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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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banning people from selling or eating malice found along with getting rid of the area affected by the red tide is small. but news of the algae bloom has affected seafood traders in the area. ah, fairs of an invasion mount in ukraine as us and russia leaders get ready to meet in geneva to try abdullah deescalate ah, by there i'm give it al. this is al jazeera live from dough. also coming up. please remember how tongue and famous back home and this time of need and remember them and dupree's more appeals for help. the tow mirrors flights carrying relief materials reach. the su nami hit. pacific island nation. we report from the poll,
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which is grappling with shortages cove advantage infections surge. i'm lucy newman vibe, the magellan, straight on the very tip of south america, where a new climate observatory is being launched. and it will help to resolve mysteries, which is why these whales had been reaching more and more along the coast. ah, here is president joe biden is wanting bratia that any troop entry into ukraine will be met with a severe response. it's a change in tone from the u. s. leader who had earlier taken a softer stones. a white house correspondent, kimberly how could reports. but there is no doubt, let me no doubt at all the book makes this choice. russia will pay a heavy price. speaking from prepared notes on the anniversary of his 1st year in office, president joe biden sought to clarify the u. s. position on
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a russian invasion into ukraine. i've been absolutely clear with president putin. he has no misunderstanding any. any assembled rushing units move across ukrainian border. that is an invasion but normally met was severe and coordinated economic response to quench it comes as the white house spent the day cleaning up his wednesday night remarks. stunning european allies by suggesting a lesser response to a smaller scale invasion. if it invades, it depends on what it does. it's one thing for 2 minor curves. you know that we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, et cetera, who not la grange, president vladimir zalinski, fired back on twitter, lasting biden's comments. we want to remind the great powers that there are no minor incursions and small nation soleski tweeted,
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just as there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones . i say this as the president of a great power, ah biden statements of a potential russian invasion of ukraine have exposed the divisions and doubt about the united states commitment among european allies. there is concern among allies that the u. s. if you don't have did not have the will to follow through on our own us, let activity in afghanistan, how much are they sure that we will falls room, protecting our lives, and how much are we willing to protect non allies when you're european security is in the balance u. s. secretary of state antony blinking is engineer for a meeting with russian foreign minister sir gay laugh ra. russia is seeking to halt and nato expansion and membership for ukraine in moldova, the u. s. will not provide such assurances,
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but instead will encourage diplomacy to resolve security differences. there is new urgency to the negotiations. president biden warned, with russian troops position close to ukraine's border. he believes russian president vladimir putin intends to attack. and a russian invasion of ukraine may be imminent. kimberly help get al jazeera, the white house will as tensions rise, u. s. secretary of state and the blinkin will meet his russian count upon saga left off in geneva. among the issues the breakaway donetta and hans regents russian separatist took control of these areas in 2014. russia will also reiterate it's demand that ukraine never becomes a nature member. moscow on snow, so out of eastern europe and a ban on intermediate range missiles. bother you ass and it's nato ally say they won't block ukrainian membership and they want russia to pull its troops back from the border. well, that's bringing hot abdel hamid and standing by for us
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a very cold looking kiev. honda. this meeting between the u. s. secretary of state, the russian foreign minister. how important is it i think is the most important meeting of the, of the week amino as a yes secretary of state's anthony blinkin was here in cave. and then he went to berlin. he heard old parties that he heard the point of view of the ukrainians. he heard the point of view of the europeans, but it is really this meeting that will, i think, paved away at least give us an indication of what could happen next. now, as you just said, the 2 sides, russia and a you as don't see eye to eye on a range of issues. will there be some sort of compromise or will they find actually a starting point. she continued discussions about those concerns that russia has raised. and at the moment the u. s. has refuted many knowing that that would
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actually have consequences on what would happen next here in ukraine. auto want ease ukraine expecting to come out of this but i think it could. ukraine is quite worried. we just heard yesterday, actually from the ukranian president invalid for the mir zalinski. ah, he has rebuffed to you as president joe biden. he basically said, mister president, there are no minor encourages, there are no minor countries and there are no minor casualties. i think what the fear is here in ukraine, that this is an issue really between the u. s. and the russia and that ukraine is a consequence to all of that. and the is a fear that ukraine is not d as sent to of the conversation when the 2 men meet later on in the day in geneva
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. this is something ukrainians are very worried about. they have their very real concern, as they say, according to the defense ministry here that now about a 127000 russia troops along the country's borders, whether in the east or in the north, along the border with but a ruse at bay say that this is a very serious threat threat for this country, but they do feel that may be a, you know, these 2 superpowers meeting would deal 1st with their own issues. and then what happens to ukraine would become, you know, a consequence on whether they would agree, oh, not agree, find a compromise or not. and this is a huge concern in this country and hold onto hamid, therefore, us in care. thank you. the kremlin says us may be ready to talk, but not about critical issues. moscow faces, such is the possibility of ukraine joining nato. das jibari has more from moscow where she's been speaking to people about their views. brushes,
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foreign ministry is very clear about what they're hoping to achieve from the meeting on friday in geneva. that is, they want to take the next steps on negotiations on security guarantees that they're asking the american government about the possibility of nato expanding further eastward, as well as not allowing ukraine to join the military alliance. that is something that is very much a red line for this country. so that's the official position here. but what the or near russians think about the ongoing tensions we ask them people here in the capital, and here is what they had to say. you moved to women, you put, i think there will be no war. it seems to me that we have the situation from time to time because authorities need to keep people up with something apart from coded, not put his rating is just going down near or i don't believe it's possible that property nations will ever start this war. i wouldn't one t because why, what for to prove war and to him are stand for peace whenever,
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when you tell us that you will knows. now, why is the tool needed? i wish we don't make war, especially with ukraine. we are brothers. indeed, that's all i can tell you as the world waits to find out what happens in geneva on friday, many here are hoping that diplomacy and dialogue can continue to be the path forward to try and de escalate the lumen crisis. aid from around the world as being sent to tanya. as the pacific island nation continues to clean up operation after huge volcanic eruption, and soon i'll be there option of the hung a tongue, a hung, a ha pi volcano on saturday, killed at least 3 people. and his blanketed tongue it in volcanic ash. white hay has more from oakland, new zealand. go very slow. all a very much underway now both at a government level and an individual level here in oakland. today we're seeing a huge number of people from the very large tomlin community in new zealand, coming here to donate goods to be sent back to talk to friends and family back
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there with me now to talk more about this is jenny salisa who is co chair of the al serra tongue, a relief committee, a tongue and who is a member of the new zealand parliament. i mean, jenny, you must be incredibly proud and overwhelmed with what you've seen here today. this huge outpouring of generosity. i absolutely, and malo allay to see so many talents come through to send care packages full of groceries and bottled water. we know that fruit security is an issue in tongue right now, especially with volcanic ash affecting more than 80 percent of the tomlins back home. you know, sidelines have had toner over the years, but this is, i think, one of the disasters that has had so many parts of toner and to see the thousands of tons that live and out here or new zealand come through. as well as companies, we've had so many different companies coming to donate bottled water and groceries as well because they do want also help out on talent people. i am truly, truly grateful for the response. and we've seen a lot of smiles among the people here, but there must be still
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a lot of concern. we know communications are slowly getting back to some sort of normal level, but still a lot of people haven't been able to speak to family members back home. that's right. i've been able to speak with someone directly from ha pie. but i myself haven't been able to speak with all my cousins. i've got hundreds of cousins both and hop i as well as them and the main island. i haven't been able to connect with many of them. so i know from other relatives that they are okay. however, on those out to islands and happy where my father was from we so many of my relatives are from it is really heartbreaking. just saying the coverage, the surveillance and knowing that there are some islands with their unknown life that can be seen. it is really concerning to us, not only the clean up and the fact that it will take years to actually rebuild toner. but actually for us, it's those lives not knowing how many lives are actually lost. we're waiting, waiting patiently to know and find out whether our relatives are. all right,
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and just briefly, finally, i mean this is a very proud nation. how will the tongue and people both at home in taller and here in new zealand rebound from us, tomlins are resilient with strong people. where are people that unite and times of struggle and in times of challenge like this? i know that tone with will get through this. it will take a few years to rebuild. but i know that with the assistance of tolerance for, from overseas, ged, pagan toner is made up of about a quarter of thomas g to be made up of overseas donation remittances, from people like the 70000 and new zealand like the over 60000 and the united states and like the many thousands in australia. so i do appeal to a lot of our famous here, please remember our tongue and frames back home and this time of need. and remember the menu please. earlier i spoke to tongue an athlete, peter tau, fatal for who was the flag bearer for his nation. at the 2020 olympics. i began by asking him how his family and tom were doing. it's been a very,
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very anxious time. oh, we've been up. oh we've been working quite hard. i just found out that an hour ago, but my father is okay, he's been on quite the adventure. i straight out of the straight off the bus. barbie ended up on the baby vessel. went out at the edge of service or for our 1st 1st contact, 1st aid out to the by islands of been around his way back just today. and he's the governor of ha pyrite. you must be very proud. yes, my very, very proud i. when we didn't hear from him, we didn't get off him, we were worried, but we kind of knew that if he'd be somehow he'd be out there in the middle of it all. and that's, that's why he was i want to ask you, i mean, you made headlines at the, at the 2020 olympics and, and now you've launched a fundraising drive,
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talk us through decision making process of using the platform that you've got in the wake of, of this disaster. yes. so i created a gofundme page, thomas to not be released by peter. and i created that with been i had it within, within an hour of seeing the footage of the snobby actually just before communication was cut. the soon as i saw the orders i went, this is, this is not going to be good. there's going to be a lot of damage. i didn't know the exact amounts of damage at that time, but we started that fundraiser. and initially it was about schools and hospitals and now seeing what the need is in other areas where we're looking at how we can best provide initial aid, but also rebuilding aid over over the next coming months. and it looks like it's what's been like just the just strictly trying to get that money where it needs to
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go in the sort of immediate often it's been, it's actually been very challenging it's, it's not a quick process. and the reason isn't that the initial late that's gone across has been a straight yet you see what they did that that septic military ships, the military plains, 2nd to that container ships which is being sent across. so even even the, the, all of the work that was being done that is currently being done in oakland. what, what that meant is that our, our team is up, is out there and it's not so easy to get containers at this present moment. so we reached out to people in by the hop islands which most effective and we've offered initially to you know, to cover the costs of bread of you. but i just heard as well that that's how they're short on flour, water, short on food. and this one bakery as only 60 meters worth of fuel less.
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so there's a lot of beta, we just logistics of how to, how to build that date. as i heard earlier, you know, tons of resilient known as resilient very strong people. i mean, how do you think that this rebuilding process will, will be i think it's going to be a marathon and not a sprint. so i think be the sprint aspect of it is, is along the lines of getting water across, helping in some way remove all this ass, which is covering $170.00 plus islands so that there's no ongoing respiratory issues as well. but it is going to be a long process and you know, we try to position ourselves to make sure that we're ready to provide that aid for the, for the medium to long term as well. so come on, al jazeera,
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the philippine struggles to recover from tyson, right. you and it is appealing for urgent international assistance. and we'll look at how poverty and to inequality, and that in america is affecting the fight against the grown of ours pandemic. ah ah, look forward to burly to scully's, the with sponsored play cuts on at ways. hey there, good to see. here's your weather report for europe and africa, we've got to teary rating conditions across turkey. so here's the deal. fridays, rain will be saturday, snow. so put this into motion is stan bull goes from $10.00 to $3.00 degrees. i think we may see about 5 centimeters of snow in the city in time for central areas over that higher ground $20.00 to $30.00 centimeters to be expected. and soaking rains toward the south. at this same system it's kicking back some snow into the
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balkans. so sophia bulgaria could pick up to about 5 centimeters up to the northwest. we go in, some showers across denmark, still breezy for the baltic states on friday. now the best weather on the continent remains iberia, sunny and settled, but some low temperatures here, madrid, 10 degrees, and they get striped with some showers. and a visa with a high of 13 temperatures are coming up for heart soon with a high of 28 on friday. but we're going to go further towards the south. madagascar has seen flooding. we've got pouring rain in the forecasts on the weekend, and we could see a tropical cyclone cook up here in time toward the western cape, the northern cape. we've got extreme heat advisory in play here is in these provinces. temperatures will approach 40 degrees. that's it for now. we'll see again soon. take her for the weather, sponsored by katara, always killing the debate. non exempt world, ricky, geez, had come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities
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across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future 8 now. not a lot. countries completely cannot lose hope. we know what to do and we have the tools to do this on out is the era ah ah, your geology 0 reminder of our top stories, this r u. s. president joe biden is warning bratia the any troop entry to ukraine will be met with a severe response. ukraine says russia has deployed more than 100. 27000 troops
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ashes. but when you're a secretary of state, anthony blanket is arriving in geneva to meet his russian count mazzocco level. it follows 2 weeks of international talks to deescalate tension. aid from around, the world is being sent to tanya. as civic island nation cleans up for a major volcanic eruption and c nami. these 3 people died awfully or optional necessitated the ball is reporting more than $9000.00 new cove at 19 infections each day. it's highest numbers since start of the pandemic. the vaccination rate is low and the government worries that cases could double by the end of the month, from ya to linda has more from cotton to where on the premises of the cat monday district administration office. on a normal day, you'd see crowds of people lining up here for government documents like citizenship cards. birth certificate and national id is unusually quiet today with
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a surgeon cove it cases this week, the administration office has suspended most of its major services. as many of it staff had cove it including the chief district officer, the government projects, the daily infections could double by the end of the month. it is announced several measures to curb the 3rd and urged the public to cooperate who have been shut down till the end of january and wooster. dozes are being provided to frontline workers as of midnight to day gatherings of more than 20 people are banned moss or mandatory outdoors. and people will need vaccination cards to enter public spaces and to access public services. to pad is expanding his career of ours restrictions in an effort to beat a surgeon. cakes is caused by the ami con variant restaurants and bars will close, early in tokyo and a dozen other areas starting on friday. the restrictions are said to be in place until february, 13th, latin america is struggling to contain the latest wave of cause 19 infections.
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since the only con, very was 1st detected in the region in early december, the cases in many countries have hit an all time high. on your own campaign season . we have to take very good care of ourselves and each other. keep our distance, you sanitizer, wear a mask, but everyone should be out to vote on february 6th. that's what's most important. everyone to vote alarmingly high case numbers not only being reported in costa rica, health officials war there. also seeing a rise in new infections elsewhere in latin america as the on the kron variance spreads, panama, costa rica, i'm honduras. are you watching? the highest number of new cold cases in central america was case is more than doubling over the last week. the infections in mexico have also, spite hospitalisation have doubled in the past 2 weeks. origin. tina is seeing new
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cases at a record high as well. placing the country just behind brazil for the highest infection rate in all of latin america. as governments scramble to meet the challenges of this latest wave of corona, virus infections, health officials say testing is still a major problem. demand for testing is higher than ever, especially as many countries in our region also experiencing an active flu season. so it is critical that country is new. smart. ok, though several latin american countries have managed to vaccinate a large percentage of their populations. many poor nations like hon. duras, in guatemala, have fallen behind. international health experts say equal access to vaccines remains a major obstacle in the region. spite against the pandemic. monday wrap a little al jazeera sedans, military chief,
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has appointed 15 government ministers following us pressure. general abdel father albert han is promising a technocratic government to lead the country toward elections. at least $71.00 protest is have been killed since the military takeover in october, including 7 last week. the nicer nations is appealing for support to speed up recovery efforts in the philippines of the devastation caused by typhoon ride. last month san killed more than $400.00 people. another a warnings about disease and starvation. jamila island argonauts, typhoon ry caused extensive damage and of his sayas and the men to now regent in december, known locally as a debt. it killed at least $400.00 people and displaced millions survivors. see, the damage is comparable to that of super tight for now young. in 2013 the world's strongest storm on record. according to the united nations, more than 2000000 people are still in dire need of assistance and access to food,
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shelter and medicine remains limited. hundreds of towns are still without power and warning water in the province of southern liter. around 90 percent of tourism facilities have been damaged. the situation and the island of sher gao, another to his destination, is no different the devastation, the real, the recovery of communities that were slowly bouncing back from the economic recession brought about by the pandemic, the craziest with in crisis, and it's on pop. one on top of the other is like compounded the more we, we do the analyses, the more we find out that there are more needs that there are more people who are affected and maybe making matters worse. a new search in cove cases throughout the country has made relief operations even more difficult and
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a senate bill seeking to set aside reconstruction funds could take months to clear congress. many communities are dependent on local groups scenting 8 like this when the feeling, oh, hopelessness. no, when, when, when you look at the massive destruction, part of their response should be psycho social support. no. because that's the, that's the part. here again, is asians also warned the population hit by the typhoon are likely to experience outbreaks of diseases and the rise of coven 19 cases. and are, you may be unprecedented. and many fear this may truly test the so called resilience of people, even in a country, often battered by natural disasters. jim l, as in dog n al jazeera manila chili has established
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a climate change observatory together daughter from one of the nice monitored regions of the southern hemisphere. it's part of a new effort to speed up vital information for scientists to predict and mitigate the effects of extreme climate change. a latin america editor, lucy newman reports from southern chile. this is the magellan street that separates the south american continent from peer rather frugal. is often referred to as the end of the world, but also as a gateway to antartica less than a 1000 kilometers south of here. we are on an expedition with chile science minister to inspect one of a $180.00 climate change stations. on the way we find the remains of a beached whale. this is just a fraction of what is covered by the southern hemispheres. longest climate change observatory just launched by chile. so we have sensors all the way from your public peninsula, all the way to the other, come out of it, and we'll use a single platform to provide access to the data in
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the open access format. until now, data from the southern cone has been scarce. climate scientists say the new observatory will provide badly needed data to track changes in temperatures. radiation, precipitation the direction and strength of winds and sea levels in real time. that includes antartica, which is a key modulator of the earth climate. when i'm sitting in my laboratory in my office, in windsor in australia, i can still be seeing what's happening in antarctica because there are all sorts of climate effects that happen when we not bear with dr. marcello lip is an expert in dinosaurs. fossils and climate change in antartica and patagonia were chillies. antarctic institute is based, i am actually touching is 74000000 year old femina of a dinosaur that lived here in patagonia and most likely in antartica. because at
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that time, bolt land masses were one, it was one solid, semi tropical jurassic park. scientists believe that learning more about how and why dinosaurs like this one died could be vital to the survival of our own species . if we said that the climate change experts insist that we are at the stage where we must predict and prepare for what is coming. and he'll say, look, the key words is mediator of a petition, but we still have time to produce, or i behavior more suitable with this new vision that we have to update and mitigate the changes in their content in the next 2 years. yes, girls who actually will launch an international antarctic centered later this year and put that in us. dr. lipper says that it's a proximity to antartica, makes it an ideal location for global scientist to put their heads and data together to anticipate everything from floods in china,
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to heat waves and northern europe, to drought in australia or chile. fortunately, unlike the dinosaurs mankind has the ability to access data and use science to help mitigate what is coming to see a newman al jazeera, mike, i janish chile, the singer and her actor meatloaf has dives the stars bad out of hell. album was one of the best selling records of all time. a cause of death is not being made public. he was 74 ah resolved. is there a reminder now of the top stories, c, u. s. secretary of states is making me russian foreign minister in geneva, for talks on ukraine rusher is demanding limits to nato expansion and eastern europe of the u. s. as it's increasingly concerned about the build up of russian troops on the border with ukraine. i've been absolutely clear.


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