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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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prices and asks why it took a pandemic to bring on changes that should have been made long ago. all these things we were told was completely impossible to suddenly become often connected. the wake up hold with can't be ignored on o. j 0. ah. ready this is al jazeera ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news, our life from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes phase of an invasion mountain ukraine, as the us and russia get ready to meet in geneva to try and deescalate tensions. please remember our tongue and frames back. i'm and this time of need and remember them in the previous more appeals for help photography us flights carrying relief
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supplies, reach the pacific island nation, hit by a soon army. we report from the pal struggling with shorter juices. cubic 19 infection serge plus ah, but i oh well can role legend meatloaf has died at the age of $74.00. and it's brought my army. i soccer is in danger of exiting. the australian opened the writing champion has been taken through the saudi sets in melbourne by amanda. ah ah. we saw this news out in geneva where the u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin. as meeting his russian counterpart, sergey lab, were off to diffuse tensions over ukraine. among the excuse the breakaway regions, abo nets and low hands russian separatists took control of those areas. 2014.
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russia will also reiterate its demand that ukraine never becomes a member of nato moscow. once the military alliance outs of eastern europe and ban on intermediate range missiles, however, the u. s. and it's nato allies say they won't block ukrainian membership. they want russia to pull its troops back from the border. we have to correspondence covering the story in a moment. we'll get the latest out of moscow with door such a body 1st to natasha about to who's in geneva, where that meeting between mister blink and mister lab roth is taking place. natasha. hi there. how much readiness is there to move on any of these issues on the part of the us, the e u, or the nato countries? well, we'll have to see when those talks begin, the u. s. secretary, se times enabling can, and his russian counts for like a level have arrived and no tell where that meeting will take place until lincoln
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has said that what he sees this meeting is being about is about trying to find some sort of common ground, some sort of pause to be able to pursue dialogue, his part of what he calls his push will remain close diplomacy, trying to deescalate tensions of the crisis in ukraine by lincoln and the us president joe biden warning the russia could attack ukraine at any moment. now we weren't expecting any major breakthroughs from this meeting. as i said, lincoln very much saying this is about trying to open the door to more talks more diplomacy in the future. it says from the us perspective, no pets, unity, ford lincoln to remind russia once again. but if moscow were to talk ukraine, they would be what you called in the past. a very severe and strong consequences from western powers. and also to say the western powers, all united, when it comes to any response from doubt costs or not by some comments by the us
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presidents that perhaps suggested that could be divisions amongst western powers if their response and sleep lincoln will set the record straight. so not sure, as you're talking to us, natasha. we guessing a few did live pictures, elaborate with his opening comments sitting down in the chamber opposite. mister blink. and of course, i guess mister blinking for his, for his part and in these discussions, he's there hotfoot from berlin. so where he was presenting yesterday this time yesterday. and i guess today the leverage for him is look, us the germans, the french, the british, were all on precisely the same page. if you think there is any change in our armor of unity, there is not yes, it's all about the show as unity. and as i said, the u. s. present cast out on about with some of the comments that he made on wednesday. that seemed to suggest there were divisions blinkin will certainly want
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to tell oliver off that western powers are all on the same side that they do not want to see a conflict with russia. they don't want to see russia invading ukraine, that ukraine has every right to sovereignty. and this has been the message all along. really, there are 2 paths that will be the message from the u. s. i could just say one is a part of diplomacy. one is a part of conflict and you know which side or western powers want to follow. the problem is though, that you have 2 sides. one, the western powers, one rush and they are still in very firmly, opposite positions. you have russia saying that are making these demands saying for example, that he wants ukraine never to become part of nato. you have on the other side, western power saying that is simply not possible that is a non starter. so it's very difficult to see where these 2 sides can come together to try and move forward. but that is the aim of this meeting. as i said,
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glen can saying that him what the u. s. wants to see if there is any room for any common ground. the sasha stay close at the moment. thanks so much natasha. about the they're talking to fly out of geneva live now to moscow and correspondent there is door. so jabari dos as far as the russians are concerned for them to the optics of this discussion, boil down to look, we are not giving in. we are not moving across our line in the sand at all. what we've got is demands that we're making all of you certainly, and we've been hearing from the foreign ministry as well as the kremlin on friday morning. and it's become much more clear of what the russians are expecting. first, they're not expecting any major breakthroughs. and also it's important to point out that the kremlin spokesperson just said that they are not expecting any official response from the americans. about those security guarantees that the russians have asked for. what this meeting will be about is talking about how the 3 rounds of
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talks on the negotiations about the security guarantees have gone so far. so it seems that the russians of also scaled back a bit of their expectations about what this will, what this meeting will deliver. they are saying that they expect to have a, an understanding of where things are heading according to the kremlin spokesperson dmitri pest called the russians, are expecting a written response from the americans next week, giving them a bit more time. and also seeing how this meeting goes to day, and as for the russian for mr. survey lover of he has said before the meeting began that a us washer russia relations are now at a critical point because of washington's actions. and that the, it will depend on how the u. s. proceeds from now on, and that will determine what happens to the relationship between the 2 sides. all this comes, of course, as the russians have sent at further military equipment to bel roof where they will carry out
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a joint military drill with that country in february. and including in that military shipment is to as $400.00 anti missile systems. and that is something that the west is very much concerned about. dosa. thank you so much. let's go live to what's going on there in geneva, the russian foreign minister, elaborate saying he doesn't expect the breakthrough. the common view of allies and partners, as well as concrete ideas to address some of the concerns that you raised. as well as the deep concerns that many of us that about russia's actions. also make clear the fundamental principles that we are committed to defense. i also want to say survey that we need to talk about through us citizens. paul, willing to travel, read, who are tourists and russia were arrested, convicted with our credible evidence. and we again asked russia to the right thing and let them come home. but the bottom line is this, this is
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a critical moment. you're right. we don't expect to resolve our differences here today. but i do hope and expect that we can test whether the diplomacy or dialogue remains open. we're committed to walking that path into resolving our differences peacefully. and i hope we can test that proposition today and see where we go from here. thanks for bigger the the antony thinkin there the u. s. secretary of state. so with his opening comments, same directly at cirque elaborate, he said the bottom line is who we are expecting. we contest the path of diplomacy
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further. they want that path of diplomacy to remain open. and he said that we hope we can resolve our differences peacefully. more on that for you, just as soon as we have any developments coming to us out of switzerland, plenty more ahead here on this news. our including sedans, military chief, makes concessions after the us intensifies diplomatic pressure, but protest to say they will not back down. molly looks to the future as it holds a funeral ceremony for the former president, abraham bochita and in sports, liverpool set up an english li cup final date with chelsea, nbc, with that story in about 35 pounds, ah, tomlins and new zealand to come out and big numbers to send aid supplies home following saturdays, volcanic eruption, and san army more government aid is also arriving in toner from new zealand and
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australia is wayne. hey, oakland is the world's largest polynesian city, and tomkins came out in big numbers to support their relatives and friends. back home and aid center has been set up for people to st. food, water, and other items to toner and to show unity and resilience. muffin summer and bring all local country down, you know, pretty on, i guess we have a lot of, i was a middle what we face of smells proficient together or the come in for the opening day of this relief drive was so popular that many had to be turned away. what tomlins a beast that is when disaster. hence we come together unite, and we give one little we have, we give it out of love. we give it to our own families back home. it's hope the 1st of the containers will be sent to tanya early next week. governments are also sending aid new zealand and australia an air force planes landed at the international airport near the capital local ofa. despite some ash from the volcano
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still being on the runway and to new zealand navy ships arrived, carrying supplies, divers and underwater survey equipment to check for any damage to shipping lanes and the port. while the world focuses on the flow of aid and helping the people of tongue or recover, scientists are also hard at work. and with each day, they're learning more about how significant eruption was. scientists believe around one cubic kilometer of material was spewed from the volcano and sent at least 30 kilometers into the atmosphere. so to put that into some kind of perspective, when we fly jets across pacific, we're probably flying at about 10 kilometers with some communication being restored slowly. many tomlins in new zealand have been able to speak to relatives at home. now the focus of those here is to come together to do what they can to support their homeland from afar. wayne, hey, al jazeera auckland's. well,
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earlier my colleague kim vanelle spoke to the tongue, an athlete peter tower, to foul, who was a flying barrier for his nation. at the 2020 olympics she began by asking him how his family in toner is doing. it's been a very, very anxious time. we've been up, we've been working quite hard. i just found out an hour ago that my father is okay . he's been on quite the adventure. straight up to the straight up to the knobby, it ended up on the navy vessel. went out at the age of 74 for our 1st contact, 1st a the out to the island and then found his way back just today. and he's a governor of a pyre. i. you must be very proud. yes, my very, very proud i when we didn't hear from him, we didn't hear of him. we were worry, but we kind of knew that if he'd be somehow he'd be out there in the middle of it
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all. and that's, that's where he was. i want to ask you, i mean, you made headlines at the, at the 2020 olympics and, and now you've launched a fundraising drive, talk us through decision making process of using the platform that you've got in the wake of, of this disaster. yes. so i created a gofundme page, told us to not be released by people. and i created that with been i had it within, within an hour of seeing the footage of the snobby actually did it. just before communication was cut. as soon as i saw the order, so i went, this is, this is not going to be good. there's going to be a lot of damage. i didn't know the exact amount of salvage at that time, but we started that fundraiser. and initially it was about schools and hospitals and now seeing what the need is in other areas where we're looking at how we
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can best provide initial aid, but also rebuilding aid over over the next coming months. and it looks like it's what's been like just the just strictly trying to get that money where it needs to go in the sort of immediate often it's been, it's actually been very challenging it's, it's not a quick process. and the reason isn't that the initial late that's gone across has been a strategy and you see what they did. that sense in that sense, in military ships, the military plane, 2nd to that container ships which is being sent across. so even even the, the, all of the work that was being done that is currently being done in oakland. what, what that meant is that our, our team is up, is out there and it's not so easy to get containers at this present moment. so we reached out to people in up by the hop islands which most effective and we've
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offered initially to you know, to cover it. it costs a brand of you, but i just heard as well that there's short term flower, the short water shorts on food. and this one bakery as only 60 readers worth of fuel left. so there's a lot of pain and we just logistics of how to, how to build that date. as i heard earlier, you know, talking the resilience known as resilient very strong people. i mean, how do you think that this rebuilding process will, will be i think it's going to be a marathon and not a sprint. so i think the sprint aspect of it is, is along the lines of getting water across, helping in some way remove all this ass, which is covering $170.00 plus islands so that there's no ongoing respiratory issues as well. but it is going to be a long process and you know,
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we try to position ourselves to make sure that we're ready to provide that aid for the, for the medium to long term as well. to molly, now where a funeral ceremony is being held in the capital by mccurry or the former president abraham akita. he died at the age of $76.00. on sunday. he was supposed in a military coup in 2020 nicholas hong choices live now from deca in neighbouring and ago. nick, how significant is this funeral? what quite an extraordinary circumstances in which he is being buried. a peter is being honored. he's been, he's receiving the full state honors of, of a sitting president in the military count in bama co by the people that deposed him 2 years ago. people that at the time k to describe as children, when they took over power in a military coup, deposed in about 2 years ago,
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were expect to see me go off, colonel. let me go to the leader of the transition authority in molly to lead this moment of tribute for the former president. the former president's body will be then taken to his home, where friends and family will be able to pay tribute and pay their respects, respect. there's 3 days of national morning, but of course, during the ceremony, absent are his sons, his sons, that are under investigation by i see me going as a government for corruption. his son was at one point, the minister of defense. he's accused of missed management of funds that were linked to our merchant deals with western countries. peter, there is nick, an absence of west african states attending his funeral, despite the fact that they've all of them. if not most of them, they have been invited. so how's molly dealing with sanctions?
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that's right. i mean this is really exceptional because normally in such a given events you would have the west african heads of said, remember, kate has been in politics for the last 30 years. he's friends with many of those heads of states in the region. none of them are attending this ceremony, and this ceremony is taking place at a time where molly's under increased pressures. remember, the borders land in air borders are sealed off with the neighboring countries. the central back of the common common currency that molly shared with 14 other countries in french speaking africa. well, it can't access the central bank, the assets are frozen, there's no transaction. so ahead at the end of the month will be the difficulty for the government of transition to pay soldiers or pay government officials. they are negotiations taking place led by algeria, notably to try to find an end to the deadlock to reduce this time in which the
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authority in molly, want to stay in power. they want to stay in part for 5 years. the united nations, the african union in the west african heads of states wants to see a shorter transition pair up of 12 or 18 months. so it's really an exceptional funeral taking place right now in bama co. peter next. thank you so much. nicholas thought the join his life from santa go. 11 iraqi soldiers have been killed in an attack by isis gunman. it happened at night at an army barracks and the l, as in district north of baghdad. it is one of the worst assaults on the iraqi military in recent months. thousands of people are reported to have been killed and injured in air strikes in the northwest of yemen, who the rebels say rescue operations are on the way. after the saudi led coalition struck a prison inside. the coalition says it's hitting what it describes as quote, legitimate military targets, who's the positions have been targeted after rebels attacks abbey in the u. e, with missiles on monday, killing 3 people in nepal
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is reporting more than 9000 new cobit 19 infections every day, its highest numbers since the start of the pandemic. the vaccination rate is low and the government is worried. the cases could double by the end of the month from jasa limbo has more now from catman to where on the premises of the cat monday district administration office. on a normal day, you'll see crowds of people lining up here for government documents like citizenship cards, birth certificate, and national id. it's unusually quiet today with the surgeon corporate cases this week, the administration office has suspended most of its major services. as many of its staff have called it, including the chief district officer, the government projects, the baby infections could double by the end of the month. it is announced several measures to cobb and urge the public to cooperate. schools have been shut down till
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the end of january, and both of those is being provided to frontline workers. as of midnight today, gatherings of more than 20 people are banned moss or mandatory outdoors. and people will need the vaccination cards to enter public spaces at the access public services. japan's expanding has corona virus restrictions and effort to be to search in case is caused by the omicron variance, restaurants and bars will close early and so q and a dozen other areas started on friday. the restrictions is that to be in place until february, the 13th austria has become the 1st e nation to make cope with 1900 vaccinations mandatory for adults. the bill was passed by a big majority in the parliament despite weeks of rallies against the measure. under the new laws, adults can be fined up to $4000.00 for rejecting the injection. the french prime minister says the country's 5th wave of corona virus cases is showing signs of easing. however, john cast x, one hospitals remain under pressure,
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and you vaccine pass will come into effect on monday. it'll bar on vaccinated people from restaurants, sports arenas, public transport, and other venues. nathan america is struggling to contain the latest wave of cobra 19 infections. since the army kron variant was 1st detected in the region in early december, cases in many countries of it's an old time high. his manuel republic, the national elections are just around the corner in costa rica with fast rising cobit 19 infections have put a damper on campaign season. we have to take very good care of ourselves and each other, keep our distance, use sanitizer. we're a mask, but everyone should be out to vote on february 6th. that's what's most important. everyone to vote. alarmingly high case numbers are not only being reported in costa rica, health officials war. they're also seeing a rise in new infections elsewhere in latin america. as the alma kron variance
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spreads, panama, costa rica, i'm honduras. are you watching the highest number of new corporate cases in central america, with cases more than doubling over the last week? the infections in mexico have also, spite hospitalizations, have doubled in the past 2 weeks. origin tina is seeing new cases at a record high as well, placing the country just behind brazil for the highest infection rate in all of latin america. as governments scramble to meet the challenges of this latest wave of corona, virus infections. health officials say testing is still a major problem. the man for testing is higher than ever, especially as many countries in our region. also experiencing an active flu season. so it's critical that countries use smart, okay, though several latin american countries have managed to vaccinate
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a large percentage of their populations. many poor nations, like hon, duras and guatemala, have fallen behind international health experts say equal access to vaccines remains a major obstacles in the region. spite against the pandemic, manuel rap a little al jazeera that a 17 people have died in an explosion in western garner. the police that a truck carrying explosives between 2 gold mines, collided with a motorcycle on thursday. people have been advised to leave the area and nearby towns open rescue centers and churches and schools. sedans, military chief, has appointed 15 government ministers following pressure from the united states. general abdel fatter albert han has promised a technocratic government will leave the country towards elections. at least $71.00 processors have been killed since the military takeover in october, including 7 this week. not a faddle is the vice chair of the sudanese american public affairs association. she
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says people in sudan are getting mixed messages. the u. s. o, this is denise people, an explanation of why this is happening. you know, they're either not sending a clear message to the military that they're supporting this, then he's call democracy to 1000000000 as a claim or worse than that, there are on the general side and all the military fight against the civilians. they released the statement today saying that they're on the civilian side and they're working hard towards the civilian led the government. but on the same statement, they said the military showed the commitment to worse or the government based on consensus and what happens right away. so we're hon. you totally against that because the civilians cabinet that he claims he forms which is unconstitutional because he himself is unconstitutional. completely goes against the statement that was at least by the us. so the actions that need to be taken by the us really need
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to show that they're truly committed to what they're saying. they are, which is standing either the civilians, the military needs the stuff from powers. this is not the role they should not be involved in politics. the military has a clear law which is protecting the country and protecting its civilians. and we respect them for that all. however, the good that they committed october 25th nullifies the constitutional declaration . so that's no longer an action, which basically means that they don't have a role in governing student right now. and what's happening right now is completely unconstitutional. and the demonstrations of the have been clear about saying that the military will no longer have a role in governance to them. going forward. still to come here on an usa for you, the philippine struggles to recover from typhoon roy the un as appealing for urgent international assistance. and we'll look at how poverty and inequality in latin america is affecting the fight against the cubic pandemic. and in sport,
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misery for algeria of the africa cup of nations, the reigning champions have been knocked out of the tournament. ah the hey there, good to see you. here's her weather report for europe and africa. we've got 2 terri rating conditions across turkey. so here's the deal fridays, rain will be saturdays, snow. so we'll put this into motion is stan ball goes from 10 to 3 degrees. i think we may see about 5 centimeters of snow in the city in time for central areas over that higher ground $20.00 to $30.00 centimeters to be expected. and soaking rains toward the south. and the same system is kicking back from snow into the bulk in so sophia bulgaria could pick up to about 5 centimeters up to the northwest. we go in, some showers across denmark, still breezy for the baltic states on friday. now the best weather on the continent
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remains iberia, sunny and settled, but some low temperature is here, madrid, 10 degrees. and they get striped with some showers in the visa with a high of 13 temperatures are coming up for heart soon with a high of 28 on friday. but we're gonna go further toward the south madagascar. it seemed flooding. we've got pouring rain in the forecasts on the weekend, and we could see a tropical cyclone cook up here in time toward the western cape, the northern cape. we've got extreme heat advisory in play here. as in these provinces, temperatures will approach 40 degrees. that's it for now. we'll see again soon, take care the a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was a slave of li properties. al jazeera james gannon, explored your family's legacy of slave ownership. you know, like my family's status and wealth has benefited from your choice,
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translate people and america's debt to the black people today from over. so scott, we have a scale to speak out because a surprise, i al jazeera correspondence, a moral debt, a co pay to culture of knowledge, openness, imperialism worldwide, and to reward merritt and excellence and encourage creativity. the shade, tomato, ward for translation and international understanding was found to promote translation and honor translators, and acknowledged a road and strengthening with bonds of friendship and co operation between arab islamic and wild coaches. lou lou
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ah, welcome back. just got half past the hour, your top stories here on the news either you or secretary of state is meeting the russian foreign minister for talks in geneva right now to deescalate the tension surrounding a possible conflict over ukraine. the u. s. is concerned about the build up of russian forces on the border while russia wants limits to the nato's plans for expansion. u. s. president joe biden's warning russia that any troop entry into the crate. and we met with a severe responses, a charging change. and so from the us leader who had earlier taken a softer stones and aid from around the world is being sent to toner as the pacific on country clues up off to the major will kind of corruption there and us, you know, he's 3 people died. follow the russian on saturday. okay, let's go back to that top storage, tick close, looked up at her. russia has been increasing its presence in the region. russia has amassed an estimated $100000.00 troops around the north and east of ukraine. it
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includes areas the put moscow with an easy, striking distance of the capital key f. for the past age years, ukraine has been battling around 35000 russian backed rebels who control 2 of its eastern provinces. russia reportedly has military personnel stationed there, though the kremlin denies this. moscow was also deployed in crimea annex from ukraine in 2014. and there are fears and other front could open up on the board with bella rowse, after russia stepped up military drills last year. for priest put, he is a chief strategy officer at rasmussen, global, and formerly a director of policy planning at ne, so he joins us from santander in spain for pre spots. welcome back to the news our both sides and setting the bar pretty low here. so realistically, what's going to come out of these discussions beyond a pledge to keep on talking i figure just summarize the thing is
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i don't think there's an easy way out or an easy way here for both sides seems actually the essence of this crisis is artificial. it's really kind of hand made by . busy president putin who decided to escalate to try to squeeze some confession out of the united states and they thought that the president put in him 7. those may well, they cannot keep him. ok, so priest to stay with us. we just like to play you a clip now showing the us president joe biden change of tone to do with ukraine over the past couple of days. take a listen. it depends on what it does is when things reaches minor incursion, and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, et cetera. i will, i will assemble the russian units, move across ukrainian border. that is an invasion as a former nato planner if you'd still been working as an aid, so planner when people in brussels here that kind of thing from the us president do,
1:34 pm
they sort of metaphorically place their hands over their ears and they, they think of themselves oh no, why is he set up or is it just something that is not bad to have it out there because he's just being perfectly honest. exactly. i mean that's the problem is that difference? because we're talking about the difference, a signaling to basically russia, the cost of doing certain things. he's both has to be an extremely clear business, but he's also very nuanced. because obviously you are not going to respond to a small military on the line to be in the same way you would respond to a dramatic the enormous media or invasion and nuanced point that because it on by the and tried to do whether you should have done it during a press conference when all eyes and ears on what he said, i think that may have been his mistake. but and he clearly kind of walked back and
1:35 pm
established a red line that if anything happens, there would be a response. but the reality is, especially the euro pen, they want to see what other kind of proportionate response. busy to sanctions, or military responses that could be proposed to let whatever rush that we do. and that's where the calls that the bases ok as to what might happen as a reaction to a possible russian invasion. we've been covering live here on this program. mister lincoln sitting opposite survey elaborate mister blinking has in the past few minutes, and i quote said, there will be a united swift and a severe response. forgive me, february's, if i sound a little bit skeptical here. vladimir putin has been president of russia since 1999 . he has literally rewritten the constitution following a referendum. he could be there until 20. 36. nothing has touched him. what can nieto do? what can the e you do? that will stop him invading ukraine?
1:36 pm
well, it's a very good question and that's the one we have been charged. me wait for for some years now. however, i'm not as typical as you are, because i think the you and us sanctions that were put in place since 2014, when russia invaded ukraine. actually those sanctions have surprised the russians. not so much because they are potent but because they're there. and even though the russians always say they don't carry, does not impact that they couldn't work for me. every time you meet them, they actually try to open countries to lift those sections. so thanks tons matter because they show a united front and they do her, somebody can trip. so i think the voice, the response would be mostly in terms of economic factions that could be actually extremely debilitating of some key financial players in russia and could hurt some of the present i'm putting on a credit contract. so i will not underestimate that,
1:37 pm
but where you are right is putting either mercurial figure, who is willing to take on the cost that we democracies are not always willing to take. so he's willing to sell the shirts and risk and costs. and this is way for and this is where we are kind of struggling to change his behavior. ok, we must leave it there for pres. thank you so much for talking to us here on the the united nations is appealing for support to speed up the recovery efforts in the philippines after the devastation caused by typhoon roy. last month. the storm killed more than $400.00 people, another warnings about disease and starvation. jamila adding doggone has more typhoon right, caused extensive damage in the vis sayas and the men in our region in december known locally as a debt. it killed at least $400.00 people and displaced millions survivors see the damage is comparable to that of super tight for now young. in 2013 the world's
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strongest storm on record. according to the united nations, more than 2000000 people are still in dire need of assistance and access to food, shelter and medicine remains limited. hundreds of towns are still without power and warning water in the province of southern liter. around 90 percent of tourism facilities have been damaged. the situation and the island of sher gao, another to his destination, is no different the devastation, the real, the recovery of communities that were slowly bouncing back from the economic recession brought about by the pandemic, the craziest with in crisis, and it's on pop. one on top of the other is like compounded the more we, we do the analyses, the more we find out that there are more needs,
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that there are more people who are affected and they're making matters worse. a new search in cove it cases throughout the country has made relief operations even more difficult and a senate bill seeking to set aside reconstruction funds could take months to clear congress. many communities are dependent on local groups, scenting 8 like this. when the feeling hopelessness, knowing when, when you look at the massive destruction, part of their response should be psycho social support. not because that's a part ever again. is asians also warned, the population hit by the typhoon are likely to experience outbreaks of diseases and the rise of coven. 19 cases that often are your may be unprecedented. and many fear this may truly test the so called resilience of people. even in
1:40 pm
a country often battered by natural disasters, jim l as in dog, n al jazeera manila, bringing to refugees from bangladesh who arrived in indonesia last month, so told out to 0 there harrowing journey by boat among the group of children who made the trip alone jessica washington met some of them in indonesia as a trade province in luxembourg, away in north archie. these children are now safe after surviving a dangerous journey at sea for more than a month. many of them miss their loved ones. some asked if they could use our phones to call home. this young girl tells her family about a fellow passenger who died on the boat. i saw them put her body in a sack with a heavy rock. she says, i saw them throw her into the seal of the 105 ro hanger. refugees staying here. nearly half our children around 2 weeks after their arrival in indonesia,
1:41 pm
the rank of refugees have been vaccinated and completed their initial health checks with their daily needs being met. the focus is now on trying to gain a clearer picture of the individuals in this group. and helping them make contact with their families of to spending 10 days in quarantine, they are now able to share their stories. this 13 year old says the journey was terrifying. now sometimes the bows would tilt so much, we felt like we were drowning. wow. she says her parents wanted her to leave the refugee camp in cox's bazaar in bangladesh, so she could get an education. oh, i miss my parents. i feel like crying for them. some. here are children who are married to ringer, men in malaysia or engaged to be married. i got married 7 months ago. my husband works in malaysia. she is only 15 officials an uncanny say they are trying to keep the refugees safe and are providing counseling 3. just want to make sure that all
1:42 pm
aspect of their protections is provided for this little experts say these children could be targeted by smugglers again or router. there are people who are, who would potentially prey on these children and use them or exploit them in a, in this way and try to move them i voluntarily or not across borders. no, it is for now. marian says she's just happy to be on land and out of immediate danger. i believe. good days come after bad ones. she says they've come here looking for them. jessica, washington al jazeera mac somali ha. the global singer and answer meatloaf has died at the age of 74. ah, he's brought out of album, was one of the best selling records of all time the grammy winner on marvin lee at . i played eddy in the rocky horror picture show and sold more than 100000000
1:43 pm
albums worldwide. the cause of death is not being made public by his family. let's talk now to david sinclair. he's a music journalist to join us from london. david, good to talk to again. i was, he is theatrical was he is emotional in real life as he was when he was on stage. ah, he was yes. i had the pleasure of interviewing him or in the ninety's just around the time. that is the 2nd bath out of hell album, but out of all the sequel as it were, came out and surprised everyone by being a huge success and being very good as well. and he was, he was a study in himself. he was a character meatloaf, obviously was a non wps. the stage was his stage name, but he was a character that inhabited absolutely larger than life. ah. 1 and her and, and, and big and old. i'm in all departments. but he was a perfect fit, wasn't he?
1:44 pm
with the music written for him. jim steinman wrote sir the back, a lot of the batter of hell album and, and, and he performed as well with share on, in the same vein of music. so that was a perfect fit. but oddly, at a time when that album was released, i think it was what 7677 punk rock was huge. the new romantic movement was coming in. but there was still a place for 89 minutes long singles tracks being played on national broadcasters because they were still an appetite there in the appetite went with children, parents, mums and dads, everybody liked the music. yes, absolutely. he was a force of nature and he swam against the tide, pretty much the whole of his professional life. you know? because when the 2nd ballot and album came out, branch was just starting out, you know, and it was again very, very unfashionable sort of a sound for the period. but so he was just to launch himself or he always worse.
1:45 pm
and i think a lot of that stems from an unhappy childhood that he had a, you know, his mother died and he was 18 is that beat him up a lot? and i think he was forever proving himself to the world that he was bigger than all of them. and he could survive and he could, he could swing against any tide. and that was his or his appeal. i think that's what resonated people. you know, that they would go to the shows and he would put on this rampaging performance in defiance as it were aware everybody else. and that was part of his appeal really, very, very briefly day because we were going to hit the sports news any 2nd. now, if you had to tag one track by me close for somebody who isn't aware of his music, what with that track b? well i guess paradise by the dashboard. light was always the one that i remembered that, that very dramatic kind of where you had him and helen foley did an incredible sort of duet there. a double double hand and a i guess. but you know,
1:46 pm
but out of hell they were all big songs. they're very, very elected, very big. david, thank you very much, david sinclair, there, music critic. i'm a colony talking to us from london. chillies established a climate change observatory to gather data from one of the least monitor regions in the southern hemisphere and effort to speed up the delivery of vital information for scientists to predicts and mitigate the effects of extreme climate change. missy newman reports now from southern chile. this is the magellan street that separates the south american continent from peer rather frugal. it's often referred to as the end of the world, but also as a gateway to antartica, less than a 1000 kilometers south of here. we are on an expedition with chile science minister to inspect one of a $180.00 climate change stations. on the way we find the remains of a beached whale. this is just
1:47 pm
a fraction of what is covered by the southern hemispheres. longest climate change observatory just launched by chile. so have sensors all the way from the public peninsula, all the way to the other. come a dessert and we'll use a single platform to provide access to the data in a open access format. until now, data from the southern cone has been scarce. climate scientists say the new observatory will provide badly needed data to track changes in temperatures. radiation, precipitation the direction and strength of winds and sea levels in real time. that includes antartica, which is a key modulator of the earth climate. when i'm sitting in my laboratory and by offices windsor in australia, i can still be seeing what's happening in antarctica because there are all sorts of climate suspects that happen when we not bear with dr. marcello lip is an expert in
1:48 pm
dinosaurs. fossils and climate change in antartica and patagonia were chillies. antarctic institute is based, i am actually touching is 74000000 year old fema of a dinosaur that lived here in patagonia and most likely in antartica. because at that time, both land masses were one, it was one solid, semi tropical jurassic park. scientists believe that learning more about how and why dinosaurs like this, when died, could be vital to the survival of our own. lucy's was that the climate change experts insist that we are at the stage where we must predict and prepare for what is coming. and you're saying the key words is mediator of a patient, but we still have time to produce air i behavior more suitable with this new vision that we have to update and mitigate the changes in there in the, in the next 2 years, we're screw chilly. we'll launch an international antarctic center later this year,
1:49 pm
and we put that in us. dr. lipper says that it's a proximity to antartica, makes it an ideal location for global scientist to put their heads and david together to anticipate everything from floods in china, to heat waves and northern europe, to drought in australia or chile. fortunately, unlike the dinosaurs mankind has the ability to access data and use science to help mitigate what is coming to see in human al jazeera, my diane is chilly. the sundance film festival and eagerly awaited event. showcasing the best and independent films has not begun, but because of widespread cobit mine should infections, the festival will not be held in person this year. rob reynolds looks at how the pandemic is challenging. independent filmmakers, independent filmmaker, april maxi short subject work premieres at this years, all virtual sundance film festival. i like back back at us,
1:50 pm
the film starring murray salads and bato explores themes of loneliness, break up and isolation. maxie says pandemic experiences influenced the work i winter break. i. a have i had to move um and there were a lot of times i felt very isolating. and so i just changed my script as like, i can't make this lake sneak love story i. i poured what i was like feeling and into the script and updated it. independent filmmakers are used to working on very tight budgets and are highly resilience. i've seen the business pivot multiple times during the pandemic. oh, it started off as everyone thought the sky was falling. oh, the sky didn't fall streaming services like netflix, hbo and amazon demanded more pandemic era content, giving independent filmmakers
1:51 pm
a lot of work. i think it's a golden age in the respect that tv has become such a massive cultural force. during the pandemic box office revenues have dwindled drastically. and some of the art, how cinemas were independent films found their audiences were forced to close. even with all the disruptions caused by the kobe pandemic, declining ticket sales, and the rise of streaming services industry observers say, independent filmmakers will continue to do what they've always done, adapt and roll with the punches. every indie film has some kind of jaw dropping story attached to it in terms of what it took to make it. you've got to be nimble, you've gotta be quick. you've gotta be passionate. and quite frankly, you've got to work harder and longer and not quit. and not give up. that's why maxi is looking on the bright side. the virtual festival thing is interesting because it
1:52 pm
opens up the access more. whereas if it was in person, it would have been a few select screenings. it's so i'm hoping that you know more people will see it. the sundance festival will announce its prize winning films virtually. on january 28th, robert pals al jazeera, long beach california times the international sports news is andy, thank you so much pizza. well reigning champion, army or soccer in the last few minutes has been knocked out of the australian open . i soccer was beaten in a 3rd set tie break by amanda. and he, some over of the united states, the japanese player a 2 time winner of this grand slam. she did win the 1st set of this. her 3rd round match. but a 20 year old opponent for back. and these some over held her nerve in the tie break. and she goes through to the last 60 will next up. pretty some over is home favorite. ashley bossy, the well number one beating it's least. camilla is yoshi and straight set 6263. so
1:53 pm
she's safely into the last 60 both the aiming to become the 1st australian woman to win in melbourne says chris. so neil achieved the feet that was back in 1978 there, i found that i was bid for a record at 21st grand santano continues against russia's current catching off that much is just got under way earlier on. it took more than 4 hours of play 2 separate course al correct. and mateo barrett seni. i'll cra fort back from being to set down to take the match into a 5th sets. he went to a tie break. the spanish teenager. they're losing on a double fault, the italian 7th seed barrett's ini in surround for a rainy champions. algeria have been knocked out of the africa cup of nations. they were well beats in their final group game by ivory coast to war into the next phase. the pig of the goals coming from arsenal, nickel a pathway there. to make things worse,
1:54 pm
algeria star player, read mars was to miss or penalty when sons finished 31 with algeria exiting the tournament bottom of gary pe, the loop in there with our, with i love as issued is a thought we felt that's for sure. the team is disappointed, dejected, but perhaps in doubt losing is something we're not used to something we didn't know in 4 days. we last. in 4 days, we did what we hadn't done in 3 years. so it's obviously shocking for us. for other teams, it is may be different, it is hard of it because we don't know what a defeat is. it is bitter, a very bitter feeling, equities beginning of all so book to spot. in the knockout rounds, they beat sierra and one knell to finish. second, in creepy drawer, would have given sierra leone me chance to progress is one of the best place themes . but their hopes ended with that late penalty miss. or we've been talking to
1:55 pm
african football writes her mom is our, he's in cameron for the tournament. he says, al jerry is focus will not have to quickly shift to march his world cup playoffs. the new africa couple of nations in 2014 formats and of those $24.00 teams only, it's are eliminated after the group stages. so for our jury, the defending champion to be eliminated just after the group stages is a massive surprise, especially considering that this team came into this tournament on a $35.00 match and the street. and that there were the competence was also are winning the cup that was posted. and so it is a massive surprise. and as for what went wrong, the court said it's difficult to make a rational analysis, you know, just a day or 2 after the competition that but he's going to have to go back to years and analyze what went wrong. let's for sure that the coach will not be fired, which will not be going anywhere. and that is probably the most popular men and all gerry men or women and i was area. he is absolutely be loved by everyone,
1:56 pm
not just for bathrooms, but literally everyone. so he'll be sticking around, but one of the, i think valid criticisms of the coach has been that he's tend to, he tends to stick to his the same group of players. you know, the 23, that 12900 cup of nation has a lot of trust that group. and that the people say that sometimes is a little bit slow to integrate new players into the national team into sort of plugged them in. and so now it's going to be a fair question because the world cup plan is only a month and a half of which will you have the time to bring in new players and, or will he prefer? it's actually just play the play off with his usual group and then perhaps to that before the world cup. should all jerry and make it so far. well 1st they did see the group stages of felt competition. coming to an end, molly, also heading into the round of 16 is group f. one is a bit more it's, i need to know and i finish the stage on bates and with 7 points from 3 games next to for them are equitorial guinea, gambia. they progress in 2nd place in back group on thursday they sprang
1:57 pm
a major upset, bidding to nicea one nail to set up the last 16 game against guinea. despite the last juniors you're also advancing is one of the best 3rd place teams they will take on nigeria. now debbie since komarovsky and 2004 champions to nicea have both made it through the knockout rounds after results when they weigh on thursday, commerce or rank 132 in the world and the reward for stunning group stage when i've gone it is our 16 match up with hosts? cameroon, bank game coming up on monday, i level will face chelsea in next month's english league cup final, even with out. so mohammed salad and saudi. i'm on i, he was on company, she's duty. i live. it will be to pretty strong also wanna pay you guys just so scoring twice to see let soon ill aggregate when liverpool fruits the final for the 1st time since 2016, they haven't won this trophy for a decade. we well cross from dr. as i suppose looking pizza,
1:58 pm
and they thank you very much. kim is here from 11 g. we have another news for you from 13 g altogether. ah. with frank assessments, this crisis is continued to weaken. lucas shenker, even though perhaps he believed in the beginning, there have been informed opinions. i think politicians will now be under incredible pressure from their young people. that is one of the most of things that come out of this critical debate. do you think that a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, it's a great, it's a really simple question. let's give samuel
1:59 pm
a child swans that inside story on al jazeera rivers are trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or migration. have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona of ours pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tours. im isn't enough here at the embassy national park and you all ceremony has been launched the hall pressure than individuals pay $5000.00 yes. dollars to name elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. extraordinary men and women who are breaking the mold from the taxi drivers, investing everything they have in to their mini bus, only to face extreme danger on the suitors. roughest tronics to the joke
2:00 pm
he turned paramedics saving lives, transporting the sick and elderly from medical help. blue to risking it's all on al jazeera ah. tension, behind the handshake, top us and russian diplomats. they do not expect to break through and talks as fears of an invasion. melt ukraine. ah, i them can vanelle this is al jazeera, alive from della also coming up. please remember how tongue and frames back home. and this tom with an aid and remember them and please more appeals for help photography. as slides.


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