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tv   Al Jazeera Correspondent Who Owns Yoga  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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far more vulnerable to the dangers of coven 19 ollie re examines the reasons for this disparity, the social and economic inequality that surround us. how much deeper and much more problematic than we thought i'd asked whether lessons learned from the global pandemic could lead to positive change because of the fix for him. all hail the locked down, expose it privilege on poverty during a crisis on a j 0. ah oh, i'm sorry, i'm new mozy in london, elmaine stories this allen allen yeomans who see rebels of claim responsibility for an attack on oil facilities in the united arab emirates that killed 3 people. the spokesman said there could be more strikes and what they called countries of aggression. police have identified the dead as to india, nationals, and one pakistani, they say drones might have been used to stop 3 fires in the capital. abu dhabi,
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a small bar is covered yemen extensively, and has more on this now. the host is lame to you, a for being the key player. india for providing significant military assistance to the international recognized government of the muzzle hardy, of the other ones who have made significant impact on the secessionist movement in the south. providing them with weapons and training. some of the elite forces over the last few weeks. there has been some intense fighting over shall boy and bad if the elite forces that live that fight, we're back on financed by the america is. so the drone attack, a novel bobby was a mess as by the hope is that if the amount is don't stop that involvement india, they're likely to get more attacks. they've been very active in 2015 to the point we're calling to, to the assumption that the saudis who led the coalition will be the ones who will have the upper hand. it was the amenities who made significant impact in human.
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first of all, the managed to embolden the secessionist movement, which is now the defacto ruler of the southern part of the country. and they're saying that they're taking that ambitious further to declare the south an independent state number to the of the ones who give the most significant support to the elite forces operating in mad. we're talking about people loyal to the for the president. i love the loss, idaho was killed by the host these and they say that the aim is to arrest, reinstall. a 2nd estate in yemen for the health is, this is an existential threat. at least 7 protest is have been killed by security forces in the latest protest against the military in sudan. a crowd of thousands of people marched on with the presidential palace in a capital cartoon. halling for an end in military rural protest have been taken to the street to take her there in october. they, they organized to say that more than 60 people have been killed in the past few
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months during these protests. as the un mission here in sudan prize to mediate between the various political parties, civil societies associations, i'm very, as active here in sudan did thrive to break a political deadlock that has been in place since the military took over bar and late october last year. protest, a glimpse against it to the $0.03 to take over. there have been calling for the military to return to their barracks and leave sudan politics and best protest come pick for a visit, is expected by the new u. s. o for so in our all the headlines, the german 4 minister sang, she'll do everything in her power to guarantee you crane security. and alina bad, bulk made the comments during a meeting with ukrainian officials and key as they are trying to revive full way peace talks with russia and france to end the conflict in the east and don bass region. russia has been massing troops at a border with ukraine raising fears of an invasion german, 4 minutes to meet her russian counterpart in moscow on tuesday. no,
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that joke of is arrived home, and so be off to being deported from australia, tennis, mence. well, number one last a court case to reinstate his visa to play in the australian open off the government revoked it. after an 11 day legal battle, judges upheld the cancellation with ministers, citing public health concerns as he is not vaccinated against the corona virus. more revelations have been emerging about parties at the british prime minister's office during corona virus lock downs. daily mirand newspapers reporting that boris johnson attended a farewell gathering for staff members. the run up to christmas 2020 more than a dozen events held by politicians and este off while the public wander restrictions on now subject to an internal investigation which is called growing for the prime minister to resign. as the headline says, our have one. you see later on,
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off to al jazeera correspondent that's next ah ah has been scored
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a . my name is bonnie put knocker and i'm in london for the 11th annual competition, the international yoga sports federation, whose goal is to make yoga in olympic sport. i've always thought of yoga as part of my indian heritage. i understand it to be about transformation, personal transformation. but yoga itself seems to be transforming and being appropriate of both culturally and financially. as it spreads all over the world. wanted with international your yoga. the way that we're a use. so it's really easy
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from the outside to where is all, you know, the spirituality and yoga it when you come here. it's almost like a townhome we 4 years ago i was the only guy that completed for our i place 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor by default. right. within this year to was i think it was 8 or 9. got a defending champion. huh. yeah, 2013. yeah. gonna have the crown over this year, and i'm gonna hold on. i don't like a spiritual enlightenment. i'm out of my body saying, you know, i think the way there is room here. this is a, a joseph and more concentration and involves balance at most strength and involves flexibility and mental focus. and that's why i think yoga, especially the often an aspect of yoga can be displayed as the competitive sport. what is the new international, a man, yoga opposite a j,
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but not about getting up there in competing with other people in beating them. it's demonstrating that total present knowledge, finding it on stage for a 3 minute routine. yoga, it's an elliptic sport to represent just one way that is changing in the modern world. though, i appreciate the physical beauty of the postures. i'm still not comfortable with the idea of yoga as a competition. it feels very far from what yoga means to me. were here at the other place in london, i used to live just down the street from hair and mr. walker to practice my yoga to 6 years ago. i have good memory for the studio. did you hear about the yoga sport championships? oh, they get up on stage and may perform a series of, of houses, some of them difficult. some of them not so difficult. and they are judged for dish
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. so i was gonna, i was gonna ask you what, what are your thoughts or because it should be as far as a person about them looking within themselves, not being compared to other people besides the, the usual things that you would expect yoga to do. i like it grounds me at centers, me it calms me. and it also reminds me that i'm trying to say something about that. i'm not the slick center of the universe, but i am as well you to reminds me that if i just am i to classroom of breath, the problems that keep going around and around in my head, none of it is real. that none of that is true admitted to fabrication an
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illusion until i was in my twenties. i had no interest in yoga. i came to it is a form of exercise. but as i got better at the physical pastures known as awesomeness, i wanted to deepen my practice by learning more about yoga philosophy and learning how to meditate. i took a teacher training course in thailand and it was there that something occurred to me as i looked around the room at the other students. i was the only indian my instructor knew more about yoga and it's indian heritage than i did. i do consider myself a mix of east and west, born in sweden and having lived in india as a teenager. but my yoga teacher training made me think about yoga in the modern world. how is it changing? does it belong to india? does it belong to anyone? and does it even matter? rom comes over into your hall wall thing i think of london is my 2nd home,
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and it's exploding that trendy hybrid forms of yoga. one of them boxing yoga, mixes, traditional boxing moves with a yoga austin, a practice. we don't use that a sanskrit and we make very accessible and it's very fake just the physical aspect of it. but a just to focus training with vogue is well voting and yoga gang is a diesel truck for the same. i've used the 2 together, the homage devoting it totally don't leave it up all. go with marcus data teaches rocky. okay. rocket because in the words of san francisco founder, it's yoga. if it gets you there faster. hopeful are looking into more different forms of mind. body exercise and meditation and yoga is just coming off and up or
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not cuz people realize it's good for the whole world of iraq. been just one i sent back to you. i think i have a new caring on i used to be a b j for 10 years, and then everyone in every club, every now i'm yoga teacher and everyone's a yoga teacher in the 21st century version. it's a j o. 6 6 for me, radio is possibly the most unusual traditional yoga mixed with rave culture minus the drugs and alcohol. nowadays, yoga is a party along with others to see the pc and others. and what's your, me might look a bit like what we
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wanted to achieve with that will building up. so it was very traditional in jasa yoga, and then we, so it's kind of get off with everyone that, oh, do all these new forms of yoga aren't just a fringe. they represent a massive growth in the yoga market with international apparel companies like lemon athletic eye opening and downtown london to grab a piece. i think it went through mentality is a lot about business in the house. you promote and sell certain things, right. and that's very different human eastern sedation and what yoga was originally meant me, but even, you know, being here for a month earlier in the year you're that they're, you know, they're very much adapting the western sense in, in
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a way it's going to be seen making it how it gets seen and evolving, and it's a matter of integrity has what it was originally. but what was yoga meant to be originally and how is it moving away from that? i went to speak with steward gilchrist, who teaches a traditional and physically rigorous form of yoga. really simple, really straightforward. oh the oh, in your life, it's not like civility, gymnastic progress. it's about life. it's what we're doing years and, and the highways. you, you're likely your friends and your families,
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what you're like in the restaurant. you are in the bicycle. so you are at your work everyday, but you're probably not just what happens in that studio for another and a half every day. it's off the yoga all up and i think i'm probably one of the most violent pregnancy to them. i didn't grow up in a catholic drop. it moves and brought the heat from being able to devote races. i had a very serious i did. and i go back and review the final injury and i was very much mobilized, stagger, they got renewed, and then i opened my eyes up to the broader picture of what you'll get. really void, your good detachment from everything in mental and physical, your possession and your desire. your senses. everyone's attention to where you get to their studios in jimmy, what have you. there's all kinds of hybrid yoga coming out boxing yoga,
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like doing yoga and make a yoga all kinds of stuff. what's your opinions on a quote for a new consumer is asian of your good for and it's become so much of a business. you've done so much of a profit. i've been repaired to the revenues. usb my unique lloyd was i'm a 5050 you mind the dreadlocks in the year. then i've got a very stay with the interesting city. obviously wanted to be on the route of a class. i wasn't really tough less because it was really about the mysteries of the universe is i think we're kind of commercializing a mystery with the privacy. oh absolutely. awesome. what do i do about it with? so i'm headed to the u. s. where yoga was 1st popularized in the west. it's one of the biggest yoga markets in the world.
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it's mainstream, fashionable, cool, glossy. it's well american, hey, i'm hair styles and i'm all about working hard. and playing harder. i apply the same philosophy doing yoga, sang town, and looking good. i believe in making my own rules and injecting fun into everything. i do, tara style, the symbolic of the modern transformation of yoga in america. she is created her own form of yoga stroller and has marketing campaigns with the w hotel and re bach showing me. we forget about being then and start getting fabulous. ah, well 1st person to put the 2 videos with yoga line and like 2006 and all my friends were like, that's a little crazy. like what are you doing? and i'm like, my rooms, like home, like i back they and i haven't, i apologize. what do i do? and i'm like here. somebody can do to help you out with your palms. the other
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bringing thumbs right up in your heartbeat here the new york times describe you as a yoga rebel. they did do. do you see yourself available? so the whole rebel yoga idea, i think, really came out of the rebelling against the fact that it has to be in sounds great or has to be super serious or it has to be has to be a certain way. but if you look at the approach of why we are doing it, it doesn't look well, it looks very simple and off, and it's all by ease and finding what works for you. and it's very soft a little earlier, you're quoted as saying why be used when you can be fabulous or is that a correct quote? well, part of the w can do. yeah, definitely got to talk. yeah. they did. i mean, i think the point is to get everybody talking. it's like, you know, being then i think is the point of yoga to be like, like you said, connected with yourself. i would think being then is fabulous. you know,
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it's the same thing. but then you say that you didn't say you can, let's be then and fabulous. sure. you know, fine, i think, but i think it's changing the perception and speaking to the people that have had abuse from the community. it's like, oh you went in and they said you're not. and then today let me put a blanket over you. i mean, people have been and like, humiliated by the yoga community thing. these are the fist a little bit of sense in the yoga industry. i'm sort of holier than thou, how? yeah, yeah. you know, i don't know. going to sit around and complain about it for i just think it's more important to, you know, help people to feel better like so. your thing is like stripping out, i don't know the hand scrape the indian nest, the spirituality, maybe i don't know if that is true. i mean, how would you like took the name yoga out of my company a couple of years ago. nobody noticed. so it's a struggle, but you to feel got sure. so what i was a figure, i think it's a new definition. it's an illusion of, of yoga. you know, i mean, who are we really answering to who are we ultimately answering to india
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ancient yoga. can india still claim yoga as its modern cultural heritage? people shot of the hindu american foundation seems to think so. in 2010, they launched a take back yoga campaign to raise awareness about yoga roots. watkins is obviously, but i'll be joyce with the father of i shonda is the shiva section of the monday, or for a lot of years he's considered by the supreme yoga the master muster one day a day, a day need shift. why does it matter that people should recognize yoga as a hindu practice? is that a firm thing to say? i like the term rooted in hindu thought. because when you say for him to practice, it gives the impression that people have to convert, you know, your average person thinks of hinduism as cast cows in karma and they have multiple
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arms and multiple heads. what yoga espouses is this pluralistic view. you know that anybody can do it the same way that handles them. has this pluralistic view of anybody can reach divine. what's happened is that people have forgotten. that yoga means much more than just an exercise. we have seen so many manifestations, i guess, yoga, and we're seeing it in the kind of society we live in now. when does something stop becoming yoga? i think that a lot of the new forms of yoga or they're not, yoga america is great at like taking what it likes from different cultures and then just like making it its own. and i feel like that's a little bit of what's happened with yoga, like it's kind of made it into its own version of yoga. so who owns yoga? nobody owns yoga. yoga is for everyone, but with him do routes. it is rooted in him the philosophy i'm just
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like confused because i'm a hindu. i'm a him to buy mame and because of the way i was raised and i believe in, you know, the general teachings of hinduism. but i'm a very open minded individual. but i can understand what she was saying. i really understood it, that a lot of what yoga teaches us is what him to was him, teachers as they're the same thing. so i'm conflicted now because i want yoga to be a secular thing. the problem is if yoga is seen as a hindu practice, it might drive people away from it. i think it's the variety and diversity of yoga that makes it so popular. it fits the practitioner barstow population $23000.00 halfway between los angeles and las vegas in the heart of the california desert. it's an unlikely place to be doing yoga,
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but i'm not here to do just any yoga. i'm meeting the ladies of praise moves. a christian alternative to yoga. this is the very church, my husband and i got married and he was never thank he, he would be a pastor ito. yeah. i went to yoga class in kansas. okay. and i can do any of the move. you know what i mean? it's such a work how it is hard. i came and i asked my husband, i don't want to offend you in any. yeah, you know, but i said, dave, can i do a yoga class and barstow? i know that you have home, can i do it? and he said, wait a minute. it all stems from a religious loss of the, you know, hand do it so her, you know, we're not, we're not. yeah, we respect you guys. sure. we're just not. yeah, absolutely. yeah, and so he got on the internet and he found this laurent willis. praise moves where you do similar positions, but we quote scripture. your body is the temple of the holy spirit who is in you whom you have received god, you are not your own. you are bought at
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a price there for honor. god with your body. first print in 619. that's fine. we're pretty good. yeah. we have a great weekend take care of our bodies and learn scripture and get it in on is going to join our class today. so that's really exciting. it's definitely going to be for ok. we're going to start with mount zion posture and let's roll or shoulders . we've been sitting for a while. let's try the movement of the arm over here to get in. nice movements back and forth. they're going to come forward, reaching down, kind of like a windmill. good. and it's good if you could, although the same way the effect of fervent prayer for a righteous man avails much avail. my shames 516 change by 16 i'm doing yoga poses while reciting. biblical scripture, i don't have any problem with the exercise, but i find the whole situation rather odd. it looks and feels like you know about
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it, but it job 3344. we certainly aware that it looks like yoga, you know, that's totally fine. if people say that, but we believe yoga is a spiritual practice and we're not doing out there. laura, thank you. dear. learn a thing we can operate. i we the thank you or that's really all we have to say, awesome god. and we appreciate you giving us your word so we can move our bodies and stay healthy. the debate over whether yoga is religious isn't just limited to the walls of churches and temples in america. it's found its way into the courtrooms to the parents and anthony to california have their own warrior stands on free yoga classes being taught in their
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school district, saying yoga is a form of doctrine, a parents in this room that don't want yoga taught and practiced in the entity, the school district say that it cannot be separated from religion, sovereign were being lived through sun salutations while being asked questions about why they were thankful to the sun. they were being asked to thank the sun for things. they were led in something called a number stay circle, where they were asked to acknowledge the light in each other. and what i found was that they were not at all talking just about exercise. they were talking about teaching children life skills based and you'll get philosophy that's almost a direct quote. yoga philosophy is a very specifically religious philosophy. the big story here is that america has been sold ally yoga is being marketed deceptively deem. broyles is a lawyer who represented the parents in their lawsuit against the anthony to school district. american sorry to say, oh i can adopt this has exercise because we like to be healthy. and they think that
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by removing the meditation, that sanskrit terms that that suddenly transforms yoga into a non religious practice. but social science research has proven that just doing the poses and just doing yoga breathing as enough to, to cause spiritual transformation. so have you ever done yoga before by accident? actually i how is that possible? well, it was just to move, i think it a p 90 video. okay. yeah. and i realized later we're, we're, i think one of them was a downward dog. and i think one pose was a warrior post and i realize later that does where yoga poses. and so i don't do that anymore. but do you guys just oppose? it isn't gonna take you away from gus to do that post. i know i'm not gonna find that out because of some doing it. but if you asked hindus in india, if yoga is religious, what do you think they would tell you? i think you'd get a mixture of answers to be honest with you. well, i think the vast majority would say yes, it is. children all over in cities are spontaneously at birthday parties. play
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grounds on weekdays and weekends getting into the lotus position, putting their hands in the genre, madura and, and meditating. it seems to me that deem broyles and the anthony to school case is part of a larger culture of war in america. and it's hard for me to see yoga dragged into that battle. back in a lay my friend, karen invited me to her neighbors. 4th of july party and i suspect dean would have had a problem with what was going on there. my 1st night in america. and i could mass ranking better for american kids doing yoga grade, bridge, raising the kids are be ultimately old. living in the moment as foreign do when i can learn a lot of mount
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vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not every one fears living in its shadow with gifts. so it's not. is there something magnetic about vesuvius? the good people who don't live champ, understand algae 0 will goes to the red zone near naples to understand this unusual love of living with the volcano on al jazeera. oh is your eyes ah, listen, a sorta be singing in parliament with the address
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of where the words fail. music speaks to short films about how music knocked down and inspire hope for a better life. ha selects on al jazeera lou . hello, i'm marianne mozy in london. a quick look at the top stories noun, yeomans, who fee rebels of claim responsibility for an attack on oil facilities in the united arab emirates that killed 3 people. a spokesman said there could be more stripes on what they called countries of aggression. but he's have identified the dead as to indian nationals and one pakistani they say drugs might have been used to start 3 fires in the capitol, abu dhabi moratti's announced
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a partial withdrawal from m and in 2019, but maintain a military presence that at least 7 protest as have been killed by security forces in the latest protests, law against the military ensued on a crowd of thousands of protest as marched towards the presidential palace in the capital cartoon. calling for an end to military rule. they've been taking to the street since the takeover in october, protest organizes say more than 60 people have been killed in the past few months. in demonstration. as the un mission here in sudan prize to mediate between the various political parties, civil societies associations, i'm very, as active here in sudan did thrives of brick, a political dublin that have been in place since the military took over bar and late october last year, protested once again, say to the $0.03 to take over. there have been calling for the military to return
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to their barracks and leave to dance politics and best protest come before a visit is expected by the new you are the official. a german 4 minister says she'll do everything in her power to guarantee you. crane's security on alina bab book made the comments during a meeting with ukrainian officials and kiev at trying to revive. for way peace talks with russia and france in order to end the conflict in east and dumbass region. russia has been massing troops at the border with ukraine. rising fears of an invasion of a joke of h is arrived time, and so be off to being deported. from australia, the tennis men's world, number one lost a court case to reinstate his visa to play in the australian open after the government revoked it. after an 11 day legal battle, judges upheld the cancellation with ministers. citing public health concerns as he is not vaccinated against the corona virus. i have the news hour at $2100.00 jam t and about half an hour time al jazeera correspondent now continues. ah,
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ah, diamond dallas page is a former w, w, f wrestler. and he's created his own brand of yoga, dd p flexibilities. one thing. course strength is a whole nother and won't do focus on your breath and lock it out. duty viagra, baby. it ain't your mama's yo yo i wonder how flexible he is how are you read it to me if i am a very good to me which present banu i know guess like mano banu yes exactly how are you i'm a guy who wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga, the 1st 42 years of my life, you know, with the guys and i was growing up live and. yeah. what was,
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it seems like pansy abdel, bad and feminine. it's so far from the truth, but the owner wasn't going to do it until i blew my back out. i would just find a multi 1000000 dollar 3 year deal. wow. so i'll try anything at that point. so then i started to figure out, okay, let me see what's here in a pool here. i just pull it just like i'm engaging, just like i'm curly with my heart rate right now. i want 15116, just pulling from just so what mike watch like. so my gluten, i'm going to pull you in help you feel better and then you're gonna want to do more . and then you really excited. what's all bro? hey, go back. that's a d d p yoga is at any level anyone can do this a half and i take all the spiritual stuff out of that. i call spiritual mumbo jumbo . not that there's anything wrong with that. if it's not for you, it doesn't work with my people. you inhale, touched out i develop is for guys originally accel real well thought for can
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hear you 32, why and hold it up. down at back 54321 i told the only o he's over there will do in order to pick out a yoga cool julie mer to come over here though. they are because they're going to love the energy. i'll that like i would if i saw someone do what i was doing. i to come over here because i was, i want to be ported out. ah, her joy at ease. i me a lot of money and such a rustling really towards the end of my career and my game, the beginning for years. but then p o has already doubled everything i've made there. i'm not trying to change yoga in any way. i'm trying to change the way people look at to work yoga. that's it. it ain't jo, mom of yoga. and ha, one thing is for sure, the opportunity for money and yoga is changing the way people think about yoga and
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maybe even the way they're practicing at work. according to a recent yoga journal study, there are 20000000 yoga practitioners in america. and over 40 percent of adults say they want to practice at a yoga journal conference in san diego. business is booming. hello, cool. what did exist? simulate tad award on the water. right? well, we just feel it. oh, in for say, i am attracted to growth industry that's. we're going to expand and you're going to make some money. yoga is obviously one of those it is because you remember when he can go out dough. yeah, gotta go in down. this appears to research a booth where i can get my picture taken and put on the hummer of yoga journal. it's kind of cool. when i came here, i was like, well, let people,
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it's a little bit, you know too much, but now i'm like a kid in a candy. i'm totally falling for, you know, all is like products in there. you know, yoga, paraphernalia, spiritual materialism, saffron and we donate for every night. so those people are there. they're not in this necessarily to, you know, to make money their own. you know, they're trying to spread the joy of yoga for the same time. for us to exist. we have to be a big one, going to get more and more people kept lies on the growth of yoga. that means being competitive in the business world. one area hotly contested today is intellectual property, ownership. in the yoga world, the battle over intellectual property started in 2002, when big children tried to copyright, his sequence of 26 poses in a heated room. big room is arguably one of the most influential and controversial names in yoga today with over $900.00 affiliated studios around the world. he's
11:38 pm
facing allegations of sexual misconduct from former students and criticism over his efforts to copyright his secret meditation. but i want to mark drove is a former student who spent many years teaching at the big school and lay when he left to start his own studio. he was sued by big room, and he sued us and many different friends, many false charges, but the core of it, the goal of it was to get much tied up in court on the issue of the sequence. and a summary judgement was one on our part to dismiss that idea because it's very clear that there is no such thing as a copyright protection for a yoga sequence in the united states law. one company that successfully got a patent for its approach to yoga is yoga glo, a leader and online yoga classes. patented the way in which their classes are filmed. derek males is yoga close founder. this is it. this is where we hold our classes. we have this set up such that the camera is at the back of the room. uh huh. we wanted to create an experience that was not like
11:39 pm
a filming studio or recording studio. is it the placement of the camera? and the height is that is actually relevant. yeah, yeah. the, there are a variety of specifications or the can replacement, the high the court or the details of the court or, and there are other specifications as well. ok, you know them off the top, your head right. i don't know for sure i would, i leave a lot of numbers involved. i leave that to the intellectual property journey. a lot of work goes into the entire class creation process to make sure that you know what people experience online is a high quality, safe experience. it's a look and feel that people have associated with yoga. go and to look and feel that we, we certainly plan to protect last year yogurt low did set out to enforce its intellectual property rights. they informed a competitor yoga international that some of the yoga videos would be in violation
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of their pending patent. we received a letter from, from legal firm who was representing an organization called yoga gloves. a letter essentially said that we were in violation of their pending patent is come to our attention that yogi international operates the website. you'll get a national dot com which streams online fitness classes that mimics the method hand techniques set forth. and you know, it was us patent application which has been closed for your reference. the patent is pretty straightforward. i mean, they've patented putting a camera in the back of the classroom, having an aisle down the center, which seems fairly obvious, because now you wouldn't be able to, to the teacher and pressing why. and that doesn't seem to a lot of people like a particularly novel idea or something that's really worthy of an invention, which is what patents are for protecting intellectual property rights of inventors? are you trying to patent your own style of shooting a class?
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now here at this organization, the truth is we've thought about whether it's prudent to seek to patent our own camera angles because what happens if those get taken up? i mean, it leads to those types of questions. how do we know what's going to be left? if we don't do it, what you would think would be the most important thing is, what is the quality of the teaching that you're giving? are you doing something that's, that's helping people are you doing something is not helping people. but this doesn't even look at that. this is looking at what camera angle you feeling from. it's not even about yoga at all. it's really about this core business. but it has deep reaching implications into what the future of yoga is going to look like. yoga glo has an impressive repertoire of classes and teachers, but owning a camera angle and stopping others from building a certain way seems to me like it could prevent people from sharing yoga. and besides, people have been filming yoga this way for more than 20 years. i showed derek a video of the topic joyce teaching yoga video shot in 1993 clear central
11:42 pm
aisle. as you can see, obviously the matcher in a different place, but i don't see how that's different from your patent. so the matcher are configure differently. well, they are configured different bit. so basically what you're telling me is the difference is the configuration of your mats, correct? with the mat facing forward. and you know, in parallel to the corridor, you are transformed. you're, you're taken into the studio with, with real students. there may be other differences relative to what you can understand people thing. how is that an invention? can you, can you understand how people would ask that question going encourage you to go look at the specifications of that because there are there and you know, righty of them a few weeks after filming this interview, derrick published a blog post saying that yogurt glo has forfeited its patent, however, he says they will continue to protect the look and feel of their online classes. which to me sounds like just another approach to owning yoga. not everyone who's
11:43 pm
contributed to the evolution of yoga feels they need to protect it. brazilian born time, a metro is a respected yoga teacher in new york city. he's been practicing yoga postures for decades, and he's even created some of his own offering them as a gift to the world. it's a pleasure to meet you. i'm busy doing like my headstand practice. so my question for you. yeah, uh huh. i have a hand is that like i'm, i'm not saying i create but due to lots of black snow this variation came, but i don't say it belongs to diamond meter. this is universe,
11:44 pm
so it's from yoga not from darma. i don't have any ego here. e grid, the 2nd cause pena shove is very yes. good to escape, but everything i don't think is that perfect. you understand? i think here in this physical plane is impossible to do something perfectly. but of course the inside you have your good intention to do it perfectly and doing your best. so that's the main thing i don't care about very so . so yeah, hold on. a firm related did you go to study in india or where did you, who do you consider?
11:45 pm
i know that the linda, my lush. what's the current? i love one to see oh, this holy places. but there is a pause can yoga, and you find something shy in you do what i the lions got alive while i was heading to india to the roots of yoga. before going i spent an afternoon with sharon gannon and david life at their home in upstate new york. we're looking for a cat total. so we've been told if you do, yoga you've most likely heard of them. they're the founders of given lucky a widely practiced yoga method. look us, i'm a star suki. no bob on 2 names may all beans each and everyone everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of our own life contribute in some way. when we started teaching
11:46 pm
yoga was not a career, in fact it was seen as kind of where losers might have a possible last chance. do something in their life. you know, because they didn't have anything else going. and it's not that now it's the visit . it's a big business is a career of choice traditionalists on the one hand and innovators on the other. david and sharon have turned a yoga into activism, animal rights, and veganism in particular, yogi is someone who is striving to live in harmony with the earth, with the environment, with other animals like a very hot you are going to yogi, we're not supposed to come involved in politics or activism of any sort, they should be passive, self satisfied, and contempt in their lowest hut, right. our students come to class. yeah. and they find peace, but then they go out and they make views all over the west. yoga has turned into
11:47 pm
a purely physical practice. what are your thoughts on that? and do you think even the physical practices is, is a good place. so there is no such thing as a purely physical practice. that's the 1st error. we need to have a new perspective so that no longer a spirituality in opposition to physicality. but that nature and the world the earth is seen as a spiritual place as well. and mother oak trees nectar. oh yeah. for what an on your face. grandmother oak tree. i speak on behalf of humanity. may you forgive our bumbling nurse? may you guide us so that we can live more kindly on this planet and enhance all of life on this earth? yes, we're, we're tree huggers. and ha, we're not ashamed. lou.
11:48 pm
for many in the yoga community, india isn't just a country. it's a place to find yourself to find wisdom, the birthplace of yoga. for me, india is all of those things and a part of my heritage. oh, you would think yoga has always been popular in india, but like in the west, yoga has experienced a resurgence in recent years. and no one epitomizes that revival more than swimming rom, dave. he's a household name and his yoga is a political one. he's an outspoken supporter of the nationalist party, a jump to party and prime minister that under moody who himself, practices, yoga, and recently spoke about its benefits at the united nations job id put on some i'm body. i'm only been the b j. p. when a landslide victory in the last general election, swami ram dave was credited with bringing people out to vote. good on the sick i had, i had the valet yorker anthy wheat who ask about them, nick of
11:49 pm
a jedi grant. there we go. gig v dot m nicola with ha or, but he was gonna give them in the yard key or, or so kinda kids omni ground. they out yet. that was, sees dish, me, it garage in at the front, the building. and i was ready, but he went and build it. ah, good yoga is facing the same political battles in india is in america. the supreme court in india is now considering whether yoga is secular and should be taught in schools. so on the round they've thinks it should yoga see honeycutt yogis. yeah. honey grey beany, a yoke is sick on my 70 by the the yorg 100 percent. secular on it is secular. practice coke on him up with the get. the battle isn't only over the secular nature of yoga is also about national heritage in response to u. s. copyright claims the indian government has taken steps to create
11:50 pm
a traditional knowledge database of yoga poses to prevent anyone from trying to own yoga, yoga, gilbert, kathy corporate ideas at you can think of of what the nick is exactly in there. that is. yeah. okay. are there you have kick alone? unclear yoga, make a c b prosperity? they didn't care process yog, make you see beat reiki, royalty. so i'm, it was caught up not gonna ye again that you thought that i in nice that or a yeah, a man of yet i are ye, yoga casey. done talk a kilogram swami, ram dave has shown that yoga can bring about political change. but i'm concerned that politics can change yoga to, and that, using yoga in politics, could be just another way that people try to own it of come to southern india to meet such good jackie vasa, dave who describes himself as a mystic and yogi, and his followers around the world. yo yo again in
11:51 pm
her i'm drawn to set glue. he appeals to the young and urban middle classes of india. he speaks their language. he speaks to me. oh john paul, 0 festival of group warner. mom said grew and bills and you satchel shiver. also known as the, are the yogi, the 1st, every yogi, the whole system of how to yoga is just this to bring your system to a certain level of symmetry. where it is a certain genetic perfection to you. that if you sit or stand here, everything is a nice ah b. how do you think india is changing today? and is that having an impact on yoga, india, the to not just india,
11:52 pm
the whole world. the moment human to human intellect starts asking pertinent relevant questions, beliefs systems will start thing. they will look for something more sensible, more scientific, which appeals to that logic and a bow or something that works. so is that why you think yoga is becoming as popular as it is, or other reasons it makes sense and it works. you know, the reason there's a lot of innovation in yoga, is that a good thing is that there's this part of the that is the most painful part. okay. explain that to me. you don't wear a garland, but instead you wear it for your flowers. but there is never a garland without a thread. it is the most white thing. so you can add whatever you want, but you don't distort the fact. you cannot do innovations in the fundamental dimension of yoga. but from your experience, you can add weight dimensions to it without distorting the fundamental nature of
11:53 pm
what it is. has yoga moved beyond being indian this because son touches indian shores before it that his doha can reclaim fun, isn't because you guys just like that it's, it's a said in light that arose here. first. this does not mean it's in, in, in indian, in any sense, india and identity. today's and national and political identity. yoga does not belong to that identity at all. it is the sickness of modern societies today that if i discover something in nature, i must on it intellectual property. what i'm saying is the nature of this culture has always been if something is for the well being of human beings, nobody can ever on it. it must belong to everybody ah
11:54 pm
. busy busy busy busy i agree with such yoga should belong to every one, but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that so commercialized and politicized. i set out to ask who owns yoga, but i'm finding the question and impossible one to answer. what i have found in my journey is that no matter how much people try to own it, yoga remains deeply. personal. yoga is all about intention. it doesn't matter whether you can stand on your head or, or you can do a hand stand or something like that. it's the intention that you come with to the man. so the intention that you come with to the ganges or any other place of faith or a pilgrimage is a beautiful thing. before
11:55 pm
heading back home, i went to meet an old high school friend of mine who is now living in deli, i'm at and i both practice yoga, but we've had very different journeys. i came to yoga as a physical exercise. um it came to yoga as a last resort. he's a recovering cancer patient who turned his life around when the doctors said there was no hope. he brought it all home to me. yoga meditation was such a key part of getting me mentally to the right place to not only fight the disease but to accept it. and then one step further to embrace it. oh, i'm here, i'm a products of having tried so many different things and finding the right combination that worked for me. and i think we all need to be on those journeys on self exploration to find what works for us. because that is what's going to get us
11:56 pm
therapy in i'm back and doha, back to my life, working in a fast paced newsroom and teaching yoga, i've come to realize that there are as many yogas in the world as there are people . when i see the diversity of yoga today, and while the fascinating people i've spoken to, even those i disagree with, i can't help but feel proud that this ancient indian science of the soul is relevant and applicable even now. no matter where i am in the world, i think by virtue or connecting your breath with your body, i think it is profoundly powerful activity. it sounds so simple, but i do try and live my life or see the world through yoga guys.
11:57 pm
and i kind of feel like my own life could be a metaphor for what's happening to yoga indian, but not indian spiritual, but not religious. and on that point, i feel that yoga has become a more spiritual undertaking for me more so than before. but i'm coming to realize that my yoga journey is just beginning, and that journey is unique to me. a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was a slave of the li property al jazeera is james gannon, explores his family's slave ownership. now like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice translated people and america's debt to the black people today, some of us so. so we've a ski to speak out because it's
11:58 pm
a bradley out there, a correspondence, a moral debt. ah, there were still tracking to for much of course i clones tiffany over australia and cody, which is going to miss newsy, that tiffany's main influence on the road is going to be injecting yet more moisture is the atmosphere of australia. so where you get thunderstorms, they could be slightly bigger than maybe seasonally normal. and here they are anywhere from the interior dance requita and to induce as well as was it's sunny adelaide at $29.00. perth is getting particularly hot up to about 39 again. is
11:59 pm
sustained heat the season or monsoon winds, the ne, please bring a bit more rain to taiwan and vietnam, but it's not really enhanced is seasonally normal, but a bit of an increase in the breeze across the bay. a bang goal. so shall seem likely in sri lanka, maybe in time on the not as well as china, but nothing significant here. in fact, a good part of india is quite nolan. induce foggy equity is poor for about see a change, the rain that you see spreading through iran and to was afghanistan will eventually hit pakistan. not as bad as the last lot of thing, but those quite locked up in the northern hills. you see and radiant islam about always answers that not the heaviness again that we saw last time for the south end years. a whole remains, like i said, fairly caught mostly sunny, surprisingly ah, the step beyond the comfort zone, where assumptions are challenged,
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travel to the ends of the earth, and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it. this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in how quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also a perception witness on a just the euro. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm mariano mossey. welcome to the news, our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. yeomans whose he rebels is saying they carried out in operation targeting oil facilities in the united arab emirates. 3 people are confirmed dead protests in sudan are again met with deadly
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force. 7 more people die calling for a return to civilian govern.


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