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he unscrewed states on houses era ah, we al jazeera with . ready entire communities covered in ash, satellite images show the impact of the toner volcano tsunami that destroyed all the homes on one island. ah mccloud, this is our 0 life. also coming up. we're now at a stage where russia could, at any point, launch an attack. can you agree the u. s. opposite threat assessment ahead of talks
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between the secretary of state and the russian foreign minister in geneva this week . 2 major telecom companies delaying that 5 g roll out there for soft warnings. it would cause catastrophic disruption to flight. i scored my 1st naturally goal was not only my my 1st, but it was the winning goal. the n h l on his 1st black claire, the boston bruins hockey team, retire williams rees. number 22 just ah, so new images have revealed the scale of destruction and tongue following a saturdays a volcanic eruption its unami large parts. the pacific nation are covered in ash. the government says several small islands, where at nearly all hives were destroyed, a being evacuated for tory gate and b as this ripple. satellite images show, a thick layer of ash on the wrong way of tongue is main. airport on the left is how
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it looked before the eruption, the ashes, delaying deliveries, of international aid flights. the ashes proving quite problematic on not just for our water and sanitation because tom collected water from the roofs of household. but in terms of access for the aid from australia, new zealand, arm, and other flights of they need to clear the runway communicating with tanya is extremely difficult. there's no internet and limited phone calls, because the scene army severed the fiber optic cable connecting the rest of the world. the telecoms operate, he says it will be weeks before the connection is restored. prime minister, so you see, so will any, has released his 1st official statement confirming what many feared the rupture has caused an unprecedented disaster. with the volcanic mushroom plume covering all of tongue as a 170 islands. the red cross estimates that up to 80000 ton guns may be effected, and dust from the volcano could contaminate water supplies. with island is advised
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to drink bottled water and wear masks. but also what that one will kind of cash carries is you know, the gas pause that kind of stuck through it now. and so when i'm back vulcan, a cash kind of goes into water resources, or example, you know, if he starts to rain and then that mixes with the water in atmosphere, you this the, so for this kind of out here to start to the volcanic ash, this can then make acid rain. this is how tongue this pool looked at the end of december in the latest satellite pictures, the area is smothered in grey ash. dozens of homes on the main island of tongue, a tap who have been severely damaged or destroyed. what tongue a desperately needs now is help from other countries. the volcano has stopped spewing ashby, now giving a team of $200.00 volunteers. a chance to sweep the runway with most now played its hope. the 1st 8 flights will be able to land as soon as thursday, victoria gay to be al jazeera. let's bring out to wayne hey, who's at
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a naval base in oakland, in new zealand from where the supplies are being sent to tara. so yes, wayne, the museum navy is on its way to toller. what will be their priority if they left on tuesday, so they are expecting it's going to take $3.00 to $4.00 days to get there. so possibly arriving some time on friday they will be carrying the usual sort of a supplies that a so desperately needed in situations like this. clean water, medical supplies, shelter, things like that. but crucially, pieces of equipment as well will be vital in this recovery effort. if it going forward, one is a desalination plant on one of the ships that will enable them to continue manufacturing fresh water over the next few days and weeks. and the other piece of equipment that will be crucial is specialist surveying equipment, which will allow the new zealand navy to assess the damage beneath the water,
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particularly around the pool area in the capitol. nicole loafer. now that will be vital, of course, going forward to enable more ships to go in there and deliver aid to the tongue and people. now, this wasn't a formal invitation from the tongue and government for these 2 ships to go from new zealand. new zealand didn't wait for that formal invitation, as is the protocol, they sent them any way. now the tongue and authorities have said that we will accept those 2 ships coming into our waters, but they have to adhere to cov 19 protocols. and that basically means that any aid those ships are carrying and the future ships or planes, the aid has to be delivered and a contactless fashion. and that's because tanya has only had one case of coven, 1900. since the pandemic began, they clearly don't want any more, particularly at the moment when they're already in such a desperate situation. where it is hard to get any real concrete information. but what is the latest from the islands as far as you know?
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well the main problem, as you just heard, is communication met still is a big problem. i mean, it took into late on tuesday local time to get the 1st official statement from the tongue and government. and that's when they called this an unprecedented disaster. and they also talked a lot about their frustrations with trying to get communication channels re established to some of those outlying islands. they still haven't made contact with some of those but slowly but surely those reports are coming in from those islands . further away from the main main island of toma top or particularly those that were closer to the volcano and we're hearing now from mango island and all. so i thought the island 2 of the closest islands to that volcano, not many people living on those islands, but all the homes all have been destroyed. so the concern is that we'll continue to get these reports of devastation. and the focus now is also on the vecchio,
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ations getting people who are on those outlying islands off of those island onto the mainland where they can receive proper shelter and kid going forward or away in tanks about to wind haven in oakland and using it on the situation and told them at least 10 people have been killed and hundreds displaced by flash floods in the capital of madagascar. 20 districts are on high alert with the full cost of water with more severe weather in the coming days. heavy rain cause land slides, it destroyed several homes. the white house is warned, russia could attack ukraine at any moment. it's also the voice concerned over the deployment of russian forces in belarus for joint war games, further beefing up rushes, military assets, new crane. secretary of state anthony blinking is due to hold tours with russia's foreign minister, so a lover of in geneva on friday, a white house correspondent, kimberly how kit has more on what the secretary state is expected to say at those
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talks. while he's trying to send a message and that message that he will be sending to the russian foreign minister is one that has been repeatedly underscored by the west. whether it be through telephone calls, between the various levels of government between the united states and russia. whether it be in consultations that have taken place between european partners. but the message has been consistent. that is the u. s. believe that the only way to resolve security differences with respect to concerns about russia invading ukraine is through diplomacy. and should russia choose an alternate path? there will be severe financial consequences. now, the reason that the united states is so gravely concerned is because there is u. s . intelligence that has been in place for months that russia is preparing for some sort of imminent attack. not only because there are tens of thousands of troops,
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russia has a mass along the border near ukraine, but also because there has been an uptick and activity on social media that seems to indicate that an attack may be in it. our views. this is an extremely dangerous situation. we're now at a stage where russia could, at any point, watch an attack and ukraine. and what secretary blinking is going to go do is highlight very clearly. there is a diplomatic pass forward. it is the choice of president putin and the russians to make whether they are going to suffer severe economic consequences or prior to the meeting and geneva between survey live, rob and antony blank. and there will also be other meetings and consultations that will take place. we know that the secretary of state will also be traveling to berlin. the efforts to deescalate tensions will be discussed. we also know he will be meeting in advance with the president of ukraine's the landscape and as well,
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we expect that we will hear more on all of this from you as president joe biden. when he holds his press conference at the white house on wednesday. you, i said telecom john's a tin t and verizon have agreed to partially delay activating the 5 g networks near some airports. a comes off the major airlines want that could cause catastrophic disruption to flights. but the standoff is only temporarily resolved to $100.00 reports. now, from chicago's and her international airport for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, a potential air travel in economic crisis is postponed. as telecommunications giants, 80, and t and verizon prepared to turn on their 5th generation wireless system on wednesday. major u. s. airlines warned that faster phones using 5 g would set off catastrophic flight cancellations and slow the economy to a halt. the largest american based airline say the 5 g system would ground thousands of planes. the f a is uncomfortable with the safety rules. and as
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a consequence, the impact on our operations to mitigate that would be a significant setback in a letter to the federal aviation administration and other biden administration agencies. the heads of the major airlines and cargo companies say the u. s. faces a, quote, completely avoidable economic calamity, and they warn of a major disruption of the traveling and shipping public end to the supply chain vaccine distribution in the broader economy. airlines want a 2 mile buffer around affected reports. they say those 5 d frequencies, the telecommunications company, spent tens of billions of dollars to buy up might interfere with a key piece of cockpit equipment. the altimeter radio altimeter help planes and helicopters to land in poor weather. the activation of 5 g potentially leading the federal aviation administration to order planes grounded in low visibility on tuesday. big telecomm relented temporarily. and with obvious peak in
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a statement 80 and t said at our sole discretion, we have voluntarily agreed to temporarily defer turning on a limited number of towers at certain airport runways as we continue to work with the asian industry. but the company added, we are frustrated by f a's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done, which is to safely deploy 5 g technology without disrupting aviation services. and we urge it to do so in a timely manner with verizon following suit that postpones the confrontation between telecom and airline giant. once again, but doesn't resolve it. whitehouse policy makers say they're working on a permanent solution. we have the safest air space in the world. our committed to reaching a solution around 5 d deployment that maintains the highest level of safety. united airlines alone says that deployment of 5 g could force the cancellation of 15000
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flights, stranding more than a 1000000 united customers. other airlines say you can multiply that several times . john hendern al jazeera chicago still had heron out there. the philippine government is accused of penalizing the poor with tough countermeasures and they vanish from iraq nearly 20 years ago. now. these looted artifacts are about to head ah. when 2 others tumbling out of eastern europe, western russia down through turkey. so the levant and down towards the raving peninsula, actually at the moment we have a system here which is bringing a few showers through a dying out system as it is seen through eastern iran, sort of the risk of flooding here. but what's happening in the east medstar,
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a different story that's been colder with a lot of snow in it and the cold wind that follows will generate big thunderstorms that runs through garza into jordan lebanon's, snow easily on the heights even at low level. i think the cold air will penetrate, so the shamal which is already picked up. this isn't particularly cold, but he's going to last for wednesday, thursday and friday i think not bringing very much with it. not too much sand, not many showers, but certainly a drop in temperature. and weather wind picks up. it has to bring some sandwiches drawn up the empty quarter, but more especially i think is the temperatures. and we're looking at night time last thursday night than to low single fixing to wait and react. but that cold air doesn't stop there. it floods down through saturday, right towards yemen. this whole area is a real cold. now it all came out friday night here, minus 3 possible rehab existing record is minus 2. so it could be a new record and he's going to feel cold anyway. ah,
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the take take to ship to democracy's activists to corporations. control of the message is crucial. oil companies have become very good at recognizing ways to phrase what they want you to hear. we care about the environment you do to you should buy our oil plead for public opinion or profit. once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. the listening post examined the vested interest behind the content you consume on al jazeera. oh ah, are you watching out 0 reminder of our top stories? the saw in the government of toner says that people on several islands would be
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evacuated after most homes were destroyed on saturday in interruption. tsunami. new satellite images have shown the extent of the damage. the white house is worn, russia could attack ukraine at any moments source of voice concerned about russian forces deployed in belarus to join more games, more than a $100000.00 russian soldiers. a masculine ukraine's border us telecom, dante t and t and verizon of agreed to partially delay activating their 5 g networks near some airport becomes after major airlines ward the brought up could cause catastrophic disruption to flight last year, protest as in cuba might shoot through the streets denouncing the communist run government, they blame leaders for food shortages, rising prices, an economic hardship. and as theresa by reports, many of the young people who were arrested could now face years in jo, i, these are relatives of a young cuban protester detained during anti government demonstrations last year. a
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few days ago, police arrested them as they were driving to a trial of their family member in the city of santa clara. before being taken into custody, they managed to record this message. and at the moment, and i'm going grandma grandma go, we're going to be detained. they are not letting us get on the motorcycle we were using. please help us shay this to spread the word of what is happening here. in july, hundreds of people were detained by q one always when people took to the streets to demand better economic conditions and more freedoms. angry protest against the government have not been seen in cuba in decades. last month, trials began for those accused of serious crimes. amelia roman lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in havana. his 3 children were detained last here. they are now facing between 15 and 20 years prison sentences suitable emvoy yourself every
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11 shouts because of the noise was of the going to have a party. but nobody thought they were going to are so severely if they had committed a crime than that could be sanctioned. but just as they told us, it wasn't a big deal. the number of years they are seeking. it's as if they were terrorists murderers. human rights group say the government is trying to send a loud and clear message to the demonstrators dollar process of finality or the reason for the trials of the july 11th protest are to serve as an example for the rest of society. the objective is that in cuba, in any part of the island, people won't go out to protest again. the government says those detained were violating you when laws a locker. so i took it to marianella another. the cases we seen on television where police cars will overturn that, there was violence, they attacked our police officers with molotov cocktails, machetes, and stones. know, these require different type of handling. our instructions are to treat these
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behaviors with more severity because we can't allow it. cov 19 has deteriorated. the economic situation on the communist island, people have been struggling to obtain food and medicines. but the trials show speaking up is risky because it means protestors and their relatives could end up in jail, berries. i will, i'll just cedar the treason trial of the cambodian opposition leader cam soccer is resumed after 2 year delay proceedings began in 2020, but were postponed due to the current of our pandemic. so car was accused of conspiring with the u. s. to over through the government of incent, he was arrested in 2017 us as the case is politically motivated. for louis is following the case from quantum come soccer. it has been charged with conspiring with the u. s. to overthrow the cambodian government. and this is based on a speech that he gave in 2013 when he talked about receiving advice from us pro
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democracy groups. so rights activists that point out that the evidence against him is simsi, comes ok himself, has denied the charge. and speaking to reporters earlier this morning, just before he headed off to court and put on pen, he asked for the government to drop charges against him so that the posters of national unity can start. and this is unlikely to happen. prosecutors have had 2 years to consider dropping charges against him. the case has been postponed for 2 years because of the current a virus pandemic. we're not seeing any indication that charges against comes a cub will be dropped now, even if they ought to be dropped. he's unlikely to be able to return to politics because he's been banned from political activities. there's effectively little to no political opposition in cambodia shortly after come so coupled arrested in 2017 . the convergent supreme court ordered his party, the commodious national rescue party to be dissolved. now this was just ahead of elections in 2018, and the c and r p. the quote,
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the national rescue party was expected to prove, provide a strong challenge to the ruling party, had made huge gains in the 2013 elections. and it was expected to put part of a strong show in the 2018 elections. and after it was dissolved, many of the c and r p senior leaders fled cambodia and living in exile because they feared arrest. and even though they were still being targeted, the custodian government brought charges against many c and r p leaders as well as activists. some of them were charged and sentenced in absentia given long jail terms. some of those charles are still ongoing in hong kong, and alex is known for inspiring cause for independence, has be released from prison. edward leone is the 1st pro democracy figured to be released from jail, since paging crackdown in 2020 leona said to popularize the rallying call, liberate hong kong revolution of our times and the statements. he said he will not be staying away from the spotlight and spending time with his family. for climate
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has more from hong kong. we like all the media outlets in the city, had planned to go to the prison at around 9 am. when most prisoners are normally released, but they would have been a huge crowd of journalists that would have been a police presence. they got him out at around 3 a. m. and by doing so, they avoided a kind of media spectacle that would have ensued. if he had been released at the normal time, he did release his statement saying that he wants to treasure time with his family . he released that statement before scrubbing his social media accounts. he also said that according to the law, he has been ordered to follow supervision of his release, and he will stay away from the spotlight and stop using social media. he also woke to accept any interview invitation. now, much has changed since edward lug went into prison 4 years ago. we have to consider that aging and use that national security law in 2020 and the crackdown in hong kong has intensified since then. you opposition has mostly been silenced. here,
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activism has been clamped down hong kong. many parliament now goes ahead without an effective opposition. many politicians, many of loans colleagues are in jail or indeed in exile. so it's a very different political picture here. while it may galvanized some of in the democracy movement abroad, some that have been moved to exile, it's very unlikely to galvanize any reception here. we do expect the reception here to be rather muted. the philippines is recording the largest number of covered 90 cases in southeast asia. yeoman crone variance is driving up infections in the capitol, manila and surrounding provinces. new measures are being imposed but is jamilla. alan dugan reports from manila restrictions and vaccine mandates are putting pressure on many joseph marinez. it used to have 8 barber shops like this one. but since the pandemic broke out, he's had to close 5. right now,
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only this one is making money. but we can't take anymore lockdown small business owners like us or shockley and the poor are getting poorer. the capital manila is now on the alert level 3, the 2nd strictest lockdown here, imposed by the philippine government. that means schools as well as amusement centers are closed again, and the movement of travelers is restricted. president rodrigo the 3rd to has implemented a no vaccination, no ride policy designed to restrict the movement of unvaccinated people on public transport. hoping to also convince many filipinos to get inoculated, but the rights group say the ban is unconstitutional, and penalize is the poor, will have no means of private chan sports and can't work from home. but across the street, laurie lind. karen's as says,
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she doesn't mind to having to present her vaccine card. oh, it makes me feel safer, safer. but we also understand the vaccination shouldn't be forced on any one because it's not right. the philippines is facing another president in search of cove with 19 cases. since the start of the pandemic with health officials tell us, they remain hopeful that because hospitalization rates across the country remain manageable, at least for now, nearly half of the country's population is now fully vaccinated by play the controversy surrounding manella z u and take all the rules that may not be enough to stop the spread jamal alinda again, al jazeera manila, indonesian and peas have passed legislation to move the country's capital from jakarta to a new $32000000000.00 city being built in, borneo. chicago is one of the world's most crowded and polluted cities,
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but it's also sinking in is frequently flooded. the new capital notion, tara is 2000 kilometers away. the 1st government employees are expected to start working there. in 2 years, iraqi officials have gathered in new york to mark the repatriation of ancient artifacts. gold bowl from the 8th century. its just one of the items stolen from an iraqi museum in 2003 investigators say it was looted in later traffic by i saw before appearing in new york in 2020 is eames are facing scrutiny over the ownership of there were artworks, especially pieces looted from conflict zones most, there are these when they saw the statue of saddam fall down, everybody was elated. where i live, you know, happy as can be. and then the baghdad museum was looted total dejection. where really is if our, our, our solvent than why, like people cried i. so this is really important to us, you know,
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where country a very old, very old country, long history, multi layered history. and so if you look at what the rocky comedy people are trying to do is to preserve this history contrast to what isis did when they occupied any of their cities and think it's a big concord. first thing they did, so they want to have erase everything that showed the history of that it's identity and it's, it's, it's specificity that we don't want to. the u. s. national hockey league is on it. its 1st blank player. willie i read, he broke the leagues racial barrier in 1958, but the and it shall continues to face accusations of racism. players and staff are still overwhelmingly white. how did your castro as this report and for, for the month and that may or may, oh, you never know it by the way,
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he says old on the ice. i scored my 1st natalie goal. it was not only with the 1st, but it was the the winning goal, but as the 1st black player in the national hockey league in the late 19 fifties, canadian born willie, a re endured racist chance from the stands and segregation on the road in separate restaurants was teammate, get a state different hotels yet to use different restrooms. deaf reps are thrown his way. fans were leaning over the boards thrown bureau to sticks like you name it. every single point upon it. it was like going through a gauntlet of hate. but 6 decades later, 86 year old, a re, is recognized in the hockey hall of fame. and on tuesday, his former n h l team, the boston bruins, retired his numbers to honor him as one of their greatest players of all time. i will never forget how my teammates in the bronze locker room accepted me as one of
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their own. this was a time when some of the fans and opposing players were not ready to see a black man in the n h. l. o rees, career and hearty spend a 20 years playing with the bruins and in the minor leagues. and while he became a public symbol for civil rights and inclusion, he also faced a private challenge. he was secretly blind in one eye. i told myself fully forget about what you can see and focus on what you can see. i mean, a sales diversity ambassador for more than to jackie visiting with canada, pulling him and firing 14 year old daria's nichols is among the many young players who've met a read. he says, while he continues to encounter racism in hockey, he looks to his mentor for help. i've had kids called me and word i've had kids.
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just come at me for no very reason. also, all the things he's been through and all the things i'm going through the pre the same and i feel like i have to be like him just now worry about it. the n h l remains 90. 7 percent white and has been criticized for being slow to respond to the black lives matter movement. but o re says the league has come a long way since his trailblazing path, using the way for those who followed. how did your castro al jazeera? ah, so this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, and the government of toner says people on several islands are being evacuated after most homes were destroyed and saturdays are options to not me. new satellite images have shown the extent of the damage to naval ships sent by new zealand are
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expected to arrive on friday when hay is in oakland and has all the details.


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