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this bear deep in that location and death suffers the same church until then, this under water labyrinth is blooming with help leah hardin al jazeera and the sky is no longer the limit. 14 age pilot czar rutherford, the 19 year old, touched down in belgium becoming the youngest woman ever to fly around the world. solo it took her 155 days to complete the 32000 mile journey. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. the u. s. secretary of state says he and his e partners are acting with one voice on russia. is held talks in berlin with ministers from france, the u. k. and germany. they are increasingly concerned by a build up of russian forces on the border with ukraine. all of these engagements are part of a wide range of ongoing consultations with our european allies and partners. more
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than a 100. in recent weeks, along including with ukraine, nato, the european union, the oversee the bucharest line, as well as many bilateral conversations with individual countries, to ensure that we are speaking and acting together with one voice. when it comes to russia, that unity gives us strength a strength i might add that russia does not and cannot match the u. k. medias reporting that the prime minister boris johnson's private secretary, was advised not to go ahead with a gathering during corona virus lockdown. i tv using the used k is saying that martin reynolds was sent an email by a senior official. it invited 100 people to gathering in may of 2020 johnson admitted attending but said he thought it was a work of any india is recorded. its highest number of new corona virus infections in 8 months. more than 300. 17000 new cases reported on thursday. cities across
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india have reintroduced restrictions to control the surge. health officials are concerned about the cupboard 19 outbreak in pakistan's biggest city karachi. around 60 percent of new cases in the country are being recorded that the united states says it won't resume economic assistance to saddam without a civilian government. thousands of protest as a back on the streets, voicing anger against the military. on monday 7 people were killed by the security forces. a german inquiry has found the form of pope benedict knew about abusive priests which failed to act when he was archbishop of munich from 1977. to 1982 benedict who was known as cardinal joseph. resting at the time as repeatedly denied claims he covered up abuse. adrian has a news for you from 15 g. i'll have a news for you from 10 g tomorrow. we'll see them up. next, it's the stream by, by the latest news, as it breaks the new men with it added
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a voice of these giant doug from having more woven power is being able to extract more food more quickly with detail covering everywhere you look, there is this suction, the food survive, your tele light will never be the same again from the, from around the world. he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now, should she ah, i us, i me okay. you're watching the stream. the cause for british prime minister boys johnson to step down are getting louder. revelations, about a series of government officials holding parties. cook lee, the downfall of the prime minister. youtube is open join our conversation on you, chip. could a party gate finish voice johnson. that is the question. i will do my best to get your analysis into the day shad boyd johnson may still be able to survive
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a current political stool. but that doesn't mean that a support at vo 40 in the leadership really had within the conservative party will remain the same. it'll be a lot of conservative pays. he speaking to that constituency. and think that actually pass that st. are in danger as a result of this is more allegations down the line. if the report is coming out, funds for johnston to be guilty of any wrong doing that. i do think we could see the prime minister, either resigning or force to resign by his own employees. let small, no paddle, hello, i shall i, tom and i need really good to have a few of you with us. today's and quality ponder tre, audience, stand by for that. ash, welcome to the screen. please introduce yourself to apple. i will audience. hi, i'm a stocker, i'm contributing editor of our media and i'm a right here in nice that he, tom, it's been
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a while since he had on the stream. welcome back. we might audience, hey, you are what you day. yeah. hi, my name is tom hall. i'm director to correspond, luke, keeping usa tv channel here in the u. k. nice to have an hello. maybe even want to add 0. i need to know exactly who need me is. if you haven't me was about to tell you welcome. i am leave burger out there is presenter and correspondent braced in our european folk. our center here in land. i guess. let's start with david davis. he's a conservative and p a former minister. this is what he said on wednesday, june question time have a listen. have a look in like many on these benches us when we among us defending the prime minister against often angry constituents. i reminded them of his succession delivery breakfast and many other things. but i expect my
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leaders, he shoulder the responsibility for the actions they take. yesterday. he did the opposite of that. so i'll remind him of a quotation altogether too familiar to him of leroy murray. neville chamberlain. you sat there too long for all good. you've done the name of god. go tom, what do you make of that? so direct lot sitting on the fence. so direct and so historic. the words of leo amory in 1940 brought about the town full of metal chamberlain agreeing about winston churchill time as prime minister. that was an event that happened in the house of commons. and indeed that itself was a quote of a former lord protector of england. oliver cromwell, who dismissed one of his parliaments with the words in the name of god, go so really evoking a hundreds of years old tradition within parliament. really quite powerful
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statement. and one that was punctuating an interest in prime ministers questions. because of course, this problem, this is question time where the prime minister walks, you know, the 5 minutes beforehand, a member of parliament defected from the conservative party to the opposition party to the labor party. this had a really interesting effect in the mood of the chamber. to some extent. you noted a lot of the m p 's behind or strokes and who might not be. so if you sit in the court, of course, johnson just a few hours earlier, a saw in effect to the real enemy was this intervention from david davis, a former cabinet minister, a senior back bench conservative m p seemed a little bit out of whack with what the rest of the conservative seem to be doing which was rallying around or still in an a to a greater degree. and they were doing even just a few hours before. and i'm just going to play at the moment where conservative m p
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crossed the floor into the labor ranks. you can see here in my credit i am wondering what you made of polish john since then how he's handling himself under pressure. ash or johnston is usually somebody who comes across as oh, the mistake founding after they get busy with energy. i'm do usually looks like the kind of politician to confirm almost any lie with a little bit of a stigma and a hint of. well, this is all very silly. that to me now has almost completely evaporated this week. we have seen of forest duncan, he looks, i think, genuinely quite taken. because his brain on the conservative party, which looked up, the new lay unbreakable off the delivering that landslide in the 2019 general electron is now located weak by the day,
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the significance of this and peak briskin or wake, but also the floor really can't be overstated. what this does is that the mutiny in forest johnston's party is really coming from all 5. you have a day that davis, who's known as what is known as a grand date, means an old, a fake, as someone with senior see someone who is deemed to the lead newer m. p 3 parliament. furthermore, and then you've got christian whitefish who is a new intake and he won his the from label on a very slim majority of only 400 folk in 2019. and he's the 1st to see, i know i could lose my lovely 8080000 pounding a job in the next general election. i go to do something i could put distance between myself and a prime minister if the entire nation is i regret unable to put aside with a policy be winning that the again,
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the next general election need is hard to believe. this is all come from a series of policies and not even leslie recent parties. party to months ago. yeah, i mean over the last week, nearly day by day we've been hearing more more about the breaking of rules, allegedly by stuff on the bar as johnston parties that may have taken place at 10 down the street or indeed of other government departments. if we thought it was bad enough, we bought something last wednesday, having to apologize for attending a garden party at 8 the fisher residence in number 10 will. since then, we've heard about double leaving dues at 10 downing street, where officials may have been sent down to supermarkets to buy more boos. of d. j is being hired a parties happening on the eve of the funeral. if the duke of edinburgh, when the country with the national morning, it has been really quite astonishing boys johnson, quite sullen on monday during interviews, but i think in parliament today the ticker is johnson was back doing his best to
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deflect attention away from all of these allegations swirling around to me when you told me to follow that you were going to be on today's program. what discussion was new to henry said this on twitter. he should step down. this is boyce johnson, because if this honorable not to lead by example, the concept of boys johnson actually was signing himself without being pushed me. could you even imagine that would happen? i know quite simply, no, this is a man who is a political survives a teflon politician, a man who has made it very much. a part of his political career to skirt around can control massey to get people on the side to cajole and convince where possible, the idea that he should wholeheartedly admit defeat and fallen his sword seems almost unthinkable. right now this appears at this particular moment in time. to be
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a man who will fight this to the bitter end. does look at some more thoughts here on twitter, alex, he needs to go. the lives of piled up to high, not forget the horror story that he's the covert response. let alone break, say one more tweet here and 7 take. i think it would be best for him to resign before he is forced to go ash. what is the feeling in the u. k. about boys johnson resigning? i'm looking at some polls and he's his popularity has gone so far down. it's even below to reasons. maze who was below 50 percent of favorability was a public thinking. but you make a very good point, nathan, which is the poll elder own story, which is that labor of riding high concert, emerging, cool, i'm exploring and getting a dropping in those radical, the northern and midland state. they want to flavor in 2019,
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make more conservative and peace more about their own future bearing chris, and of course, the seat of the confess, parliamentary majority. the other thing to keep an eye on this is coming up in focus groups because the mood has really turned against, or there's been focus groups being wrong by p. o. format down the street from the list. what's being said, he's a liar, he's a counselor because beach brought this and more than that, the conservative is being diminished by continue to post the ation with prime minister for john. but these are the kinds of me page which could get more n. he's right, the lesson was 1920 committee, which is our huge breakout. it's talent to a conservative party leader. right. the guy with brain brady. he can't really know why this is like an organized the santa is big. that could be more think. anyway,
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this is a kind of thing which, and he's again or don't, but at the scene today, they're in white thing. the school could remind them that actually the real enemy is laid out. no one else is really think it's very fever. all very is certainly incredibly see by the way until they, i think it's worth looking at the polls as they stand now in the context of where we are. and we're, of course, in the middle of a parliamentary term, parliamentary terms of the u. k. can last up to 5 years, we just over 2 years in this one it's, it's very ordinary at this stage and a political cycle for the governing party to be behind in the polls. if we think back to david cameron in 2013, he was 15 points behind the labor party in 2013, 2 years later he won the general election. we think back to margaret thatcher. she was double digits behind the labor party during the westland affair of 1986
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a year later she won an enormous parliamentary majority, lost its true and absolutely undeniable. the conservative party is absolutely tanking in the polls right now. it's not actually that out of line from where we'd expect to see a mid term parliament. indeed, if we look even it's tony blair's ratings in around 2001 during the oil crisis, crisis and foot and mouth. and all of that the conservative party was ahead until the blair, of course, went to win on another election. so really, we need to look at this in the round in sort of context of the parliamentary term that we're seeing. it definitely will see many new m p 's says she don't have as much time looking over the history of politics. are those that are trying to make the 1st moves but can pin it on because it might not be that they are just, you know, ignorant of conservative party history and might be that you're going to close the
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right on their let your think. so you do you have these new and take and he's that have much lena dorothy and conservative party and faith. and they're thinking to themselves, how stable is this the leg or coalition that that got together in 2019? are we out of that period volatility? which really began in 2016. you had 2017 threes and mail using her majority. you then had 2019 a concert party landslide, or an awful lot of them. he's in those no gun and middle, and the guy that same electorate, which and on a die and delivered me my lovely job. they could turn on me again. i want and yet you see this so i could cheat. god, i want to bring in, i'm just wondering, going forward if, if there was an election tomorrow, whether these people are dismayed for the conservative party they gave their vote to for the 1st time in these red war seats were talking about areas of the country,
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largely the north of england traditionally voted labor that switch to legions the conservative party, whether these people would actually go ahead and switch their religions back. whether these polls simply show a reactionary response in the midst of a crisis. how trusting should we be? of these numbers, right? now, so need, i'm just going to push on a little bit. i know that you've been reporting on, on some of the scandals that have hit the tory party that had services over a number of years after boys johnson was off the scene for a few days because a family member had cove. it. he came back and he had an interview that was on january the 18th. and in this interview, he was asked about having a party in downing street the eve of the duke of edinburgh funeral. and he looked extremely contrite. let's take a look. this is in course,
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this is 1st time we've seen you since reports emerged in the daily telegraph, not denied by don street about 2 busy parties howled in the garden in the buildings of number 10 the night before prince phillips funeral. when the country was in national morning, was having to apologize to the queen about those parties. the night before she put her husband over 70 years, she laid into rest was not the moment of shame for you. i deeply and bitterly regret that that happened. and i can only river and renew my apologies both to her, to her majesty and her to the country. ah, for misjudgments of that, that were made and for which i take full responsibility. neither being so many at scanned or surviving by st. johnson that the cabinets. toriana hayes. why is this one different? is it different?
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well, judging by his facial expressions during that interview, even behind the marsh, this was a man that seemed brow beaten, almost defeated after days, weeks of continual cool from opposition and peace to come clean on exactly what the prime minister did know or didn't know what kind of culture, he presided over downing street, had appeared exhausted, and that's after having eval days away from cameras isolating with a family member. it does raise big questions about how longer, how much longer boys johnson can cute can really last thing that only 24 hours later he was up in parliament is ticklish. all self batting criticism away. left right and centre, reframe in the argument back on his achievements. on how the government to handle the pandemic over the past 700 days on the one that appears contrived. on the other hand, he appears as if he's got all to play for it. he's
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a man that says treated in many ways, politics like a game throughout his career. and this is what needs to come into play well to the last for the looks of it. i'm going to, i think it's really important to note just how quickly things have changed the last few days that we were having this conversation last night. i think everyone here would agree that we were thinking the orange johnson was about to be brought down in a matter of our having this conversation tonight. it seems that he's faced at least until next week. and really we're seeing such a quick turns in the fortunes of what is going on. land indeed, in the institute, many conservative empties upon. seeing that pul interview with the prime minister on monday were really quite irritated by his performance and thought, to some extent it was a performance down as if it was the. do you think? do you think? do you think that was a performance? i think she would definitely have gained these questions with his advisors. there's
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no way that he would have spent so many days inside number 10 before having its 1st cost interview and not have thoughts about those questions. of course, that story of advice is having a party, it has to be set to the product. it was 40 miles away in his country retreat at the time. but these policies before prince philip, but you could bet a funeral took place. i think everybody happened thought while he was prime minister, obviously as be point of contention. i, i think you're touching on something really important here tell which is we've talked about the conservative party and piece we talked about incentive to post it . and i think it's really important for the media landscape as well because bars, johnson in many ways is a creature of the british media. he thought it out as a journalist. he was employed by the telegraph as a dog columnist, walter of a 1000000 pounds a year. he's somebody who has enjoyed very closely to the christian media and in
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some ways these 2 institutions have bet on each other. so don't look at the progress they have left leaning liberal paper. look at what's being said in the mail in the times. and in particular, the telegraph because it was the telegraph for still since own former employer, which broke the story about the downing street on the, on the eve of prince philip funeral. now this is important because they have been prime minister most reliable back amongst the british news pay for their that be a dramatic get tired. and in the, an aggressive an off style story for the prime minister. he's going to be looking over his shoulder, asking himself, well, how much i rely on my end is how much and i rely on my ministers. some of them may have their own ambitions. take my jo and also an online review view of the
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british media head of the telegraph. i wasn't in bed with the telegraphs, political correspondent training diver is an excellent journalist. got a very good story and run it on their front page that i really think there's more to it that they, they found a good school and like any good journalist who ran that good school, i don't think that there is a tell ask and i told tom last night, just asking this because i did promise out is that they can be part of the conversation as well. to add to was wondering, why are they media leakers bringing this story after almost a year. quick thoughts, tongue quick thought. nick, she quick in a sentence. tom, you go fast. i think they fundamentally didn't have their hands on it until now. we know that a number of people have less downing street people who used to work it down on the streets of left over the last 12 months. and potentially the source is a bit more loosely now from the back of months ago. and okay. okay. there were 100
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people invited to that down the street party that more people than i'm going to invite to my 3rd year this year. and secondly, one of the parties was held at leave injury for james black, who was director of communications at downing street. what was his next job? it was deck, the editor of this time, one of the biggest newspapers in the country i did make bringing. this made the point that i knew the media didn't though. yeah. is this frankly risible. i mean, so what, chris, why mr. saying right now is, let's wait for the inquiry. can you remind us what this inquiry even when, when we find out about it findings. yeah, well, we're hoping that we'll find out the ins and outs of this inquiry within the coming days. although sue gray, who's the top civil servant task, when we're doing the inquiry, is clearly getting more more information dumped and in box, which may be contributing to the length of time when this inquiry is going on for.
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she's a woman who is nicknamed as the sleaze buster of white pool. she has been responsible for the departure of some quite celia m p. 's in the past and she's past not in a judicial way, but in a fuck finding way to, to explore and investigate wrongdoings in downing street other government departments and look into these parties with greater detail and see also crucially for the public. what kind of role abortion also may have played in all of this? i love this question on youtube because it's what we're all thinking, but we don't want to get ahead of myself, but bunstein, you know, that he'll do this eugene question. i'm going to put it to ash and then also to tom . i do think the country is lazy, love relationship with a conservative. so the question is really, who will they replace boyish johnson when that's assuming that boys don't, he's on his way out actually stop. well there are 2 li contenders with his final
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minister, ruthie do not. and foreign minister a list for both of them have been raising their media profile was diverse. he said mr. newberry, i ministerial looking photo shoot, you know, having fight johnny relationship, the e can in the media, make a but you never know with the conservative party, there's always room for a dark or at her eyes. everybody. i'm out on top. and it thing and politics, he who will the knife will never wear the crown. that's why i think of things that's not a tina from at these would be leadership intent as they don't want to be too close . johnson, they don't want to be in a him. all right, so, and this is they have a potential potential challenger. i'm tom who will follow on from prime minister boys johnson. well, at the moment that does seem to be this sort of these 2 candidates who are potentially out in front of course,
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where she see that person who became chelsea of georgia finances of the united kingdom just 2 years ago has been rocket. it school started market rolled out what was called the furlough scheme, and the u. k. giving out cash to people so that they could freeze their jobs during the credit of ours pandemic. he was a c as a big spending chocolate during the crisis and has potentially smoothed over a lot of the problems that we did to parents. and we got pretty high employment and the economy has done all right to the last 2 years. so he's built up a bit of a base there, but he's annoyed a number of conservatives because he's raised taxes as a result of these 2 years. so potentially, he's someone who's more popular and might be the head choice. but maybe the heart choice might be less trust, someone who's much more. libertarian believes in a small government wants to get rid of a number of government departments. what sort of a, you know, you know,
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giving us here you think you think might be that out there in the field, ash and tom and me. thank you so much for helping us pack the politics. if you go under j about prime minister boys johnson, i'm not here on my laptop of audio dot com. most johnson has his own page of stories. you can keep up to date out there, dot com. and of course, a way to watching what happens in new york has implications all around the world. it's the home of the united nations. it's a center of international finance, international culture to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday people to normal people, not just power brokers, and that's where al jazeera is different. the mayor of the city announced that he was doing the way with the curfew. that was, that was to get everybody off. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in and then pulling back out again step beyond the comfort zone. where assumptions are challenged. travel to the ends of the earth and further
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16 people with corruption and compassion al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is, these are live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u. s. did sewer piano allies warned that any washing aggression will have grave consequences, even as moscow continues to amass tens of thousands of troops near ukraine. the number of members of parliament, her face pressures and intimidation for members of the government. a senior conservative politician in the.


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