, which means that every hard test is positive. no other restrictions continue through the week. there's a night curfew schools have been closed. restaurants are only open for deliveries, and most people are working from home. models of gillian, so it's a big loss for us. a full lockdown is actually better because at least we can go back to a village and there during these we can confuse and we don't own anything. i know for the country several cities like you jelly and one by half see cases div slightly. but that's because of testing which has dropped authorities are now prioritizing death for 5 is patients so asymptomatic contacts of cobra. 900 patients have been asked to simply self isolate. so even though it looks like cases have plateaued, positivity rate has gone up. now i made all of this large scale gatherings, religious gatherings rather has continued, even as most of the country has been under some form of restriction for some time.
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now. west been gone, which is hosting the largest gathering, has seen its highest single day spike since the beginning of the pandemic. now, the courts there are asking authorities to consider postponing upcoming civic pools because of the grown of our situation in the state. now, staff at the official residents of britain's prime minister held regular friday drinks parties during corona virus lockdown. according to a report in the daily mirror newspaper burst. johnson's office is already to apologize to the queen for one such enemy downing street which was on the eve of her husband, prince philip's funeral. last year. then on wednesday, johnson apologized in parliament for attending another drinks event that was may 2020, the opposition, and summon johnson's own party, a calling for the prime minister to resign. but johnson insists he thought he was attending a work event. a senior civil servant is investigating the matter and her findings are expected next week. ah,
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public opinion, very much turning against bars, johnson, although some people having a bit of fun with it. this was a flash mob of partying. johnson lookalikes at the gates of downing street on friday. one has been here, the apology was half hearted. it did even seem to intimate. in his mind, he seemed to believe that the rules were not proclaimed. the guidance was followed . richard became conceivable. yes, cody and demick of what this government are about, what i believe in how they treat the general public. god knows what else goes in that place. so i'm not surprised at all. what i am surprised is that these guys is still hanging on to call despite old is known something that has been getting up to . i think it's, it's absolutely disgusting that somebody who is supposed to be a liter leads by breaking their own rules. i think it, sir, to be honest,
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it's contemptible. the he would, he would do that. the idea was, if you told bryce in parliament, which he has been found out to do, you should rejoin everyone. they said, you put your mas harvard distance and all shorthand, if he's doing all that and he's in his garden, i feel it's okay. the all make mistakes that they have to really make sure. did he say, sorry, the right way to people and i both apologize is wrong, but not a disaster. i kind of universal public opinion, isn't it? let's talk to nat embalmer at a barbara at downing street where the partying bar says of going away for now. but none of these problems going anywhere. nadine tells us about the, the pressures, the internal and external pressures on forrest johnson right now will come out. you saw people very ridiculing the prime minister in the fax or the excuses that have been given for these parties that was on basic of the spot where
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i'm standing outside downing street now today and tomorrow we understand that there are as, as there are series of meetings and zoom halls involved the senior leadership of the conservative party members of parliament and so on because they know they have a growing crisis on their hands. it's not just ridicule, it is fury that they are getting from the general public. we are hearing that term more and more conservative members of parliament are getting angry emails from constituents, from loyal conservative voters and some are even cancelling their party membership, which we very worrying for them. an opinion poll released on friday night, or put the opposition labor party on 42 percent. 10 points ahead of the conservatives. so very worrying for the party right now far is johnson hasn't spoken since wednesday when he apologized in a fashion for attending
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a bring your own booze garden party here in the spring of 2020. but on friday, a whole new series of reported parties here at down the street and in the general white hall area on government premises. su great. a senior civil servant who's looking into the matter is understood to be looking into 3 more 3 leaving or parties. 2 of whom happened in april of last year on the eve of the funeral of prince philip, the husband of queen elizabeth. now of course, she was seen on her own in morning at the funeral service because the guidelines are prevented mixing. and the perception of, of, of that really has increased the anger towards the party to woods downing street. and it led the downing street to apologize to the police. on friday, a deputy spokesperson for boris johnson said, we it,
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it's deeply regretable that this took place at a time of national morning. who yes, that sir. an apology to the parties will allow the public one to know when they all get there to apology and some kind of consequences for the time being cabinet colleagues of boris johnson are sticking behind him saying, let's wait for so great to finish her investigation. but the opposition leader care stormer has called her maurice johnson to go. he'll be speaking of this morning. you're at a conference not far from here. a few name is a parliamentary. i listened to your parliament have said maurice johnson needs to go already. but for the time being, i'll just interrupt you because kim summer is speaking right now. we've got them on screen. we'll have a quick lesson that in barber there. thank you. really fantastic to be with you then. and wow, a lot has happened in the 2 years since our last address you in person. so it's really, really fantastic to be here and i feel i'm back home with you. so thank you so much
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for being here. this morning. i really look forward to this session. i hope you will look forward to the whole day. 2 weeks ago, i set out the terms of labor's new contract with the british people to provide people with the security, the prosperity, and the respect that they deserve. today, i'll concentrate on an aspect of security as i set out, labor's contract for better health. and 2 years ago, we all know the pandemic struck. and as i speak to you this morning, a 150000 of our fellow citizens of lost their lives. i am convinced that as swift a response by the government could have reduced that number cove. it affected every aspect of our lives. children couldn't go to school. imagine that parents couldn't get to work. we couldn't see our families and cove. it is still affecting so many
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of us and the bravery and the scale of health workers is helping to see us through the least we can do to show the respect that they are road is to ensure that we protect the national health service. the national health service cannot look after us if we do not look after it. now this is a political crusade for us in the labor party. the n h. s. is labor's proudest achievement in office. as bevin said, when he introduced the national health service act, the n h s would lift the shadow for millions of homes. but this is also a personal crusade for me. my wife works in our local hospital just up the road. my sister is a care worker and my mom was a nurse in the n h s. she took great pride in what she did all of her working life
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. but she was also, sadly, a long term patient of the natures. i spent a lot of time as a child visiting my mom in hospital. i have never forgotten and i never will forget the care. my mom received her respect with which she was treated. i want that level of care for every one. we all need the security of knowing that the nature is there for us when we need it. that will be what my contract will offer. and i can't stress how badly it's needed. rather than concentrating on getting through the pandemic and bring into our waiting lists. this self indulgent torrie party is having a fight about a leader who they should have no from the start is not fit for office.
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chorus johnson is too preoccupied, defending his rule breaking. and as day follows night when it comes to the national health service, you could never trust the taurus. when witnessing every day, the broken spectacle of a prime minister might in deceit and deception and unable to lead. but was the tor is becca and fight each other on whatsapp? i want to look to the future because the n h us faces new challenges were an aging population. that fact was brutally exposed by a virus. the hit, the oldest, the hardest whims devised new methods of care to help with long term conditions. we need to think about mental as weather's fil a physical health. and we need to think
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not just about how we treat patients, but how we prevent them from falling ill in the 1st place. but before we can think about the future, we have to attend to the present. when labor left office 12 years ago, the conservatives inherited a strong and 8 chess waiting times would the shortest on record. the overall mortality rate for cancer had fallen by 22 percent. that proud record of ours puts the failure of the tory years into sharp relief to day. and h, us waiting lists are the highest since records begun the highest 6000000 people in england, that's more than what a night are waiting for consultations and operations. i'd imagine that most people in this room, no someone who's either waiting for an operation on an eye, a hip or
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a nay, or someone who is worried about the symptoms they're experiencing, but can't get an appointment to see any while the health secretary is admitted that this backlog is going to get worse, and it's all good enough to blame all of this on cove. it. this mess has been much longer in the making. at vis. government has to bear the responsibility waiting lists what the highest on record before the virus arrived. average life expectancy has stalled, after decades of improvement, the broken spectacle of a prime minister, mired in deceit and lies, is how the leader of the british opposition why sir kia stammer as just describes the current situation in british politics. he's actually there outlining our issues to do with for the n h s the national health service,
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but did keep referencing and actually let me bring in. nadine barbara correspondent on this one who is listening that amy kept referencing even before he talked about the tory party, he was talking about respect, respect for the n h s. i think that was quite pointed i guess so come out because behind all of this as kissed armor, reminded people just that the official death toll from covet 19 in the u. k. rose above 150000 just this week, and by another account, a more or a more broader care, a broad counts of the death toll which takes into account all debts where covet 19 is mentioned on invest certificate. it's above 170000. and the reason that he was bringing that in is because part of the anger that's felt over the parties here in downing street. and that government premises in this area is the huge sacrifice is
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that people had to make to follow the covet 19 rules. and so he's, he said that people weren't allowed we, he said we couldn't see our families, children couldn't go to school. parents couldn't get to work. he was talking mainly about the strictest locked down in the spring of 2020. when or as far as johnson had to admit in parliament on wednesday, there was a, bring your own booze garden party here in downing street which he attended. it's not thought that far is johnson attended in fact, downing street saying that he wasn't at those latest leaving parties on the eve of prince phillips funeral. but the general anger that this whole scandal has caused is because so many people around the country did follow the rules, went to great lengths to do so, couldn't go to funerals,
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couldn't see dying relatives in care, homes and so on and kissed armor personalized the whole issue there when he paid tribute to the chess for looking after his mother saying he would never forget or the that the way the treatment that she got. he pray pay tribute to the bravery of u. k. health workers reminding people that there's still a pandemic corner as well, not to forget. and he said that voice johnson was too busy, defending himself from a rule breaking to actually be able to, oh, get a grip on this health crisis. not in bother outside downing street on this news. our thank you now deemed that is sick. he has some of the leader of the british opposition. labor party outlining his plans are for the national health service. but of course, commenting on the current situation with the conservative party controversies. ah,
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let's move on to the news. the united states is accused russia planning a so called false flag operation in easton ukraine. in an attempt to create an excuse for an invasion, the pentagon says there's evidence russian agents might already be in the country to carry out acts of sabotage and to then blame ukraine for them. a kremlin spokesman has dismissed the reports as unfounded. this report from mike hannah after a week of negotiation. busy in 3 european cities, there are no signs of any diplomatic breakthrough. and a warning from the white house at the ukraine crisis could escalate even further. with a claim that russia is planning to create a pretext for an invasion, we have information that indicates rush has already prepositioned a group of oper, dance to conduct a false flag operation in eastern ukraine. the operatives are trained and urban warfare and in using explosives to carry out acts of sabotage against russia's own
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proxy forces from everybody. the allegation was echoed. ready by the u. s. defense department, we already have in addition, indications russian influence actors are already starting to already starting to fabricate ukrainian provocations are that, that are in both state and social media to again try to justify in advance some sort of pretext for incursion. claims to that. russia was behind a cyber attack on ukrainian government websites that shut them down for a period of time. the words be afraid and fear the worst. we're also projected on several official sites. but any scheduled annual news conference, the russian foreign minister dismissed the allegations and maintain that it was the us and its allies that was stalling the diplomatic process by not responding to russia's demand that nato membership for ukraine be taken off the table. as you
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say, we are waiting for the written reaction. we have reasons to believe that our partners have understood the necessity to react quickly precisely and on paper. and they have understood that we are not going to wait forever. but of course, there are plans to drag it on and on. the us senate is continuing to debate imposing sanctions on russia. and while there's bipartisan agreement on the need for strong action, there's disagreement about the details. the bill is not passed. democrats rejected the proposal by republican senator ted cruz to sanction a gas pipeline from russia to germany. probably every single one of us in this chamber agrees that the united states must be strong and confronting potent and his destabilizing tactics in eastern europe and in ukraine. but my colleagues as my colleagues made clear this morning, senator cruz his bill in our opinion, is the wrong answer at this time to deter
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a president. putin's aggression. the white house insists that sanctions against russia should not impact on allies like germany. walking a tightrope as it attempts to define what form sanctions should take my kind of ultra 0 washington. and now to moscow, to speak to dmitri babbage, political analyst for us to go now, which is a russian state and news media company. dmitri, thank you for your time. there is absolutely no surprise that the kremlin has denied this, but i also feel that the united states probably wouldn't have gone quite so public with it if they didn't have something to back it up. what's been your take on this well, the night as they went probably go with allstate, agent many times before. just remember iraq in 2003 and many are the census the very expression for. ringback flag back is usually used by a conspiracy theory, because this is something that you can walk through or disprove. in this situation,
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the story with a cyber attack again, is very strange because a cyber attack is a situation where we can just rely on the statement. so all the bring in government and the brain and coma lie and showed himself to be corrupt. so many times before. i mean, your correspondence said that there was a message, fear the war, but he didn't say that officially, the carcass said they were from poland. and they were, they can revenge for they actions or you bring your procedure nationalists against the board of population in the us. again, i would not believe and because i hackers can do anything, but unfortunately the ukrainian government also can do anything they can claim anything. they want about be in effect. i mean, why would that mean it's your sports. would russia nice, jo, sports of your brain that doesn't make any sense. so then we're just,
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we're just in a situation then when everyone says everyone else is lying, all parties, the u. s, ukraine, russia, you can throw in nature, there is, well, it can you see any way out of this impasse at the moment when no one wants to back down? well, i think there are 2 ways forward because there are facts that you can deny that you cannot lie about the legally left the president of ukraine without that, with that open house tonight, the space on from the you in 2014 the people in the east ukraine, one whole separate yes. by the us media, by the west media. these are just the people who didn't accept the look at that election results in 2000 them. okay. i'm so sorry to interrupt. i'm talking more about what's happening right now. i know there is history here, but we've got an acute situation now with russian troops near ukraine with russia
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saying nature, you need to not let ukraine into your group. the us now talking about this. it is, it is a very, very delicate situation right now. you are exactly right, so the 1st speak to the fact and 2nd, let's not move away from the main a young that we just to prevent war in eastern europe, that i am sure. no one was neither russian all the way. so the way for what i think is negotiation, why is russia medicine, so the water with your great, your grading is, i mentioned bruce next to that. so hold rebel, reduce your grain somehow, you know, all the leaders of these military. ready leaders, so these rebel regions where essentially that in the last years, including the president of people's republic, the hopkins are estimated by sports. would you say no relation to and, and after the russian troops,
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a mass on the border with your brain. we finally had negotiation with united states and with nato. the 1st was in 7 years and passionately, you're right. that was a positive set. the 3 lots of talks in one week in the fact that even though nothing was achieved, they said they do want to keep talking. but also there still remains this demand from, from russia that ukraine not be allowed to join nato. i mean, really is that a reasonable demand to be telling another group who they are allowed to not allowed to have in that's a very reasonable demand before you look at the map in your mind and now it was not russia once it was the west, it was natal expand in 2 or 3000 miles east works again next to st. petersburg. you know, st. petersburg is now in a box right. related to finish going it. if you're great, joyce made no major will have a legal reason to do. boy, it's me, styles,
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30300 kilometers away from moscow. the heart of russia, where all the russian government agents are. so if you grade becomes a member of nato, that will be a threat to humanity. because the only way you ration will be able to defend itself, i mean, you could say is switching to the nuclear option immediately if, if we have nato troops and one that's already been or if they're on a train, that means walk and all the be nuclear that's a huge threat to manage on the russia to be treat babich and ross goes near joining us on this news out. thank you for your time. we appreciated in the news ahead 25 years on from the 1st moment. we take a look at what still needed to be done to clear countries of land mines, forbes magazine, really, since most of the richest youtube stars is the video platform sees a pandemic and in sport australia. amy to finish the ashes again with another
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winsanovic. ah hello, the weather slipping large dry across a good part of europe over the next couple of days we got our big area of high pressure keeping it reasonably quiet. so we have got some where to where just rolling across the high range state, the snow coming into our parts of scandinavia. we'll see some wet weather coming into norway's. go on through sat stay, still some significant snow, of course, over the high ground, some snow still in the forecast over towards that western side of russia, but quieter than it has been recently. follow that keen wind that we do have around our high down towards ukraine, pushing across the black sea, picking up the moisture there through the blacks in dumping a fabulous snow whenever northern parts of turkey over the next couple of days as
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we go on into sunday we will see increasing snow just coming back into the baltic states, but more snow there for norway at this stage as well. but with the winds picking up should at least see the fall clearing away from the u. k. and ireland, where to weather those increasingly rain, sleet and snow, just making its way across northern france to sliding down into a good part of central germany to the south. that is fine, dry and quiet if a little on the cool side and cool enough to across northern parts of africa. still a few showers there for northern libya, and also the final east of each it ah coveted beyond well taken without hesitation. fulton died for power defines our wild lawns. lou babies were dying. i did not in your bed wish it's neglected babies to death,
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beeble and power investigates, exposes, and questions from the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al jazeera, we town the untold stories. ah, we speak when others done, ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us a fear, sir. god, well my, i am power impartial. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net al jazeera, hulu. ah,
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you on the news are here al jazeera and these are our top stores, novick joke ventures back in immigration detention after his visa was cancelled for a 2nd time. the 10 star will appeal the decision at a hearing on sunday. just a day before the straining of begins. in his capital knew dailies observing another, we can curfew on a curve, the rising number of covert infections. all non essential activities have been put on hold. and he's been reporting more than 250000 cases a day for the past week. and more revelations of u. k. government policies during lockdown are emerging. the daily mirror newspaper says weekly drinks gatherings took place. a scene yet government civil servant is investigating the matter. iran has one of the highest inflation rates in the world . the 60 percent. it is nelson's 2018. it has risen, and while it's new, government says improving the economy is a priority. so many are still struggling. wrestle soda has our report from tetra,
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these shopping bags get lighter with each was it as the rom bathers with inflation . it is this people that suffered the most valuable enough and we got enough prices have gone up so much that we're not able to buy basic things. even buying simple cloth is not affordable for me. i'm not from tehran, but even in my own city prices are an affordable prices of chicken, meas, rice, and so many other foods are increasing. day by day. everywhere in the country is the same. iranians have had to endure sorta inflation rates for decades. and while they may complain, that is very little they can't do. but the annual inflation rate announced in september was the highest since 1995. at $45.00 a person and the figures hovered around say, mark says down with some food supply caused seeing triple digit increase customers, autumn, only ones that soften him. some small shops ought to respond. going out of business, magic by the cells. carpets inter ron's grand bizarre for 5 years,
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he says he has witnessed a steady decline in business and is now struggling to survive. although as the applause one along the way they're going to hold another thoughtful compared to last year, prices have kept increasing this year. even 3 times we have had an increase in prices. it's had an impact and our business income has decreased. rent, fees have gone up again. my income now is half of last year. many shops have been shut down. the cause of the highest inflation rate in more than 25 years could be from the mismanagement of the company's economy for the fall out from the corner widest pandemic. but many would argue it is the creepy sanctions imposed by washington over iraq nuclear program. that is the real cause of the crisis. in 2015, western powers had agreed to leave some sanctions against iran in exchange for restrictions on his nuclear activities of a rang. but in 2018, do united states under president crops administration pulled out of the deal. and
1:41 pm
washington impose additional sections on iran is tat mendel. iran's president abraham gracie has made revive in the 2015 deal a priority. but a trons of negotiations in vienna have yielded nothing so far. iran wants sanction lifted immediately, and i guarantee that the deal will endure beyond the biden and administration before it is to reduce it uranium enrichment program. the u. s. has so far the 1st wrong re, inflation under control is the demand of the people. so we're taking measures to address and based on statistics, inflation rates on a downward trend. it's a good beginning that could lead to a drop in high prices. but those measures are having an impact in the neighborhood stores yet. and for most iranians, the struggle to put brad on the table continues there so sad that osha 0 to her own it was 25 years ago that princess diana walked through a land mine infested area of angola. it was an event that attracted worldwide media
1:42 pm
attention shining a light on the danger. mine's pose a few months later, the united nations in and acted the anti minefield treaty, which many countries have been signed. 25 years after that sa treaty banned the use of their minds, though millions are still at risk. 164 countries signed up to the agreement in 1997 . but when mines killed more than 7000 people last year alone, civilians account for the majority of those casualties. most of them in places like syria, molly, ukraine, and nigeria, and 30 percent of those killed were children with more than $1800.00 killed in 2020 countries with the largest mind territory include again, ukraine of cambodia, bosnia herzegovina, and afghan. austin. but countries that did not sign the treaty of not really fair figures, and that includes china, north korea, cuba, armenia and south korea. when i talked to paul mccann about this head of communications at the halo trust, which is an
1:43 pm
n g o working to clear land mines is with us from gloucestershire in the u. k. thank you for your time today. i don't dwell too much on princess diana, because i think that the story is bigger than her now. but would it be fair to say that the, the action that happened in the late ninety's probably wouldn't have happened without that moment? her? absolutely. diana transformed the debate around landmines from them being something that was to do with miller treason. that were a weapon of war into something that was a humanitarian issue. she kind of shown a light on the kind of appalling morals shock of a weapon. this can never discriminate against who stands on it and then stays in the ground for decades after it's been laid. i was in to by way, last month, landmines were laid extensively in about 1975, but that war ended in 1979. and for decades after that, the local people be living with thousands of land mines that stop them getting to the water sources or getting to school. so what she did really transform the debate
1:44 pm
around the issue. okay. so, so many countries still have, as you pointed out, the issue of land mines. what is the biggest obstacle? is it that i imagine clearing them away or is it incredibly delicate operation? requires probably a lot of people, a lot of time and money or is there not enough awareness about the issue or maybe a bit of both? i don't want to require to remove my minds is essentially political will and funding. the more funding there is, the quicker our minds can be removed, but you're right. it's an incredibly painstaking effort to remove minds. it's easy to put them in cheap to produce, but it's actually quite expensive to deal with them because you have to make sure that you handle land back, that you know to be a 100 percent clear and a 100 percent safe. so, you know, from, in some places we work with heavy equipment with machinery. they said like a rack in this, in urban centers, we are able to, to clear i d 's quite rapidly. but in other places it's almost like
1:45 pm
a finger tip search. and you have been using delicate tools to deal with things, so it can be an expensive business because you want to hand back land. it's completely say all those people who've been killed by them and, and you know, their families are devastated by that. families left behind, did they, did they get any justice is, is there any way if it's known the country or the group which less than their, their, their legal avenues. i'm just wondering for all that so many people who are still affected by them, what they can get. well you, there is a big political questions about responsibility for conflict. and, you know, there are multiple narratives around every conflict about who's to play have as job really kind of allows ignore the politics and get to the places where people are being harmed. and to do our utmost to, to, to remove those home and get them out the way. the important thing i think about my career and says, unlike set, another kind of humanitarian activities. once
1:46 pm
a lot of my, the goal is gone forever. so we can really transform places that mine fields that diana walked in 25 years ago. probably the most famous and most photograph mind fields in the world is now a really thriving community. it's a busy street just in the out. just at the center of one, both the 2nd city and i go there are 3 further education college as bad as a school, the clinics. it's really and it's what happens once minds a gone is people forget that it was ever a minefield. the children go up there to prince harry visited a couple of years ago. he told him that they had no idea that that would be the ones that diana had visited. gosh, what, just as a tremendous job, i'm glad we could talk to you about a poem, can joining us from the u. k. today. thanks very much for central and south american countries have agreed to further protect one of the world's most important marine ecosystems. because i guess marine reserve is home to many critically endangered species, ecuador, costa rica, panama,
1:47 pm
and colombia will now expand the area under that protection and ban fishing in some parts will bring the milky lo, made to lock in north. there will be no extracted activities allowed within a 30000 square kilometer zone. the protected area includes critically endangered ecosystems migration roots and feeding grounds for endangered maritime species. saudi saudi or noise, solomon thing to protect these areas is to grant that they won't be exploited, but to grant the survival of more than 40 percent of the marine species worldwide phase you to australia, where an iceberg is melting in sidney harbor. here it is acrobat performing on a block of ice which is suspended 20 meters in the air melting in the summer heat, of course, slowly shrinking the stage on which they stand stumped turned. performance has been organized by a local theatre company meant to spot some conversations about climate change.
1:48 pm
kenya is stepping up its efforts to reach total energy self sufficiency by the year 2030 country already gets 90 percent of its heavier tricity from natural sources, acquitting solar power and has the largest single wind power facility in africa to support us from catherine soy. the blades of $365.00 tar binds, rotate on the edge of lake to cana. this wind farm, the largest in africa, is perched on a stretch of rocky desert in north, in kenya. yet it is key to the countries plans to have a fully green energy supply by 2030 with a capacity to dispense $310.00 megawatts of low cost power. it will increase energy supply by 30 percent. those who leave and walk in masa bit home to the wind farm can't wait to be connected, but some are not happy. it's not already happened. season of clear thought,
1:49 pm
you lot of problems, we will end telecom, we're told the wheat energy will help us when it comes, but it's taking too long to teach us that. that is one of the theory does in pena's skill running on generating people here. say they want to go green and benefit from the wind farm. many are increasingly using solar energy to power. the whole renewable energy from natural sources, including geothermal, weaned solar and hydro electric account for about 90 percent of kenya's electricity needs. the country's electricity company is also diversified by using geothermal, steam for other uses. it's record dated impact in agriculture because we have the clean houses. we are growing our hot carter. we have fish. that is also agriculture . we have drink of crops. if we didn't want to get to lodge skin farmers even before who had rico my sure life, we have to fit them adjustment to as you're done with him. all this makes kenya a global leader in climate change. but some analysts say that in itself may not
1:50 pm
help you. the developed world does not do better option one is to continue investing in cleaning mechanisms for the already, for you to invest. option 2 is to invest a new renewable technologies and clean technologies in africa. and make use of the collegial africa that is the cheaper the cheapest option we should sell now, and that's what the wild features. jafar, abduct. mine says. all he wants is a clean and a more reliable pass horse to run his business. catching sight, aldi's, ear, or sabot canyon. couple more stories before we get to sports unami, waves of hit the shores of the south pacific notion, tongue are after an underwater volcanic eruption follows a series of eruptions from the hunger tongue. the hunger ha, by volcano, which started on friday, the advisory has been issued for large parts of the region with authorities wanting
1:51 pm
people to stay away from coastal areas and we'll have a full report on that. in our next news bulletin. forbes magazine has released its list of richest youtube stars, the highest earner a 23 year old jimmy donaldson. the beast, apparently no mister based. he's called, i'm sorry. his $10000000000.00 plus views on youtube earned him $54000000.00. sites top 10 highest earned has made an estimated $300000000.00 in total, which makes me wonder, what are the rest of us doing? son has got sport. that's what she's doing. edgar, i had to call while i found the da says the australian open is more important than just one player. and that he's getting tired of the know back joke of it. controversy dominating the build up to the years that 1st a grand slam joke of it to has returned to government detention and faces the port ation. net from australia after his visa was cancelled up for 2nd time. the well,
1:52 pm
number one, it will appeal, it gets a decision in a hearing on sunday. he's due to start his title defense in melbourne the following day. well i tell you, i think it's, it's very clear that no lack in coverage is a, is a, is one of the best players of the history without a doubt but days no one play and he studied, that's the, that's, that's more important than, than an event now because the plaza stays on then goes and then all players are coming. not so no one knew. and roger novak myself, a b on boy who was amazing, got his time. santa dennis, i keep going and i was probably an open. it's much more important than, than, than any player. so why if he's playing finally. okay, if he's not playing and album will be a great after them open with or without him. that's. that's my point of view. about his he much, i mean every one chose he's, he's wrote hunter,
1:53 pm
i respect ah, himself as a, as a person of course and as a, as an athlete, without a doubt i, i respect a lot. no. so i wish him all the best and i, i, i really respect him and if, even if i am not agree with a lot of things that, that, that, that he did the last last couple of weeks. while some other leading players are showing more sympathy for joke of it, to all, number 2, danny, amid would have believed the case has been badly handled by the australian authorities. i want to say about another situation that it's, you know, where in australia it's their rules. but from what i know if, if again, he has a valid exemption to be in this country and to, to do what he wants than he should play. if the exemption is not valid or something
1:54 pm
else is not valid, well, any country can deny your answer. so i know that yesterday, prime minister, let's say said no, i didn't really read anywhere. why? so that's what interest me to know. the reason because he had a visa, right, so i don't think he would have traveled here just by luck without him thinking that he would be able to play in with him having the right authorization to be in the country. so if you would have the visa, you would think that you would be playing. i think novak is a very big name and as a global superstar and i think and that he is. ready someone that maybe, you know, people think that they can make a big deal out of a just because it's novick football. now moral cause through to the last 16 of the africa couple of nations. they beat to camara said to and nail fell. him am law and
1:55 pm
zachary, yeah, book layla, getting the goals for the atlas van lines. a victory means the north africans have 6 points from 2 games in group si, fi looking to win the torment for a 2nd time. oh, fire broke house at the end of group sees other game which so gonna suffer another set back to their title hopes and gonna we're looking good for the window. when andy i you put them ahead in the 1st half, but gabon grabbed lady calissa, 11 drawer leaves ganeth bed with just one point from 2 games on cobalt. our 2nd a. with a full point. now we have kept their hopes of advancing alive after trailing against them. bob way, they got back into the game with a great finish celebration that followed was perhaps even more impressive. govern. you'll handle the spoils. that goal. he also got the winner in the 2nd half to on the final school allow. he said that in group be with 3 points from 2 games. he
1:56 pm
huge game coming up in the english premier league would leave his majesty's city taken on title rivals. chelsea. chelsea sits 2nd in the table, but trail city by 10 points. the fun to do out here is because we are consistent in the toughest month in november, especially december with there are many games and and, and how we overcome the got a she to wishes that we had in the squad with the problems you had an injury in college, i'm always in for a good fight, but i'm also always very realistic. she looked back and into our last games. when we have our squadron through goodman, we are good shape we. we are always up for, for, for, for a good fight with men city and we will always stare to, to push them to the limit and to ask some questions that they don't like maybe to answer. adding holland has been adding yet more goals to his impressive collection
1:57 pm
that he scored twice. and a 51 went over for a book in the german gland. as ega region has now 4078 goals in 77 matches for dockman. when moves his team at 2 than 3 points of legally this by munich, by him play colon lake to this saturday. and australia looking good to finish the ashes series against england with another when england or bulldog. 400. 88 on day 2 of the 5th tests in tasmania pot. cummings, it took the key. wicked of jo roots, australia are now listened to build up a mat winning 2nd innings. lead. are already 3 know up in the series. and that's if we come out. thank you santa. and you'll be back later. want your yes on his back and onyx news, our 1300 hours gmc, i'll pop along with that as well. in the meantime,
1:58 pm
tim vanelle has all the latest news here and out 0 in just a couple of minutes. ah, ah. and americans are increasingly say authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, if you like, tried to cover what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me is political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics and policy, and the impact on the world. on al jazeera m, each and every one of us had to go to responsibility. to change our personal space
1:59 pm
for the mid a in we could do this experiment. and if by diversity could increase just a little bit and that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in getting these people to pick up the collect the segregated, say the business, extremely important service that they provide to the city i. we need to take america to trying to bring people together, trying to deal with people who can left behind dictatorships to democracy. active is to corporations. control of the message is
2:00 pm
crucial. be it for public opinion or profit. the listening post examines the vested interests behind the content you can see on al jazeera, ah oh, tennis donna, that joke of it is back in detention as he fights deportation from australia. ah, hi there, i'm kimbell. this is al jazeera live from dough off also coming up the brokerage spectacle of a prime minister by the deceived to suck, should i'm unable to lead calls grove, the u. k. prime minister to resign not to more revelations of parties at downing street during college.


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