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with everyone ah an under see volcanic eruption of tongue that triggers soon army alerts across the pacific from japan to the u. s. west coast. ah, hello, i'm adrian. and again, this is al jazeera life from doha, also coming up world number one tennis on novak jacobin faces a deportation taishan hearing and melbourne, which could borrow him from the australian open and the country for 3 years. the 1st reported case of all the crowded bay ging prompts, mast testing at
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a neighbourhood lockdown. just 3 weeks ahead of the winter olympics and refugee shelters near the u. s. border in mexico are running out of space as more people arrived fleeing gang violence. ah, a powerful senovia cit. the pacific nation of toner. after an under c volcano erupted, the extent of the damage is still unclear. as phone lines are down, waves more than a meter in height. had fiji, found a want to add american samoa warnings. an adviser is still in place for parts of japan and the western united states. what all this king has been moved to safety people on the small island nation had to scramble to reach higher ground. al jazeera sandro chappelle reports the home good hunger whom the high pub oqueeno in the south pacific ocean about 70 kilometers north of the tongue. and capitol yuko
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alova has been active in recent days. it's a rupture sending ash more than 20 kilometers into the sky on friday. another rupture on saturday was so violent. it was seen from space in registered, 2000 kilometers away in new zealand. it triggered us unami, which hits honda within 20 minutes. waves crashing a shore on the main island on the top and violent ash turn skies over the capitol as black as night. residence of low lying islands in the area have been told to stay in doors where a mask outside and cover rainwater reservoirs due to the falling ash and acid rain . here's how one woman described it to her family and friends like explosions in town, i guess used to live. okay. no. and they're like literally pop dalia jonathan. everyone just roll. aaron rose in town. and then i just like when pitch black in fan, please head to higher ground if you are in danger zone warnings to for those further
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away in fiji and american samoa tongue, a geological services say this latest eruption was 7 times more powerful than a previous one. in december and there may be more to come inter chappelle out his ear and that ash cloud from the volcanic eruption continues to spread. this is satellite imagery showing the cloud nearing the eastern part of fuji's kangaroo island. much of the southern lough islands also covered his com all santa maria with some regional context. tanya is a very small place. in fact, the biggest island in the archipelago is just 35 kilometers, also east to west, with a population of around a 106000 people, mostly in the capital city of new qualified. now it is 70 kilometers to the north where we find the volcanic island in question hung a tongue ha. bites are relatively speaking. this is very, very close. and then in turn from bear, you've got a whole lot of other islands, in fact, with an at night 100 kilometer radius of the volcano. we've got the islands of fiji
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coming into view. we've also got american summer to the north and the island of samo. that's just in an 800 kilometer radius. and while it's much further south, obviously to get down to new zealand and australia in new zealand is 2000 kilometers away. but there were even warnings down there for increased swells and waves. as you heard advisories of also been in place along the u. s. west coast algiers. phil of l is monitoring. the situation in los angeles is with us now live . phil was sliced while we're still on the advisory. adriana is that the 3rd level of alerts is aware of 4 stages. the top one is warning. when on a soon all me warning that means get out of the water, get away from the water, gets a higher ground at the moment with one below, which is advisory, which means stay off the beach as that of the water. keep your wits about you. i be prepared to move to higher ground. now i say that advisory tells you to stay out of the water. just take a look it out. you know, you and there we're going to be big waves coming the stuff. is it going to be in
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the and they are taking advantage of this, not as despite those safety warnings, because it's not just the risk of the waves. it's also the strong rick current 2nd, pull people out. and those are a huge concern here. now here in southern california, the waves have not been too bad, you know, they've been pretty close to normal. it's been a bit of a different story further north, a central california port st. louis, which is about 3 hours drive north of los angeles. they saw the highest wave. so for today, just over a 1.3 meters in height. now that's the higher than the national weather service. we're saying we were going to say because they were saying the ways would be anywhere between about a quarter of meta at a maximum of a meter. and that's what we've seen for the north in northern california in miramar . we've also seen some minor flooding guy in the bay area and around santa cruz, there were some advisories in place in hawaii because hawaii, so some minor flooding, some higher waves than normal at lee. that little area, those at that advisory has now been lifted,
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the same advisory in alaska has been lifted in southeast alaska. so things are starting to return a little bit more to normal. but what's holding this advisory in california is pretty much gonna last until the end of the day because it can only be lifted once we have say, a certain number of hours, 2 or 3 hours of below our run, an average sized waves. i would know a near not yet even until you hit what are you hearing from across the, the pacific and in japan. well, at the moment we hear that say there have been some, i'm a high waters arriving in japan. i mean, this is something where you've got various different countries that are all looking at what's coming, you know, chile as well as see these advisory put advisories, put in place. because when you look at the context of, as you see in the, in that report that andrew, did, you see the map of the world and everything looked so close together. but also remember, these are countries that are a huge distance. is a pot, i mean, well, 1112 hours away from tanya. so it's very unpredictable to know what it's going to
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happen and you know, you just have to watch and wait and say, show many thanks to the doctor. there's still a friend that lives in los angeles, novak jock of which is about to find out if he can play in the australian open, or if he's to be deported. the well tennis number one is in court in melbourne, where he's appealing the decision to revoke his visa for a 2nd time. he was initially bought entry on arrival after questions about his coven 19 vaccine exemption. but that the cereal decision was overturned by a judge. let's go live the brisbin. i'll just say sir, a clock is there. what will each party argue in federal court this morning? is this gonna be the decider, sarah? well, the federal court hearing is about 30 minutes in already that cases being heard in melbourne and it is before a full bench. now this case will determine whether or not the minister acted unreasonably rescinding. dr. which is veda for 2nd time. now dr. which is tamed at
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1st up, they've opened up a defense and is federal court hearing on sunday. they're challenging the validity of the federal government's deportation. now looking at the foundation of what the government's arguing on saturday, we had some of the preliminary hearing way, both sides presented on their argument. so the basis of their arguments, this stating and this is why the immigration minister revoked the vague or 2nd time they signed it's joke of it poses a health risk and it's not the public interest to have him in australia that's not necessarily at an individual level but they're stating the joke of it's his high profile status and his high profile views. i use anti vaccination kind of status. so he's often opposed mat fee vaccination deciding that could fue, the anti vaccination sentiment. that junk of inches legal team is saying that they presented no evidence that warrants his deportation. and that jock of it is a public risk. they saying that the minister took in a legal and a rational approach and of cited no evidence on that. he is this public health wrist in australia. now alex hope, who is the immigration minister,
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and he used his discretionary powers to overrule a court decision which we invoked this his visa. but the question that many people are asking is why did the federal government white until he boarded the plane and arrived in australia? and then why did they cancel a visa then? and was it only now that they raising their opposition to his anti vaccination status? so this is the 2nd federal court appearance. we do expect this to be the disorder and determine whether or not john, which does play in the strain open, which begins tomorrow on monday in melbourne. ceremony, texas date, sarah clark, the alive from brisbin will earlier on saturday anti vaccination demonstrations gathered in melbourne, demanding that novak jock of it should be released. they called on the store to be allowed to play in their street and opened. but opinion poll suggests the majority of people that feel that junk of it should be sent home for breaching the country strict cove at 19 rules. i just think it's really unfair, the people that are going to get it. so people get treated differently to everybody
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else and i wish they had provided every day kind of really hard time private. it's like something that i don't think it's that hard of a decision. and i think it's a just just a distraction of again, about what's going on as well. we don't have access to any references front of ours to sort of going crazy couple riley or the government's wondering whether or not so like the status play the country. i was bit of a waste of the time in my good in this is it's of call, i think it's a lose lose really government at this point. i think your rules are rules and we will call them the last couple of years your melbourne. so i, again, i think for all the coordination before he arrived would have been better off back home and serbia joker, which is visa problems. down on the have provoked a fierce reaction. his supporters say this really and government has politicized the issue and turned it into a witch hunt. the bell, great born player is a national hero in serbia. hey jeff, this with
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an aah! but i'm with the wonder why the government failure was heading high. people who i sent you didn't deserve this is fighting for serbia for sport, for tennis. we'll get a weather update next here on al jazeera, then we'll have a live updates on the situation in peru where hospitals of shilling to capacity was covered 19 cases. it a record high. ah
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hello, great to be with you. here's her whether headlines for the americas once again, an active storm pattern for the east coast of the us. so rain by monday for dc and new york north of that. we're in the snow. so upstate new york into the great lakes, i think for example, in toronto, the snow will move in late sunday into monday. by the time it's all said and done, you could see about 10 centimeters of snow. this is all related to assist him further towards the south. in fact, we could see snow for the 1st time in atlanta in about 4 years. we've got driving rain for the care line has up toward the mid atlantic to the west, things much calmer were into the sunshine for san diego with a high of 21 degrees. and it should not wind is put in temperatures on the plus side of things for calgary with the hives, 3 degrees, wet weather for the central and northern coast to b. c, and snow over the higher elevation. so that storage system we are talking about in the us, it's going to drop down rain into the bahamas western cuba gradient elise after the top end of south america, sunny spells for bogota and lima,
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but still stormy toward the southeast. so actually pretty much anywhere from the river plate region rate to rio de janeiro. and so paulo ball temperatures have dropped big time in by jablonka to a height of 30 degrees on sunday season. ah, ah, inculcate culture of knowledge, openness and pluralism, world wide as to reward, merit and excellence, and encourage creativity. the shape come out award for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged a road and strengthening the bonds of friendship. and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. lou lou
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ah again this is al jazeera, lets remind you of the main news this our tennis ward number one novak jokers, which is in court right now in australia to appeal the decision to revoke his visa for a 2nd time. the hearing has taken place just a day before the sturdy and open begins. at astronomy, as hipaa pacific patient toner, after an under c volcano erupted as no word on casualties as phone lines are down. so now the alerts and advisors are in place for parts of japan and the western united states. let's get on that with that short wave. who's a seismologists and assistant professor of geophysics at michigan state university joins us now from east lansing in michigan. good to have you with us, sean. what do you make of the violence and scale of disruption?
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oh, yeah, well a big eruption basically just to just put you a lotta or you rubs a lot of materials like a madman. like ball hose. i mean gas. all although from subsidies and then that will push a lot of water, but of course this the chicken good. ok. no. rather the smaller one so. so that water is basically propagates all bed across the ocean. and once an eruption in that particular volcano expected. oh well that's a good question. i have you say we don't really know much about that. this is just one on the lease to but so unfortunately there are hundreds of became out there. so uva i have been studying this region for more than 10 years. we still don't know very all the details about every bouquet notes we have. so to answer your question
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. yeah, sorry. now if we have this massive eruption as the materials, as you say, we're injected under the sea, it, it pushed water away. and that's what caused these, this soon. army waves. if the out, if the volcano remains active, can we spect we expect more to nom is in the coming hours and days of so i have your kind of cautious to answer this question. again, we don't have the data yet such a remote place because the instrumentation we don't have data coming back. so i, i cannot be very confident to answer you this question. however, i was the general speaking, what for this kind of jack and the russian we usually are thinking of decades or even centuries timescale. so i, i think it's, i would be surprised to see a big russia in coming days. as you said,
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there are many, many volcanoes in that region of the world. why is that? well, if you look at matt, that's actually close to a trench called the target, which is the ocean and the french best basically once the pacific tectonic plate is stuff that can be the australian plates. and then there are lots of geological processes going down a lot of things being brought up and done. therefore, also a lot of mature is my thing are to form volcanoes. so these mckennan essentially know different from like months, months, inhalants. 6 in the united states, all monk bocce in japan, those are all caused by this abduction geological processes. so just trying to at, to mention what's going on under the sea, that is, is the sea particularly deep, is, does the volcano resemble a land based volcanoes in its, in its appearance or bit under the water? yeah. and sees it is the same as a, as you can imagine among st helen among rainier, accepted that because it's on the water. so there's no you roshan. so you should,
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these can ok know can be even larger than say, monkey munson hello. because there's no you ocean yet. he said that it's difficult to predict with great accuracy when a volcano is going to, we're opt, i'm at it. why is that? i mean, what are the clues that that would, that would give us some idea as to whether a volcano is going to erupt? i would say no, there's actually it is feasible to kind of forecast all even predict bacchanal you've option only, of course, only if we have very close monitoring. for example, there are lots of candles, the alaska, a lot of candles, washington and all our colleagues at the united states joel article. so they put a lot of monitors very close to the error. and then we can morning to the activity like earthquakes that could usually are lots of smaller weights occurring before the book. can you run ships so, so you see shoot, increase of,
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of earthquake average. then usually that's an indication of what can you box ship. so then it's kind of feasible, but for the summer when volcanoes it is so difficult to, to put any monitoring system over there. the why good example is the, is called the axial, the bumps volcano off shore from washington state. so there, while it's not far away from the continental united states, so our call to put the cable, connecting all the instruments and the sea floor. so we can have the like 24 hour real time monitoring that's been done. we will have a better understanding. but unfortunately for the small can oh, so far away, i'm not aware any kind of real time morning, cory system over there. so unfortunately, we cannot predict any, any activity over there. she really got to talk to you many facts indeed for being with us as well. it just shows way that beijing is important. its 1st community
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case of the, on the kron various of coven. 19 a positive cases from the cities northwestern. i, the an district china detected its 1st community transmitted infection of omicron last week in the golden city of chan. gin, prompting a snap lock down. the country is less than 2 weeks away from staging the winter olympics with bay jing is one of the venues for the games. jewels boy cough is a professor in the department of politics and government at pacific university. he says that athletes rich risk catching coven 19 at the beijing winter olympics. new data suggest decreased efficacy of china's vaccines against the omicron barion, which shouldn't surprise any one. since western vaccines have also shown lower protection against omicron. and so they're locked downs should probably help contain it to a certain degree. but we saw similar types of measures put into place around the tokyo olympics, which just happened a few months back. and still,
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even with those new measures, more than $800.00 cases of corona virus emerged inside the so called olympic bubble . so because of the transmits ability, we have serious problems on our hands in regards to the beijing olympics. just look at the recent us figure skating trials, where omicron rage really disrupted a lot of the qualification events around these very olympics and beijing. this is incredibly difficult for athletes right now. they are already under incredible stress just to make it to the olympics in the 1st place. you throw the corona virus elements in there and now you have extra stress on top of it. and so they're taking every measure they can possibly take, but everybody knows at this point that you can be extremely careful and still catch omicron. and so there's a lot of fear rippling through the athletic community that their dream could come short because of the fact that on the chrome pops up on their plane ride over to participate in the beijing olympics. hospitals and intensive care units in peru are filling to capacity on a chronic delta variance such across the country. the number of new infections is
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now its highest ever soaring to a 30000 a day. off of the cupboard, 19 patients in peruse, hospitals are unvaccinated. the country has the highest grown of virus death rays in the world. let's go live now to allison, to run patsy, whose monitoring developments from neighboring columbia georgia south live and sandra. tell us more about the situation in peru and data across the region. yes, adrian looked, this was in many ways expected in particular, after the recent holiday seers christmas and new year's eve when people were probably less careful. and after the 1st cases of the army con variant, were discovered in december throughout much of latin america. there was this expectation that in january and probably throughout this month and in february, would have seen a rapid spread of this very into, across latin america is what we're seeing that happening now with the doubling of
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the numbers of daily infections in most countries. but fortunately so far with the exception in part of peru or that it has been hit particularly hard as you were saying in your introduction, in brazil, the rest in the rest of the region. the consequences of that so far at been a mild, at the main issue as been a lack of a testing that many countries have seen with the rise of request of people looking for a test that has been the case in mexico. for example, argentina, partly here, but not as the as much the other issue has been with the airlines, many flights being canceled daily here in columbia. for example, 40 flights are being canceled that every every day but so far. and the majority of the countries hospitals are not a fool. this is obviously a very good. and if you ask experts, they'll tell you that
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a lot of it has to do with the high levels of vaccinations across much of latin america, which is now the highest vaccination, vaccinated the region in a, in, in the world. so that's a very important and government see are pushing people to continue getting their vaccine or getting their booster shots. and they hope that that will help help a contain at least the worst of the consequences of the spread of this new variant . and tell us more about the situation in brazil, which was particularly hard hit by previous parents, variance of covert by teen bars. yes. in brazil, a little bit like in, in, through the number of cases and a higher number of unvaccinated people, as well as put more strain on the health system there on at the hospitals. also, a lack of testing in these countries make it a bit difficult to get a clear idea of just the real number of daily infections embrace. brazil
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was also attacked by hackers last this week which has further complicated the ability of the government to have a clear idea of what's happening. a lot of people who work in hospitals a got sick in the last week in the last 10 days. so this is a greatly affecting be ability beer of assisting people who are getting sick. obviously brasil is one of the countries that had started the late in responding to this pandemic. a lot of it there has to do with the fact that the president of woodson, that has been 1st said, deny your and he is against the vaccination. out as there is, are some of appear to reporting live her from mark columbia. many texted to alexandra facilities for refugees, migrants and mexico are running out of space as families keep arriving from central america. very few have been able to continue their journey north as the asylum process for entry into the u. s. is almost stopped because of
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a pandemic. and now as manuel rob hello reports from the border city of towanna. things could be about to get even worse. it's suppertime at a migrant shelter in tijuana, mexico, in both space and food for everyone is limited. the shelters director says there's been a significant increase in the number of families arriving, and she's been forced to turn many away. oh, it's very painful to see women with children arriving at our doors. asking for shelter. large influx is of migrants stretching the limits of the services shelters, can provide. it is not a new phenomenon here. but the coven 19 pandemic, has made things more complicated. for more than a year, the un international organization for migration has been using a hotel in downtown tiquana as temporary housing, and a quarantine new arrivals. but it wants the us and mexico to do more to help
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those shelters that are able to receive families are overcrowded right now. they're over a 100 percent and capacity. a lot of them have 3 or 4 spaces, but the families are still counting. the u. s. a silent process has been at a virtual standstill since the start of the pandemic leaving hundreds of migrants stranded as conditions at migrants shelters in the one i become more overcrowded. many who can't find a place to stay have ended up here, a makeshift migrate camp right on mexico's border with the united states. but space has also run out, and local authorities have fenced off the area. oh, the sound of children practicing the violin breaks through the clatter, the parents of this aspiring musician, tell us they've been here for more than 2 months,
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but say returning to their home in southern mexico, where they faced gang violence. and extortion is not an option. as they feel that i think most of being here is difficult. we're not here because we want to be who would want to live like this. so further complicating the matter is the re implementation of a u. s. policy known as the migrant protection protocols or m p p, which forces asylum seekers to return to mexico. wilder cases are processed with n p p. scheduled to be reinstated in more cities along the borders. it's feared overcrowded condition shelters and migrant camps will only get worse. among us now live from tijuana, texas, near the us border. manuel, what's going on behind you? that just how bad is it? adrian, just to give you guys a sense of where we are right now, we are adding chapparal. this is a port of entry into the united states in the city of tiquana. and i just want to
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show you because you might be able to hear a little bit this commotion that's going on next to us. there are, well, there were up until a few moments ago, several dozen migrants lined up. many of them children being handed a clothing donations and this is something that you may not see every day here at a chapparal. but it's come to be one of the things that many people have come to rely on here. who donations clothing donations, blankets. it's been very, it's been raining on and off, it's quite cold here. these are not good conditions for people to be living in. and this is actually an overflow camp at some makeshift migrant camp that popped up a little over just under a year ago. here in the city of d, quantum, but basically what we've observed over the last few days is migrants, shelter directors, international aid workers expressing fear and concern that a re implementation of the so called migrant protection protocols, or m p p. it's a policy by the united states, also known as the, remain in mexico program, which forces asylum seekers to return to mexico. wait in mexico,
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while they're silent cases are heard in the united states is going to exacerbate he's overcrowded conditions. that's not the only concern. there are continued implementation of title 42. this is a policy that began under the trump administration. it's been continued by the, by the administration, which uses the kobe 19 pandemic as a pretext to not resume the traditional asylum process into the united states. the outcome has this been this pile up of migrants from central america, from south america, the caribbean, elsewhere in the world, here on the border out there as manuel are below reporting live from to want to mexico my while many thanks. ah. hello adrian. forget hear it though, how the headlines on al jazeera, astronomy, as hipaa pacific nation of tonga. after an under c volcano erupted, but there's no word on casualties. us phone lines are down waves more than a meter in height. hit fiji van.


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