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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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to you should by our oil, be it for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume. on al jazeera, the gender c volcano, a rob sneed tongue, extending synonymy waves across the south pacific and warnings as far away as japan and the us west coast. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera live from dough house that are coming up to me, crohn case detected in china's capital with the winter olympics in beijing. just weeks away. russia has dismissed washington's accusations. its planning is sabotage
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operation in ukraine to justify an invasion. and kenneth, for number one novak junkie. she's back in an australian detention hotel fucking anger in his native sylvia. ah, we begin. in tonga, the tiny pacific nation has witnessed its biggest undersea volcanic eruption in decades. it's triggered as synonymy warning in tongue as largest island tongue, a top who as well as the capital waves, then hit the american samo as largest island survived. and several islands have been watch strategies. no folk island remains under threat of flooding. the explosive russians were heard 2000 kilometers away in new zealand.
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and warnings have been extended right down the astronomy in coast from queensland to victoria. and now japan and as far away as the us west coast, andrew chappelle has moved to whom the trunk of whom hi paul quino in the south pacific ocean, about 70 kilometers north of the tang and capital due to a low fall has been active in recent days, it's a rupture sending asked more than 20 kilometers into the sky on friday. another option on saturday was so violent, it was seen from space and register 2000 kilometers away in new zealand. it triggered us unami, which had combo within 20 minutes. waves crashing ashore on the main island on the top and violent astern, skies over the capital of black as night. presidents of low lying islands in the area have been told to stay in doors where a mask outside and cover rainwater reservoirs due to the falling ash and acid rain . here's how one woman described it to her family and friends like explosions in
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town. i guess you're from the okay. no. and they like literally popped all your job and everyone just rolls. everyone throws in town and then just like when pitch black didn't please her to hire. if you are in the danger zone, warnings to for those further away in fiji and american samoa tongue, a geological services say this latest direction was 7 times more powerful than a previous one in december. and there may be more to common inter chappelle out to 0 diplomatic efforts to de escalate the rising tension between russia and ukraine and now gathering pipes in the coming days. the foreign ministers of germany and canada are expected in the region. the talks of kids and moscow will have their work cut after them though after the week ended under the shadow of a new looming crisis. the u. s. government says russia is planning a full flag operation in ukraine to justify an invasion. the kremlin denies the
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accusation to china now and by jane has reported its 1st community case of the only kron variance is called. the 19 the positive infection is from the cities northwest and high dion district. china detected it 1st community infection of the crone last week in the northern city of t engine, prompting a snap lockdown. the country is less than 2 weeks away from staging. the winter olympics with by jing is one of the venues for the games. for more on this, let's bring in jewels boycott. he's a professor and department chair of politics and government at pacific university. he joins us via skype from portland. oregon, thanks for being on the program. at china has been taking the 0 tolerance approach to cova, and most recently the only con variant. what impact do you think this one infection will have on how the olympic games are held? well, new data suggest decreased efficacy of china's vaccines against the omicron barion,
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which shouldn't surprise any one's. since western vaccines have also shown lower protection against omicron. and so they're locked downs should probably help contain it to a certain degree. but we saw similar types of measures put into place around the tokyo olympics, which just happened a few months back. and still, even with those new measures, more than $800.00 cases of corona virus emerged inside the so called olympic bubble . so because of the transmitter ability, we have serious problems on our hands in regards to the beijing olympics. just look at the recent us figure skating trials, where omicron rage and it really disrupted a lot of the qualification events around these very olympics and beijing circles. this is obviously going to change the way athletes proport or for the, for the game. so it's this part of the course. this is incredibly difficult for athletes right now. they are already under incredible stress just to make it to the olympics in the 1st place. you throw the corona virus element in there and now you
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have extra stress on top of it. and so they're taking every measure they can possibly take, but everybody knows at this point that you can be extremely careful and still catch omicron. and so there's a lot of fear rippling through the athletic community that their dream could come short because of the fact that on the chrome pops up on their plane ride over to participate in the beijing olympics. and that could be out, you know, that just because of flying over there, they could not necessarily compete in the games. so, jewels we've seen the pandemic rate havoc with floating events around the globe, including the tokyo olympics. so how much of a test is this now? the wind lympics, in terms of the world's recovery. this is a huge test. i mean, holding an optional sporting event during arranging pandemic is not a good idea. scientists have been jumping up and down. epidemiologists have been saying, this is a bad idea, and yet the sports world has rammed ahead against the advice of medical professionals. really, the bottom line for this is the international limpid committee,
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the switzerland based nonprofit organization that oversees the olympic games needs to ram ahead. they might be a nonprofit organization, but they're incredibly profitable to the tune of billions of dollars rolling into their coffers from each and every olympics. so people might wonder, why don't they just put these on hold? well, the international committee need that infusion of money. they want to keep the money spigot open and public healthy. be damned. we've got money to make here. well, we appreciate your insight. thank you very much for joining us, jo. jose boy, cough a professor and department here. politics in government at pacific university. appreciate your time. thank you, emily. tell it's returned to our top story now and that large underwater, a russian tongue. the rob reynolds is on the phone now from los angeles, where evacuation orders have been issued. rob, this is incredibly far away from where that volcano actually happened. what are you hearing on the ground in terms of warnings?
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well, what the authorities are actually saying, emily is that people should be aware and should stay away from coastal areas. this is a synonymy advisory, which is of a lower i guess, level of concern than a synonymy warning, but all the way from hawaii to alaska and all along the u. s. pacific coast, including here in southern california, residents are being asked to move away from the coastline, go to higher ground, do not go down to the beach to watch the whole. the army come ashore. some marinas, harbors and other areas where people go for voting purposes. have been closed and evacuated. beaches have also been evacuated here in los angeles county and in other parts of the law of the southern california. and
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what they're saying is, if you're located in this area, you should move off the beach, get out of the marina, don't go down to watch the sanaa me and be alert instructions from local emergency officials. the actual size of the way that's anticipated is less than a meter 30 to $60.00 centimeters in some coastal areas. though it's not the size of a way that has congo or the one that hit the indian ocean area after that horrible earthquake more than 10 years ago in sumatra. but nevertheless, the authorities say that it could cause some coastal flooding could cause a strong rip currents and dangerous title clothes. so if people are going
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the water, which we will actually do at this time of year for surfing and for other reasons, they should, they should get out immediately. there were waves crashing ashore on the island of hawaii in the state of hawaii. 2.7, the that's a little less than a meter, but the local officials there said that there was no reported damage in only minor flooding throughout the islands. hawaii. so people here are being advised to stay on their guard. no major disruption is anticipated. however, stay off the beach if you're in. if you're along the pacific coast of the united states, that's the word. emily. indeed, thank you very much, rob and you know it's 9. i am in the morning there on a saturday morning. so people would be waking up hearing these warnings. i mean from what you've been able to say. and most people listening to that advice about
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staying away from, from the beach front. those who have heard it would, would be able to take that advice. 1 very a very, there is a very large system of light guards and beach controls, coast guard, and other up lisa and law enforcement. and search and rescue forces in this area of california. so if you scrolling down to the beach, you haven't turned on the radio or got the news on your iphone. you'll probably encounter a life guard or police officer. it'll say, sorry, the beach is closed, has been at synonymy and you can't, you can't walk down to the water here. so those are some of the measures that have been put in place. there's always the difficult problem of people who want to see
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for themselves when there's this kind of a natural unusual natural phenomenon. but the lease in the life guards forces will be trying to keep people away from danger. ok, rob, and just in terms of the history of that area, i mean, this is something that people from los angeles have heard about before. i mean, this is quite an unusual thing to be getting warnings about an issue that's happened as far away as, as some ally and the pacific. extremely unusual, very, very unusual for this part of the pacific coast in northern california. there have been past anomalies from earthquakes or undersea land wide things of that nature that have hit small cities. there's a city called crescent city in northern california, near the oregon border that has been damaged by those events. in the 1900 sixty's.
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there was an enormous earthquake in alaska and the waves did come ashore and cause a lot of damage, but that was quite a long time ago. and as the recent decades, they worry in southern california about earthquakes. that might happen here in a very active size. make zone and people are much more preparing or anticipating or even worrying to a certain extent about the bigger earthquake that might happen in california rather than an assault by nature, from the sea. and what else are you hearing for from authorities at this early stage? could you just repeat some of those warnings that you did? explain to us at the sound of this in to be sure from the national weather service synonymy alert their tweet is saying, and a synonymy advisory is in effect, which means
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a dangerous wave is on the way the strong and unusual currents are expected along the coast. and in bays, arenas and harbors, people are urged to move to higher ground and stay away from the shore and to pay attention to local emergency officials. so this is an advisory rather than a warning. and it is widespread all the way from southern california to alaska, on the pacific coast. and even in hawaii, where some waves have crashed ashore, not causing any major damage, marinas and boat yards and things of that nature. in the san francisco bay area, the city of berkeley have been close and elsewhere. and again, people are being urged to stay away from the shore. the way that i expect to be less than
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a meter high by the time it reaches california and is therefore not expected to cause massive damage. but if a person was in the water rip currents and dangerous title calls could be an issue and could produce some danger. so people are being urged just stay away from the shore. they out of the water by all means. ok. thank you. robin. just stand the line with us because we'll just repeat the information on this top story, the tiny pacific nation of tongue that has witnessed its biggest undersea volcanic eruption in decades. i mean the, the vision that you seeing from the satellite is just extraordinary. it's on the some the with showing pictures of it right now. it's just, it's just an incredible saying from space you were mentioning that you've had this the mornings from where you are. but you also mentioned to why before, what are you hearing from hawaii in terms of their warnings and what they're being told to do the pacific tsunami warning service,
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which is based on why did issue and advisory to all of the islands in the y and archipelago and the wave has passed through there. now it was again let's see, was less than a meter tall. just about a meter in height. there was some video that it has been put out showing at the way crashing issue are in the island of hawaii. again, no loss of life, no damage to property, reported. and officials from the pacific tsunami service in hawaii, or, or saying they're, they're grateful that the, the emergency there appears to be over. ok. well, i guess, you know, the vision that we are saying from tongue it does seem to be a little bit more stream in terms of large waves and damage in the light. but we haven't been able to get any details at this stage about how widespread that gamut
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damage is. and whether or not there's been any injuries or loss of life. what are you able to tell us in terms of what you're hearing about other regions impacted? well certainly the reports from tonga indicate that there was a considerable size that did smash into the island and to the islands capital city . there were reports that the king of tonga was evacuated along with his family from the low lying royal palace. people are being urged to seek higher ground. there are some pictures of inundated streets in tonga. and that of course, being the nearest populated area to this under ground are under water. undersea volcano naturally is, is the one that took the hardest hit,
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the actual, the rupture itself. and this in suing synonymy alert all across the pacific basin is, is extremely unusual, according to us, emergency officials who, who say that an undersea volcano is, is much more sort of unpredictable factor as a the cause of tsunami. rather than more predictable and more well studied, earthquake of various types of earthquakes have been studied and their ability to generate synonymy by waves has been calculated but an undersea volcano exploding, as you said in such a spectacular fashion. as we can see from the satellite photos, so much energy generated by this explosion. it's more difficult because there's simply less experience with it to calculate how they synonymy waves
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would behave. so that is certainly something that scientists are going to be looking at in the future. but for the immediate moment, now the danger for the people who conduct they're definitely going to need some help. one would expect that they will appeal to the international community and 2 neighboring larger countries, such as australia or new zealand to assist them in recovering from this we have, i have no information about the impact if any of the high water synonymy waves on new zealand or the other more populated islands in the south pacific. but i'm sure as time goes i will get that information. emily, indeed robin, there will just be waking up. those nations will be waking up and coming allison i will get an update from them. we appreciate that report rob reynolds live for us in
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los angeles and just repeating what rob was saying in the us. the national synonymy warning center said the west coast including california, oregon, washington, alaska, and the canadian province of british columbia could say strong currents and waves as a result of these undersea volcanic eruption. one of the biggest in decades need hunger . it's triggered as some nami, in tongue is the largest island as well as the capitol, the waves that hit americans demo of the largest island and several other islands of van washington. even as far as astrology and you feelings have been put on alert . the warnings have extended down as strongly as coast from queensland to victoria . and now it's far as japan. and as we've been hearing from our correspondent reynolds to the us west coast, so we will keep you updated as more information comes to hand. ok, moving on now and there are more revelations of the u. k. government holding parties during corona virus locked downs. the daily mirror newspapers says,
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drinks gatherings took place weekly, more than a dozen such occasions have now come to life. the leader of the opposition labor parties is boris johnson is not fit for office and has lost trust of the public. on wednesday, the prime minister johnson apologized to parliament for attending what he described as a work event at a time when his government confined to millions of people to their homes, under strict lockdown roth. and concentrating on getting through the ton debit a. bring into our waiting lists, this self indulgent. tory party is having a fight about a leader who they should have no from us thought is not fit for office. where we're witnessing every day. the broken spectacle of a prime minister minded to seek to de such an un, unable to lead. but whilst the tor is becca and fight each other on what's up, i want to look to the future. novak joke of it,
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she is back in detention at him and an immigration hotel after his visa was revoked for a 2nd time. the tennis star is expected to appeal the decision and hearing on sunday, just a day before the australian open begins. jock of it's, his visa was 1st cancelled after questions about his vaccine exemption emerged, but the decision was over change. prompting an intervention by the immigration minister. he argued, joke of which his presence could be a health risk and encourage anti vaccine sentiment. sarah clark has been following developments from brisbin. no joke of which is legal, tame took the visa stuff back to the federal court in a last minute bid to stop his deportation. on the eve of the australian open, the tennis champion has been granted a temporary reprieve. as long as this matters being played out in court, he can stay in australia. the federal government canceled his visa for a 2nd time, arguing the joker, which poses a health risk. and his presence here in australia, fans anti vaccination sentiment and might encourage others not to comply with
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public health measures. brokovich, his lawyers cited an online poll as evidence of widespread support for him in a strata. with 60 percent of australians wanting him to play in the estrella and open the tennis champion, his back in detention. the critics including the former labor prime minister, kevin rud argue that scott morrison is using the visa saga as a distraction. as a country records a record number of daily tova, 19 infections, joking, which is on court. rival raphael and a doll has also white in arguing that this ongoing court battle is a distraction to the mind game. how strongly and open is much more important than, than any player. so if his playing finally. okay. if he's not playing i, i'll tell that album will be a greater than open with or without him. that's. that's my point of view. this saga isn't over yet. the matter is scheduled to return to the federal court for a final hearing on sunday, on the eve of the australian open,
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and no joke of which is set for the 1st round of the tournament. on monday, salinas trailer and hundreds of anti vaccine demonstrate is gathered in the city of melvin demanding joker, which is released they calling on the government to allow the tennis start to play in the us open. but they also want mask mandates to end. many australians believe joke of it should follow the rules and the entire controversy has drawn a mixed response. i just think it's really unfair that people that i consider people get treated differently from everybody else. i was, i provided every day i had a really hard time part of it and it's just like, i don't think it's that out of a decision. and i think if it just took the distracts of again about what's going on as well. we don't have access to any references that front of ours is sort of going crazy. couple failures, the government wondering whether or not we can play the country. i was bit of a waste of time in my opinion. it's a tough call. i think it's a lose lose really government at this point. i think you know,
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rules are rules and we've all balls and the last couple years here in melbourne. so again, i think probably coordination before he arrived would have been better off in his home country, serbia. the decision to revive joke which his visa for a 2nd time has provoked face reaction support and savvy is struggling government is politicize the issue and turned it into a witch hunt. the belgrade born player is considered a national hero back at home, and the president has given him his full support. if you wanted to by nova jack a veteran winning his 10th australian open trophy in melbourne, why didn't you deport him immediately? why didn't you tell him that it was impossible for him to get a visa to your country? why do you harassing and not only harass him, but his family and a whole nation, libertarian and proud? is that necessary to win an election? is that necessary to make your citizens like you, president from a small country as a period? you can say that to a great prime minister from a large country came by and is in astronomy and immigration lawyer. he says the
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government invoked executive powers, which is difficult to challenge in court. the grounds that the minister personally cancelled mister jock of which is phaser on friday, were different to the grounds upon which he is vain with cancer. when he tried to enter the country last week, the strain of mister ferris gratian is essentially conceited. the health risk point and they focused on and he's present in australia potentially stoking anti vaccine sentiment. he or if your phasers canceled here in australia, most phase or applications in the future. do carry a criteria for the grants that you will be bod, from re entry to australia. unless compelling raisins exists that affect the interest of estrella. and look that way is extremely difficult to obtain. one could argue, obviously given is to drop the status and also he's participation in the strain
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open, which is one of the biggest sporting events here in australia that he's present. he would obviously bring certain economic benefits to australia that might rise most compelling interest, but still it's a discretionary grant and it will be very difficult for mr. drucker beach to obtain a visa, if he's not picked up, will in these, in these proceedings to france. now where protest is rallying against the government's plans to introduce the vaccine pass. the french senate passed a bill on thursday that transformed the country's health pass into a strict vaccine pass. this means a negative covert. $900.00 tests will no longer be enough. people will be required to prove that vaccination status to into restaurants above, as well as original public transport and to attend social events. several indian cities, including its capital only jelly, have gone into a strict way can lockdown in an effort to control the surgeon infections driven by the army crown and delta variance healey, 270000 new cases were reported on saturday. the highest since last march. and may
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rather all shops shot except for essential businesses. a if you go to the states, the election campaign and going on without any cove at 19 protocols, is the notorious at election release valued sort of god is it is incredible. i have to go to work, but there is no bus. it's very problematic. i don't understand what to do or happening. mitchell has been following developments from the indian capital. and once again, the streets in the national capital are empty. this is the 2nd weekend of you here in you jelly, which means that on saturday and sunday, most people have to stay at home, only essential services like hospitals and food deliveries are allowed earlier this week daily. so it's highest thing despite, since the pandemic began, the positivity rate here is 30 percent,
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which means that every taught test is positive. no other restrictions continue through the week. there's a night garfield schools have been closed. restaurants are only open for deliveries, and most people are working from home models until you know, so it's a big loss for us. a full lot don't is actually better because at least we can go back to a village and on their own. during these we can confuse we don't on anything right . now, of course the country several cities like you jelly and mom by having cases dis slightly. but that's because of testing which has dropped authorities and now prioritizing death for high risk patients. so asymptomatic contact of cobra, 9000 patients have been asked to simply self isolate. so even though it looks like cases have plateaued, positivity rate has gone up. now, amid all of this last year, gathering religious gatherings rather has continued, even as most of the country has been on the some form of restriction for some time
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. now, what's been goal which is hosting the largest gathering has seen its highest single day spike since the beginning of the pandemic. now the course there are austin authorities to consider postponing upcoming civic pools because of the corona, of our situation in the state. ah, hello, are you watching out a 0? i'm emily anglin. these are the top stories this hour. where keeping an eye on a synonymy alert after one of the biggest undersea volcanic eruptions in decades need toner. the warnings were issued is far away as the us west coast, with a live pictures out of los angeles. now, the national tsunami warning center in the us said the west coast, which is including california, oregon, washington, alaska, and the canadian province of british columbia could face strong currents and waves . and as we heard f.


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