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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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reading of these wild animals, $1.00 to $1.00 east investigate on all to 0. lou unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from a london broadcast center on angelina. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is the news, our line from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, a tsunami is racing across the pacific ocean. warnings are in place from japan to the west coast of the united states. after a massive undersea volcano, rob's new tomba. the 1st army crankcase detected in china's capital with the winter olympics in beijing, just weeks away. russia has dismissed washington's accusations. it's planning his
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sabotage operation in ukraine to justify an invasion and tennis war. number one, novak joker choose back in an australian detention hotel, spiking anger. in his native serbia alan sport, manchester city take another step closer to winning the primarily title, be beaten chelsea, one mill to take a 13 point lead at the top of the table. ah get away from the shore. that's the urgent warning people from japan to the west coast of the united states, a hearing as a synonymy races across the pacific ocean, the cause of the wave, a massy of volcanic eruption under the sea near the tiny pacific nation of tonga,
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the countries islands have been inundated, in communications, are cut off. the extent of the destruction is unknown. tongue as king had to be evacuated from the palace, people there had to scramble to reach higher ground. andrew chappelle with this report. oh, whom to tongue? who the high pub oqueeno in the south pacific ocean, about 70 kilometers north of the tongue and capital nuku alova has been active in recent days. it's a russian sending ash more than 20 kilometers into the sky on friday. another rupture on saturday was so violent, it was seen from space and registered 2000 kilometers away in new zealand. it triggered us unami, which hits hunger within 20 minutes. waves crashing a shore on the main island on the top and violent ash turned skies over the capitol as black as night. residents of low lying islands in the area have been told to stay in doors where a mask outside and cover rainwater reservoirs due to the falling ash and acid rain
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. here's how one woman described it to her family and friends, those like explosions in town. i guess it was from her. okay. no. and they're like literally pop dalia jonathan. everyone just wrote aaron rose in town. and then i just like when pitch black and then please her to hire. if you are in danger zone warnings to, for those further away in fiji and american samoa tongue, a geological services say this latest eruption was 7 times more powerful than a previous one in december. and there may be more to common inter chappelle al jazeera so know me, synonymy rather warnings have been issued as far as japan and the u. s. a. west coast. these are live pitches from los angeles, california, within the same relatively. com at this moment. although authorities have issued evacuation orders in some parts of the state, covering developments is still
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a val who is on the phone for us from los angeles. feel what our authority saying. quite simply telling people i'm only to stay away from the beach to stay away from the coach. now there are 4 levels of warning go advisory that we got from the national weather service at the moment we all what you might call level 3. so that is 3 from the, from the boston, which means that we are just below a warning. this is an advisory to speed that you need to stay away from the also you need to keep it a safe distance. they want people who live in coastal communities or in close proximity to the coastline of which there is a lot here to get away from the coast to get to higher ground. but it is very much i kind of watch and see what happens here because the water that is expected and it was expected about 2 hours ago is expected to be less than a meter. when it does finally hit like i say it's 2 hours behind the 2 is obviously very unpredictable. but we are a long way away, you know, will and 1112 hour flight by playing away from from that toner. so people are being
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told to be on that god, but not necessarily panic. that said, there are lots of areas of the coast of the west side of the united states that is oregon. that is california. that is washington people. the places like alaska and hawaii and the west some ways that arise off the coast of calais, which is one of the hawaiian islands. we know that there were sort of heavy waves. they didn't cause any major damage. there was some minor local flooding, but they're all concerned that when those waves hit, there could be damage here. now just looking at some pictures of nearby beach listed, which is in northern california with the waste looking fairly strong. that said, you know, it is january, this is a place where we are expecting some high winds today in california. so there is the concern that, that could also play into this here in southern california about los angeles. as you just said, things are looking pretty, call me, and i'll just be looking at pictures of the city of newport beach,
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which is just south of ally, the waves look fairly normal. i mean there are suckers in the water. people actually going to the water perhaps because they were expecting highways, perhaps just because it's saturday morning we will do here in southern california. but nevertheless, people are being told to keep watch. officials in newport beach say they are expecting that they will probably less be advisory at about an hour's time. but obviously this is something that is changing by the 2nd. i'm at the moment as we are on this advisory, that being told, just keep an eye out that's try to say it's try and stay safe as possible. as you mentioned, feel it's not just california, but that phenomenon advisor was issued down the coast of the west coast of the us. tell us a little bit more about the other areas that are impacted right now. we're seeing life pitches from washington for example. 6 this is this a huge stretch of coastline, so there are a number of areas that could be impacted kaufman bay in northern california for example just near the summer cisco. b california it seems from heavy waves,
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but as i say they could be. but it's certainly caused by the effects of what we saw in tonga, but just by natural ways, the fact that it is january, it is winter. hey, we're also seeing some strong winds in california. the big thing is that they need to try to get the message out to people to stay away. that is probably easier set the done because you know, its saturday morning it's just a little after 10 o'clock in the morning. a lot of people not up, not watching tv, maybe doing other things. we did get some breaking news alerts to our phones and around about 730 to say that these ways were expect to the 750. of course, the lives of people having smartphones looking about phones, watching the news, and seeing what's going on. the other concern of a god is telling people not to go down there specifically to look at these weights because, you know, in a lot of cases people see this on the news. i think what i'm going to go and see what's going on rather than staying away. i'm watching them television, so they need to make sure that spectator stay away because it's not just the fact
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that people could go into the water be hit by waves. it's a problem they could be pulled under because they're expecting the strong tides. they're expecting that could be damage if these waves come short. we've been seen footage on the television from 1011 years ago when we saw that huge, quite complicated japan. i'm the subsequent waves, but hit marine is here in california in southern california. now those ways when they hit, we're not particularly high. but what you saw was a big storm surgeries where they had people who lived in boats and those boats had each other. i'm, it was a huge amount of damage that caused and remember, there are lots of people who live on boats here. there's a huge marina community around los angeles. you've got places near the airport, for example, where people live on the water. so it's getting the message to those people who on their boats the moment getting the message to people who may have friends to try to reach friends who are on this post without going down there. making sure that they
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are all ok, getting that message out is particularly difficult. and i guess so the difference in this occasion is that it's not caused by an earthquake, but rather a volcano. and so the warnings differ in terms of the full cost of what we can expect. how unusual is it that on the west coast of the us, you're getting warnings about a volcanic eruption, as you mentioned, some 12 hours fly away. oh yeah, i mean, here we are on constant earthquake watch mean light goes on is normal, but you know, we're always concerned that they go, quake is come in. it's so cool. big one. and you know, you'll be woken up a few times here at 4 o'clock in the morning by a tremor about just a way of life. we are aware here that soon, all these are risk. i mean, if you drive along the pacific coast highway, which runs all the way along the coast have in los angeles, particularly there are lots of sign to say this is a soon all me warning area. so they have science pointing how to get away how to get away from the boss, it's a higher ground. now fortunately, this is quite a mountainous area as well. so it is fairly easy to get to the. b ground, you know,
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fairly quickly as long as there's not a huge rush. people also on the roads trying to do the same thing. so we are aware that soon all means a risk and is always the concern of what will happen when this big light comes. will lead to assume all me but soon armies caused by volcanic eruptions or quakes, you know, 101112 hours away. that is something the many southern california in particular i'm not normally too aware of. but obviously, if this had been a major earthquake warning, you probably would have seen a lot more intensity in the board. and you know, we have not just things like twitter, but they all, much from the authorities from all of the bodies that monitor seismic activity that will send early warnings that may be 102030 seconds to quickly get so much safe. obviously we've not seen that this morning and this is, as i say, something that we don't even know is definitely come and you look at those pictures from space. everything looks very close together, but you realize we are so far away. and nature was very difficult to predict. this
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could come late, it could not come at all. we just don't know why people have been told to keep an eye out. okay, we'll make sure keep us updated as to how the morning progresses. thank you very much, that update, phill lavelle live for us in los angeles. and as we mentioned, a number of other south pacific nations issued tsunami warnings after better option has come out. santa maria with some regional context, toner is a very small place. in fact, the biggest island in the archipelago is just 35 kilometers, also east to west, with a population of around a 106000 people, mostly in the capital city of new carlo. for now, it is 70 kilometers to the north where we find the volcanic island in question whom the tongue ha pipes are relatively speaking. this is very, very close. and then in turn from there, you've got a whole lot of other islands and facts within 900 kilometer radius of the volcano. we've got the islands of fiji coming into view. we've also got american samoa to
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the north and the island of samo. that's just in an 800 kilometer radius. and while it's much for the south, obviously to get down to new zealand and australia. new zealand is 2000 kilometers away. but there were even warnings down there for increased swells and wave. okay, let me bring in it david ra 3. he is a vulcan ologist and professor of planet tree geosciences at open university. he joins asked by skype of from suicide in, in the u. k. hello, the professor, thanks for joining us. just give us a sense of the scale of disruption. i mean, it's being felt across the globe. just how big are we talking? it's a big eruption because it's a big gosh, cried is going to the stratosphere warnings, the radiation. 63000 feet high, us crowds blowing west and they trust a story. jet stream, unusually big, and under watery rupture, it's disturbed a large volume of water in the big bo kind of explosion. and that's what caused the
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synonymy and synonymous little trouble across the ocean. and was only when they get to shot. i want to make sure that the wives ram yeah. should always happen to travel is pretty much the space of a lot, which is why several i was travel aside from tom. good. because to california will the coast about straight. yeah. it's really only if you're on the stage on very low like coastline, but you need to worry about your personal safety with a send me a message. channeled up the very narrow valley and we saw some of the big japanese earthquake generated. so now i mean in 2010, but basically it's cave off the base. if you're worried about the risk as you should be, you should take those risks, but it's not going to go 10 minutes above sea level. you should be up at the side, sorry, in terms of just how it been unfolds in terms of a weather event. what are we talking about here?
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i mean, for example, people in tunnel waking up this morning, i need to brace themselves from more synonymy waves, or are they likely to have seen the worst? like how does it actually unfold across the globe? okay. senari waves travel hundreds of kilometers an hour so that they'll take a long time to get across the pacific. the initial volcanic explosion which caused the biggest crime that's over the super synonymy waves from bat. we'll of, we'll have rates show pretty much everywhere by now. i should think, but it could be more erosion to stock in macapp. disruption is ongoing. i expect the biggest, so normally from this erosion has now happened. her in terms of the bo chronology was a lot of mashing. the sky was going to be asked full in tonga. i'm not is it about but so how's it for local people at night. if that happens to be up wind and now are reaches them, they're lucky. anybody down wind or depending have thought that foggy has kind of
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umbrella like, cloud spreads. anybody under that cloud is gonna get ash falling on them. so you don't to be breathing it in. you don't want to let the accumulates on your roof because your roof is heavy of a snow. it is rock particles so to keep the roots clean and not bring the stuff in. if you drive through fresh ash i'm good asked dr. churned up by a vehicle that can damage your engine. ambia has it's a people will try to walk around next to. so the falling ash is the houses. don't breathe in and don't let it clog up your water system. so your air filtration systems. tron sweep away and next time it ranged. if you're on a hail, you're going to get a muffler coming down towards use of is all kinds of hazards, but follow from a big ash eruption, which is what we're having here. indeed, you've explained that very well. i mean, it's not just that synonymy wanting that when now having to worry about it, the impact of the and the ash in that ash clad on those neighboring regions as well
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. professor yeah, i think the ash will be a hazard. full, but local islands, you're not going to worry about ash in australia already going. yeah. but traffic will want to avoid flying through the ash tribe and that is not pretty well understood these days the crowd warnings. wellington volcanic ash, a voluntary center, in whose region of control tang a set of issued a warning to aviation to avoid life for the class. because it gets into the engine, it can be engines and you can this your engines, so she's not well understood, no aircraft are going to be flying through that was about has it certainly is going to have some ongoing ramifications. we appreciate you breaking it down for us professor david rowe, 3 of vulcan ologist and professor of planet tree j sciences at open university. thanks for being on this news. our you're welcome. any more head on the use our
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including find out why micro shelters along the us, mexico border attaining a way desperate families in ford has drawn a is aiming to finish the ashes series against england with another way ah, to china now in beijing has reported its 1st community case of the army, chrome very and of course 19 the positive infection is from the cities northwest and hygiene districts. china detected its 1st community infection of mac on last week. in the northern city of tianjin, prompting a smith locked down. the country is less than 2 weeks away from staging the winter olympics by ging is one of the venues. the games. joe's boy coffee is a professor and department chair in the department of politics and government
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pacific university. he says, athletes risk catching coven 19 at these games. new data suggest decreased efficacy of china's vaccines against the omicron barion, which shouldn't surprise any one since western vaccines of also shown lower protection against omicron. and so they're locked downs should probably help contain it to a certain degree. but we saw similar types of measures put into place around the tokyo olympics, which just happened a few months back. and still, even with those new measures, more than $800.00 cases of corona virus emerged inside the so called olympic bubble . so because of the transmits ability, we have serious problems on our hands in regards to the beijing olympics. just look at the recent us figure skating trials, where omicron rage and it really disrupted a lot of the qualification events around these very olympics in beijing. this is incredibly difficult for athletes right now. they are already under incredible
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stress just to make it to the olympics. in the 1st place, you throw the corona virus elements in there and now you have extra stress on top of it. and so they're taking every measure they can possibly take, but everybody knows at this point that you can be extremely careful and still catch omicron. and so there's a lot of fear rippling through the athletic community that their dream could come short because of the fact that on the crime pops up on their plane ride over to participate in the beijing olympics. hospitals and intensive care units in peru, feeling to capacity is the only cron and delta variance edge across the country. the number of new infections is now in its highest take ever, with caseload soaring past 30000 per day. half of the over 900 patients, emperor's hospitals are vaccinated. the country has the highest corona virus death rate in the world. alexandro ramp to ramp, yet he rather joins us live now from a bug. hello there. alexandro. talk us through about why we're seeing such a rise in only kron cases across the region. is it purely down to those being
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unvaccinated? well, emily, that the truth is that it was expected that are the fact that the all my grown buyer and were have started to spread rapidly after the holiday season. here christmas new year's eve. this is the biggest holiday season of the year in most countries across latin america, people getting together. but we're probably not being as cautious as they had been there before this period. then in general, just the fact that we know that on the ground is extremely contagious. and so what we're seeing now, our case is rapidly going up across the region. unfortunately though, maybe with the exception of a pit who as you were saying, the introduction and possibly brazil so far, most of the consequences here have been on the ability of most countries to keep up
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with the testing. with all these new positive or cases happening more people are getting get sick, but not so much when it comes to the majority of the hospitals, for example, here in columbia. but they are less than 45 per cent full that has to do, if you talk to experts, they'll tell you that the risk that the reason there has probably to do with the fact that most countries here have very high vaccination levels. and governments are pressuring people to get their booster a shot. also, something to consider is the fact that, unlike europe and, and the u. s. many countries, like, for example, those in the southern cohens here are going through their summer season. so there's no, not so much of the presence of other a viruses such as the influenza. right, right now. so because of all of this, the government here are avoiding, at least for now to put in place new tough, restrictive measures. and instead insisting on people getting vaccinated the to go
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true, they're so late, it's surge in that contagion. some things asians. thank you very much for that update alexandra ramp. yeti life rest from bug attack columbia and said to the u. k. now, which appears to be recovering from its corona virus serge, with you infections this way, decreasing by food then compare when compared to the previous week. and 1000 new infections were recorded on saturday. that's down from a peak of more than $200000.00 on january full. but the 7 day total for depth was up 45 percent this week. still in the u. k. and they are a more revelations of government parties. during corona virus lockdown, emerging, the daily mirror newspapers says, drink gatherings, took place weekly, more than a dozen such occasions have now come to live. the leader of the opposition says boris johnson is not fit for office and has lost the trust of the public. on
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wednesday, prime minister johnson apologized to parliament for attending what he called a work event. at a time when his government can find millions of people today, homes, and a strict lockdown, let's bring in a dame barber who's been following developments in london. hello, then a dame. so tell us what kind of pressure is johnson under he's under immense pressure and that's basically because every single day in the last week has brought new revelations. you were saying on wednesday he was in parliament admitting attending a bring your own booze garden party at number 10 downing street. and he then went on to basically, excuse himself, saying he didn't realize it was a party. he thought it was a work event, a claim which has been rubbish by many on all sides of the political default age. and then in the last 24 hours or so, we've heard reports that there were 2 leaving dues in westminster. in april 2021 on the eve of the funeral of prince philip,
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the wife of queen elizabeth and she was photographed at the funeral service, sitting on her own, wearing a black mask, a poignant scene which reminded so many people around the country that similarly they hadn't been allowed to visit dying relatives in care homes hadn't been allowed to go to funerals and so on in the locked downs. of course, the one he admitted going to was in the 1st locked down when the restrictions were my stringent, but they continued. and now reports in the daily mirror that there was a regular thing called wine time fridays, where number 10 stuff when to go outgo in suitcases, brought it back and in bodies. johnson's own words let, let off steam. he witness values gatherings even if he didn't attend them himself. so the accusation is that he presided over a culture which really red rough shot over the regulations broke the law and sent
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a terrible message to the public number. tend to apologize to buckingham palace. they haven't really said much else because were waiting to hear from an investigation, but the opposition labor party has made the most of it. they called on johnson to resign. own, to day tis storm or the party leader put this into the context of the ongoing efforts to combat the ami kron varian. let's not forget that some cases are, might be plateauing, but they're still fairly high deaths in 24 hours. the latest figure, $287.00, around 2000 admissions to hospital per day. so there's a lot of work to do. kiss darma says, boris johnson simply is under too much pressure to cope with it right now. rather than concentrating on getting through the pandemic and bring into waiting lists. this self indulgent. tory party is having a fight about a leader who they should of know from the start is not fit for office. when we're
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witnessing every day, the broken spectacle of a prime minister minded deceit and deception and unable to lead. but whilst the tories becker and fight each other on whatsapp, i want to look to the future senate aim. what's happening internally? how has the conservative party reacted to all of this? well, it's a mixed bag on saturday. about bench m p a conservative m p. andrew bridget again said that it was time for boys johnson to resign. like his stomach. he said, the doctor had lost his moral authority to govern the country. his colleague tobias ellwood, who has a parliamentary committee, a well known member of parliament, said, boris johnson needed to lead or to get out of the way. we didn't say what that meant . some people are saying it's time for boys johnson to change his style. that is unlikely,
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it's very hard to imagine him doing that. many of his cabinet colleagues just say, let's wait for this investigation by a senior civil 7 which could take weeks into all of these reported parties. but it's likely that that civil service will actually apportion blame all the while. tory members of parliament to hearing from their constituents. they're back in the local areas this weekend who were extremely angry, some, or even cancelling their party memberships. an opinion poll suggests now that the labor party had been given a boost, or at least 10 points ahead of the conservatives, there are local elections in may. the party could wait to see what happens then. but some of the bar is johnson's own party. now saying that he has just simply become too unpopular. so watch this space. there's no leadership challenge at the moment. it just depends how many more damaging revelations i think we'll get in the next few days. it's going to be fascinating to see how it unfold. thank you very
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much for that update. nadine bob live for us in london. diplomatic efforts to deescalate the rising tension between russia and ukraine and, and gathering pace in the coming days. the foreign ministers of gemini and canada are expected in the region. the talks with keith and moscow, they'll have their work cut out for them though after the week ended under the shadow of a new looming crisis. u. s. government says russia is planning a false flag operation in ukraine to justify an invasion. the kremlin denies that accusation. let's bring in a rosalind jordan who's live for us in washington day, say, russ, what's the latest coming out of the washington camp? well, we understand that earlier on saturday, the u. s. secretary of state antony blanca and had a conversation with the you. hi, representative for foreign affairs, joseph burrell, and which they essentially reiterated what has been said all week that the u. s. the un nato are opposed to any, a russian intention of invading
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a ukraine. and that all are agreed that there will be immediate, severe economic sanctions if that were to happen. and of course, an agreement to continue consultations in the days ahead. but there hasn't been any other real movement. the u. s. had been hoping that after 4 days of meetings and negotiations as it were, with russian officials, that there could be a an announcement of more conversations, more talks in order to try to diffuse this crisis. but as of right now, no meetings have been established. thank you very much for that update. rosalyn jordan live for us in washington dc. still head on al jazeera will tell you which african country is leading the way when you will energy and is on track to be completely self sufficient in other needs. and in sports at the end of an era, the indian cricket details of the letter in the shack
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ah hello, it looks like when to really has set in across the middle east now is seen some very heavy rain is the western parts of iran recently. that's just to the east of q 8, they're more reading the forecasts. we've had a few spots of rain in here in doha, just about an hour or so ago that wet weather would flirt with this as we go on through the next day or so. actually sinking little further south, which as we go through sunday, but do expect to see a few showers across the gulf. states pushing down towards the u. a 8 will just straight the for moves prepping up once again across southern parts of iran. and then another band of where to weather, to sliding out of syria, iraq, she across the caucuses, back towards the northwest, around cold enough behind to 7 celsius for damascus. and also for to ru slim. and it's cold enough to across northern parts of africa. little bit of
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a normally breeze here, just peggy, most temperatures back 17 celsius in ben garza and in cairo, little tri are just around the gulf coast. they're just around the gulf of kinney, but we have got some very heavy right now pushing into southern parts of cameroon, easing across gabon, easing into the democratic republic of congo, and sliding further eastward. it will make its way across the rift valley, some heavier rank coming into kenya, along with uganda and tanzania. the news . ah
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ah. oh, the wild we listen, design is are making serious effort in order to disrupt the turn. we need to be part of the transfer must always on good luck. we are traveling the extra mile where all the media don't go. we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, ah ah,
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are you watching out there? i'm emily angland reminder about health stories this our, a large undersea volcano that erupt in the toner is creating synonymy way across the south. pacific warnings have been issued as far away as japan and us west coast . badging has reported it 1st community case of the army, chrome variances cove at 19. the positive infection is from the cities northwest in high district and more revelations, the all the u. k. government parties during lockdown are emerging. the mirror says weekly drinks gatherings took place. the leader of the opposition has again called for prime minister bars johnson to resign. novak joke of it, she is back in detention at an immigration hotel after his visa was revoked for 2nd time. the tenant star is expected to appeal the decision of the hearing on sunday. a day before these trailing open begins jog, which is visa with 1st canceled about after questions about his vaccine exemption
9:34 pm
were raised. but the decision was overturned, prompting an intervention by the immigration minister. he argued, joke of which his presence could be a health risk and encourage anti vaccine sentiment. sarah clark has been following developments from brisbin. now the joke of which his legal team took the visa stouter back to the federal court in a last minute bit to stop his deportation on the eve of the astray and open. the tennis champion has been granted a temporary reprieve. as long as it matters being played out in court, he can stay in australia. the federal government canceled his visa for a 2nd time, arguing the chunk of which poses health risk. and his presence here in australia offend anti vaccination sentiment and might encourage others not to comply with public health measures to get which is lawyers cited. an online poll as evidence of widespread support for administration, at 60 percent of a strident wanting him to play in the striding open the tennis champion his back in
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detention. the critics, including the former labor prime minister, kevin rod argued that scott morrison is using the visa saga as a distraction as a country records a record number of daily type of 19 infections. joking, which is on court. rival, rafael. a dial has also white in arguing that this ongoing court battle is a distraction to the mind game, stallion up and is much more important than, than any player. so if case playing finally or gay, if he is not playing, ah, i'll tell them. album will be a great after them open whistle without him. that's. that's my point of view. this saga isn't over yet. the matter is scheduled to return to the federal court for a final hearing on sunday, on the eve of the australian open. and i that jock of it is set for the 1st round of the tournament. on monday. my grand camps and shelters in mexico, a running out of space as families continue arriving at their doors. the pandemic has brought the u. s. asylum process to a virtual standstill and things and,
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and getting even worse after a controversial tramp. iraq policy was we implemented. and while rap low explains from tijuana, it's suppertime at a migrant shelter in tijuana, mexico, and both space and food for everyone is limited. the shelters director says there's been a significant increase in the number of families arriving, and she's been forced to turn many away. oh, home, it's very painful to see women with children arriving at our doors. asking for shelter. large influx is of migrants stretching the limits of the services shelters, can provide is not a new phenomenon here. but the coven 19 pandemic, has made things more complicated. for more than a year, the un international organization for migration has been using a hotel in downtown tiquana as temporary housing, and a quarantine new arrivals. but it wants the us and mexico to do more to
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help those shelters that are able to receive families are over a crowd. and right now they're over 100 percent. in capacity. a lot of them have 3 or 4 spaces, but the families are still counting. the u. s. a silent process has been at a virtual standstill since the start of the pandemic leaving hundreds of migrants stranded as conditions at migrants shelters in the one i become more overcrowded. many who can't find a place to stay have ended up here, a makeshift migrate camp right on mexico's border with the united states. but space has also run out, and local authorities have fenced off the area. ah. the sound of children practicing the violin breaks through the clatter, the parents of this aspiring musician, tell us they've been here for more than 2 months,
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but say returning to their home in southern mexico, where they faced gang violence. and extortion is not an option or they feel that i think not being here is difficult. we're not here because we want to be who would want to live like this whole. further complicating the matter is the re implementation of a u. s. policy known as the migrant protection protocols or m p p, which forces asylum seekers to return to mexico while their cases are processed. oh, with m p. p, scheduled to be reinstated in more cities along the border. it's feared overcrowded conditions at shelters and migrant camps. will only get worse or memo rappel, i joins as live now from tijuana, mexico, neither us bought a hello them and well, just how bad is it where you are? it's not to the point of crisis that we've seen in the past, but what we've heard from un workers is that if, if,
9:39 pm
if more isn't done by both united states and mexico, this could quickly turn in to another crisis on the border that give you an idea of where we are right now, we are at in chapparal port of entry into the united states. we're very close to the border itself. and what you see behind me is a makeshift camp. it's been operating for almost a year now. now it's been a very rainy day, it's very cold outside. these are not good for good conditions for people to live in. but this is still better than what many of migrants are having to face that who are unable to find shelter at the dozens of migrant shelters in the city that are at beyond 100 percent capacity at this point. and even this migrant shelter here, it's been fenced off. authorities are not allowing more people to enter. so what we've observed around the city in recent days is growing concerned from shelter organizers, concerns from international aid workers, specifically over the re implementation of the so called migrant protect protection protocols. the m p p again forcing asylum seekers of the united states to return to
9:40 pm
mexico to wait in mexico wilder asylum cases are heard in the united states, but it's not only the re implementation of m p p, which is scheduled to take place in more cities along the border, it's also the continued implementation of title $42.00, which is the pretext that divided ministration uses. you know, using the coven 19 pandemic as a pretext to not resume the traditional asylum process into the united states. so to give you a sense of the numbers here last year, 2021, the u. s. admitted 11411 refugees into the united states. that may seem like a large number, but it's actually the lowest refugees since the 1980s. so it's a combination of strict immigration policies and the ongoing pandemic that is leading to this pilot of migrants here on the border. and men, well, the hundreds of hundreds in nicaraguans are actually making their way to the us. what's happening with them? where are they now?
9:41 pm
what's the latest and the situation that we've been monitoring this migrant caravan that left to our st. pedro sula, honduras the early hours of saturday morning. our sources in honduras tell us that this is more or less 400 to 600 people. as you mentioned, the vast majority of them are 100 citizens, with in added influx of nicaraguan citizens, presumably fleeing the political situation in that country a crack down on descent, giving the last electoral cycle in the country. the last that we've heard is that they've reached the border with a, with guatemala and again, under ins remain honduras from the top country of origin for migrants that are seeking asylum in the united states. but if you look around where we are right now, here on the border itself, it's really a mix of everything. yep. hundreds, essential americans, people from south america and elsewhere, and a growing number of mexicans were fleeing violence in the southern part of the country. certainly sounds like a don situation. thank you for that update. ma ma replay line for us in tijuana,
9:42 pm
mexico, millions of americans will no longer receive a monthly payment known as a child tax credit for half a year. more than $60000000.00 families have received monthly checks of $300.00 for every child under $6.00 and $250.00 for older children. but the u. s. senate failed to extend the program. some senators argued that extra money could discourage people from going back to work now without the extra cash coming in some worry, low income families could be hit the hardest, particularly during the pandemic. for more on this, let's bring in. melanie stands for 8. she is a democratic party, u. s. congress, one woman and joins us live now from new mexico. thanks for being on the news. allan melanie? so on one hand, this really thank you. want to be here. thank you. look, i want to have this really does sound like a lifeline for many families, even though it is only a few $100.00, talk us through what impact this money was having. well this,
9:43 pm
this money which was authorized and the american rescue plan has cut of childhood poverty in america by 40 percent over the last 6 months. this represents the largest single tax break for middle class and working class families. our country has ever seen in its hundreds of dollars into the pockets of our families. it's been helping our families put food on the table, a roof over their head to pay for child care. and when you think about the impacts, it's help to regular working families get through the day, especially in this pandemic, in terms of being able to get back to work enable that these families to really need their basic needs during the pandemic. but even before the pandemic, there were so many families that were struggling and this child tax credit, we know that if we can get an extended will continue to cut poverty and will continue to invest in our children and will continue to cut poverty across the united states, so given all the benefits that you just to add lines have,
9:44 pm
why was it not able to pass the senate? i mean, senator joe mansion opposed the extension and criticizing these payments is going to high income families who didn't actually made it. was that true? no. that's not true at all. we know that tens of millions of americans were accessing these payments. they were being deposited in their bank accounts and our families were using them to put food on the table to help their kids get through the day. we had a press conference here in new mexico just a couple of days ago, and we heard the stories, the families who've been impacted by the siemens, you know, these, their families to one parent who lost their job. families where one parent were subtle shifts just to get through the day. and these payments were hoping to bring supplemental income so that they could do and meet their basic needs for their communities for their families. so in order to get those payment reauthorized, we have to pass the bill back better act which is currently languishing in the
9:45 pm
senate. and the reality is, is passed out of the house and it's sitting in the senate because we have 50 republican senators who refused to take any kind of action on this bill to even provide a procedural vote. so that we can proceed to vote on the bill. so can you break that down for us, for our audience, who unnecessarily familiar with the american senate and house of rep system? what avenues do the democrats have now? is it about using the build back at act as a way of been getting that payment through? yes, so the current place where the bill back better act is is the bill that is the vehicle that is carrying the child tax credit extension. so it is the vehicle along with all of these other investments that are in that bill to invest in our child well being from creating the 1st ever universal child care system in the united states. universal pre k system, lowering health care costs. and it represents the united states as largest single
9:46 pm
investment in climate action ever. so the bill back better act really represents our agenda for this congress and the president's agenda for congress. so we're hoping to get that bill passed out of the senate. like i said, it's already passed out of the house and then on to the president's desk. but because we need 50 votes in the senate to pass those budget bill. we need senator joe mansion and others, if they will come along to the table to join us in passing this bill because it's so crucial to our families and to the future of the united states. well, we appreciate you breaking it down for us us. representing melanie stains. we live for us there. thank you very much. thank you very much. to kenny now which is stepping up its efforts to reach the total energy self sufficiency by 2030. the country already gets 90 percent of its electricity from natural sources, including solar power and has the largest single wind power facility in africa.
9:47 pm
catherine soy explains the blades of $365.00 turbines rotate on the edge of lake to cana. this wind farm, the largest in africa, is perched on a stretch of rocky desert in north, in kenya. yet it is key to the country's plans to have a fully green energy supply by 2030, with a capacity to dispense $310.00 megawatts of low cost power. it will increase energy supply by 30 percent. those who leave and walk in masa bit home to the wind farm can't wait to be connected, but some are not happy. it's not already happened. season of clear thought, you lot of problems, you end telecom, we're told the wheat energy will help us when it comes, but it's taking too long to reach us. that is one of the theory does in pain, is still running on generator. people here say they want to go green and benefit from the wind farm. many are increasingly using solar energy to power. the whole
9:48 pm
renewable energy from natural sources, including geothermal, weaned solar and hydro electric account for about 90 percent of kenya's electricity needs. the country's electricity company is also diversified by using geothermal, steam for other uses. it's record dated impact in agriculture because we have the greenhouses, we are growing our hot carter. we have fish. that is also reg, legato. we have a drink of crops if we really want to get to lodge skin farmers even before who are rico my sure life, we have to fit them adjustment to your normal feel. all this makes kenya a global leader in climate change. but some honestly see that in itself may not help you. the developed world does not do better option one is to continue investing in cleaning mechanisms where they're already what you're doing in the option to is to invest in new new technology and clean technologies in africa. i'd
9:49 pm
make use of the cleaning as you know, that's the cheap, the cheapest option we should sell now. and that's what the was for choose jaffar up did of mine says all he wants is a clean and a more reliable pass horse to run his business. catching sali odyssey or, or sabot canyon, still ahead, don al jazeera will have all your latest sports news, including the super eagles looking more dangerous than ever. the action from the african cup of nations coming up with flora next ah, living in a war zone is a risk not worth taking for most. but for a 10 year old boy, there is nowhere else to go. in the absence of his parents, his grandmother dedicates herself to his upbringing,
9:50 pm
never knowing whether the next explosion will echo one step closer to the place they call home the distant barking of ducks, a witness documentary on al jazeera. when the news break side is tornado destroyed everything it touched in mayfield. when people need to be heard and the story tones, he has done his job to tell us what's going on with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, i get on my right the wind. b, l g 0 has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lives on air and online move
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ah, to support his fellow, emily, thank you so much. indeed, cricket star vera coley has announced he is stepping down as the country's task captain coley had been in the job for the last 7 years. he led to india in 16 matches and has been his country's most successful captain. with 40 winds, coley made a decision on the back of his team suffering. a series defeat in south africa. all journey is now from mom. by is cricket journalists and broadcaster ronna can poor. i didn't tell me how much of a shock is this announcement from coldly for i think it was a surprise to many of us. we didn't expect the announcement to come right on the brink of a new know of the south african studios defeat. but now that we've got a little time to reflect on it, i think um, with the fact that he lost the audio captains, you know that i'm grateful on sort of more news mana,
9:52 pm
that following his own decision to step down from the to 20 captaincy. last september, you felt like this was on the guards of a bit surprised that it's gone right after the south african. she's also in line to players 100 just met soon. so we thought maybe that would be an occasion for cody to enjoy stepped in, and then all the time. so timings a little surprising, but i did see this coming, at least at some point this year. was there a concern among some in the indian cricket board that coley was becoming bigger than the national team and even indian cricket? do you think goal is always been big, but that's not good. is fun visits. everyone loves a bit of goal. even the broadcast is overseas love and they can get their cameras often. so is become this multi $1000000000.00 star because of the package that he presents. he was an outstanding better. he's good looking. he's a post the boys market really matter to body with actors. but all that a 2nd, he was the best, better in the world and but for the band and me, we're seeing a different goal in how we would have said that across format. so i don't think
9:53 pm
it's fully fund that he became as big as he has. and remember in cricket has a history of having mega started demi gods, even then we're going to go the they were as big as them. so i don't think that's the been sonya. i think this is just a man who's played the game with so much intensity is run a bit out of gas. his own form is come in and he doesn't quite have the 100 lead. and i want to ask you how much of a trailblazer has colleen bend? for example, he did came down the races, abused directed at his muslin, teammates, mohammed shami, did that help or hurt his reputation? it certainly did cause him to get some backlash from the right wing and social media and in there and we spoken on that. i spoke your channels before. when did happen? i don't think that's that's in place here in this decision. i see this, this coming from the doc holy and not from the b, c, j does me, it's his decision. and i'd like to believe it's for cricketing reasons alone. that having been said that the change in the pci rob ross, the fact that some of his most trusted members in the coaching staff,
9:54 pm
the likes of rubbish as 3 the other members of the coach except that back all the all moved on. i think he sense that this was not necessarily his comfort zone, and that's leg board to this decision. there has been friction with the board it, he has or billy or any other indirectly, or sort of van with resident, effectively ally over this order is that the d 20 i captaincy was managed so there has been friction, but i don't believe it's because of what he said about mama ya, which was of course, the right thing to say, we've already had our ain't reneka poor, great to get your thoughts. thank you so much for joining us. thanks for was a pleasure. all sir, is looking good to finish the ashes series against england with another when england were bold out for a 188 on day 2 of the 5th tests in tasmania. cummings took the key wickets of jo, roots since and australia had built up a 150 to run 2nd innings lead. they're already 3 know up in the series. manchester
9:55 pm
city have gone 13 points clear at the top of the english premier league, a suffolk, the 2nd half goal from kevin to burn. yes. saw them beat tuttle hopeful 2nd place. chelsea one no. the victory was there 12th in a row and the li, their place liverpool have 2 games in hand on city and can cut the gap to 11 points if they win on sunday. we spoke up before the game, so i wouldn't, i wouldn't win the game if we deserve it to him. so then and, and we deserve old reyes, gave everything. unfortunately, jury because we're playing against big contender and no risks and proposals, hunton, nigerian book their spots in the africa cup of nations. round the 16. the super eagles followed up there, went over egypt by securing a praise, a victory over sedan and group d. they opened the scoring just a few minutes in and went to know out just before half time fixed were pretty lucky goal jury going on to a $31.00 victory. they're looking to win the tournament for
9:56 pm
a 4th time. revenue dal says the australian open is more important than just one player and that he's getting tired of the novak joclett controversy dominating the build up to 3 years. first grand slam. jak rich has returned to government detention and faces deportation from australia after his visa was cancelled for a 2nd time. world number one will appeal against the decision and a hearing on sunday is due to start as title defense in melbourne the following day . well, i tell you one thing it's, it's very clear that knowledge and your garbage is a, is a, is one of the best players of the history without a doubt, but days, no one playing he studied. that's the, that's, that's more important than, than an event. now because the player saw stays on, dan goes and the knob layers are coming. not so no one knew. and roger novak myself be on board was amazing. got his time. santa dennis,
9:57 pm
i keep going and i was still an open. it's much more important than, than any player. so why if his playing finally are gay, if he's not playing, i thought they're not on will be a great. that's what i then open with or without him. that's. that's my point of view about his he much, i mean i every one choose, he is, he's wrote and thought i respect ah, himself as a, as a person of course and as a, as an athlete, without a doubt i, i respect a lot. no. so i wish him all the best and i, i, i really respect him in, if, even if i am not agree with a lot of things that, that, that, that he did the last the last couple of of eggs. okay. and that is all your support for now, emily, back to you. thank you very much, sarah. and that's it for me. emily angland, for this news ally about my colleague,
9:58 pm
mary anne is amie m. m a z in london moon back to moment with more of the daisies ah, with dates of ships to democracies, activists to corporations, control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment you do to, you should buy our oil cleared for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post
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examines the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera. some people marry for love, the others. it can be a commercial transaction. in your ass, i'm it for the 3700 euro payment just for the march condron algebra world meets men and women using marriage as an illegal passport to europe. not necessarily competitive for attempting to organize a sham marriage at a financial and emotional cost. but then he left me for a woman 33 years older than him. marriage for sale on al jazeera. this one's feared war lord, during lay barriers, decade long, civil war says he is now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done with treat children, has attracted her hub like sympathy and as protected. and in effect from recall situation. despite the recommendations made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of
10:00 pm
a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country ah, an under c volcano, erupt in tonga, triggering a powerful soon ami alerts are in place across the region and from japan to the u. s. west coast ah, no, i'm marianne mozy in london, watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. a corona vars cuff, you comes into effect in the indian capital on of several cities to lockdown in response to rising cases.


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