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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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is made here, have an impact right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know that all audience is interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported . ah, you have your sleepless nights and not knowing what to expect. desperate for news from loved ones in tongue after a volcanic eruption that's got off the island from the rest of the world. ah, play you're watching al jazeera live from bill. how with me for the back table also
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coming up more protestors killed in sudan as they demonstrate against military leaders and demand a return to civilian bowl. we are in pakistan which is struggling to contain the only con variant of cov, 19 hundreds of health care workers are infected and shall anchors. president lays out his vision for the country with a focus on jumpstarting, the economy. ah . a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue as main airport is delaying international deliveries of aid is expected. it will take days to clear the site. so australia and new zealand are sending navy boats with relief supplies to death have been confirmed following saturdays or cannick eruption and salami. the u. n. j surveillance wives have revealed substantial damage, especially on to low lying islands. the ashes proving quite problematic,
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not just for water and sanitation because tom collected water from the roofs of households. but in terms of access for the aid from australia, new zealand, and other flights, they need to clear the runway. latest information i have is that 60 percent of the runway has been cleared and this is done manually. i hear up to 200 volunteers sweeping the runway in preparation for the supplies to land on thursday or friday. if things happen according to plan on the latest satellite images show, a cloud of sulfur dioxide drifting across of the civic ocean. it was caused by the russian. that's u dash 20 kilometers up into the air. i'll just aerosol. clark has been following developments from brisbin in australia. these are some of the 1st satellite images showing the extent of the damage after a volcanic eruption triggered a synonymy and wave surge 3 times,
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$170.00 islands. the zealand and australia have fit military aircraft to assess the damage. for the surveillance work that was done was really quite crucial. but we know that there is more work to be done to make sure that i can bounce back to mann . i know amo has been unable to reach her family and toner since saturday. her 2 sisters live on the main island tongue, the top who, her brother and his family live on the small on and for vasu. i'm worried. i like everyone else, they, you know, you have your sleepless nights and not knowing what to expect a fiber optic cable. one of the country's main lines of communication was damaged by the russian and may take weeks to a store within a week or 2. or we should be able to know whether we can be able to get our full connectivity up and running. for now,
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this is the only communication. many people in tonga have a t, v and radio station in australia covering the pacific region is fielding coals from relatives around the world who are desperate for updates. we've had tillman's calling from sweden, austria puts of japan. and so for just desperate for any news from home to deaths have now been confirmed, including angela glover, a british woman who was rescuing her dogs when she was hit by the powerful wave. we are just shattered. arm is the only word i can think to describe it on any family that youth loses, such a treasured member of their family would know exactly what you know, what i'm saying here. a royal australian navy ship is on its way from sidney to brisbin to load humanitarian aid. humanitarian groups are now coordinating a joint relief effort. the volcanic ash means it's difficult, the same supplies by air. so water and sanitation kits tense and blankets are being
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lighted on ships to be sent from australia and new zealand. high tides, triggered by the volcanic explosion near tonga, had been filled as far away as peru where a ship supplying the country's main oil. processing plant was rocked by waves generated by the russian the result, a 2 kilometer long oil spill. sarah clark out his era brisbin, australia in other world news in sudan. 7 protesters have been killed during demonstrations against military roar, tear gas, and rubber bullets were fired on monday at thousands marching towards the presidential palace in cartoon that came ahead of a visit by us diplomats were calling for talks to and the political crisis. protests have been taking pay since the military takeover in october. and i did a zillow. did the doctor today, yet i'm against tyranny, dictatorships, and any regime that stands against people's freedom or justice. i am a guest inequality among the so the nice people,
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whether that in fortune distribution, freedom of speech or any other thing on apollo lim, home other than global i scary. i am here to day to resist the military coup that happened on the 25th of october and we hope our free revolution reaches the democratic civilian path. and hopefully, the sudanese people achieve all the calls on al jazeera as he been. morgan has more from one of the protest, st cartoon as the un mission here. and sudan tries to mediate between the various political parties, civil societies associations, and various actors here in sudan to try to break a political deadlock that has been in place. since the military took over power and late october last year, protested once again take to the $0.03 to take over. there have been calling for the military to return to their barracks and leave to dance politics. and thus, protest come before a visit is expected by senior u. s. official. the assistant secretary of state or for african affairs. and
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a you official and for, for the horn of africa are expected to arrive in order to, to give you a support to the you. an initiative which is hoped to break the political deadlock that has left to them without the government for more than 2 months. now, to dante's sovereignty counsel led by the military says it accepts the un initiative to try to break the political deadlock, but protested they don't want to negotiate with the military. many of the organizers of this protest day, they will not sit down at a round table where the military is present. political parties, on the other hand, are divided some say they are willing to negotiate, to try to get the country out of a deadlock while others say they also want the military going before any kind of negotiation takes place. the biggest challenge to the you and initiative that is currently under way is the issue of trust between the various parties. since the military take over and late october, the trust,
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the very fragile trust that existed between the political parties and the military was broken. protesters have been met with tear gas live ammunition by security forces that you and has condemned the use of force by security forces. at least 64 people have been killed. 100 have been injured as they demand a complete civilian rule to sher lanka now, where pay rises for government workers and tax cuts have been a now to post economy damaged by the colon of ice crisis per cent. dakota by roger pox outlined his major's rescue plans in parliament. he is asking one of the islands biggest lenders, china to restructure debt repayment. the pandemic has cast a popular to assassination $9000000000.00 in the past 2 years. now fernandez has more from columbus the president basically talking about food security being a top priority that he needs to be addressed in 2022. he talked about
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a some of the plans for green economy. this is a president who basically brought in a band, a complete ban on chemical fertilizers, drawing a lot of criticism down at the grass root level for the sort of quick wait happened . but the president said their policies and goals weren't properly communicated to the people. so he was talking about that he also talked about investment essentially either gamut of areas that the government is looking at. a one addressing essentially the energy sector, which is a very real problem at the moment. ah, where we're having sort of power outages, power cuts, also because of the foreign exchange crisis that the government is facing. there's a very limited amount of fuel to run generators at the power plant and the president, outlining a wide series of sort of projects to bring in solar power to increase the generation of power in the next coming years. or he also talked about the need to
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increase exports essentially because obviously in terms of natural resources or oil, that kind of fossil virtual anchor does not have. so he talked about maximizing what areas that the country can offer in terms of bringing in that important foreign exchange. still ahead on al jazeera. ah, the comical hindu. thankfully minay harrison came down for a 2nd. yeah. because of, of eyes restrictions. and how the taliban is being accused of raising women from having life in afghan. ah hello, great to see. here's your world weather reports for begin in australia and eventually get to asia as well. so leftovers of what was tropical cyclone tiffany. now have
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moved in to new south wales. we've got some heavy falls along that border with queensland. and we're going to get down with rain in sidney. meantime, to the west perth, your temperature has hot it up to 40 degrees your now in, in extended heat wave. really, your temperature will lock in to about 40 over the next several days and looking like the heat will not break until next monday, afternoon zealand. a band of rain stretching across the tasman sea at times that rainbow be falling quite heavily between christ church and done eden in time for the north island gives been could hit 30 degrees on wednesday, off to southeast asia. concentration of rain over indonesia, sumatra island. same goes for java, bali, lone bulk rate in to so the ways it's not a question if we'll see flooding purchase where and how much now for the pearl river valley, those clouds are starting to drift away. we'll see some more sunshine in hong kong with a hive 20 degrees and that see effect. so back at it again for western areas of japan
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. in fact, northwest honju, or there is a snow storm warning in play, you could see upwards of 30 centimeters and 12 hours. stay safe out there. susan. ah, the step beyond the comfort zone were assumptions or challenge. travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary. is that also a perception witness on a just a year, hulu? ah,
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ah, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. a reminder of our top stories, a thick layer of ash on the one way of tongue has made it, or does delaney, international delivery self aid. it's expected to take days to clear. after salaries will conic eruption in sanaa, me to death have been confirmed so far. in sudan 7 protesters have been killed during demonstrations against the military. it comes ahead of a visit by u. s. d. from us. we're calling to talks to end the political crisis and inter lanka pay rises for government workers in tax cuts have been announced to boost economy damaged by the covey. 19 crisis president go to by roger pox up is also lacking one of the islands, biggest vendors, china to restructured, gets re pigments, hundreds of health care workers in pakistan's largest city karachi,
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have tested positive recovery 19 this week and that's led to short digits of staff and is putting hospitals under pressure. 40 percent of people tested in the city were infected. that's more than 4 times the national rate. health official say the only con variant accounts for nearly all the new cases. come on, hider has more from a vaccination center in islam bought in the large 24 hours budget on her drink, guarded over 5000 budget def case of the omega omi chrome ray area. and this is the radio and richard driving. that's the city of karachi now has over 40 percent for the dividend rate and other days, such a law and the law bod, also standing above 10 percent. the national command and operation center is going to be holding a meeting again. today, they have decided to carry out more testing and educational institutions in order to find out whether did it need to close or the institutions. but the one good
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thing that happened is that the army crone are ready and not as deadly as other radians, such as the delta that are over 800 critical cases. and the number of hospitalizations is not as high as in the delta radio. enjoy date and emergency situation, given the fact that got years focused on, they can all make power, heart house and the fact that 500 health work good out there have been confirmed with the new radio. and so indeed that situation that there is alarming the country a likely to import more restrictions on travel. but for the moment, key decision will have to be taken by the national command and operation center. here in islam abad for sale. meanwhile, has begun vaccinating children as young as 5 years old again discovered 19, and thus despised resistance and delays spearheaded by the president monica in
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ocoee of repose. after a month of political wrangling, mass vaccination of children is finally under way. in brazil, luna. body veda told us he's relieved. his 5 year old asthmatic son has just been inoculated against coven 19 oscars of us now. so the vaccination campaign could have started before delay. brazil was result of the governments in all of the pandemic. and the lack of leadership. health officials expect that most of the 20000000 children between the ages of 5 and 11, will show up to get their shots. despite president jane bull sonatas repeated attempts to discredit the vaccines efficacy and safety. he has announced that his 11 year old daughter will not be inoculated. oh, are you going to fax and that your child against something which someone young can catch and have an almost 0 chance of dying? some 300 children have died in brazil since the pandemic began brazil's health
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regulatory agency and visa approved the vaccine for children in december. but the president publicly questioned the decision, suggesting there was something shady about it. look with what's behind this. what are the interests behind it? what are the interests of vaccine maniacs? they his remarks were contested by and visit president antonio, bob paul, his who like many of both when i was advisors, is also military officer. he asked the president to show proof of wrongdoing or to apologize for making unfounded accusations. political analysts sable so narrow is trying to maintain the support of his hard core followers. as polls show, he will probably lose his bid for reelection in october. he has lost nutrition and death situation on our end there and there were, there were other i'd yell at me that showed that he has lots of watching the military on his position about the vaccine issue. or why?
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because the military themselves have said determined that no soldier or opposite should go to work without proof of vaccination. meanwhile, the delay in vaccinating brazilians, both adults and children, has had serious effects. i've asked them why we lost time and could have avoided many hospitalizations and deaths. luckily, brazil as a country where people trust vaccines and show up when there's a national inoculation campaign or beth as cassiano says, her family never had any doubts. her 14 year old son has already had 2 shots and her 8 year old daughter will be vaccinated next week. maybe somebody may feel more members. politics in brazil is very polarized, and the vaccine ended up being a part of this political war where people are more interested in proving his right and he's wrong instead of treating this is what it is. a public health issue and a right to life. i did that, that a recent poll says 8 out of 10 brazilians are in favor of the coven, 19 vaccine,
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despite their political preferences, and fake hughes monica, and our give i'll jazeera or the panoramic is putting a damper on a popular hindu festival, celebrated by tom or communities around the world. in malaysia type of sam festivities have been scaled back. florence li report, some color lumper. hindus usually start celebrating tight was them in the early hours of the morning with prayers and montrose to invoke blessings. and to celebrate the victory of good over evil. as they've done for years, premier sag harassing him and her family will bring pots of milk to a temple. but this time, there's one difference. i want to give my offerings to lord morgan, but because of the coven 19 restrictions this year, i'm choosing to celebrate it a few days earlier. type of them is celebrated by the hindu tamela community. in honor of lord morgan, the hindu god of war,
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whose believed to grant people their desires. this year celebrations are more low as no procession, and to vote is only allowed 30 minutes slots. here at the main temple type was em celebrations at the bottom. caves in kuala lumpur temple usually attract up to a 1000000 people devoted and tourists. some devoted carry a cavity, a portable shrine dedicated to lord morgan. they enter into a trance and peers, their bodies with hooks and spears. but this year, like last, authorities have banned the cavity, citing corona virus restrictions. pulfer ambien. but don't go with the bull. i. my problems is after i started carrying the cowardly for you sir. goring, him, so when i heard that the cowardice did not allow this, you know, i was disappointed. other rituals, like people shaving their heads as an act of sacrifice,
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or symbolically purifying themselves by taking a bath in a river, have been allowed to go ahead. while type with them this year may be less festive people celebrating it, say, it doesn't make the day any less meaningful to them. florence lee al jazeera kuala lumpur, to nigerian, our the china separate his leader. numb, di canoe on treason charges has resumed in the capital, a boucher is the leader of the indigenous people of viagra. who want autonomy for the se. turn region as victor correspondent in a boudreau fidelis. bah, fidelis, give us 1st a background to this trial whose nanda connell and what is the accused of exec? like to mention in your introduction, not the kernel is the leader of the did you know the pool of death row which culminated us? i pub, he's been living trying to lead these people off the my director back away from the
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country due to what he says. i've seen it just and also discrimination against the people he's been listed. the current to me is that people in 67 tried to briefly break away from the country which insulted in civil war and lasted almost 3 years. but now he's been educating, tries to recollect that that's a detention, and it was certainly he's going to accuse of using a private radio station, which is set up somewhere in the u. k. to talk about the eel to decide to also more like tried to put government under pressure to ensure that the grants the people on the east and they want them to be able to see i did it. but in country he was arrested in june in kenya, where he was brought back to us and he's been held in prison. it looked at the vision, right. but in a, in a, by the agency who just as he's been physically seventies of prison,
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where he accused of trying to feed and live the people to the scene from nigeria. and also he hasn't accused of blackmailing the president. so he's been spending trails to support that's i've been calling for his release. they've been several groups, especially from the east, made us who are asking governments to revisit conditionally because he has a ticket to get government living hole in calls for the independence of for fidelis . and as you said, the region briefly succeeded from nigeria and 67. why are we seeing these calls for independence school louder now? and what has the niger in governments reaction been when the calls and gotten loud, especially after? you know, what would become truly turn to see when they're all in 1999. first, the group was lead, a group of similar group was led by what was who led was called the man for the
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transition of the sovereign state of beth. for i say why he wasn't present unless i released. then i'm the cardinal, who was his director of publicity, who, leaving the case took it up. and now he's mobilized very young people. some people who have joined the struggle and they've been like more like pick into the streets with testing before them the was arrested and kept in prison. so it was during his arrest that's, you know, and some of the groups now got very, very, very violent and then started up for testing. they took, some of them, took up arms in the south. it would be the niger security agencies. and because for his conditional release, the government has said to the child who go on, you know, that it's only because they release it, even though they seem most to find this political solution to. he's really so that i especially ahead of elections, which i do in just about a year from now. thank you for that. fidel is by force there in a butcher. the saudi led coalition has lawn chairs strikes on yelman's capital
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killing. doesn't this in response to a deadly at times by rebels in the united arab emirates, the rebels say the 55 ballistic miss signs in some drones and oil facilities as well as that, or the knob adobe and dubai. police have confirmed 3 people were killed and who is a warning of more strikes in the u. s. e. washington has condemned the attack, calling it an act of terror and says it will hold the rebels accountable. now to afghan his son and the united nation says the taliban is trying to steadily erase women and girls from public life in the country. a group of rights experts has released a joint statement saying the taliban policies amount to a collective punishment of women and girls, grounded on gender based bias and harmful practices. they're concerned by what they describe as continuous and systematic efforts to exclude women from the social economic and political spheres. the experts also warned it's now harder for women
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to work and make a living, and that's pushing them further into poverty. while we spoke to a fallacy, a coffee, who was the women's rights activists who served as the 1st female deputy speaker of parliament in afghanistan. and she says, women are becoming invisible, this heartbreaking them because of what's been done to the woman of venison, especially under the name of islam is on the contrary. against this tommy principles, we all know that the politics of talent is a politics of m, you know, exclusion. and they believe in exclusion. and their definition of inclusion is basically establishing as a government that is made of taliban different background from an ethnic point of view, from a religious point of view and from also gender points of view the taliban. the fact to power does not represent any of these a benchmarks. it's a government majority for one social and i do want to call group,
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no woman at all. and of course it is no ethnic balance. and there is no religious a presentation lately. they have become more violent towards, you know, the, the woman who actually protesting the streets of cobble the modeling for their rights. i think the world must get out of this humanitarian crisis business, which is needed. but we have to look ahead and have a vision for political dialogue because this cannot continue to be like that. i mean, the people cannot continue to be the victim is bit chilly. the woman airline chief executives in the u. s. a warning of potential catastrophe when telecom companies switch on 5 g s c h. safety will be threatened by the new wireless signals interfering with aviation technology. airlines are urging government intervention to delay the 5 g rollout and prevent passengers being stranded and cargo delays.
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martin luther king damian, i phase has been marked with a march in the capital to demand greater protection of voting rights present. joe biden has promised to pass a new law but lacks support in the senate. democrats argue that new legislation is needed, especially for ethnic minorities and low income workers. shebra tansy was at the march and spoke to actus daniel martin luther king junior day parade was council this year in washington, dc because of the pandemic. but a smaller piece walk is taking place. participants came this year to have their voices heard of a time when republican state us off the state house across the country, legislation is being introduced specifically to undermine but turned out of african american voters. the rights that as martin luther king referred doctor kings, elder sam sir serv, king blood for what these marchers. one is for congress, which are fools, controlled by the democratic party,
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to pause federal voting rights legislation to protect the franchise this morning. this is extremely important. people have literally, therefore a so to write in to continue the legacy of doctor king in saying to you the advocacy for voting. all rights is extremely important on without it, our democracy is at the rate we see the 3 of our democracy every single day. and we do not advocate of own rights to one to our democracy with all i think is a sad day in america, because ah biden receive a 1000000 volts. trump receive 70000000 volts. we sent them here as the american people to washington to pass legislation that would be in the best interest of citizens, not if they cannot get anything done beyond emergency packages such as cove. with that we have a serious problem. the problem is it's the democratic party that just doesn't seem to have the votes in congress to override congressional rules and overcome
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republican opposition to parsons legislation. even joe biden last week, seem pretty doubtful that this would be passed under his watch after he some se belatedly, but the full force of the presidency behind the push to get voting rights legislation passed. ironically, if bitin does fail once again to get a major piece of legislation, possibly promised on the campaign tro with democratic vote. but democratic turn out of the upcoming mid term elections may be depressed anyway. ah, no, again, i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al jazeera, a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue as mean air for dis, delaying international deliveries of aid. it's expected to take days to clear after saturdays volcanic eruption and so mommy to death have been confirmed. sar clark has more from breast been in australia. one major runway in the capital of tonga
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has been covered in volcanic ash, and this is playing havoc and with any humanitarian an aide efforts trying to get the urgent supplies into talk.


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