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tv   Witness The Italian Doctor  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2022 2:30am-3:01am AST

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mexico weight in mexico while they were silent cases are heard in the united states is going to exacerbate these overcrowded conditions. so that's not the only concern there continued implementation of title $42.00. this is a policy that began under the trump administration. it's been continued by the, by the administration, which uses the cobit 19 pandemic as a pretext to not resume the traditional asylum process into the united states. the outcome has this been this pilot of migrants from central america, from south america, the caribbean, elsewhere in the world, here on the border out there as manuel are below reporting live there from to want to mexico my while many thanks. ah, hello, adrian finnegan here and so how the headlines on al jazeera astronomy, as hipaa pacific nation of tonga. after an under c volcano erupted, but there's no word on casualties. as phone lines are down, waves more than a meter in height, hit fiji van iwatsu and american smart,
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snobby alerts and advisors are in place for parts of japan and the western united states fire tennis world. number one, novak joker, which is in court and australia to appeal the decision to revoke his visa for a 2nd time. the hearing is taking place just a day before the australian open begins. sarah clark has more and what the government's lawyers have been arguing. they stating the joke of it's his high profile status and his high profile views. i use anti vaccination kind of status, so he's often opposed man fi vaccination. they're saying that could view the anti vaccination sentiment. now jacqowitz's legal team is saying that they presented no evidence that warrants his deportation and a joke of it is a public risk. they're saying that the minister took in a legal and a rational approach and of thought and no evidence that he is this public health risks in australia. earlier on saturday anti vaccination demonstrators gathered in melbourne, demanding novak chalk of inch, his release. they called on the star to be allowed to play in the australian open
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opinion polls this suggest a majority of australians feel the joke of it should be sent home for preaching the country strict cove at 19 rules. beijing is reported its 1st community case of the armor, con variant of coven. 19 the positive cases from the cities northwestern. heidi and district china detected its 1st community transmitted infection of oma kron last week. in the northern city of change in prompting a lockdown. the country is less than 2 weeks away now from staging the winter olympics with beijing is one of the venues. hospitals and intensive care units in peru are filling to capacity as the alma cronan delta variance surge across the country. the number of new infections is not its highest ever soaring to 30000 a day. half of all covered 19 patients in peruse hospitals, unvaccinated. those are the headlines, manu sphere on al jazeera, after witness, which is coming up next. ah, each and every one of us, i've got a response,
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a change our 1st a we could do this experiment by diversity could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet movies, it could be ready for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in a extremely important service that they provide to the city i. we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to deal with people who can lead beyond ah no
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me to call you to talk to mr. dunham, if it takes all your shantrel i me a lot of the query, powerless neural boxes on the truck through the majority of them with that. okay, we pulled us up to an echo. oh okay. i was who quoted you on
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a 2nd. i track your internet in pressure support and we couldn't get authentic. and so you can, you, do you wanna put you on one of our copier or join us here tomorrow, or some sort of promotional campbell get to the phone when you need and i could ok if you wanted him. you know me, why don't you check me? i i, i
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a pocket for one and i felt sure they can come in at the hot nelfa compliant. i'm going to be done on the fact that i'm dissimilar . create the whole process. i want to consolidate it to the, the passage you sent a fucking money. georgia griffin. with on them on a video model. when they were ready
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not lose her bosses love us at all. it doesn't do because i didn't know about it. so let me get this is the, was it going on all the way to pay my mom isn't like, you know, but like, you know, when you're ready, you know, we shouldn't even live in the country. so you read to me money,
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with a children now a and kristi may, is it just down the road which in other countries a lot of young with the dye in it as a kid that like anything to my own side. you know, go to my,
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this is a, go to quick, quite a few questions. and if it doesn't plan once um in blue family some difficult, i mean i can plan if i should end it. you think that next will come down to santiago. com. if i'm in luck with some a little bit of the school. i mean, oh hello. oh la. i would love yeah. with, with
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me throw at all same millimeter lesson as possible. she puts in a streaming employee with the markham auto plaza. barbara. did you think this is the same? yeah, because i can't mean love
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that is what i am going to want to do. if i just keep it on for the part of the process along with that, the family we're looking for in the inquest is up into the room on the go with the well the i do it that i get to my in my godaddy and with a bad a a
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sorta though here is awful kimball piano color shawnee canada and i'm off on shuffle to appeal for bill equity. franklin, to get us the better get my message and i'll get to the dallas, then i can save it to save it, but i know it out. and it seems to me again, can i get your name? you know, stuff in, in look, such doesn't give up. it puts, put it in fullest of it in, oh,
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infinity the get go the floor. so it'll be crystal job looking for lucy or stuff down. so that can be the victim performed or deny me k clean me up to better yet not to come up with the kitchen business i 5. and when you get back with
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me, i can't seem to ah thing back interesting. i didn't i didn't argue so let's see what i'm interested to see the fact somewhat than really confound you a good, a dog, a superman. i still need,
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i need one company and all it send me a little note. i gotta leave for a moment
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in his boss. i honestly couldn't see anybody that wrote income, the main office. okay. i think it's like a shock with my mom in a moment. of course to sort of cause it maybe i want it to be it. okay. back with a little bit off with asthma, monica,
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we'll see what your morning and we'll do it from the the only school tragedy. and also some of ah, being a refugee means starting again. ah, but building a new life in a new country is no easy task. let him drive witness follows one of the loft refugee families from syria to be granted an american visa. from their personal sacrifices to the families priam, i meet the syrian on al jazeera
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with frank assessments. this gracious, please continue to weaken a look. a shell club, even though perhaps he believes in the beginning that they will expect for informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most helpful things to come out of this critical debate. do you think i should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great. it's a really simple question. let's give samuel a child. swans that inside story on al jazeera, 20 years after sierra leon's brutal civil war claims more than 50000 lives. how has the country progressed rich with natural resources,
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but economically poor are the deep divisions of its past still determining its future to sierra leone recovery, special coverage on al jazeera, ah. and on the see volcanic eruption of tongue that triggers tsunami alerts across the pacific from japan to the us west coast. ah, hello, i'm adrian. and again, this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. well, number one tennis on novak joke of ich faces, a deportation hearing in melbourne, which could buy him from the australian open and the country for 3 years. the fust reported case of.


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