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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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hello, see the world from a different perspective on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, you're watching the news, our life from a headquarters adult. hi, i'm jerry and abigail coming up in the next 60 minutes. you have your sleepless nights aimed at not knowing what to expect. desperate for news from loved ones and hunger after a volcanic eruption in the pacific islands triggered a tsunami, at least 3 people have been killed. nato invites russia to a new round of talks to deescalate tensions over ukraine. nobody told me that what we were doing was because you say,
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against the rules written by minister denies that he was warned not to host parties because they would breach lockdown rules. cossacks don's influential former leader morsel to another by ev rejects allegations, he fled the country in his 1st appearance, the recent unrest. i'm devin ash, with sport more trouble for england's cricket says as australian police are called in to break up a policy and 3 time grand slam champion. andy murray comes through a 4 hour battle long court to in his 1st match at the australian open in 5 years. ah, welcome to the news hour. it's been 3 days since the volcanic eruption on su nami in tongue. but the full scale of the destruction is only now beginning to emerge. the government says several smaller i'll had to be evacuated because nearly every
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home there was destroyed. new satellite images show a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue as main airport on the left is how it looked before the erection, the ashes delaying deliveries of international age, and is expected to take days to clear the ashes proving quite problematic, not just for water and sanitation because tar collected water from the roofs of households. but in terms of access for the aid from australia, new zealand, and other flights, they need to clear the runway. latest information i have is that 60 percent of the runway has been cleared. and this is done manually, i hear up to 200 volunteers sweeping the runway in preparation for the supplies to land on thursday or friday if things happen according to plan. so this is how tongue as airport looked at the end of december and the latest satellite pictures,
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you can see containers flung about the area smothered in gray ash and dozens of hands on the main island of target top, who were severely damaged or destroyed. and you can see the power of that russian right here. this was the volcano before its massive explosion on saturday. well now most of its disappeared under the sea. the options and atmospheric shock waves around the world and soon army surgeon throughout the pacific. we have sarah clark who's been following development for us from brisbin in australia. these are some of the 1st satellite images showing the extent of the damage. after a volcanic eruption triggered a synonymy and wave surged 3 times, $170.00 islands zealand and australia have fit military aircraft to assess the damage. for the work that was done was really quite crucial. but we know that there is more work to be done to make sure that solar can bounce back to man. i know amo
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has been unable to reach her family and toner since saturday to 2 sisters live on the main island on the top, who, her brother and his family live on the small on and for vasu. i'm worried. i like everyone else day. you know, you have your sleepless nights and i not knowing what to expect a fiber optic cable. one of the countries main lines of communication was damaged by the eruption and may take weeks to a store within a week or 2. or we should be able to know whether we can be able to get our full connectivity up and running. for now, this is the only communication. many people in tonga have a t, v and radio station in australia covering the pacific region is fielding coles from relatives around the world who are desperate for updates. we've had tomlins calling from sweden austria puts of japan. and so for just desperate for any news from home,
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deaths have now been confirmed, including angela glover, a british woman who was rescuing her dogs when she was hit by the powerful wave. we are just shattered. tom is the only word i can think to describe it on any family that you loses, such a treasured member of their family would know exactly what you know, what i'm saying here. a royal australian navy ship is on its way from sidney to brisbin, to load humanitarian aid humanitarian groups, and now coordinating a joint relief effort. the volcanic ash means it's difficult to send supplies by air, so water, sanitation kits, tents and blankets are being lighted on ships to be sent from australia and new zealand. high tides, triggered by the volcanic explosion near tonga, had been filled as far away as peru where a ship supplying the country's main oil. processing plant was rocked by waves generated by the russian the result,
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a 2 kilometer long oil spill. sarah clark out his era brisbin australia were, can ologist heather handley explains why the ash can be so dangerous and the whole clinic ashley itself. so these are very hard fragments and it's not like ashed like from burning. so that's all crumbly and soft. these are little fragments of volcanic glass angular. so yes, when you breathe a, the civically, obviously the danger your lungs but also what that will kind of cash carries the gas pot that kind of took 3 now. and so when that volcanic cash kind of goes into water resources, i example, you know, thoughts, rain and then that mixes with that the water in atmosphere. you the, the sofa that kind of out here to the volcanic cashback can then make acid rain. and it's the same with the drinking water supplies. so, you know, imagine a locked hunger are collecting drinking water from the rain water. and if i get
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into the drinking water supply again, you can kind of lead out, you can kind of and dissolve these little bits of gas took to the ash particle, and they can contaminate the drinking water. we have fluoride as well. so us sectors stay down to lincoln. we'll visit ukraine this week and meet with president vladimir of his landscape. that's his tensions between the us and russia escalade over moscow's true build up at the border. while germany's foreign minister has met her russian counterpart in moscow to emphasize the need to use tension on a learner bulk was welcomed by survey line of 24 hours after her talks with ukrainian leaders and have the kremlin says, it has no intention of invading ukraine. but russian troops mass near the border as raised fears of confrontation. and the next van hand more than a 100000 russian soldiers with tanks and guns have gathered new ukraine in recent weeks for no understandable reason. and it's hard not to see this as a threat or russia as foreign minister says,
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a 2015 agreement mentor. and the conflict in ukraine needs to be implemented well, no, so cheap. when you, when he'd visited promot, you listed mules on ukraine. we have a common understanding of absence of alternatives to the minsk agreements. we indicated to our partners that it's unacceptable to present russia as a part of the conflict. we've seen such attempts lately, and it's unacceptable to shift the responsibility for absence of progress in implementing mince agreements to russia, where we hope the german colleagues will weigh in on their ukrainian partners to make them finally fulfill their obligations. let's i go to elders, arizona kane, who's joining us from berlin to 1st talk about the visit by the german foreign minister. what sort of assurances was she seeking a, did she get them from the russians? analynn burbock at 1st i'm going to moscow as foreign minister was hoping that the sort of language that she would hear from sergey love that would be said publicly woods would signal to her. and to very many people watching on that the russian
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government is prepared to talk. the russian government is not planning any acts of aggression in ukraine. and what she heard, what we were hearing that there what she heard was not perhaps what she'd hoped to hear. the point behind this german mission to care of and then to moscow is to try to present the german government as the honest broker here trying to reinforce the view that with the french, the ukrainians and russians in the normandy format of talks that there is this blueprint for defusing, the potential aggression acts of aggression that may or may not take place in the ukraine, whether she got what she wanted, where we will have to wait and see quite how things pan out. and dominic here, what can you tell us about the meeting between the native achieve and the german chancellor?
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the interesting thing in so far as what happened in berlin to day is that mister stockton back, the general secretary of ne, so struck a tough line basically saying to the russians that the actions of nato are defensive and that they need to be considered in that perspective that there is no threat from ne, so to russia, something that's the door of shots was seeking to reinforce to that there was also an interesting development from the nato side of things from mister stoughton back, who was speaking to reporters, alongside mister shots. here's what he had to say a few hours ago. the main toss now is to make progress on the political way forward or nato allies already to meet with russia again. and they are, have invited russian all the nato allies, her to attend the cedars or meetings in the nato,
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russia council in the near future to address oh, our concerns, but also listen to rush us concerns or concerns and, and to try to find a way forward to prevent any military attack against the ukraine. so lots of references to talks there to the importance of negotiation, talking to each other. the idea that to use the old sher chilion rhetoric that george or is better than war war. but it has to be said that that idea, this concept of talks has being going on for many years now. this normandy format i was referring to earlier has been going on for many years. that happened under the macro government. when our in a shots government here in berlin and still this, this idea remains to be hammered out as it were. we know that secretary of state blinkin will be here on thursday from the united states perhaps trying to reinvigorate these the concept of talks. but so far, at least it's all talks,
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the has not been a great deal of action. okay, thank you so much. stamina kane, reporting from berlin? well, as we've been hearing, the u. s. has been threatening to impose crippling sanctions on moscow. that's if it invade ukraine. measures are designed to try to cut off, cut it off from the global economy. but the kremlin has been working to defend its economy since embargoes were brought in 2014 following the last ukraine crisis. so its central bank reserves has risen 70 percent since 2015. the country hold the world's 4th largest foreign currency and gold reserves. russia national wealth funds has also been growing recently aided by a spike in oil prices. it's at $190000000000.00. that's almost 3 times more than it was in 20. 17 plus moscow has become less reliance on foreign investors. 80 percent, if a government bonds are now domestically owned, let's talk about risk economy ambling in glenn season. who is
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a professor international relations at the university of se or norway. he's also the editor of the journal, russia in global affairs. he's joining us from oslo. thanks for joining us. are now to 0. so to what extent is this fortress russia strategy? is it being described by some make western threats of sanctions, less of a deter and for the country? oh, it's so old. before 2014, russia had certain ambitions about integrating it with the west and creating a greater europe if you will. however, when the west, the support of the toppling president done the coach in 2014, russia largely shut dissolution. that greater europe would ever be possible, said replaced it instead with what it calls a greater eurasia. so integrating more with the east primarily than china that lead state here. so because of this, they also believe that because nato is not going to stop its expansion into ukraine and you will further towards russia that that should repair itself for long term conflicts. so what is done is develop the new weapon systems,
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but also trying to make itself bullet proof to western sanctions. so on one hand, some of this has been deliberate response to sanctions by, for example, having more it will fiscal responsibility less reliant on foreign investments by those incorporation with china, the russia that been working towards as the coupling from the west, by diversifying its technologies, its finances industries and energy exports. so effectively, if for foreseeing back after 2015 and that, that this conflicts would not go away. so it's instead learning to live with that is conflict, right? but has this come at a cost sort of internally? because if you look at the russian economy, for example, it's grown point 8 percent annually on average that since 2013, if you compare it with 3 percent for the global economy, we also know that real incomes and russia have plummeted as well and not same time period on the complaint, no. the sanctions, i've taken the whole important investments made also the adjustments,
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the major for shifting to call me from the west of the east as also challenging and also about having a more fiscally conservative policy. it allows for less mark efficiency. so obviously a lot of this kind of cost, but again, this one is the option, the way must go see it. that need to expansionism is an essential threat to russia . so they will respond. and in order to respond, they need to not kill themselves from western sanctions. and again, unlike what stocum suggested in the, in the cliff, the need to, if not alliance any more, hasn't been a bomb served in 1999. so they are preparing themselves to do this. they come to try to be from what has been a very us centric economic system, right? obviously, we're going to call me what about the new block because the block, as you are very well aware, imports more than 40 percent of gas and
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a quarter if it's oil from russia itself, leaving it exposed to shock. so could sanctions back fire on the you definitely over the past 8 years now the, the with the large lakes sanctions and the only main things they can do less this to cut off themselves from russian gas or cut off russia from the international payment system. but if they do so, this will this will have a huge impact on europe. the price of energy will skyrocket, is industries will become less competitive, and this will again ricocheted over to the american economy. meanwhile, russia has been preparing for, for in shipping this coming faster towards asia if this is necessary. so again, district at the time. so for the past, they've allowed russia to adjust to this situation or a current plan. okay,
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we thank you so much for giving us your point of view and speaking to us from all low. thank you. thank you. now plenty more head on the, on the, is there a news hour, including sure. like a president laid out his vision for the country with a focus on jump. starting the economy will have more from focused on, which is struggling to contain the army. kron various have covered 19 hundreds of health workers are infected in sport. the negative headlines continue for england. cricket team officer police are called to break up a post ashes party details coming up with german. ah, but 1st, over in the u. k, the prime minister burst johnson has denied that he had lied to parliament about a lockdown party. so he told reporters, nobody had warned him the gathering might contravene coven rules. as former advisor, dominic cummings accused the prime minister of misleading and peas about the events
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more than a dozen gatherings held by politicians on their staff while the public was under restrictions are now under investigation. nobody told me that what we were doing was, as you say, against the rules that the event in question was something that we were going to do something that wasn't a work event. and you know, as i said in the house of commons, when i went out into that garden, i thought that i was attending a work event. i think it's very important that we see what su gracie, what the inquiry has to say. let's bring in a parker, he's on his own london. so need just talk to us about this and tell us a little bit more of what the prime minister had to say and what, what his message was that he was trying to send out. well, the, the prime minister's bina away from the cameras for the past 6 days, because a member of his family, we don't know which one tested positive for cove it. so he,
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he is a precaution, has been isolating the last time he was in front. the cameras was in parliament apologizing to him peace and the nation for attending a garden party in breach of coverage regulations of the strict locked down. at the time he said that he believed that he was attending a work event. and that's exactly what he is reiterated. again, this time around in response to a very dumbing allegation by dominic cummings, a boys. johnson's former chief advisor, turned arch nemesis, who released sustainment on his blog on monday, saying that he had on she advised that the prime minister and he has witnesses to prove it. he says, to say that attending this event would be very, very body wouldn't look good and the prime minister needs to get a grip of the downing street mad house. and according to cummings for storms response was simply just wave this through and attends the event. johnson saying
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that that is not the case. he is defended his stance that he believed he was indeed going to a work event. but it was a pretty bruising interview all round for us. johnson holding his head down throughout the entire question when he was asked about a double leaving, do that took place at number 10 downing street on the eve of the duke of adam bras . funeral a day in which the nation was in mourning. the queen was sitting in isolation away from her family. don't forget, this is a man who has built his entire political career essentially around how bullet proof his personality is. is that man, is that political leader now starting to unravel before our very eyes in the face of all of these allegations swirling around him and his stuff on to him? yes. so need. what's the latest reaction from within his party members to all of this? for some of the reaction is being could have be telling indeed,
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because so over the weekend, many of those conservative em piece of beam back away from westminster, other constituencies answering e mails, hearing what their constituents think about all of this. as evelyn piece of talked about in boxes being full of hundreds of messages, angry messages from people demanding their boyish johnson leaves office less. oh forget also the later on of the year we've got some local elections which could be very telling. indeed, if there isn't a swift departure of a bar as shown, so we have at least 6 conservative m. p 's who have gone on record calling for his resignation. but money still remained, saw them waiting for this all important investigation into wrongdoings. a number 10, dana straightened elsewhere on white whole to come back with its conclusion that conducted by a senior civil servants to grey, known as the sleaze buster of white horse. she has presided over the departure of
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very senior m. p. 's in the past will her conclusions implicate boris johnson and sustained wrong during or simply, shall we see this as being a leader who presided over a culture of, of rule breaking the something that was allowed to flourish under boris johnson's watch and asked such an increasing number a cooling for him to go. okay, any, thank you so much new bargain reporting from london. a court in norway is deciding whether to grant parole to the gunman who killed 77 people 11 years ago and as bearing breville, as a self proclaimed right wing extremist who has already served 10 years and is appealing for early release from his 21 year sentence, he began the hearing with a nazi salute. he detonated a bomb outside the prime minister's office in oslo. then he went on a shooting spree at a summer camp for teenagers. airline chief executives in the u. s. are warning of
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catastrophic disruption to flights when telecom companies switch on 5 g. they're concerned that the new wireless signals will interfere with the flight equipment. the airline bosses want the government to delay the 5 g roll out to prevent passengers and cargo being grounded. john henry is joining us live from outside chicago airport rather inside chicago airport. there you are, john. so john airlines are warning that chaos in cancellations will start wednesday . that's unless the biden and administration acts will tell us more about that and what's going on. that's right. the airlines have warned that commerce in the united states will quote, ground to a halt. if the rules aren't changed. now, those telecommunication companies spent tens of billions of dollars to buy a frequency. they're very excited to roll this new 5th generation 5 g technology out on wednesday. but the federal aviation administration is worry that it will interfere with cockpit equipment, stuff like the old timbers,
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so that in low visibility, those planes will have to use those that equipment to land. the federal aviation administration has said, if that happens, these planes must be grounded. the airlines say that could ground thousands of planes. united airlines alone says 15000 of it's planes could be grounded stranding 1250000 people. and that would be magnified across the world and that would affect not just commercial airplanes, but also helicopters and cargo planes. so there warning of absolute chaos, the telecommunications companies say they're, there won't be any interference. this is already happened in 40 other countries. but in those countries, they create a buffer zone. then here in the us, airlines are complaining that by didn't ministration, hasn't done enough to coordinate between the federal aviation administration, which regulates planes and the federal communications commission,
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which regulates those airwaves. so the airlines say this is all going to happen tomorrow, they're asking the biden administration to act, and we expect to hear from the biden administration later today on what it plans to do. all right, and we'll wait to hear what, what might have to say about this. but john, this is all coming at a time when airlines were really ready, having trouble and counseling slice, of course, because of the pandemic. so how is this going to affect them? as right, airline travel is down at almost 20 percent from those pre pandemic, 2019 levels. and over the christmas holiday in december, a number of planes you simply couldn't take off because normally the airlines would hire people on over time. but because of the only crime variant outbreak, a lot of people who work for the airlines didn't want to take those over time hours . they couldn't staff the plane. and then on top of that bad weather hit across the midwestern part of the country and onto the east coast. and that grounded yet more plain. so that was the travel season when they were expecting to make up
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a lot of the money they had lost during the pandemic, and that didn't happen for them. so this just compounds the airline industry as was thank you so much john, 100 reporting from chicago report. now the trial has a juror and nigeria of a separate leader accused of treason numb the can, who is the leader of a group called indigenous people, be off from it campaigns for the secession of the south eastern region of b. r for it's separated from nigeria in 1967, which led to the nigerian civil war. fidelis and bar has the latest from the nigerian capital, a boucher now because he's from previously from the south eastern parts of my dear. he decided to take on the leadership of the indigenous people of defra after a similar movement called the movement for the actual position of this. obviously the bath for more like the leader was in detention. he took over while living in
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london with broadcast messages to the major as people from the south east who are days in the country. and that's of the country. and in recent years, he's had to run battle with the government result, and he says he's arrested 2015. and then later he came there. he left the country is to 2017. and again, last year in june, he was arrested in kenya and brought back to my year to physics trial. and it's been a case of back and forth with the judicial system with government, and the big cause for his release, a conditional release. but the government insist that he had to go to do no more trials because he didn't seem to have reached setting portion at provisions of the law. and now he's been before it said, now he's been facing 7 count charges of tree scene terrorism. and to be waiting for school,
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he gave president medical harry. but now the government has amended the chinese bringing up today. 15 con, charges bordering on terrorism. professors ever acted barricades across roads in su, dan's capital hart to me as a to day general strike began in response to demonstrators, deaths on monday, security forces killed at least 7 protesters demanding military leaders restore civilian rule. tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at thousands to were marching towards the presidential palace and her tune. us diplomats are doing through don on wednesday to push for talk to end the political crisis. can enter depose, president african days, reported to have flown to the united arab emirates for medical treatment. the 83 year old has been under house arrest and some military to 4 months ago. the regional organization echo was demanded. his release guineas, military leader, gave him permission to travel for up to a month. this is the news hour on al jazeera,
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still ahead. children in brazil begin receiving have 19 vaccines despite presidential objections. he colorful hindu festival, and malaysia, that's been scaled down for a 2nd here because of poor environment restrictions in sport, an eye catching done for the lakers to have the best of the action in the mba coming up. which emma, ah, we may have some record call their cross the gulf this weekend. hello everyone. we'll get to those details and one sec. but 1st here's what's going on on wednesday, energy sliding across. so the vance, we may have some more snow in our bill with a high of 70 degrees. now let's go into the gulf on wednesday, still breezy, especially for doha. we could see gus up to 40 kilometers per hour. now we'll paint
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on the colors. this is friday night as you wake up on saturday, this is what you're going to feel. kuwait plus one, we add minus 3. that could be a new record or right now your record low temperature is minus $2.00 in single digits in dolah with a high 9 degrees. some rain for northern areas of pakistan, that means so not too far away for islam abad on wednesday. and we may see a light dusting of snow for is stumble. those temperatures have come down and snow over the higher ground for eastern areas of the country. are storms come in and go in through the tropics of africa, but swampy, more so toward the south. so we'll pick up the story there. we're talking zambia, mozambique rate in to madagascar, some heavy falls. meantime, temperature wise kept down at 23 degrees. but watch this here. temperatures are gonna shoot up big time. you could hit 40 degrees over the course of the weekend. stay cool. we'll see again soon. take care. ah.
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a different perspective on al jazeera lou. ah, hello again. the top stories on the al jazeera news, our russia says it will not continue talks with ukraine, one till the u. s. responds to its security demands. the russian foreign minister met his german counterpart to discuss moscow's tension with ukraine. russia has sent troops to the ukrainian border, raising fear, as if an invasion. the u. k. prime minister boris johnson, has denied that he had lied to parliament about a lockdown party. johnson's former adviser accused him of misleading m. p. 's about the event, but he maintained that nobody had warned him the gathering might contravene. sober
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rose, 3 days of volcanic eruption triggered a to me that had hung on the scale of the destruction is just beginning to emerge. the government says several smaller islands have been evacuated because nearly every home there was destroyed. cars act stuns former president nor sultan, as are by denying rumors of a power struggle. among the political elite speculations, been fueled by a purge of his associates from government positions by president custom, your march, okay. as and as are by, as has been seen in a video for the 1st time since the days of anti government riots earlier this month, he's refuting reports that he fled the country customs on one of the firewall. he's 2019 i handed over my full powers to president catherine, jo marcus. i have been a pensioner. and since then, right now, i'm having weller and time off and cause excess capital and i have not left it in
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full power is in the hands of the president. he's the chairman of the security council. he will soon be elected the leader of the ruling party. there is no contract or standoff among buildings. such rumors are absolutely baseless. let's nothing to him. baset or matthew bryce, who's a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council. he raises center and a former us diplomatic joint answer is stumble. welcome to al jazeera. so lots of questions have been asked recently about another by the former president, whereabouts, and there he is in the video read between the lines for us. why did he release the video and what are you hoping to achieve? well, to me it's, it's a bit chilling, because anybody who knows, knows or by knows that he was all powerful in caustic stock. and that after the events, the horrible clashes that happened in the streets and the attacks by the police and the protesters and vice versa. what, there was a power struggle going on. there's no doubt about it. you can, you can see it in the rest in the accusation of treason of the former head of the national security committee. carry my seam off. and then just, you know,
6:35 pm
in the last few days, the free sons in law, us or via, were forced to resign from their top level hosting business and running a natural gas company and pipeline company. and other via families certainly didn't want to give up those incredibly lucrative positions. so there was a fight for power of removed for president nicer bias after nozer by major guy of the president when that's why i wanted to go into retirement. and now now survivors had to come out essentially and say, i lost, i lost and essentially it's like, almost like a show trial, really saying no there's, there's no tension between us and all our residents are kind of and i'm happy to move on. but that really does not ring credible at all. it's still being sidelined at all to perhaps call some good anger that we saw on the streets. what a yes is definitely being sideline, be yes. i agree during that. yeah, he is deeply disliked across much of cause exxon because of the unjust system that
6:36 pm
he created in which a few people, especially his family, grew incredibly wealthy and life for common cossick studies didn't get better and got worse in western world of protests re ignited several weeks ago. so yes, he's being sideline now survive is until i as attempts to garner public support and they're my, extinguish the protest because he knows he's looking over his shoulders. okay. he knows that everybody in the country knows. he only became president because now survive hand, it took the keys to the kingdom, and it's a kingdom that nasir bye of bills. so to kind of has to try to run it now without all the master. by if people populating the system who had previously reported to him. so yeah, he does talk, i was looking for a way to build some public support. so would you say that the in as or by of era is over or coming to an end, or is there any sort of power that he's these still does wheeled behind the scenes
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last week or you know, for the statement. oh, today not survive. i would have said, i'll bet now survive is still trying to we an hour behind the scenes because his family has so much money and, and, and they were fighting back. now this, this short trial like a statement by mouth or by of makes me think he's got very little power, not no looking at though to, to retain credibility. the can credibility of kazakhstan as a place that should be continually to attract huge international investment. it's really important that so kind of re establishes a sense of the rule of law and of due process. the trial of must cmo is going to be really, really important in this regard. again, anybody follows causes, donner knows not seem of knows that he had no higher political ambitions. he helped engineer till guy of replacing nasir bias as president. so the key, the reason why must see mom is accused of treason which is outrageous,
6:38 pm
is because she really was the transmission belt of power from nasir by which okay. so now took, i have need to make sure he treats must see more according to due process to be able to garner not just a domestic support, but the international support through private investment on which the context army across exxon economy depends. all right, we'll leave it there. thank you so much. matthew bryce, as speaking to us friend is fungal. now in sir lanka, pay rises for government workers and tax cuts have been announced to boost the economy damaged by the coven crisis presidents and go to buy era to pack so outlined his latest rescue plans in parliament. and he's asking one of the islands . biggest lender is china to restructure a debt. repayments, pandemic has cost the popular tourist destination. $9000000000.00 just in the past 2 years alone. michelle fernandez has more from the capital, colombo, the president, basically talking about food security being
6:39 pm
a top priority that he needs to be addressed in 2022. he talked about a, some of the plans for green economy. this is the president who basically brought in a band, a complete ban on chemical fertilizers, drawing a lot of criticism down at the grass root level for the sort of quick wait happened . but the president said their policies and goals weren't properly communicated to the people. so he was talking about that he also talked about investment essentially either gamut of airs that the government is looking at a one addressing essentially the energy sector, which is a very real problem at the moment. ah, where we're having sort of power outages, power cuts, also because of the foreign exchange crisis that the government is facing. that there's a very limited amount of fuel to run generators at the power plant and the president outlining a wide series of a sort of projects to bring in solar power to increase the generation of power in
6:40 pm
the next coming years. he also talked about the need to increase exports, essentially because obviously in terms of natural resources or oil, that kind of fossil virtual anchor does not have. so he talked about maximizing what areas that the country can offer in terms of bringing in that important foreign exchange hospice holes in pakistan's largest city, correct? you're facing us shortage of staff vos, after hundreds of healthcare workers tested positive for corona virus in the past week. 30 percent of people tested in the city were infected. that's more than 4 times the national rate. health officials say the on the chron variant accounts for nearly all new cases come hider has more from a vaccination center in the capitol, islamabad, the national command and operation center i had boarded over 5000 positive cases of go over 19. now the new where year and all maker on edge driving the city of
6:41 pm
karachi and the worst case with their budget devotee. rate of all what 30 percent other cities such a low hoard have recorded or what per diem for st. lama by stand that all watched 11 percent the national command and operation 10 k is going to be carrying out mass testing and education institutions. before the decades on the closure of food, they filled up quadrant emergency situation. however, the omicron radiance is considered to be less than the general radio and that are always a 100 critical cases in the hospital. the mortality rate a low as part of the new radian concern, but the country does not want to take any chances. over 102000000 people have already received their 4th jap, 77000000, 445000 people have received a 2nd job. the advisory, a debt,
6:42 pm
all was unable people. over the age of 50, sho, get their booster shots. and also the shorts that being rolled out to the younger population over 12 of gosh, bugging tons. national command and operation center has been monitoring the situation across the country. it is an alarming train, given the fact that $500.00 health workers have also been effected in the city of karachi and the fear that if this strike d has occurred, it could put a strain on non already precarious situation. brazil has begun vaccinating children as young as 5 years old against coven. 19 that's despite resistance and delay spearheaded by president geral scenario. monica yanna kev has more. after months of political wrangling, mass vaccination of children is finally under way. in brazil,
6:43 pm
lunar or the veda told us he's relieved. his 5 year old asthmatic son has just been inoculated against covered 19 watchmakers of a snare song. vaccination campaign could have started before delay. brazil was result of the government in all of the pandemic. and the lack of a leadership health officials expect that most of the 20000000 children between the ages of 5 and 11, will show up to get their shots. despite president jay bull sonatas repeated attempts to discredit the vaccines efficacy and safety, he has announced that his 11 year old daughter will not be inoculated. oh, are you going to fax and that your child against something which someone young can catch to have an almost 0 chance of dying? some 300 children have died in brazil. since the pandemic began brazil's health regulatory agency and visa approved the vaccine for children in december. but the president publicly questioned the decision, suggesting there was something shady about it. the stuff we're doing is what's
6:44 pm
behind this. what are the interests behind it? what are the interests of vaccine maniacs? they his remarks were contested by and visit president antonio bad paul. his who like many of both scenarios, advisors, is also military officer. he asked the president to show proof of wrong doing, or to apologize for making unfounded accusations. political analysts sable, so now to is trying to maintain the support of his hard core followers. as polls show he will probably lose his bid for reelection in october. he has lost nutrition and death situation on the, in the end there were, there were other odd yellow needs that showed that he has no support from the military on his position about the boxing issue. or why? because the, the military themselves have said determined that no soldier or oxy should go to work without proof of vaccination. meanwhile,
6:45 pm
the delay in vaccinating brazilians, both adults and children, has had serious effects. i've asked them why we lost time and could have avoided many hospitalizations and deaths. luckily, brazil as a country where people trust vaccines and show up when there's a national inoculation campaign or beth as cassiano says, her family never had any doubts. her 14 year old son has already had 2 shots and her 8 year old daughter will be vaccinated next week. gonna be somebody may feel more members. politics in brazil is very polarized, and the vaccine ended up being a part of this political war where people are more interested in proving his right and he's wrong instead of treating this is what it is. a public health issue and a right to life. i did that, that a recent poll says 8 out of 10 brazilians are in favor of the coven, 19 vaccine, despite their political preferences, and fake hughes monica. and our give, i'll jazeera the pandemic as putting a damper on a popular into festival,
6:46 pm
celebrated by tannel communities around the world. yup. awesome festivities and malaysia, which are usually accompanied by large processions, have been scaled back. florence louis reports from kuala lumpur. hindus usually start celebrating type was him in the early hours of the morning with prayers and montrose to invoke blessings. and to celebrate the victory of good over evil. as they've done for years, premier sag harassing him and her family will bring pots of milk to a temple. but this time there's one difference. i want to give my offerings to lord morgan, but because of the cove in 19 restrictions this year, i'm choosing to celebrate it a few days earlier. type wisdom is celebrated by the hindu tamara community in honor of lord morgan, the hindu god of war, whose believed to grant people their desires. this year celebrations are more low
6:47 pm
as no procession, and to vote is only allowed 30 minutes slots here at the main temple. 9 type was em, celebrations at the bottom. caves in kuala lumpur temple usually attract up to a 1000000 people, devotees and tourists. some devoted carry a cavity, a portable shrine dedicated to lord morgan. they enter into a trance and peers, their bodies with hooks and spears. but this year, like last, authorities have banned the cavity, citing corona virus restrictions. pulfer ambien, but don't go where do i my problems is after i spotted during the color the 4 years ago. and so when i heard that the coward east do not allow this, you know, i was disappointed. other rituals, like people shaving their heads as an act of sacrifice, or symbolically purifying themselves by taking a bath in the river,
6:48 pm
have been allowed to go ahead. while type with them this year may be less festive people celebrating it, say, it doesn't make the day any less meaningful to them. florence li, al jazeera kuala lumpur and peas and indonesia pass legislation to move the capital from jakarta to a new $32000000000.00 city being built in borneo jakarta is one of the world's most crowded cities, which is slowly sinking, is frequently flooded and heavily populated polluted, excuse me, the new capital called new sun tara as 2000 kilometers away. the 1st government employees are expected to start working there in 2 years time. still ahead on the al jazeera news, our, the australian player is up to his old tricks and melbourne stories coming up with jemma and sports. ah
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6:50 pm
ah ah ah ah no in time for the sports news heres drama. thank you. during the ashes series, maybe i have uh, but the negative headlines just keep coming for the indian cricket team. and one of the coaches could now be facing the sack. is video shows police in tasmania breaking up a party at 6 am involving england captain jo reached james anderson and of the australia play as it followed noise complaints by fellow guests at the hotel england. assistant coach graham's fault is understood to films the video and the england and wales cricket board is investigating what happens and how the message was made public. this incident follows reports of
6:51 pm
a drinking coach it within the england camp. during the fournier series defeat to the australian open now and 3 time graham's. i'm champion, andy murray, has ended a 5 year wait for victory and melbourne. the scott was up against the close backslash philly and his 1st match torment. and it was an epic and counter very accepted a wildcard to play the share of the night in july. but he came to the full, i was on the call to beat the number $21.00 seed in $0.05 is the 2nd time i will be back the last bill in the past week. so now play a japanese qualified daniel in the 2nd round. been a tough, tough, 34 years and a lot of work to get back here. and it's been played on this many times and had data. fair. incredible. i've always been testing support and yeah, this is the one where i thought potentially play my last match on 3 years ago. but
6:52 pm
i'm a thing to be back wedding if i can ask for any more lashes runner up down in medford as his ice and his account the us open champion is now the top ranked plant and the competition off. the no, that joke of a joke, which is a deportation. and the 1st 2 sets went smoothly for the rush. this is a 6 wanted leave, a henri locsin and but he was forced to fight through the bed, which his swiss opponent pushed with ty, brake, a pair of unforced errors gave the depth of 3 match points and failed to win on the buses and to reach round mazda faces, nick, carry off. net feel straight and shaven with his old trick, and he's saying that he served under all manner through his legs to the surprise of british opponent, leon brady, carry a plate and of a queen during a rally. and he went on to win and straight that much back, covering the 90. there was a battle of usaa and champions and the women tournament, the current title holder emma rata. connie one,
6:53 pm
the openings that have the 2017. when it, when stevens 6 love the american way back into the match by taking the 2nd 6 to write a connie step up again and the decided i sent it 6. 1 yes . almost ready and open for mr. patrick. this is out. she lost the remaining veronica, stay at 6262. it's been a difficult month. no straining for the full moment, but in champs you use plate. just 3 warm up matches off the alley exits and adelaide to me and the former one, but in champion it got being at nucleus. struggled to close out jack contest again . frances klara barrel on tuesday. but the fed seat eventually reached the 2nd 3 formula. number one, knowing how it went into her so much for the confidence after winning in melbourne earlier this month. to find a written sub again. my name effect for banking,
6:54 pm
a straight that went for ex countrymen, eager be on sag cruise into said a former french open champion feat british qualify harry dobs. 636 lot that joke of jobs we know is not competing in australia because he's not vaccinated against cuba. 19. meanwhile, another high profile sportsman not to have the vaccine and be a stock car, and he's standing by his decision. i think effectively a pot fine player for the brooklyn. that's because the vaccine mandate prevents in playing high games in new york, his teammate kevin, around is injured, leaving the mess. shorter top players. but i think won't change his mind on the vaccine space. rooted in my decision, and that's just what it is. you know, it's not going to be swayed just because of one thing in the m, b a life. that somehow is, you know, some, some, somehow it's brought to my attention as being more important than what's going on. well, it's just not happening for me that, you know, and i was like, i, again,
6:55 pm
i respect everyone else, decision. i'm not going to ever try to convince anyone or anything. i mean, i just, i'm standing stand a really what i believe in the golden state, warriors m b a franchises, distance itself from comments made one of its colonaze who said that nobody cares about china's a legit persecution is listed weak as us tips about so boy costing the upcoming beijing winter olympics over the issue of human rights in china. but worries co not been in at thomas, probably have this to say while appearing on podcast this week. and nobody cares about what's happening to the beakers. ok you, you bring it up because you are and i think what do you mean? the rest of us don't care. i'm just very hard. your, your don't care. i'm telling you a very hard, ugly truth. okay. of all the things that i care about. yes, it is below my line. if you're asking me to do, i care about a segment of a class of people in another country. not until we can take care of ourselves, will i prioritize them over us? for his pay, our team issued a statement to address those comments saying of
6:56 pm
a limited investor who has no day to day operating functions with the worries mister pal, if it does not speak on behalf of our franchise. and his views is certainly don't reflect those of our organization to the ambient action on the lake, his knapsack, 3 game losing streak upon james. it's $25.00 points because they beat the utah jazz one for jesus. i, captain dunc, like his bouncing back while after that 7.2 days exploding and the boston south takes them back from 18 point. sounds. went against the new orleans pelicans wanted for the 90, said jason, pacing the stand out. play was 27 point set up. this done. i remove that now. 5 winds and the last 6 games. like what do i get to the nfl playoff? now in the wild card, round is complete after the l. a roms would be the average. the cardinals. it was a comfortable when it's 34.211,
6:57 pm
back. i'm going to fax these and down here around when i had 3 to the division around to face that offending people, both champions. the tampa bay bucket is met by brady grams of notes. and christine harrison has been given the chance of returning to top level football after suffering a cardiac arrest during the euros. the denmark would feel to have been offered a 6 month deal by the premier club. bradford, he's not played since being resuscitated on the pitch in june last year, and has since been fitted with a defer. lisa erickson wasn't allowed to play with the device in italy. so into milan were forced to terminate his contract. that is all your sport. i'll have action from the africa cover place nations i should say in the belated. okay, we'll see later on them. i thank you so much and we look forward to that and thanks for watching the news. our on al jazeera, we'll take a short break, but we'll be back with much more of the days. news. see in a minute. ah
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. and showing the debates, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now, this is not our responsibility. please give me the law can get this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back. we must always pay for the stream on al jazeera rivers are trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used
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by wildlife or migration have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tourism isn't enough. here at the adversary, national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the ha parisha than individuals pay 5000 years dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, close your eyes. ah listen, ah, wasn't one of the thought i'd be singing in parliament with the poor. i never dreamt of it. where the words fail, music speaks to short films about how music knocked down wool and inspire hope
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for a better life. ha selects on al jazeera ah . ready you have you sleepless nights and not knowing what to expect. desperate for news her loved ones and hung up after a volcanic eruption in the pacific islands triggered 8 to nami. at least 3 people have been killed. ah, this is officer, a lie from headquarters in delphi, daddy abigail, also coming up. nato invites russia to a new router, talks to deescalate tensions over ukraine.


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