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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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getting ready to host the middle east's biggest ever exposing event next year, i'm to the castle national teams. they get used to playing in fronts of expected home crowds. maybe hoping to convince both the funds on themselves that they really are ready to take on the world. ah, disrupting the parent is unprecedented. such us sector states as washington is committed to ukraine's territorial integrity warning. russia can attack at very short notice. ah, you're watching l g 0 life from a headquarters into ohio jedi navigator also a heads. you sat there too long for all the good you have done. in the name of god, god calls grow louder for the british prime minister to resign. after more revelations of parties during the heights of the cope with 90 locked down fears of
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a water crisis and tongue on navy ships rushed to deliver supplies to the island. devastated by a volcanic eruption and soon ami plus dozens of us bound flights cancelled or rescheduled, as concerns mount about the roll out of the 5 g mobile that work. ah hello, the u. s. secretary of state and city of lincoln is warning that russia could attack ukraine and very short notice. so he's been holding talks in kiev, would the ukrainian president vladimir zalinski? lincoln said ukraine faces an unprecedented threat from the 10s of thousands of russian troops. amassed along its border and recent months the prison button asked me to come here underscore our steadfast committee. do you crate sovereignty and territorial integrity? and is why we will continue our relentless diplomatic efforts to prevent renewed
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aggression and to promote dialogue and peace. at the same time, we continued to bolster ukraine's ability to defend itself and make clear the costs of the united states and europe will impose on moscow if it rejects the diplomatic path that we've laid out. and proceeds with an unwarranted unprovoked, unacceptable invasion or destabilization of ukraine o moscow. ascending more troops to neighboring belarus for joint exercises raising fears of an even greater russian presence on ukraine's border. russia again accusing the u. s. i. ne tosto contentions demanding they stop supplying ukraine with weapons. the biden administration has pledged $200000000.00 of military aids, victoria gate, and b has more on the day's events. hello and i. so the u. s. secretary of state meets ukraine's president vladimir zalinski and kiff, where antony blink and renewed calls for russia to choose diplomacy over confrontation. today,
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there are some 100000 russian soldiers near ukraine's orders. and in that sense, the threat to ukraine is unprecedented. so the president asked me to underscore once again, our commitment to ukraine, starter integrity to sovereignty, to its independence. oh, the hastily arranged visit comes as washington confirms another $200000000.00 a military aid. the king of that's anger. moscow. it says that's a threat to its security analyst in ukraine, say the aid may change president vladimir putin calculations, but they're not hopeful, declaring political support from the side of united states and to provide danica such military a military supplies can deter ross on aggression. of course, rational in full size of that, are you providing good the military weapons, you saw a red line for them, but it is the only way to 40 grand to defend itself,
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no tension between nato and moscow. oh, the ukraine have been growing for months. putin is demanding that the americans pledge never to let ukraine join nato or expand the military alliance eastward a demand the u. s. refuses to accept. russia's leader also says the u. s. shouldn't be concerned about joint military exercises with belo russian forces due to start next month. western countries have accused the kremlin of preparing a pretext for an assault on ukraine. but some analysts say there's still room for a diplomatic solution to this crisis myself. i find it unlikely that russia would attack ukraine in risk manner, but people expect with huge landed force that would inevitably result in many casualties. i do not think much russian society and russian political system could take that psychological blow easily. lincoln is due to whole talks with
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russia's foreign minister, sergey leverage in geneva on friday as world powers try to diffuse the crisis, but the u. s. and it's on, i say they all ready to respond with severe consequences if russia attacks ukraine, victoria gate and be al jazeera let's, i get an update from what other hemmings was joining us from k f. so whether, what was the take away message from that press conference and the meeting that was held between ab lincoln and the ukrainian foreign minister? what is the certainly a show of solidarity anthony lincoln coming here saying from care that the u. s. stands by the fundamental right of ukraine to it's sovereignty. now both the men anthony blinking and his ukraine, or a counterpart held a press conference o d u. s. message saying that there is no talk about ukraine without ukraine taking part of it to do that. his ukranian counterpart actually reaffirming also no
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decision about ukraine without you came being part of it. but behind that i think that done, do you crean inside you get a says that the is as sort of urgency. you craig, would like to see those sanctions that the u. s. and the you have been warning about to happen sooner rather than later. there was right. they would like to see actually quite tough sanctions against russia. at some point, there were rumors that may be of the u. s. was mulling expelling russia from the surf system, which is basically the global system to send and receive money, especially germany, a big against that. now ukraine saying that if you know, stop talking about that, but let's do it. so russia sees that this side is actually serious on the other hand, and to the big can going on about diplomacy, saying that that would be the best solution. if you recall,
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at the end of last week, it seemed that any hope for us, a diplomatic solution was old, but dead in the water. and after that you so shoot russian juice, movement. stewards, ukraine's nowhere northern border with bella ruse or the other side russian saying that that's actually in preparation of joint exercises that should happen very soon while the americans are saying, well, actually chose that. russia could be ready for an eminent military escalation any time soon. but still, the u. s. is sticking to the diplomatic route after a big and give a lincoln is going to berlin tomorrow. and then on friday, that key meeting who with his russian car depart, sergei love rob and ask anyone here. and i will tell you that actually that is the most important of all meetings and, and her, the rights and, and just very briefly, if you may, it, what is the sense or the mood that you're getting on the ground from an ordinary
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ukrainians, or they fear and got a work could be imminent. well, we've been here just a few hours, but the few people i spoke to our quite black there about the idea that the military escalation would happen any time soon. this. they think that this is a, there's a lot of talk of the moment, a lot of fear mongering, but you don't get in and you don't get the idea that this sort of panic among people. certainly a bit of worry because there's a background to that. 14000 people have dices, 20141400000 ukranian with display. so a's base that backdrop, but you don't get this says that there is a mass panic about it. it is no oh run under supermarket, people are going about their lives and also people do feel confident that this time the ukraine and military is much stronger. it has received much training. it has very much military hardware. it is in a better position that it was in back in 2040. so people here are quite cautious
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about it and tell you, well, maybe not really a military intervention anytime soon. okay, thank you so much. had i been hammered, reporting from key of britton's prime minister has against old parliament that he won't be resigning over the so called party gate scandal, or as johnson faced the barrels of ridicule and demands to stop telling lies, he urged every one to wait for the outcome of an inquiry and to parties in his downing street home during corona virus lock downs. the barker reports from london in highly charged atmosphere. prime ministers questions began with another major body blow for boris johnson news. one of his m. p. 's christian wakefield had defected. to the opposition party this following morning, newspaper reports of a widening plot to oust johnson by members of his own party. jokes to the prime minister's expense followed. i see the very noise on. i'm sure the chief whip was
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told to bring their i'm bruce ha salvo off to silva. quick way, nobody told the prime minister. he was breaking his own rooms. absolutely pathetic . if he had any shred of compassion for all those had them separately. they said he'd go and he's clamoring for explanation. some johnson about the increasing catalogue of rule breaking policies that took place under his watch when the country was deepened lockdown. but the prime minister seemed energize fighting tooth and nail for his party. and his job. when the history of this pandemic comes to be written and the history of the labor party come to be written, i believe me, they are history main history because he won't show emotion able show that we delivered while they did it, and we, we vaccinated. well, they vacillated mister speaker. i am intensely proud of what this government at
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and call off to call for johnson to resign was met with the same message to reserve judgement and wait for the result of the inquiry into a growing list of rules breaking. but his voice is from his own policy, the could do the most damage to his political future. m p. david davis wants the teresa may governments chief breaks at negotiator, delivering this surgical strike, like many on these benches, osman weeks and months defending the prime minister against often angry constituents. but i expect my leaders to shoulder the responsibility for their actions. i take yesterday he did the opposite of that. so i'll remind him of a quotation altogether too familiar to him of layaway murray. to neville chamberlain. you sat there too long for all the good you have done. and the name of god god. the full force of bram boyce, being on the show in parliament. this was another bruising day for the prime
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minister. the seemingly no escaping the growing anger for more than the conservative policy. and with the results of the potentially damning inquiry looming, johnson's days in office could soon be numbered. the falcon al jazeera, westminster, still ahead on al jazeera evicted then their home is demolished by is really police the latest reaction from occupied east jerusalem. and why the philippine government is accused of penalizing the poor with tough coven 19 restrictions. ah! look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored by cuts on her ways. hey, there we should have some fresh or error coming into new delhi finally. so let me explain what's going on as to see this because we're going to have some showers dance into the area. so that's going to flush out all of that pollution and some
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fresher air, but your temperature is still well below average. just 16 degrees on saturday should be closer to about 22. for the sub europe. it's almost like we flip the switch off on the ne monsoon. plenty of sun across sher longer and same goes for the indian state of time on that. do tonight is got a high 30 degrees, completely different story, per se, asia concentrated bands over west java jakarta, picking up $200.00 millimeters of rain. you should see about $300.00 for the month of january. so that's a pretty good helping. and still getting struck by rain rate across the island on thursday. and same goes for borneo. that's really where the greatest risk for flooding will be. ne monsoon i think, is doing the boast damage to central portions of the philippines. that's really where the heaviest bouts of what weather are. and we are seeing rain dance back into western areas of the pearl river valley and the gang seas to that shoving clouds further toward the east. and yep, you guessed it. still snowing of western areas of japan, but while there was winds will be blasting to about 80 kilometers per hour. okay.
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got to run. see again soon. take care for the weather. sponsored by katara ways. on the al jazeera london pro casenita t special guest incumbents nation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes, you then can create whatever narrative you want, unprompted, uninterrupted. i realized i was working for something that was evil, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria with me. christopher wiley, the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio. be unscripted on how to sierra. ah, the me
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here with al jazeera hello again. here are the top stories. the u. s. secretary state has warned that russia could attack ukraine at a very short notice and can blink and help talk to the ukrainian president vladimir zalinski. and he's are, is russia to choose diplomacy over confrontation? britain prime minister has again told parliament he won't be resigning over the so called tarney gates, scandal, or johnson urged everyone to wait for the outcome of an inquiry into parties and his downing street home during corona virus lockdown. now the new one is saying it's stepping up its response to the volcanic eruption on soon, i mean, tongue. all the government has described it as an unprecedented disaster. australia, new zealand are sending aid by both because tongue has made runway has been covered in ash. wayne hay reports from oakland help is on its way to tongue up to new zealand navy ships carrying supplies have begun a 3 day journey which should see them arrive on friday. perhaps the most essential
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cargo will be fresh water and a dissemination plot to make more while the ships of their we're hitting their way now. with a whole lot of water. the ship can hold. currently holds over $250000.00 leaders of water and will be able to provide that once we arrive. and then every day thereafter, we're going to be producing another 70000 liters of water. satellite images show a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue. his main airport on the left is how it looked before the reception. the ash is delaying deliveries of international 8 flights volunteers, which is a cleaning up the runway. and we understand it before the end of the week that might well be completed and there will be an opportunity for a craft to live safely. but we won't know the full extent of that outcome until it's cleared in a proper 6 months. i can be undertaken. communicating with tanya is difficult.
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there's no internet and limited phone calls because the soon army severed the fiber optic cable connecting the country to the rest of the world. the telecoms operator says it will be at least 4 weeks before the connection is restored. prime minister, see all see saline released his 1st official statements confirming what many feared the eruption caused an unprecedented disaster with the volcanic mushroom plume covering all of tongue is 170 islands. the red cross is to make it up to $80000.00. pullman may be effective for the devastation is why we're and i mean, it was one of the most bulky next directions. in decades, the tongue and government has given approval for the new zealand navy ships to arrive in its waters, but the aide carrying must be delivered contactless. tanya has had just one case of coven 19 since the pandemic began. while it desperately needs help,
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it doesn't want to risk an outbreak. now, wayne, hey, al jazeera oakland, a cord in germany has begun. hearing a case against the syrian doctor who's accused of crimes against humanity is facing 18 counts of torturing detainees and humps and damascus between 20112012. he's also accused of killing one person charges the dr. denies a palestinian family living and occupied eastern and has lost their fight to stop is really police from demolishing their home. the family of 15 had threatened to blow up the property a forest from the neighbourhood, hundreds of other palestinians. there also face eviction despite protest by activists and international criticism of israel's policy. i was 0, harry false that has more from the demolition sites. is around 3. it was in the morning on a very cold and rainy morning here and occupied the system that about a 100 is ready security forces. moved in to the property,
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they cut off and tricity of a cordon off the area. they arrested some 18 to 25 people, some of them members of the family, some of them activists who, being supporting them. and they then proceeded finally to demolish the home on this line. now as far as he is ready, municipality and police are concerned to issued a joint statement about this, they say that this is land that was appropriated long ago has been destined to be made into a school, a special lead school for children in the area. and they say that the family did not have a legal right to be that. however, as far as western diplomats have been protesting, this activists and thomas city is more generally a concern. this is not a question of israeli lord's question of international law this being occupied line . and therefore, such action is illegal and comes in the context of a wide, a systemic attempt to make it more more difficult for palestinians in ocoee bodies choose them to do dies this part of the city so slightly less clear cut than some
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of the issues that have made, check your are such a flash point in recent months, but nonetheless, attracting protests and we have to wait and see what the reaction will be in hong kong and active us known for inspiring kohls, for independence, has been released from prison. edward long as the 1st pro democracy figures to be released from jail, spacings crackdown and 2020 the youngest credited for the popular slogan, liberate hong kong revolution of our times. he said he'll now be staying away from the spotlight and he'll be spending time with his family. gumby as president has been sworn in for a 2nd term. dom barrow, while luster's election was 53 percent of the vote. the opposition contested the victory saying it had been fraudulent, but a court dismissed the allegations there was promised to bring in a new constitution a new covered 1900 vaccine plants has been opened in south africa to try and boost the continent manufacturing power and its hope the
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plot will produce a 1000000000 vaccines per year by 2025. from the miller attended the plant launch events. less than 5 a nation with this project will advance medical key and innovation until meet in south africa. but across the continent, especially at a time when the income countries have full boggled access to vaccines during the global academic. now the emphasis is on making africa self reliance and research will not only deal with the corona, virus, and future pandemic, but also cancer, t b and h, hiv aids. so africa supports vaccine manufacturing in africa to ensure that we become self sufficient as the continent that we share to those colonial. ready chains that have always bound us,
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we shared them and become self reliant. and today it's a demonstration of how we're moving forward to being self reliant as a continent and we. ready should be proud of what we are to africa should no longer be the last in line to access vaccines against condemn, makes africa should no longer bow kept in end to the western world, begging and begging for vaccines that they just want to rip off from the tables, this partnership i was planning to manufacture winding plant doses of calls with vaccines for africans within the next 5 years. developers say what is key for these vaccines? is that it will be stable at room temperature in mind. and that allows great transportation and storage in countries. the infrastructure may be limited to
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countries like south africa and india have been pushing for painted waivers to allow for the development and magazines in low income country. specifically. ready insignificant resistance from big pharmaceutical companies against the rod at the transfer of technology, health, african africa, sciences where some of the best science done during discovery pandemic. and then when would they ask why, why is that the case? when we have a continent let's motor deprived on technology. and the reason for that is quite simple. we have very use it for the past, then 2030 years to deal with them, make them pandemic. and so when know how to react very quick. this project will make next generation vaccines using new technology against co written cancer. essentially, a project aimed at african innovation for africa. critic say it may be early days and the challenge of intellectual property and patrons still remain. the
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philippines has the highest number of carbon 19 cases in southeast asia. the government has imposed new restrictions, especially on unvaccinated people. and those jemila alan duncan reports many are feeling the strain of the measures. joseph marinez, it used to have 8 barber shops like this one. but since the pandemic broke out, he's had to close 5. right now. only this one is making money, but we can't take anymore lockdown. small business owners like us are suffering and the poor are getting poorer. the capital manila is now on alert level 3, the 2nd strictest lockdown here imposed by the philippine government. that means schools as well as amusement centers are closed again, and the movement of travelers is restricted. president rodrigo the 3rd to has implemented a no vaccination, no ride policy designed to restrict the movement of unvaccinated people on public
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transport. hoping to also convince many filipinos to get inoculated, but the rights group say the ban is unconstitutional, and penalize is the poor, will have no means of private chan sports and can't work from home. but across the street, laurie leon. karen's as says, she doesn't mind to having to present her vaccine card. oh, it makes me feel safer, safer. but we also understand the vaccination shouldn't be forced on any one because it's not right. the philippines is facing another president of thirds of colvin 19 cases. since the start of the pandemic with health officials sellers. 5 they remain hopeful that because hospitalization rates across the country remain manageable, at least for now, nearly half of the country's population is now fully vaccinated. but with the
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controversy surrounding mandela's new anti corbet rules that may not be enough to stop the spread jamal alan dorgan al jazeera manila. us says it's distributing 400000000 and 95 mosques across the country for free from its national strategic stock. paul health experts say they're the most protective against the on the chrome variance they'll be made available at pharmacies and health center starting next week. the biden administration's face criticisms for shortages and high grade math sound at home testing kits. and that's the only con, drives up infections as well as hospitalizations to record levels. airlines including m routes and air india have canceled flights to the united states because the 5 g safety concerns that's this by u. s. telecom companies, delaying switching on their latest mobile technology near some airports, as john 100 reports from chicago. here airport airlines have warned that the 5 g
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signals could cause catastrophic disruption to flight. for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, the potential air travel and economic crisis is postponed. as telecommunications giants, 80, and t and verizon prepared to turn on their 5th generation wireless system on wednesday, major u. s. airlines warned that faster found using 5 g would set off catastrophic flight cancellations and slow the economy to a halt. the largest american based airlines say the 5 g system would ground thousands of planes. the f a. a is uncomfortable with the safety rules. and as a consequence, the impact on our operations to mitigate that would be a significant setback in a letter to the federal aviation administration and other biden administration agencies. the heads of the major airlines and cargo companies say the u. s. face is a, quote, completely avoidable economic calamity, and they warn of
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a major disruption of the traveling and shipping public end to the supply chain vaccine distribution in the broader economy. airlines want a 2 mile buffer around affected airports. they say those 5 g frequencies, the telecommunications company, spent tens of billions of dollars to buy up might interfere with a key piece of cockpit equipment. the altimeter hold radio altimeter help planes and helicopters to land in poor weather. the activation of 5 g potentially leading the federal aviation administration to order planes grounded in low visibility on tuesday. big telecomm relented temporarily. and with obvious peak in a statement 80 and t said at our sole discretion, we have voluntarily agreed to temporarily defer turning on a limited number of towers at certain airport runways as we continue to work with the asian industry. but the company added, we are frustrated by f a's inability to do what nearly 40 countries have done,
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which is to safely deploy 5 g technology without disrupting aviation services. and we urge it to do so in a timely manner with variety and following suit that postponed the confrontation between telecom and airline giant. once again, but doesn't resolve it. whitehouse policy makers say they're working on a permanent solution. we have the safest airspace in the world. we're committed to reaching a solution around 5 d deployment that maintains the highest level of safety. united airlines alone says that deployment of 5 g could force the cancellation of 15000 flights, stranding more than a 1000000 united customers. other airlines say you can multiply that several times . john, hindrance, al jazeera, chicago, puerto rico's 5 years of bankruptcy may be coming to an end after a judge approved a debt adjustment plan, the restructure cuts the largest portion of the government debt some 33000000000 dollars by 80 percent. it will also save more than $50000000000.00 in debt.
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payments for rico was the 1st us territory to ever declare bankruptcy. on the 2017, it had more than 100. $20000000000.00 in liabilities. the 1st tickets have gone on sale to the general public for this years. football world cup and cats, har fans can apply via the fee for website to enter the ballot. the lowest price globally is around $70.00. local resident in katara can benefit from subsidize tickets with prices starting and just $11.00 for the group matches. it's the cheapest at the world cup. since mexico 1986. ah. this is al jazeera, here are the top stories. the us secretary state has warned that russia could attack ukraine at a very short notice. anthony blink and hell talk. so be ukrainian president vladimir lensky and.


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