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to the jokey turned power, magic saving lives, transporting the sick and elderly from medical help. blue su to risking it all on al jazeera ah tension. behind the handshake, top us and russian diplomats, they do not expect to break through and talks is fears of an invasion. melt ukraine . ah, either i'm given out, this is algae. they're ally from doe also coming up. please remember mount tongue and frames back home, and this tom with an aide, and remember the menu pres. more appeals for help photography, as flights carrying relief supplies reached the pacific on a nation hit by
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a tsunami. we report from the pole that struggling with shortages is covered 19 infection search. ah, but i o. u. s. rock'n'roll. net and meatloaf dies in the age of 70 ah, russian foreign minister. so guy lab, rob says he doesn't expect a breakthrough to happen during talks with the u. s. a evolve is meeting your secretary of state adney, blinking in geneva, in an attempt to defuse the ukrainian border crisis. these latest discussions. com as that live images show, a major military buildup at the russian border. and the blanket, the secretary of state says if russia invades ukraine, nato and its allies will respond swiftly and severely. we are all of
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us equally committed to the pap in diplomacy in dialogue to try to resolve our differences. but we're also committed. if that proves impossible, and russia decides to pursue aggression against ukraine, to a united, swift, and severe response. this is a critical moment. you're right. we don't expect to resolve our differences here today, but i do hope and expect that we can test whether the path diplomacy or dialogue remains open. we're committed to walking that path into resolving our differences peacefully. and i hope we can test that proposition today and see where we go from here. among the issues involved and lincoln not discussing the brake wave regions of nets and the homeschool washing separatist to control of these
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areas in 2014, russia will also reiterate its demand that ukraine never becomes a member of nato. moscow wants a military alliance out of eastern europe and a ban on intermediate range missiles. however, the u. s. and it's nato allies say they won't block ukrainian membership. they want russia to pull its troops back from the border. on a moment will get reaction from moscow with those jabari, but 1st is going to natasha butler, who is following these talks in geneva. so, natasha, i mean, the russian foreign minister already said he doesn't expect any breakthroughs. i mean, it's not exactly a vote of confidence before things kick off. is it no sunny setting, a very pessimistic tone. indeed like a lateral saying, not expecting any breakthroughs, but that's not unexpected. because going into this meeting, what we do know is that this is a meeting aimed at trying to find a common ground,
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the least those words of us a secretary of state antony bank. and this is a meeting to see whether or not there might be a door that could open to more diplomacy, because that of course, would be preferable to conflict. we've had both a blinking and buys and warning that russia could be a ready to invade ukraine at any moment. you are secretary of state there at the beginning of those talks very much in laying out the rest his position, talking about the fact the western powers were united and would be nighted in a severe response. i, if russia were to invade ukraine, what we are seeing here in these talks, as they begin is 2 sides that are really deeply entrenched in their positions. weaver have russia making demands of western powers, saying for example, that he, they do the moscow does not want ukraine to become part of nato. on the other side you have, you are saying that is simply not possible. it is
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a non starter. it is hard to see how these 2 sides may come close together, but of course, that is what these talks are aimed at doing and thought about now thank you. i. before we go to dos and moscow, let's listen and 1st to rushes, foreign minister. so gay lever of we do not expect to break through these gay stations either what we expect is concrete answers to our concrete proposals in the vein and in compliance with the obligations that were adopted at the highest level within the we see everything particular to the principal of the indivisibility of security, as well as the obligation of countries not to strengthen their security at the expense of security of others. we would very much be interested to listen to how the u. s. interpret these obligations and these principles let's bring and jabari who's in moscow. russia wants assurances about nato not expanding right. will it be open to any sort of compromise?
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it seems very unlikely at this point that this country is willing to compromise on anything they have a very long list of demands that the top of that is, of course, nato of withdrawing its troops from the 2 countries that joined after 1997. that is romania bulgaria, and their adamant that they don't want and the nato forces and the americans to use this current situation as a excuse to further build up troops alongside the border with russia. they believe that there is a campaign of misinformation going on and that the russian troops alongside the board of, with ukraine are there to carry out military drills as they have been over the past 2 months. and that there is no threat to ukraine and they are not interested in invading ukraine. as for bell a roost. they have said that the russians are sending military equipment there because they are going to hold joined drills with the government there in february
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for 10 days. and that is the reason that there are seeing movements alongside the that border. and there is really no threat to ukraine. what is a threat to russia? they believe is the excuses that are being used by the ukranian government as well as the americans to try and create this campaign of misinformation which illustrates how a sensitive the situation is at the moment. there really is concern that diplomacy must be the path forward and the russian foreign minister and said that they were at this meeting in geneva to try and discuss what has come out of the 3 rounds of talks they've had about negotiating on the security guarantees that they're looking for from the americans, and that they really are not expecting any major breakthroughs today, but they are expecting a response from the american government in the coming days. and next week, we also have been hearing from the kremlin spokesperson, who said that they are really not very optimistic at this point,
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and they will be waiting for an official response. they want written guarantees that nato will not expand further eastwards dawson to bar their life. force and moscow. thank you. i'll hear from what i bel hamid in care of in a moment. but 1st i listened to the u. s. president's change of tone on ukraine of the last couple of days. it depends on what it does. it's one thing if richard martin cruise, you know, then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, etc, etc, any assemble, rushing units, move across and grading border. that is an invasion at his hot, although he needs it give. i think he crane would want to see further what's gonna happen. and next specially was the outcome of that meeting in geneva later today. i mean, ukrainians probably are quite confused about the different messages coming out of the biden administration. i, when you are
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a secretary of state anthony blinkin was here just 2 days ago. he was quite adamant that they will be no decision about ukraine without ukraine. so i think the authorities here would be, it would watch very closely at what is going to be said after that meeting. and then obviously these changing and shifting positions coming from president joe biden. i certainly didn't sit well here yesterday at the ukrainian president followed the mir zelinski actually treated that there was no minor incursion. there was no minor country and they were no minor casualties. that is quite clearly a rebuff to what president joe biden had said a day earlier. so i think that is that and also ukrainians want to make sure that this really doesn't turn out to be something between a do you as an russia them on,
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grew agreeing about the way forward when it comes to the security of europe when it comes to the expansion of nato into eastern europe, but actually that they say focus on ukraine itself. very spotty air is a former director of policy planning and nature. he explains what can be done to stop russia when fading ukraine. i think the you and us sanctions that were put in place since 2014, when russia invaders ukraine actually does sanction have surprised the russian not so much because they are putting but because there and even though the russians always say they don't carry, does not in fact that they couldn't work for me every time you meet them, they actually try to open countries to leave those section. so thanks to matter because they show a united front and they do hurt somebody critic interest. so i think the voice, the response would be mostly in terms of economic fashion that could be actually
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extremely debilitating of some key financial players in russia and could hurt some of the things on economic contract. so i would not them very to make that. but where you are right is putting either mercurial figure, who is willing to take on the costs that we democracies are not always willing to take. so he's willing to absorb a certain risk of cost, and this is wade. and this is where we are kind of struggling to change his behavior. tom in new zealand has come out in big numbers to send aid supplies home following saturday volcanic eruption. and so you know me more government aid is also arriving and toner from new zealand and australia when a report. oakland is the world's largest polynesian city, and tomlins came out in big numbers to support their relatives and friends. back home and aid center has been set up for people to send food, water, and other items to toner, and to show unity and resilience. muffin summer and bring all local country down,
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you know? pretty on i guess we have a lot of hope for the middle. what we face of smells proficient together or the come in for the opening day of this relief drive was so popular that many had to be turned away. what tomlins a beast there as when disaster, hence we come together unite, and we give one little we have, we give it out of love, we give it to our own family back home. it's hope the 1st of the containers will be sent to tanya early. next week, governments are also sending aid new zealand and australian air force plains landed at the international airport near the capital nuclear loafer. despite some ash from the volcano still being on the runway. and to new zealand navy ships arrived, carrying supplies, divers and underwater survey equipment to check for any damage to shipping lanes and the port. while the world focuses on the flow of aid and helping the people of tongue or recover, scientists are also hard at work. and with each day,
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they're learning more about how significant the eruption was. scientists believe around one cubic kilometer of material was spewed from the volcano and sent at least 30 kilometers into the atmosphere. so to put that into some kind of perspective, when we fly m gets across pacific, we're probably flying at about 10 kilometers, with some communication being restored slowly. many tongue ins and new zealand have been able to speak to relatives at home. now the focus of those here is to come together to do what they can to support their homeland from afar. wayne, hey, al jazeera auckland's tongue. an athlete peter towel, father for was a fine bearer for his nation at the summer. 2020 olympics. just the 4 speaking to al jazeera had heard that his father was safe. he's been on quite the adventure. ah, straight up to the straight after the snobby he ended up on the day before. so went
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out at the age of 70 or for our 1st. first contact, 1st aid out to the heart by islands and then found his way back. i just did i, i created a go for the page, thomas to not be released by be the talk before. and i created that with been i had it up within the, within the hour of seeing the footage of the snobby actually did it just before communication was cut. as soon as i saw that for this i went, this is, this is not going to be good. there's got to be a lot of damage. i didn't know the exact amounts of salvage at that time, but we started that fundraiser. and initially it was about schools and hospitals and now seeing what the need is in other areas are, you know, we're, we're looking at how we can best provide missile aid, but also rebuilding aid over over the next coming months. and it looks like it's so we reached out to people in our, by the,
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the harp islands which were most affected. and we've offered initially to are, you know, to cover the costs of break of fuel. but i just heard as well that on that so this short on flower, the short of water, the short on food and this one bakery as only 60 readers worth of fuel left 11 iraqi soldiers have been killed in attack by i so come and it happened at night 7, army barracks in the l, as in district, north of baghdad, is one of the worst assault from the rocky military and recent month. nepal is reporting more than $9000.00 new consequent infections each day. it's highest number since the start of the pandemic. the vaccination rate is low and the government worries that cases could double by the end of the month, from now to linda, has more from catman to where on the premises of the cat monday district
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administration office. on a normal day, you'd see crowds of people lining up here for government documents like citizenship cards, birth certificates, and national id. it's unusually quiet to the with the surgeon corbett cases this week. the administration office has suspended most of its major services as many of its staff hath cove it, including the chief district officer, the government projects, the daily infections could double by the end of the month. it is announced several measures to cobb the 3rd and urged the public to cooperate. schools have been shut down till the end of january and wooster. dozes are being provided to frontline workers as of midnight to day gatherings of more than 20 people are banned. mass are mandatory outdoors and people will need vaccination cards to enter public spaces and to access public services. japan is expanding its corona virus restrictions in an effort to beat
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a surgeon cases caused by the only con variant. restaurants and bars will close, early in tokyo and a dozen other areas. starting on friday. the restrictions is said to be in place until february. the 13th. austria has become the 1st e you. contrary to make coven 19 vaccinations mandatory for adults. majority voting to pass the bill in parliament despite weeks of rallies against the measure. under the new law, adults can be fined up to $4000.00 for rejecting the jap. still head on al jazeera, devastated by a typhoon un appeal financial support for the philippines. and ro hanger refugees stranded in indonesia, after a harrowing boat journey share their plight with elgin. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the weather sponsored boy cut on her ways. and
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away we go with your weather report for asia. hello, everyone. good to see you. you know, over the past 24 hours are seasonal rains. have just been hammering indonesia as java island at the range will keep coming on saturday. but i think the threat for flooding will also extend into west papua, so we'll be on the lookout for that. also for the philippines around loose on island, northern portions because this the dark or the color, the more intense the rain is falling. so we'll keep tabs on that in time. indo china just a few showers, working across the region. we've also got some showers dancing around central and eastern portions of china, so a damp day and shanghai with the high of 11 degrees, snow and wind has winded down for western areas of japan. we've seen those when shift around, so for the korean peninsula, sol has a high of 5 degrees. ok after the sub continent we go, we'll look at india, the ne monsoon. not seeing much activities, so that means plenty of sun for sure longer. and also time on the due now toward
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the northwest, we will start to see some fresh air filter in here. that's because we've got some showers in the forecast for new delhi. so that will help freshen up the atmosphere . but your temperature is well below average, just 17 degrees on monday, you should be closer to about 21. that's it. soon as the weather, sponsored by katara weighs a journey of personal discovery. my great grandfather, he was a slave of li properties out there, as james gannon explored your family's legacy of slave ownership. you know, like my family's status and well has benefited from your choice to people and america's debt to the black people today from over. so scott, we have a scale to speak out because a surprise, i al jazeera correspondence, a moral debt. oh,
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the me here watching algebra reminder about the whole story. this all russian foreign minister. so guy level says he doesn't expect the breakthrough happened during talks with us. i've always meeting us secretary of state at the lincoln in geneva, in an attempt to defuse the cranium. border crisis here as president joe biden is wanting russia that any troop entry into ukraine will. we met with a severe response to change in tone from the u. s. data who had taken foster stance . aid from around the world is being sent to toner as the sick on a nation. clean up a major kind of corruption. and nami, the 3 people died off the optional and peru is tackling a larger oil spill on its shores as been links to the volcanic eruption near toner
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. the countries environmental agency said that 6000 barrels of oil was spilled in the incident, affecting 21 beaches. being blamed on unusual swells in the ocean, caused by the undersea volcanic eruption, thousands of miles away. a senior member of the u. k. government says prime minister bars, johnson is doing an excellent job. he's under pressure to quit, emerge the parties were held as downing street home. while the rest of the country was unlocked on. the prime minister has my 100 percent. he is doing an excellent job. freshman was one of the 1st countries to roll out the vaccine. we had a very successful please to program. were now able to open up our economy again in person. and we've got one of the faults to greg a call to be in the g 7. thousands of people are reported to have been killed and injured in an air strike in northwest in yemen. who the rebels say rescue
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operations are on the way after the saudi led coalition struck a prison in father. the coalition says its hitting what it described as legitimate military targets who the positions have been targeted off the rebels attacks of darby in the u. e. with missiles on monday, getting 3 people united nations is appealing for support to speed up recovery efforts in the philippines of the devastation caused by typhoon ride last month. the storm killed more than 400 people. and now there are warnings about disease and starvation. jimmy, the island organ reports, typhoon ry caused extensive damage and of his science and the mindanao region in december, known locally. as odette, it killed at least 400 people and displaced millions survivors see the damage is comparable to that of super typhoon. how young in 2013, the world's strongest storm on record. according to the united nations,
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more than 2000000 people are still in dire need of assistance and access to food, shelter and medicine remains limited. hundreds of towns are still without power and warning water. in the province of southern liter, around 90 percent of tourism facilities have been damaged. the situation of the island of sher gao, another to his destination, is no different the devastation, the real, the recovery of communities that were slowly bouncing back from the economic recession brought about by the pandemic, the craziest with in crisis. and it's on pup. one on top of the other is like compounded the more we, we do the analyses, the more we find out that there are more needs than there are more people who are affected and they're making matters worse. a new search in cove it cases throughout
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the country has made relief operations even more difficult and a senate bill seeking to set aside reconstruction funds could take months to clear congress. many communities are dependent on local groups, scenting 8 like this when the feeling, oh, nice knowing when, when you look at the massive destruction, part of their response should be psycho social support. no. because that's a part enter. again, ization is also warned that populations hit by the typhoon are likely to experience outbreaks of diseases and the rise of cobra. 1000 cases such often are you may be unprecedented and many fear this may truly test the so called resilience of people . even in a country often battered by natural disasters, jim l as in dog, n al jazeera manila rancor refugees from bangladesh arrived in indonesia last month
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. i've told al jazeera of the harrowing journey by boat among the group of children who made the trip alone. just washington met some of them in indonesia onto a province in luxembourg, away in north archie. these children are now safe after surviving a dangerous journey at sea for more than a month. many of them miss their loved ones. some asked if they could use our phones to call home. this young girl tells her family about a fellow passenger who died on the boat. i saw them put her body in a sack with a heavy rock. she says, i saw them throw her into the seal of the 105 ro hanger. refugees staying here. nearly half our children around 2 weeks after their arrival in indonesia, the rank of refugees have been vaccinated and completed their initial health checks with their daily needs being met. the focus is now on trying to gain
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a clearer picture of the individuals in this group. and helping them make contact with their families of to spending 10 days in quarantine, they are now able to share their stories. this 13 year old says the journey was terrifying. now sometimes the bows would tilt so much, we felt like we were drowning. wow. she says her parents wanted her to leave the refugee camp in cox's bazaar in bangladesh, so she could get an education. oh, i miss my parents. i feel like crying for them. some here are children who are married to hang a men in malaysia or engaged to be married. i got married 7 months ago. my husband works in malaysia. she is only 15 officials an uncanny say they are trying to keep the refugees safe and are providing counseling 3. just want to make sure that all aspect of their big sions is provided for this little experts say these children
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could be targeted by smugglers again on the router. there are people who are, who would potentially pray all these children and use them or exploit them in a, in this way and try to move them are voluntarily or not across borders. no, it is for now. marian says she's just happy to be on land and out of immediate danger. i believe. good days come after bad ones. she says they've come here looking for them. jessica, washington, out as era. look, somali archie sedans, military chief, has appointed 15 government ministers following pressure from the u. s. general abdel father albert han has promised to technocratic government will leave the country to elections. the $71.00 protest is have been killed since the military takeover in october, including 7 just this week. at least 17 people have died in an explosion. in western garner police had a truck carrying explosives between 2 gold mines. collided with
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a motorcycle on thursday. people have been advised to leave the area and thereby towns opened rescue centers and churches and schools. the singer and actor meatloaf has died. he was 74. ah, the son that out of hell album was one of the best selling records of all time. grammy winner on marvin lee a day played eddy in the rocky horror picture show, and sold more than 100000000 albums worldwide. a cause of death is not being made public. he's a journalist, david sinclair says, but me, life was justice throughout the act. recall in person as he was on the stage, i had the pleasure of interviewing him in the ninety's just around the time, the 2nd boss out of hell album. but out of hell, the sequel is it came out and surprised everyone by being a huge success and being very good as well, trying to make them. and he was,
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he was a study and himself. he was a character meatloaf, obviously was a non good on the stage, the stage night, but there was a character inhabited absolutely larger than life and big in old. i'm in all departments. he was a force of nature and he slam against the tide. pretty much the whole of his professional life, you know, because when the 2nd bad came out, grunge was just starting out, you know, and it was again, very, very unfashionable sort of a sound for the period. but he was just to launch himself. he always was, and i think a lot of that stems from an unhappy childhood that he had, you know, his mother died when he was 18. is that beat him up a lot and i think he was forever proving himself to the world that he was bigger than all of them. and he could survive and he could, he could swing against any tide. and that was his part of his appeal. i think
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that's what resonated people, you know that they would go to the shows and he would put on this rampaging performance in defiance as it were, everybody else. and that was part of it already. ah, this is there are, these are the top stories russian foreign minister. so guy level says he doesn't expect a breakthrough to happen during talks with the u. s. have all of his meeting u. s. secretary of state and the blinking in geneva in an attempt to defuse the cranium border crisis. lincoln says if russia invades ukraine, nato and its allies will respond swiftly and severely. we are all of us equally committed to the pap in diplomacy in dialogue to try to resolve our differences. but we're also committed if that proves impossible. and russia decides to.


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