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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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complex to provide expectant mothers with a safe and reliable opportunity to get the care they needed. the kuwait library at the university college of science and technology is not only a repository of knowledge but an access point to the world beyond ah, this is al jazeera ah, you're watching the news, our life from a headquarters. and so ha, i'm getting obligated coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u. s. secretary of states has washington is committed to ukraine's territorial integrity warning. russia can attack at very short notice. he was not there too long for a good job done. in the name of god, go. calls grow louder for the british prime minister to resign. after more revelations of parties during the heights of the coven, 19 lockdown,
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400000000 high quality masks for free. the white house announces plans for better protection against the army kron variance boss, dozens of us bound flights cancelled or rescheduled, as concerns mount about the roll out of the 5 g mobile network. i'm jam nash with sport begging winter lympics organizers won't athletes not to protest? am tickets go on sale for the cats are wild cup with $306.00 days to go for the tournament kicks off. ah, welcome to the news our the u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin is warning that russia could attack ukraine at very short. notice he's been holding talks in kiev would be a cranium president of all of them are zalinski blink and said ukraine faces an
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unprecedented threat from the 10s of thousands of russian troops. amassed along its border in recent months, a prisoner by nashville to come here to underscore, our steadfast commitment. do you crate sovereignty and territorial integrity, and is why we will continue our relentless diplomatic efforts to prevent renewed aggression and to promote dialogue and peace. at the same time, we continued to bolster ukraine's ability to defend itself and make clear the costs of the united states and europe will impose on moscow if it rejects the diplomatic path that we've laid out. and proceeds with an unwarranted unprovoked, unacceptable invasion or destabilization of ukraine o moscow ascending more troops to neighboring belarus for a joint exercises raising fears of an even greater russian presence on ukraine's border. and russia is again accusing the u. s. on nato of stoking tensions, demanding, they stop supplying ukraine with weapons. the biden administration has pledged
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$200000000.00 worth of military aids, victoria gate and b begins are coverage and has more on the day's events. hello, and i said the u. s. secretary of state meets ukraine's president. blow to me zalinski and kiff, where antony blink and renewed calls for russia to choose diplomacy over confrontation. today, there are some 100000 russian soldiers near ukraine's orders. and in that sense, the threat to ukraine is unprecedented. so the president asked me to underscore once again, our commitment to ukraine, starter integrity to sovereignty, to its independence. oh, the hastily arranged visit comes as washington confirms another $200000000.00 a military aid. the king of that's angered moscow. it says that's a threat to its security unless in ukraine say, the aid may change president vladimir putin calculations, but they're not hopeful. declaring political support from the side of the united
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states and to provide danica such military a military supplies. can peter ross and aggression of orange russell, we'll emphasize that you providing good the military weapons, you saw a red line for them, but it is the only way to refrain to defend itself, no tension between nato and moscow. o, the ukraine have been growing for months. booted is demanding that the americans pledge never to let ukraine join nato or expand the military alliance eastward. a demand the u. s. refuses to accept. russia's leader also says the us shouldn't be concerned about joint military exercises with bellow russian forces due to start next month. western countries have accused the kremlin of preparing a pretext for an assault on ukraine. but some analysts say there's still room for a diplomatic solution to this crisis myself. i find it unlikely that russia would
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attack ukraine in this manner, but people expect with huge land force that would inevitably result in many casualties. i do not think that russian society and russian political system could take that psychological blow easily blinking is due to whole talks with russia's foreign minister, circ, a lever of engineer on friday as well. powers try to diffuse the crisis, but the u. s. and it's on, i say they all ready to respond with severe consequences if russia attacks ukraine, victoria gate and be al jazeera, what are the hemi there's in care of? and she says there's an increasing sense of urgency in ukraine. the certainly a show of solidarity anthony blinking coming here saying from kids that do you as stands by the fundamental right of ukraine to it's sovereignty. now both the men entity blinking and his ukraine, a counterpart held a press conference
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o d u s. message saying that there is no talk about ukraine without a ukraine taking part of it due to his ra, ukrainian counterpart, actually reaffirming alter no decision about ukraine without you came being part of it. but behind that, i think that done the ukrainian side. you get a says that there is a sort of urgency. you craig would like to see those sanctions that the u. s. and the you have been warning about to happen sooner rather than later. if you recall, at the end of last week, it seemed that any hope for us diplomatic solution was old, but dead in the water. and after that, you so shoot, russia juice, moving stewards, ukraine's nowhere new order border with bella ruse or the other side russian saying that that's actually in preparation of joint exercises. that should happen very soon. well, the americans are saying, well, actually it shows that russia could be ready for an imminent military escalation at
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any time soon. but still the u. s. is sticking to the diplomatic route after a big and give a lincoln is going to berlin tomorrow. and then on friday, that key meeting who is russian card to part survey live rob and asked anyone here that will tell you that actually that is the most important of all meetings on germany's new chancellor aloft. sholtes are staying silent on the russia. ukraine tension is not an option, adding that borders must be respected. take the intensive talks we have been engaging in with russia since the beginning of january. it is still too early to tell whether they will hope deescalate to situation. russia created by concentrating 100000 troops along the border with ukraine. but after years of rising tensions, staying silent is not as sensible option. that is why we are talking to moscow in
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a range of different formats, about or commitment to ukraine's territorial integrity and about a key principle of our common european piece order that borders must not be moved by force. on the french president is calling on the european union to urgently draw up a new security plan, which would eventually be presented to russia to de escalate the situation. c push and simon, these next weeks must lead to a european proposal to build a new security, instability per law. we must build it between europeans before we share it with our allies within nato, and then offered up for negotiations with russia or the euro secretary of state, also setting here that unity within ukraine was important for maintaining it strength. this kansas former president pet report shanker faces treason charges. on wednesday, a judge rejected a request by prosecutors to arrest him. per shanker has been accused of dozens of
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crimes including helping pro russia separatists sell millions of dollars worth of coal. the billionaire was president from 2014 to 2019. he says the charges were concocted by allies of the current president vladimir zalinski while ukraine's neighbor, moldova is also facing pressure from russia because it can't afford to pay its gas bill. so we'll do have a gets a supply from russian company gas brom, which has rejected the request for the payment to be delayed. the company has worn gas supplies, may be cut unless an advance is paid. the government is seeking parliamentary approval to introduce a state of emergency in its energy sector. the kremlin says, it is a commercial matter the un is saying it's stepping up its response to the volcanic eruption on soon i me in tongue. or the government has described it as an unprecedented disaster. stillia, a new zealand or sending a by boat because tongue has main runway has been covered in ash. wayne hay reports
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from aukland help is on its way to tongue up to new zealand navy ships carrying supplies have begun a 3 day journey, which should see them arrive on friday. perhaps the most essential cargo will be fresh water and a desalination plot to make more while the ships of their we're hitting their way now. with a whole lot of water, the ship can hold. currently holds over 250000 liters of water and will be able to provide that once we arrive. and then every day thereafter, we're going to be producing another 70000 liters of water. satellite images show a thick layer of ash on the runway of tongue. his main airport on the left is how it looked before the russian. the ash is delaying deliveries of international 8 flights volunteers, which is cleaning up the runway and the stains before the end of the week, that may well be completed and there will be an opportunity for
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a craft to lane safely. but we won't know the full extent of it outcome until the run my it's clear in a proper i can be undertaken. communicating with tongue. it is difficult. there's no internet and limited phone calls, because the soon army severed the fiber optic cable connecting the country to the rest of the world. the telecoms operator says it will be at least 4 weeks before the connection is restored. prime minister, see all see saline released his 1st official statement confirming what many feared the eruption caused an unprecedented disaster with the volcanic mushroom plume covering all of tongue is 170 islands. the red cross is to make that up to 80000 common may be effective. the devastation is why we're and i mean, it was one of the most stop next, your actions. in decades, the tone in government has given approval for the new zealand navy ships to arrive
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in its waters, but the aid carrying must be delivered contactless. tanya has had just one case of coven 19 since the pandemic began. while it desperately needs help, it doesn't want to risk an outbreak. now wayne, hey, al jazeera auckland's once more had on the algebra news hour, including hamster hunt, the beloved pets that will be put down in hong kong. due to corona virus fears it's game on for 2 of the biggest names and software as they strike the biggest deal in the industry. history plus protest, i'm be punished, beijing olympics organizers warn athletes again, speaking up at the winter games. ah, but 1st the usaa saying that it's distributing 400000000 and 95 masks across the country for free from its national strategic stockpile. so health experts say
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they're the most protective against the on the chrome very. and the bite and administration's face criticism for shortages and high grade math as well as at home testing kids. let's go live to my canada who's joining us from washington d. c. so tell us more about the steps the biden administration is taking as it faces. criticism affects the co handling last week, the cdc, a noun, sat it was preferable to wear k 95 moss rather than cloth moths, which the majority of americans who wear moss. i indeed, working now the bite and administration has announced that it will be distributing some 400000000 and a k 95 moss to americans for free. these will be distributed by a pharmacies as well as community health centers. one white house official says, this is the biggest distribution of personal protection equipment ever in u. s. history. so this is
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a significant move and it follows the announcement that the a testing program is up and running. the biden administration has set an online testing program in which people can go log online and order 3 home tests, which will be delivered within $7.00 to $12.00 days. now all of this follows intense criticism of the by it in administration. first of all, for it's lack of foresight in terms of creating and map tests, it's lack of foresight in terms of creating and not mos part of the issue in the past was a shortage of moss that any massive distribution would impact on health workers. and those most in need of mars to, in the direct contact regularly with those infected with cupboard. but now the administration says that there are enough more than the national strategic stockpile. in addition, mosque manufacturers say they are in a position to make millions more mars. but still, the criticism has been going on. this is the biden administration's response. it's
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critic say this is late. however, they're better late than never to use some cliche. but once again, there will be some millions of mos available to all americans. this is an absolutely critical issue as ami cron variant continues to rage throughout the country. all right, thank you so much. my kana reporting from washington d. c. now, britain's prime minister has again told parliament that he won't be resigning over the so called party gates scandal. forest johnson faced the barrels of ridicule and demands to stop telling lies. he urged every one to wait for the outcome of an inquiry and to parties in his downing street home during corona virus lock downs. the barker reports from london in highly charged atmosphere. prime ministers questions began with another major body blown for boris johnson news. one of his m. p. 's, christian wakefield had defected to the opposition party. this following morning,
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newspaper reports of a widening plot to oust johnson by members of his own party. jokes to the prime minister's expense followed. i see the very noise on until the chief was told to bring their i'm bruce ha salvo off to silva. like way nobody told the prime minister. he was breaking his own rooms. absolutely pathetic. if he had any shred of compassion for all those had them separately. they said he'd go and paste clamoring for explanations with johnson about the increasing catalogue of rule breaking policies that took place under his watch when the country was deepened, locked down. but the prime minister seemed energize fighting tooth and nail for his party and his job. when the history of this pandemic comes to be written and the history of the labor party come to be written a bunny, me, they are history, me remain history because he won't show emotion able show that we delivered while
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they did, and we, we vaccinated while they vacillated mister speaker, i am intensely proud of what this government has done and call off to call for johnson to resign was met with the same message to reserve judgement, to wait for the results of the inquiry into a growing list of rules breaking. mister speaker, when a prime minister is spending his time trying to convince the great british public that he's actually stupid, rather than disowning every time that he go now, eh, but his voice is from his own policy. the could do the most damage to his political future, m p. david davis wants the teresa make government's chief breakfast negotiator delivering this surgical strike, like many on these benches, osman weeks and months defending the prime minister against often angry constituents. but i expect my leaders to shoulder the responsibility for the
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actions i take yesterday. he did the, the city of that. so i'll remind him of a quotation altogether too familiar to him of leo. amory neville chamberlain. you have sat there too long for all the good you done. and the name of god, god was for the full force of brand boris, back on show. and despite the promise, the plan b code restrictions will be slash from next week. this was a bruising day in parliament for the prime minister, seemingly impossible for him to escape all the growing anger within his conservative party and with the results of a potentially damaging inquiry just around the corner. forest. johnson's days in office could soon be numbered. ne boca al jazeera westminster. a new vaccine plant has been opened in south africa to try and boost the continents manufacturing power, and its hope the plan to produce a 1000000000 coven. 19 vaccines per year. by 2025. amazon miller attended the
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plants lunch events. less than 5 a suit this pocket will advance a medical key and innovation to me in south africa, but across the continent, especially at a time when the income countries have full boggled access to vaccines during the global academic. now the emphasis is on making africa self reliance and research will not only deal with the corona, virus, and future pandemic, but also cancer, t b and h, hiv aids. so africa supports vaccine manufacturing in africa to ensure that we become self sufficient as the continent that we share to those colonial chains that have always bound to us. we shed them and become self reliant. and today it's
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a demonstration of how we're moving forward to being self reliant as a continent and we. ready should be proud of what we are achieving africa should no longer be the last in line to access vaccines against condemn, makes africa should no longer bow kept in end to the western world, begging and begging for vaccines that they just want to rip off from their tables, this partnership was planning to manufacture, wanting to call that vaccines for africans within the next 5 years. the developer say, what is key for these vaccines is that it will be stable at room temperature in mind . and that allows great transportation and storage in countries. the infrastructure may be limited to countries like south africa and india have been pushing for painted. ready waivers, to allow for the development of magazines in low income country,
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specifically insignificant resistance from the pharmaceutical companies. again, serrado, the transfer of technology, health, african africa science is where some of the best science done during discovery pandemic. and then when would the ask, why, why is that the case? when we have a continent let's motor deprived on technology. yes. and the reason for that is quite simple. we have very use it for the past, then 2030 years to deal with that. but then mixing pandemic and so when know how to react very quick. this project will make nicks in a recent braxton's using new technology that is correct and cancer. essentially, a project aimed at african innovation for africa. critic say it may be early days and the challenge of intellectual property and patrons still remain hong kong is government plans to put down about 2000 hamsters after some of the animals tested
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positive for coven 19. it's also requiring anyone who came into contact with the animals, even people wholly browse in a pet shop, to go into quarantine. barbara and go per reports. bringing a pet home for a child should be a joyous occasion, but it's turned to heartache for animal lovers caught up in the hong kong government's latest anti craving crackdown. a hamster co. anyone who bought hamsters recently has been ordered to hand them over to the health workers. for a i did think of not darning deming. the 1st thing i did was to get my film tested and to get my whole family tested. but after some concentration, it was so many unknown. so this was the only thing we could really do. an increase in coven 19 infections was traced back to this pet shop where 11 hamsters tested positive for the virus. since then, health workers have been visiting other pet shops in the territory to enforce the
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call. and the government isn't totally targeting animals. anyone who recently entered the shops will have to go to quarantine for 3 weeks. whether they had direct contact with the hamsters or not. but miss santis say, it's extremely raf with a virus to be transmitted from patch to people. we need to remember that, you know, millions of people around the world have been infected by south cove to millions of people around the world have pits, and there has been no cases are proven of pits transmitting infection to other humans. dozens of shops have been forced to close. an animal importers have been ordered to suspend trade. the government says it doesn't have the capacity to test every hamster in hong kong, but the call will cut transmission chains. barbara anger per al jazeera and i jury and separate us leader has pleaded not guilty to 15 terrorism on treason
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charges, non decon, who is the leader of the group indigenous people of the afro, which wants an independent states for the ethnic group and niger area south east, we offer a temporarily separated from nigeria in 1967, which led to a civil war. connie's trial is due to resume in boucher on february, the 16th fidelis and bazemore, from boucher, the caught a jonathan. i'm the kind of pleaded not guilty to the amended charges brought against him. his lawyer had asked the court to wash the charges and release him unconditionally. the niger and goldman had on tuesday, fired, 15 amended charges against them, the candle accusing him of the patricks and forces against president will hammer double harry, tracing on terrorism outside a court journalist and a handful of condos support. ask him about that by hoodlums under the watch of security agents. some of you, donnelly's had dick would miss smashed, backing to se if the indigenous people of
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b ephra had been forced is to got home order since monday, with no vehicle up movements, all the shops, all at commercial activities have been grounded. and it said this will continue to happen, and it did not. the condo is brought to caught in a boucher big support as i insisting that candle has done nothing. i should be released unconditionally by the court on de assisting that is no going back on the demand for a be a for a state that didn't belong to nigeria and i did once out politically doesn't traditional do less have been reaching out to government, trying to show how and not be kind of be released unconditionally, because the resentments, the region has weakness, violent clashes between condo support as on to security, will produce. and in the next coming months, a to be the capricious for elections. and if you that it good resolving the conflict between the supports us and the security agenda will be to the benefit of everyone so that the country would have been peaceful charges and iraq's highest
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court have started investigating the chaos at the reopening of parliament earlier this month and m p was taken to hospital during arguments between sean las them political factions. the speaker was re elected for a 2nd term, but time is running out to decide on a new president. matthew with the law had, has more from baghdad. the court panel of judges today heard from both the plaintiffs, members of the parliament and the defendant, the legal representative of the parliament. the plaintiff members claim that the session witnessed violations including verbal and physical assault against the temporary speaker of the session. then more elementary daddy and also electing a new speaker and 2 d p t 's in his absence as he was in hospital. and in the absence also of about one 3rd of the parliament members who left the session objecting on the
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heated argument. and the case that resulted after his time pete and heated arguing between the parliament members, the rival members of the rival political blocks over which block has the majority of seats in the parliament. on the other hand, the defendant claims that the session was constitutional and was alight from the legal point of view and according to the internal panel of the, of the parliament. because if a temporary speaker is absent for any reason, then the 2nd temporary speaker should take over. in order to chair the session fella head on the algebra, news our evicted then their home is demolished by is really police will have the latest reaction from occupied east jerusalem. we follow the plight of palestinian refugees living in lebanon as the un launches an urgent appeal for cash,
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to help them survive for winter. and sports ref ellen, dell remains on chorus for record 21st round santiago for the best of the australian open. coming up with jemma a little later. ah, this weather reports features a theme of smell. hello everyone. good to see you right off the bat will take you to sue the money in northern iraq. quite a decent amount of snow and rarer to see this much. so folks are out there snowball fights building snowman. it's looking pretty cool with those shades and i'll tell you what there's the risk of even more snow or beale rate into sil ammonia on thursdays it pushes into western sections of iran, talk more about that in the sec. but 1st, let me get you to the golf still breezy on thursday is, is
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a wind out of the northwest blowing down from iraq. it's going to drive down those temperatures. colors are on dark, the blue and purple, the lower the temperature. this is friday night into saturday morning, re add minus wine minima, 9 doe had 9, and those winds will be crank into 70 kilometers per hour. you're going to feel it cold in there of the season. off the pakistan, sunny in karachi at 26 degrees. there's that shield of snow into western iran, tater on some showers for you, but snow over the higher ground. and we could see some snow in its stumble late friday into saturday, switching over about 5 to 10 centimeters to be expected. off to madagascar, there has been some flooding here. hundreds of people displaced from their homes and there is still more rain on the way on thursday. ah. the athletes, amal jones in life. but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy. one 0
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one east. get to rear wreck ceased inside to sport, where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on l. g 0. ah, close your eyes. ah, listen, oo wasn't mother the thought i'd be singing in parliament with the boy. i never dreamt of the way the words fail. music speaks to short films about how music knocked down and inspire hope for a better life. ha, selects on al jazeera ah al jazeera. when ever you. oh, news.
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ah, hello again. the top stories on the al jazeera news, our, the u. s. secretary of state has warned that russia could attack ukraine at a very short notice. antennae. lincoln held talk to the ukranian president, valez and residents game. he of his urge russia to choose diplomacy, over confrontation. britain's prime minister has again told parliament he won't be resigning over the so called party gave scandal. or as johnson urged everyone to wait for the outcome of an inquiry into parties in his downing street home during on a virus last down, the u. s. will distribute 400000000 and 95 across the country from its national stuff. by ministrations, been criticized for shortages on kron drives up cobra. 1900 cases. the math will be
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given out for free starting next week. major airlines have cancelled or rescheduled flight to the us because of concerns 5 g mobile services could disrupt their navigation systems. there are fears 5 g signals could impact radio ultimate hers which measure planes height in the sky and is crucial during bad weather. will in response a t and t and the rise and said they would pause the rollout near key airports for some carriers that just wasn't enough. let's fix a roger chang who's the executive editor of seen that news. that's an online technology and consumer electronics website. he's joining us by skype from new york . hi there. thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera. so i am taking a look at your website. no surprise at this is one of your top stories on the front page of your website. i mean, what do you make the latest twist and turn know that a tv and verizon are saying, well, okay, we're going to delays switching on the 5 g mobile network. where does this go to
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next? it's really unclear. at this point. there's a lot of open ended questions, you know, we thought a lot as have been settled 2 weeks ago. the carriers had come to an agreement with the airlines that will get a delay there now for 2 weeks to do some further testing. and they, they thought that i had settled any potential objections or future objections. that's obviously not the case of the airlines or what we had objecting to the potential for interference between their networks and some the equivalent planes. so right now it's sort of in limbo for, for the carriers. they have turned on the upgraded version or 5 network elsewhere. but when it comes to areas around the airport, they've basically hit pause. and there really is no telling when they'll be able to resume the roll out, or if they actually end up rolling out the network in or near those airports. let me ask you this because 5 g has been rolled out and other countries. so why?
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why is there such concern over at a near airports in the us? there are a lot of questions about that, and frankly, you know, i've taught 18 variety and they are throw their hands up. they're not entirely sure . as you know, 5 g, a particular, this is flavor 5, uses the specific bands of radio airwaves that the airline industry believes is a potential interference issue that has been in use elsewhere. now we've, we've seen from other comments from the airlines, emerett airlines references noted that the power usage might be higher than high in the us and it is elsewhere. we're still kind of looking into what are houses appointments are different than they are elsewhere. but you know that the carriers and add the s u c, notably the federal communications commission to have a set time and time again that the, the service doesn't pose a risk to airlines. but, you know, there's obviously a lot of nerves and this is high stakes. so i think everyone is kind of taking
9:35 pm
a pause and trying to get a little bit more. busy data on information on just one of this risk actually is. so is that ultimately down to the question of if it's a fight over who has precedence over the skies, whether it's the airlines or telecommunications companies at this point, i wouldn't quite put it that dramatically. i think the question is whether or not the i think it's finding a way for both sides coexist and i don't think it's necessarily going to be black and white. it's not necessarily the airlines done dummy, the, you know, the skies or the telecommunication copied, there will be some sort compromise made. it's just unclear. i think both sides are still trying to figure out what the other wants. i would say le airlines ideally would just not have this, that they would prefer to not have the spectrum deployed at all. the carriers, which i spent about $80000000000.00 on this, that probably would disagree. so there's, there's probably gonna be some sort compromise down the middle. but at this point, i think everyone's are taking a cautious approach. all right,
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thank you so much. roger trying for speaking to us from your while a former colombian presidential candidate was kidnapped and held by foreign rebels for 6 years as an ounce. she's running again. ingram better cor, spoke to al jazeera about her vision for columbia future. all the sandra pet. she's joining us from columbia capital bogo ton. sandra, you're the one that spoke to best on core. what does she have to say? yes, we just sat down with her and essentially we want to understand why she decided to run out there saying until the beginning of december that she had no intention to do it, at least in this election, she has recently moved back to columbia after 15 years in france, following her abduction and there is no doubt that she brings celebrity power, star power name recognition to a sensory correlation that has so far suffered him and the poles were none of the
9:37 pm
candidates have been able to truly break through. and at a time when columbia and. a they call them in the next day. it is quite divided and the most extreme options seems to be front and center seems to be gaining, gaining popularity among colombians. i really believe the change for columbia is in the center. it's not in the extremes. we are fed up with extremes. the extremes are the same for me. extreme right extreme left. it's the same thing. it's violence, it's corruption. we the center. we were together. we want to liberate colombia from corruption and we want to build another world for the 3rd millennium, a green world, the humane world. well 1st because i'm a woman and we have another vision. war is a man. thing. woman is about the conciliation piece. building that together, giving opportunities 2nd opportunity. others 1st being a woman because one of our main goals is to eradicate drug trafficking. so it means
9:38 pm
that we have to build a regional policy against drugs and it comes with legalizing or depend lising that can, that can some showing of, of drugs. we can't do it alone for many big goals. they're obviously have asked how to do that. so if you ask pretty much every content there for the next election here in columbia, they will tell you that they want to fight corruption. that this is the main issue and everybody is fine here. but i asked her if she had some more concrete proposals . she offered to the 1st one, and she said that if she will become the president, she will appoint a special anti corruptions are connected to the office of the presidency. that will be a sort of, i will do surveillance of all the ministries and all the other sectors of the government. then she also said that she believes in the power of the digital world,
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and that as she's hoping to create, if she becomes president, an app that colombians can use to denounce case is up corruption directly to the office of the president. we're going to have to see if colombians will indeed pick up on these proposals and that beyond the, her name recognition of this will translate them both 1st and the primaries in march and eventually and the presidential elections. next me thank you so much on sandra and patsy reporting from bogo top a palestinian family living an occupied east. jerusalem has lost their fight to stop is really policed amount like demolishing their home family 15 had threatened to blow up the property of forced from the chef started off neighborhood hundreds of other palestinians. there also faced eviction despite protest by activists. done international criticism of it's really policy out there is harry faucet has more from the demolition site. was around 3 o'clock in the morning on
9:40 pm
a very cold and rainy morning here occupied east jerusalem. but about a 100 is ready, security forces moved in to the property, they cut off electricity, or they cordoned off the area. they arrested some 18 to 25 people, some of them members of the family, some of them activists who've been supporting them. and they then proceeded finally to demolish the home on this land. now as far as the israeli municipality and police are concerned, who issued a joint statement about this, they say that this is land that was appropriated long ago, has been destined to be made into a school, a special needs school for children in the area. and they say that the family did not have a legal right to be there. however, as far as western diplomats have been protesting this activists and palestinians more generally, a concern. this is not a question of his railey lords, a question of international law. this being occupied land and therefore such action is illegal and comes in the context of a wide,
9:41 pm
a systemic attempt to make it more more difficult for palestinians in occupied east jerusalem to jude eyes. this part of the city so slightly less clear cut than some of the issues that have made shakes her are such a flash point in recent months, but nonetheless, attracting protests. and we have to wait and see what the reaction will be. the un relief agency for palestinian refugees has launched an origin appeal for additional funding to help those living in 11 on it's asking for $1600000000.00 to cover its global needs. the agency says the socio economic deterioration in lebanon and the current of iris pandemic have increased the humanitarian challenges facing palestinian refugees on our wall last a big part of its funding in 2018. when donald trump cut support for president joe biden, reinstated some fits nearly 2000000 palestinian reference refugees across the middle east. rely on the agency for basic services such as food health, education,
9:42 pm
and jobs. danaher, the reports in the lebanese capital, they've been with eugene twice in the past. now these palestinians from syria are again homeless. thousands of them fled to lebanon during syria civil war in search of safety. they're now struggling to survive the financial support they were receiving from the united nations relief and works agency has been cut because under what itself is facing a budget crisis, they used to give us $100.00 for rent. now it's $25.00 a day to reduce the assistance for food from $27.00 to $12.00 per person. we can't afford anything because everything is expensive. they basically throw us in the street. and that's where they have been for at least a week. they set up camp outside owner was headquarters in the route and say they won't leave until a solution is found to their plight. hi, ethan goes with the owner. right?
9:43 pm
supposed to be our lifeline, but they are not giving us our basic needs. and we can go back to syria. how many of us are wanted by the authorities and our homes are destroyed. i should be as highly, even before palestinians from syria began arriving here on or what was under funded . it was having difficulties in meeting the demands of those in lebanon, who is on her ability worse than in recent months. palestinian refugees were living in poverty even before 11 on economic collapse. now, many of them say surviving is nearly impossible and they are not the only ones the entire country, which also holds hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees as being affected by the financial meltdown. but it was says it needs nearly $200000000.00 to continue operations and meet the growing and basic needs. unfortunately has been live in almost on a month by month basis. and last year, we'll a very close to have to stop our services, not just the additional emergency help palestinians have long been marginalized
9:44 pm
lebanon with limited rights and access to services and job opportunities on nature and have lots of dreams at home that i'm willing to read but because of what you're suffering here in lebanon, and i always stress about my future palestinian say they are trapped unable to return to their homeland or leave to go elsewhere, nearly 80 percent live in poverty. the un estimates that 162000 people who survival depends on aid, said their elders, either beirut humanitarian workers or warning that winter storms in syria. jordan and lebanon are endangering the lives of millions of refugees. care international says it's particularly worried about syria, a snow storm and the northwest increased concerns of families freezing to death. many trying to stay warm or and further danger by setting fire to hazardous
9:45 pm
materials and can find spaces. the ringleader of vietnamese people. traffic and gang has a sentence to 15 years in prison in belgium for the death of 39 migrants. the men, women, and children from vietnam were found suffocated inside a truck in england. 3 years ago, they'd been smuggled in a shipping container from the belgian ports. the court heard how the victims were charged $25000.00 euros each to be smuggled into britain. 18. other smugglers were given lesser sentences. russian let troops have gone home from kazakhstan, the state of emergency, and their last military aircraft took off from the capital nurses on the largest city almighty. $225.00 people were killed in days of wyatt's, which followed, protest against raising fuel prices. the conduct president appealed for moscow's health to stop the anti government unrest. microsoft has made its biggest acquisition which shakes up the video game industry. the software giant has bought
9:46 pm
activision blizzard, producer of some of the world's most popular games. but the $69000000000.00 buyout comes at a sensitive time. lord manley explains games like this. candy crush catapulted mobile phones into an industry now worth a $175000000000.00. 3000000000 people around the world, a set to play video games on their phones, consoles, 3 the headsets on the web. but now tech giant microsoft wants to launch a slice of the action. it's planning to buy activision blizzard for almost $70000000000.00. it's largest ever acquisition. the company posted this image showing what it would get for its money. hoppy, the games like call of duty diablo and starcraft. the move would put microsoft in a leading position. in a statement. microsoft says it will have 30 game development studios along 5
9:47 pm
publishing and east sports. for the buyout has raised some questions, particularly in light of an abuse scandal at activision blizzards. it was hit with staff walk out and protest that it's california based last summer. it was sued by a state agency which accused it of being a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women to steal would have even been on the table if this hadn't happened, that the company was valued at actually more than what they, what this purchase price would be about a year ago, but i, i suspect a lot of what's been going on has been sort of eating away at their valuation. so i, on some level, it sort of set up the, the are the ability for this purchase to go through many of the queues activision blizzard seo bobby co tech of covering up the scandal. but microsoft confirms he's going to keep the top job and all the issues may arise from microsoft owning such a large stake. it's already worth more than $2.00 trillion dollars and that 2nd
9:48 pm
only to apple, it, the move may also put it in the crosshairs of us politicians, which are already working to limit the power of technology joints, including facebook, apple, and google, the takeover sequence, microsoft desire to become a series content on all platforms. but for now it's game is attention at once in an industry that's growing fast. laura, but manly al jazeera, the fashion world has lost an influential figure. the former you as vogue editor, a large and creative director and really on talley, has died for decades. he was front row at fashion shows around the world. he's remembered for being a pioneer as a black editor in a predominantly white industry. he was 73 years old. stella had on the al jazeera in his, our, i scored my 1st natalie goal. it was not only my own 1st,
9:49 pm
but it was the winning goal. the n h l owner is its 1st block player or the boston bruins hockey team. retire william reese number 22 in jersey. ah with
9:50 pm
a whole. oh ok. hello again time for an update on the sports is gemma. thank you. during the 1st tickets have gone on sale to the general public for this shift football workup in cattle, there are $306.00 days to go into the tournament. kicks off with more than a 1000000 support is expected to attend the lowest ticket price globally as around $70.00, which is one for cheaper than the last tournament in russia. joining us raska takes
9:51 pm
a look at how fans can get the hands on them. the 1st thing you should know about buying tickets for the castle world cup is that there's only one official place to do that, and that's on the fee for website free for dot com. forward slash tickets. now as you can imagine with all well cuts demands will be high and especially is this is the 1st middle east world cup. you may find yourself in a waiting room. now there's no need to worry. it is not 1st come 1st served. all registered fans will be entered into a balance and find out later if they'll be allocated the tickets they once. once you've made it to the 1st page into details and the matches you want to attend. price is a capital residence, start at $11.00 us dollars for group game. now, that's the cheapest seats at a welcome. since mexico in $986.00 where they were sold for $3.00 a seat. and it's around a 3rd cheaper than those on offer in russia, in 2018. this is where it gets
9:52 pm
a bit tricky because only 13 countries have so far qualified for the tournament with another 19 places still up for grabs. the drawer takes place in a pool and the qualifies will be finished until june. so some funds won't know if the teams will make it before buying the tickets. in any case, fee for will allow you to re sell those tickets, but only through their official website organizers. next month, beige in winter, lympics of warned athletes not to protest or they will be punished. factions could include having that accreditation, counseled the games has been hit by symptomatic boycott from several countries, including the u. s. person and the radio is the treatment of the week as well that china denies allegations of human rights abuses. podium protests are already banned under olympic rules, but many fail. that is wrong. all athletes have a right. many athletes feel they have responsibility. and they have every right to be speaking out whenever it is that they're competing. why is
9:53 pm
because the world places so many global challenges right now that now industry is immune, there should be blanket protection for any api to speak up at any time about issues of human rights. that that's why athletes continue to use the podium even though the c promises to, to punish them for doing so. it's because that's when people are paying attention, that's when they can get the message across. and they understand that these issues are bigger than sport and bigger than that. the university of michigan has a great it to a full 190000000 dollar settlement with more than a 1000 former students who say they were sexually assaulted by a sports doctor at the school. the university had been in mediation to resolve multiple or suits by mostly men who set a dr. robert anderson sexually abused them during routine medical examinations. survivors say they reported the assaults to employees, but the school did nothing about it. anderson who died in 2008, worked that from 1966 until 2003, 460000000 dollars will be paid out to the victims on $30000000.00 has been set
9:54 pm
aside for future accuses at the us drug and open at roughly on a dollar means, on course, for a man's record at 21st a grand slam title. the spaniard dispatched german qualify janet huntsman at 626364. that no doubt it needed a 5 match points before i move this route to the 3rd round. and melvin 3rd seed alexander's vera is to say 3 women's world. number one ash barty east, into the 3rd round beating italian qualify lou, cheer bronze, etc. she wrapped up the 1st set in 25 minutes and as equally dominant in the 2nd ceiling, the 6161 when in under an hour, as a proud indigenous australians bosses when also came in the torments. in the 1st nations day dantes on track to meet defending champion near saca in the 4th round, osaka reached round 3 with a comfortable when ever american madison wrangled, 6 lovers,
9:55 pm
6 all before she potentially faces. barty shall have to get us another american, amanda, and miss america. the national hockey league is on its 1st black play at willie. i re he brake the leagues racial barrier in 19 of 58 to heidi joe castro reports africa. marvin, a grad, you'd never know it by the way, he sizzled on the ice. i school my 1st natalie goal. it was not only my 1st, but it was the winning goal. but as the 1st black player in the national hockey league in the late 19 fifties, canadian born willie or re endured racist chance from the stands and segregation on the road, you'd have to be in separate rush ranch was jimmy's you to say different hotels you had to use different restrooms desperately thrown her way, barons were leaning over the board throat beard of sticks like, you know, every single point on it was like going through a gauntlet of hey,
9:56 pm
but 6 decades later, 86 year old o re is recognized in the hockey hall of fame and on tuesday, his former n h l team, the boston bruins retired his number to honor him as one of their greatest players of all time. i will never forget how my teammates in the bronze locker room, accepted me as one of their own. this was a time when some of the fans and opposing players were not ready to see a black man in the, in a jo, a real career in hockey, spanned a 20 years playing with the bruins and in the minor leagues. and while he became a public symbol for civil rights and inclusion, he also faced a private challenge. he was secretly blind in one eye. i told myself, willie, forget about what you can see and focus on what you can see. i have been the nfl diversity ambassador for more than 2 decades visiting rings,
9:57 pm
pulling him and firing 14 year old daria's nichols is among the many young players who've met a read. he says, while he continues to encounter racism in hockey, he looks to his mentor for help. i've had kids call me in word. i've had kids. just come at me for no very reason. closer. all the things he's been through and all the things i'm going through a pretty pretty the same and i feel like i have to be like him just now worry about it. we the any gel remains 97 percent white and has been criticized for being slow to respond to the black lives matter movement. but o re says the league has come a long way since his trail blazing path easing the way for those who followed hydro . castro al jazeera and that's where your sport for now i'll have more later. thank you so much drama. thanks for watching the news. our on al jazeera,
9:58 pm
more news coming up with barbara sarah in just a moment. bye bye. ah ah. it's one year since joe biden was sworn in as president of the united states against the backdrop of rioting on capitol hill from navigating the plan demick to the withdrawal from afghanistan. we'll look back at his policy, wins and losses, and examined the challenges that remain special coverage on al jazeera healing. the debate, 90 percent of the world's refugees have come from
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a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8. now this is not a lock can get this completed back. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back with all the patient listerine on al jazeera . ah ah, ah ah julio, could she to says he will bring a new form of capitalism. what does this mean?
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we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of for vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is counting the cost on al jazeera blue? it's right to you, friend is unprecedented. u. s. secretary of state antony blink and travels the key of to stress america's commitment to ukraine. warning that russia could attack at very short notice. ah, hello barbara, so you're watching out just in your life and then also coming up in the name of god, a bruising appearance in parliament. britain's prime minister defies.


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