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tv   Risking It All Lesotho  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 1:30am-2:00am AST

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of all to lease, but there's an embarrassment of riches throughout the 40 rooms. villa is pretty astonishing. and this is in aurora is, is cortinez masterpiece. then we have delays. you and the other room in the sun room, we have a 5 bar relief from the garden to solid seni beneath. here that are 2000 years old . each from the roman times. and you're on top of julius caesar villa, where he ramos cleopatra. princess rita hopes the italian government can step into by the building so it can remain open to the public. barbara and go per hour to sierra. ah, so a quick recap of the headlines this our, the island nation of tongue remains blanketed by ash and mostly cut off from the rest of the world. 3 days after volcanic eruption caused a powerful scene. army such images from surveillance, flights and satellites are beginning to show the scale of the destruction there. at
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least 3 people have died with the government, calling it an unprecedented disaster on the island of mungo home to about 50 people . every single home was destroyed. the ashes proving quite problematic, not just for water and sanitation because tara collected water from the rooftop household. but in terms of access for the aid from australia, new zealand, and other flights that they need to clear the runway. latest information i have is that 60 percent of the runway has been cleared and this was done manually. i hear up to 200 volunteers are sweeping the runway in preparation for the supplies to land on thursday or friday. if things happen according to plan, the u. s. secretary, stay on the blank and we'll have talks with roches, 4 minutes to start a land rover's tensions escalate over a build up of russian troops near ukraine. the white house, his voice concern over the deployment of rushing forces into batteries for joint
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war games next month. placing more military assets near ukraine, describe the situation at the borders. extremely dangerous, and says an attack on ukraine could come at any time. and us telecoms giant, a t and t and variety of agreed to partially delay activating that 5 g networks near an apple is off the major airlines want. it could cause catastrophic disruption to flights. but the move may have come to later, some international airlines, including hammer, it's already canceled some flights to the country. airline chief executives is saying they are worried. the 5 g wireless signals will interfere with the navigation systems of their craft. those are the headlines this hour coming up, the brave women running a taxi service on one of the su, choose most dangerous roads. that's next on risking it all for 20 years after a set of yours, little civil war place over 50000 lives. how has the country progress,
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rich and not to were sources what the konami poor are the divisions of his past? still determining its neutral, spiritual coverage on i'll give you a list to, to is a small, landlocked country inside the republic of south africa. only 30000 square kilometers with a population of around $2000000.00 but it's unusual for african country. every winter, it's covered in snow. it even has
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a ski slope. it also has a lot of water. what south africa does not supplies, it's much larger labor with a vital resource but the people of a suit to are not well elicit to the rules are so dangerous that bush taxi's remote rural areas are only driven by men, women, taxi drivers. now i limited to towns and cities. i did, i did these 2 young women have decided to change things. why on this unfair, belinda? a planning to branch out on to the suitors out of town tracks. they've invested old . there's even on a major service for their old. anybody in
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the i hadn't did pay than $280.00 dan. what looked like out the other de leon little de la had president mina go out. i'd have is there are you my region in town? there is a lot of competition, but in rural areas taxi for red. so alice, after adelina are hoping to double their income. but their friend, william is like the idea of them driving the sticks. i got the law was familiar to they did europe much in our vienna, janet's motto, our mother just been in our lives is, you know, he was outweighed into moody who didn't follow him about the schedule for a mom wanting to just talk us through any so again, so let me get, let me get to, i like to chase, obviously, blah, hulu really usually can't get to a hotel dealer. you to, it's gonna go with hijacked. i'd rather well know you got by an elbow lawyer,
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he gives america. thank you. so months ago now it was conclusive, it's villas like also with alice and fib. alina simply, can't afford to come. so they need to be careful. and they, and their families, pray for. ah ah, alice galena, if the world already dreaming of making beef money ah, in town. there are both signs that out here in the country. hi, good day them. own bank of dellagorzo,
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one of them by the election in a bad so like you will see some more. ha ha ha. i think you might have i do with reading the map. however, it's not as difficult as navigating this country truck with somebody who can class i believe with on how to go with reg. ah, helena,
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to what i say yes. the number 2. that's how i live in the go one more. yeah, i do simply do a job. i'm. there was a yes, i'm a lesson with, i'm more general thing, you know, trying to make your life joy. you told another my friends we know the auctions alice decides to sticking with it is better than letting felina, dr. ah, ah,
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with inside temperature is around 10 degrees celsius. but driving a low gear, if heating a thing that made it a lot. how got to low with me and still no sign of any customers.
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alice and filename can me have missed one by to factor in the suit in transportation. horses whiting is the only means of traveling here that allows access to villages where the tracks don't go with a rock house this guy. so boiler. c hold for a good hello. already been busy with a, a lena managed to keep the engine core, but still don't have any pain customers. i deal
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with a a one. 0, got it. i finally passed with one whole dollar in his pocket. ah mm.
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with a, a wholesaler a few women, dr. bush taxi's in a suit to date and to command pupils. respect. riley divide by the last month on the lookout watch, a new group of passengers
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gets on board. none of them is quite prepared for what the journey has in store a with a music might make on his happy watch. he striving white. now she needs to concentrate hand on this steep descent with a with
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alice is struggling to control her old test. see and has an unusual way. you're sharing her passengers. oh yeah. oh no, no. no, i do apologize about the guys i synagogue. i thought with your moon. my yes. i was, i was, i was, he was, i've had this, well, i had to work with them, but i hi paul, who to help with i
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guess i think you have agreed with joe and i'll let your movie. you know, we'll, we'll move my dad did go ahead. oh, so then how come on? so we'll try is i'm gonna want to, i know i got a lot of them in order to go with that to that, go with
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a, with a fenced in back down as an employee did a journey with ah,
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alice and felina finally get to the bottom of the stone pale and are reunited with their last passengers. with all the drama has given them an appetite thing and asked if earned $5.00, they can afford lunch. with cubicle i'd be richer. we noticed when i said the hood to go over the younger women, that we did not as a livid, this was another one that was a crazy but that doesn't look like it's on it. so the grades and these are one of
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the hang on, didn't it? didn't consider it basically doesn't. i don't have a pill. i'm going to make it to my to feel. i him a one know when a good night in terms of citizen. sure. well it was you didn't or with didn't. i cannot wait. so hard to think of alice and felina only make about a $1000.00 a year. so it's not every day they can afford for lunch. i know barbara. i the next to for them is a place called the family of the horses. but they're not looking for passengers there. but one of alice's cousins, i did a big, you know, and, and day. and they do more tribes or her would know little go go by law a
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jordan and that would $10.00. a guy comes up with you guys to shop with a hunting, with blue issue to post roofing isn't one on a truck, but on the mountain platters here, the widest local hughes. and every week detroit long distances to see ah, in ty is leading and freethinking owns along behind him. oh boy joe
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would not get your body and will be more moral about biting. you know, when you taught on what you remember, the more fun. oh, well, i wonder we bank a oh, from knew where 300 people have right at this remote mountain venue. riders and spectators down building savings today in the hope of pulling off with each other. maybe with a galle, maybe let my back to my bedroom that i will. i will be about i yes, a we are very well your pool. a
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room is under with us and i supposed to take the lead. his horse suddenly source, of course i internally makes the spectacular come. but can only be 2nd please. ah yes.
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i know. what do you see what you showed you to like you to have you don't have your boucher with a snake. you buy? no. lemme lemme go cut through meds or to the suit to look up and then a sofa william wall. 8 1 of our suit to my guide friday would be a new list to to look up and and so hopefully i sent out my lease isn't for the medicaid you the day mind not understood too much. i got a pretty made, i'm on like i was in bo boyd and stuff like i like, i mean i wasn't gonna be tele, doesn't not go filled with one of your p d sub war. now, if i'm up, i wouldn't, i just have a home on a suitcase most valuable natural
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resource is it's new to the country is sometimes referred to as a walk to town. it's the high country in africa. and even a snooze point is 1300 meters above sea level. ah, august is the middle of winter. when temperatures dropped below freezing, sometimes as low as minus 10 celsius lou here with
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more than one week humanity has harnessed need to hear back building a ski still to tooth and south africa. have the only ski slopes in the spot on the continent. a, [000:00:00;00]
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a oh i see that now you got and that's what i when i bought out by new rags. my, i got my daughter's a phone. so yeah, that isn't girl is headed a don't think you ha, ha, ha ha, i guess i'm willing to say that you were not with us and said alina, can you forward a self drink to leave them at the ski resort? dreaming of the day with encounter skincare ah, in time meanwhile,
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has more nice skills and just to striding. when he's not at the races, he has a very different job as a paramedic dish, as to leave woman has cold for his help. money will is all they've got to soil. lou gone. got the other we. i cannot g at yahoo got data. she didn't know what was on you. took her like e ha ha ha, come i have you in the best me for a warning. hell, so cool. again, a delta dental, and i think will louisa was i'm deli, someone was he, teens. okay. i moved out to san jose, binge harden's alcohol and never implement into despite be in a lot of pain that will have to endure whole day on horseback to get to hospital. mm hm. when it is on
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a hot would you how come all those one vienna? how do i go with me? i got a whole lot. i guess one of 12 by the got by each with albany. while we're 6. it was like, how does your mom should you do it by the getting your budget when it goes off by years? it's like a one i'm with the more. no i'm, we're not here tonight. what i live in the years. i did that with somebody just a moment while more now the mom who did
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the scene in the city sitting down and doing nothing won't get authority out of sight. it's some sound the way people like alice felina and m time toy every day to meet every once life just to little easier for charged with crimes against humanity. 4000 counts of torture and 58 cases of murder, rape, and sexual violence. people in power tracks the 1st ever war crimes trial over syrian high ranking officer. i am taking part of this trial because he did something bad to me and to others as verizon. i don't get a focus above charged as part of that he g. the trial of on was slim or to on a just either as the ohm icon very and sweeps across the globe nation's rates to
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stem the spread. but vaccine inequality between developed and developing countries remains no country, no community and no individual. these, save until we are all the same as long as transmission is allowed to continue the course of the phantom. it is going to be very, very unpredictable. stay with al jazeera, for all the latest updates, polio, cuz she the says he will bring a new form of capitalism. what does this mean? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera while i'm half go fish and half lebanese. so diversity is really important to me and i'll jazeera is the most diverse place i've ever worked. we have so many different nationalities and this cities brought
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together in this one news organization. and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage, giving a more accurate representation of the world. we report so, and that's a key strength for balances here. ah, entire communities covered under ash satellite images show the impact of the tongue of volcano ends and nami, destroyed all the huns on one island. i'm


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