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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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and your ceremony has been launched the whole parish's, an individual's pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, the u. s. secretary of state urges russia to choose the path of peace as the arrives in ukraine to try and diffuse tensions with moscow. ah, are you watching al jazeera ly from de? how with me for a new battery board. also coming up is really police evict a palestinian family at the center of an anti expulsion campaign. demolishing their home in occupied east jerusalem fears of a water crisis in town. their navy ships rush to deliver supplies to the island,
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devastated bible cannick eruption, and sooner and hong kong pro independence act of he said, well known he is released from prison after 4 years behind lamps. ah, thank you very much for joining us. the u. s. secretary of state is warning that russia could invade ukraine on very short notice. and in a blank in is in kiev where his met ukraine's leader of ramirez zalinski. lincoln's renewed costs are moscow to choose, diplomacy, over confrontation, but is worn that the us and its allies are ready to respond with severe consequences. if russia attacks ukraine. russia has troops on the ukrainian border raising fears of an invasion. russia invaded territory and crimea ginned up a conflict in eastern ukraine and it systematically saw to undermine and divide
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ukraine's democracy. today, there are some 100000 russian soldiers near ukraine borders. and in that sense, the threat to ukraine is unprecedented. so the president asked me to underscore once again, our commitment to ukraine start or integrity to sovereignty towards independence. and i know that's a message that you've heard, not just from us by from so many partners throughout europe. let's bring in al jazeera dawson jabari in moscow. for his doors, i imagine russia keeping a close eye on what's happening in kiev ahead of a meeting between our foreign ministers. take lovegrove and the u. s. secretary said on friday. certainly i, we just heard from the kremlin spokesperson dmitri pascall, who said that friday's meeting between the 2 men are extremely important for this
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country. and that the agenda is already clear for the russian foreign minister who will be travelling there. on friday, this sentiment comes, as russia has said, that they absolutely have no entrusting invading ukraine. and the rhetoric coming out of washington is simply not true. regardless, they are carrying on their military drills alongside the border with ukraine. and they say that this is well within their right to do so. at any given time. they russians have also moved troops. i to bellow roof where they will be carrying out a joint military exercise with that country in february for 10 days. and they said that all this is done as part of them, strengthening their position, and this is well within their right to do so. at this comes, of course, at a time when we've seen as the concern, the u. s. has over these activities that russia's carrying out. but for the russians, it's very clear that this what they're doing is well within their right. and they won't guarantees that at natal will not expand further eastward. and they also are
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waiting for an official written response from the u. s. government about what guarantees they can provide that will ensure this country security in the future. if they say they don't want to invade ukraine, if that's what russia is saying, what it, what is their end game then? and what realistically can the talks between blinking and lovegrove in geneva on friday, and what can they achieve? well, according to analyze, i've spoken to here and they, i believe that really diplomacy is the best tool the u. s. has at the moment, of course, president joe biden and said that diplomacy is the cornerstone of his foreign policy. and that is what we're seeing now unfold through his secretary of states. and the russians really want to have an upper hand going into that meeting on friday. the. they want to be in a position of power, of course, to, to get what they want out of the u. s. government. the u. s. has had that for them,
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what the russians are demanding, or is a non starter, that they cannot guarantee that any new country will not join nato and russia cannot dictate to nato who can and cannot join the alliance. that washington has also said that they do have sanctions as a possibility if dialogue and diplomacy fail and for the russians that will be tantamount to them severing ties with this country. they said, any kind of sanctions imposed on russia by the us government will be seen as an attempt by them to sever ties. and before the time being, this is really seen as a pass that is a last ditch effort. the u. s. has said that they are going to offer the russian foreign minister an off ramp of sorts to get off this course of rhetoric that we're all in at the moment. i will only lead to further escalation. they are trying to save that from happening and trying to de escalate the situation. thank you for that door, said barry in moscow for us. in other news,
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the united nation says it's stepping up its response to the volcanic eruption and nami. in tonga, the government has described it as an unprecedented disaster. australia and new zealand are sending age by boat because tongue has main runway has been covered in ash. wayne have re for some oakland help is on its way to tongue up to new zealand navy ships carrying supplies have begun a 3 day journey which should see them arrive on friday. perhaps the most essential cargo will be fresh water and a dissemination plot to make more while the ships of their we're hitting their way now. with a whole lot of water, the ship can hold. currently holds over 250000 liters of water and will be able to provide that once we arrive. and then every day thereafter, we are going to be producing another 70000 liters of water. satellite images show a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue. his main airport on the left is how it looked before the eruption. the ash is delaying deliveries of international 8
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flights volunteers, which is cleaning up the runway. and the stains of it before the end of the week that my will be completed and there will be an opportunity for a craft lane safely. but we won't know the full extent of it outcome until the run my it's clear and proper i can be undertaken. communicating with tanya is difficult . there's no internet and limited phone calls, because the soon army severed the fiber optic cable connecting the country to the rest of the world. the telecoms operator says it will be at least 4 weeks before the connection is restored. prime minister, see all see saline released his 1st official statements confirming what many feared the eruption caused an unprecedented disaster with the volcanic mushroom plume covering all of tongue is 170 islands. the red cross estimate stood up to 80000 common may be effected. the devastation is why we're
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and i mean it was one of the most have started to next. your actions. in decades, the tongue and government has given approval for the new zealand navy ships to arrive in its waters, but the aid carrying must be delivered contactless. tanya has had just one case of coven 19 since the pandemic began. while it desperately needs help, it doesn't want to risk an outbreak. now wayne, hey, al jazeera auckland's in hong kong pro independent activists. edward loan has been released from prison. he's the 1st for democracy figure to be freed. since paging, crackdown in 2020 long is credited for the slogan, liberate hong kong revolution of our times. brit canada reports a prominent hong kong activist released from prison in the dead of night, media spectacle avoided. edward long left the maximum security shack pick prison at about 3 am on wednesday. release 2 years early on. good behavior. lung had served
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for years for writing and assaulting felice in 2016. he released a statement before scrubbing his social media accounts, saying he wants to cherish the valuable time to reunite with his family and get back to normal life. long said he has to follow a supervision order. won't take part in media into the service, say he has little choice, he will be surveilled, everything will be watched. and the 2nd, his steps are out of line. as far as the authorities are concerned, my prediction is he'll be re arrested. he could spend years in prison after that lung was the 1st to use the now ban slogan, liberate hong kong revolution of our times. as a campaign phrase for 2016 legislative election, it became a common rallying cry during pro democracy demonstrations. there's great symbolic significance here. he was the flag there for the 2019 protests. his slogan,
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which the courts have now ruled, is illegal and is a kind of succession, a slogan. now that lung is out of prison, he's expected to keep a low profile. much has changed here, said staging, introduce the national security law and response to protests against the government that rocked the territory for months in 20. 19 for climate al jazeera hong kong, the trial of cambodian opposition leader came so car on charges of treason has been adjourned. it resumed after a 2 year delay because of the pandemic. kemp took eyes accused of conspiring with the us to overthrow the government of whom sen he was arrested in 2017 and banned a head of the election. the following year. the u. s. says the case is politically motivated, avenues airlines, including emeralds and india, have canceled flights to the united states because of 5 g safety concerns. thus,
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despite us telecom companies, delaying switching on their latest mobile technology near some airport, as john hendern reports from chicago's o'hare airport. and lines of warn that the 5 g signals could cause catastrophic disruption to flights. for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, the potential air travel in economic crisis is postponed. as telecommunications giants, 80 and t and verizon prepared to turn on their 5th generation wireless system on wednesday. major u. s. airlines warned that faster phones using 5 g would set off catastrophic flight cancellations and slow the economy to a halt. the largest american based airlines say the 5 g system would ground thousands of planes, the f a, a is uncomfortable with the safety rules. and as a consequence, the impact on our operations to mitigate that would be a significant setback in a letter to the federal aviation administration and other biden administration
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agencies. the heads of the major airlines and cargo companies say the u. s. faces a, quote, completely avoidable economic calamity, and they warn of a major disruption of the traveling and shipping public end to the supply chain vaccine distribution in the broader economy. airlines want a 2 mile buffer around affected airports. they say those 5 g frequencies, the telecommunications company, spent tens of billions of dollars to buy up might interfere with a key piece of cockpit equipment. the altimeter radio altimeter help planes and helicopters to land in poor weather. the activation of 5 g potentially leading the federal aviation administration to order planes grounded in low visibility on tuesday. big telecom relented temporarily and with obvious peak in a statement 80 and t said at our sole discretion, we have voluntarily agreed to temporarily defer turning on a limited number of towers at certain airport runways as we continue to work with
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the asian industry. but the company added, we are frustrated by f a's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done, which is to safely deploy 5 g technology without disrupting aviation services. and we urge it to do so in a timely manner with verizon following suit that postpones the confrontation between telecom and airline giant. once again, but doesn't resolve it. whitehouse policy makers say they're working on a permanent solution. we have the safest air space in the world. our committed to reaching a solution around 5 d deployment that maintains the highest level of safety. united airlines alone says that deployment of 5 g could force the cancellation of 15000 flights, stranding more than a 1000000 united customers. other airlines say you can multiply that several times . john henderson, l g 0, chicago. still ahead on al jazeera, the philippines government is accused of penalizing the war with tough covered 19
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restrictions. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the weather sponsored my cattle airways. and away we go with your world, whether updates right here right now. nice to see you will begin in southeast asia, west javert jakarta, scooping out 204 millimeters of rain. typically for the month of january, you would see $300.00. so quite the helping of rain and still in the forecast, solid bands of rain over the islands. same goes for borneo. so that's really where that flooding risk will be. heightened. meantime, sumatra, those heavy rains are starting to peter out. now an update on the ne monsoon but subdued right now, but still we're getting into heavy bouts of rain for central areas of the philippines on thursday. rain is dancing in to western areas of the pearl river valley. same goes for the yang. see that shoving clouds further toward the east and
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you guessed it, the snow is still falling across western areas of japan, but the winds factor as well. we'll see them gus, to about 80 to 90 kilometers per hour. so that's going to whip around that snell and impact the visibility back to that ne monsoon look at this. it's almost like return that switch off. plenty of sun ray to crush longer and same for the indian state of tab on the do tonight. got a high 30 degrees. meantime in the northwest of india is still foggy and smoggy in new delhi. but some showers will move in and that will help flush the atmosphere and should give us some fresh or error which as a hive. 16 degrees on saturday season for the weather sponsored by katara always o. mount vesuvius is one of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. but not every one fears living in its shadow. give food for thought is there something magnetic? this usa with people who don't live a she 0 will boost to the red so near naples. to
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understand this unusual love living with the volcano on al jazeera ah ah, welcome back our top stories on al jazeera, u. s. secretary of state antony blinking has warned that russia could attack ukraine at very short notice. lincoln is in care of ways. met with the ukrainian president is renewed calls to moscow to choose diplomacy over confrontation. the united nation says it's stepping up its response to the volcanic eruption and so
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mommy in tonga, a government called it an unprecedented disaster. usina den, australia ascending fresh water and other supplies by ship. and some international airlines have cancelled or change flights to us because of 5 g safety concerns. american telecom, giant, c, t and t and verizon have agreed to delay activating their 5 g networks near summit to germany. now where the trial of assyrian doctor suspected of crimes against humanity has begun. he is facing 18 counts of torturing detainees in homes and damascus between 20112012 charges. the doctor denied sled spitonik correspondent, dominic came in berlin about this. give us the background of his case dominic and why is this trial taking place? not will this trial is taking place because the germinal forces were notified by a number of different syrian refugees, that this particular individual who was an acting as
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a doctor here in central germany was somebody who they said heads, who they alleged and carried out acts of torture and of killing people during his time as a, as a doctor in a prison, in homes at the start of the syrian civil war. so we're talking about the, from 2011 through to the end of 2012. and it is alleged that this specific individual, this doctor was responsible for the killing over at least one person of the torture of a large number of other people inflicting physical and psychological hom, on many different people. this man came to germany like many, many of the syrians in 2015, and he was able to, to persuade the german authorities to recertify him as a doctor who could work in this country. and he was only arrested and taken into custody in 2020,
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where he has been ever since. it is worth making the points that until he is either found guilty or pleads guilty, which he has done, has not done yet. then the presumption of innocence applies to him. this is the start of the trial, and it may well continue for some considerable time as, as there is a great deal of evidence to be heard by a court. thank you for the abdominal came in berlin and the gambia as president is being sworn in for a 2nd term item, a borrow one last year's election with 53 percent of the vote. the opposition contested the victory saying it had been fraudulent, but a court dismiss the allegations. bowers promised to bring in a new constitution. nicholas hank has more from the car in neighboring seneca. remember in 2017, it was his inauguration took place right here in senegal in eggs, all at the gabby, an embassy. we were there where he was sworn into office. he couldn't go back into
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the country because the then president didn't want to hand over power. the west african forces had to intervene. so this swearing in ceremony that's taking place inside gambia is a historic moment for adam a barrel himself, but also for all down b. and did they following a, a popular vote in december where barry won the landslide of the vote over 58 percent of 53 percent of the vote, and only 23 percent of the fort saint barrow, who is one of the main contenders. now they shows the testimony in the tribute that can be a has for democracy, and that's why you have so many heads of state 8 heads of state of the region. almost all of them from west africa, attending this swearing in ceremony in a region where there's been a step back away from democracy, especially in molly or in guinea. this swearing in ceremony is seen as a step forward for democratic institution. and remember out of a barrel used to be
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a security guard in a department store in the united kingdom. he became then the co, the, the candidate, the coalition to, to, to, to campaign against edge. i'm a and during his time in office he's taken real steps, concrete steps towards democratic institution, a palestinian family living in occupied east. jerusalem has lost a fight to stop is really police demolishing their home. the family of 15 had threatened to blow up the property if force from the ship gerard neighborhood, hundreds of other palestinian fair, also face eviction despite protests by activists and international criticism of israeli policy. the united nations relief agency on right is launching an urgent appeal for additional funding to support palestinian refugees living in lebanon. and it's asking for $1600000000.00 to cover its needs, the agency sites,
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the socio economic deterioration in lebanon, and the current of iris pandemic for the humanitarian challenges facing palestinian refugees. a big blow to own russ funding happened in 2018 when former us person donald trump cut support to the refugee agency. and nearly 2000000 palestinian refugees across the middle east rely on the agency to provide the most basic services such as food, health, education, and jobs, or let speak to philip lorine about this. he is the commissioner general at the united nations relief and works agency and is joining us from geneva. thank you so much for being with us. mr. last rainy. so your agency today is launching an emergency appear for palestinian refugees in lebanon, where. busy we know there's an unprecedented economic and financial crisis. tell us 1st about the impact it's had on the palestinian refugees there and what you need right now to alleviate their situation. it is true that we have launched
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yesterday, an appeal, a global appeal for the agency and across the region of $1600000000.00. but part of this appeal is also very much dedicated to lebanon, where the span distress opus nessa. he's growing into, come as you know, the country is going for an unprecedented financial and economic con, absent, but it is eating even harsher, the most vulnerable communities, being the sin, griffith geezer in lebanon. and hence, the importance of this appeal in order to allow one to let, to continue to maintain its education services has services, but also to support the growing the desperate population with crashes. since i miss a lot of rain, it's not just lebanon, of course, there palestinian refugees in jordan as well. the palestinians living in the besieged gaza strip on route. we know is confronted with an increased demand for
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services. tell us about the challenges your agency faces. how are you confronting this double crisis of the corona virus pandemic, and also a drastic financial shortfall? your right to the main challenge we are confronted with is the mismatch discrepancy between the costs of the services we are expected to deliver was about his 10 refugees. and the resource being made available. in fact, it's not a new crisis. one was confronted with that. it's a crisis which started about 10 years ago. and which year after year eas, deepening, and hence on my call now to member state to address the discrepancy between the political support and the services we are supposed to deliver and the resources being made available to the agency. so what are you doing right now? exactly, to ensure that you can maintain services to, to the millions of palestinians who depend on you. we have been engaged in
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relentless advocacy. we have put in place a number of efficiency measure in the organisation. busy but as i keep telling member state, so there is a limit to the receipt today because she means for one that we have a 50 children in our classroom, it means that the doctor would not spend more than 3 minutes with patients. and this is the reason why we are not leaving any stone on town to bring back on board or doing a bass miss a lot of any your organization on right is supposed to be a temporary organization. but some of the camps that your agency maintains have been around for, for 70 years for decades. what is it that is perpetuating the dire situation of palestinians to be well, no, nor refugee wants to be a refugee and sufficiently 7 t nater. but unfortunately,
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this is the expression of the absence of a political solution. it is tools at all. no one was supposed to be a temporary organization, but was also expected to deliver services to this on the privilege community. until the day there is a fair and lasting political solution. speaking of a political solution, some arab countries, the united arab emirates, most notably have normalized relations with israel without linking it to the establishment of a viable palestinian state. how concerned are you about that and about future support to palestinian refugees when, when there is no lasting and fare political solution to the conflict? i'm, i'm very concerned about the so we have seen over the last 2 years. a temptation by a number of countries to decrease their contribution to on why and
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in a certain extent, not to prioritize. so she bought 2 bodies in griff reduce anymore. and this is also contributing to the weakening of the agencies. and i have one with miss daisy. this weakening might also trigger falling down with the agency like the house of couch. and that would also create the vacuum. a question is what helps with shields is leaking. thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us philip plaza. reeney is the commissioner general of or the united nations relief agency for palestinians . thank you for your time and good now to the philippines, which has the highest number of covered 19 cases in southeast asia. the omicron variant is driving up infections in the capital, manila and surrounding provinces. the government has imposed numerous rich restrictions, especially on unvaccinated people. and as jemila,
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alan dog and reports many a feeling the strain of the meshes. joseph marina, as it used to have 8 barbara shops like this one. but since the pandemic broke out, he's had to close 5 right now, only this one is making money. but we can't take any more locked down. small business owners like us are suffering and the poor are getting poorer. the capital manila is now on alert level 3, the 2nd strictest lockdown here, imposed by the philippine government. that means schools as well as amusement centers are closed again, and the movement of travelers is restricted. president rodrigo the 3rd to has implemented a no vaccination, no ride policy designed to restrict the movement of unvaccinated people on public transport. hoping to also convince many filipinos to get inoculated,
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but the rights group say the ban is unconstitutional, and penalize is the poor, will have no means of private chance sports and tent work from home. but across the street laurel in karen's or says, she doesn't mind to having to present her vaccine card. oh, it makes me feel safer, safer. but we also understand the vaccination shouldn't be forced on any one because it's not right. the philippines is facing another president of search of coal with 19 cases since the start of the pandemic. but the help of fissile sellers . 5 they remain hopeful that because hospitalization, rates across the country, they're mean manageable. at least for now, nearly half of the country's population is now fully vaccinated, both with the controversy surrounding manila as you and take corbett rules that may not be enough to stop the spread jamal alan dorgan al jazeera manila,
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11 british m. p 's from prime minister voice johnston's party are reported her submitted letters of no confidence in him. the telegraph report said as many as 20 conservative m. p 's planned to submit their letters. 54 m. p. 's are required to trigger no confidence vote. johnston is facing the greatest crisis of his political career for holding parties at his downing street home during corona virus lockdown . ah, la, again. i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera. u. s. secretary of state antony blinking has warned russia could attack ukraine at very short notice blank in his in care where his met with the ukrainian president. his renewed cause for moscow to choose diplomacy over a confrontation. russia invaded.


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