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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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the progress of the all the cron variance. so we have to look at what we can do to slow only cons advice when it comes to deciding which options to reduce the infection rate. the advice from the w h o. do it all ah, the u. s. secretary estate is in care of to try and diffuse tensions with russia. as washington warns moscow could attack ukraine at any time. ah, you're watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the back. people also coming up is really police evict a palestinian family at the center of an anti expulsion campaign. demolishing their home in occupied easterwood smith, a deliveries delay dest. tom. there remains covered under ash after saturdays will
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conic eruption, and salami, and a u. s. telecom companies postpone rolling out 5 g networks after warnings, they could cause catastrophic disruptions. ah, thank you very much for joining us. the u. s. secretary of state has arrived in care to meet president vitamins and in ski as the white house warrants russia could attack ukraine at any moment. washington has also voice concerned about the deployment of russian forces to bela rules for joint war games. further beefing up rushes military efforts near ukraine. a fairy of high level diplomacy is taking place this week. as world powers tried to diffuse the crisis. antony blinking his you'd hold talks with blushes, foreign minister, take oliver off in geneva on friday. our views. this is an extremely dangerous situation. we're now at a stage where russia could, at any point,
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watch an attack and ukraine. and what secretary blinking is going to go do is highlight very clearly. there is a diplomatic pass forward. it is the choice of president putin and the russians to make whether they are going to suffer severe economic consequences or not. i'll just hear, as dorothy jabari has worn out from moscow. russia maintains their position that they have no interest in invading ukraine. and any suggestion to that is absolutely preposterous. the russian foreign minister is said that the troop movements within their own land is very much within their right. and it is nobody's business to tell them how and when they can move. there are troops in russia, that is something that it's very much their own sovereign right now in terms of what this visit means and what the us secretary of state is hoping to achieve. it appears as though is a last ditch effort to try and salvage that situation through diplomacy and dialog before it escalates into further conflict. possibly the us secretary of state
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is meeting the ukrainian president and then he's traveling to germany on thursday. we're, we'll meet with officials there. and then of course the big meeting will come on friday in geneva, between secretary blinking and survey lab roles, the russian foreign minister. and that meeting is where we're going to find out what will come next. the 2 men will meet in geneva to try and hammer out what the russians want and what the americans are willing to give. the russians have said they want an official response from the americans about their security guarantees that they want about nato. and the possibility of ukraine joining nato, and that is something that is very much a red line for this country. early i spoke to country li, co senior policy fellow at the european council on foreign relations. and she believes there's still room for a diplomatic solution to the crisis myself. i find it unlikely that russia would attack ukraine in this manner, but people expect with huge land force,
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but with the inevitably result in many casualties. i do not think much russian society and russian political system could take that psychological flow easily. so my view is slightly different. i think mobilization is still designed to force a west to talk with russia to address the concerns that russia hasn't was, has not wanted to discuss. however, that doesn't mean i exclude military action. i just think that this would take a different shape and could actually happen any time. i think it's good, but they are talking with the crane because ukrainian government seems to be focused on completely wrong things mean it, at least from distance it looks like president. lance is priority is dealing with domestic composition and arresting former president that's about shanker,
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as opposed to preparing for wall. so it would be good if outside is good, help the focus for mines and discuss with, with what conveyed to diplomatic ally as well as politically not least the ukrainian government, if they were willing to invest again in the norman did process. i think that's a good one diplomatic path. why not many? not the know that the maker on its own, but this a combination of other things. in other world, news is really police have demolished a house belonging to a palestinian family in the shaft, your neighborhood of occupied east jerusalem. the eviction which has drawn international criticism from activists thought it a few days ago. but a standoff ensued after the family of 15 threatened to blow up their home. if they were forced out, the area has become a flash point of tension, with hundreds of palestinians facing eviction. harry foster has moved from west jocelyn as follows on from what took place on monday with the demolition of the
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families plant nursery business as obviously a severe threat to their home as well. and that threat was enacted in the very early hours of a very cold and rainy morning in occupied east jerusalem by 100 is ready, security forces moved in, they cut off the electricity, they arrested witnesses se sum 18 people from the side. and they have now completed the demolition of this home. it stood on ground that the israeli municipality, and the police say, has been confiscated or he or taken by eminent domain, which usually involves compensation to the owner. there is some question over the actual ownership of this land where the family has been living since 967. the police say that it is being taken for a, for the building of a school which will serve special needs children in the area. but all of that is predicated on israeli more and as far as the international community is concerned,
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international diplomats have been holding station outside this, this property for some time. they say that this is not a question of is ready lords, question of international law. and under international law, such actions in occupied territory are illegal. and so we have the situation where the family is now out of their home. that home has been demolished, 18 people arrested. and the potential for further attention in what you say rightly is a real flash point in occupied east jerusalem. the united nation says it's stepping up its response to the volcanic eruption ends. mommy in tongue that the government has described it as an unprecedented disaster. dozens of homes have been destroyed, re people a confirmed dead, but the world health organization says many are still missing several islands and the main airport as smothering ash. and that's delaying the delivery of international aid and operation to clear the runway is underway. but the ashes
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proven more difficult to clear them was expected. um we thought that it would be operational yesterday. i am. but it hasn't been fully cleared yet because folk more anxious being falling. um and so they clear about a 100 or 200 meters per day. i java, which means i should know, ah, today, while since the runways been closed, australia and new zealand have been sending fresh water and other needed supplies by boat. we seeing the rain dog was like growing the moraine on the night, will be sold to be able to help with the underwater, a suspense, especially in terms of the, the wolf. but also how the c b may have changed as a result of they are wrapped sion to enable maritime has such bosa really critical areas. we can, we can support in the line and with the toning government to help build their own
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resilience and response. another complication is the pandemic tongue. a has had only one case of covert 19 so far. and so the government and 8 organizations are following strict measures to protect people. thanks marvin, the wife of colgate in fiji, a new battery and the pran. we need to ensure that any response is my hope is that, you know, is, and that, you know, we want to ensure that any dimensions that we have got on that day there is no um, you know, in a, in the country and its on speak to fi now live any was head of international programs at caritas alto. laura she joined us from crisis church in new zealand. thank you so much for being with us. are 1st of all, what can you tell us about the current situation in tongue as you know, it was the initial assessment from, from your teams on the ground. so at the stage what we know from the
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government of toner is a cleanup as well underway and toner, double in the mainland. we also know that power has been restored to most areas and on a dog who as well as our local communication and mobile phone networks. at the same time, a toner sustained, a significant damage to infrastructure and also to to homes and not just on tele doc will, but also and the, the outer islands i'm communications has not been established with the alta islands, so i won't ariel for church to date provides a good snapshot of, of the conditions of the true extent of the damage is probably 2 to be fully known. right. it is true that there has been significant damage, but luckily, the death toll so far is at 3. what, what is the most immediate concern right now?
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what, what are the, the priorities in terms of 8? so the tongue of national emergency management machine me earlier today, and they identified a clean, safe drinking water, diesel fuel and so rude as the primary areas of concern, although it will. so asking for i'm support and terms of undergoing an initial, initial damage assessment. but certainly those exits the safe drinking water and also the impact of the bus ongoing ash full on local agriculture is also a concern that there is some concern right now about the risk of, of a delivery spreading cove 19 to the island, which has been free of the virus how, how will this affect aid efficacy thing? so at the stage, because tony has been to date or closed orders and, and, and his is only open to nationals who are returning for the government has actually
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requested a contactless response from the international community. and that means that we will be supplying we will be delivering aid release supplies, but in terms of international workers on the ground, that still remains to be seeing how they're going to work. and we did that actually will per say, given, given that we don't want to start another disaster upon an already existing disaster for tongue. thank you so much for talking to us about this from out of any from care test. joining us from christ. trish in using and thank you for your time . thank you. still head on al jazeera, the philippines government is accused of penalizing the poor with tough coping 19 restrictions. and why scientists are worried a penguin paradise at the end of the world won't last forever.
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ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. the winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello, great to see you. here's her world's weather update will begin in europe and we've got cold air rushing and filling in across turkey. nice to see you by the way. so what that means is snow across the black sea region. same goes for eastern portions of the country, and i think it's stumble macy. it's 1st big helping us sell it so far. this season, late friday into saturday. that rain will turn to snow. we could see about $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters accumulate after central parts of europe. right now, things are quiet. we do still have that pesky low level cloud fog in this to be expected here. and now we'll go into northwestern sections of europe. we do have some rain dancing in this is impacting western areas of france into the low countries. it's going to be breezy as well, that northwind off the north sea,
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and also what whether to be expected, denmark and some heavier pockets for southern sections of sweden. best weather across the continent can be found in iberia. your chapter is pretty well where they should be this from the year. maybe a bit below. for example, barcelona 13. we'd expect you to be 15, but have plenty of fun to go around. one this weather broadcast right now in africa that north went off the mediterranean driving down temperatures, cairo. it's a hard to me, hard toom 23 degrees. you should be 31 to some dear. ok, got her and see you soon. ah. the weather, sponsored by katara ways, one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i want to come needed to oakland and develop it international shipping to become a pain middle eastern pro trade learning skillfully myself 3 key is of 2, both filling
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a prominence of connecting the world connecting future while the cost cutters gateway to whoa trade. lou ah, you're watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the back table. a reminder of our top stories, u. s. secretary of state antony blinking has arrived in ukraine to meet president, voted me zalinski as the white house wants russia. could a talk at any time making his whole talks with russia's foreign minister in geneva on friday is ready. police have demolished her house belonging to a palestinian family in the ship to rom, neighborhood are occupied east, jerusalem. the area has become
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a flash point of tension with hundreds of palestinians facing eviction. and the un says it's stepping up its response to the volcanic eruption and mommy, tomba, the government is called it an unprecedented disaster zealand and australia sending fresh water and office supplies by boat to nigeria. now where the trial of a separatist leader is set to resume in the capital, a boucher after it was adjourned on tuesday. dandy con, faces terrorism and tracing charges is the leader of a group called the indigenous people of b. offer it campaigns for the secession of the south eastern region of buford, which separated briefly from nigeria in 1967. and that led to the nigerian civil war will be speaking to a correspondent, fidelis by about this in just a few minutes. when we establish anchor connection with a butcher. less had to indonesia in the meantime. and the man accused of being the mastermind behind the deadly 2002,
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bali bombings has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. the court handed down that ruling just a short while ago for our if soon are so better known as is we'll come in, he'd alluded, capture for 18 years following the attacks, 202 people were killed when bombs were detonated at night. prompts on the popular result islands in hong kong, an activist known for inspiring cause for independence, has been released from prison. edward long is the 1st for democracy, figure to be freed from jail, since spacings cracked down in 2020 long is credited for the call liberate hong kong revolution. a lot times he says he'll now be staying away from the spotlight and spending time with his family. brit kenneth has more from hong kong. we like all the media outlets in the city, had planned to go to the prison at around 9 am when most prisoners are normally released. but they would have been a huge crowd of journalists that would have been a police presence. so they got him out at around 3
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a. m. and by doing so they avoided a kind of media spectacle that would have ensued if he had been released at the normal time. he did release his statement saying that he wants to treasure time with his family. he released that statement before scrubbing his social media accounts. he also said that according to the law, he has been ordered to follow supervision of his release. and he will stay away from the spotlight and stopped using social media. he also wrote except any interview invitation. now much has changed since edward lug went into prison 4 years ago. we have to consider that raging infused that national security law in 2020 and the crackdown in hong kong has intensified since then. opposition has mostly been silenced. here. activism has been clamped down hong kong. many parliament now goes ahead without an effective opposition. many politicians, many of loans colleagues are in jail or indeed in exile. so it's
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a very different political picture here. while it may galvanized some of in the democracy movement abroad, some that have been moved to exile, it's very unlikely to galvanize any reception here. we do expect the reception here to be rather muted in cambodia. the trial of opposition leader kensel car on charges of treason has been adjourned. it resumed after a 2 year delay because of the pandemic chemical kaiser accused of conspiring with the u. s. to overthrow the government of whom said he was arrested in 2017 and banned a head of the election. the following year, the u. s. says the case is politically motivates. the philippines has reported the highest number of co, 19 cases in southeast asia. the army con variant is driving up infections in the capital, manila and surrounding provinces. the government has imposed new restrictions, especially on unvaccinated people. and as jamilla ended and reports many a feeling the strain of the meshes, joseph marinez,
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it used to have 8 barber shops like this one. but since the pandemic broke out, he's had to close 5. right now, only this one is making money. but we can't take anymore lockdown small business owners like us are suffering and the poor are getting poorer. the capital manila is now on alert level 3, the 2nd strictest lockdown here, imposed by the philippine government. that means schools as well as amusement centers are closed again, and the movement of travelers is restricted. president rodrigo the 3rd to has implemented a no vaccination, no ride policy designed to restrict the movement of unvaccinated people on public transport. hoping to also convince many filipinos to get inoculated, but the rights group say the ban is unconstitutional, and penalize is the poor,
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will have no means of private chance sports and can't work from home. but across the street, laurie leon. karen's as says, she doesn't mind to having to present her vaccine card. oh, it makes me feel safer, safer. but we also understand the vaccination shouldn't be forced on any one because it's not right. the philippines is facing and the president of thirds of po, with 19 cases since the start of the pandemic. but health officials tell us they remain hopeful that because hospitalization, rates across the country remain manageable, at least for now, nearly half of the country's population is now fully vaccinated. but with the controversy surrounding manila as you anti cove it rules that may not be enough to stop the spread jamal alan dorgan al jazeera manila,
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us telecom giants, 80 and t. n. verizon have agreed to partially delay activating their 5 g networks near some airports. it comes after major airlines want it could cost catastrophic disruption to flights, but the standoff is only temporary resolved. john hendrick reports from chicago's o'hare international airport for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. the potential air travel in economic crisis is postponed. as telecommunications giants, 80 and t and verizon prepared to turn on their 5th generation wireless system on wednesday. major u. s. airlines warned that faster found using 5 g would set off catastrophic flight cancellations and slow the economy to a halt. the largest american based airline say the 5 g system would ground thousands of planes, the f a, a is uncomfortable with the safety roofs. and as a consequence, the impact on our operations to mitigate that would be
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a significant setback in a letter to the federal aviation administration and other biden administration agencies. the heads of the major airlines and cargo companies say the u. s. faces a, quote, completely avoidable economic calamity, and they warn of a major disruption of the traveling and shipping public end to the supply chain vaccine distribution in the broader economy. airlines want a 2 mile buffer around affected airports. they say those 5 g frequencies, the telecommunications company, spent tens of billions of dollars to buy up might interfere with a key piece of cockpit equipment. the altimeter radio altimeter help planes and helicopters to land in poor weather. the activation of 5 g potentially leading the federal aviation administration to order plains grounded in low visibility on tuesday. big telecomm relented temporarily. and with obvious peak in a statement 18 t said at our sole discretion, we have voluntarily agreed to temporarily defer turning on
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a limited number of towers at certain airport runways as we continue to work with the asian industry. but the company added, we are frustrated by f a's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done, which is to safely deploy 5 g technology without disrupting aviation services. and we urge it to do so in a timely manner with verizon following suit that postpones the confrontation between telecom and airline giant. once again, but doesn't resolve it. whitehouse policy makers say they're working on a permanent solution. we have the safest air space in the world. our committed to reaching a solution around 5. do you deployment that maintains the highest level of safety? united airlines alone says that deployment of 5 g could force the cancellation of 15000 flights, stranding more than a 1000000 united customers. other airlines say you can multiply that several times
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. john hendern, l g 0, chicago. at these 10 people have been killed in hundreds displaced by flash flood st. madagascar. capital 20 districts on high alert with forecast is warning of more severe weather in the coming days. heavy rain caused landslides, destroying several homes. now the terror, the terra del frego archipelago is often called the end of the world. but for some scientists, it's a center of climate change research. the island group is at the southernmost tip of south america and is shared by chile and argentina. it's home to glaciers, wales, and a major penguin colony. scientists say penguin number as they have increase because of a lack of torres due to the pandemic. but warming temperatures threatened their survival . i, latin america, tennessee in human resource. what you see behind me is a rare chink penguin colony here in piano, very well on the tip of south america. the king penguins come here to breed every
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summer, and they are the 2nd largest species of penguins after the emperor penguins, which are breeding at this very same time about a 1000 kilometers south. from here in antarctica, these birds that had used this exact area to lay their eggs for hundreds of years had practically disappeared from here after scientists and zoo keepers, even people who wanted them as pets captured them and took them as far away as japan. but it did go, they began returning your science has shown the penguins have a genetic memory and that they always tried to return to breathe where they were born just down the director of the penguin reserve. today, scientists from the university mug janish are here investigating global climate change using the germs found on these penguins feathers as sensors. the reserve was created 10 years ago, which means the penguins could not be touched or moved or harmed. but scientists
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are warning them both the king and the emperor penguins could become extinct by the end of the century. and the reason is, climate change. the increasingly warming water is even here. we're freezing cold are driving fish further and further away, which means that both the emperor and king penguins when they go out to try to bring food back to their newborn chicks, have to go so far away that by the time to get back the chicks have already starved to death. now the u. s. national hockey league has honored its 1st block player willie only. he broke the racial barrier in 1958 in the lee, but the n h l continues to face accusations of racism. players and staff are still overwhelmingly white. heidi so castro has a story for comma a. you never know it by the way, he says old on the ice. i scored my 1st natalie goal. it was not only when my 1st,
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but it was the winning goal. but as the 1st black player in the national hockey league in the late 19 fifties, canadian born willie, a re endured racist chance from the stands and segregation on the road, the separate rush ranch was to meet you to stay different hotels yet use different restrooms. death threats are thrown his way. fans were leaning over the board. strong beard. i'm still like, you know, every single point. it was like going through a gauntlet of hey, but 6 decades later, 86 year old, a re is recognized in the hockey hall of fame. and on tuesday, his former n h l team, the boston bruins, retired his number to honor him as one of their greatest players of all time. i will never forget how my teammates, in the bronze locker room, accepted me as one of their own. this was a time when some of the friends and opposing players were not ready to see a black man in the unit. joe o rees career in hockey, spend
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a 20 years playing with the bruins and in the minor leagues. and while he became a public symbol for civil rights and inclusion, he also faced a private challenge. he was secretly blind in one eye. i told myself, willie, forget about what you can see and focus on what you can see. i have been the n h l diversity ambassador for more than 2 decades visiting inclusion and firing 14 year old daria's nichols is among the many young players who've met a read. he says, while he continues to encounter racism in hockey, he looks to his mentor for help. i've had kids call me in word. i've had kids. just come at me for no very reason. closer. all the things he's been through and all
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things i'm going through the pretty the same and i feel like i have to be like him just now worry about it. we the any gel remains 97 percent white and has been criticized for being slow to respond to the black lives matter movement. but o re says the league has come a long way since his trail blazing path. using the way for those who followed. hated your castro al jazeera ah her again, i'm fully bachelor. with the headlines on al jazeera u. s. secretary of state antony blinking has arrived in ukraine to meet present volumes zalinski as the white house wants russia could attack ukraine at any moment . blinking his, you told talks with russia's foreign minister in geneva on friday, our views. this is an extremely dangerous situation. we're now at a stage where russia could at any point want and at.


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