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ah, julio, could she to says he will bring you full of capitalism. what does this mean? we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. less than one percent of 4 vaccines have gone to poor countries. why is that counting the cost on al jazeera ah. ready high stakes push for diplomacy, america's secretary of state, arrives in geneva for talks with russia's foreign minister while fears rise over an invasion of ukraine. a hello barbara, are you watching? i'll just the real life from london also coming up,
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aid finally reaches the synonymy, swept pacific nation of toner, where one commodity is in very short supply. the sexual abuse scandal involving a former pope investigation said benedict, the fruit being failed to act against the abusive priest. when he was archbishop of munich plus, i'm to see a newman bible in jail in straight on the very tip of south america, where a new climate observatory is being launched. and it will help to resolve mystery and such as why views whales has been reaching more and more along the coast. ah, in america and russia's talk diplomats have arrived in geneva, whither schedule the whole talks over d escalating the situation in ukraine. russia has a mass around the $100000.00 troops around ukraine's borders, sparking fears of an invasion us secretary of state antony blinkin will meet
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russia's foreign minister, said k, lovegrove on friday. lincoln flew in from the german capital. berlin, once a symbol of the divide between the east and west during the cold war, he pledge at any russian aggression would get a swift and severe response from america and its european allies. us president, job i, there is also one that russia will pay a heavy price if it invades ukraine at the earlier suggesting the west would be split over how to react to what he had called them minor incursion. i've been absolutely clear with president. he has no misunderstanding any, any assemble and rushing units, blue cross and creating where that is an invasion. but we met with severe and coordinated economic response that i discussed in detail with our allies as well as laid out very clearly we're pretty improved. but there is no doubt, let me know down at all that makes this choice. russian
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a heavy price. when you satellite images show moscow is increasing. it's true, build up any of the ukranian border. and it's announced the raft of naval drills across the globe. but the kremlin denies it's preparing for an attack and is a use the west of staging, a cover for its own publications. dominic cane reports from berlin, ukrainian soldiers practice. 3rd drills near crimea almost 8 years ago. the peninsula was annexed by russia. now, many here and across europe, fear another act of aggression. and the u. s. president says he thinks it will happen on thursday in berlin. joe biden, secretary of state, spelt out what the west 3 action would be. we have been very clear throughout our, if any russian military forces move our across the ukrainian border and our commit new acts of aggression against ukraine on that will be met with a swift,
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severe united response from united states and our eyes and partners. and yet pictures like these from roster show russia increasing not decreasing its military readiness. some media reports suggest horses like these and many others on now poised with several strategic locations around the borders with ukraine. in moscow, the view is very different. the chevy mer, zappa lay equal grains at the moment. the western and ukrainian media, as well as officials, had become even more active in replicating speculation about the imminent russian invasion of ukraine. but as they put it, we are convinced that the goal of this campaign is to create an information cover for stating landscape publications of their own, including those a military character which may have extremely tragic consequences for regional and global security. ryan, i'm a product wiling. key of president viola dimia zalinski says his country's aim is
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to prevent war with its neighbour, hon marcia global edition. we do our best to find a diplomatic solution. we do our best for peace in ukraine. yeah. what should you do? only one thing don't do. hannah could keep your head cool. be self confident, be confident in our army and our ukraine level, where least was, will ye seal? here in the german capital ministers are clear. they say, if they want the russians to deescalate the situation, even a tiny step backwards would be a welcome step. but that any active aggression would have dire economic consequences for russia. even if that would also cost germany dearly dominate cane al jazeera berlin. well, how the dilemma is in the ukranian capital kia, where she says the atmosphere seems relatively calm. ukrainians have been closely monitoring the flurry of diplomatic efforts over the past few weeks. as this crisis
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has been deepening. after all, this is a conflict that has caused this country more than 14000 lives, and add to that more than 1400000 people who are internally displaced. but beyond that, you don't get the feeling that people are worried about an imminent russian invasion. despite all the rhetoric may hear back from their own leadership or indeed european and american politicians. now, people will tell you that this is actually not the right time for russia to cross the border. they say that the situation is different than back in 2014. they said that the army, the ukrainian army now is much more capable, is much better equipped. it has received a training so they feel that they are much more confident now and that russia knows exactly that ah,
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for shipments of international lead have arrived. been toner, 5 days after a devastating volcanic eruption and san army. the pacific island nation has been cut off from the rest of the world, but since saturday but phone lines are being restored and the runway has been cleared of ash, allowing military plains from australia, new zealand to land with crucial supplies. when have reports from oakland tongue was cut off from the rest of the world when the disaster struck a submarine fiber optic cable was severed. and we'll take at least 4 weeks to repair. in the meantime, some satellite phone and internet connections have been set up, allowing more footage to emerge of the devastation caused by the volcano and su nami, for some family in new zealand. the slight improvement and communication has come as a relief, even though everything. part of houses be
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washed away the crops, but we're here in france, a well at the moment income. others anxiously wait for news while they prepare their own aid packages to send home amid so much uncertainty. the pacific island community in new zealand is coming together to help the people of tongue and with ash on the ground and contaminating the water supply. this has become a precious commodity and will soon be on its way to tongue out. the 1st government aid has finally arrived in oakland and new zealand. a force plane was loaded with supplies before departing for the international airport, just outside the capital nuclear loaf up where it stayed on the ground for just 90 minutes. the australian military also deployed following confirmation that the runway had been cleared of ash and was safe to land on the parties from the fallen
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government. what we're really working to primarily in the 1st is the provision of clean water. that's the key priority that the government has asked for the run around $80000.00 tons and new zealand, most of whom would have strong family ties to their homelands. but have probably never felt so far away when hey, is live for us from oakland in new zealand. so when the 1st aid has arrived and more is on its way to tongue, what do we know about the details of what's happening with the air? yes, we're welcome news obviously for everyone so badly affected by this disaster with those 2 plains, able to land on thursday focus now turning to some of the navy ships that are on their way. the 1st from the new zealand navy has now arrived in tom and waters. it is carrying the usual humanitarian supplies on board. so again, that will be very much welcome by the tongue and government and the people of
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tongue. but also it has surveying equipment on board and specialist divers, so they can assess any undersea damage to shipping lanes and to the port as well. and obviously that is vital if more ships are able to get in there to continue the delivery of much needed aid. a 2nd use dylan ship is due to arrive later on friday . that is carrying again the usual humanitarian supplies, but also a dissemination plant. so they can continue to produce fresh water while they're in tang waters or indeed if they're able to dock their and a 3rd new zealand ship, the germans. it is canterbury which is docked at the devon port. naval base in oakland behind me is being loaded up and is expected to depart often within the next few hours. and when communication now is improving phone lines are working again. so we heard more from the government of
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yes, well obviously as mentioned in the package a few moments ago, there was a huge tang and community here in new zealand. so they are very much welcoming the improvement in the telecommunication system, which is up to about 10 percent of capacity at the moment. so better than nothing, as far as the government goes, well, they didn't really say anything. they were unable to say anything because of the communication difficulties until late on tuesday night. and then on thursday we had another statement issued through social media by the office of the prime minister of tongue. and they officially declared a state of emergency. so that just shows you how difficult the communication has been that it's taken until thursday, remembering that the disaster occurred on saturday night to declare that nationwide state of emergency. there was also a radio addressed by the king of tang a king to port the 6 that he urged courage and hard work for the rebuilding process
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. and he said in times of disaster, we can face difficulty by standing together. so that was the message by the king of tom slowly, but surely that communication system will start to improve. and some of these, a deliveries coming from new zealand and australia are also taking equipments with them that will enable that communication to improve again when hey, with the latest from oakland in new zealand. wayne thank a huge explosion has destroyed at least 500 buildings in ghana with fears of many casualties. pictures from the scene show the extent of the destruction. a local official says he saw at least 10 dead bodies. lee say a truck carrying explosives to a gold mine. in the west of the country, collided with a motorcycle. people are being advised to evacuate. the area was near by towns opening up rescue centers in churches and schools. at least 29
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people have been killed and several others injured during a stampede at a religious gathering in liberia 11 children and a pregnant woman animal. but that the incident took place at a football field in the capitol monrovia alarm. the gang is believed to have attacked worshippers during an all night. christian event triggering the stampede president george ware has declared 3 days of national morning still ahead here on al jazeera, an introduction to make an ism and fear of an early death. the misinformation slowing downs, involved with the vaccination drive, and we take an under water look at the prestige coral reef discovered for the 1st time off the coast of ah
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now check your social media. you'll find pictures of waterfalls and euro again happens every year. when you get big thunderstorms in the red center of australia and those undersold who continue in south australia is moving towards adelaide. the res top suggest potential for flash flooding ahead of it is quite moisture. few shells and the coast is not bad. on shore breeze. farther west, though perth, i think, has made a new reco of the number of days at 40 degrees celsius. if we carry onto saturday, that'll be at all times 5. i think going 6 in the road have been recorded before in 5th, at any time. it cools down a bit after that, but it's still pretty much on the warm side. there's a bit of a heat wave in western australia and increase in the shower potential seems likely in taiwan and maybe the coast of maine and china and lose all. in fact, this is the focus. it's going to be further east or heavier, right, which means vietnam gets off likely just a few shells. and it's called a pool of cloud that runs up from southeast asia through china as well, which tails off before it gets any further west and south. this is probably of here . so at last the dry and sunny and sir lanka, and
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a good part of india. not entirely sure in the next day or so, once again, an africana stan and northern pakistan was re moving in leaden scots. i think a more significant snow once again in northern pakistan. ah. the athletes a larger than life, but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy. 11 east gets re wreck safe inside to sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on l. g 0. ah, al jazeera, with new fluid
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ah, reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera america and russia's top diplomats of arrived in geneva, whither scheduled to hold talks of would be escalating the situation in ukraine. you a secretary of state, anthony lincoln will meet rushes, foreign minister said the lovegrove on friday. i made fears that russian troops gathered, i ukraine's order will launch an invasion. the 1st shipments of international aid have arrived and toner, 5 days after a devastating volcanic eruption and salami ashes blanketed the country's islands and spoiled much of its drinking water. and the huge explosion has destroyed at least 500 buildings in ghana with fears of many casualties. a local official says you saw at least the pen that parties a german inquest as found at former
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pope benedict, the 16th knew about several abusive priests when he was the archbishop of munich, but failed to act benedict. the 16th who was known at the time as cardinal joseph rat, singer, has repeatedly denied claims that he covered up abuse within his archdiocese. that the baba reports former pope benedict. the 16th failed to take action against clerics in 4 cases of alleged sexual abuse in his native germany. that's the conclusion of a report by a munich law firm, the archdiocese of munich and pleasing, asked it to investigate allegations of sexual abuse between 194520. 19 pope ameritas benedicts. formerly joseph rat, singer archbishop of munich, has previously denied wrong doing over the cases and marked him reasonably confirmed with a fall. essentially, he claims a lack of knowledge of the facts and a lack of relevance on the canon law. in doing so, he continues to claim ignorance,
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even when in our opinion it is difficult to reconcile this with the facts of the case. the report says there were at least $497.00 victims of abuse, mainly young males. it accuses cardinal wine, hard marks. the current archbishop of munich of misconduct in 2 suspected abuse cases. last year pope frances rejected an offer by him to resign. but the new claims have brought fresh pain for survivors of abuse in southern germany at early so little it isn't a healthy muffin and clearly it affects me very much on an emotional level. and it's the same area where the abuse also happened in my childhood. about 2 hours by train, from munich, and a small town. and of course that revised some things from me. from that time. that's i. the archdiocese is set to give a full response to the report next week, while the vatican's put out a statement that doesn't mention poke benedict saying it will evaluate the full report. benedict whose 94 has lived a secluded life in the vatican since stepping down as leader of the world's roman
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catholics in 2013 the 1st person to do so. in 600 years. the catholic church has been damaged by a series of abuse scandals in countries including australia, chile, france, island, and the united states. in germany, a study commissioned by the german bishops conference in 2018 concluded more than 1600 clergymen had committed some form of sexual abuse against nearly 4000 miners. the real number of victims is thought to be much higher. the dean baba al jazeera corona virus vaccines will soon be compulsory for anyone over 18 in austria, from february 1st finds that will apply for those who refuse parliament approved to move on thursday. the government is also introducing at national lottery as further incentive to get vaccinated. well, just the day after england announced its relics ation of its cove in 19 restrictions, france as outlined its time table for unwinding it's measures. it expects to begin loosening rules from february 1st, but scientists say the current wave of infections will not hit hospitals until mid
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march. meanwhile, india has recorded its highest number of new corona, virus infections in 8 months. infection rates have fallen in urban areas, but several cities have also re introduced restrictions. and in contrast, the schools and the state of my russia will reopen next week. work is also under way to bring more vaccines online. happening. natal has more from new delhi. it's been a yes is and just thought it it's vaccination drive. despite a slow thought, more than one and a half $1000000000.00 have been administered in the country. no authorities are recommending full market authorization for the 2 vaccines available here. that is the indian meet astrazeneca called covey shield, and the home grown vaccine called co vaccine. what this basically means is that the 2 vaccines could become even more widely available across all hospitals and clinics across the country. now this comes as corporate 900 cases feel old by the,
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on the chrome very and continue to rise across the country. and restrictions continue to be in place in the north eastern state of some cases have broken all previous vehicles. the state recorded its high a single bike. since the pandemic began, the government that has now imposed a vaccine mandate for those wanting to enter public places in southern india, in carola every 3rd boston testing for the virus is positive and demand for oxygen and hospital beds. has also gone up on the other hand, in the city of mon, by cases have dropped significantly. so the government that is reopening school starting monday, zimbabwe government is ramping up efforts to get more people vaccinated against kobe 19 hesitancy about the job, lack of public trust, and misinformation have hampered the, the rollout has had with us the reports now from the capital had already at
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1st when buying java was in no hurry to get vaccinated until she got sick with cove at 19. it's why the students only now receiving her 1st job like others and bobbins. the 21 year old believe the misinformation and conspiracy theories about the vaccines for friday is that when you're good for oxidative rates, you day earlier than expected. and the 2nd one is that why, but samuel did vaccinated, you're initiated into such an ism, and like most people are afraid of such on his own sol as life evolve rates and risk conspiracy. theories. rev thought dinners, zimbabwe missed is december target, a vaccinating 60 percent of the 15000000 population just over a 3rd had been fully inoculated. health workers say the problem isn't getting vaccine deliveries. china recently sent 10000000 doses and more on the way the
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challenge is convincing more people to accept them. when de cooney is getting her booster, she believes the low vaccination res could have something to do with the perceived mountainous of the armor con variant. most people don't know the benefits have been vaccinated, they just think it's, you know, we can get sick and recover at home. so most people won't come in just because of that. to raise the total, the government made it compulsory for all its workers to get vaccinated. the bobbins can only get into bars, restaurants and places of worship if they are fully inoculated, despite that daily vaccination rights have been dropping. for some people here getting vaccinated could mean losing a day's wages. first, they have to wait in line for public transport. then they have to join another line to get vaccinated that could take hours, health issues and are looking at sitting vaccinations, centers, advice, stops. another proposal is to make it mandatory if,
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if one isn't public transport to sell one of these, a bad summation caught proving they've had a job. the world health organization says just over 10 percent of africa's one and a quarter 1000000000 people of fully vaccinated reasons, very from country to country. they include access to the vaccines, logistics, hesitancy, and apathy. government leaders here say they're trying to educate everyone about getting vaccine protection. but i meg lasha when they seem to be a rush to get the jobs this time. only a few, some bobbins, a trickling in hardware, teresa or zora had our service government has abandoned plans to build a controversial lithium mine environmental protest, or as have been rallying against the project for weeks mining company, real teen co had planned to launch a $2400000000.00 operation and server, but activists pushed back saying, lithium mining would damage rivers and farmland. sheila has just launched the
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climate change, observe a tree that will gather an unprecedented amount of data from the most under monitored part of the southern hemisphere. and then make it available online for free. the observer tree is a network of sensor sensors that stretches from v v v, which is the northern most populated area of chile, along the length of the country to unit glazier in antarctica. a distance of about 8000 kilometers for scientists. it's part of a new effort to speed up information gathering so that they can predict the effects of extreme climate change. who see a newman reports now from full directness in sheila's southern motherland is region . this is the magellan street that separates the south american continent from peer rather frugal. it's often referred to as the end of the world, but also as a gateway to antartica less than a 1000 kilometers south of here. we are on an expedition with chile science minister to inspect one of a $180.00 climate change stations. on the way we find the remains of
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a beached whale. this is just a fraction of what is covered by the southern hemispheres. longest climate change observatory just launched by chile, so we have sensors all the way from your public peninsula, all the way to the other. come a dessert and we'll use a single platform to provide access to the data in a open access format. until now. data from the southern cone has been scarce. climate signed to say the new observatory will provide badly needed data to track changes in temperatures. radiation precipitation the direction and strength of winds and sea levels in real time. that includes antartica, which is a key modulator of the earth climate. when i'm sitting in my laboratory in my office, in windsor in australia, i can still be seeing what's happening in antarctica because there are all sorts of
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climates effects that happen when we not bear with dr. marcello lip is an expert in dinosaurs. fossils and climate change in antartica and patagonia were chillies. antarctic institute is based, i am actually touching is 74000000 year old fema of a dinosaur that lived here in patagonia and most likely in antartica. because at that time both land masses were one, it was one solid, semi tropical jurassic park. scientists believe that learning more about how and why dinosaurs like this, when died, could be vital to the survival of our owns, sees it was that, that the climate change experts insist that we are at the stage where we must predict and prepare for what is coming and using the key words is mediator of a patient, but we still have time to produce air i behavior more suitable with this new vision that we have to update them. mitigate the changes in the,
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in the, in the next 2 years. we're screw chilly. we'll launch an international antarctic center later this year and put that in his doctor lip. it says that it's a proximity to antarctica. makes it an ideal location for global scientist to put their heads and data together to anticipate everything from floods in china to heat waves. and northern europe to drought in australia or chile. fortunately, unlike the dinosaurs mankind has the ability to access data and use science to help mitigate what is coming to see a human al jazeera, my diana's chilly. scientists have discovered a rare coral reef off the coast of the hittie and wild rising temperatures have left many of the reefs struggling to survive. this stretch of c in the past in the south pacific has kept its under water, biodiversity thriving. leah harding reports an
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underwater garden bursting with color. scientists call this coral bed the field of roses stretching nearly 3 kilometers off the coast of tahiti. it's one of the largest of its kind, but with the war will be guided well. so now we will do our 1st dive along the reef of roses to see how deep they go. we're going to an unexplored world to explore the unexplored. it's quite motivating and exhilarating. coral reefs like this are hard to find anything below 30 meters is called the twilight zone. an area low an oxygen and difficult to reach. but rare living walls like this. keep dry and scientists down the other famous quarrel, like the great barrier reef off australia have been bleached by harmful human waste and rising c, temperatures. the marine life around them is suffering and disappearing too. but
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scientists are surprised by the condition of this particular garden seeming the unaffected by pollution. it's christine, looking awfully good, as i think it has managed to dodge the bullet. but you know, the question is, how long is it going to be before we get an event? that's that deep in that location and it suffers the same page until then, this underwater labyrinth is blooming with hope. leah harding al jazeera. ah, and now the top stories on al jazeera america and russia's top diplomats have arrived in geneva with a shuttle to hold talks over d escalating the situation in ukraine. russia has a mass around the 100100000 troops around ukraine's borders, sparking fears of an invasion. he was secretary of state,
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anthony lincoln will meet russia's foreign minister, said a lover on friday. he flew in from the german capital berlin, where.


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