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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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al jazeera, 20 years after sierra leone is brutal, civil war coins, more than 50000 lives. how has the country progressed rich with natural resources, but economically poor are the deep divisions of its past still determining its future sierra leone recovery, special coverage on al jazeera, ah, and on the sea, volcanic eruption of tongue that triggers tsunami alerts across the pacific from japan to the u. s. west coast ah. hello, i'm adrian. and again, this is al jazeera, alive from doha, also coming up. well, number one, terraced on over chunk of edge faces,
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a deportation hearing and melbourne, which could buy him from the australian open and the country for 3 years. the 1st reported case of alma cronin beijing prompts mast testing at a neighbourhood locked down just 3 weeks out of the winter olympics and refugee shelters near the us border and mexico are running out of space as more people arrive, fleeing gang violence. ah, a powerful snobby as hip the pacific nation of tongue after an undersea volcano erupted the extent of the damage is still unclear as phone lines are down, waves more than a meter in height. hit fiji. vanna was who had american samo up. warnings and advisories are still in place for parts of japan and the western united states, which august king has been moved to his from his palace to safety. people on the small island nation had to scramble to reach higher ground. now to serious phil
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laval, reports from los angeles, where an advisory is in place, ah, it only took minutes for the waters to arrive tonga, main island tong. it's hoppy, being hit by a tsunami. the result of a massive volcanic eruption in the pacific ocean, even from space thousands of kilometers away. you can see nature's strength. oh, there'll be warning signs. this was coming. the hunger tonka hung a high pile volcano, has been erupting for days. on friday. it said ash 20 kilometers into the sky saturday's eruption though, so violent, they felt it more than 2000 kilometers away in new zealand. but it was tonga that caught the bronze of it was like a explosions in town. i guess it was from her. okay, no, any, like, literally popped out here. jonathan, everyone just rose by ash cloud. turning daylight sky's as dark as night. people
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fleeing in their cars. from above, you can see just how enormous that cloud is. please head to higher down if you are in danger zone waves more than half a meter high, reaching american samoa japan seeing high water, 2 smoking warnings in fiji and thousands of kilometers away in the us. particularly here on the west coast. normally, it is earthquake for that of the main concern here, but soon on is caused by events far far away, but also a real risk right now. the supposed to be staying off the beaches out of the water . but clearly that isn't happening. i suppose i could earn a toy for the circling the ball, which is probably it's pretty unusual for west. well, so right. something soon army related, but so far we're still here. oh, very thing. yeah. even if like a line for wait until next my then what's here, so i'm more worried about my mom and i to why my go there they, when there was
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a tsunami, further up the coast, northern california. so some choppy, a waters the bay area waves up to a meter higher than normal flooding in santa cruz 2 and hawaii getting strong waves and some minor flooding. this very much a watch and see situation and a warning of disruption. 7 times more powerful than another one from the same volcano in december, may not be the last all the worst. and show char just are live from los angeles. so what's the latest? well, the latest is just something to let from the national weather service saying, you know, things might look where you all, but don't be full. this could go on for several more hours and it could get even more dangerous than it is at the moment. now at the moment where i'd say advisory stage, so there are 4 different tiers when it comes to, it's always the top one is it's not a warning that means get out of the war to get to higher ground, say far,
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far away. well, one level below that we're at the advisory stage, which is a bit loose. it says, you know, get out of the war. they get off the beach, stay far away and just keep your wits about you keep an eye out for whatever they just may be looking at. you sort of the pieces we still see now. i mean the suffers and the people on the beaches here. paying absolutely no attention to that, but that's because there is an almost false sense of security here in southern california in los angeles. the way you have not really been that much stronger than we tend to say the more severe waves would be further up the coast and central foot california and ports, and louis at miramar and pacific, which are further towards the bay area. but the whole of the west coast of the us is on alert, is on standby because the fee to get this water is coming, they just don't know where it's going to be was. i will not just talking about the united states, we're talking about the entire coast even further down towards chile, chile is now going on because they're a phase of the water could hit the coast that on top of that,
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japan has extended its warning already. there was already one warning that the waters could be as high as a meta, and now there is a warning that those waters could hit 3 meters. and we've just heard of the last few minutes from new zealand prime minister to sender. all that he was saying that the fact that tom is cut off. this is a very worrying situation. they can assess just how bad things are in. so the thing doesn't say here, pretty okay at the moment. but in other parts of the world, adrian, they are incredibly concerned about further up the coast from you. so, and i know it's a long way away. what are you hearing from hawaii? well, so hawaii was on alert because remember 6 our flight from here. so that is really in the middle of the pacific. hawaii did have this alert this advisory, and they did see some water earlier on. they saw fairly high waves. they sort of localized, nothing flooding to severe, only a small amount of damage, and that alert was lifted several hours ago. alaska as well was under alerts on
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that advisory southeast alaska has also listed that alerts. so now the focus is on the fact that these water is moving towards, i'm starting to hit the west coast. but then again, it's not just the fact that these waves might hit the coast. it's what happens when they hit because because you look at what happened back 10 years ago after that devastating earthquake off the coast of japan. the waters arrived here in california, and it wasn't so much the fact that the waves were higher where you get those surges so, so just which had boats which are property, they can move both sides of the both people live on, on both sides. it was, well, you know, there's a lot of people that live on the coast. and so there's a lot of concern about the damage on the damage that could be caused by the flooding on the water. but what happens when the water hits property, and then of course you've got people who are on the beach because of those rick tides. but also my look cob, where you could get pulled up very quickly. you could be in a lot of trouble. how did you fill of l reporting live that from los angeles? so many thanks. indeed,
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novak joke of it is about to find out if he can play on this reading open or if he's to be deported to wells. number one, tennis, or will tennis number one rather is in court in melbourne, where he's appealing the decision to revoke his visa for a 2nd time. he was initially bod entry on arrival after questions about his coded 19 vaccine exemption. but that ministerial decision was overturned by a judge. lucko lived out of brisbin, a talked roger, a sarah clarks a war. will each party have been arguing in this federal court hearing this morning? ah, we're about an hour and a half into the hearing. i in the federal court at this stage, it's just jacob, it's his team. they've opened a defense and his court is being heard before a full bench. we've got 3 judges presiding over this case that his case will determine whether or not the minister acted. what jock of his team is saying it's unreasonable when they rescinded his visa, the basis of their argument so far, the hour and
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a half that we've been listening to this sign that they don't have the evidence they signed the minister at took a logical and a rational approach to this and that the government has sought had no evidence to suggest that to job which poses a public or health risk to the australian public. now the foundation of the government's argument is that john, which his presence here, his high profile status and his opposition to madison vaccinations is galvanized, you know, certainly fueling the anti vaccination sentiments here in australia. and alex, who's the immigration minister, he was the one who used his discretionary powers on friday to revoke rockville his visa for a 2nd time. he read. this is the argument that's being presented by the government as to why it was in the public interest to do so. there are a number of questions that are being asked. it will be asked in this a case in the federal court. on a sunday in australia, the questions being asked why now, why is it only now that the government has raised their concern about their opposition to drop? if it is opposition to mandatory vaccination?
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so this is the 2nd federal court appearance. and we do expect this to be that aside on whether or not a joke, which plays in your strategy and open, which begins in melbourne on monday. and when will we know that, sarah? well we hope to find out, did i simply because the, the, the droll still exists still holds, joked which in the number one position he said to plan his 1st round of the tournament on monday evening, and he has won this torment 9 times and he wants to win a tit, the also wants to make this the 21st grand slam tournament weaned for him. so there's a lot riding on this. if the judges, the 3 judges in this, federal court hearing decide to uphold the deportation to let the government win, in this case a joke to which would be $37.00, could be $3738.00 before he returns to australia. because this deportation could mean that he faces a 3 year ban to enter estrada at the job. the government also has
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a lot radi on this as well. this is an election year and a lot of people have suggested that at this case, being run by the government is politically motivated and no one that the case that the, the government has said is no one is above the rules. and i do not make guy exemptions for the lots of tennis champions. i like know that dr. mitch, so a lot is riding on this case, but we do expect the federal government to, to make the federal court, i should say, to make a decision on sunday. sarah clark reporting live from bruce from sarah. buddy, thanks indeed. earlier on saturday anti vaccination demonstrations gathered in melbourne to modern novak joke ventures release, they called on the scott store to be allowed to play in the australian open. but opinion polls suggested a majority of people that feel that shock of which should be sent home for preaching the country. strict covered 19 rules. i just think it's really unfair that people that i could get it. sports people get treated differently to everybody else. and i would like to provide it every day. it's kind of really hard time to part of it. and it's like, i don't think it's that hard of
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a decision. and i think it's just just a distraction again about what's going on as well. what we don't have access to any residential tests front of ours and sort of going crazy cross dryly or the government's pondering whether or not so lightly status play the country. i was bit of a waste of the time in my opinion it's, it's a tough call. i think it's a lose lose really government at this point. i think, you know, rules are rules and we bold balden the last couple of years here in melbourne. so i, again, i think raleigh, coordination before he arrive would have been better off our current serbia joint ventures. these are problems down under provoked a fierce reaction is supportive. say the australian government is politicized the issue and turned it into a witch hunt. bel, great born play up is a national hero. and serbia. hey jeff, this is paul. i'm with god. no, going back in the agency and ah,
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the law enforcement, but i'm meeting with the thing is a wonderful why the government melia was having high people who wasn't want on uses. he didn't deserve this. he's fighting for serbia, for sport, for tennis. whether update maxi on al jazeera, then we'll have an update on the situation of peru where hospitals are filling to capacity. muskogee 19 cases hit a record high and will tell you which african country leads the way in renewable energy. ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle ways getting going on your weather reports for asia. hello, everyone,
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nice to see you. we're going to begin in india, where we do have weather alerts in play to start the day with some fog through the indian states of delhi into pradesh. elsewhere across the country. some showers are sliding down from under a protection to tom on that do. so we'll go in for a closer look, and that ne monsoon is just going to enhance that rain, so we'll see bursts of rain across town on the do. and same goes for sure. lanka over the next 24 to 48 hours off to southeast asia. and plentiful storms across indonesia. so really take your pick where they're going to be falling jakarta high of 32 degrees into china. fairly settled, but it's as we get toward northern areas, we see some of the showers, so not too far away from hanoi with the high 27 degrees and a slug of rain in between the gang seeing the pearl river valley toward the north. that's a cool pool of air toward the south into the warm sector. we're going to get down with rain in gray lin with a hive 10 degrees. well that see effect snow machine engine turning into high gear . so we'll see that snow accumulate through the hills of western horseshoe,
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and who cato over the course of the weekend, meantime in tokyo and really know much is going on. you're in the sunshine with a height 12 degrees on sunday. that's it for me. we'll see again soon, take care ah, the weather sponsored by katara ways. americans are increasingly saying authoritarianism might not be so bad. there were several steps along the way where the chain of command, it seemed like tried to covered up what's your take on why they've gotten this so wrong? that to me it's political malpractice, the bottom line on us politics policy and the impact on the world on al jazeera. ah, bold, and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, ah,
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ah, hello again, this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main news. the south. a tsunami has hit the pacific island nation of toner. after an under see volcano erupted, does no word on casualties. us phone lines are down. so now be alerts and advisors were in place. were part of japan and the west of the united states. tennis world number one love i joke of it is in court in australia to appeal the decision to revoke his visa for a 2nd time. the hearing is taking place just a day before the australian open begins. beijing, as reported, its 1st community case of the alma kron variant of coven. 19 the positive case is from the cities northwestern. heidi an district china detected its 1st community acquired infection of all the kron last week in the golden city of change in prompting a snack lock down. the country is less than 2 weeks away. now,
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from staging the winter olympics, with beijing as one of the venues for the games. jewels boy cough is a professor at the department of politics and government of pacific university. he says that athletes risk catching cobit 19 at the paging winter olympics, new data suggest decreased efficacy of china's vaccines against the omicron barion, which shouldn't surprise any one. since western vaccines have also shown lower protection against omicron. and so they're locked downs should probably help contain it to a certain degree. but we saw similar types of measures put into place around the tokyo olympics, which just happened a few months back. and still, even with those new measures, more than $800.00 cases of corona virus emerged inside the so called olympic bubble . so because of the transmits ability, we have serious problems on our hands in regards to the beijing olympics. just look at the recent us figure skating trials, where omicron rage and it really disrupted
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a lot of the qualification events around these very olympics and beijing. this is incredibly difficult for athletes right now. they are already under incredible stress just to make it to the olympics. in the 1st place, you throw the corona virus elements in there and now you have extra stress on top of it. and so they're taking every measure they can possibly take, but everybody knows at this point that you can be extremely careful and still catch omicron. and so there's a lot of fear rippling through the athletic community that their dream could come short. because of the fact that alma cron pops up on their plane ride over to participate in the beijing olympics hospital from the intensive care units in peru filling to capacity as the on the chronic delta variance search across the country . the number of new infections is not its highest ever sewing to 30000 a day. half of the coven, 900 patients in peruse hospitals, unvaccinated. the country has the highest corona, virus, death, rays in the world. well, the number of on the kron cases is up right across south america in ball guitar,
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columbia. i saw ron p. s. he has the latest from the region. this was in many ways expected in particular, after the recent holiday, 2 years christmas and new year's eve when people were probably less careful. and after the 1st cases of the only con, variance were discovered in december throughout much of latin america, there was this expectation that in january and probably throughout this month and in february would have seen a rapid spread of this variant across latin america is what we're seeing that happening now with the doubling of the number of daily infections in most countries, but fortunately so far with the exception in part of peru in brazil, the rest in the rest of the region. the consequences of that so far been a mild at the main issue as being a lack of testing that many countries have seen with the rise of request of people looking for a test that has been the case in mexico for example,
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argentina, partly here, but not as the, as much the other issue has been with airlines. so many flights being canceled. bailey here in columbia for example, 40 flights are being canceled every every day but so far. and the majority of the countries hospitals are not a fool. this is obviously a very good and if you ask experts, they'll tell you that a lot of it has to do with the high levels of vaccinations across much of latin america, which is now the highest. the vaccination vaccinated the region in a, in, in the world. several indian cities including the capital, new delhi of connie's, restrict weekend, locked down in an effort to control a surgeon infection staff. india reported nearly 270000 new cases on saturday. that's the highest number since last may, spike is being fueled by the on the corner, dell to variance. all shops are shot except for essential distances.
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a, if you go to other states, there is election campaigning going on without any covert. 19 protocols is the north iris at election release of use of i'll get to sort of, god is it is incredible. i have to go to work, but there is no bus. it's very problematic. i don't understand what to do on our front pumping. the towel, who's in new delhi and once again the streets and the national capital are empty. this is the 2nd we can go if you hear in you jelly, which means that on saturday and sunday, most people have to stay at home, only essential services like hospitals and food deliveries are allowed earlier this week daily. so it's highest thing despite, since the pandemic began, the positivity rate here is 30 percent, which means that every hotel is positive. no other restrictions continue through the week. there's a night garfield schools have been closed. restaurants are only open for deliveries,
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and most people are working from home models. i'm gillian, so it's a big loss for us. a full lockdown is actually better because at least we can go back to a village and, and their mom during these weakened cove. hughes, and we don't own anything. i know for the country several cities like new jelly and one by half the cases diff slightly, but that's because of testing which has dropped authorities are now prioritizing death for high risk patients, so asymptomatic contacts of cobra. 19 patients have been asked to simply self isolate. so even though it looks like cases have plateaued, positivity rate has gone up. now, amid all of this lossy gatherings or religious gatherings rather have continued, even as most of the country has been under some form of restriction for some time. now, west been gone, which is hosting the largest gathering, has seen its highest single day spike since the beginning of the pandemic. now,
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the courts there are asking authorities to consider postponing upcoming civic pools because of the grown of our situation in the state. diplomatic efforts to deescalate tension between russia and ukraine, a gathering pace. the foreign ministers of germany and canada are expected in the region in the coming days for talks with theaters in cuba. moscow, it comes off to washington accused russia of planning a false flag operation in ukraine to justify an invasion kremlin, has denied the allegations now to see restore such a barrier reports from moscow. the russian foreign minister, 2nd lover of during his annual press conference on friday, stressed that russia's patience with the actions of the west is running out and that they are no longer going to wait around to have further talks. as far as the russian government is concerned, there will be no more dialogue with the united states in the coming weeks or months . they're now waiting for an official response from nato, about their concerns of ukraine or any other countries joining the 30 member
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alliance. the russian foreign minister also said that they, his country, has intelligence or reasons to believe that the us and nato are likely in the coming weeks and months to be building up their troops alongside the russian border . with the, using the pretext of the tensions with ukraine as an excuse to do so. and he said very clearly that that is not acceptable to the russian government. and that is very much a red line for this country. this was a sentiment that was also shared by the criminal spokesperson earlier this week. following the 3 rounds of talks at various city european cities at between russia and the u. s. and european countries, a nato. the sentiment here is that the talks were not successful and that the kremlin said that any kind of sanctions imposed by the u. s. government on russia will be comparable to severing ties with russia. facilities for refugees and
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migrants in mexico are running out of space as families keep arriving from central america. very few of been able to continue their journey north as the asylum process for entry into the u. s. there's almost stopped because of the pandemic about as manuel rapids reports from the border city of t, one up things could be about to get even worse. supper time at a migrant shelter in p one a mexico and both space and food for everyone is limited. the shelters director says there has been a significant increase in the number of families arriving and she's been forced to turn many away. it's very painful to see women with children arriving in our doors and asking for shelter. large influx is of migrant. stretching the limits of the services shelters can provide is not a new phenomenon here. but the coven 19 pandemic, has made things more complicated. for more than a year, the un international organization for migration has been using
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a hotel in downtown tiquana as temporary housing, and a quarantine new arrivals. but it wants the us and mexico to do more to help those shelters that are able to receive families are over a crowd. and right now they're over a 100 percent in capacity. a lot of them have 3 or 4 spaces, but the families are still counting. the u. s. a silent process has been at a virtual standstill since the started the pandemic leaving hundreds of migrants stranded as conditions at migrants shelters in the one i become more overcrowded. many who can't find a place to stay have ended up here, a makeshift migrate camp right on mexico's border with the united states. but space has also run out, and local authorities have fenced off the area. oh,
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the sound of children practicing the violin breaks through the clatter, the parents of this aspiring musician, tell us they've been here for more than 2 months. but say returning to their home in southern mexico, where they faced gang vines. and extortion is not an option, or they feel that i think most of being here is difficult. we're not here because we want to be who would want to live like this whole. further complicating the matter is the re implementation of a u. s. policy known as the migrant protection protocols or m p p, which forces asylum seekers to return to mexico while their cases are processed. oh, with m p. p, scheduled to be reinstated in more cities along the border. it's feared overcrowded conditions at shelters and migrant camps. will only get worse. manuel revenue al jazeera, tiquana, mexico kenya is aiming to be fully self sufficient in renewable energy by 2030. a
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country already gets 90 percent of its electricity from natural sources, including solar power that has the largest single wind power facility in africa. i'll 0 is catherine soil. is there the blades of $365.00 turbines rotate on the edge of lake to cana? this wind farm, the largest in africa, is perched on a stretch of rocky desert in nothing kenya. yet it is key to the country's plans to have a fully green energy supply by 2030, with a capacity to dispense $310.00 megawatts of low cost power. it will increase energy supply by 30 percent. those who leave and walk in masa bit home to the wind farm can't wait to be connected, but some are not happy. it's not already happened. season of clear thought, you lot of problems, we will end telecom, we're told the wheat energy will help us when it comes, but is taking too long to reach us. how sad that is,
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one of the theory does in panic, still running on generating people here. say they want to go green and benefit from the wind farm. many are increasingly using solar energy to power their home renewable energy from natural sources, including geothermal, wind, solar and hydro electric account for about 90 percent of kenya's electricity needs . the countries electricity company is also diversified by using geothermal, steam for other uses. it's like a direct impact in agriculture because we have the green houses. we are growing our hot carter. we have fish. that is also agriculture. we have a drink of crops. if we didn't want to get to lodge a skilled pharmacy, even people who are rico much of life, we have to fit them adolescent through as uradano. feel. all this makes kenya a global leader in climate change. but some honestly see that in itself may not help you. the developed world does not do better. option one is to continue
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investing in cleaning mechanisms for the already polluting industries. option 2 is to invest a new renewable technology st. cleaned technologies in africa and make use of the community in africa. that is the cheap, the cheapest option we should sell now. and that's what the wild features jaffar abduct mine says. all he wants is a clean and a more reliable pass horse to run his business. catching sight altogether or sobbing, kenya. ah, it's good to have you with a fellow, adrian finnegan, harrods oh, how the headlines and al jazeera as an army has hit the pacific. allan basin of tonga, after and on the sea volcano erupted, but as no word on casualties as phone lines are down, waves more than a meter in height. hit fiji if i was to add american samoa. so now the alerts,
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the advisor is, are in place for parts of japan and the western united states to find tennis walked on.


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