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tv   Risking It All Lesotho  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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until now, a lack of technology had prevented marine biologists from studying reefs in the twilight zone. the all the. so now we will do our 1st dive along the reef of roses to see how deep they go. we go into an unexplored world to explore the unexplored. it's quite motivating and exhilarating. i think you said i wonder what was the goal is to return to the field of ro sheep catalyst, and we will go to another area. it's reassuring to us that this field is very large and that we can dive at different locations and still find the quarter. with dr. quick check on the top stories here now to 0, the u. s. president things russia will make a military incursion into ukraine, but believes his counterpart vladimir putin doesn't want a full scale conflict. speaking at a press conference marking his 1st year in office, joe biden warned of tough sanctions in moscow. in the event of
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a major invasion. do i think he'll chest west chester united states and nina as significant? yes. i think he will let the co pay a serious and deer price work and he doesn't think now of course to $1.00 it's going to cost. and i think you regret, have been done. meanwhile, the u. s. secretary of state is in ukraine to reaffirm american support. anthony blank and warned russia could invade at very short notice. he'll meet russian foreign minister survey lebrun in geneva. on friday. new zealand defense aircraft carrying supplies and just landed in tolerance. the 1st international aid flights and saturdays volcanic eruption and synonymy. the pacific island nations been cut off from the world since the disaster was left homes destroyed in the water contaminated. the flight from new zealand is being followed by another from australia. ships with more supplies are due to arrive on friday for the people of
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tongue and we're hitting their way now with a whole lot of water. the ship can hold currently holds over $250000.00 leaders of water and will be able to provide that once we arrive and then every day thereafter, we're going to be producing another 70000 liters of water that we can be put ashore . gumby as president has been sworn in for a 2nd term out of my borrow one, december's election with 53 percent of the vote. position contested the victory saying it was full and with him but a court. the smith's allegation, palestinian family living in occupied east jerusalem as lost their fight to stop israeli police demolishing their home family 15 had threatened to blow up the property if they were forced for michelle gerard neighborhood, hundreds of other palestinians. there also face forced eviction despite protests by activists and international criticism of israeli policy. those are the headlines.
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the news continues here now to sierra after was kinda old age and that sort of as the omar chrome varian sweeps across the globe nations rates to stem the spread. but vaccine inequality between developed and developing countries remains no country, no community and no individual is safe until we are all the same. as long as transmission is allowed to continue the course of the phantom, it is going to be very, very unpredictable. stay with al jazeera, for all the latest updates. with list to, to is a small,
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landlocked country inside the republic of south africa. only 30000 square kilometers with a population of around $2000000.00. but it's unusual for african country. every winter, it's covered in snow. it even has ski slope. it also has a lot of water. what south africa does not. so it's applies. it's much larger labor with a vital resource. but the people of is 22 are not well. elicited the roads are so dangerous that bush taxi's remote, rural areas are only driven by men, women, taxi drivers. now i limited to time and city i did, i these 2 young women have decided to change
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things. ah, alice and feeble lena. planning to branch out on to the suitors out of town tracks . they've invested all their savings on a major service for their old. anybody in the i hadn't did put than the handy dandy. would look like all the other good at la la la la la la had present mina gala i'd have is, are you married in town? there is a lot of competition, but in rural areas, taxi, so rare. so alice africa, lena, are hoping to double their income by their friends. william is like the idea of them driving the sticks. i see here, grandma was familiar to me to europe. i'm much in alo, vienna, jennifer motto, our mother's in our lives is eatable. it was how it played and done would it would
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didn't follow him about the schedule for wells with jessica. so eddie, so again, so really very good. so i like to chase, obviously, blah, hulu really is sure we can get to have a tele leads. what's going on with isaac, i'd rather well know you got an alco lucas america. i do. so let's go for now. was gun producer batesville as i go saw line. and but alice and feb, alina simply can't afford a gun. so they'll need to be careful. and they and their families, pray for ah ah alice catalina, if the world already dreaming of making beef money
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ah! in town, there are boots that out here in the country. i am buying a dellagorzo on one of them, but i don't like you will see some more i think you might have been reading the map. however, it's not as difficult as navigating this country truck with
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how are you going to go with reg ah, to what i say? yes. the number 2. i live in the go. yeah, i do send a a general question not tied to
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a we know the auctions. alice decides just sticking with it. it's better than letting felina drive, ah, with the outside temperature is around 10 degrees celsius. but driving a low gear. if heating a limited exam with a how got to low
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with me and still no sign of any customers alice did alina planned, me have missed one by to factor in the suit and transportation horses riding as the only means of travelling here. that allows access to villages where the tracks don't go with iraq health hi. so for last. c week i good.
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hello. very good. with a lena have managed to keep the edge in court, but still don't have any pain customers. i deal with a one. 0, got it. i mean,
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finally a passenger with one whole dollar in his pocket. ah mm. oh with a nestle, a wholesaler. how can i trust with
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i saw few women twice. bush taxes in a city. they tend to command pupils for spect. riley, divide by the cotton. lastname my tale. well, i'll watch with a new group of passengers gets on board. none of them is quite prepared for what the journey has in store a with a music might meet on his happy watch,
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he striving with white. now she needs to concentrate hand on this steep descent with a with alice is struggling to control her old taxi and has an unusual way of reassuring her passengers. oh yeah. oh no, no. no, i do apologize about that. then i got, i got with your move i i what i was, i was, he was,
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i had to work with a high school who tools to help with have i agree with joe and i went on with my dad. i said go ahead. oh, so don't go, we'll choose, i'm gonna want to try to make it a while. i'm in order to go with
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that. i'll try to think about that i had a with with oh i a sin back
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down is out. lloyd dealer told me i should be like with alice and said alina finally, get to the bottom of the steep hill and are reunited with their last passengers. with all the drama has given them an appetite thing and asked if earned $5.00, they can afford lunch
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with i've been married. so we noticed when i said of a gun to go on like we did not as a when i run, this is a crazy well, that doesn't look like it's on it and he's out of the hang of it is a desire to bassetti doesn't i don't have to repel. i'm going to make it i him a one over another 9. so citizen. sure, well it was you didn't know we did it and i cannot big. so had to po for alice and felina. only make about a $1000.00 a year. so it's not every day they can afford to meet for lunch over the next 2 for them is a place called the family of the horses. but they're not looking for passengers that one of alice's cousins. i did a big,
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you know, one day a little go go by la la, but, but i did not receive a stop with the attendance. hi. phillip will be guy. all comes up. what do you guys shop with or not a 100. mm hm. ah . is who to post racing isn't one on a truck, but on the mountain platters here, the widest local hughes and every week, detroit long distances to see this fastest.
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ah anti is leading and freethinking jones along behind him. oh boy, joe would not give me. your body name will be more, more lube. i didn't, you know, when you taught on what you remember, the more fun. oh well of course, during the week your bunk while you bubble up, but you know we've got oh, from knew where 300 people have arrived at this remote mountain venue. riders and spectators who gamble the savings to day in the hope of pulling off with what is, are they i am i have
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a i a the roof is under with to take the lead. his horse suddenly sorts. of course
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i intimately makes a speech come what can only be taking place a duck with you. sure you did like you don't you boucher with a suit to look up and in a sofa marble. 8 another suit when a guy who will be doing a new list, a give you their mind, alyssa,
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to mac os lost a ticket made. i'm on like i got out in bo boyd and stuff. okay. like, i mean, i wasn't gonna be till i did not go filled with understood, twit, you one of you pretty sub war. now if i'm, i'm up by one i just have arm and 2 other little glue suitors. most valuable natural resource is it's new to the country. you sometimes refer to as a war to tower. it's the high country in africa. and even us use point, it's 1300 meters above sea level. ah, august celsius. ah ha, i a
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with a one week humanity has harnessed need to hear expect building a ski still to tooth and south africa. have the only ski slopes in the spot on the continent. a
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. 6 now you said got, unless i buy new rags back on my dad's a phone. so job isn't girl is headed that the board and didn't figure, ha, ha, ha ha, i give them a 1000000 if you'd like, you were not with us and said alina, can afford a soft drink to leave them at the scene, sought dreaming of the day with can calendar skincare
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ah, in time meanwhile, has more nice skills and just to striding when he's not at the races, he has a very different job. as a paramedic, this elderly woman has called for his help more money malays. all. they've got to say hello. going got better, we are going or g h l renter. she didn't know what was on you took a like e ha ha ha come i actually in the best me for a warning. hell so cool. again, donald summer, when i did all a 100 equal, louisa was, i'm deli, someone was he t cell conky. i moved out to san jose, binge harden's alcohol and never implement into despite be in a lot of pain. but we'll, we'll have to endure
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a whole day on horseback to get to hospital. mm. do we, did you just would you talk about volitional one, jenna. how do i go with? oh, no, i wouldn't do it. i got a whole lot. i guess one of the toner by the got, but each with albany woke, which is like, how does your mom should you do it by the gate? you budget when they go fill out my years? it's like a one. i'm with the more no one on his you deny what i literally years are to you. did that with somebody just
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a moment and well worn out tomorrow. do the scene in the city sitting down and doing nothing. won't get the 3 out of sight . it some so the way people, like alice said alina an empty try every day, to meet every once life, just a little easier. the jenny, a jenny of bays, and one of necessity with 3 different missions that all facing the challenge of driving on nicaragua was unpaid roads at the mercy of its unpredictable tropical weather. risking its own liquor acura on al jazeera ah,
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compelling journalism. we're keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous ambulances about the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made fab al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. oh, from the al jazeera london pro cal center to special guest in conversation. when you say a lie, a 1000000 times, it becomes a fact. you then can create whatever narrative you want on prompted uninterrupted. you know, i realized i was working for something i was evil, you know, being a part of actually creating at maria right now. meet christopher wiley, the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio.
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be unscripted on al jazeera ah, holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. seats row in the world on al jazeera. ah, i guess we'll just do something. yes, president joe biden believes russia wilson forces in ukraine, but warns moscow will pay all my products. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is out. they are alive from dough also coming up 5 days on the 1st flight, carrying a lands and toner. the volcanic couch is cleared from the international effort and the name of god does not britton's prime minister faces.


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