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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2022 8:00am-8:30am AST

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ah, ah, yes, president joe biden warns russia it'll pay a heavy price if ukraine is invaded as new satellite picture show the scale of expenditure build up near the border. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from dough are also coming up to the u. s. as charge for bella, russian officials with the aircraft. piracy of a lost maze, forced diversion of a rhyme, f light. the 1st batches of international aid i sent a tele days off to an undersea volcanic eruption on some ami caused extensive damage. plus i'm to see a newman by the magellan, straight on the very tip of south america, where a new climate observatory is being launched. and it will help to resolve mysteries
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. such is why these whales have been reaching more and more along the coast. ah, we begin in washington where you as president joe biden has said russia will play a heavy price if it invades ukraine. the warning came was new satellite images showed the scale of the military build up along the border. ukraine says russia has now deployed more than a $127000.00 troops. white house correspondent, kimberly hall, get reports from washington. but there is no doubt, let me no doubt all the book makes this choice. russia will pay a heavy price. speaking from prepared notes on the anniversary of his 1st year in office, president joe biden sought to clarify the u. s. position on a russian invasion into ukraine. i've been absolutely clear with president putin. he has no misunderstanding any, any assembled rushing units,
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move across ukrainian border. that is an invasion but normally met was severe and coordinated economic response to quench it comes as the white house spent the day cleaning up his wednesday night remarks. stunning european allies by suggesting a lesser response to a smaller scale invasion. if it invades, it depends on what it does. it's one thing if richer, minored courage, you know that we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, etc who nothing but laura grains president vladimir zalinski, fired back on twitter, lasting biden's comments. we want to remind the great powers that there are no minor incursions and small nation soleski tweeted, just as there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones . i say this as the president of a great power, ah biden statements of
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a potential russian invasion of ukraine have exposed the divisions and doubt about the united states commitment among european allies. there is concern among allies that the u. s. if you don't have did not have the will to follow through on our own us, let activity in afghanistan, how much are they sure that we will falls room, protecting our lives, and how much are we willing to protect non allies when you're european security is in the balance u. s. secretary of state antony blinking is engineer for a meeting with russian foreign minister survey. laugh rob russia is seeking to hold a nato expansion and membership for ukraine in moldova, the u. s. will not provide such assurances, but instead will encourage diplomacy to resolve security differences. there is no urgency to the negotiations. president biden warned,
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with russian troops position close to ukraine's border. he believes russian president vladimir putin intends to attack. and a russian invasion of ukraine may be imminent. kimberly health al jazeera, the white house. let's get a view from both kia and moscow now on those developments. amount zeros correspondence with ah, your friend is have been closely monitoring the flurry of diplomatic efforts over the past few weeks as this crisis has been deepening. after all, this is a conflict that has cost this country more than 14000 lives and add to that more than 1400000 people who are internally displaced. but beyond that, you don't get the feeling that people are worried about an imminent russian invasion, despite all the rhetoric they hear back from their own leadership, or indeed european and american politicians. now,
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people would tell you that this is actually not the right time for russia to cross the border. they say that the situation is different than back in 2014. they said that the army ukrainian army now is much more capable, is much better equipped. it has received a training, so they feel that they are much more confident now and that russia knows exactly that. russia's foreign ministry is very clear about what they're hoping to achieve . from the meeting on friday in geneva, that is, they want to take the next steps on negotiations on security guarantees that they're asking the american government about the possibility of nato expanding further eastward, as well as not allowing ukraine to join the military alliance. that is something that is very much a red line for this country. so that's the official position here. but what the ordinary russians think about the ongoing tensions we ask them, people here in the capital, and here's what they had to say. if the move to women,
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you put, i think there will be no war. it seems to me that we have a situation from time to time because authorities need to keep people up with something apart from coded, not put. his rating is just going down near you, or i don't believe it's possible that property nations will ever stop this war. i wouldn't one t because why, what for to prove what, whom i stand for peace. when you tell us little news now, why is it still needed? i wish we don't make war, especially with the crane. we are brothers. indeed, that's all i can tell you as the world waits to find out what happens in geneva on friday, many here are hoping that diplomacy and dialogue can continue to be forward to try and de escalate the looming crisis. the u. s. department of justice is charged for government officials, some better routes with aircraft piracy for diverting a run a flight last may. the plane was flying from greece to lithuania when it was forced to london, minced by bell or russian fighter jet. but a roost accused of faking
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a bomb allah to force the croft down so that a government critic on board could be arrested. steven nicks is a regional director from eurasia at the international rehab republican institute. he says this is a significant step by the us. there's 2 salient points here. first is principle. the 2nd is timing. from the principal standpoint, this is exactly what the west needs to do to stand up to the authoritarian regime in bales. although these 4 individuals have been charged in us district court in new york, the real perpetrator here is alexander lucas. shank. all these 4 individuals are acting on his orders. so this is an important message that the west descending, that they're not going to tolerate air piracy, which is a legal term used to denote hi jackie. it's intolerable. and the west need to take stuff up. stand on this. the 2nd is,
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jaime. i think the timing is important because this comes at the same time that bail rosen and russian military units are engaged in joint exercises on ukraine's northern order to further to stabilize the situation and intimidate him. it's conceivable. if these individuals ever set foot outside of bail route into any of the you countries, they could be held, arrested and then remanded over for trial in the southern district of new york. so yes, it's certainly possible whether it's probably not. we'll have to see, but these gentlemen will not be able to leave a loose prover. us attorney is based these are charges and jurisdiction upon the fact that for. busy american citizens were on board the ryanair flight. so from a legal standpoint, this is certainly a sound legal argument to gain jurisdiction. the 1st shipments of international aid i've arrived and tongue of 5 days off. it was shaken by a volcanic eruption and synonymy. ash was cleared from the runway to let military
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plains from australia, new zealand, land with essential supplies. more aid is now on the way and phone lines have been restored. authorities have confirmed those 3 deaths and extensive damage across several islands. when hay as the letters of oakland in new zealand, we've got to new zealand navy ships now that have arrived in town. and what is the 1st one? had surveying equipment on board and specialist divers as well their job. the 1st job was to check that the shipping channels leading into the capitol, look all over and the port itself were going to be safe for other ships to arrive and doc, they've now done that. so the 2nd naval ship from new zealand has arrived and a supplies and now being offloaded in the capital city. i. 3rd you zealand ship, the germans, that is canterbury is being loaded in oakland as we speak. and that will set sail within the next few hours. and it's a journey that will take around 3 days to complete. that ship also has helicopter
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on it, so that'll make it easier for those personnel to reach some of those outlying areas which have been so difficult to get in touch with. in terms of communication for the terminal authorities, there is a, a large tongue in community and new zealand around 80000 people. so most of them live here in the largest city, oakland. on friday, they opened up this compact behind me for talking people and people from other pacific island communities to come here to donate goods to be sent back to their family members, their relatives, back home and toner, many of whom they haven't been able to get in contact with because of those communication difficulties. so today we've had thousands of people coming here to package those goods up. they'll go into shipping containers. and the 1st of those containers it's hoped will be on its way to turn that early next week. in fact, the crowd was so large here within the last few hours that the organizers had to turn people away and say, look, you can't come today on friday. you'll have to come back in the,
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in the next few days. so it's expected over the course of the weekend that the numbers will grow significantly. sedans, military chief, has appointed 15 government ministers falling a visit by us officials to end the countries political crisis. general abdel for to albert hon. agreed to form a technocratic government. and again, a national dialogue, sedans ruling council promised to amend the document doubling its transition to democracy. thousands protested against military rule, demanding a civilian ned government and the $71.00 which has just been killed since it was overthrown in october, including 7 this week. but also to come here and al jazeera, including the struggle to keep track of spiraling corona, virus infections in latin america. demand for testing grows on the man who once held the top job of the catholic church is now accused of coverage, more or less. stay with
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this is proven to be the coldest winter for quite a long time from the point of view of where they came from is basically the arctic . those little sunshine around. when you bring a wind with it and that's the one down to the gulf, the moment the temperature is really dropped well below whether it should be this time of the year, all the way from iraq's recuperate, than to was cut on the way. but the night maybe shows it best of all this blue sheen is the desert frost and it really will be that was spread with rats. low temperature minus one. not quite a record, but reco to me about minus twos. we're not far off that you feel cold in the wind, even if it's not actually freezing. that wind is a little bit during saturday, as you can see on the suns in the sky. but we're still talking of temperatures well below whether it should be that the storm is brewing in the eastern meds will be more snow for turkey, which across into northern syria, lebanon, down to jordan on the heights, at least. and there'll be a cold wind with shouts of rain where you don't get the snow. so this is sort of
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relentless. but the further east you got to find out is to we get to briefly, i think northern pakistan, which sees this weekend more rain and snow at height in southern africa, madagascar has been the focus of attention because of the flooding around the capital. it is that season that is quite possible. see a deep low develop with significant rain for saturday and sunday. ah, the step beyond the comfort zone for assumptions or challenge travel to the ends of the earth and further experience the unimaginable of the people who live it. this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in. how quickly things contract award winning documentary is that also a perception witness on a just the euro waterloo
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ah, welcome back, a good reminder. the top stories here at this hour, you as president joe biden has warned the kremlin, it'll pay a heavy price if russian forces invade ukraine. he said, any move across the border with ukraine will be considered an invasion and met by city a economic response. when he was satellite images show the scale of russia's military build up along its border with ukraine. kev says moscow has not employed more than a 127000 soldiers on foreign aid has arrived and toner. 5 days after was devastated by a volcanic eruption. anson army. more essential supplies are on the way and phone lines are slow, big stores. now,
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the automation is appealing for support to speed up recovery efforts in the philippines after the devastation caused by typhoon ry. last month, more than 400 people lost their lives. us now warning about the potential for disease and starvation. joel alan doesn't report. typhoon ry caused extensive damage and of his science and the mindanao region in december, known locally as a debt. it killed at least $400.00 people and displaced millions survivors say the damage is comparable to that of super typhoon. a young in 2013. the world's strongest storm on record. according to the united nations, more than 2000000 people are still in dire need of assistance and access to food, shelter and medicine remains limited. hundreds of towns are still without power and warning water in the province of southern liter, around 90 percent of tourism facilities have been damaged. the situation of the
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island of sher gao, another to his destination, is no different the devastation, the real, the recovery of communities that were slowly bouncing back from the economic recession brought about by the pandemic. the crisis with in crisis and it's on pup. one on top of the other is like compounded the more we, we do, the analyses, the more we find out that there are more needs than there are more people who are affected of making matters worse. a new search in covey cases, throughout the country, has made relief operations even more difficult and a senate bill seeking to set aside reconstruction funds could take months to clear congress. many communities are dependent on local groups, scenting 8 like this when the feeling, oh, hopelessness. knowing when,
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when you look at the massive destruction that part of the response should be psycho social support. because that's a part arrogant positions also warned the population hit by the typhoon are likely to experience outbreaks of diseases and the rise of cobra . 19 cases and are you may be unprecedented and many fear this may truly test the so called resilience of people, even in a country, often battered by natural disasters. jim logan al jazeera manila. a german inquiry has found that former pope benedict knew about priests involved in child sex abuse, but failed to lat. when he was archbishop of munich from 977 to 1982 benedict was known as cardinal joseph rat, singer at the time and has repeatedly denied claims he covered up the abuse. but in bob a report former pope benedict, the 16th,
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failed to take action against clerics in 4 cases of alleged sexual abuse in his native germany. that's the conclusion of a report by a munich law firm. the archdiocese of munich unpleasing asked it to investigate allegations of sexual abuse between 19452019 hope. a meritus benedict, formerly joseph rat, singer archbishop of munich, has previously denied wrong doing over the cases and marked and reasonably confined to suffer. essentially, he claims a lack of knowledge of the facts and a lack of relevance on the canon law. in doing so, he continues to claim ignorance, even when in our opinion it is difficult to reconcile this with the facts of the case. of the current archbishop of munich, of misconduct in 2 suspected abuse cases. last year, pope frances rejected an offer by him to resign. but the new claims have brought fresh pain for survivors of abuse in southern germany at early. so let us in to help him with an clearly it affects me very much on an emotional level,
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and it's the same area where the abuse also happened in my childhood, about 2 hours by train, from munich, and a small town. and of course that revised some things from me. from that time that side, the archdiocese is set to give a full response to the report next week. while the vatican put out his statement that doesn't mention benedict saying it will evaluate the full report. benedict whose 94 has lived a secluded life in the vatican since stepping down as leader of the world's roman catholics in 2013 the 1st person to do so. in 600 years. the catholic church has been damaged by series of abuse scandals in countries including australia, sheila france island and the united states. in germany, a study commissioned by the german bishops conference in 2018 concluded more than 1600 clergymen had committed some form of sexual abuse against nearly 4000 minus. the real number of victims is thought to be much higher. nadine barbara al jazeera me the
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french prime minister says the country's 5th wave of corona virus case is, is now showing signs of waning, but john cast x warned that hospitals remain under pressure. the government plans to keep restrictions in place for 12 more days. a new vaccine pass will come into force on monday, it'll bar the unvaccinated from restaurants, sports arenas, public transport, and many other venues. look better me dar visa, gee, the evolution of the situation allows us to envisage and easing of the constraints from the beginning of february. we can consider it because we will have at our disposal very soon, a new tool, the vaccination pass, which the law makers have bought to approve that transform as your new best said day. the transformation of the health passed into a vaccine passes are necessary and coherent development. it's necessary if we want to preserve and on crease or vaccination coverage in the event of new variance. it's coherence because it clearly puts constraints on the on vaccinated and therefore we will be able to lift the measures thought we have taken to counter the
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latest wave. if austria has become the 1st european country to make coven 19 vaccines, compulsory people aged at 18. the lower house of parliament passed the measure on thursday for mid march. police will start random checks with $680.00, fines for those who aren't vaccinated. the measures are set to be in place for 2 years. tens of thousands of people are protested against the plans after they were announced in november. latin america struggling to contain the latest wave of coven 19 infections since the amazon veron was 1st detected in the region in early december. cases in many countries of hit an all time high money, rocket reports. national elections are just around the corner in costa rica with fast rising cobit 19 infections have put a damper on campaign season. we have to take very good care of ourselves and each other. keep our distance, you sanitizer, wear a mask, but everyone should be out to vote on february 6th. that's what's most important.
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everyone active owes alarmingly high case numbers are not only being reported in costa rica, health officials war. they're also seeing a rise in new infections elsewhere in latin america. as the ami kron very, it spreads panama, costa rica, and honduras are you watching. the highest number of new cars and cases in central america was case is more than doubling over the last week. infections in mexico have also, spite hospitalizations, have doubled in the past 2 weeks. origin. tina is seeing new cases at a record high as well, placing the country just behind brazil for the highest infection rate in all of latin america. as governments scramble to meet the challenges of this latest wave of corona, virus infections, health officials say testing is still a major problem. demand for testing is higher than ever,
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especially as many countries in our region are also experiencing an active flu season. so it is critical that country is used tests smart though several latin american countries have managed to vaccinate a large percentage of their populations. many poor nations, like honduras and guatemala, have fallen behind. international health experts say equal access to back scenes, remains a major obstacle in the regions fight against the pandemic. manuel, rap, hello al jazeera. a sina m p from the u. k is ruling conservative party, has accused the government of using intimidation and blackmail against colleagues calling for prime minister borrowers johnson to resign. downing street says is seeing no evidence of the allegations. johnson's under pressure to quit offered emerge that drinks parties were held at his official residence and office while the rest of the country was unlocked down. it is, of course,
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the duty of the government whips office to secure the government's business in the house of commons. however, it is not their function to preach the ministerial code in threatening to withdraw investments for members of parliament's constituencies which are funded from the public purse. additionally, reports to me and others of members of staff at number 10, downing street, special advisors, government ministers, and others, encouraging the publication of stories in the press, seeking to embarrass those who they suspect of lacking confidence in the prime minister is simply unacceptable. the intimidation of a member of parliament is a serious matter. moreover, the reports of which i am aware would seem to constitute blackmail. outta zera's port brendan is in london. he says allegations of wrongdoing are getting closer to the prime minister. the very public complaint from william rag who is a senior conservative m. p, the chairman of the public administration committee,
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who put aside the business of that committee, it was meeting this morning to make this extraordinary statement, essentially accusing a government whips. they are the officials that make sure that the employees vote in the way that the government wants him to vote. but all the way up to government ministers accusing them of really strong arm tactics against those rebel m. p. 's, you've expressed disquiet about boris johnson's character and his judgment in his credibility up to and including the possibility of withdrawing government funding for projects within the constituencies of those empties to a level where it amounted. according to mister rag, said, possibly even blackmail, the prime minister though, when asked about it later, he's away on a visit down to the south. west of england said he'd seen no evidence of this kind of pressure being put on on m p. so it is a bit at the moment here say, but it's an indication of just how, how much of a hot bed parliament is. well, it inches closer and closer to the prime minister, the prime minister, adamant that when he attended that party on the 20th of may 2020,
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he thought it was a work events. and to be fair down the street is both his home and his workplace. but the question mark is whether the man who organized that event martin rentals the prime minister's private secretary, should have known better. and it's a merge to day that a senior official warned him by email that hold on mr. reynolds. this party would be in conservation contravention. of the current coven restrictions that the rest of the country are having to abide by you not allowed to gather in groups, sir. larger than 6 people outside your household are sort of thing. and, and so although we haven't been able to yet, soup formally say the prime minister knew certainly his close is private secretary has been and she was informed by email. and that that really puts martin reynolds had very much on the chopping block. so chilly has established a climate change observatory to gather data from one of the least monitored regions of the southern hemisphere. it's all part of
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a new effort to speed up vital inflammation for scientists to predict and mitigate . effects of extreme climate change. our latin america editors here, newman reports now from southern chile. this is the magellan street that separates the south american continent from peer rather frugal. it's often referred to as the end of the world, but also as a gateway to antartica, less than a 1000 kilometers south of here. we are on an expedition with chile science minister to inspect one of a $180.00 climate change stations. on the way we find the remains of a beached whale. this is just a fraction of what is covered by the southern hemispheres. longest climate change observatory just launched by chile. so we have sensors all the way from the on putting peninsula all the way to the other. come a dessert and we'll use a single platform to provide access to the data in a open access format. until now. data from the southern cone has been scarce. climate
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scientists say the new observatory will provide badly needed data to track changes in temperatures. radiation, precipitation the direction and strength of winds and sea levels in real time. that includes antartica, which is a key modulator of the earth climate. when i'm sitting in my laboratory in my office, in windsor in australia, i can still be seeing what's happening in antarctica because there are all sorts of climate effects that happen when we not bear with dr. marcello lip is an expert in dinosaurs. fossils and climate change in antartica and patagonia were chillies. antarctic institute is based, i am actually touching is 74000000 year old femina the dinosaur that lived here in pat gona and most likely in antartica. because at that time both land masses were one, it was one solid,
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semi tropical jurassic park. scientists believe that learning more about how and why dinosaurs like this when died, could be vital to the survival of our own species. it was that the climate change experts insist that we are at the stage where we must predict and prepare for what is coming. and he'll say, look, the key words is mediator of a patient, but we still have time to produce air i behavior more suitable with this new vision that we have to update the mitigate the changes in the, in the, in the next years we're screw chilly. will launch an international antarctic centered later this year and put that in us. dr. lipper says that it's approximately 2 antartica, makes it an ideal location for global scientists to put their heads and data together to anticipate everything from floods in china to heat waves and northern europe to drought in australia are chilly. fortunately,
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unlike the dinosaurs mankind has the ability to access data and use science to help mitigate what is coming to see in human al jazeera, my diane is chilly. ah, typically took the headlines here on the al jazeera. yes, president joe biden, as well in the kremlin, it'll pay a heavy price if russian forces invade ukraine. he said, any move across the border will be considered an invasion and met by severe economic response. meanwhile, new satellite imagery shows the scale of russia's military build up along its border with ukraine. camps as moscow's now deployed more than a.


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