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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm AST

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that matter to you, al jazeera, ah, ah, more anti locked on protests and amsterdam despite the dutch government easing some of its restrictions. ah, watching al jazeera alive from a headquarters and i'll find any navigator also a heads. 10, a star novak joke of which has been deported from australia after a court ruling upheld a decision to cancel his visa. the pacific nation of tonga is cut off after an underwater volcano erupt, triggering 8 soon. army and pudding neighboring countries on alerts. on molly's deposed president, abraham mover marquita has died at the age of 76. ah,
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hello. so we begin in the netherlands, where processors are on the march and amsterdam against coven. 19 restriction starts to spite the government lifting some of its locked all measures. the demonstrators say that's not enough and they want more freedoms restored. the netherlands reporter it's highest number of daily infections. earlier this week, we'll speak to steph austin, who was at the protests in amsterdam, so no sign of dying down. what are the protest or is asking for and how wide spread are these protests that well, we feel that tens of thousands of people protesting on the 3 tier in amsterdam today. i have to say the more it's quite heated, but peaceful so far at least. what has been happening in the netherlands, it was the strictest lockdown in the last couple of weeks and the whole of europe for that happened here. and it basically has backfired. the a lot of people are now not only not obeying the rules anymore,
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but they basically violating many of the rules so that are still in place. the government estimates that partially this lockdown last friday, but in the last couple of days to be seen, many business owners going against the government, opening their shops, opening their restaurant, opening their business is basically saying they can't cope any longer economically . it's been very hard, but also emotionally, mentally, many people who are here are basically long term protests, so the thousands of them have been protesting. and the last couple of months back on this rates are also backed by quite extreme right wing parties as well. there are flax here. people also believe in conspiracy theories. so there's a wide range of people now against government measures. and what we're seeing is that local authorities are increasingly backing these protesters because they're also facing a dialogue box. they say we feel the resentment in society,
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but we're also of course, we have to follow the government so restrictions. so is this putting any pressure on the government at all? how is it dealing with this resentment? well, what we're seeing and then madeline is also backed by research. that is a large, this struck towards the government towards politics in general. what happened is that in the last year it's nearly a year for a new government to be formed. the last government was basically for us to step down amidst the scandal, not much has changed since then. and that has led to a lot of disrupt not only in the corporate policies, but many other policies as well. and that's what we're seeing right now. not only here on the streets and amsterdam, but in the whole of society right now, there's not much believe that the government knows how to deal with this. and i make this many contradictory policies. and i also see that other countries, like germany and belgium and france are doing a lot better. all right,
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thank you so much the boss and reporting from amsterdam while denmark has listed a number of restrictions, despite the continued spread or the only cron very. and there cinemas museum john theaters have all reopened. and sporting events are allowed with a limited number of spectators must required and most places and people have to show proof of vaccination or a negative test. the government is planning to lift more restrictions at the end of january. novak joke of which has been deported from australia, the tennis star last the last its court appeal to overturn the cancellation of his visa. the governments argued the unvaccinated players presence with fuel anti vaccine sentiment, chuck, of which was hoping for a record 10th australia opened title and said he's on his way to do by sarah clark reports from brisbin. after a weekend in hotel detention. not a joke of it was granted temporary leave to attend a federal court hearing in a last ditch attempt to stop his deportation. but that freedom was shortly after
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full bench voted unanimously in favor of immigration minister alex hawk's decision to remove him from australia. it ends the world number one tennis players bid to defend his australian open titled jock of it was set to play in the 1st round of the tournament on monday evening. in our faces the prospect of a 3 year ban on re entering australia in a statement, he said he was extremely disappointed, but would cooperate with authorities and leave astray. immigration minister argue the joke of it posed a public health risk. and his opposition to mandatory vaccination could feel that sentiment. his supporters outside his lawyers office disagreed non joke, which is none of these awards for human rights. really choice. he's nervous guy is always to snyder. he was the wrong one inches. he's money. the old chief
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justice james. all that stress was that the court was not there to judge the merits of jock a vicious case. wish only whether or not the minister acted within his authority. it's the 2nd time jock of it has faced the federal court in less than a week. he was approved for a visa and a medical exemption to play in the australian open on the ground. it already had covered 19 in december, but on january the 5th when he arrived at melbourne airport, immigration officials said he failed to meet the entry criteria. and his visa was canceled. a federal court then overturned that decision, only to be over ruled by the immigration of sir 4 days later, when the government announced job which must leave australia. this is a problem where the federal government issued a visa. let's not forget that, issued novak john of it with a visa, allowed him to board a plane. and then when he arrived here during that time, really the talk which was in the air, there was
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a change in the attitude from the state and federal government. and it was a hostile reception, the job of it's got when he arrived here. the federal court ruling has been welcomed by the government. a strategy has some of the toughest water restrictions in the world. and more than 90 percent of its adult population has been fully vaccinated is try and open will now go ahead on monday without the world's number one tennis player, sarah clock, audi 0, brisbin, australia. trump. excuse me, there's been a strong reaction to the ruling and joke of bitches native serbia. president alexander rogers said australia had humiliated itself. it was very easy for us rental for it is to say from the very beginning of that. okay. only vaccinated only enough related people could enter australian territory, but it didn't say so. everything completely different story including this medical exemptions. and after that, they forgot about it and they wanted to create political prince alleged political
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principles, which were not principles told, dana advocate, which is in belgrade with more reaction novel york, which left australia after a court upheld decision to cancel his visa. beside political officials scheming serbia novel, father gave a short statement on the topic. not the case opened several questions here in serbia and one specifically breaking off the insulation once your positive on coffee 19. not a joke of each himself defeated to break the insulation while he was positive. so this question was brought up as a crisis console several days ago when one of the members of these council shortly give an explanation bad to the document. that normal drug, which had saying that he was positive on the 19 was valid, but there will be no punishment for him. so this rule was only on stage during the emergency state. the chinese city of gian has gradually begun listing restrictions
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after more than 3 weeks of locked down. people at low risk areas will not be able to lead their homes for a short periods to buy supplies. city shut down on december 22nd after it's aw, surgeon, cases linked to the delta variance and beijing has reported its 1st community infection of the micron variance be positive cases from the cities northwestern high dion district. the chinese capital is hosting the winter olympics in less than 3 weeks time. bangladesh has tightened restrictions. just go with 1900 infections, tripled in a week to almost 5000 a day. public gatherings are bound masks, are mandatory, and public places and vaccine certificates needed to eat in restaurants. but many are ignoring the new clump down despite the capital duck up being declared and infection red zone. ton of your child, re, reports from their many small business owners. ears have barely recovered from the impact of the last covey. 19 locked down. now they are worried about,
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on the current. i'm others, but we are really concerned because last time we had a major corona outbreak, business was bad for us. in recent times though, things got a bit stable and we're okay. but if there's another lockdown due to corona outbreak, then our situation will get really worse. under the new covey restriction, public gatherings remain suspended, and transport operators have to limit the number of passengers to have capacity. 11 point press restriction on public movement and businesses imposed by the government to fight the spread of army crone inspection is ignored by many, mainly due to lack of enforcement and monitoring by the concerned authorities. some help experts, one that the situation could last and mainly it is coming from india retreat. we are very long border and lot of people are coming across the board out every day because we cannot just off the moment of the people on mitigation of the group all
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alone. so people are not wearing must, bangladesh has been able to fully vaccinate only a 3rd off it's 167000000 population. under the new rules, most businesses require customers to show their vaccine certificates. how much of a hotel they up our little problem as many customers do not carry the racks in god with them and get upset on again. we had a question to show the cod. some do comply other se they do not have the card yet. the government fears hospitals won't be able to cope if army chron infections continue to increase from girl body. and you body, if the infections rate and the number of patients increase, then there will be no space left in the hospitals. as you are aware that army kronen is increasing globally, so he must be on full alert from now on. for many, there is a growing concern about whether the country can cope with another major covered outbreak. low income and daily wage earner say this suffered the most from the
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imposition of this new restrictions. tanveer chaudhry al jazeera, darker still ahead on our 0 here. how a hosted c g u. s. synagogue was entered and the united states is currently way behind other countries when it comes to offshore wind power. i'm chris is salumi on the east coast. coming up. i'll tell you what's being done to change that ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. holla, we got more very heavy snow in the forecast for japan over the next couple of days or mosley little weather system. now, looking over the sea of japan will introduce some cool out once again into that western side of honju in particular and across a good part of her kindest monday going on it tuesday. while the snow becomes
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a little more extensively sheltered by the mount is more, quite as bad there across at east side of the country must be a few flakes in tokyo, but 8 degrees celsius. nothing too much to concern ourselves with just yet. by the south. lot you try for the time being got a little bit of wet weather, just skirting with the far south of china now just pushing across a tie. won some showers to stretching the way into parts over india, china, particularly around the vietnam over the next day or so. but the majority of the showers into central other parts of the philippines, 3 militia and much of indonesia. the usual he to the day down pause coming through here, then they will see more the way of usual showers coming back into the southeast of india, pushing down towards sal anchor over the next day or so across the central place. northern plains, it is generally dry, cold enough in new delhi 14 celsius there or monday, tuesday picks up a little bit about that cold air stays in place with fog. and he, me, for the weather sponsored by cats are always intelligent and playful.
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ulcers are in high demand, is pets in japan, but concerns are growing over the illegal smuggling and irresponsible breeding of these wild animals. 11 east investigates on old zebra. ah, allow government who manages era where ever, you know, a the, the color again, the top story on the, on al jazeera,
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for testers, in the netherlands rallying against virus restriction. some of the toughest measures in europe are relaxed on saturdays, but far as restaurants and other public places remain close. novak joker bitches on a flight from melbourne to do by after losing his visa appeal against the port ation. the australian government argued the china star has not vaccinated for 71900 would with up and to back seen sentiment. bangladesh has impose restrictions over 1900 infection triple than a week to nearly 5000 a day. but many are ignoring the new climb down despite the capital doc of being declared and infection red zone. h unami, triggered by an undersea volcanic eruption has cost significant damage to the pacific islands of hunger. the eruption was so powerful, it was felt thousands of kilometers away in places like chile and alaska, alexia bryan has more. it took only minutes to the ways to arrive the sonoma and go. st. tom is main island palm pass. the water rushing ashore into
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homes and the church and the capital nuclear low foss. this woman was freeman lived on facebook when the wave swept through. they were triggered by this beyond the water, homeless hollow, hung up. i volcanoes just 70 kilometers from the tongue and capitol. it's been a rubbing for weeks. but on friday, violent activity increased, including a record breaking amount of lightning. knows this giant explosion, which scientists think is a one in a 1000 year event. this. so volcano takes about a 1000 years, a fully recharged, so it just happened to be around the point where is unleashed a vast amount of it's mike men are really exposed away, was probably one of the mercy and energetic explosions of the entire 21st century. so far, the year option was some big, it could be seen from space. and between that and the so now me significant damage
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is being reported and toner. oh, new zealand is planning to st. military aircraft to check the damage. that was an almost 20000 meter hi ash cloud. it's not yet safe to fly. shops along the coast have been damaged in a significant cleanup will be needed. new coil offer is covered and thick film of our kinetic dust. new zealand to saw the effects of the waves, the water tossing boats as if they were toys in this marina. some fisherman said they had to run for their lives. he was liver boards on board, mixed to my boat. and i had my warning. i heard the noise and people running down the p is banging on a bike, telling them to get a shockwave from your option with south across the pacific, with an army warning from american samo injury. and evacuations of homes ordered in japan, 8000 kilometers away. waves a meter higher than usual,
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were registered on the west coast of the united states. hello world. we are surviving the finale out here in pacifica. i can tell you it is happening. yeah, it is happening on california's huntington beach. some south is ignored warnings to stay out of the water, eager to ride a historic wave. though the south in chile residence in co, kimball and los rios, were asked to move to safe zones at least 30 maces above sea level. well, in peru to women were reported to have drowned and strong waves near the northern coast. i don't know, maybe i didn't notice the 1st wave. during the 2nd one, people started moving more towards the shore. it was with the fed wave when it reached a war. on the 4th, everything got flooded and the water reached up to my niece. this, an army threat has receded that reports of damage is still coming in, and the rupture and toner may not be the last. alixia brian al jazeera,
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katie greenwood as the head of the pacific delegation at the international federation of red cross on red cross societies. she says the situation has left local communities in a state of shock. we have been urgently trying to reach our red cross national society on the ground there for about 24 hours. now we did had some small communication for about 10 minutes. after the bigger option and once the unami warning had been treated and when we were speaking to our team on the ground then they were assisting with already. 1 with moving people to the limited high ground available on the main island in hong and there was a traffic jam. there was the shock because even though people have been experiencing these smaller action for the last month or so, this really came out of the blue in terms of the size and scale of disruptions. and
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so they were, it had taken people by surprise, as had the inundation from the synonymy wives. we have very much looking forward to hearing from lowell lying assholes and islands, closer to where the erection is taking place. it's been that we do have some fears about what may have happened, and we're able to triangulate some information from our humanitarian partners around the pacific at the moment. but we are very, came to hear about that situation. out of all her claimed responsibility for a suspected suicide bomb explosion, and this from all the capital mortgage issue. government spokesman was injured in the attack, a photographer at the scene, said he saw body parts scattered outside. the home of her mother brought him marly mood before he was taken to hospital 0, correspondent, jamie, nor has more for margaret issue. i've just so much to look, it's clear that it is the somali government spokesman mohammed ibrahim molly mo,
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who was the prime target of the explosion. according to a statement from the somali official news agency molly, who was injured in the attack by a person wearing an explosive belt in this area where we're standing now, the attacker detonated the belt near ali, moved as he was leaving his residence. no further details have been announced yet as to the condition of molly mill. however, what seems to be clear so far is that the somali government spokesperson may have been targeted in an assassination attempt by the suicide bomber wearing the supposed to belt. this is not the 1st time and attempted as been made on while he was life. he's a journalist and he previously worked for a number of local and international newspapers. he once worked as a correspondent for the b, b. c. he also was a witness to the light o terrorist attack. the government office is likely to come out with a statement on what exactly happened and how serious it spokesman injury is. today's explosion is the 2nd within the span of one week in the somali capital market issue ahead of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary election. molly's
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former president of rainbow car cater has died at the age of 76. it's been 17 months since he was deposed by a military coup. my dear denise reports on caters rise to power. you bramble wicker kate, his journey tamale's presidency, was long and difficult. after a number of unsuccessful campaigns, the politician, better known by his initials you becca, was eventually voted in as president in 2013 than reelected 5 years later on. i do see no duration when he enjoyed lots of goodwill, he promised you direction for molly. what kind of cater abraham booby car cater came with high expectations at a time of crisis in the north where the threat of secession was real. his phrase molly 1st impressed a lot of molly and who thought he's a man who would change the country and stabilize. but molly's problems continued to mount under his watch. although you reach some form of agreement with coral rebels
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in the north, the rebellion didn't disappear. adding to the unrest in the boston often lawless a. her region 14 fighters led by al qaeda strengthening their grip on a large suite of territory. electro. bassy, he slipped on many fronts. we lost kettle hopped out along the line. it was realised that he really didn't grasp the craft of leadership. he kept changing his ministers resulting on chaos in governance. we saw the rise of ethnic violence crisis. in short, we can say it because government has really failed to live up to expectations. the dollars that on the con, the french let military intervention in 2013 helped to civilized many parts of the north. but between 20172020 attacks by armed groups, increased killing hundreds of civilians and military, including foreign troops. ethnic violence in the center of molly piled out of control. national reconciliation efforts launched by cater failed to bring lasting peace. with on august 18, 2020,
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a group of military officers took up arms in what started as a mutiny at this military barracks, outside the capital. i run italy. it was where other military officers at large their qu, intergist wealth that paved the way for elections, which eventually brought catered power in 2013 the slow pace of political reforms, corruption, the failing economy and port infrastructure fed and decay to sentiments. the fall out of the $22.00 inch parliamentary election was a final straw. to bring the billiard below every prison they should have a school counts of the population can assist. unfortunately, abraham kate, his government was a catastrophe. nothing. on the contrary, the country found itself in a difficult situation, and the government was acting as if everything was okay. second him was a fiancee, so much. but katy supporters praised him for improving the lives of molly's 19000000 population. why,
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i'm glad to meet me when you look at the military. you see he is equipped to them with both hardware and supplies. to deal with. the crisis in the north is also increased wages paid to civil servants and the military. it's sad how people have politicized everything in this country. kate, his presidency was also dead by rumors of ill health, but he insisted he was fit for hostages or a safe after police rescued them from a synagogue in the u. s. police in texas, a british hostage taker, died in the 10 hours stand off, but it's not clear how he demanded the release of pakistani nero. scientists convicted for trying to kill us soldiers and f, b i. agents and b, c correspondent, morgan chest. he has more from cali bill in texas. nearly 11 hours stand has finally come to a close colleague. will police confirming that the 4 hostages inside congregation, beth israel synagogue, have now been released. they are alive and well and be described
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a gunman who took them hostage is deceased authorities not going into details about the final moments of that rescue or what took place inside that place of worship. but they are saying that right now, those 4 members of the synagogue, including a rabbi, are now speaking with f. b. i. agents to paint a much clearer picture of what took place over the last nearly 12 hours today. that began when that man entered that place of worship. saturday morning and began making demands, at least one of which was the release of a federal prisoner being held at a detention facility about 20 miles away from this quiet dallas suburbs. tonight. authority say they hope to learn much more from those for individuals inside. they establish a wide perimeter around this building all day long. however, tonight, they can decrease that footprint, help people who live in the surrounding area. it is safe to go outside. with this stand off in hospice situation. finally, at a close,
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construction has begun on the 1st large scale wind farm off the coast of the united states. it lies far behind other industrialized nations in clean energy, but the white house is fast tracking wind power projects to meet climate change commitments. chris salumi has more from new england. it's a project years in the making a wind farm off the coast of massachusetts. we're looking out to the ocean. so 35 miles from here. that's where we will see the turbines. 62 turbines known as vineyard when one enough to power 400000 homes, the ceo of the danish company behind it says it took the approval of more than 2 dozen state local and federal agencies to get to this point. it was not easy and definitely not the easy because it's also the 1st of its kind oh the white house hopes to fast track another 7 offshore lease agreements by 2025 at the groundbreaking ceremony in november,
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the secretary of the interior discussed the bind administrations clean energy goals, the united states is making giant leaps and building a clean energy future. it's a solution that can create robust and sustainable economies that lift up communities while also ensuring future generations have a livable planet. offshore wind power in the united states currently is next to nothing. 5 terabytes here off the coast of rhode island and other to further south in virginia. that's it. adding hundreds and hundreds more is crucial to the biden administration's plan to cut carbon emissions. but it won't be easy. infrastructure improvements will be needed, including new transmission lines that must be built to densely populated areas in the grid. capacity has basically run out, or at a point where we need to proactively plan for this. next generation was next round of big wind and solar projects. fishermen and environmental groups worried about the impact on marine life have filed lawsuit attempting to halt vineyard winds
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construction. all these guidelines that are in place for protection are being high, fast. everything is getting streamline to for these permits to go into place quickly. and that is a concern. the industry is promising to bring thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to the coastal city of new bedford. already the country's largest fishing port. so this is the 1st purpose built facility for offshore wind deployment. for the mer, it's a balancing act, a dog fishing, in some cases where the wind farms are going to go. and so i determinant where when farms go, how far apart turbines are, how they're aligned, are all very complicated questions that affects both industries. still the industry and its advocates say the u. s. is ambitious goals for offshore wind power can be achieved and also that they must be to keep you as clean energy targets, incite christian salumi out 0 on the new england coast bomb disposal
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experts and spain have safely designated an unexploded device from the spanish civil war. almost 90 years ago, construction work in the town of may, i was stopped when an elderly man recalled how a bomb fail to explode during an air raid there when he was a child's metal detectors were used to find 50 kilos of explosives. burried under the concrete ah, the headlines on al jazeera for testers in another lines are rallying against corona virus restrictions. some of the toughest measures in europe are relaxed on saturday, but bars restaurants on other public places remain co.


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