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1st, signal for the death of democracy studio, b and square dates on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call hand well, but you can use in current affairs that matter to you. oh, any, any of the symbol rushing units move cross ukraine border. that is in bay, but it will be met with severe and coordinated economic response. here as president joe biden says, the bratia will pay a heavy price if it invades ukraine. ah, hello, i'm adrian again. this is al jazeera life dough, also coming up. a number of members of parliament have faced pressures and intimidation from members of the government. a member of the british government
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accuses his own parties, leadership of black mailing politicians, bustamante boris johnston's resignation. a job of the inquiry finds what formal pope benedict knew about historic sex abuse, but did nothing to punish those responsible addison. bob, when in zimbabwe, health officials battle age old beliefs as they raced to get people vaccinations against cobit 19. ah, we began in washington where moments ago, u. s. president joe biden warned russia that it will pay it will face rather heavy price if it invades ukraine. by been absolutely clear with president proving he has no misunderstanding any, any assembled rushing units, new crossing korean war. that is an invasion. but we met with severe
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and coordinated economic response that i've discussed in detail with our allies as well as laid out very clearly for president food. but there is no doubt, let me know down at all that makes this choice. russian a heavy price live out of washington. white house correspondent, kimberly how could it with us and what do you make of what the president had to say that that was quite different from yesterday when his press secretary at to come out and issue a clarification. yeah, the u. s. president on the anniversary of his 1st year in office was speaking there from the white house from prepared remarks, and that is no accident. and the reason is because on wednesday evening is the president held a press conference from the easter of the white house. he seemed to suggest that there was a sliding scale of repercussions if you will, if russia were to invade you crane, suggesting potentially that if there were
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a minor incursion, there may be a lesser response. and that prompted not only alarm, but in some cases, outrage here domestically as well as around the world, even prompting the ukrainian president zalesky to suggest on social media on twitter that there are no such thing as minor incursions. well, since the president made those remarks, we've seen the secretary of state's antony lincoln as well as the white house press secretary issuing statements and saying publicly that what the president was suggesting is that there are a range of actions in terms of attacks that russia could take and that there have been a range of tactics, rushes taken from cyber attacks to military attacks. but regardless of the tactics, no matter what type of attack russia takes, the united states and its allies would be swift and severe in terms of its response . but given the fact that there was this concern, an alarm you saw there,
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the u. s. president coming out very forcefully saying in fact that there would be a very strong response. we know from weeks of messaging from the white house, what those responses would be in terms of the 1st step would be academic sanctions that would be punishing and would have long and lasting impacts. we should also point out that that messaging is going to continue to be sent with the secretary of state meeting with his counterpart on friday in geneva, the a secretary of state antony, blinking, meeting survey, laugh rob the russian foreign minister in geneva, where he will be not only sending that message, but also sending the message that the russia request, that there be some sort of assurance provided that there will be no ground ting of membership into nato, for either ukraine or moldova, that that is not going to be sent. instead, the message from the united states is that the path to diplomacy, or rather diplomacy is the only path forward in terms of resolving the security
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differences over ukraine. and the concern being right now that, that amassing of russian troops along the border near ukraine as this is a concern. this, of course, that the united states believes that there could be an imminent invasion. and that is why this is such an urgent, urgent matter for the united states. the u. s. president wants to get underscoring, this is a matter that needs to be resolved and have russia does not choose the right path. the united states will respond swiftly. all white house correspondent, kimberly how could they live in washington? kimberly many thanks. meanwhile, in berlin, biden's top diplomat and the blinking has been projecting a show of unity with european allies against moscow. lincoln met german officials, as well as foreign ministry officials from france and the u. k. in berlin. they've all vowed a swift and severe response to any possible russian aggression against ukraine, even as were relentlessly pursuing this diplomatic path. will continue to make very clear that if moscow chooses the path of further aggression,
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we will impose swift and mass of cos. on this 2 were united chassis shops made that clear a few days ago. when he said that russia would bear high cost for such an escalation, so that our british and french counterparts earlier today. and it's the same message that we've heard from the g 7 from nato, from the european union, among others. and here's why new satellite images show russia's military build up along its border with ukraine. and that's what's raising fears of an of an invasion . ukraine says that moscow has not deployed more than 127000 personnel near the border and is almost completed. it's build up of troops. well, let's get the view from both kids and moscow. on those developments from our al jazeera correspondence who are their precious foreign ministry, is very clear about what they're hoping to achieve from the meeting on friday in geneva. that is, they want to take the next steps on negotiations on security guarantees that
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they're asking the american government about the possibility of nato expanding further eastward, as well as not allowing ukraine to join the military alliance. that is something that is very much a red line for this country. so that's the official position here, but i want to, or near russian. think about the ongoing tensions we ask them, people here in the capital in years what they had to say. you don't wish to women, you put, i think there will be no war. it seems to me that we have the situation from time to time because authorities need to keep people up with something apart from coded, not put. his rating is just going down near and where i don't believe it's possible that property nations will ever start this war. i wouldn't one t because why, what for to prove war and to whom are stand for peace? no one ever knew hotels put them on the table. nose nectar wise, it'll need it. i wish we don't make war, especially with ukraine. we are brothers. indeed, that's all i can tell you as the world waits to find out what happens in geneva on
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friday, many here are hoping that diplomacy and dialogue can continue to be the ha to try and de escalate the looming crisis. ukrainians have been closely monitoring the flurry of diplomatic efforts over the past few weeks. as this crisis has been deepening. after all, this is a conflict that has cost this country more than 14000 lives and add to that more than 1400000 people who are internally displaced. but beyond that, you don't get the feeling that people are worried about an imminent russian invasion, despite all the rest, the rake may hear back from their own leadership, or indeed european and american apollo tissues. now, people would tell you that this is actually not the right time for russia to cross the border. they say that the situation is different than back in 2014. they said that the army ukrainian army now is much more capable,
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is much better equipped. it has received a training, so they feel that they are much more confident now. and that russia knows exactly that. a senior conservative m p is accused the british government refusing intimidation of blackmail against those in the posse. calling for prime minister boris johnson to resign, downing street says it hasn't seen evidence of the allegations. it is. of course, the duty of the government whips office to secure the government's business in the house of commons. however, it is not their function to preach the ministerial code in freshening to withdraw investments for members of parliaments, constituencies which are funded from the public purse. additionally, reports to me and others of members of staff, number 10, downing street, special advisors, government ministers, and others. encouraging the publication of stores in the press. seeking to embarrass those who they suspect of lacking confidence in the prime minister is
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similar, unacceptable. the intimidation of a member of parliament is a serious matter. moreover, the reports of which i am aware would seem to constitute blackmail. antivirus paul brennan in london, says that allegations of wrongdoing a getting closer to the prime minister. the very public complaint from william rag who is a senior conservative m. p, the chairman of the public administration committee, who put aside the business of that committee. it was meeting this morning to make this extraordinary statement, essentially accusing a government which they are. the officials that make sure that the employees vote in the way that the government wants him to vote, but all the way up to government ministers accusing them of really strong arm tactics against those rebel m. p. 's. you've expressed disquiet about boris johnson's character and his judgments in his credibility up to and including the possibility of withdrawing government funding for projects within the
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constituencies of those empties to a level where it amounted. according to mister rag, said, possibly even blackmail, the prime minister though, when asked about it later, he's away on a visit down to the south. west of england said he'd seen no evidence of this kind of pressure being put on on m p. so it is a bit at the moment here say, but it's an indication of just how, how much of a hot bed parliament is. well, it edges closer and closer to the prime minister, the prime minister, adamant that when he attended that party on the 20th of may 2020, he thought it was a work events. him to be fair down the street is both his home and his workplace. but the question mark is whether the man who organized that event martin rentals the prime minister's private secretary, should have known better. and it's a marriage to day that a senior official warned him by email that hold on mr. reynolds. this party would be in conservation contravention. of the current coven restrictions that the rest of the country are having to abide by you not allowed to gather in groups,
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sir. larger than 6 people outside your household are sort of thing. and, and so although we haven't been able to yet, soup formally say the prime minister knew certainly his closest private secretary has been and she was informed by email. and that that really puts martin reynolds had very much on the chopping block. but germany, he has found that former pope benedict knew about abusive priests, but fail to act when he was archbishop of munich from 1977 to 1982 benedict who was known as cardinal joseph wrap singer at the time as repeatedly denied claims that he covered up abuse, but investigators say he knew and allowed the priest involved to continue working without sanction in instant in a total of 4 cases, we have come to the conclusion that the then archbishop cardinal rods and go east to be accused of his conduct in cases of sexual abuse, christopher lamb has vatican correspondent for a tablet, a catholic publication. he says, the legal ramifications of this inquiry are still unclear. they are quite serious
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allegations. i mean, they are that the priest see were accused of abuse, were moved there between viruses and, and effect feet nor handle properly. they were not removed from ministry and they were north sanctions now. tragically, that is how abuse cases were handled in the period that the inquiry is looking at that when it comes to cotton rats and that's the late seventies and early eighties. and so in some respects what's a former poet benedict did was really very similar to what many, many of the bishops and leaders or how they handled abuse. and also i should say, how, why does society in some respects was was handling abuse, but benedict is saying that he is denying these,
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these allegations against him. and what's interesting is that m pope francis who has not been accused of misconduct and abuse but has been accused of not handling cases in perhaps a correct way. he and the past has issued apologies for how he handled abuse. now one option for benedict. the 16th would be to hold his hands up and apologize, but so far he's not doing that. he saying, i did, i did nothing wrong. i dispute his allegation, said that's where we could have some problems. and of course, we didn't know what the leak ramifications might be from this report as well. breaking news on out as here of the saw. just want to draw your attention to reports that we're getting from gonna that say that dozens of people are feared dead after what's been described as a huge explosion that happened near the mining town of bull ga. so in the countries western region, the course of the blast is not yet clear, but early reports suggested it was a gas explosion. police say recovery oper,
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operations are on the way. i will bring you more details on that breaking news as when we get them. still to come out here on al jazeera, the 1st instructional aide reaches toner. 5 days after a volcanic eruption triggered a devastating sun army. and i will see a newman by the magellan street on the very tip of south america, where a new climate observatory is being launched. and it will help to resolve mysteries, which is why these whales had been reaching more and more along the coast. ah. the cold wind has blown snow has fallen. they will be able to come by the time being. this is the picture in northern syria, which is probably not very welcome. so for the most part it being a refugee camp. some will enjoyed. admittedly, there is more to come in
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a couple of days with immediate future, the sun, these out, and the be a small thought, but the real code has brought with it is increasing the strength of wind dancer, the gulf, and that's dropping temperatures of daytime highs. will be in the teens well below where they should be, and more remnants of nighttime until the wind eases, which is going to be maybe sunday. temps will fill. on the low side, you got winchell winchell in the middle east. and that could be gusting up to about $65.00 can be for this is in the north of katherine now. it may not be the day this more obvious temperature wise over about 10 degrees below average in places when the record lows in the desert, cold in riyadh low is actually minus one, the records mass 2.3. so we're in the vicinity. anyway, things will slowly improve as we go for the next day or so for most in the middle east is big gap, have sunshine with snow coming back turkey and still falling afghanistan and northern pakistan. but we should briefly look at things further. south madagascar flooding in the capital may be enhanced late on saturday and sunday, as
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a deep blow comes back into the country. ah, gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world. won the cause of needed to oakland and develop it pulls into national shipping companies to become a key, middle east and trade and wanting skillfully knocked down 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato causes gateway to whoa trade. lou. ah,
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hello again. this is l 0. let's remind you. the main news. this r u. s. president joe bible says, of russia will pay a heavy price if it, if it attacks ukraine warning moscow that any movement into the country will be seen as an invasion. it comes up to he suggested the kremlin may be wouldn't face such harsh, harsh consequences for a minor incursion. u. s. secretary said anthony blink of his trying to build a united front of the nato allies of it. she is all the russian invasion of ukraine . lincoln met with foreign affairs officials from france. the u. k. a germany ahead of talks with russia's foreign minister on friday. at a german inquiry is found that form the form of pope benedict knew about abusive priests, but failed to act when he was archbishop of munich from 1977 to 1982 benedict who was known as cardinal joseph rats. ago. the time has repeatedly denied claims he covered up abuse. plains have delivered the 1st shipments of aid to tongue us and
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saturdays volcanic eruption of tsunami. the pacific island patient has been cut off from the world since the disaster weight, hey reports. tanya was cut off from the rest of the world when the disaster struck a submarine fiber optic cable was said that and will take at least 4 weeks to repair. in the meantime, some satellite phone and internet connections have been set up, allowing more footage to emerge of the devastation caused by the volcano and su nami, for some family in new zealand. the slight improvement in communication has come as a relief, even though everything. parts of thought houses be washed away the crops, but we had a family and no friends, a well at the moment, tongue. others anxiously wait for news while they prepared their own aid packages
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to send home. amid so much uncertainty, the pacific island community and new zealand is coming together to help the people of tongue and with ash on the ground and contaminating the water supply. this has become a precious commodity and will soon be on its way to tongue out. the 1st government aid has finally arrived. in oakland and new zealand, a force plane was loaded with supplies before departing for the international airport, just outside the capital nuclear loaf up. where it stayed on the ground for just 90 minutes. the straightly and military also deployed following confirmation that the runway had been cleared of ash and was safe to land on. they parties from the fallen government. what we're really working to primarily in the 1st, is the provision of claim water. that's the key priority that the government has asked for the run around $80000.00 tons and new zealand, most of whom would have strong family ties to their homelands. but have probably never felt so far away. wayne, hey, al jazeera,
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oakland new england is scrapping all corona virus measures meant to combat the electron variant vaccine certificates, mandatory mosque wearing and shops and guidance to work from home will all be removed as of next week. the u. k. health secretary says that the country needs to learn to live with cove at 19. some hospitals in england though, continued to be overwhelmed by patients. the data suggest that on the con, infections are dropping in most parts of the u. k. austria is expected to become the 1st european country to make cobit 19 vaccines mandatory for those 18 and older . it's parliament is likely to pass the law on thursday. by mid march. police will start random checks with a $680.00 fine for those who aren't vaccinated. the measures i meant to be in place for 2 years. many african countries are still lagging behind other regions when it
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comes to coven 19 vaccinations. so bob with government wants to change this and is ramping up efforts to increase vaccine uptake. however, matessa report style from her audi at 1st in by angel was in no hurry to get vaccinated until she got sick with cove at 19. it's why the students only now receiving her 1st job like others and bobbins, the 21 year old believe the misinformation and conspiracy theories about the vaccines. first, why is that when you get vaccinated rates the day earlier than expected? and the 2nd one is that what samuel did vaccinated you're initiated into such an isn't unlike most people are afraid of some sort of us life of rates and rears. where is a theory is very dangerous. zimbabwe missed is the same, but target vaccinating 60 percent of the 15000000 population just over
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a 3rd had been fully inoculated. health workers say the problem isn't getting vaccine deliveries. china recently sent 10000000 doses and more on the way the challenge is convincing. more people to accept them. oh, wendy cooney is getting her booster. she believes a low vaccination res could have something to do with the perceived madness of the on the con variant. most people don't know the benefits of being vaccinated. they just think it's, you know, we can get sick and recover at home. so most people won't come in just because of that. to raise the total, the government made a compulsory for all its workers to get vaccinated. the bobbins can only get into bars, restaurants and places of worship if they are fully inoculated. despite that daily vaccination rates have been dropping. for some people here getting vaccinated could mean losing a day's wages. first, they have to wait in line for public transport. then they have to join another line
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to get vaccinated that could take our health issues and are looking at getting a vaccination centers advice top. another proposal is to make it mandatory for everyone using public transport to show one of these a vaccination called proving they've had a job. the world health organization is only 7 percent of africa, one and a quarter in people. awfully vaccinated. reasons, very from country to country. they include access to the vaccines, logistics, hesitancy, and apathy. government leaders here said trying to educate everyone about getting vaccine protection. but i meg last year when he seemed to be a rush to get jobs. this time early. if he isn't bobbins. a chick lincoln had matessa out. his era had at the bulletin of atomic scientists have decided to keep the doomsday. clock stuck at 100 seconds to midnight. the clock is updated from time to time based on the world vulnerabilities. nuclear weapons,
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climate change and disruptive technologies was created by the scientists behind the manhattan project, which developed the 1st atomic weapons during world war 2 will. after the cold war ended, the u. s. russia began to make deep cuts to their nuclear arsenals. at 17 minutes to midnight, it was the furthest away from doomsday. we've been in the 75 year history of the clock, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and weapons, great materials. as though pushed the world closer to the brink since then, but the clock gained some time in 2010 as the us and russia agreed to reduce their hostels even further. but climate change as advanced, unchecked and new dangers emerged as the world saw just how vulnerable democracies were disinformation in 2020 the clock was moved 20 seconds closer to midnight. she was a threats of civilization ending nuclear war and climate change that could devastate the planet onto cirrus hardy joe castro joins us now live from washington to sell us war. they haven't moved the clock. heidi, that's good news. right?
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right. that's debatable. coming from the world's most brilliant scientific minds, 13 nobel laureates on this current board and the fact that we're still 102nd of, from that midnight apocalypse, in their esteem, they say is not necessarily good news. they say there were a variety of things that happened over the past year that we're good, but there were also many that were bad on the positive side. well, the start agreement between the u. s. and russia. they said that was good also. i also the u. s signaling and wants to re enter the the raw nuclear deal and re enter the paris climate accord. of course, there's also the rapid development of the cobit 19 vaccine. but that goes right into all the negatives that happened this past year as well, more than 5000000 people dead globally from cov id and the did an inequitable distribution of that vaccine to poorer countries. and there was the glasgow summit
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that did not result in those commitments to keeping a global warming and under 2 degrees celsius. ah, and the disinformation, they cited the january 6th insurrection in the u. s. specifically as signaling how weak democracy may be. and so all of those things cancelling each other out, but the scientists did have a hopeful note as well. adrian saying that human kind certainly has the capability to work against these threats and delivering messages to the youth in particular, and saying that they can go on to the, to, to the website of the bulletin dot org to find ways to help move that clock toward i not toward the apocalypse, but backwards. adrian. now the zeros hydro, castro live in washington, heidi, many french chili as established a climate change, observe retrievable, gather data from the most on beaumont as part of the southern hemisphere. all latin america editor lucille view and reports from solemn chile this is the magellan
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street that separates the american continent frontier rather frugal. it's often referred to as the end of the world, but also as a gateway to antartica, less than a 1000 kilometers south of here. we are on an expedition with chile science minister to inspect one of a $180.00 climate change stations. on the way we find the remains of a beached whale. this is just a fraction of what is covered by the southern hemispheres. longest climate change observatory, just launched by chile. so have sensors all the way from the public winslow all the way to the other. come and visit and we'll use a single platform to provide access to the data in a open access format. until now data from the southern cone has been scarce. climate scientists say the new observatory will provide badly needed data to track changes in temperatures. radiation,
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precipitation the direction and strength of winds and sea levels in real time. that includes antartica, which is a key modulator of the earth climate. when i'm sitting in my laboratory and by offices windsor in australia, i can still be seeing what's happening in antarctica because there are all sorts of climates effects that happen when we not bear me. dr. marcello lip is an expert in dinosaurs. fossils and climate change in antartica and patagonia were chillies. antarctic institute is based, i am actually touching is 74000000 year old fema of a dinosaur that lived here in patagonia and most likely in antartica. because at that time both land masses were one, it was one solid, semi tropical jurassic park. scientists believe that learning more about how and why dinosaurs like this, when died, could be vital to the survival of our own species. it was here that the climate
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change experts insist that we are at the stage where we must predict and prepare for what is coming and using the key words is mediator of a patient. but we still have time to produce. or i behavior more suitable with this new vision that we have to update the mitigate the changes in the, in the, in the next 2 years we're screw chilly. will launch an international antarctic center later this year and put that in us. dr. leopard says that it's a proximity to antartica, makes it an ideal location for global scientist to put their heads and data together to anticipate everything from floods in china, to heat waves and northern europe to drought in australia or chile. fortunately, unlike the dinosaurs mankind has the ability to access data and use science to help mitigate what is coming to see a newman al jazeera, my diane is chilly.


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